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March/05 PRESS RELEASE FROM The Disclosure Project about the ABC News Special.

"Absence of Proof is Not Proof of Absence."
                              attributed to many sources

          It's called 'The Disclosure Project'. Founded by Dr. Steven Greer who is also the group's primary organizer, cheerleader, and spokesman. In conjunction with the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (which has a conveniently confusing acronym with SETI the former Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) the Project's goal in life is to force Congress to look at what the Project's Members say is all but irrefutable proof that - 'We Are Not Alone'.
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          These people are serious. And are seriously hard to ignore. None of the ones on stage at the National Press Club last week were your average UFO-junkie types. Most of the speakers had heavy credentials. They were retired ranking military officers, experienced air traffic controllers, pilots and the like. Some had been in charge of nuclear weapons, others had been Presidential advisers. Their testimony is in some cases backed up by official transcripts, radar plots, and even the odd piece of physical evidence. No, this is not the Crop Circle or Alien Abduction crowd.

          What do they want?

          To be heard.

          That's all. The only thing they are after is simply to be taken seriously and to be heard. By Us the Public, by Congress, by the World. The next question is... will they? And the next answer is... probably not.

          No. It is not a conspiracy by the Men in Black to hide the truth from an ignorantly fearful and panicky public. Although the public is fearful, and panicky, and for that matter, ignorant. There is no vast governmental conspiracy to cover up the fact of Alien Existence. Get real. The US Government is incapable of keeping its own weapons technology secret, it can't manage a felony investigation without flubbing it up, if National Security is leaving a lap top computer full of State Department information in a taxi...
          It's hard to believe some agency in the bowels of the NSA could manage something like this to the tune of fifty years or more and not end up on Sixty Minutes.

          Yet they have.

          That's right.
          Well, maybe not exactly a windowless office three basements down populated by people that 'don't have a sense of humor that we are aware of.' But...
          While it is evidently not an organized endeavor by the US Government, Mainstream Media, and the Scientific Community. It is there. And the evidence is out there.
          Whenever something comes up that is unexplainable... Such as the 'V' shaped shadow over Phoenix a couple of years ago... It is covered, usually with a wink and a nod, then it is relegated to the 'National Enquirer' type of journalists and their outlets. Before long it ends up on Art Bell's show. Then it is forgotten.
          There is no massive cover-up. There is no cover-up. Not in the Watergate meaning of the word.
          Skeptics have always been out there, and the Flat Earth crowd is still with us. There are those that deny Apollo landed on the moon, and some that claim the Holocaust is a Hoax. None of them are taken seriously, until they deny the existence of intelligent life from outer space.
          According to the 'Serious Media' it's OK to believe in UFO's in a 'well the universe is huge and something might be out there some where' abstract way. But to suggest that they have not only been in our neighborhood, they have tampered with our nuclear weapons and meddled in our space program is to invite muffled giggles and partially concealed smirks and eye rolls from those that 'know better'.
          And to some degree the 'PRO-UFO' crowd (for lack of a better word) has invited it on themselves.
          There are those that sit on mountain tops with signs that say 'Stop and be friendly'. The 'Heaven's Gate' outfit that committed suicide to be taken up in a UFO that was hiding behind the Hale-Bopp comet didn't help matters. Of course there is an unavoidable link between Science Fiction fans and UFO-ologists, but the comparison doesn't have to immediately result in the out of hand dismissal of both as deluded.
          There is no doubt that the late Dr. Carl Sagan believed we were not alone in the Cosmos. And he would run the numbers by anybody that stopped to listen to mathematically prove that not only is intelligent life possible in the universe, it is almost unavoidable. It is a process of the Universe, not an accident. Was Dr. Sagan unusual in that not only was he a respected member of the scientific community, he was given a platform to state his beliefs without contradiction?
          Yes he was. To the solidly grounded scientific community he was at best eccentric and at worst... nevermind.
          These are the same scientists that denied that catastrophic asteroid collisions have happened in the past and can happen again. Then when a Near Earth Asteroid was discovered that had an orbit that crossed earth's path, they were the first ones to stand on a table and demand more money to plot these things so if one is going to crash into Atlanta, we'll at least have a couple of hours notice.
          Some of them are the same scientists that jumped on the Global Warming bandwagon. Then when it was pointed out that their precious Alaskan Glaciers have been melting since they were discovered some hundred and fifty years ago, some of them got a little red faced, and jumped back off. Others staunchly defend shoddy science and stretching conclusions to meet political agendas regardless of evidence.
          But as evidence, including hard evidence, mounts, the position of absolute denial becomes tenuous, and maybe even borders on absurd. Make that the position of absolute denial, or support.
          There are plenty of wide-eyed flakes on both sides of the argument. There are those that claim that aliens are among us and would say that they are responsible for the election mess in Florida. There are also those that maintain that Earth is a Special Creation of GOD and there is no other life in the universe period.
          The Desk would put forth the position that neither is rational or logically defensible. Declaring an absolute in either case is asking for it.
          More than likely there was never intelligent life on Mars. It's not real probable that the Great Pyramids were built by a race of Super Beings with nothing better to do. Was there an Alien Lunar Base discovered on the back side of the moon? Well.... But to say that every sighting, every unexplained radar blip, every story of every encounter back throughout history is somebody's waking dream or... (stand by for today's Dicken's quote)

``What evidence would you have of my reality beyond that of your senses?''
``I don't know,'' said Scrooge.
``Why do you doubt your senses?''
``Because,'' said Scrooge, ``a little thing affects them. A slight disorder of the stomach makes them cheats. You may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of an underdone potato. There's more of gravy than of grave about you, whatever you are!''
Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, 1843
          So is it likely that a dozen or so retired military officers and trained observers would imagine they were seeing something 'Not Of This World' when it was actually a 'blot of mustard'?
          No. Not all of them. Maybe one or two, but 'blots of mustard' do not activate aircraft collision alarms or show up on multiple radar screens at once.
          So what should those of us do that are rather ambivalent about the whole thing do?
          The Desk is of the opinion that Congress SHOULD look at their evidence. They should listen to their testimony. Yes. Have open hearings, broadcast it on C-Span, publish it in paperback, give interviews to Rolling Stone and Newsweek. Air it out and see what happens.
          If nothing is there. If it is all just wishful thinking and 'undigested beef'. If they are all hoaxes and hubcaps and blurry pictures of clouds and reflections off the Space Shuttle. We'll know.
          And if its not?
          We'll know that too.

          Will Congress have the hearings?
          Probably not.
          There are elements in the government that will not admit there is even the possibility that 'Life here, began out there' or anything of the sort. For fear of their jobs. Really, if Mr. Spock is out there, then the Federal Government won't be the ultimate sovereign authority any more now would it?
          The Desk knows religious leaders that will tell you point blank that even suggesting such a thing is nothing short of heresy.
          Some public officials are actually concerned that if it was even mentioned without that wink and nod there would be mass panic and looting and survival types would be digging bunkers and buying surface to spaceship missiles.

          Now the question The Desk knows you have asked several times throughout this piece...
          Does the Desk believe THEY are Out There and THEY have been HERE?

          That would explain New Jersey wouldn't it?

          But, seriously. The Desk thinks it best to allow Mr. Shakespeare answer this one....

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence CSETI

The Desk is not affiliated in any way with CSETI nor does it endorse or support their project...
other than thinking it is a pretty cool idea.

Also See the Desk's article on what will happen when the aliens finally do land. Disbelief

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