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Dennis Lee & Co.

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[from email and website]

What are you paying for electricity now? $40 a month ($480 a year)? $60 a month ($720 a year)? $200 a month ($2,400 a year)?? How would you like to pay ZERO dollars a year for all your electricity?
When you register for this program, you will have the opportunity to receive up to 26,000kwh of free electricity per year--enough to power a large all electric home. This electric system is powered by a quiet, non-polluting "free electricity" generator that is run by magnetic force. It is about the size of an air conditioner and would be installed in the vicinity of your current electric meter.
The generator is owned by UCSA and costs the home owner nothing.
The company will do the installation without any cost to you.
The unit may be placed in your basement, garage, or outside your home.
Requires no outside power source. The unit is entirely self contained.
The company acknowledges your position in line for the use of a FREE ELECTRICITY MACHINE to be delivered and installed on you home, "if and when" they are available on a "first come, first served" basis.
The unit will always remain the property of UCSA. (United Community Services of America)
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         Nevermind the First Law of Thermodynamics (the total amount of energy in a given system is conserved. Or- You don't get Nuthin' for Nuthin'). This one is hard to believe on the face of it. Yet Dennis Lee is reported to be a millionaire because of this scam and others like it.
         If you want to read his stuff cut and paste it into your address bar: Dennis Lee's Company: The International Tesla Electric Company:

         And now for some facts.... A source page on the Free Electricity Scam... APB News

         Remember the 'Miracle Laundry Balls' that would do away with detergent? Mr. Lee still sells them. And then there is the stuff that you put on your dirt road to make it as hard as concrete. OK. It might. But for how long? It doesn't say.
         Dennis Lee also sells a 'Brown's Gas' welding type machine which is a dangerous gadget that could quite possibly explode... if it worked at all... from a combination of electrified water and the hydrogen and oxygen so produced and the electricity needed to make it all go. And all sorts of other dubious or non-existent products that are just one shade this side of snake oil. And the GEET fuel processor (or the TEEG kit) which has sort of worked in some cases, but NEVER delivering the promised 200 MPG. It DOES decrease SOME emissions, but it also decreases performance and has some other side effects on its way to, maybe, somewhat improving the car's mileage.

         How does he stay out of jail on this stuff?
         Well, it's simple. All he has to demonstrate is that, yes, his 'whateveritis' delivers on the Minimum of its claims, and, in the eyes of the law, it works. So he's guilty of exaggeration and overstatement. McDonalds claims their new hamburger is 'delicious'. Well, your dog and some teenager that doesn't know any better might think so. If you don't, sorry.
         How does he avoid the old Hotel Graybar on the electricity scam? They haven't actually delivered, sold, built, or demonstrated the machines yet. They are still 'recruiting for the program' and 'developing the final version of the machine'. Now they need 1.6 Million customers before they go live. Translation- They need to rip off a few more people of their hundred bucks for the 'free information kits' before the Sheriff comes calling.

         Once again. IF it sound TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE....

Press Release from the State of Kentucky website

Promoter of "free electricity" scheme arrested in Louisville, Kentucky

CONTACT: Jennifer Dean  (502) 696-5637

FRANKFORT, KY. (October 9, 2001) - Attorney General Ben Chandler announced today the arrest of Dennis Lee, an individual doing business under the name of "United Community Services of America" and promoting a "free electricity" scheme in a seminar held in Louisville, Kentucky, for violating state consumer protection laws. Mr. Lee also does business as "Better World Technologies" and "International Tesla Electric Company."

Mr. Lee has been staging sales demonstrations across the United States in an effort to sell business opportunities. Consumers were offered an opportunity to purchase a dealership for selling machines that could generate electricity for personal household use and resale to the public. Several experts that have reviewed Mr. Lee's claims have dismissed them as unsupported by sound science.

Kentucky law prohibits the sale of business opportunities without registering with the Attorney General's Office and posting a $75,000 bond. According to Attorney General Chandler, "My office contacted Mr. Lee prior to his arrival in Kentucky and advised him of the requirements of Kentucky laws governing the offering of business opportunities and he failed to comply."

The arrest citation charges Dennis Lee with one count of failing to register a business opportunity, one count of failing to include the business opportunity registration number in advertisements, and one count of making earnings claims, all in violation of the Business Opportunity Act. Each violation is a Class C felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. A full cash bond of $50,000.00 was imposed upon Lee as a condition of any release from jail. A pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for October 18, 2001.

The states of Vermont, Maine, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, and Alaska have also filed legal actions against Lee to prevent the promotion of this "free electricity" scheme.

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