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More Coffee?


     The Desk has made a lot of comments about coffee from time to time. Most of the time it is about bad coffee.
     For instance, from 'A Tale of Two Dorms':

     ...Dale was surprised they didn't need a fork to get the stuff out of the cup. This coffee was real John Wayne-hit-the-beach-and-sang-the-old-time-songs-to-his-rifle COFFEE! "Wheaohwow." Dale said trying to get the bitterness out of his mouth.
       Peggy stirred several small packets of creamer into her cup, it lightened the liquid a little, she dumped in sugar. She tasted it gently, then dumped in more sugar.
     This coffee would do for double-shift longshoremen, maybe all-night truckers on the Ohio Turnpike, or maybe even red-eyed journalists covering two presidential candidates across five states in three days. But for two college freshmen who aren't veteran hard-core two fisted coffee drinkers, this caffeine and oil mix was beyond all doctoring of sugar and creamer. They finally gave up, and nibbled rolls, sipping juice...
     The coffee cups forgotten on her desk, a thin layer of multi-colored scum forming on the surface...       Two Dorms

     The Media Desk has HAD that coffee, in fact, it has MADE that coffee. And drank it.
     In various columns and write-ups individual cups of coffee have been referred to as 'almost a war crime', 'proof that God has a great sense of the absurd', and 'somebody brewed something that came from the other end of Juan's burro'. In his career the Desk has worked everywhere from prisons to truck stops, and one of the mainstays of them all, was the coffee.

     Currently (winter 1999) this writer is becoming a fine critic of Hospital Waiting Room coffee. Sometimes that coffee is so light you put creamer in it to make it translucent so you think you're drinking something worthwhile. At other times you wonder if you didn't pour the basket of grounds into your cup by mistake.
     So, sitting here at the end of the century The Desk is going to rank his all time top ten WORST cups of coffee. With some background on each if available and date. At times, names will be changed at the insistence of, well, of whoever made the coffee.



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