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The Curse of the Forgotten Password

        Oh, terrific.

        At last count the Desk has nine, count them, 9, email accounts... no make that ten. Something like that.
        In any case, they ALL have user names and passwords.
        Now for most of them the Desk uses only three or four words and combinations thereof that its malfunctioning brain can remember easily. But for a couple of them, the system helpfully assigns a machine-generated password that their Computer can easily remember that looks like an amateur radio call sign.
        The Desk can remember things like its dog's name, maybe an old work phone number. But something like '4KW837B26'? Come on. The Desk has dyslexia, you want it to type THAT in correctly every time?
        But it wasn't one of the alphabet soup passwords it forgot this time.
        No... It was it's Yahoo account, the backup to its main work mailbox that it forgot.
        And the reminder question wasn't any help at all. 'What was the middle name of your date to the senior prom?' or some such nonsense.
        If the Desk could remember, and spell the password reminder question correctly, it wouldn't be in this fix to begin with. And, for the record, the Desk has NEVER been to any prom where it wasn't serving food or tending bar.
        So the Desk types in its list of passwords, one at a time, to see which one it was.
        None of them worked.

        Then the Desk proceeds to call Yahoo almost everything in the dictionary. Of course it is Yahoo's fault the Desk can't remember its own password.

        The cookie Yahoo puts on your hard drive is no help at all. The password isn't in it. The Desk looked.
        Then it rooted through various papers and notecards. It wasn't on any of them either. It tried Internet Explorer and Netscape, just in case it had told one of them to remember the password. No luck.

        So on to other things.
        About an hour later the Desk decided to give Yahoo another shot.
        Oh, now it sees what it did wrong.
        It wasn't the password at all. The Desk was trying to use its username off another mailbox on Yahoo.
        See what the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy made me do? Or maybe it was second hand smoke.
        Couldn't be a bad memory or just a simple mistake now could it?


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