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Stream of Consciousness 4

From a Friend of the Desk

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      The following is just me rambling. So donít be surprised on what I might type. My mind is not what most main stream people find they tolerate as normal.

      Where shall I start this with. Working in this job all these years my senses might be somewhat numbed. For it seems that those whom I toil for have a predisposed notion that I am not of the right class to be allowed to progress in the department. And the department that I work for has shown a degree of what I can only see as an attempt to keep those like me. It seems that people like my self who come to work and do the jobs day in and out.

      Donít matter to those who are appointed above us. They for all their educated thinking are always right and we are never considered to be more then cogs in the gears that they have turn in order to get to the next level. And when those among us donít agree with these chosen ones, we are chastised for have a mind that seems to be able to reason without the aid of the masters of the realm.

      This has gotten me into hot water lately. For I have done the unspeakable and did what it was suggested not to, and that it wasnít going to do any good. And in the face of it all feel that results may out weight the risks to my somewhat unimportant job. Also at this time in my career, for not being as gong ho as the newer staff members. This may be the downfall of what can only be described as an unimportant. For those who have made the advancement in the department, seem to look nicer and speak nicer to those that matter. I can't figure out why I try to do a good job and all to no avail.

      Recently I have undertaken the looking for a new career direction. Doing something that might prove more challenging then just marking time waiting for those I work for to get up whatever it takes to rid the world of another lowly serb in the kingdom.

      As this goes on one can only think that only those who have gone to the advanced training will move up They seem to guard the access to this training like the golden fleece. And when those among us ask to acquire the training, it is placed and set at times that make getting the training a hardship at best and difficult at least. And even when the expense to the unit is nill or low in cost. Others are offered the training first who may already be well on their way to advancement due to being among the chosen few.

Thanks for the spaceÖ Fred

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