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It was just another Thursday for a Cyber Security Photoessay.


Voice Phishing. A new way to do an Old Crime


Delaware Technology Conference 2006 Edition. With Picture Page.


Converged Messaging, is it a good idea?


The Delaware Technology Conference 2005


You have already been using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and probably didn't even know it. IN DEPTH.


Broadband over Power Lines might KILL emergency service's radios... here's why.


Caller ID Spoofing and what it means to you.


Junk Faxes and FoIP. That 'crap' that appears in the middle of the night selling cruises and stock tips. IN DEPTH.


Question: What do Bill Gates and Wilbur Wright have in common?: Old Birds.


A new type of adware- SLIMEWARE Be afraid, be very afraid for your hard drive.


The Desk is a hi-tech Redneck. a different sort of list.


The Federal Do Not Call List probably won't work, here's why.


STOP USING IE!  Here's Why


A look at Tech Support. From a friend of the Desk.


RERUN! the Death of the Beast The Desk's DAY JOB wants to inflict OUTLOOK on THIS MACHINE!


Free Electricity? Well... ... no.
Typo in the link- it works now!


The Desk Got SPAMBOMBED! see the article with links.


Up All Night Online... But is it the PEN.


NEW! Best of the Web Update- March 2002!
With Original Article, the List and Links


HOAXES and the War on Terror.


How Many Email Addresses? and the State of the Desk


THIS! is where the Desk learned all it knows about technology. Thanks Swan [NOTE: Will open in new window.]


"Swimsuit model seeks soul mate" Elvis gets SPAM from Maude, and other cheerful thoughts about SPAMMERS


An ?improvement? in banner ads... oh no...


The Desk -vs- McAfee Anti-Virus
This is NO WAY to do Customer Service!


Aliens, Bigfoot, and Lousy Websites seem to belong together!


Some things can that can go wrong with email.


For the Love of Software... Job Stuff.


a Re-Run From 2000 The Desk Does EXCEL (curse spit)


Journalism and the NET!


Bait and Switch Search Engine! Tech SCAM!!!


A look at DSL and why it's not worth the money.


Pop Up Blocking Software that REALLY works.... oh yeah


 SEX, Lies, and Webcams! ADULT TOPIC


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