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20 November 2008
President-elect Obama -or-

President Clinton by Proxy

      Ahhh, everything is all fresh and new in Washington DC.
      Or it will be in January when "the One" is sworn in.

      Or will it?

      So far it looks like it is "out with the old and in with the old".

      Much of Mr. Obama's cabinet and advisors look distressingly familiar.

      Just as W recycled some of his father's people, who were recycled Reagan people, and some those had been Ford people and so on. Obama is dusting off much of the Clinton furniture, some of which may have been Carter's, and so on.

      "CHANGE" as a campaign slogan means exactly what in practice?

      We shall have to wait and see.

      And if Mrs. Clinton is named Secretary of State, it well may be that foreign leaders will see Bill as speaking for the US Government. Whether or not he will be is irrelevant, they will think he is, and that's all that counts.
      In that case, we will have "Clinton by Proxy" overseas and argument could be made that Obama's terms should be seen as Hillary Clinton's.

      Meanwhile, certain ones of us will be clinging to our religion and.....

Countdown to Election 2012- Three Years, Eleven months, Two weeks.

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