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Disputing the new 'SCAM SPAM'

[NOTE: This rebuttal was sent to the desk in an email exchange. This article is two of the letters, combined and reformatted, posted with the permission of Lt. Herb as a rebuttal to the Desk's claim that Foundmoney is a SCAM. As a result of this exchange, the Desk has modified it's opinion on Foundmoney, but not on 'Offertizements'. Foundmoney might be a SCAM... might be... depending on individual outcomes, and he seemed to agree on that point but not on the general statement. OK, fine. We'll leave it up to the individual, but recommend that they go in awake and aware.
      In any case, the Desk thanks Lt. Herb for his expertise in this matter and looks forward to staying in touch with him.
      Is this a great country or what? Webmaster, The Media Desk

Text of Email from Lt. Herb follows

      While Offertizement may be spamming, this is unrelated to FoundMoney's offer.

      I have worked indirectly with them (and Miss Cleo's website, but that's another matter :) ) and can say the following:

      I was just saying that the same applies to "$50 FBI Seized Cars and Homes" and "The [Your Name] Family History book for only $50", the people that do this found that performing the mundane and routine can make you money. Hence personal shoppers, full service gas, and such.
      Any Bob Smith who finds out that he's not the Bob Smith in the list will feel ripped off.. But as you said, Beauvadene Glabowitz would most likely not feel ripped off.
      For instance, at there are DOZENS of "Elizabeth Taylor" entries with different middle initials. But only one for R S H (and one for R E H)[real names deleted-webmaster]. At both rates, it is a gamble. But if they don't use this model, Found Money will not have any - money that is.
      It is important to let people know they don't need their help. It's much of a "Fight Back! with David Horowitz" type of quality.
      But while calling something a scam is sensational, it does help get that message out. I just merely had first hand experience that they (FoundMoney) were not out to rip people off. They do not put false entries in their DB. They expect people to realize that you should know how common your name is and that there is no guarantee that you are the particular one with your name that the money is for.

      Some people have won 4-5 times a day (typically $5 prizes) and others have stories like "I just signed up 5 minutes ago and I won!" others are members for years and never win. A born loser.

      But never count on WinDough or Gamesville or Uproar and such for income. It's just like my mom or sister going to Bingo to try to "round up money".. more times than not, it's a waste of time and money (at least these online games are free, and bingo proceeds go to charitable causes)...

      So in conclusion, FoundMoney is not a scam. If you have a common name, your chances of paying for someone else's information increases.. Try using your middle initial.

      And never count on Foundmoney or FBI seized cars to get you money or a deal. It is a risk. But it's all marketing.

Lt. Herb

NOTE:Foundmoney and Offertizements and other site names are registered trademarks of their respective companies. The DESK has no affiliation with either company. See their Web Sites for more information. Thank you

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