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What’s next? Giant Nazi Coca-Cola Robots? yes

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      The Desk saw an email article that seemed almost too good to be true.

      Coke, at least in its Hong Kong offices, was using plastic toy robot figurines from the ROBOCON series for a promotion. OK, so? Well, one of them Robowaru came complete with swastikas on its chest.

      Not even Chinese Coke executives can be that out of touch. Can they?

      Yes they can.

      In a press release somebody in Hong Kong claimed the emblems were actually Buddhist tokens for peace and harmony or something.
      Well, sorry. No they ain’t.
      For Buddha the barbs point counter clockwise. For Adolph, they point clockwise.
      On the Chinese Robot. Guess what?

Robowaru and its swastikas
      The Desk has contacted Coke USA for a comment, but as of this writing it has not received one.

      In any case, if you get the a panicked email about how Coke is promoting Nazi Robots….
      It’s … sort of… True.
      At least in China.


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