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He Lied. Get over it...
                           ...and spring 2002 odds for 2004 .

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         The pundits and talking heads are griping about how W has either gone soft or reversed his campaign promises on issues from campaign finance reform to protectionist tariffs and some nonsense about energy policy that Doesn't involve Alaskan oil.

         Something people from Rush Limbaugh (who was absolutely fawning over W during the 2000 campaign) to guys on Fox News and some Internet Writers have forgotten is...
                                    W is a POLITICIAN.

         By definition, he is a liar.

         Bill the Lecher was (being convicted of perjury qualifies), Bush 41 was ('read my lips'), even Ronnie was (Iran Contra for starters).

         W may not be running the Reaganesque Continuing Campaign. He is most certainly spending political capital left and right trying to bring the country back out of its post September Attack coma. In fact, the White House is blaming the Attacks for its 'about face' on many issues. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen. For starters, what do the Attacks have to do with Canadian Plywood?

         With the 2002 primaries upon us and the 2004 campaign season begun... like it or not Campaign 2004 is already underway: AlGore has shaved and eaten lunch in New Hampshire. Elizabeth Dole is making the rounds. Jesse Jackson is chasing TV trucks like lawyers chase ambulances. McCain said something stupid the other day. Exploratory Committees are renting DC post office boxes and drool can be seen on the ties of some Senators and Governors. ...we would expect W to be doing something besides kissing illegal Mexican immigrant's backsides and scaring the bejesus out of the far right by saying things most recently spouted off by Ralph Nader.

         So what gives?

         Is GW already planning on being a One Term Wonder?
         So it would seem. Perhaps he will be content sitting on his ranch playing the elder statesman like 41 is starting to do. A role perfected by Nixon in his later years and currently being played on TV by Jimmy the C.
         Well, obviously, the job, indeed, the GOP nomination is his to loose. Period.
         But the way W is going, if there is a credible canidate from just to the right of W, he could be in a battle that may hurt his chances against a strong (read: anybody but AlGore) Democratic candidate.
         Why 'anybody but AlGore'? Well, the Desk has caught whiffs that even the most hard core liberal Democrats had a bad taste in their mouth after that month long debacle called Election 2000. IF, and that the letters that make up that 'if' should be about six inches tall in some sort of Martha Stewart day-glow color... IF Al is the nominee, they might vote for him. But they'd rather not. And unless the war is over, they really don't want him in the center seat calling the shots against Saddam and his nuclear/chemical/biological weapons (yes, he has them).

The Odds- Spring 2002 for 2004.