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This way to...SWAN'S PAGE Memorial Content.
The last thing she sent in...How Could GOD let this happen
Bethany wrote a poem in memory of her MOM
My Mom and Her Deadly Disease by Patricia

PJ'S PAGE More coming soon.

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Fifth Child David's Story. Part one.


A Letter from a co-worker.
The Desk has been to this particular store and agrees with her. Their Corporate Office needs to at least send the local manager to some training.
[NOTE: She emailed her note to the Corp Office.]

This morning I ordered 2 boxes of muffins (mixed), 1 box of Muchkins/25 (mixed) and a medium coffee with cream and sugar. I had stayed out of line until I knew what I was going to order. When the gentleman completed my order he 'mentioned' to me that my large order held up the line. I turned around to see two people in line. I will not be going to this Dunkin Donuts again and will be sharing my displeasure with friends and co-workers.
Dunkin Donuts, 206 N DuPont Highway, Dover, DE

[Comment from the Desk- You expected anything less from them?]

[This may turn into a new department on the Desk. We shall see.]

Submissions from a long time friend of the Desk.
I can't delete you from my heart
A poetic friend of the Desk sent in a poem that should be a country song
White Lace and Red Roses From Ms. Delajara_

Susan's Thoughts on the Murders of four Police Officers in Canada.

The Desk's former Manager at the BBS is now a Blogger and E-book writer:

Joe's Ideas: Commentary from a Friend of the Desk.
Joe Has Jury Duty!

Link page to Brutha Deep's Smut Stories In Russia SERVER HAS CRASHED! For the Second Time! So his site HAS MOVED to a dot com address, see this page for info.

FRED writes in Stream of Consciousness

Sept 2004 Wandering Thoughts Fred Checks in after Moving West!

Fall 2012- New From "Fred", More Thoughts of a Wandering Soul and "To My Brother".

On the Second Anniversary of the Attack on America, Fred looks at Security
Fred looks back at 2002 in Ramblings
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August. Fred answers his Cel Phone FRED has Jury Duty Too!
Fred and Hunting

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