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Up The Turnips!

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[EDITOR'S NOTE: Before this was even proofread the Desk was informed that it was one of the 'most racist' things the Desk had ever written. The Desk calmly asked the reader to point to something that was a racist statement or idea. They looked back through the article and said the whole thing was. 'Be Specific' the Desk asked them. "It just is." Was the comment from the reader. The Desk's answer. 'I love it.'  ]

       Political Correctness did not retire with Bill and Hillary.
       Oh no. It is still with us. And spreading.
       Virginia has dropped Confederate History Month and replaced it with a lame attempt at repainting history. The University of Illinois is embroiled in a battle over Chief Illiniwek, the Fighting Illini mascot. Other places making concessions to 'PC' include states removing the word 'Squaw' and 'Negro' from features such as lakes and hills.

       Is this an attempt to rewrite history and appease those thin skinned individuals with nothing better to do than cry about something that really does not matter?


       Will Negro Mountain in Maryland and Pennsylvania cease to exist because some politicians ink some paper saying it is now... Oh... Bubba's Hill?
       But we will all be the poorer for the abandonment of historical names and powerful symbols for the sake of not offending anybody.
       And so far, the name changing fad has a very mixed history at best. The NBA's Washington Bullets had really prospered after becoming the 'Warriors' haven't they?

       The Illini were a more or less loose Confederation of several of the larger tribes in Pre-White Man Midwest. They were first met by the French that adapted their name for themselves into French and it came out Illinois. They were civilized, had established trade routes, and when war came, they kicked tail until they threw in with the French. So, of course, the famous War Dance has to go and the Student portraying the Chief, has to turn in his feathers.

       The Confederacy has been under attack long after the Silence at Appomattox began the end of the CSA. The left leaners and their lackeys have been rewriting history for years about how the War Between the States was about Slavery. Flash from the Newsroom. The Emmancipation wasn't signed until September of 1862 whereas South Carolina seceded in December of 1860, followed in a couple of months by six more states.
       Many of the Founding Fathers hated Slavery. Jefferson is on the record as despising it. And several others thought it was just fine.
       During the 2000 election much was been made of the fact that Lincoln was a Republican. "The party of Lincoln hasn't always wore the mantle of Lincoln." But nobody mentioned the fact that Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, was a Democrat. Nobody looked at the Copperheads, the Anti-War Democrats in the North that wanted to give concessions to the South, including allowing slavery to continue, to end the war.
       Something that is not very popular with those that have their hand out for restitution for '400 years of slavery' 136 years after the end of the war is the idea that Free Blacks in the South owned slaves as well as the 'blue-eyed white devils'. And there were Blacks in the North that never saw a slaver's chain. And what about true African Americans that have come here in the last hundred years and have been breeding with those that were slaves. How much of a percentage of a Slave is somebody that only has one great great grandfather that was a slave?

       No amount of apologies for past atrocities will change the past. No amount of Congressional Debate will erase one day of Slavery's history.
       Yet when President Bill the Lecher went to Africa and got all teary eyed and apologized for slavery to the Africans. They told him there was plenty of blame to go around. They had sold their own kinfolk to the slavers for fun and profit. They had waged wars to capture other Black Africans to sell. And had put bounties on their enemies so that Soldiers of Fortune from other tribes would round up strays for them.
       While the scene where the white men on horseback pursue Kunta Kinte through the bush with nets made a spectacular mini-series, it is hardly historically accurate. It probably did happen, once in awhile. But as a method of harvesting the crop for export, it was labor intensive and inefficient.
       Something Bill must have never considered as he daydreamed of fat chicks in berets.
       That, and slavery still exists today. White, Black, Muslim, Child, take your pick, Slavery has not become extinct. Something Bill must not of even been aware.
      Perhaps our attention should be on the Monster that is, instead of the one that was.

       Does the very name of the Washington DC professional Football team detract from Native Americans. From 'Indians' in Cleveland?
       The Desk doesn't think so, and it is at least partially Indian here and there in its makeup.
       But does the Desk refer to itself as a 'hyphenated' American? No. It is an American. Period.

       So then what about those that are hyphenated?
       They should get over it. Don't call yourself an Italian-American unless you are a First Generation Descendent of people that were born over there. Same for Vietnamese and every other hyphenated American.
       Just saying you are 'different' from everybody else is in and of itself RACIST... isn't it?

       Bottom line for the whiney, hyper-sensitive, busy-body crowd...

       Leave the Rebels of Ole Miss alone.


       Sounds a lot better than "Go Turnips!"


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