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Republique Francaise

To: the Government and People of the French Republic

From: The Media Desk

Re: Desecration of Allied War Graves


        The next time some half-baked despot decides to invade your country...

        We Just Might Let'em.


        No we won't either.

        See. Unlike you. We believe in Freedom and Liberty and the Right to the Self-Determination of Peoples, and all that.
        And we know it has a price. And we have paid that price. We have paid that price for you in fact. Twice at least.

        So when the next Hitler or Baron von Whatever or whoever it is in a funny hat comes over the Rhine and marches into Paris.

        We'll come to your aid again. And whip'em. And go home.

        And let you and your 'enlightened' people piss on the graves of our war dead again.

The Media Desk


[note: The Desk does not speak French, has never been to France, and in fact, is not sure it has even ever drank real French Wine. Although it is something of an expert on French Kissing, although it has not had opportunity recently to practice that talent.
     It also believes the quote about Men, Angels, and the French from Mark Twain, who had been to France.
  thank you ]

Comment from a Friend of the Desk: "Screw the French."
Answer to Comment by the Desk: "Nah, they don't bathe often enough."

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