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       OK, the Desk is used to Web Pages that blast out Music. Or have their Dog barking at you. Or whatever sound (from a waterfall to a ship's bell '').
       But this is the Final Outrage! ...well, no, it's just the latest one.

       The Desk was harmlessly cruising through the CNN website happily checking out the latest news when all of the sudden it heard this male voice blathering on about something the Desk couldn't understand. It has its speakers way down because of those ship's bells and barking dogs.

       Somebody was talking or reading something, and it wasn't the latest story on the news site.

       OK, the Desk has about the same intelligence quotient as a cold cup of coffee. It took it a minute to figure it out.

       The voice was the ad on the page for some sort of stuff that makes your hair gray.... Or maybe ungrays it... whatever.

       A BANNER AD WAS TALKING TO ME!!! and just after seven AM too

       Oh come on now.

       Is this called for?

       Pop ups, or unders, are bad enough. Flashing banner ads can cause headaches (TRUE! see story on Urban Legend Page). But this...

       The Desk doesn't listen to commercials on TV. That's why God created the Mute Button.

       Now the Desk needs one on its computer.

       Unfortunately this was next, and unavoidable. The Banner Ad people, and soon to follow the SPAMMERS are fighting tooth and nail to get your attention. To at least get you to click on their ad. And just perhaps, out of so many thousand clicks, one person should order whatever it is they are hawking.
       Well, this one worked. The Desk noticed it.
       It didn't click on it, or anywhere near it, and when it hit another page with the same ad on it, it just backed out before it could finish its speech.

       So now we have to deal with that.

       NOTICE!!! The DESK is rather silent... no noise files here. So you can listen to your radio while perusing the Desk's pages.
       No Flash presentations. And in fact, besides the American Flag here and there, the Libertarian Party Banner Ad on the links Page, and those two little boxes from Questy, there is no Animation at all. (We don't count the dancing monkeys. You have to run your pointer over them to make them dance.)
       The Desk, in case you haven't noticed. Is laid out rather like a small town weekly newspaper.

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