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March/05 PRESS RELEASE FROM The Disclosure Project about the ABC News Special.


©02 Levite

      We'll sit there in abject disbelief. Staring at the TV.
      Like we did on September 11, 2001.

      Rush Limbaugh will deny it. Like he did when he kept saying Hillary wouldn't run for the Senate, even after she was actively campaigning.

      Some will call it a publicity stunt, or a hoax, or a fraud. Others will say it is a plot.

      Many will pack into churches because they think it is the Sign of the End.
      Others will pack into liquor stores for basically the same reason.
      The military will panic.
      So will the Emergency Services People.

      The Desk... the Desk will probably sit back and say something like...
            "It's About the Blinking Time."

      What are we talking about?

      When, not if, but When, aliens from Out Yonder, Land.

      Oh there are those that say they are already here, and maybe they are. That would explain the Florida Vote in 2000 and the 2002 Olympic Judging Mess wouldn't it?
      And it'd go a long way toward explaining the new TV schedule of sit-coms.
      But. There is a problem with that.
      According to the Supermarket Tabloids and Art Bell and the 'X-Files' the 'Space Aliens' always land in East Jabip, West Virgina, and Bejesus, Brazil, and someplace without a post office in Mongolia.
      They visited the Incas and the Babylonians, but they don't want to go to the Super Bowl.
      New York City and Los Angeles have the largest concentration of Media the world has ever known, anything that happens there can be broadcast around the world in seconds. Full Color. In Stereo. But to get their message out they pick Olga Frostbottom to channel Sheirvroy the Ancient. Or they make a crop circle in some pasture in Wales. The Wisdom of an Advanced Civilization is phoned in from a toll free number on a two in the morning radio show.

      No way.
      The Desk hopes that They wouldn't operate like that.

      But if Their Government operates like ours. Yeah, Crop Circles may be what you'd expect.

      Face it. IF, They have been stopping by here for a millennia, wouldn't somebody here have figured out a way to cash in on it? TruckStops of America or the outfit that runs the Pilot chain would have part of their place with a Spaceship Wash, and maybe a section of the travel store with Wormhole Detectors and guidebooks to the best nebulas in the sector.

      Surely our Politicians would figure out a way to tax the alien's income from their Earth based interests. And imagine the fee for getting That passport processed.
      Of course the TV magazine shows would want in on the act. 'What the Hot Aliens are Wearing' and 'Are 19 wives enough for Grathbrig'. Not to mention what Oprah and the other talkers would do with them. 'The Keaplas are exploiting humans' and 'Cross Dressing Trobiaqns and the Alien Lawyers that Love Them'.

      But when one of them finally settles over Times Square or parks under the Arch in St. Louis or stops by London to set their watch by Big Ben.... The Desk doesn't think it will be the end of our civilization.
      Oh. It knows some preachers that will immediately run outside and stand in the middle of the parking lot with their hands in the air expecting the clouds to part. Yeah.
      And it knows some people that will sit and cry and wet their pants in fear. Or in ecstasy. It might be hard to tell the difference.
      Some will undoubtedly barricade themselves in their bedroom with a shotgun across their lap and cases of SPAM and toilet paper in the closet.
      The Desk expects the suicide rate to go up. And the birth rate to double about nine months later.
      Some will wonder why the 'Visitors' don't wipe out illness and hunger. Others will scream and protest if they did.
      There will be those disappointed if they look like us, and those that would be upset if they did.
      Does the Desk expect them to look like the tiny body-big head-huge eyed kinda bug-looking things? Or maybe some bad guy from one of the more popular sci-fi series, something like a reptilian form, or maybe something with a lot of feathers like an eagle-man.
      In either case, they won't have approved Immigration and Naturalization paperwork, their spaceship probably won't meet the USDOT approved standards for emissions or daytime running lights, and even worse, they might be using tobacco and listening to loud music while talking on their cel phones and not wearing seatbelts.

      So. Does the Desk believe that THEY are really out THERE and that THEY might either come HERE or maybe have already been here, done this, and got the tattoo?

      Without a doubt.

      The universe is infinitely vast and infinitely varied in its diversity. Just because we exist doesn't mean they don't.
      The Desk explained it like this once upon a time.
      Go out to your nearest neighborhood mud puddle. Are there amoeba and other microscopic protozoa in it? Yes. Do they know you exist? Do they care? And unless you dump some kerosene in the water, does the fact of your existence matter to them? No.
      We are amoeba.



Peace. Live long. And prosper.

-Also See The Desk's Look At The DISCLOSURE PROJECT
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