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The Highs and Lows of Working for the State


Fear and Loathing around the Coffee Pot

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     Recently the Desk has been exchanging emails with several people who are either State Employees, or want to be. And a theme has emerged.

    Now the Media Desk is an expert in two kinds of State Jobs. Both the lowest possible rung on the ladder, and the top. Both types of Job Satisfaction, good and bad, well, a good job and beyond bad to a sheer teeth grinding hemorrhoid raising twist your guts in a knot then do the limbo under a cockroach gawd-awful job.

    The Desk spent ten years in what is widely regarded as, if not the absolute worst job, an easy top three finalist, and now has what it considers the perfect job for the Desk.

    So Commentary is called for on this subject. OK, it's uncalled for, but here it is anyway.

How to Recognize a Good State Job versus a Bad One.
Note: Pay is not mentioned as part of the definition for obvious reasons.


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