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       On the album cover of ‘The Who Sell Out’ the members of the band are portrayed hawking underarm deodorant and canned beans. Between songs they cut mock commercials for BBC-Radio and their drum company. It wasn’t one of the band’s best albums, the only real hit was ‘I can see for miles and miles’.

       You’re saying, ‘That’s nice… so what?’

       Here’s the first verse of that song:

I know you've deceived me Now here's a surprise
I know that you have 'Cause there's magic in my eyes.
I can see for miles and miles
And miles and miles and miles...
Oh yeah.
       President W went to Asia for a tour. As the Who have done many times.
       And unlike them, once there… He Sold Out

       And we know that he ‘has ‘cause there’s magic in our eyes…’
       The headline on a news service Screamed: Bush Caves On Kyoto!

       Originally the treaty was a bad idea, wrapped in One New World Order language, and tied with a bow of Anti-Americanism. It would prohibit Americans from buying the best washing machine on the market in favor of something that used less water, so you had to wash your clothes twice, thereby using more water and electricity. The same thing that happens with low flow toilets.
       It would force everybody to drive things the size of a Yugo.
       Under a tight reading of the accord, oil heat would become a thing of the past, so would coal fired power plants.
       In essence, in the name of Global Warming. Americans would become Amish.
       Oh, no, we can’t do that, they burn wood for heat. That’s a no no.

       So why shouldn’t Bush take some baby steps to prevent a climate disaster that would result in the City of Miami ending up under four feet of water?

       Well. To start with. The Global Warming ballyhoo is based on crappy science.
       Crappy Science.

       To come up with the numbers the Global Warmists ignored evidence that the Alaskan Glaciers have been retreating since they were discovered nearly two hundred years ago. Long before the Industrial Revolution, in the early 1800’s, the Juneau Icefield actually reached the ocean. Now you need a helicopter to go see it.
       Something else they have ignored is a thirty some year cycle of growing seasons. Ask any University Extension Gardener with a head full of gray hair. They’ve seen it since people were planting WWII Victory Gardens. Jerry Baker, ‘America’s Master Gardener’ talks about it when talking about growing cycles of shade trees. It is no secret, but it is inconvenient to those with political agendas.
       Also left out of the literature from the Counsel of Scientists was the Solar Maximum cycle. If the Sun Itself is putting out more energy, sure the Earth is going to be warmer. Makes sense don’t it?
       Maybe instead of listening to those with notebooks full of shaky science, Mr. Bush should read the ‘Old Farmer’s Almanac’.

       In any case. GW has taken more steps first taken by Jimmy Carter in giving up American Sovereignty to International Do-Gooders.
       First Our Canal.
              Then our Toilets.
                     Now our… SUV’s.
       All on the word of some tree hugging spotted owl loving Internationalists who want to simply knock America out of her Top of the World seat and have you riding in a pony cart to work.

       The Desk had hoped that Mr. 'Axis of Evil' actually had more backbone than his old man.

       It appears he is… to put it in Texan… “All hat and no cattle.”


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