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What in the HELL is wrong with OUR Government?

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         The Desk had to check... Bill the Lecher has indeed left town and has taken the majority of his official scum mongers with him... yet...

         Secretary of State Powell is on his way back home with his tail between his legs after failing miserably to even slow the violence from both sides in Israel's war on terror while our own troops begin a new offensive against the 'extremists in the hills'.
         Attorney General Ashcroft first puts a bathrobe on the statue of Justice in his office building. Then he gets his hand slapped by the Supreme Court over yet another far too broad law aimed at limiting porn on the Net but could also take down everything from 'Romeo and Juliet' to medical textbooks and underwear ads. Yet this man who obviously has a problem with self-control and 'impure thoughts' about statues vows to fight on.
         President Bush is going back on campaign promises and changing stands so fast even the professional pundits can't keep up with him. Rush Limbaugh, who was openly in love with him during the campaign and early in his presidency, has wondered on his show what has happened to him. Be it illegal aliens or Russian steel.
         Half the Administration has direct links to Enron or Arthur Anderson or Global Crossing or any number of other big money scandals and duck behind their spokespeople and lawyers whenever asked about the fuzzy type in their tax statements.
         EPA Administrator Whitman is about this far from being called a liar over hazardous chemical contamination in Manhattan from the Trade Center collapse. Yet she maintains party line and says everything is fine.
         The INS and FAA continue to send paperwork to terrorists that died in the Attacks.
         The National Institutes of Health are out to convince us that the worst health threat the US public faces is either handguns or Twinkies.
         Now the IRS is being taken by people who are filing for 'Slavery Restitution' on their 1040's.

         It was bad enough during Bill's tenure that the US State Department turned into the Girl Scouts and dumped truckloads of cookies on Somalia to make the people all feel better. Then Bill would blow up the occasional aspirin factory or try to arrest some third world dictator to cover up his latest 'bimbo eruption'.
         We thought all that went away when Bill moved out and stole the State China.
         But now, W is up to the same nonsense.
         OK, he hasn't fired a cruise missile at any camel's butts. But he is getting off on all these other tangents. He balks on Kyoto, declares war on Canadian lumber, dances back and forth on oil drilling, French kisses Ozzy Osbourne... well, that might be going a little too far, but still, W welcomed the former bat biter to the White House with extended hand.

         The Questions:
         Is W as wishy-washy as Bush 41 turned out to be? Will his twisting and turning on the issues, to the point the Desk thinks he may be in next year's Gravity Games in the freestyle skateboard half-pipe competition, cost him the '04 election? Will President Bush's cabinet continue to see who can be the biggest embarrassment to the country?
         The Answers:
         Evidently Yes. It's starting to look that way. Probably.

         And what is really surprising some is that W ran as a fairly conservative Republican.
         No... He wasn't Pat Buchanan, thank the Good Lord. But he also wasn't McCain or some of the other more moderate members of the GOP. Actually, Buchanan is too conservative to be a Republican, which is why he jumped ship, and McCain is almost indistinguishable from a moderate Democrat on most issues.
         W won for two reasons. Three if you listen to the Rosie O'Donnell / Alec Baldwin crowd as they look for apartments overseas (oh, that's right, they lied too). The first and most important to this discussion is: Bush had us convinced that he wasn't a liar. George W. Bush claimed he learned his lesson from his dad's reversal on the 'no new taxes' pledge. W said he was going to run the most ethical administration in ages. Accountability, openness, pride in a job well done. All the right buzzwords were there.
         So far the only things W has avoided that Clinton didn't is indictment for high crimes and misdemeanors and fat chicks in berets with stained dresses.
         The other reason he won was- he hadn't made a deal to pardon Bill.
         But given W's current bout of spinelessness that may be next.

         And the Desk has a cure for most of this.

         W cannot fire General Powell. If he does he will now and anon be called a racist or something by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and that ilk. The denials alone would be terminal to his campaign in ought four. But W has to reign him in and explain that his fascination with Middle Eastern bullies has to be kept under wraps. Untie Israel's hands and let them defend themselves against the Arabs.
         The President needs to quit kissing Saudi Arabia's rosy cheeks. They are the biggest financial sponsors of Anti-American fanaticism the world has seen since the Third Reich. If the Saudi's are so concerned about the Palestinian's welfare, why did they throw them out of the country in the forties and fifties and won't let them back in now. Not even for a pilgrimage to Mecca. The way to the Saudi Royal Family's heart is through their checkbook. W should drill in ANWR, by Presidential Decree if necessary, pull up all the fuel they can find, then tell the Saudi Oil Minister to keep his with our blessing. Then we'll see how much they really want to support Islamic Jihad.
         He should also flush the Kyoto Treaty down the nearest 3.5 gallons per flush toilet he can find and restore our right to buy the best products we find for what we wish to spend. Get the Federal Government out of our toilets, gas tanks, washing machines, coffeepots, etc. And while they are at it.... Stay the Heck out of our Bedrooms.
         The Government should get over trying to ensure every illegal alien in the country gets a Tennessee driver's license (no citizenship requirement) and food stamps. Deport them back to where they came from and give the guards on our borders the tools and authority to do what needs done to keep them out.
         The Government should also get used to the idea that it cannot control ever bit and byte on the Internet, no matter how much it tries. Just like some stuff slipped past the Network Censors during the Golden Age of Television, some stuff is going to get past whatever the Feds do on the Net. Any attempt to control anything not already illegal on the Net is simply going to run afoul of Free Speech and hold up the law to even more ridicule. Child Pornography is already illegal, so are Fraud and Ponzi Schemes. Everything the well meaning but absolutely Internet Illiterate Politicians have proposed is already more than enough covered by existing laws. Some of which simply need to be enforced. Kinda like everything they suggest about firearms.

         There's more, but that would be a good start.

         Does the Desk expect the Bush White House to do anything except make things worse for itself... and by extension, us?



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