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A MAN'S man.



A MAN John Wayne would be proud of.
A MAN Clint Eastwood would be proud to call 'friend'.
A MAN Chuck Norris would go out for a drink with.
A MAN G. Gordon Liddy would say 'Sir' to.






A Strong Man, A Manly Man. A MAN women faint for.
A MAN small children want to grow up to be like.






This MAN has no enemies. He walks in confidence and pride.






He is his own MAN.





The Test:
This MAN is the MAN that can get the skin of his balls caught in his zipper and not have a tear in his eye.




He is the envy of men everywhere.
Reggie White would stand proudly next to him.
Charlton Heston would vote for him for NRA president.
Former President Reagan would want to shake his hand.


He is a man's MAN.... Etc etc


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