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      A soap opera. Of sorts.
      We follow two students at a large Midwestern university. Time frame, current or maybe recent past. One of our students is a female second semester junior named Mary. The other is a freshman, Dale.
      The story follows them in a meandering order.
      They become involved in some of the distractions available at a major university, as well as experiencing a broad range of the academic pursuits the school has to offer. They, as most college students do, find out that the real learning at college isn't usually in the classroom.

      Oh, by the way. There is a narrator. The School Spirit, me, but we'll get better acquainted later...
      The story opens as Dale is moving in, Mary has already been on campus for some time.
      As far as the campus itself goes. It's fairly typical. There are a good number of older buildings. The oldest by far is the original core of buildings which check in at nearly a century old, the Cathedral, the old Catholic dorm, the original section of the library, and part of Lincoln Hall. But the library has been added on to so much, the staff from long ago wouldn't recognize it. Lincoln is worse, ol' Abe is a massive tribute to the absurdity of civil engineering. Many students and some staff get lost in it. The student center was enlarged and renamed the student union, it is the heart of student campus life with mail room, main cafeteria, a movie theater, and even a lounge for upperclassmen.
      As for the city, we have one. A middle sized city with all the middle sized city stuff. Our town has a mall, a fire department, city hall, bars, restaurant, and all the rest. And in our story we get to see some of it.
      Oh, before you ask, This story is rated PG. But, then again, so is College Life!
      Any questions......
      Pardon me then, I have a story to tell.


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