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  1. Full Site Copyright Renewed 1 December 2016 with host move. Renewal extends to all Intellectual Property on related sites as below. The creators of said content retain all rights as described herein, other rights may apply depending on jurisdiction.
  2. Copyright by Site Owner: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 by Levite.
  3. ©1998 - 2021 TheMediaDesk and ©1998 - 2021 Levite [site owner/webmaster/primary author/photographer] Also applies to other sites/pages registered and owned by Levite as listed herein.
  4. All Rights Reserved. Copyright secured under US Law and International Copyright is Protected by recognized laws and treaties.
  5.,,, and, as well as other related sites are Fully Qualified, Registered Domain Names. They are not for sale or lease. The DESK is not sponsored by any outside entity. All links to or from this site are made without payment or other consideration. Paid Banner Advertising Is Not Accepted. Outside Links from articles will open in a new browser window. No Endorsement by any outside entity on anything on this site is implied or intended. Those seeking to swap links or add the Desk to their WebRing should Email the Webmaster of the Desk.
  6. The site is owned and maintained by the Desk for the benefit of the local congregation and the larger Church. All material on said site is protected under these terms, all questions about the site should be directed to the Desk who will, forward it to the elders and ministers of the church if needed.
  7. The site is owned and maintained by the Desk as a journalistic and promotional outlet for the local community. All content is created and owned by the Desk unless otherwise indicated. All businesses and organizations so profiled are individual entities. Said site is NOT otherwise affiliated with the Village whose official website is:
  8. and, are owned by the Desk and maintained as commercial/retail entities separate from the main site and related sites. Any contacts related to them will be forwarded to the 'manager' of said sites.
  9. All scripture quoted is from either the King James or other commonly available translations and is used within accepted rights of usage.
  10. Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God is considered to be a public domain document and is commonly available as a text document from several sources both electronic and in print. See statement on page.
  11. Except for PHOTO ESSAYS, NEWS and FEATURE ARTICLES, SPORTS and POLITICAL COMMENTARY: No similarity to actual persons, congregations, places of employment, educational or other institutions, space aliens, porn stars, TV shows, Elvis impersonators, stray cats or left handed vegetarian Eskimos is intended. All persons, places, and events in the Fiction are FICTIONAL, any similarity to real anything is coincidental. No defamation or harm is intended in any way to anything or anybody. Also, except for Public Persons, Last Names of Civilians are NOT used by the Desk in articles.
  12. References to Actual Persons in the USS RAVEN Fictional History are made within the spirit of the organization. Persons not wishing to be so referenced should contact the Captain of the RAVEN and the Desk to be removed.
  13. The Desk holds all rights associated with the CONTENT posted on all outside pages maintained by the Desk as Webmaster. These include, but are not limited to the Desk's pages on Talkcity, Geocities/Yahoo!, Tripod/Lycos, FreeWebSpace, IndiaTimes, Angelfire, (some of those are STILL online!) and others through the Creative Insanity Unlimited Partners. The above listed hosts neither sponsor nor endorse the Desk and Vise Versa. They are not responsible for the Desk's Content on their server nor is the Desk responsible for their choice of advertisers or pop-up ads.
  14. Fictional Works published by the Desk as available on the various publisher sites, including, other publishers or periodicals, through, or other outlets are still OWNED by the Desk as intellectual property who also reserves all right for future or further publication and or other production of said works. If you wish to discuss purchase of those works for other use, contact the Desk at: docL[~a_t~]themediadesk[~d-0-t~]com (email scrambled to screw with spammer robots). Please put the title of the work in the subject line to separate it from the spam.
  15. The Disclaimers and Warnings has appeared in several places and in several formats for several years. The DESK collected them, added others, and reformatted it for easier reading. As far as the DESK is concerned, this work is a collection of Public Domain information and is presented simply as entertainment. Please treat it as such.
  16. The Urban Legends and Hoax page and related material is hereby put into the Public Domain as a Public Service so long as Credit is given to the DESK as the source of the article. Other use (such as reposting it without credit and/or putting another name or byline on it) isn't nice and the Desk's paralegal might wish to have lunch with you and discuss it. No Link(s) on and in the article(s) should be considered an endorsement or sponsorship of the article or its contents.
  17. The Desk is not responsible for the views or content on pages listed under the heading 'OTHERS'. All content on those pages is owned by the individual and is presented by the Desk simply as a chance for others associated with the Desk to have their air time. Any Copyright on Content on those Pages is Held by the Author of the Page. All email regarding content on those pages will be forwarded to the author of the page in question.
  18. If you have a problem with typos follow this procedure.... A. Let the Desk know what page it is on and what is wrong. B. Thank you. C. Get over it.
  19. All Links from individual articles and the LINKS page Were Working at the time of posting. If a link dies or the content page reached through said link is substantially changed please notify the Desk and the link will be removed or edited to reflect the new page.
  20. The Desk is not responsible for content on pages reached from the LINKS page or links posted in articles. The Webmasters, Owners, Contributors, and Authors of outside pages are solely responsible for those pages. Any questions or comments about Linked Pages should be directed to them. If an outside page contains Adult Content it is not supported or endorsed by the Desk. But the Desk will defend that Webmasters right to post it under the US Constitution. You are free to NOT read it, get over it.
  21. The DESK wrote, owns and controls the rights to A Tale Of Two Dorms as the Author of the Work, and it is actually for sale. Send Email to the Desk for details.
  22. Author and The Media Desk retain all copyrights not in the public domain of Desk material. All reproduction is prohibited by laws of the United States and other powers. This Site Copyright by the Author as The Media Desk, 1998, through and including 2017. Media Desk 'typing ape' logo copyright on the 'adapted' version for online use '99, from the Desk's letterhead made from an image from a clipart collection of uncertain age or origin at a (now defunct) newspaper office over thirty years ago.
  23. ALL ON LINE FICTION copyright by author, including all short stories, theHunter series, Lord's Lunatic, and all of the works posted on this site. All rights reserved, including right of approval for publication or other production, electronic or otherwise. Levite. Email the DESK for more information.
  24. All PHOTOS copyright by the Desk as Photographer (including Teresa's Desk and Shepherd Place- see below), its wife, or assigned to the Desk by the photographer who may or may not be affiliated with the Desk, whether said images are hosted on the main site or any of the several outside servers. The Desk retains all rights associated with said images. Any reposting or direct linking to said pictures is a violation of those rights. Other Graphic Images demonstrated to belong to another entity will be removed immediately.
          Photos posted on Teresa's "Studio" and related sites are Owned and Protected by Copyright and are included in this statement of ownership. Hotlinking to material on those sites from outside sites is not permitted without prior permission.
          NOTE TO VIOLATORS, our paralegal likes chain "casual dining" restaurants (seafood or Italian) for "informal conversations" to come to "agreements"... but you'll end up stuck with the bill. trust me on that
  25. The AUTHOR retains ALL intellectual property rights of everything written by said author on this site, be the author Levite writing as The Media Desk or anyone under the Other category who has assigned said rights to the Desk. Submitted works not otherwise labeled remain property of the original author. This includes the right of first approval or refusal for further publication, electronic and/or print.
  26. The Desk also maintains all rights to material which may not be specified on this page. This page subject to revision by the Desk and its legal advisers at any time.
  27. The partners of Creative Insanity Unlimited were responsible for the content on other sites: including, but not limited to, the former Brutha Jim Deep site: , and still own all fictional works thereupon including the Leatherwings trilogy and maintain all rights including the right of approval for further publication. Any interest in any work on said sites will be directed that way. All Said Material is available for sale. Contact the Desk for more information.
          Articles by "Brutha Jim Deep" as well as that entire site was owned by the Desk. After a decade online it has since passed into history although some reference content was revived by Doc L due to educational value. Mr. Deep has moved on to other interests. We wish him well.
  28. 2257 statement: This site is fully 2257 compliant as there is No Adult Photographs or other images posted on this site. Nor is there any adult graphics posted on any affiliated site. Sites linked through link swaps and other exchanges are responsible for their own content. Also, "Adult" Textual Articles, Fiction, and Reader Submissions intended for such an audience are so labeled and protected by the First Amendment.

  30. This Site [] and various other sites here mentioned are Owned By and Registered To: Lewis Levite of Tilton, Illinois, USA, who is solely responsible for their content and/or maintenance. Email him at:
    (NOTE: Primary Site Email Address!): DrLeftover[-a~t-]hotmail[-dot-]com
    (NOTE: Backup Email Address!): DrLeftover[-a~t-]gmail[-dot-]com
    email scrambled to screw with SPAMMER robots, replace those with these @ and .
    Content on Teresa's sites are authored by her. Emails about her content will be forwarded to her.
    Questions about the Church or the Village will be sent to them.
  31. Thank you.
  32. revised January 2021

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