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419 SCAM Muslim Style

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      It's about time.
      But maybe its because the Nigerian Scammers have run out of Christians, Social Activists, Mormons, Catholics, Democrats and Communists to scam, so now they're picking on the Muslims.
      This landed in one of the Desk's many outside mailboxes that seem to collect every SPAM and SCAM there is on the net. The subject line got it's attention, and lo and behold! It's an Islamic 419 SCAM letter.
      The scammer was reported to MSN as it appeared to come out of one of their servers. Other than that, the Desk did not reply to it, did not forward it, did not send them a note to remove it from their lists, etc.
      Once it copied it for this article, it DELETED it.

Thank you

[The email is posted as received including all typos and errors in the text. Only the email account names have been deleted to prevent propagation of the SCAM, for our own good.]
Begin SCAM SPAM email:

To: Another Desk Email From:"Abdullah G.H Al- Qassab" <al(deleted)>
Subject: Assalam-o-Alaikum
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 10:41:55 +0000


I got your email address through search in the Internet.

I hope in the name of ALLAH that I have the right person who will assist me. I want to transfer money for investment into your country as such I would like to make contact with people like you residing inthat country for assistance Note,the funds are already with a security company in Dubia,UAE which also has branches in Europe and America for safe keeping. If you are willing to assist me.

You will help me collect the funds from the Security Company as I cannot travel out from iraq at the moment because of certain conditions which I will explain to you if we work together(my travelling documents are not yet complete). The fall of Saddam Hussein has brought destruction / Hell to our great country and everything is practically difficult now and opportuinities are closing up,the new government is trying to frustrate our businesses.

Please if you accept this offer of assistance you are required to give me your Name, age, occupation, address also enclosing your telephone fax numbers. What I now need from you are as follows:

1. You should travel to the Security Company to secure the funds in cash on my behalf and open a Bank account in your country for me with the credentials i will give you.

2. You will be entitled to 30% of the total sum involved for your assistance.

3. As soon as you confirm to me by e-mail your readiness to travel to the Security Company, I will send the PIN code number of the consignment to you and also the security Company's information.

4. I will also most importantly know if you have the apprioprate travel documents and send to me your travelling documents for my proceedings over here.

5. Please note that this project is 100% risk free but you must keep it very secret and confidential with strong assurance that you will notlet me down at all.

I expect your prompt reply.


Abdullah Gh Al-qassab

End of Quoted Email Scam SPAM.

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