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How to ensure W is Re-Elected

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      It's actually very simple. And the Democrats are already working that way.

      Here's how you do it.

      Spilt the Democratic Party three ways (or more) into the Liberal Whites, Radical Blacks, and the rest of the Party, the more or less moderate people.

      And the quickest way to do it is have a figure that is by their very nature divisive and offensive take charge of one of those factions.

      This is where the Reverend Al Sharpton comes in. Al has one issue, and one issue only. Well, money and notoriety aren't exactly issues for a political campaign. He is about Race. Period. The Rev. Sharpton has been preaching, lecturing, and rambling on about how ALL WHITES HATE ALL BLACKS for years. It is what he does. And it evidently pays pretty well too.
      Yes, that is a factor.
      If his audiences didn't want to hear about how every problem they have from toothaches to getting evicted from their houses are a direct result of entrenched racism in the American Culture, he would be broke working at that 'you want fries with that?' place. Instead, he's making noise about running for President in 2004 because the Democrats (read 'liberal whites') "didn't fight aggressively to protect our voting rights in Florida." Is Rev. Sharpton talking about the military ballots Gore's people did a fire dance to get thrown out? Not a chance. The only voters Truly Neglected in Florida were the Blacks that voted in counties Bush won.
      According to the Reverend and people like him, who coincidentally also happen to hide behind a religious title, no matter how marginal the religious organization is, the US Government is one of the most intolerant and racist outfits ever put together on the planet.
      Excuse me.
      IF that were true The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan wouldn't have a platform for his Million Family March. He'd be in a concentration camp for 'reeducation'. Dr. Jerry Falwell and Bob Jones IV wouldn't be running their Universities. The Liberal Agenda Stormtroopers of the last decade would have descended on them to pass out black berets to fat girls and then run a rainbow flag up the pole, such Right Wing Institutions couldn't be allowed to challenge Bill the Lecher's mission in life. The Skinheads would have to do Jerry Springer's show from jail, at least more than they do now. In fact, Mr. Springer might be cooking those fries Rev. Sharpton was taking orders for.

      No. The USA is not the most racist authoritative regime ever to have jack-booted thugs kick in a door to kidnap a child in the middle of the night.
      We are a long way from the USSR under Stalin. Nazi Germany. Iran with the Ayatollahs.
      What tune would Reverend Sharpton be singing today in Taliban Afghanistan?
      He wouldn't. He'd be dead.
      Which is exactly the point. If America is so terrible, why is he allowed the freedom to publicly proclaim himself as a major party candidate for the Highest Office in the Land? And not only to make the statement, but to be taken fairly seriously at that.

      It has been said before, and it needs to be said again.
      IF, the bleeding heart liberals, stiff necked conservatives, Socialists, Fascists, Afrikan Nationalists, wanna-be Mao-ists, and flaky headed extreme conservationists don't like being an American......



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