Two Dorms Part 44 & Full Synopsis

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      [HTML presentation, copyright 2001 Levite, The Media Desk. Electronic copy, copyright 1999 Levite. Complete original manuscript in author's possession at time of this edit and rewrite upon transfer to this format. All rights reserved. Including right for approval for publication or other use. All distributed copies to editors and proofreaders remain property of author.]

What it is: Continuing serial format fictional drama. A Soap Opera. This occasion, page SIX HUNDRED [of original manuscript], more or less, is a complete synopsis of all characters and events thus far in the story, an accounting of the timeline and synchronization, and a look forward to things yet to come and a trial balloon of a couple of story lines.
The character summaries are in no particular order due to the simple fact this is a synopsis and not a total chronological summary.

To begin, we have: MARY
      Mary Henderson (now Mrs. Mary Foster) will be a senior at the end of the current semester. Married in a mad frenzy to Basketball player, senior Jack Foster, she is NOT pregnant. Mary was the Second runner up in the Homecoming Queen contest. She moved into the Married Dorm from Cannon.
      Mary's Husband, Jack has been through hell with his sports career. First he was instrumental in a major drug bust involving the soccer team that resulted in most of the teams at the university being placed on probation and the basketball team forfeiting a few games while they fought for reinstatement of the schedule. Now he finds himself as team captain and starting center. Their families are thrilled for the most part about the marriage, especially her father, Max, who is so cheerful he's almost manic when he isn't suffering from complications of a stroke.
      Currently their lives have slowed down allowing them to catch their breath. The team, the Prairie Dogs lost their first exhibition game, and are going into December's first weekend and a game at the U of Chicago on Sunday.

      OTHERS: Cindy, having a fling with a man she couldn't stand not that long ago, Steve, from the Independent House, Jack's old residence.
      Maggie is expecting. Bonker, from the Ind House, is the father, and they are quite the item. The fact is also the worst kept secret on campus. Maggie is the Super from the dorm that burned down early on in the semester. She is now riding herd in the ancient and otherwise unused Old Catholic Dorm.
      Ind. House People. Ramsey, hanging tight with Kim, the soon to be ex of the reclusive and now monk-wanna be Sal from the Married Dorm. But Kim has hit a slight snag after being seduced by a lesbian high school girl, Kim. The others, Hairy, Roger, Billy, and so on, are pretty much out of the spotlight and doing just fine without it.
      James, from the basketball team, is in serious academic trouble and may not be on the team much longer. Leon, the freak of nature with the overlong arms is still doing what he does off the court, whatever that is.
      Married Dorm. Sal left Kim and become a novice priest in a monastery hundreds of miles away. Kim promptly regressed to her previous state of nymphomania and has been having a wonderful time, including a brief foray to decide if she is bisexual. Betty and John, the Supers, just survived an inspection by the University Presidents Facility Review committee.

DALE: Dale Hinerick, Freshman. Dale had a full schedule of Freshman classes including freshman seminar and an intro to physics class in addition to the 'mistake' class of a Doctrinal Theoretical Physics class with a name like; 'the Physical Principles of the Trigonomic Calculations and Algebraic Theorem of Pythagoris and Archmedes: Currently he is the junior member of a team researching the very origin of light inside of stars. And Dale understands what they are talking about and has added to the research in meaningful ways. Since this inquiry began this has been the full time pursuit of the class to the exclusion of other classes with the blessings of the administration, but now the question is on the floor about whether they have gone far enough and should close their research with the paper they have been working on.
      Dale moved into what's called the Roz House, a group home for serious students. He got the nod because Kremin didn't want it. Peggy, now Dale's girlfriend, although he is just now realizing this, went with him at the request of the rather formidable house matron Miss Alice. In the house they have gotten into activities from the arts to the sciences and then some. Peggy High, also a frosh, is not as young and naive as Dale, indeed, nobody is, even though she is also 18. Dale's family is basically normal, but Peggy's family is anything but. Her real parents divorced, then met other people, got back together, and brought the new partners with them into a large strange but happy family.

      OTHERS: The Greek Math Class is; Dr Varscroft, prof, with healing compound fractured arm. Dr. Canney, fat, intelligent, loud. Bill Crowley, retired NASA with an occasional Jamaican accent, Mr. Blumn, a theoretical physicist, Dr Harrison, also Roz House, and Ralph Cook (see below). Harrison has fallen in with a kibbutz/commune and finds it fascinating. Ralph is dating Colleen from the Roz House. Ralph is, to be blunt; a slob, a rude crude obnoxious drunken bum. He is also a genius. Colleen is beautiful, artistic, refined, well spoken, and passionate. Mutt and Jeff would be too kind to the match. But they make a very good pair.
      The Roz house also includes Poi Kareem, a REAL prince, Yyavonne the actress, who is dating the University President, Dr Myersong.
      Roz House, also living in the house is Kalley and Sandy, who with Colleen, taught Peggy how to dress and act like the beautiful woman which she is becoming. Rob, the photographer, Keith and Ben plus some others. The staff are, the butler(s) who are really twins filling one job, and a few others.
      One of Dale's best friends is Kremin DeSeltzer Ristor. A professional student with money and a sense of the finer things in life. Good drink, pretty girls, lots of pizza. One of his former females has cleaned out his bank account and left precious few clues as to who and how. Another friend, so to speak, is Jimbo, a hillbilly come to town who is gay, Jimbo's friend Carl was beaten by some gay haters, his other friend Aljawon is a walking fistfight and he and Jimbo are good at it.
      Ellen has been in and out of Dale's life. She is a female land shark and freshmen boys are her prey. She is also very good at her hobby.

CAMPUS: The campus is about 5,000 students. The teams are the Prairie Dogs.
      The University President is Dr. Venson Grey Myersong.
      The name of the school is NEVER REVEALED!!!
      The Cathedral is St. Luke's as is the hospital.
      There is an extensive population of 'Greeks' on campus. Both frats and sorority's, as well as an ROTC unit that presented the colors at Mary's wedding to make up for their missing the start of the homecoming parade.
      Currently the President is inspecting every building on campus because during lean budget years maintenance took a back seat and now they are facing mounting problems in the buildings that cannot be ignored.


Author's note: In the original manuscript you would have noticed everything from wandering page numbers and notes in the margins that are all but illegible. If you have gotten this far you must think there is merit to the story that overrides minor spelling peculiarities and other errors. Thank you. There is a rewrite in the works. Please be patient. [THIS IS IT!]

And now....
      ON WITH THE STORY! With 602 the format returns to normal... eeeerrrrr... usual, that is. It is, the first Sunday in December.

More Coming... eventually


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