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The Desk is STANDING BY this Commentary, posted July 18, 2001.

Shut the Door!

"Hey! Golly Gee! The Horse has gotten away, and the Barn has burned down! We'd better shut the door! Oh, No! Too Late! They've Repossessed the Farm!"

         You gotta hand it to the Federal Bureaucrats, they really know how to do Damage Control.

         You've probably heard about how the FBI is missing hundreds of guns, computers, cars, interns, state secrets, buildings, and even candy bars from the Hoover Building. Well, now the Justice Department is wanting to conduct an inventory of everything to find out what they are missing.

         First President William Jefferson Clinton sells nuclear weapons secrets to the Communist Chinese for campaign donations, then Bob Hanssen gives away everything including the recipe for Monster Cookies, then you hear about State Department people leaving laptops full of sensitive information in taxi cabs until you have to wonder if the US has any secrets left.
         The FBI is wondering where their missing machine guns are? They should ask North Korea or Iraq.
         School kids on a field trip to DC are not allowed in the Treasury building. Yet foreign intelligence agents are probably running a tab at the lunch counter there.
         The exact location of major US warships is kept secret from the families of the sailors on board, yet the Russian news service shows pretty pictures of the fleet as it cruises around in the Arabian Gulf.

         Something is wrong in the Nation's Capitol.

         Eight years of Bill the Lecher has dropped our standing of the world almost as much as his zipper.
         The country's borders have allowed so many illegals in the government is seriously considering declaring an amnesty for them. The military is in such a state now as to be unable to win a street fight. The Coast Guard doesn't have fuel for its boats, the Army needs more bullets, but they do have rather stylish black berets... formerly modeled by some fat chick for a President.
         Now don't misunderstand this. The USA is still the Greatest Nation on Earth.
         Yes it is.
         Now think about that.
         Even in the mess we are in... An Army that can't fight, an Air Force that can't fly (how many accidents in the last year?)... Kids that can't read, but feel good about saving the ozone... People that panic because some bimbo wants to garden in a swimsuit... The judges take God out of the classroom, then pray they don't get mugged in the parking lot... The highest rated TV show is some British Bitch calling Americans names... An economy that's in the tank, and a government that regulates how much water the tank uses to flush...
         Even in the mess we are in...
         This is still the Greatest Nation the World has EVER Known.

         It is not too late.

         It is NOT too late for America.

OK... a lot has been said to the Desk about how it points all these things out... but doesn't suggest what to do about it. So....

OK... so how's that for a list of ideas to start with?

If you disagree... email the author. Dr_Leftover(a-t)themediadesk(-dot-)com email scrambled to screw with spammer robots

now the answers.
1. There are THREE branches of the Federal Government. Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.
2. Georgia, fourth state, ratified Constitution in 1788. Rhode Island, thirteenth state, 1790, Vermont, fourteenth state, admitted in 1791.
3. Jason and his crew sailed on the Argo searching for the Golden Fleece in the Ancient Greek Legend.
Extra Credit. This Great Truth was spoken by Gandhi (1869-1948)


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