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Where do SPAMMERS get your name and address?

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see SCAM-SPAM below.

Well, they can buy them directly from some sources, newsletters, mailbox hosts (Microsoft's Hotmail sold their list to several SPAMMERS), or they simply collect them from emails that people send out forwarded emails and make their own... The Desk went through several emails it got in the last few days, things forwarded from one person's friend list to another and another with each list of friends copied to the forwarded mail without editing, and came up with over THREE HUNDRED email addresses!
Think about that. If you simply forward a cute little article down the line you are sending out your address and everybody in your address book, and everybody already listed on the email, to somebody that may be building a SPAMMER LIST!
Yet another reason to NOT forward virus hoaxes and panic alerts about razor blades in pay phone change slots.

Then there are commercial outfits that scour ISP's and Mail Servers and simply rake in every address they can get, then they burn them into a CD and.....

[copy of SPAM Advertisement]
That's right. 77 million FRESH AND VALID email addresses with NO duplications.
Your investment is just over $1 per million names!
Do you have a product to offer to the online community?
Do you have a web site that that receives over 8 MILLION hits per week?
If you do, then you probably don't need what I'm offering. Direct marketing is easier and cheaper. A lot easier and a lot cheaper! That's because we provide you with: Bulk mail programs FREE of charge
Included in the price, you also receive a collection of BULK EMAIL PROGRAMS to automate your mailouts to this huge list. Programs such as Express mail and Stealth Bomber, all are very user-friendly. These programs usually cost around $199 each, but are FREE to you when you invest in this mailing list. These are desktop mail servers; so there is no need to send mail through your ISP. You can send 50,000 emails an hour using this program. Unlike other programs, our bulk mailer will send your emails into people's INBOX and NOT the bulk mail folder. Set your computer in the morning and it can send emails all day by itself.
We have gone through the list in the past month and deleted any old addresses. We have also deleted any known Spam haters. So, we have 77 Million FRESH email addresses for only US$99......

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Then there was this one.......

[copy of SPAM Advertisement]
142 MILLION EMAIL ADDRESSES FOR ONLY $149 You want to make some money? I can put you in touch with over 140 million people at virtually no cost. Can you make one cent from each of theses names? If you can you have a profit of over $1,400,000.00 That's right, I have over 142 Million Fresh email addresses that I will sell for only $149. These are all fresh addresses that include almost every person on the Internet today, with no duplications. They are all sorted and ready to be mailed. That is the best deal anywhere today! Imagine selling a product for only $5 and getting only a 1% response. That's OVER $7,000,000 IN YOUR POCKET !!!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Not everything on the WEB is what it says it is. If you order the SPAM LIST CDsYou might get millions of good addresses and SPAMBOMB programs to get your word out. Then again. You might get a CD full of worthless junk and programs that only work on a 386 with a 9,500 baud modem. Or you might get nothing at all.

If you want to build a mailing list, go for it. Just let your friends and coworkers forward you floating articles and SPAM and virus hoaxes for a couple of weeks and cut and paste. Then you've got your list, for FREE, and you can send out all the SPAM you want.
Just leave the DESK off your list.

OK…. So what is so bad about SPAM?

Well. It’s like this.

First off, it clogs up email servers. Preventing worthwhile email from getting in. Most email servers operate on one or two ports on a server. There is limited bandwidth to the port, and limited processor space once the mail gets inside. If a mail server gets swamped, incoming mail can bounce, and outgoing mail may not move at all.

Next. Your mailbox can be filled up in short order if you miss a day or two cleaning it out. The DESK’s record is fifty four SPAM messages in one mailbox over the course of one weekend. No I do not want a credit card, a mortgage, to meet sexy singles in my area, or to subscribe to the Hockey News.

Third. Bulk Mail filters on some accounts miss some of this stuff. The Spammers are staying one jump ahead of the advances in the technology to keep their crap out of our mailboxes. So to get to the email you want to read, you have to wade through endless garbage from advertisers and promoters.

Fourth. Some people actually believe these things and end up sending their hard earned money to the joker that is selling fifteen ‘Power words’ to make you rich overnight. But, as PT Barnum said, “There is a sucker born every minute.” If he lived today, the Circus Master would be selling his stuff on the WEB.

Lastly…. It is simply…. ANNOYING!!! But the Desk’s ‘DELETE’ button still works!


SCAMS to go! "Unbelievably cheap (electronics, vitamins, tickets)" "New Low Prices on (more of the same)" "Make (bunches of money) in (next to no time) by ordering our (software, book, snake oil)". The United States House of Representatives has passed a new anti-scam SPAM measure, however it is likely to die in the Senate. The FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center created the Internet Fraud Complaint Center at IFCCFBI.COM where they take complaints and begin investigations of on-line ripoffs.
           So of course the number and types of Scam SPAMMERS has leveled off and may in fact be beginning a slow decline?
           Not hardly.
           Complaints outnumber available investigators. The number of new scams mailed out every day, almost every hour, has ballooned. How bad is it? Depending on whose numbers you believe HALF of the SPAM you get is an out and out rip off attempt. For more information on this, see and their SPAM Recycling Center!
           You know it's getting bad out there when people can make money off other people who are incapable of simply hitting their 'Delete' button.
           Here it is again:


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