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      By Reader Request, this quiz is substantially more difficult than the previous edition like the 2011 quiz.


1. The Legal Action of removing discretion and common sense from the human equation is usually called:
(A) The Tenth Amendment. (B) An Ombudsman Bill. (C) The Progressive Entitlement. (D) A Zero Tolerance Policy. (E) None of the Above.

2. The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana refers to the Female Sexual Organ as ______.

3. The Movie Rating of "NC-17" (formally "X") is a recognized International Standard under the United Nation's Film Commission. True / False.

4. Generally speaking, a Wine Enema is safer than over-indulging the traditional way. True/False

5. Venus, the Roman goddess of love, was taken directly from the Greek goddess _____.

6. When one speaks of Unrequited Love it means an interpersonal relationship in which the participants have not:
(A) Been Formally Married. (B) Made Love. (C) Signed A Prenuptial Agreement. (D) All Of The Above (in most cases).

7. Troilism is the practice of:
(A) Watching Your Spouse Have Sex With Others. (B) Posting 'Private Pictures' On The Internet For Others To View. (C) Dressing As The Opposite Sex And 'Teasing' Unsuspecting Strangers. (D) The Fetish Of Being Sexually Attracted To Dirty Laundry.

8. Someone deeply involved in the Sybaritic Lifestyle looks for _______ and ____ more than work.

9. A play that depicts drug use, includes Profane language, and maybe even Nudity that does not meet the test to be Obscene could be considered Ribald. True/False

10. The Quim is better known by the current term of:
(A) Camel Toe. (B) Vulva (C) Labia. (D) All Of The Above. (E) None Of The Above.

11. Something described as being "Provocative" will have strong sexual innuendo. True/False.

12. The Fetish of Odaxelagnia involves ____ or being ____ in pursuit of Sexual Satisfaction.

13. In the King James Bible, instead of saying "Heterosexual Genital Intercourse" in his letter to the Romans, the Apostle Paul phrased it as:
(A) Knowing Carnally. (B) Having Relations With. (C) Experiencing Physical Pleasure With. (D) Enjoying The Pleasures Of The Body. (E) None Of The Above.

14. Miscegenation and Anti- Miscegenation Laws deal with the right for a person to Masturbate. True/False.

15. The "Lovesickness" has the same medical standing as the "Fantods". True/False

16. Men can do the Kegel Exercises usually done by Pregnant Women to assist in Childbirth. True/False

17. One of these is NOT one of the Seven Deadly Sins:
(A) Lust. (B) Jealousy. (C) Envy. (D) Wrath.

18. Intercrural Sex is can be thought of as:
(A) Acting on deep lust for one's own mother. (B) Public masturbation while drunk. (C) Outercourse. (D) Something of a gymnastic act involving sustained fellatio.

19. Being a naturally born Hijra may also make one a Hermaphrodite. True/False

20. Traditionally a Male Prostitute that served an exclusively Female clientele was called a _____.

21. A Female Impersonator is:
(A) A Transvestite. (B) A Eunuch. (C) A Traditional Geisha. (D) The Girlfriend Experience.

22. A Physical Feelings of Ecstasy can never be a Virtuous or Religious event. True/False

23. The area of a woman's body highlighted by a low neckline that may expose part of her Cleavage is her:
(A) Assawoman. (B) Breasts. (C) Campéole. (D) Décolletage. (E) Endometriosis.

24. Corsets were invented for the Vaudeville stage to make some plump female stars appear to have an Hourglass Figure. True/False

25. Sodomy is an obsolete term for Anal Intercourse (among other things), another is:
(A) Philogyny. (B) Coprophilia. (C) Buggery. (D) Animalism.

26. Adonis was killed for being the Paramour of ______ .

Bonus: Certain of those who are given to the writing of Advice Columns, usually in Women's Magazines, have taken to referring to the "Orgasmic Crescent". What are they talking about?

Extra Credit: The G-Spot was named for Dr. Grafenberg, other such 'pleasure spots' have been proposed inside the Vagina. What is another one?

1. D.
2. the Yoni.
3. False.
4. False (it is, in fact, considerably more dangerous for a variety of reasons including the risk of fatal alcohol poisoning without the usual reactions which may prevent it- such as vomiting.)
5. Aphrodite.
6. B
7. A.
8. Comfort and Leisure.
9. True.
10. D (more or less).
11. False, the term covers other factors as well.
12. Biting or being Bitten.
13. E, the term used in the KJV is "The Natural Use Of The Woman", Romans 1: 27
14. False.
15. True, medically speaking, neither is recognized.
16. True.
17. B.
18. C.
19. True, although it would be better said the other way round.
20. Gigolo.
21. A.
22. False
23. D.
24. False.
25. C.
26. Aphrodite, (yes, the same answer as question 5).

Bonus: The area of the woman's pelvic region including her Clitoris, Vagina, G-Spot, and related interconnected structures.

Extra Credit: The "A" and "U" spots are said to be 'above' and 'below' the G.

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