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the Desk is NOT leaving the Ship.

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        Nope. Sorry Captain. You're stuck with it.

        Contrary to whatever rumors the Desk itself may have started having nothing else going on in its life…. The DESK is not leaving the RAVEN.

        The Desk is not going to have some sort of fit about: charitable donations, anybody's idea of what Shoreleave should be, or who gets promoted or isn't promoted to whatever it is.
        It is NOT upset about anybody else's family matters, doesn't care who shows up for what functions, and is completely unconcerned about a recipe another member submitted to the newsletter.
        The Desk will NEVER try to start its own ship, abandon the IFT for the Victory Garden Fanclub, or try to have dual memberships in the RAVEN and the Klem Kadiddlehopper Appreciation Society when their interests clearly conflict.
        It barely reads the email it is supposed to, and uses YOUR email lists sent out with official stuff as its current mailing list, so it is very unlikely to begin an exchange with half the crew plotting a mutiny against the other half of the crew.
        The Desk is known to not take the RAVEN nearly as seriously as some others, has voiced its opinion far and wide that it honestly doesn't care who's in charge or what's going on, and will stick by its story that it doesn't know more than three or four of the crew by name on sight.
        On Social Occasions the Desk hangs by itself and watches the others, during Public Functions it simply wants to do what needs done and get out ASAP, it will let the Captain or whoever get the accolades and glory, it just wants to get it over with and go home.

        Face it.

        The Desk is the Desk is the Desk. And you're stuck with it.


        RAVEN 7 was posted last week and the Desk was going to send out a link to it.

        But then it found out half the crew has resigned… well. Maybe not HALF. But then again, it didn't read all the emails before it deleted them.

        So it thought about it. And, what the hey. Chapter 7 seems to fit.

        We'll make the adjustments for 8.

Dr. Leftover [Mr. Kada]
USS RAVEN Media Desk

Link to RAVEN 7

And just in case you missed it….