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" Not Mine!!! "


The Desk Looks at the NO Star Game

©02 The Media Desk

       The Desk has a few words for Major League Baseball Inc. as the Players Union considers calling a strike in August.

       "Not With My Dollar You Don't!"

       Union. Owners. Officials. Mascots. All of them.

       Not MINE!!!

       Boycott Baseball!


       Minor League, Major League, American League... Whatever. If they are getting paid for it. Turn it OFF. Stay home. Don't even listen to a game while stuck in traffic.

      And Start Today... Right Now! And tell them about it! Call the radio shows, call into the 'sound off' column in the paper. Tell your friends, and relatives.

      Don't Watch any more BASEBALL...

       None of it.


       Don't buy a new Yankees hat. Don't buy any of the Officially Licensed Products. Don't even watch Field of Dreams.

       If they want to strike. Let'em. If the owners want to lock them out. OK, fine. Have at it. Enjoy. We're done with the lot of ya.

       And the same goes for Football, Basketball, Hockey, all pro sports.

       You are getting paid stupid amounts of money to do it. To either own the team, call the fouls, shoot the ball, run, or to just warm the bench and scratch yourself. Be damned glad you don't have to work a real job and get over yourself.

       We. The fans. And the ones paying your cotton pickin' salaries...

       Have Spoken.


[Webmaster Note: The Desk is in no wise affiliated with Major League Baseball. MLB® and associated names and logos including team names mentioned are owned by Major League Baseball and teams and partners thereof, and used according to the Desk's understanding of the Fair Use Provisions of the US Code.]

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