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A friend of the Desk asked (edited for posting here):
"Are the black-eyed kids a real thing, or is it just an Internet fad?"
   Well, OK, and while we're at it we'll look at their polar opposite: the "Indigo Children". OK?

(cue the music)

"...the Kids are alright..."

     Welcome to The Mystery Series. We hope you enjoy your stay. And, while you're here, if a rather young looking person knocks on your door, and you notice something 'not quite right' about their eyes, and they want something.... well. Let's just hope they don't. We'll explain later.

     First, let's define Who, or perhaps, What "kids" we're talking about.
     It may or may not be these:

"I don't mind other guys dancing with my girl
That's fine, I know them all pretty well
But I know sometimes I must get out in the light
Better leave her behind with the kids, they're alright
The kids are alright

"Sometimes, I feel I gotta get away
Bells chime, I know I gotta get away
And I know if I don't, I'll go out of my mind
Better leave her behind with the kids, they're alright
The kids are alright"

Lyrics, Pete Townshend, song by The Who, Album: My Generation, 1965 Release, Decca Records (US)

      While that was, of course, the rock classic The Kids Are Alright At least our first group of 'kids' may not be 'all right'... ...

      It is easier to describe the "Dark Eyed Children" than the other ones precisely because the term IS the description of them. (The terms 'black eyed' and 'dark eyed' are used interchangeably in the web's descriptions of them, sometimes in the same article, and so shall they be used here.)
      According to several websites devoted to the paranormal of whatever stripe, the Children, and usually they arrive in pairs, appear to be within a few years either way of about eleven or twelve years old. They have an unhealthy pallor to their skin (they are evidently all Caucasian). Their eyes have no visible color in either the iris or the conjunctiva, and, besides that, the totally black eye openings appear larger than a normal child would have, reminiscent of the makeup used in some movies about ancient Egypt. You could say their faces remind you of that one girl you went to school with who did the "raccoon eyes" when she went out.
      The children also behave somewhat abnormally in that they appear at the homes of strangers, having arrived without escort or obvious means of transport. They say little beyond asking to enter the house, and then, once inside, they have been reported to have vanished as mysteriously as they arrived. In some cases they ask to use the bathroom, for food, or sometimes, a place to rest. Other reports have them terrifying house pets such as cats or dogs without ever interacting with the animal, perhaps with the child being not being aware that it was there.
      Accordingly, some of those who encounter them report an overwhelming sense of evil, unease, or emotional upset. Others report that if they touched the child, the kid felt cold or that the contact was unpleasant in some other way.
      In the few reports of them leaving a residence, they go out the same door they came in and then, vanish, sometimes after walking a short distance, or when the civilian looks away for an instant.
      In No Report do they get in or out of an unmarked black sedan, space ship, telephone box, or crawl through an open manhole.
      The reports of early 'black eyed children' growing up to be 'black eyed adults' can be totally dismissed, and, for this essay at least, we just did.

      As for the Indigo Children, there are ALL SORTS of tales, marvelous and noteworthy, of their arrivals on the scene. You can read tales of how they were born, sometimes without the mother experiencing any pain of a normal childbirth. Many are reported to be born on a special occasion, or have their face or head covered in a 'veil' or 'caul' (most usually a portion of the amniotic sac from the womb). Or perhaps the child was adopted from an orphanage and appeared 'special' from the moment they arrived.
      Some learn to speak or read at an unusually early age or exhibit the talents of a musical prodigy. They talk about a previous life or relate historical information they had no right to know. Some do demonstrate exceptional abilities in school or the arts, and, to be fair, some don't. The instances cited are most certainly embellished. Others exhibit some impatience with the conventions of 'normal' society or have issues with self-control, perhaps because they are 'above' such things. There are instances of them predicting the future, seeing auras, everything except perhaps levitating or having glowing eyes.
      And, unlike the other kids, there is no consensus as to what they are or should be called. Some commentators on the phenomenon resort to poetics to describe them, going as far back as the tales of the fairy changeling, Moses in his boat, and so on. Are they "Star Children", "Crystal Children", or perhaps "Rainbow ...."? Probably not. They're just kids, perhaps a little brighter or more creative or whatever than the run of the mill crumb-grubber but, nothing where another explanation is needed.
      According to one article, a local Wiccan coven reported that every member who had ever been pregnant was certain she would give birth to an Indigo Child. However, after said kids came along, that same writer didn't talk about any wunderkinds in their group.
      On the down side, there is also talk of children with some of these special traits also being diagnosed with various disorders such as Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and other similar issues, some of which are then prescribed medication that not only alters their personality, it can harm them in the long run.

      Part of what what the Desk does in these sorts of articles is to see if there really is something to the topic, as with the Mystery Series jaunt around Atlantis and the very strong possibility that what Plato was describing was an even then ancient event that had effectively dusted a previous civilization on what is now Santorini.
      The Desk did the same thing when it looked at Adam's "First Wife", Lilith, in light of the "True Bible Texts", and came to a somewhat different conclusion finding that Miss Lilith appears to be an Old Wives Tale about an Old Wife with no basis in reality, and, you could say essentially the same thing about those 'true texts'. Both were found wanting when weighed objectively. (Links to both articles, and others, below.)
      Sometimes in these sorts of articles, we do find some foundation of truth. And sometimes, we find, well, something less.

      So, to do that, the first thing the Desk did was to go scampering around the web. Well, no, it went limping slowly around the web and looked at various articles and 'disclosure videos' about both types of kids. Then it went looking some more, following the trail, as it were, backwards, until it came to a group of postings on the subject that appear to be drawn from a "Q-source", to use a Biblical studies term, for the rest of them.
      But as with the Gospels, a reliable manuscript that may be "Q" appears to be missing. Either that, or it has been so updated and remodeled as to be unrecognizable. The site for the horror movie based on the 'legend' has been taken down. The page on the internet archive site about an article about them doesn't work. A lengthy article about the Indigo kids was no more than a lot of wishful thinking. The Coast to Coast AM show page (link below) about the dark version from 2012 had very little hard information on them. Even the famous was very little help with one, and no help on the other. And so on.
      Dead end. (pun? .... nah)

      Then the Desk got off the web and went digging through some old, thick, and in one case, creepy, books. What it found was interesting in the fact that it.... wasn't there.
      More on that later.
      Back to the Web.

"Which Kid Came First......?"

      That's a tough question to answer.
      References to either of the species of child from the nineties on seem to, as above, lead you in circles.
      Online references that are reliably date-able to before the mid-nineties, as was the case with the old books, don't exist. The newest of the pile of printed bound material that was waded through was printed in 1993. The Internet was just a baby when it was published, there's not even a publisher's website listed in it.

      There are reports of the dark ones that claim to be from the eighties, but oddly enough, those reports are new. A 2012 report of a report from 1988. Not what we're looking for.
      On the light side, everybody admits that the idea of the "Indigo Children" originated with some "New Age" type thinking in the 1970s. But, evidently, the kids still had their training wheels on until the Net got fired up and rolling. And now, they're everywhere.
      Everywhere, that is, except in the two of those books published since then, where you think it would be mentioned. Really, wouldn't that sort of manifestation be one of your choices for an "encyclopedia of the paranormal"?
      Maybe not. Anyway.....

Blair Witch 1999 ... how's that for a change of gears?

      There are those that claim that while the movie was fiction, the legend behind it is real. Well. It's not. At least according to a very old, very dry, six hundred page book published in 1907 with the astonishing title of:

Maryland: The Land of Sanctuary. A History of Religious Toleration in Maryland from the First Settlement Until the American Revolution
By William Thomas Russell, J.H. Furst Co, Baltimore.
Available for through the link below
      The "legend" in the movie states that one Elly Kedward was banished for witchcraft in 1785 from the town in the movie. Mr. Russell's tome states with some good authority that Maryland's last known trial on the charge of sorcery or witchcraft was in 1712, and occurred in the state capital, not some tiny hamlet in the woods.

      But, if you're a fan of really cheaply made independent horror movies (reports are that it was shot for about $25,000), you won't let a little thing like the facts get in your way.
      To the Desk, the only thing more disturbing to its digestion than the shaky hand-held camerawork in the clip of the witch movie that it watched for this article (it has never seen the movie itself) was the fact that Google had installed a dozen tracking cookies on the Desk's computer to allow it to wade through the 'free' book. But that's why the "delete" button exists, no? You can read it without dealing with "G" at the link below
      Back on track.

"What's that got to do with 'the kids'?"

      Our general topic appears to have evolved in much the same way as the "Blair Witch" phenomenon took on a life of its own then it grew into a thriving industry, and in the process found itself being copied in all sorts of ways.
      One of those appears to be the recent development of "the Slenderman" which began its existence in 2009 as a "meme" and ended up being blamed for at least one attempted murder in 2014. Since then, well, as with yet another sequel to the witch movie, our slender friend appears headed for the silver screen.

      Seems the Black Eyed Kids beat him there.

      In 2011 a movie was made by Lyon film based on an otherwise totally unconfirmed incident in Oregon. Oddly enough, at about the same time, a similar incident, also without supporting evidence or testimony, was reported in Texas.

      The movie came out in 2012. But, apparently, nobody noticed. It needed some promotion. Well, you see, there's this "inter-web-thing" out there and...
      The rest, as they say, is history. Which has now spread to Europe. But, so has the movie.

      And now you can buy comic books from Aftershock comics "B.E.K Black Eyed Kids" (link below).

      In the parlance of Science Fiction... the Black Eyed Kids may be Ferringi.

      And, sadly, the others may be just as fictional as those guys. Which is where we'll leave it.

      Hang on, there's a couple of kids at the door.........

RESOURCE LINKS as mentioned above and others.
All outside sources will open in new window, all were working as of date of original posting of article.
Black Eyed Children

"The kids usually keep their heads down and don't make direct eye contact, and the residents report that they've never seen them in the neighborhood before. Interestingly, "there are a growing number of accounts now of black-eyed adults showing up and approaching people, without the children,"
- David Weatherly on Coast to Coast AM, 2015
More from the radio show at:
David Weatherly has several articles on his page:

An encounter account:

"16 terrifying encounters...."'s take on it:
-and, to keep it going-

Aftershock comic's "B.E.K Black Eyed Kids"

Indigo Children/Star Child/etc
"The Indigo Child and How to Recognize One"

More at:

Indigo, Crystal And Rainbow Children
"Meet the Rainbow Children! They are the embodiment of our divinity and the example of our potential."

And, of course, The site says it is no longer being updated, but it is still selling books. Rather telling, no?

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