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"FLAME ON!" -Johnny Storm, The Original Fantastic Four.

The 2008 Article: TV producers HATE men

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       Things have gone from bad to stupid.

       And, for a change, the Desk is not talking about its Day Job digs. That has gone beyond stupid into something that would be suitable for a Monty Python skit about how bad a Government Office can be a la 'Ministry of Funny Walks'.

       No, this time the Desk is talking about how Men are painted in commercials, and on some of the shows the spots sponsor:

       And that's just the commercials.

       If you watch the talk shows the commercials are shown during you find out that all men are rapists and child abusers. They are all drunken racist couch potatoes with athlete's foot and high cholesterol. And every man ever born only has job because The Men In Power want to keep women in their place.

       Yes it is that bad.

       Is there any way the Radio Shack commercial with the guys stuck to the window would be on the air every holiday season if it had been women flocking to a shoe store? No. It'd have run for two weeks and been yanked under fire from NOW or somebody.
       There are those screaming about the JC Penney ads that show women neglecting their families to go to their 'One Day Sale'. Mostly likely Penney's will pull the ads and write a check to the national organization of whoever cries the loudest and all will be forgiven.
       Would a show about a middle class family with wise cracking kids that put down the mother as the punchline of every other joke even make it to a pilot episode? Would any studio have even listened to the pitch for a movie that had a female lead with the plot of something like 'the Jerk' (current example pulled at insistence of the Desk's paralegal's spirit guide channeler's diet consultant)?

       The only group you can pick on, make the butt of every joke, and run every stereotype you can think of up the flagpole for all to see every chance you get is MEN!
       But be careful... if it's really nasty, you had better stick to White Men, lest you upset the NAACP.
       And the man cannot be Gay because that's a Hate Crime.
       And he can't be Handicapped, or a Senior Citizen, or a Veteran, or a...
       If you are a Straight Man (pun intended) who happens to be more or less White... you're up a creek.

       Men in general have no defense. Period. There is no Political Action Committee that is taken seriously to lobby Congress for the special protection given Women, Blacks, Jews, Gays, and Left Handed Vegetarian Alaskan Natives.
       Witness sexual harassment policies. There are still laws on the books that state that a woman cannot sexually harass a man. Period. There are places where domestic violence charges cannot be brought against a woman for beating a man. In family courts the default setting on the matter of child custody is still with their woman, regardless of circumstance. If a man has custody and is not getting the child support due, he is far less likely to ever get the matter in front of the judge than if the situation was reversed.
       Don't believe it? Simply read the papers, watch the news, read the web sites, and then think about what they are NOT saying as well as what they actually are.
       Cars stopped on the highway and searched for drug smuggling. If a man and woman are in the car, no matter who was driving or to whom the car was registered. He is arrested for trafficking with intent to deliver. She is arrested, if at all, for being in the wrong car at the wrong time, and released.
       Look at the profiles for Child Abuse. In spite of the spectacular cases lately where the Mothers have killed their kids. Susan Smith, the five kids in Texas, the case in LA, and so on, who is the one listed on the papers passed out at the doctor's offices as 'somebody to watch out for'? Men.

WHEATON, Ill. Rejecting a claim of insanity, a jury found a 44-year-old mother guilty of murdering her young children Wednesday.
Marilyn Lemak smothered her three kids after tucking them into bed in March 1999.
She admitted killing Thomas, 3, Emily, 6, and Nicholas, 7, but defense and prosecutors disagreed on her state of mind. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

Wed, Dec 19/2001

       The Desk is NOT saying that men don't ever rape murder and pillage. They do. And some of them are good at it. Men ARE capable of violence, heck, for awhile, the Desk itself was a Professional at beating people upside their heads and asking for ID later. Men DESERVE a sizable chunk of the bad rap they've gotten. Face it, Men do beat their wives. They are rapists, and child abusers, and carjackers.
       But not ALL are.
       The Desk has never raped a nun. And. It doesn't know anybody that has. But according to at least one TV talk show, if it hasn't lain in wait in a darkened alley outside a convent yet, it will soon. And then it will beat and rape a nun as she returns from her shift at the hospital.
       The Desk has turned Child Pornographers into the Postal Inspectors. It led a crusade on a local BBS to have the IRC channel banned and to ban anybody caught trading in such stuff forever. But. After listening to a radio talk show; since the Desk uses the Net, it Must be looking at Child Porn, and therefore, is a Child Molester in training. Sorry Doctor 'L So and So...' you have no idea what you're talking about. Oh, yeah, the know-it-all that said that admits they don't even have an Email account to avoid that kind of thing. So, lack of knowledge makes one an expert? Gotta love it.
       And it doesn't stop there.
       The morning TV news shows add to the fire instead of fighting it. The hopelessly feminized 'Today' show does the vast majority of its health segments on women's health. And it seems its take on almost any political issue has been cleared with the Feminists before it is aired (when's the last time you saw an editorial on the air about a Men's Issue?). For that matter, when is the last time you saw a piece on one of those shows about how a woman used a gun to prevent a crime against herself or somebody else? Yet it happens almost every day. But that doesn't support the Women's Groups Agendas.
       How popular would Oprah be if she really presented an even handed series of shows about issues that equally affected men and women?

       Does the Desk think it will do any good at all to start bellyaching now about how Men are mistreated in the popular media and how it actually hurts families and thereby society at large.
       Katie Couric doesn't give two damns either way about how her slant permeates all of NBC News. Dr. Laura doesn't worry about the fact that she is starting to go in the 'It's OK To Bash Men' direction herself more all the time, 'Mother's are always right'. Even that old bastion of fairness '60 Minutes' and its clones have headed that way, blathering on about how anti-depressants are to blame if a woman kills her kids. Oh yes, either she took too much, or not enough, one way or the other. A Loving Mother just wouldn't do something like that on her own. Which is crap and they know it.

       So what to do?
       If you see a particular commercial that portrays men as clowns, sex crazed idiots, or bumbling loosers that really gets your attention, fire off an email to the highest ranking person whose address you can find on their web site. If it's a local company, call the manager or owner and tell the owner you'd rather have a long slow root canal by a dentist with shaky hands and outdated anesthetic than give them any more of your hard earned money. Then tell all our friends to complain as well.
       Maybe... just maybe... sooner or later, they'll get the idea.

       Of course. Homer Simpson and the rest of that crowd on TV have done a decade of damage and their residual contamination won't go away easily or anytime soon.
       But that is another sermon.


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