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that page header achieved remarkable noteriety in the FIFTEEN YEARS it was online, so we kept it! and at the original font size!


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Reference Material recovered from Brutha Deep's Site

like we said, this is ADULT CONTENT!

      Due absolute and total techical incompetence during a server migration, which resulted in a protracted billing dispute in which the host expected Mr. Deep to PAY for time when his site was inaccessable to anybody! His site, officially came down in November of 2015 after nearly SEVENTEEN Years online! But, really, it came down in August when HostMySite was unable to redirect the DNS to the new server.
      That being said, there was reference material on the site worth preserving. Said information had been backed up by The Doctor acting as his Webmaster. Now, one year out, that material is being reposted, on a stable site, and resubmitted to the various search engines with this address. There was a lot there, it will take some time to get it all reformatted and reposted. It is also worth noting that when the Doctor asked Hostmysite if their servers were capable of running a subdomain, their technical staff had no idea... ... a new host was found. Yes indeed.

      We begin with the centerpiece of the reference material from the site. Yes indeed.

Jim Deep and Dr. Leftover Collaborated on something, for well over seven years!

The Great Sex Glossary

The Great Sex Glossary
Current Update: AUGUST 2018
      Well Over 3000 Entries, over a meg and a half file size, you really don't want to know how many pages if printed out as displayed....
      This is the one of legend. One of the largest pages of Pure Text on the Web!
Make sure you read the PRINTER WARNING before you try to print it!

    If you look through the Glossary, you will notice a lot of quotes from all kinds of sources. Those were collected by Reader Request into the: The Great Sex Glossary QUOTE COLLECTION.

Several Quizes were also part of the Glossary. By tradition, they were done on Odd Numbered Years. The last was 2013, the next IS 2017 due to circumstances beyond anyone's control.

More to come....

NOTE: was directly NOT AFFILIATED with Deep's orignal site. Yes Dr. Leftover gave him some advice on how to put it up. Which is why it was hosted on a Free Site on a Russian Server, which died after three years. Then he helped move it to a .com site, where it lived for a dozen years. .. ... But that's about it.
    However, as was stated, there was content on the site worth preserving. Which we are now doing. And, it must be noted, ALL OF IT is by definition, Adult Content.
    It will be said now: as this is a totally new URL for the content, Reader Letters and other submitted content, will NOT be moved to the new site Unless permission from the originator of the letter gives said permission.
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