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Alternative Lifestyle. Also Quid Pro Quo as it relates to those Assholes in Congress!
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Two Additions By Reader Suggestion: Fuck Like A Porn Star and You Can Be A Porn Star and, (just to prove I listen to my readers- Bromance!
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(NOTE: October 2016. Due to a long running, nasty billing dispute with the ISP, Mr. Deep's site ceased to exist one calender year ago. We let everything lay as it was so some of the outside links and references on the Web would age out. The Desk thought this work was of sufficient utility to preserve it. And so here it is. Some updates and editing was done to bring it back to life, however, the Glossary is largely as presented in September 2015 at the last regular update on the old site. More updates to follow. Also, this document is huge, and FULL of links, those are being verified as we go. If you find a dead one, let us know and we'll fix it. -DocL)
      In the fall of 2007, your Good Brutha made a terrible mistake. I asked the Doktor to write a short glossary of terms that I use in non-fiction articles and adult (erotic) stories and in , and that others may use in discussing sexual topics as well, to include some slang and even legal/medical terms and their meanings. Maybe even with some humor as well, see "Wifely Duty" for example. As an example, I sent him a short list that I found on another site. Did I mention the list I sent and what I wanted was "SHORT"??? (What I found had less than fifty terms in it. Total! As of the last update, there are more than One Hundred Thirty entries in the Glossary with "s-e-x" as the first three letters! AND there are over 210,000 words in the definitions, NOT counting the intro! and there's now over FIFTY terms that have been added by Reader Suggestion as well!)
      The first thing the Doktor did was to bitch about how incomplete and even inaccurate the one I sent him was, then he told me that several of the entries were 'out of date' and 'sexist' and that the one about the male orgasm was totally wrong. I told him to quit bitching and fix it. Well. He said he would if I'd help... and...     We did.

      Below is what I consider a pretty damned extensive and very explicit Glossary of everything under the general heading of Eroticism and Human Sexuality. (And it sure as hell isn't short any more!) Others may define some things differently, if so, pick the definition you like best.
      Some websites with similar works claim their's is larger, more extensive, specialized, and so on. But most are so broken up with script, ads, links to links, and cutesy or gee-whiz stuff, that you can't find a damned thing. This one is different, it is All Text on One Page, with No Script or Advertising, and covers damned near Everything!
      For the record: Wikipedia® was NOT routinely used as a source, See Reason Here.
      [Notes: some terms are used singly and in a separate listing combined with other terms, such as Sadism and Sado-Masochism. Some words have other meanings, in that case reference will be made to the definition in terms of Sexuality and This Glossary. Entries involving numbers (such as 3some or 69) are listed as if spelled out (Threesome, Sixty-nine).
      Abbreviations are listed as they were most commonly seen at the time of posting. If you cannot find something in the beginning of a section, try treating it as a word or vise versa. For example H.I.V. is listed as HIV, however, while we are trying to be consistent with that, it isn't there yet.]
      (Further Note: Slang terms for all things sexual are endless, ill-defined, and forever changing. There has been no attempt to include every possible slang term and their variations other than the few widespread and classic ones included. More have been and will be added by reader request, so send them in!)
      Since the question has been asked, I will answer it here: "The Sole Reason this GLOSSARY exists is to be a Starting Point for conversation and perhaps even further research into the various topics listed by the readers of it." and if you don't like it.... do your own.
- enjoy
Brutha Jim Deep, and Doc L

      PS- If I missed something, like your personal favorite kink, let me know at DrLeftover(-at-)gmail(-d0t-)com email scrambled to Fuck With (see definition below) spammer robots.

[Note: Where the term applied equally, or nearly so, to males and females, neutral pronouns were used. In some cases more than one definition may be assigned to a particular term, in those cases, we generalized to the broader definition. Biblical quotes are mostly from the NIV. Also... as the list expanded, some things got out of strict alphabetical order, I'm fixing them as I can- get over it. -doc
ALSO NOTE: Names of individuals are listed as they are most commonly used. Such as Sigmund Freud is known most widely as just Freud and is listed under 'F', while Marilyn Chambers is always called by her full name and is under 'M'.]

This Glossary is Subject to Revision at Any Time. Current Version Date: end of January, 2019.

A.C./D.C., AC/DC
      Multiple definitions, including: Abbreviation for alternating current / direct current electricity used for dual power appliances like RV refrigerators and electric guitar transformers.
      Hard rock band from Australia known for openly Sexual lyrics set to a massively amplified 'wall of sound'. See: "Shook Me All Night Long" for quote from said band.
      Euphemism for Bisexual.
      It is interesting to note here that the Young brothers, Angus and Malcolm, who were founding members of the band and picked the name to denote the energy that AC/DC's stage shows both used and produced claim to have not been aware of the sexual connotation of the abbreviation. However, once they were made aware of it, they did not change the name of the band.

A.O.K., A-OK
      Multiple meanings which include: English representations of the Greek letters Alpha Omicron Kappa used by a Sorority (which see) and assorted other organizations. Also used as an abbreviation for almost innumerable organizations of every description.
      Phrase, and related hand signal, used to indicate that everything is all right or that a message was received and understood. The phrase "A-OK" and variations on that theme are often used as business names, meaning essentially the same thing.
      More to the point of our ongoing good work here: The phrase, gesture, and variations thereupon have been adopted by various social groups as indicating that somebody is interested in being the Receiver for Anal Intercourse. For example: making the hand sign usually used by scuba divers to indicate they are getting enough air through their regulator in a Gay Bar would mean that you also wished to be the Bottom for a Bareback Ass Fucking. Sometimes it is also used to indicate the signaler is a Tranny Pussy, which means basically the same thing. See highlighted and related terms.

A.S.B.O., ASBO, Anti-Social Behavior Order
      Official designation of minor civil infraction in the United Kingdom and certain other jurisdictions. The offenses so designated are often not crimes per-se, but can escalate or contribute to activities that can lead to crime, such as loitering. Therefore, in most cases, the order results in a small fine. In the United States and other Western countries, the equivalent would be Creating a Public Nuisance (which see). Also see: Lewd Behavior.
      More to our point here, some activities which may lead to a such a citation include Public Displays of Affection which get a bit out of hand and lead to Public Nudity or Sexual Activity, Flashing, Exhibitionism, Streaking and even Dogging, public Drunkenness (see highlighted terms), and other such recreational activities.

Ablutophilia, Bathing Fetish
      Washing the body as the object of Sexual Activity, or the finding said act Sexually Arousing. In which case, the idea of getting clean, or washing somebody, or something, else, isn't the goal they have in mind.... or maybe it is.
"To purify them, do this: Sprinkle the water of cleansing on them; then have them shave their whole bodies and wash their clothes. And so they will purify themselves."
- Numbers 8: 7 (NIV)

      The killing of an unborn child in its mother's womb and the removal of the dead body, the placenta, and related tissue. It is NOT a reasonable form of Birth Control as there is a high likelihood of dangerous complications for the mother. It is worth noting here that some abortions are spontaneous and occur naturally; others are the result of an outside influence, such as a car accident or an illness in the mother; others are caused by environmental factors; while others have no known cause or an otherwise normal pregnancy may end in a stillbirth. See: Death, "Morning After Pill", Conception.
      Highly charged US political debate and litmus test by both sides for judicial appointments. It is quite likely that Both sides in the debate are wrong as both sides prohibit reasonable debate on the matter.

      To refrain from "Pleasures of the Body" (which see) such as indulging in sweets, liquor, tobacco, game playing, and so on. And vows to that end, see: Vows, Temperance.
      In the terms of this Glossary: Not having Sexual Relations with another person or with oneself, i.e. Masturbation. Such individuals used to be regarded as Ascetic being Celibate as well as not indulging in alcohol, tobacco or in some cases, even sweets. Abstinence is the only guaranteed birth control method and the only sure way to avoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases, although some illnesses that are STD's may be spread in other ways. See: Promiscuity, Monogamy, Sybaritic, and related topics.
      Is usually of an informal nature, as a personal decision, versus the more serious and long term Vow of Celibacy, which see. Also see: Ascetic, Marian Doctrine. Compare: Temperance.

"Abusus non tollit usum"
      Latin phrase meaning: "Wrong use does not preclude proper use." Or sometimes: “Abuse is not an argument against proper use”. The phrase is a shortened version of the following: “ab abusu ad usum non valet consequential” which can be rendered into English as: “Consequences of abuse of something does not invalidate its usefulness”.
      Just because something CAN be abused does not give an authority reason to ban its intended use. Which you see the Social Engineers, and those that know what's good for you better than you do, trying to inflict on the rest of us all the time. Just because somebody may eat too many snack cakes and become obese, or use a pistol to rob a gas station, or drink too much gin and then try to drive home, or whatever has a bad outcome, they want to ban all snacks and booze and guns. For an historical example see Temperance.
      The shorter phrase is the motto for the former site.
"Reality is a dangerous concept"
- Dr. Havant, Blake's 7, episode The Way Back, written by Terry Nation, BBC Production, 1978

Accept Insertion, Allow Penetration, and so on
      The ultimate act of Submission: to willingly permit another person to enter your body in some way. See: Penetration, Insertion, Submission, Fucking, Receiver, Take Me, "Spread Your Legs", "On Your Knees", Forced Feminization, and related.

Act Against Nature
      Something deemed as not within the bounds of natural law, including Homosexuality. See: Unnatural Act, "Natural Use of the Woman", Crime Against Nature.
      In some cases, including under Sharia, conviction of said act could result in Death, see quote at Sodomy.

Active Partner, Active Role
      Most often the individual who is the one Penetrating the body of the Receiver or Bottom, who is Accepting Penetration. Does not imply that the 'active partner' is actually in control of the depth of the penetration or the rate of the thrusting, only that they are playing the Male Sex Role in the action. See: Submission, Bottom, Etc.
      If the Receiver is the one being Fucked, then the 'active partner' is the one doing the Fucking. Compare: Passive Partner, Female, Submissive.

Added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion
      Many entries, topics, and other aspects of this work have been suggested for inclusion, or the occasional deletion, by readers, others have pointed out errors or sent in a possible correction, or have even disputed something and a long term discussion took place over the definition. Many of the newer inclusions have been so labeled. Others have not been. In any case, Your Good Brutha and The Doktor thank you.

      The time at which one ceases to be regarded as a Child physically but when one is not yet considered an Adult as they have yet to reach the Age of Majority. Often said milestone is marked with a party such as the Quinceañera or Debutant ball (see said terms). See: discussion at Puberty. Also see: Teenager, Rumspringa, Secondary Sexual Characteristics.

      Greek and later Roman mythological figure, based on the older tale of Tammuz who was Ishtar's favorite suitor. See: Ishtar.
      Adonis is most famous as the ideal of male beauty, as well as the lover of the very perfection of female beauty. For which he was killed by a jealous lover. See: Aphrodite.
      Often used in classic literature and art as a tragic figure of a handsome young man who is doomed by both his appearance and his love for an unobtainable woman. See: Star Crossed Romance.
      The term is now occasionally, and inaccurately, used to describe an extremely 'pretty' young male Homosexual. There is no indication in either the legend of Adonis or his Babylonian 'older brother' that homosexuality was ever part of the picture. See: Twink.

Adult, Age of Majority, Age of Consent
      All three terms are different aspects of the same thing, depending on the context.
      The legal age at which one, if deemed mentally competent, may engage in binding contracts, drive, marry, have sex, drink alcohol, buy cigarettes, work full time, vote, join the military, and so on, if certain other criteria are met. The ages vary from state to state and by the activity being discussed. Your Brutha and his website regard those who are under 18 to be a Minor. See: Pedophilia, Minor, Consent, Of Age, Status Offense, Guardian
      Adding to the confusion is the traditional Debutant or Quinceañera balls where a girl is considered by her community as not being a child any longer, however, they may still be several years from adulthood. See Quinceañera, Debutant, Coming Of Age, and related.
      Legally a Minor cannot enter a binding legal contract, give Consent for sexual activity with an Adult, or perform certain other actions. Thusly, a Minor cannot sign a Model Release or give Informed Consent. See: Guardian.
      Also see: AVS (Adult Verification Service).

Adult Actress, Actor
      Term for an actor- male, or actress- female, who is willing to be photographed or video taped while engaged in explicit sexual activity usually with one or more other persons, most often for pay by a third party. May involve heavy Fetish activity as well. See: Annette Haven, Seka, Hardcore, Adult Movie, Erotic Model, Porn Star, Sex Performer, Fluffer, You Can Be A Porn Star, "Gay For Pay", Performing Model, Hard Casting, Live Sex Show, Talent Agency, Modeling Service, and Etc. See: Brandy Alexandre reference at Sexual Olympics. See discussion at: Working Name.

Adult Ad, "Adult Friend Finder"®
      Term exclusively for Adults who are seeking to meet others for Casual Sex. Often listed with other Personal Ads but with key words as used by the media carrying the ads indicating such, or in a service such as Adult Friend Finder® which is dedicated to connecting like minded adults. See: Personal Ad, Online Dating.

Cross-dressing lawyer with trashcan fetish seeks vegetarian Eskimo for fun and games and possible long term relationship. Bisexual only please.
      The above is to be taken as humor and not as a serious advertisement.

Adult Bookstore
      A Porn emporium. No, really.
      In most cases the retail outlet so described would sell Dime Novels as well as Men's Magazines, Eight Millimeter Films ("back in the day"), and novelties such as Sex Toys and Lingerie. In some cases there would be an attached theater for the viewing of Blue Movies, or a Peep Show, and so on. See highlighted and related topics such as Blue Laws, Red Light District, and related. Also see reference at Raincoat.

Adult Entertainment- Industry, Establishment
      Blanket term for anything even remotely sexual in nature manufactured, marketed, used, abused, and so on, for sexual or quasi-sexual use. This can include lingerie, personal lubricants, massagers, pillows, and very nearly anything else. Is usually thought of to only include 'Gentlemen's Clubs', 'Adult Movies and Bookstores' and other such subjects and not something like Cabaret (see said terms) even when those are just as 'adult' as the others. Can be a legal term as in 'Adult Entertainment Establishment' for zoning and regulatory purposes.
      See: sub groups under individual listings.

Adult Forum
      Discussion group, either in person or a live on line real time discussion group, or as a internet based serial entry text posting thread, which includes topics usually defined as for Adults (or Mature Audiences) Only.
      Said Rating, which see, usually refers to Sexual Content or Nudity (or with any luck- Both!), but may refer to anything else which some authority figure has deemed as inappropriate for children. Even then the administrator of the group or website may dictate certain rules, see following quote. Also see: Content Warning, Censorship, "For Adults Only" and related topics.
"You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, slanderous, hateful, threatening or any other material that may violate any laws be it of your country, or jurisdiction..."
- as seen on a now defunct online forum.

Adult Movies/ Films
      Also called 'Blue Movies' (which is the distributed title of a 1968 Andy Worhol work) and Stag Films as they were shown in brothels and bachelor parties. Movies with an erotic theme were some of the earliest motion pictures shot for wide release although most from the 1900's have been lost. Today, the content of said film may be entirely sexual with no plot at all. If it has a plot, it may be regarded as a Couples Movie. Most often, said movies are released with a self-imposed 'X' rating which is not recognized by the M.P.A.A. and are often shown at Art House theaters instead of more mainstream theaters. See: X-Rated, Hardcore, Softcore, Adult Actor, Chick Flick, Skin Flick, Autobiography of a Flea, Debbie Does Dallas, BTS, Voluntary Self Censoring, Ratings, Emmanuelle, and etc.

Adult Novelty
      Politically Correct (which see) advertising phrase meaning Sex Toys, which also see.

Adult Topic, Adults Only
      Multiple uses, all are entertainment related and indicate that whatever is so labeled is not considered appropriate for Children or others below a certain age. See: Adult, AVS (Adult Verification Service).
      Video game and software rating by the E.S.R.B. (which see) rendered as AO® indicating that only those over the age of 18 are allowed buy or use the program.
      Language used in advertising for other forms of entertainment advising of Sexual Content or graphic violence which is inappropriate for those under the Age of Majority. See: NC-17, X-Rated, M.P.A.A., R.I.A.A., "Parental Advisory...", Sophisticated, Prurient Interests, and related.
      Is often used on Foreign Films which are not otherwise subject to the M.P.A.A. (which see) Rating system.
      Sometimes used as an entrance advisory to indicate that a particular business, such as an Adult Entertainment Establishment, does not allow those under a certain age to enter, usually 18, 19 or 21 depending on whether or not alcohol is served.
      In most cases, items billed as Adults Only are not Hardcore, although they may be very close to being as such. Actual explicit Sexual Content is often banned by mainstream retailers although they will allow extreme gore and violence in media they sell.

Adultery, Adulterer, Adulteress, Adulterous
      A married individual engaging in sexual activity with one whom is not their spouse. Cheating by one or both parties when married. May be homosexual in nature as was the case with a recent Governor of New Jersey. Term does have legal meaning and is grounds for Divorce where No-Fault Divorce (which see) is not the law. See: Affair, Open Marriage, Marital Relations, Marriage Vows, Sharia, Unfaithful, Conscience, Sin, Original Sin, Remorse. The idea was the subject of a French film brought up on Obscenity charges in 1964, see "I know it when I see it" for more information.
      Terms most usually thought of in religious contexts as in Exodus 20:14 "Thou shalt not..." and Leviticus 20:10 "If a man commits adultery with another man's wife-with the wife of his neighbor-both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death." See additional quotes at Temptation and Harlot. Also see: Ten Commandments.
      The type of affair when adultery is being committed. When two people who are both single are Fucking, they cannot be committing adultery, in that case see: Fornication. Also see: Sex Outside Of Marriage. Compare: "Billy Graham Rule, The"

Advice Column
      A written piece in a magazine, newspaper, on a website, forum, blog, or other media, sometimes even done on air such as a TV talk show, where a presumed expert, medical or mental health professional, or even just the author of the piece, answers queries from readers or others, giving their opinions and making suggestions, often about Interpersonal Relationships and all that entails. Other such features address technical issues, automobile problems, recipes and just about anything else you can imagine.
      More to our point here, said features in Women's Magazines (which see) often go into very explicit detail regarding Sexual issues, Positions, and every other aspect of said act, and will often diagnose Relationship matters based on whether the woman's Paramour was smiling in his (or her) sleep afterwards or some other triviality. Which will often be contradicted in a similar letter the following month. For a hoaxed example see: "Advice To The Young Bride"
      Said columns are also seen in Men's Magazines as well, but they are more often the Dick Story type full of wishful thinking and idle boasting of Sexual Conquests than anything substantial. See: Agony Aunt, Titillation, and related topics.
      Your Good Brutha often gets such advice query letters from readers, and replies to most of them privately, but, as yet, has not expanded this site to include them on a public facing page other than the occasional reader letter pages - links available on the main page of this site.

"Advice To The Young Bride"
      A modern hoax claiming to be a much older document. See
Dok's article on it.
      Even after the article has been thoroughly debunked, it is still being circulated in emails as a half-serious look at the Sex Lives of those at the end of the Victorian Era (which see) and representative of the attitudes of "proper" ladies at the unseemly idea of engaging in the Procreative act. Which, by the way, was never to be done for pleasure, at least with one's husband that is. Also see: Wifely Duty, Marital Relations, "Lay Back And Think Of England", Advice Column, as well as the assorted highlighted topics.
      Added to the Glossary because SOMEBODY emailed it to Dok again, Four Years after he debunked it in the article linked above!

      Most Usually, in our current context anyway, sex outside of ones Marriage whether Heterosexual or Homosexual in nature. Literally: Adultery. See Lover, Love Interest, Paramour, Cheating, Friend with Benefits, Kept Woman. Compare: Open Marriage, Swinging.

Affection, Affectionate
      Usually regarded as the open expression of the Emotion of Love up to and including verbal and physical indicators of that emotion, such as Hand Holding (see highlighted terms). It is important to note here that one can be 'affectionate' toward another, such as a pet or a child, without being Romantic. While many of the outward signs of said relationship are similar, the intent is different, at least we hope so. Also See: Love, Emotion, "Four Words/Stages Of Love", Kiss, Public Display of Affection, Holding Hands, and related.

After Hours Club
      In various urban myths, including in New Orleans: a private club where all manner of Debauchery occurs including Casual Sex, Swinging, Drunkenness, and so on, in the theme of the original Hellfire Club once normal business hours are concluded. Such clubs DO exist, but the likelihood of your finding and being invited to one are astronomical unless you have been elected to Congress. See said terms
      In the usual reality: A private establishment which overcharges for drinks once normal business hours are over, or a Gentleman's Club which, while overcharging for drinks, provides some level of feminine companionship, also for a price. Also see: Sex Club.

      A amiable Social gathering after a formal event or occasion, such as a youth group meeting after a church service. See: Mixer, Social.
      More to our point here: the feeling of contentment and satisfaction after Orgasm. Most notably experienced by women when they Cuddle with their Paramour after the Sex Act which produced her Sweet Release. See: highlighted terms.

      Greek term for perfect, unconditional love. Usually used as a descriptive term of the love of God for His creation (us). Also used for the love of (most) parents for their children. See: God, Love (first entry). Different from Love (second entry) which is Romance, Soul Mate.
      Usually listed in works based on the Four Stages of Love (which see) as something along the lines of 'undying love'.

Age Of Accountability
      The chronological age or stage of development when a child can be held morally responsible for their own actions. It is usually associated with the idea of Sin and the ability to know right from wrong as a very young child is Amoral by nature and cannot be held responsible for some things. Is most likely different than the Age Of Majority / Consent, which is usually regarded as a different legal milestone. See: Adult, Quinceañera, Debutant.

Age Of Consent, Age of Majority
      The chronological age in years at which one can be legally bound by a decision if one is deemed competent. See: Adult, Consent, Child, Status Offense, Coming Of Age, and related.

Agony Aunt
      Peculiar and nearly obsolete British expression for a newspaper Advice Columnist, regardless if the columnist is a man or a woman, or even an editorial committee. The origins of the term are somewhat murky, but would seem to be at least related to the nearly universal condition of families having a spinster aunt who dispensed advice to all and sundry whether welcome or not. The hoaxed article "Advice to the Young Bride" (which see) would appear to be in this vein.

      Human Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome. Fatal disease caused by the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) which is most usually transmitted by sexual activity, or other blood to blood contact, such as sharing hypodermic needles with an infected person. See: John Holmes.
      There is currently no cure and treatments for symptoms are only marginally successful. See: Sexually Transmitted Disease. Also see: Bug Chaser.

Air Kiss
      Meaningless gesture exchanged between Celebrities or others of like mind who wish to seem Affectionate and friendly without actually being so. Often accompanied by a suitable sound effect, often much exaggerated in volume, that is supposed to substitute for real emotion, especially when exchanged with somebody you may have just trashed in an interview. A similar gesture is the "Blown Kiss" which is best left to children and those departing on cruise ships. See: Kiss, Blow A Kiss and other highlighted terms.
      The best explanation has it that this style of the physical greeting of a Kiss, either on the Lips or the cheek, originated with Hollywood types who did not want to smudge their makeup, and thus ruin their Glamorous appearance in subsequent photographs. Has now morphed into the traditional show greeting where the participants may not even touch. May be thought of as the physical equivalent of a "Sweet Nothing", which see. Also see: Kiss On The Cheek, and other such terms.

Airbrushed, Photoshopped®
      Means of editing photographs and other images, and the most popular computer program to do it with. ("photoshop" is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems)
      Said technique and software is used to touch up flaws or unwanted content in the photo, such as a famous photograph of Stalin walking and smiling next to a general later eliminated in a purge. Such technology was also used to eliminate Stretch Marks or an unsightly Tattoo on a Centerfold or to otherwise enhance their Sex Appeal. More recently, the technique was used to make a network news anchor appear younger and prettier on a national magazine cover, evidently without her permission.
      Originally, said operation was done with an actual air operated brush on a physical copy of the image in question prior to final developing. Now it is done electronically with Sophisticated computer software. The outcome is the same, an altered image. Some masters of the craft can fool the best photographic analysts raising questions about the use of images as evidence in legal proceedings because it may not be true. See: Art, Censorship, Computer Generated Images, Celebrity Fake, Black Bar, Lie. And related.

      Also known as Triple Penetration or Three Hole Sex (see said terms). A woman Having Sex with three different men with a different man's Penis in her Mouth, Vagina, and Anus simultaneously. By definition a Group Sex practice. Is indicated in Adult Films by such abbreviations as MMMF. Has been used in reference to the same act with women using strap on dildos or equivalent or a co-ed group working on a woman. Also part of a larger genre of Extreme Sex, which see. Also see: Three In One, Four-Way.

Alcohol, Alcoholic
      Volatile liquid hydrocarbon such as isopropyl or methanol which are used for medical or industrial applications, or ethanol which is booze. See other relevant entries such as Drunk, Gay Bar, Gentleman's Club, Debauchery, Consent.
      One whom is addicted to ethanol where they are either non-functional in everyday life, having medical issues with excessive consumption, or one who spends all of their available funds on liquor to the point of engaging in illegal or unsafe behavior to obtain more. Compare: Crack Whore, Prostitution.

      Medical term for the Fetish involving causing or experiencing pain, often, as in the lyrics by John "Cougar" Mellencamp (born in 1951 without the feline reference) below, in a Romanitic or Sexually Gratifying way. Often associated with Sado-Masochism, which see. Also see: Pain Fetish, the entry for "Hurts So Good" as a phrase, as well as other related terms.

"When I was a young boy
Said put away those young boy ways
Now that I'm gettin' older, so much older
I long for those young boy days
With a girl like you, with a girl like you
Lord knows there are things we can do, baby
Just me and you, come on and make it up

Hurt so good
Come on baby, make it hurt so good
Sometimes love don't feel like it should
You make it, hurt so good"

- Hurts So Good (album version), words and music by Mellencamp and Green, album American Fool, Riva records, 1982
entry updated with song quote by Reader Suggestion

Alternative Lifestyle, Alternative Sexuality
      The traditional media-defined definition is an Adult who is Gay or Bisexual or is something other than a Married Heterosexual relationship. See: Lifestyle, G.L.B.T., Life Partner, Swinger, Polygamy, and related topics. Also see: "Internalized Homophobic" as one example of where those who support such a thing cross the line theselves.
      According to a reasonable argument in a Reader Letter, the above definition implies a certain bias against those in the Bisexual lifestyle as in that they who are true practicing bisexuals (See Unrestricted Sexuality) have not placed artificial limitations on their expression of their own sexuality as those who are only Homosexual or Heterosexual have. Also, said reader regards the term 'Pansexual' as silly. They did not comment on AC/DC, either the expression or the rock band.
      As one Bi gentleman put it: "Being Bi immediately doubles my chance of finding a date for Saturday night." Anonymous by request.

      One of the most misused quasi-technical terms in the language. The actual definition of the term can be stated as one whom undertakes an activity for which one is not being paid, have not been formally trained, have limited experience, or which you do not engage in on a regular basis. In short, something that is a hobby instead of a career: such as an 'amateur astronomer'.
      Now let's look at the term in regards to the rest of this Glossary.
      You would think that somebody appearing in a Pornographic video or a series of still photographs who was billed as an 'amateur' was somebody that the producer had picked up in the mall. And, indeed, sometimes that is the case. However. In the majority of instances where the word 'amateur' is used, the individuals in the scene are no more an amateur, as defined above, than they are a Nobel Laureate. If you are paying your rent as a Sex Worker and you are appearing in a Porno film, then exactly how are you an 'amateur'? This would seem to be somebody "Playing Fast and Loose: (which see) with their terminology.
      The biggest offenders would seem to be both 'amateur teens' and 'amateur wife/mom' features. In the majority of cases, the women appearing under those banners are neither an amateur, a teenager, a wife nor a mother, and in a few cases, they may not even be Female. See: Teenager, Wife, MILF, Wedding Ring, Tranny Surprise, etc.

      Multiple uses, including: The river in South America and its surrounding rainforest. As well as the online book retailer.
      For our purposes we will look at the legendary female warriors of Grecian legend mentioned in various works going back to, and maybe even before the time of Homer (circa 850 BC) as they are mentioned in his epic The Iliad. They were said to have been skilled and fearless warriors who stood side by side with, as well as against, Greek soldiers in various battles. Today they are often romanticized to the point of becoming the beautiful Wonder Woman® of DC® comic book and TV show fame, played in the series by the gorgeous Lynda Carter (born 1951). Contrary to popular myth, Xena the Warrior Princess® was NOT an Amazon, although she shared many attributes with them, namely, she was beautiful and highly skilled with every weapon she ever picked up.
      Most characterizations liken the Amazons to female Spartans with certain exceptions. Amazons are said to have only mated once a year, and then only for the express purpose of Procreation. If a male child was born from the union, it was usually killed. Amazons are also said to have removed and cauterized their left breast so it would not interfere with the use of a bow in battle (It is worth noting here that Lynda Carter, a former Miss USA, most definitely had Both of her breasts!), which assumes they were all right handed. As the Greek world widened, the homeland of the Amazons had to move so that it always remained just outside of the Grecian sphere of influence until it ended up in Asia or beyond. The first queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta, was said to be a daughter of Ares, the Greek god of war who gave her his belt to wear as a symbol of her authority.
      Accordingly, any large framed attractive woman is generally regarded as an Amazon, regardless of her skills with sword and bow. The term is usually used neutrally or even as a compliment. It is seldom regarded as an insult, at least if used correctly. See: Feminine and related.

      While the word is currently being batted about in the media, especially in online articles and a few TV talk shows, it does have standing as a medical term, which we will get to in a minute. It seems to have replaced the last 'fad word' for the same thing- Pansexual, which see.
      Most of the time the term is incorrectly used to mean something along the lines of Metrosexual, or perhaps Polyamorous, Bisexual, Epicene, and etc. It is also occasionally used to describe an Effeminate man, especially young male clothing models, which only goes to show the user's ignorance.
      The long-standing medical and biological use of the term has to do with an individual, or by extension, an entire species, where the organisms share certain traits between the sexes, which is a small degree of Hermaphrodism, true, but only slight. Such as with humans, this would be a certain amount of body hair, and nipples, not that one cannot tell Male from Female, nor does it have to do with any level of Homosexuality. Also see: Third Sex, Androgynous.

      In most cases the working definition is a person who denies any Moral Law or Authority, disregards such things as Community Standards, and believes the concept of right and wrong is artificial and as such can be ignored. Is often associated with a diagnosable mental illness such as one who is Psychopathic, or a true megalomaniac. Can be recognized in several Congressman.
      Is often involved in Hedonism and other Extreme Sexual behaviors such as Sadism where the Sadist has no regard for the pain and discomfort of their partner as long as their own needs are met. Compare: Immoral, and other highlighted terms.

      The same word for love in Latin, French, and Italian. Other than Dean Martin (1917-1995) songs and Valentine's Day (which see) greeting cards, term is seldom used in the English speaking side of the real world. See: Love and related. Also see: Rat Park, Naughty, and Golddiggers for more on Martin, then read the quote at Drunk.
"When the stars make you drool just like a pasta fagiole, That's amore.
When you dance down the street with a cloud at your feet, You're in love"

That's Amore (second verse). By Warren and Brooks, as performed by Dean Martin. Released 1953. Capitol Records

      Literally French and Italian (from the Latin) for with love or in love.
      Especially applies to acts done with Romantic (read Sexual) intent between a person and their Love Interest. Often seen in Courting behavior and as Newlyweds. See: related topics.

Anal Beads
      Usually small to medium sized beads (up to an inch or so in diameter) threaded on a very strong string, or sometimes a tapered thin semi-rigid probe, used for Anal play. The beads are usually made of hard plastic or other easily cleaned material, some are even made from semiprecious stones. They are pushed into the Anus and then held there, occasionally for some time. Then the string is pulled and the beads are removed either one at a time or all at once, generating intense sensations and even Orgasms. The use of Lubrication cannot be overstressed for the use of such Sex Toys. See: related topics. Compare: Ben Wa Balls.

Anal Bleaching
      Cosmetic process to chemically lighten the Anal area which has recently attained 'fad' status. This is accomplished by the application of various potions and creams ranging from makeup for a temporary alteration of the appearance of the area, all the way up to chemical peels and laser treatments for a more permanent lightening of the region. All of which come with various risks and dangers. It should be noted that Adult Actors and Sex Performers have used everything from cold cream to stage makeup for years to make their rears more attractive. See various related topics as you see fit. See related idea of V-Steaming.

Anal Douche
      Stupid American media term for an Enema, which see.
      The term seems to have been devised to somehow equate the Vaginal procedure with the Rectal cleansing one, possibly with one eye on the Feminization of the exercise, especially when it involves a Male as the Receiver. It is worth noting that at least half the phrase is French. Fine, say it in France.

Anal Fisting
      Penetrating the Anus with several fingers or the entire hand. Care is needed to not injure the interior walls of the Rectum and to use extreme amounts of Lubricant. No, we mean extreme amounts of Lubricant damnit! Also the Receiver must be completely relaxed for and ready to accept said insertion. As with all such practices a Safe Word should be agreed to beforehand. See: Fisting, Anus, Figging, and related.

Anal Intercourse, Ass (Butt) Fucking, Greek
      Inserting the Penis, or near approximation, into the Anus. Applies equally to the Homosexual act as well as the Heterosexual one. Slang terms for this act are innumerable but include 'in the back door', 'Greek style' referring to ancient Sparta, Chocolate Highway, "up the" Wazoo or Cornhole, and so on. AKA "Pumping Poop" which may or may not be related to Coprophilia. Also see an interesting variation at "Go Fuck Yourself".
      The Heterosexual practice is an effective method of Birth Control as there is very little chance that active Sperm cells will enter the Vagina.
      Anal Intercourse, especially of the Homosexual male variety, is usually what is specified by the legal term Sodomy, although the term has been used in reference to any behavior other than 'Heterosexual Genital Intercourse' between married partners. In some jurisdictions sex between a human and animal is also called Sodomy, which see for additional information. See: Man Train, Cave, Manhole.
      As the internal structures of the Anus and Rectum are somewhat more delicate than the Vaginal walls, care must be taken not to cause tears or injury which can lead to medical complications including infections and bleeding. For all practical purposes, it is impossible to use too much Lubrication during Anal Sex, see highlighted terms. Also see: Pain in the Ass.

Anal Orgasm
      This isn't a term, but a concept, and, indeed, a question about whether or not such a thing is even possible with the sole Stimulation toward Orgasm in the Passive Partner / Receiver / Bottom.
      So first we shall narrow the field on what we are talking about. Is it possible for the person being so Penetrated, or otherwise Stimulated, such as through Analingus, the Darkfinger Technique, and other festivities, without other stimulation, such as to the Clitoris of a Woman or the Penis of a Male, to have a real Orgasm only from what is happening to their Butt?
      The short answer is: Yes.
      As is stated elsewhere, the Anus itself is packed with nerves. Not to mention the general internal proximity to both the Female's G-Spot and the Prostate in the Male. Then you have the idea of the act itself which some find incredibly Arousing as they Submit themselves that way to whatever the other person intends to do. Given the combination, Orgasm isn't only possible, one has to wonder why it wouldn't happen more often except that the Active Partner rushes things too much. Added to the Glossary by Forum Member Suggestion!

Anal Penetration
      Anything inserted into the Anus. May involve Medical procedures such as colonoscopy, the taking of temperature with a Rectal thermometer, the Darkfinger Technique, Analingus, as well as Anal Intercourse. See: "Up the Wahzoo", Ass Fucking, Cornholing, Dirty Sanchez, and other highlighted and related terms.

Anal Retentiveness, Anally Retentive
      Multiple Uses.
      Mental illness distinguished by an Obsession with the sense of emptiness or loss felt in the Rectum during and after defecation. In extreme cases some so afflicted become so incapacitated by a sense of mourning after a bowel movement that they will actively resist the urge to defecate, or urinate, until it is biologically impossible to not do so. The condition is usually accompanied by other underlying emotional problems. See: Freud, Sigmund.
      Slang term used for one whose behavior is indicative of one afflicted with said mental illness. Also one whose overall behavior is that of a 'tight ass' or miser. Such as a person who is abnormally stingy with items that are normally freely given to others, such as complimentary pens, or who will not share in a sense of camaraderie with others, such as laughing at a humorous event.
      Is often used derogatorily to describe somebody whom is overly impressed with themselves and their own accomplishments. As in a Politician or Celebrity who believes that they are better than everybody else, implying that the rest of us aren't good enough to step in their fresh shit.

Anal Sex
      Any Sexual Activity with the Anus and related body parts. See: Anal Intercourse, Anal Orgasm, Analingus, A-OK, Pegging, and related.

Anal Training
      The process of teaching a person to relax their anal sphincter to accept Penetration easily and without excessive discomfort or effort by either party. A person with a 'well trained rear' can willfully open their anus as well as have it remain dilated for some time as a Cave. See: Sub, Dildo, Butt Plug, Goatse, Wine Enema, and Etc.

      Oral contact with the Anus. Includes Rimming the outside (areola) and Tongue Fucking where the tongue Penetrates the Anus. As the anal area is extremely sensitive to touch, this is usually regarded as very pleasurable, and if both individuals are otherwise healthy and practice a normal level of personal hygiene, the practice is considered reasonably safe in a monogamous relationship. And given that such activity is considered very Taboo, it can be quite exciting as well. Often done in conjunction with other techniques such as Darkfinger, which see. Also see: Mustache Rides, Face Sitting, Tongue Fucking, other highlighted terms.
      In some jurisdictions this is considered Sodomy and is illegal under obsolete laws which are seldom enforced. In most cases the laws have been overturned and invalidated. One more time, for the record, Analingus is NOT Sodomy, which see. (pun intended)

Androgynous, Androgyne
      Having no Sexual Identity, or not being identifiable as either male or female, such as with a Unisex mannequin (or even live model) used to sell clothes. Conversely, may also mean having Sexual Characteristics of both sexes, or a Third Sex such as the Hijra (see both). Also see: Hermaphrodite, Transsexual, Intersex, Ambisexual, Epicene, and related.
      The second term is often used to describe a particular individual who identifies themself as such.

Angel, Angelic
      Messenger of, and attendant to, God, which see. Figure representing divine intervention or inspiration.
      Far from being the gorgeous women depicted with wings as seen in most art, and various Lingerie advertisements, Talmudic, Biblical, and Qur'anic references to the beings are exclusively Male. And equally contrary to several other online definitions, the trait of benevolence is somewhat misleading as well. It was a male angel with a flaming sword that kept Adam and Eve out of the garden. Another slew an entire army in one night while another struck down King Herod who was immediately eaten by worms and killed. In fact, under Sharia law (which see) even suggesting that a "Messenger of Allah" was female would bring the death penalty as an insult against Islam.
      Equally, the idea of any form of angelic being as a child, such as the usual depiction of a cherub, is so far from their description in the various religious texts as to not even warrant further discussion.
      Compare: Doll (including Doll Face), Babe, Fine, Hot Mom. Also see: Cupid.

"Angry Dragon"
      Semi-fictional Sex Act involving having a Penis ejaculate into the mouth of someone performing Fellatio on it, who then through various means, forces the Semen to be involuntarily expelled through their nose instead of the Receiver either "Spitting or Swallowing" (which see). Also see: Dirty Sanchez, S&M, Extreme Sex, and related.
      While it appears that it is possible, along the lines of someone also expelling coffee or sodapop through their nose when they laugh at the wrong time. If the festivities we are discussing were not agreed to ahead of time, whatever relationship exists between the two is liable to suffer damage.
added to the Glossary by Reader Request!

Anime, Japanimation
      Style of cartoon animation used since the nineteen teens but has been growing in popularity in Japan since the end of WW2. With the spread of game related items, such as 'Pokemon®' the genre has expanded world-wide with both audience and artists. Adult themed cartoons in the style are very popular in certain segments of the audience. Various styles within the genre are defined as to their target audience. However, those do not come under the realm of this Glossary. The term ' Japanimation' was used several years ago to describe both the style and the country of origin, it is now only used on the convention circuit to specify works created in Japan. See: Hentai.
      Note of interest. In 1997 an episode of the anime cartoon 'Pokemon' triggered epileptic-like seizures in nearly 700 children. This type of photosensitivity to strong flashing lights is not unknown, however, this is the worst outbreak recorded. Similarly flashing banner ads on some websites may induce migraine headaches in some people.

Anna, Anna Marek, Anuschka Marek
      Female Porn Star from Poland who almost single handedly inspired an entire genre of Adult Movies and Magazines. Many young women used the name 'Anna' and variations to trade on her popularity for some time. Born in 1974, Anna was only active for about five years in the 1990's and retired from the industry in 1997. See: Lolita.

Annette Haven
      Adult Actress from the Golden Age of Porn and one of the first to cross over into mainstream film production, both in front of, and behind, the camera. She is listed in the various 'halls of fame' for her former profession where she was in over a hundred productions by most counts, but we'll come back to that in a moment.
      Born 1 December, 1954, as Annette Robinson in Las Vegas (Haven was apparently the real last name of her husband at the time she got into Adult Entertainment in California), she is known for being exceptionally Beautiful overall, having delicately Fine (which see) facial features, a natural Figure, ivory skin, and luxuriously long dark hair, and even her unshaven Pubes at a time when being 'hairless down there' was just in fashion in the industry. Which, when added to the impression she usually gave that she actually enjoyed what was happening, made her one of the early superstars in the Adult Industry.
      She is also the perfect example of the difficulty in tracking these sorts of careers because she has worked under at least eight known Working Names (which see). There are images available of her with variations on several of her names, and a few that have some sort of production number or title on them which means they are not credited to her. Something that does not happen, say, when researching Marilyn Monroe.
      See: Autobiography of a Flea where she starred with John Holmes. Also see: Golden Age..., Seka, Adult Actress, Beauty, and related topics.

      Legal and religious term that implies that a legally binding Marriage, in effect, never happened. In most cases if the parties have had Intercourse, the Consummation of the Marriage, an annulment is not allowed for the common people. In the case of certain powerful Catholic families, such as with various royal houses or those who are politically connected, annulments from the church have been obtained even after children have been born into the marriage. For example do some research on Edward Kennedy's (1932 - 2009) first marriage.

      Most usually, a software application or a web-based program which will conceal ones true IP address and other identifying information while on the World Wide Web. Such as using a personal proxy to hide the fact that you are going to gambling sites while at work. Note: you can still be traced, although the proxy does make it somewhat more difficult, as the proxy furnisher DOES know your real IP and ISP, and even billing information, and they will give it up when presented with a court order.
      Can also be used to describe the spoofing technology used to conceal Internet based 'softphone' numbers used for telemarketing from the caller ID of those being called, and similar technology used to prevent cellular phone numbers from being transmitted as well, often for similar reasons. Again, the true identity of the user can be discovered in the long run.

Anonymous Sex
      Engaging in Sexual Activity with a complete stranger. A fixture of many Sex Clubs, and activities attended by Swingers. One of the attractions of the proverbial Glory Hole at many Gay Bars. See various referenced terms.
      Often more of a Fantasy than ever a reality, the practice cannot be considered Safe Sex. However, that has not stopped the Romance Novel genre from going to some lengths to describe encounters involving Masquerades and such like.

Anorexia Nervosa
      Mental illness usually described as an 'eating disorder' which can be fatal. Is most often seen in young Women such as Supermodels, which see, when the woman attempts to force her body to be unnaturally thin to meet an artificial standard of Beauty. The condition came into the public consciousness through the high profile deaths from this and related illnesses such as bulimia. Also see: Celebrity, Vomit, and other references.
      With mental health and medical treatment the sufferer will usually recover.

      External opening to the rectum and immediate surface area. Also refers to the anal sphincter, the multiple rings of muscle which surround and close the opening. The area is highly sensitive to Stimulation and most people find some level of Anal Sex quite pleasurable, some even achieving Orgasm from it (see: Anal Orgasm). In otherwise healthy and reasonably clean adults in a monogamous relationship even Analingus can be fairly safe, pleasurable, and a great deal of fun for both parties. Note, whenever the anus is penetrated by anything other than a tongue, Lubrication must be used as the internal structures are somewhat more delicate than the Vagina. See: related topics such as Analingus, Ass Flower, and even Dingleberry. Also see: Rectum. Also see: various slang terms such as Wazoo.

Aphrodisiacs and Infomercials
      For more on the subjects of Erectile Dysfunction, and Penis Enlargement, see separate listings. While the three topics are not related in the real world, they are linked in the minds of many people, and are definitely connected in the world of Late Night TV commercials and spam emails. Suffice it to say right here and now, NOTHING you buy off an infomercial or from an email is going to do anything except lower your checking account balance. For more information, read on.

      Far from being the goddess Aphrodite's gift to human sexuality, most substances reported to be capable of increasing sexual desire, overall Libido (which see), and performance only succeeded in decreasing the purchaser's checking account balance. However, that being said, some substances do work in some people some of the time to: decrease inhibitions, increase a feeling of 'well being', increase energy levels, decrease pain or discomfort, and so on, all of which may make for a better sexual experience. Some claimed to increase the woman's lubrication or desire to be penetrated, others worked on the male organ. Most of these claims seem to be based as much on the power of suggestion or wishful thinking as much as anything else.
      Some of the better known Aphrodisiacs include the famous Spanish fly (the dried bodies of a species of beetle), oysters, animal parts, various herbs, and even chocolate. There is no medical or scientific substantiation to any of them. However, there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence behind the old saying "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker" (see: Candy for more on that quote).
      "There is no scientific proof that any food increases sexual drive." Dr Ruth Westheimer
      Having said all of that, there are some chemicals, prescription and illicit (and illegal) drugs which can cause an Aphrodisiac-like effect. Some of these are amphetamines, cocaine, testosterone, and related substances. Some, like amphetamines, may enhance sexuality over the short term, then in the long term lead to serious complications and even death.
      The only sure Aphrodisiacs known are 'MONEY and POWER'. For evidence, do search engine search for "Donald Trump girlfriend". See: Celebrity.

      Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexual Ecstasy. She was said to have been born from the foam of the sea after one or another act of violence of one god against another. Some versions of Greek mythology also make her the goddess of fertility in juxtaposition to Eros as the male attribute. See: Eros, Cupid, Ecstasy.
      Other appearances by Aphrodite as essentially the same goddess include the Romanized Venus, including her birth from the sea, and the Middle Eastern Ishtar (and others) which predates the Greek version. Later on, Aphrodite/Venus evolved into several different goddesses of lesser importance. The idea that she evolved from Ishtar is supported in part by her lover Adonis being killed by a rival as was the earlier goddesses favorite lover. See: Ishtar, Jealousy, Venus, Ten.

      Literally, 'water fetish'. The use of Water, or for that matter, any liquid such as wine (see: Wine Enema, and yeah, ... that too ...), in pursuit of Sexual Satisfaction. May involve pressure nozzles or sprayers to tickle or torture, and to excite the individuals involved even to Orgasm. May involve Water Bondage, WAM, Bathing, and other delights as a Sexual Fetish. See said terms. (including: Golden Shower)

Around The World In Bed
      Multiple meanings, including an adult board game by that name which is still available to be ordered online.
      For our Glossary we will look at the Sex Play usage which involved multiple Positions for Oral Sex and Intercourse used during one Sexual Encounter. Usually consisting of much Cuddling, one then the other Kissing the other all over their body (see "Kiss You All Over") including Cunnilingus and even Analingus, Erotic Massage, and several different positions for Intercourse which may include 'Greek', as well as interrupting intercourse to resume Oral Sex several times. See: Coitus Interruptus, Sex Play, Positions, Seven Minutes In Heaven and other terms.

      A strong emotional response such as anger or religious fervor. For our use here: Sexual excitement. The point at which the both the Penis and certain female organs (most notably the Nipples, the Clitoral hood and the Vaginal walls) engorge with blood causing an erection in the male and the distension of the female's clitoris and the vagina begins to produce lubrication in preparation for Penetration, see: Vaginal Tenting. The practice of Foreplay contributes significantly to the state of arousal in women and adds dramatically to her pleasure. See: Turn On, Sexually Aroused, Orgasmic Crescent.
      In the study of human sexuality, the arousal stage is usually defined as the second of four or five stages leading to the culmination of the sex act.
      As other forms of heightened emotions can be considered 'arousal', some term to indicate Sexuality is usually used in the discussion. See: Sexually Erotic.

"Arousal Gap"
      Media watcher term for news coverage with a Sexual Overtone and Innuendo, usually focusing on the apparent Sex Appeal of the canidate or office holder to the presumed demographically targeted audience of the message.

Arranged Marriage
      Traditional way in which marriages were established, with the contract being drawn up between families often when the two parties to be wed were infants. Also said contracts between adult men and young girls, see Saudi quote at Pedophilia. Also see: Marriage Broker, Mail Order Bride, and related.
      Said marriages were accepted as the norm, even by royalty where said joinings were often the basis for various treaties and agreements, and in many cases, especially where the marriage was between Princes and Princesses who were children, remained Unconsummated Marriages, perhaps for life.

Art, Artist, Artistic Expression/ Performance, Art Picture/ Film, etc.
      Multiple Meanings for all such terms.
[It is worth noting here that the definition of 'art' has nothing to do with beauty, truth, idealism, or anything else, in and of itself. The 'meaning' of any individual work is assigned by the artist to some degree, and even more so by the beholder.]

"Art is never chaste. It ought to be forbidden to ignorant innocents, never allowed into contact with those not sufficiently prepared. Yes, art is dangerous. Where it is chaste, it is not art."
Picasso (1881 - 1973)

Arthouse, Art House
      A Euphemism for a theater that showed Adult films but tried to maintain an air of respectability by focusing on French and Italian titles.

Artificial Insemination
      The treatment of women who are unable, or unwilling, to become Pregnant through the normal means, by Fucking. Usually involves the fertilization of donated eggs by donated Sperm outside the body, then the introduction of the ovum into the Uterus of the mother to be. However, recent legal decisions have now endangered the entire practice. See: Sperm Bank.

Artificial Pussy, Fleshlight
      A male masturbation device or Sex Toy, designed to simulate the internal female sex organ. The idea is to give the sensation of Penetrating a real woman's body, primarily the Vagina but the device can also approximate the mouth or Anus, by the Penis of the user. Most are soft silicon or other similar substance. Several devices are available with various features including vibrations, warmth, lubrication and even sound. See: Sex Toy, Vibrator.
      The Fleshlight® is a commercially produced male masturbation device of the artificial pussy variety the approximate shape and size of a regular flashlight which is widely advertised on various adult themed websites.

Ascetic, Asceticism
      Someone who refrains from enjoyment of physical pleasure of any type, most usually voluntarily for philosophical or religious reasons. One who practices that lifestyle. The observer may deny themselves flavorful food, enjoyable music, art, and even reading anything besides their devotional books, anything that may be thought of as a "Pleasure of the Body" from the Natural Man (see both) in an attempt to become 'pure' or 'enlightened' or any other of a myriad of excuses. Most certainly they abstain from all sexual activity and enjoyment of life, or at least they will claim that they do. This person would not be the "Life of any Party". See: Psychosomatic Orgasm reference to St. Teresa, Abstinence, Vow of Celibacy, Marian Doctrine, Self Control, Temperance. Compare: Hedonist, Epicure, Libertine, Puritan.

      Literal meaning is 'of one sex', also see Unisex as applied to restrooms. Has been used to describe those whom do not engage in sexual activity, see Ascetic. Meaning has been corrupted to those whom are otherwise Bisexual and have no preference for the sex of their sexual partner, otherwise known as Pansexual and Metrosexual. Compare: Bisexual, Transsexual and related.

ASMR, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response
      Something of a trendy, internet fueled, oh so humanistic/hedonistic practice which has only been around for something like five thousand years. Yes, the name is reasonably new, and streaming internet videos to help it happen are new, but those who meditate into Ecstasy, or who experience Psychosomatic or Spontaneous Orgasm without anything Sexual happening in the same county they're in, have been doing it for ages, and doing so WITHOUT paying somebody to whisper at them while blindfolded. See: Ecstasy, Tantra, Spontaneous Orgasm, Psychosomatic Orgasm, and related topics.

      Being deprived of air to breathe, or blood to the brain, during Sex for the express purpose of enhancing the experience in some way. The related Fetish where suffocation, or being choked into unconsciousness, becomes an important part of the exercise, if not the entire point of it. The 'sport' is extremely dangerous, the risk of hypoxia is not to be taken lightly, and the use of a Safe Word and limits to the event cannot be over-emphasized when discussing this type of Sex. See: Autoerotica, Breath Play/Control, Extreme Sex, and related.

Ass Cheeks
      Impolite term for the Buttocks, Also see: Booty, Butt Cleavage, Caboose, Derriere. Also see: Taint.

Ass Clown, Assclown
      There appears to be no consensus as to how the phrase came into being, exactly what it means, or how it should be used in the world at large. However, that being said, it is most certainly NOT a compliment, is not to be taken favorably, and indeed, seems to invoke the most unpleasant aspects of both the term 'asshole' and all of the negative feelings about 'clowns' in general, which, when combined, is pretty awful. See: Congressman.
      added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion ... but they weren't sure what it meant when they suggested it, they just knew it was "one hell of an insult, dude," when used on a televised event. The term is becoming more common in general usage in some quarters besides just being used to refer to Congress.

Ass Flower
      Most usually, the appearance of the ring of the outer Sphincter of the Anus when the folds and creases of the skin appear as petals around the center. Especially when the ring being viewed is that of a young woman who is presenting same for Analingus or other such pleasures. Most often seen or heard in descriptions in Porn that focuses on the rearmost orifice. This term is somewhat more flattering than Browneye, which see. (pun? what pun?)

Ass Fucking, Assfuck
      Vulgar reference to Anal Intercourse. Applies equally to Heterosexual and Homosexual activity. See: Anal Intercourse, A-OK. Compare: Tranny Pussy.

Ass Hat, Asshat
      Most usually, an Asshole, which see. Usually used during television shows where one cannot say what one means more directly. Also, any member of Congress who has been re-elected. Also see: Ass Clown. Compare: Dickhead, Bellend.

Ass Kiss, Asskisser, etc.
      The act of kissing the Buttocks as a symbol of subservience, or other reference to it, as in an on the job 'brown noser' who does everything to impress the boss except (we hope) actully 'kiss their ass'. See: Kiss Ass, Ass Worship.
      Is not usually used in reference to Analingus, which see.

Ass Man
      An Adult male who notices a Woman's Butt first, and probably last. One whom is unnaturally Attracted to said body part. See: Partialism, Tit Man, Leg Man, and related.

Ass Smoothie / Milkshake / Cocktail
      Dilating the Anus with a Speculum or other device so as to be able to use their Rectum for the container to mix a drink. The various ingredients are poured into them, stirred, and then either consumed directly from their Butt with a straw, or perhaps the speculum is removed and their Anal Sphincter allowed to close, then they will stand up and squat over a bowl or glass and expel the mixture which will then be consumed. The practice is not generally considered Safe Sex due to the risk of disease transmission, as well as potential damage to the colon of the receiver from the proceedings, including the risk of internal frostbite if ice is used in the drink and it is retained for a long period of time. Also, with something like a Wine Enema, alcohol poisoning is a real danger. See: Mixed Drinks, Enema, Klismaphilia, and related. added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion
      As to whether a plastic tube or bag is inserted into the Receiver to use as the mixing and serving container is mostly irrelevant to the general idea although that would make the hobby somewhat safer for all involved.

Ass Whipping, Ass Kicking
      Terms used for someone who is the loser, or the intended loser, in a contest ranging from a fist fight on through the professional basketball playoffs and on to a World War. Such as "he got his ass whipped last night" or "Italy got its ass kicked in WW2". It is usually used to indicate that the outcome was so devastatingly obvious that it should never have happened to begin with and that the loss was not only one sided it was embarrassing to both the victors as well as those that lost.
      Can also be used to describe some of the Sexual pastimes in B&D and other Dom and Sub activities, but such use is not typical.

Ass Worship
      The humiliation practice or ritual often associated with Dominance and Submission, Master and Slave and so on where the Sub is required to kiss, lick, suck and otherwise devote themselves to the Anus of the Dom or the one chosen by the Dom for said treatment. May even involve Scat Play. Yoni Worship may be involved as well if the Dom is female. See: Dominatrix, Kiss Ass, Analingus, Yoni Worship, and related.

      Elected or appointed member of the US Congress, House or Senate. We are reserving judgment on all politicians in general. See: Douche Bag, Politician.
      There is no other known and accepted working definition of the term. Unlike the word 'Congress' itself, which see.
      Some use the word to describe the human Anus, which see, as versus a human who is an Anus, or a morning radio show host. However. In this Glossary, we are defining the term 'asshole' as synonymous with 'Congressman', which see. Also see: Social Engineer. See quote at: Liberal. Compare: Butthole. Also: Asshat, Assclown, etc.
"In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress."
- John Adams (1735 - 1826)

Athletic Supporter
      For this Glossary we'll avoid all Cheerleader jokes and redirect you to: Jock Strap.

      Multiple meanings including: Asynchronous Transfer Mode for packet switched data over T-1 and higher capacity circuits. Automatic Teller Machines which allow access to bank accounts and other financial transactions at non-bank branch locations and outside normal banking hours. In the world of text messaging and online chats, it can mean 'At The Moment'. There are several other uses not related to this Glossary
      The only definition we care about here, except for the bank machine one when Your Good Brutha has to pay for his own drinks, is this one:
      Ass To Mouth. Sex Act, and Adult Movie staple in which the Receiver is first Penetrated Anally and then before the logical conclusion of the act, most usually Ejaculation, the Active Partner withdraws from their rear and then enters their mouth for the Climax. The term is not specific to Heterosexual or Homosexual activity. Also, while it is most often a real Penis that is doing the initial Anal Intercourse, it can also be Fingers, a Dildo, a carrot, or anything else capable of the action. Also see for reasons we won't go into now: Dirty Sanchez.
      This is not usually considered a Safe Sex practice although between two Monogamous partners who are otherwise healthy it is not all that risky.

Attention Whore, Attention Starved
      Those who go to outrageous lengths to seek notice from those around them. One whom has become accustomed to being in the limelight, or the "Life Of The Party" (which see) and it is no longer so. Such as a Celebrity (which also see) who had marginal talent to begin with and is now in the twilight of their career, as is proven by the offerings from the example in the following quote. See: Publicity Whore, for the next step up. One step down might just be a Drama Queen.
"I look forward to being older, when what you look like becomes less and less an issue and what you are is the point."
- Susan Sarandon (born 1946)

      That part of an otherwise Pretty Woman which can instantly make her as un-Sexy as a purifying pile of garbage. See: Bitch.

      Fetish (which see) practice in which a woman dressed up and acts the part as if she were a Man for Sexual Pleasure. May or may not involve Homosexuality in a Lesbian relationship where she would complete the costume with a Strap On. May also play a part in FemDom, which also see.

Autobiography of a Flea, The
      This movie, loosely based on a nineteenth century story, starring Annette Haven, and John Holmes (see both entries), directed by Sharon McNight and released in 1976 is only mentioned because its title is such a wonderful example of the "Golden Age" of theatrically released Adult Movies. The mental picture of what could be meant by the title is far better than the movie actually was. Although the period piece (costume drama) did have a plot involving a corrupt uncle and a town full of losers, and Haven (who was astonishingly beautiful in one of the lead roles), as well as Holmes, the whole thing just didn't live up to the promise of the title. However, like so many of the post ...Green Door / Deep Throat major releases, it had to have a memorable title which would bring in audiences as advertising for the films was limited by Blue Laws, and in some locations, it was initially banned. Later, Free Speech and restraint of trade lawsuits would open up advertising avenues and spectacular titles became less important. ("A pity that." -dok)
      See: Obscenity, Adult Film, Debbie Does Dallas, "Good Old Days, Golden Years", and related topics.

Autoerotica, Autoerotic Asphyxiation
      Dangerous Masturbation practice in which the person disrupts either the blood flow to the brain or their intake of oxygen (hypoxia) in an attempt to enhance the sensations felt during orgasm. The practice risks accidental death by suffocation, brain damage, lung collapse, or other trauma. Some who have died have been found with belts and ropes around their necks or plastic bags over their heads. While the practice has been most noted in young men, it has also been observed in young women. Is sometimes also practiced with Edging, which see.
      It is especially dangerous when the person uses drugs or alcohol prior to or during the session. See: Death.
      Also engaged in by Extreme Sex practitioners where one partner will partially choke or asphyxiate the other during sex, which is more properly labled Erotic Asphyxiation (which see). Is now often depicted, or mimicked in Adult Films as the reasonable and exciting sex practice of Asphyxiaphilia or Breath Play (see said topics). It Is Not! In the real world it has done with the same unfortunate result as the above.

Autofellatio, Auto-Fellatio
      Self-stimulation where a man maneuvers to where he can take his own Penis into his own Mouth and perform Oral Sex on himself. In most cases it involves a man who is more flexible than average and has a slightly longer than average penis. Demonstrated on film by Ron Jeremy (which see), also see: "Sex For The Camera". Compare: Self Fisting.
      Is considered more of a stunt than an actual routine Sexual Practice. See: Fellatio and related. Also see related act at "Go Fuck Yourself".

AVS, Adult Verification Service
      Online service which establishes that the customer has supplied evidence which proves that they are an Adult. Usually through the checking of the name on a credit card. Which, incidentally, proves exactly NOTHING. See: Adult, Age of Majority.
      Said checking is usually to allow access to any of several types of Adult content, including Pornography, Gambling, adult products such as tobacco and alcohol, and other uses.
      Many such services are little more than profit centers for the sites they allow access to, which then claim to be free. Also, most of them are a scam and the user will find their credit card billed for all sorts of minor fees and add ons which they consented to in the fine print on the contract page.
      For more information see: the Media Desk article
"The Price of FREE has gone UP!"

B.F.E., BFE, Boyfriend Experience
      Escort Service (which see) term for the Male side of the more common GFE, which see. In short, a man who will accompany the client to a social event as if he were Romantically involved with the client, whether the client be Male or Female. Also see: Gay For Pay, Situational Homosexual, Gigolo.

B.I.L.F., BILF, OILF, PILF, and so on
      Corruption of the abbreviation 'M.I.L.F.', which see. The variations can mean anything and everything depending on who is using it and how. Including "Beast I'd Like to Fuck" (no I'm not kidding), "Oldie I'd Like...", "Preggo...", "Tranny..." ad nauseum

B&D, Bondage and Discipline
      The binding and/or mild torture (especially Spanking) of one person by another with the consent and permission of both parties for sexual purposes. More extreme practices enter into the realm of S&M and Pain Fetishism. It is strongly recommended that those that engage in anything beyond a very mild type of B&D devise 'safe words' whose use during the session mean "stop now" in no uncertain terms. Some bondage parties will have a non-participant monitor those involved with one eye on the health and safety of the players.

B.T.S., BTS Scenes/Segments
      Abbreviation and phrase usually seen in advertising for videos. Means "Behind The Scenes", which may include deleted footage, outtakes and bloopers, interviews with the cast and crew, and ads for other works, perhaps even including an alternate ending. Many of these features are often not worth the extra charges they tack on for the "special edition" of the DVD. Today the DVD's may also include a working link to interactive web based content for other "BTS" content, some of which may collect personal data to send you even more advertising. Some such content is called "Easter Eggs", and has to be searched for to be found and viewed.
      In the world of Adult Entertainment, which is our general topic, the scenes may include still photos as well as the other usual fare, and also include even more extensive ads for every video ever made by the production company.

Babe, Serious Babe, "High Potential Babe Factor"
      Young pretty woman, usually very attractive and sexually desirable, and probably unobtainable. Also a woman who could be a babe if she put forth the effort to enhance her appearance to become prettier or adjusted her attitude to be more agreeable, the 'potential' part of the equation. Women who are regarded as 'serious babes' usually strive to that end. See: Bombshell, Sex Symbol, Eye Candy, Angel, Doll. The opposite is Dog.

      The ability in some people to spot good looking women from some distance or in unusual circumstances. See: more at Gaydar.

Baby - Mama / Daddy
      The biological parent of a Child (which see) who may or may not be the guardian of said minor, or who may or may not be in any way involved in the child's life since birth or conception depending on the Sex of the parent, just as there may be no ongoing Relationship with the other party before or after the Sex Act that resulted in said Pregnancy in her Baby Maker. Nor is it likely that either party is a good Parent to the infant so produced. See highlighted terms.
      In most cases the terms are used neutrally as a descriptive fact. However in some cases, especially the 'mama' version, the phrase is derogative and implies a certain level of Promiscuity on the part of the woman, and underlines the fact that she indulged in Unsafe and Unprotected Sex which resulted in that outcome. Compare: Cum Dumpster, Sperm Donor. Also see: Slut, Easy, and related.
"A child who is allowed to be disrespectful to his parents will not have true respect for anyone."
- Billy Graham (1918 - 2018)

Baby Maker, Babymaker
      Slang for the female Uterus and Vulva, their role in Procreation, and by generalization, the woman herself (see: Baby Mama). Refers directly to the natural objective of Heterosexual Genital Intercourse, AKA- Fucking which is Pregnancy. See highlighted terms. Also see: Birth Canal and related. Compare: Moneymaker.

      Specific reference to particular Roman feast, and Orgy, dedicated to the Roman god of wine. See: Orgy for more. Also see: Bender, Pleasure Palace, Caligula.

Bachelor Party / Smoker
      Over-rated, over-hyped party to mark a man's last night of "freedom" before he is Married. Traditionally hosted by the Best Man, which see. Of late, the topic of several idiotic movies and TV shows which further stereotypes that all men are bumbling losers who are helpless in the presence of a set of medically enhanced Breasts. The 'smoker' form of the term is all but obsolete and may only now be heard on period costume drama TV movies. See: Girls Night Out, for a counterpoint.

Bachelorette Party
      Over-rated, over-hyped party to mark a woman's last night of "freedom" before she is Married, often involves one or more Male Strippers, and lots of adult beverages. The night is usually carefully planned by the entire female side of the Wedding. See: Girls Night Out and related terms.

Back Door
      Access point for a residence or other structure through something other than the primary street facing facade.
      In this context, the Anus. Most usually used to refer to Anal Intercourse as in "going in the back door". The term is not Sex Specific as far as whether the Receiver is male or female, or whether they are being Penetrated by something with or without a pulse. Also applies to the use of Tongues and Fingers as well. Also see: multiple listings under Anal, as well as Ass Fucking, Tranny Pussy, "Bend Over ...", Ditry Sanchez, etc.

Back Seat
      The rear seat in an automobile. Most popular in the Nineteen Fifties through the Eighties as a term and symbol of teenage sexuality, the back seat of a car was where more young people first explored their sexuality. Usually on a Date or after another social outing such as a Dance. Said encounters all too often resulted in unplanned Pregnancy or the passing of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. See: Peer Pressure, Virgin, Become a Woman

Bagnio, Bagno
      Italian word originally meaning a Bathhouse (Latin balneum) or Turkish bath, has since taken on the added meaning of being a Whore House, Bawdy House, Sex Club, House of Ill Repute, and so on. See all of the above. Use of the term is limited, mostly, to period fiction.

Ball Buster, "Don't Bust My Balls", etc.
      All versions of the expression deal in one way or another with damage to, or removal of, the Testicles rendering the man Impotent either literally or figuratively. The only time the phrase is considered positive is when it refers to a woman's sexual appetite in bed which is akin to being "Fucked to Death" (which see). Also see: Crotch Shot, Emasculated, Eunuch and related. A similar term implying what one will do to avoid the situation is "Got'em By The Balls", which also see. added to the Glossary by a FEMALE Reader's Suggestion

Ball Sack
      The male Scrotum. See: Testicles. For a related idea, see: Jock Strap.

Ball Strap
      Loop of material which is placed around the Testicles and possibly the Penis to prevent Ejaculation or the loss of Erection. Overuse of said device can result in injury to the Testes from disruption of blood supply or nerve damage. See: Penis, Condom, and related. Compare: Jock Strap

Balloon Knot, Balloonknot
      Simple overhand knot used to seal a toy latex (party) balloon once it is inflated.
      The term is also used by some webmasters as a descriptive term for the undilated Anus, most usually, the female variety prior to Penetration. Often seen on Adult Blogs (see BLOG) where nearly absolute total losers try to appear to be cutting edge and even 'hip' by using, and over using, such terms ad nauseam.
      Also occasionally seen in said context on various Fetish sites.

      Multiple uses. May mean courage as in 'intestinal fortitude' and/or confidence in oneself or abilities. For the external male organ see Testicles. For a common expression involving the latter see "Got'em by the Balls", and "Ball Buster".

Bare Back, Bareback, Bareback Riding / Sex
      Term originally referred to horseback riding without the use of a saddle or blanket between the horse and the rider. Term is incorrectly used to refer to what Lady Godiva did somewhere around the year 1000 as there is no indication that she completed her ride with or without either saddle or blanket. See: Lady Godiva, and Peeping Tom, for more.
      Term is also used to refer to any form of Intercourse without the use of a Condom on the Penis. Most often seen in Gay Porn referring to Anal Intercourse, but is also occasionally used in Straight material, often in reference to the logical conclusion of the act, the Internal Cumshot or Creampie. Unless in a long term Monogamous relationship the act is not considered Safe Sex. See: Condom, Birth Control, Bottom, Receiver, Top, Sexually Transmitted Disease.

Bases, Second Base, Third Base, Etc
      Outdated terms for locker room discussions about how far one 'got' or 'went' with one's date with the idea that Intercourse was a Home Run. Terms were never well defined and confusing, quite possibly intentionally. As in, which was 'Third Base'- Oral Sex, Fingering or Petting the other person's sex organs, or something else? See: Going All The Way, Home Run, Making Out, Score, Little Black Book, and related.

Bastard, Bastardized
      Obsolete term for child born out of wedlock. See: Illegitimate Child, Love Child
      The term 'bastard' has been bastardized to mean an man of strong though generally unpopular opinions or one who is intentionally evil to others, such as a
      'Bastardized' is used to describe changing the meaning or usage of one thing to mean something else not originally intended. See: Gender, Gay for good examples.

Bathhouse, Baths
      Originally, they were exactly that, a public facility to practice various levels of Personal Hygiene in, including some medical procedures performed by somebody who had good intentions if not a lot of formal training. During the Roman period in parts of Europe, the Middle East and into Africa, the buildings housing them would sometimes be the largest and most lavish in town in which there would be heated water, steam rooms, food service, and even bedchambers to rest in after your treatment. Of course, no small amount of various types of Sex happened in them as well, but it seldom went as far as a full Roman Orgy. Which brings us to the modern use of the idea of the Bagnio as a "House Of Ill Repute". See said terms.

Bathing Fetish
      See Ablutophilia.

Bathroom Time / Work / and various other modifiers
      Various terms used as Euphemisms for the natural Bodily Functions (which see) and other activities usually associated with said room, including Defecation, Urination, Shaving, and the brushing of one's teeth. Depending on the usage, the person so engaged may be Vomiting, taking a shower, or even getting a Golden Shower. The term, and related words to the same effect, is often used on TV during the Family Hour and leaves the particulars of what is meant to the audience's imagination. See highlighted terms or specific acts and Fetishes.

      Obsolete term used to refer to up front Naughtiness and somewhat open Sexual Content, as well as related attitudes and behaviors. Most usally seen in descriptions of Vaudeville acts as well as Mae West herself, and even the Flappers. See said references. Also see: Bawdy House.
"Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly."
- Mae West (1893-1980)

Bawdy House, Cathouse
      Outdated terms most often used now in Westerns and other period movies and TV shows to refer to establishments offering Prostitution and other services such as gambling. See: Whore House, House of Ill Repute, Red Light, Bordello, Sex Club, Bagnio.

"Be fruitful and multiply."
      Biblical command to have children after the Genesis Flood, particularly in chapter nine verse one where God commands Noah and his sons to do just that. Also, in the previous chapter, the command was given to the animals that survived the flood. See: Fertility, Pregnancy.

      There are a multitude of uses for the term, including at least two constellations. However, we'll only look at three of them.
      A member of the Ursidae family of Mammals, including the grizzly, brown, polar, sun, and panda bears. (Yes the panda is actually a bear and not a raccoon.) The animal is a powerful symbol in much mythology including Native American culture who regarded it as the manifestation of one of their most powerful gods. Thusly any warrior identified with one of the qualities of a bruin was deemed to be especially powerful, which included sexual prowess.
      Bear Bryant (1913 - 1983), legendary Alabama football coach who won over two hundred games as the Crimson Tide head coach (over three hundred for his entire career at four schools), took home six consensus national championships, and is listed as one of the greatest coaches of all time. As a coach, Bryant was well known for both his demeanor on the sidelines of games, his extremely demanding practices, and for fighting for most of his career to integrate the sports teams of the southern schools he coached at. See: quote below.
      In our current context the term is most often associated with male homosexuals who are usually physically larger than average, often heavily muscled and possibly even slightly overweight, who have a great deal of body hair almost to the point of being hirsute. The overall effect is that they may indeed appear to be a bruin as defined above instead of one of Mr. Bryant's players. Essentially the exact opposite of a Twink, which see. Also see: Ron Jeremy, who was noted for his bear-ish appearance. Compare: Lipstick Lesbian, Butch, Dyke, Masculine, "Gay for Pay", and so on. Also see: Adonis.
"I'll put you through hell, but at the end of it all we'll be champions."
- Bear Bryant (1913 - 1983)

Bearded Clam
      Nearly obsolete term for the external female organs, still heard in some comic routines and Lesbian porn referring to the Labia and unshaved Mound of Venus, and NOT in your Brutha's stories. See: Vulva, Pussy. Also see: Muff, Snapper and so on.

      Traditionally: a young unmarried man of High Society (which see) who is considered 'eligible' to Court a young woman of similar class, in many cases, she would be a Debutante. The term has also been used as synonymous with Boyfriend, which also see. The correct pronunciation of the French word would be "bo" with a 'long o' sound.

Beauty, Beautiful
      "Trying to define the word 'beauty' with words is like trying to make a cotton ball out of cast iron. You might get a close approximation, but you'll never get the full sense of the real thing." -Dr. Leftover
      Something, or someone who is: 'beautiful' displays 'beauty' however the latter term is being defined.
      The concept of beauty has to do more with the idea of attainable perfection and the perception of pleasure and that which is Sensually satisfying (see Sensual). Also cultural ideas, in our case- Feminine beauty, are even more Changeable than what a given society considers agreeable architecture or their musical taste. See: Bombshell and terms related to female beauty such as Fine, also see: Change. For an couple of examples within our overall topic, see: Marilyn Monroe, and Annette Haven.
      Strangely enough, beauty and Art are not necessarily related, and at times, may be at odds. While beauty is often considered art for the sake of it being beautiful, it may in fact not be art as it carries no meaning, and something that is Art, while it may carry considerable meaning, may be quite un-beautiful. Also see: Picasso quote at Art.
"Art requires philosophy, just as philosophy requires art. Otherwise, what would become of beauty?"
Paul Gauguin (1848 - 1903)

"Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder"
      The statement is part of this Glossary as a simple example of how subjective some of the topics here presented are. To most people, both of the women involved in the below quote would qualify as 'beautiful' when in their prime. However, as you shall see, one of them had another opinion.
"Elizabeth Taylor is not beautiful, she is pretty - I was beautiful." - Ava Gardner (1922 - 1990)

Beauty Pageant
      Most usually: A contest between young women who are judged on a variety of aspects including some or all of the following: talent, interview, public service, grades in school, overall beauty, and other more or less subjective or objective criteria. Most famous are the Miss America® and Miss USA® pageants involving single women who have won various local and state level contests in which the overall winners and various category winners receive scholarships and other prizes at both the local and national level. The overall title winner will likely compete in an international contest such as Miss Universe® pageant. Married women also have a comparable Mrs. contest at the various levels. And now there are senior contests for, shall we be nice here... more mature women. See: Babe, Sex Symbol, Cheesecake, Spokesmodel.
      Also: Similar contests that range from local pageants such as the ubiquitous Little Miss Fire Prevention® for girls ranging in age from toddler to high school, and various commercial pageants such as Miss Coppertone®. See: Sexualization, Pedophilia, and various topics under 'Child'.
      More interesting for our present purpose are contests such as Miss Nude USA® and similar events. Some of these have no other judging criteria other than beauty, chest size, or posing ability, others do have some talent aspect, even if said talent is nothing more than working the audience for favorable response. See: Nude Model, Showgirl, Titillation, Softcore, and related.
      Note: All mentioned pageants are owned by their various holding companies, shareholders, and so on, no endorsement of the Glossary by them, or of them by us, is to be inferred. If any of the above mentioned entities object to their inclusion in this Glossary for its stated goal of education and entertainment, their pageant will be removed and replaced with another. There are plenty of them. thank you

Beautymark, Beauty Mark
      Euphemism for a facial deformity such as a mole, dimple or small birthmark which would otherwise require minor surgery to correct. The term is from a bygone era when such attributes were considered somewhat desirable as they distinguished their owner from everybody else, and nothing could be done about them anyway. At least one famous model had a mole on her face insured. Today, Supermodels without such facial abnormalities often have them installed or use makeup to create or highlight one for photo shoots. See: Beauty and related topics.

      Large rodents of the genus Castor in North America and both Europe and parts of Asia. They are better dam builders than some civil engineers.
      Slang term for Pussy, which is itself a slang term for the Vulva (see said terms). Just how the name of a tree chewing mammal became synonymous with the Labia is a mystery we'll let go for now. The term is perhaps best known as the title of a photographic search 'hunt' in the flagship magazine of Larry Flynt (born 1942). See quotes from the gentleman at in flagrante delicto and Smut.

Become a Woman, Become a Man
      At least a couple of meanings. The first of which is age at which one becomes an Adult in the eyes of the law, the church, or other authority. The "Age of Consent", which see.
      For us here and now: the first time a Virgin, male or female, has Heterosexual Genital Intercourse (Fucks). Or when a girl begins Menstruation. Archaic and Obsolete, although it is still used in some period Romance Novels and the occasional TV talk show. See: Virgin, Back Seat, Date for more.

      An enclosed space for sleeping, generally with a door that will close. For other uses, see everything from Boudoir to Marital Bed, and every other variation you can think of.

Bedroom Eyes
      Describes the look a woman can have in her eyes, as well as on her face, when she is being Seductive, or is willing to Submit to Sexual Advances. Several classic actresses were known to have mastered the expression to good effect. Miss Sophia Loren (born 1934) is perhaps the best example of this, see two quotes by her at Sex Appeal and Sexy.

      Glamour images, especially photographs and paintings of men of body-builder caliber. The female version is Cheesecake, which see.

Beg, Begging
      The actions of a panhandler or a Bum (see first definition of that term) who refused to work and seeks a gift of cash from passersby. Emphatically imploring and beseeching another to do what one wishes them to do, which can be applied to our current topic.
      In our current context it may involve the Sub repeatedly, and often tearfully, asking the Dom to relieve them of something such as pain or a restraint or even being allowed to use the bathroom in a B&D or S&M session. See: Humiliation, and other highlighted terms.
      Also the ritual some Husbands have to go through for their Wives to engage in Marital Relations, as her Wifely Duty with him, often even if the Wife does not Consciously hold to the Marian Doctrine. See said terms.

Bellend, Bell End
      British slang for the Glans of the Penis or a person, usually a Man, who behaves as such. See: Dickhead, Assclown, Prick, Asshole, Congressman. It should be noted that the proper slang usage is one word, as when used as two words is the proper name of a small town in Worcestershire, England. No, we're not kidding.

Belly Dancing, Belly Dancer
      Dance form practiced primarily by women wearing more or less traditional costumes while they display a number of moves which require great flexibility and control. Those who do said dance, which in the West is usually women who are in great shape and wear special costumes that are not as revealing as they appear.
      However, in its traditional home ranging from Egypt through parts of India and north through central Eurasia, the dance is practiced by both men and women both socially and in celebratory gatherings. The dance may be the oldest social dance on the planet, although dancing itself is as old as the race. It is quite possible that what we recognize as 'belly dancing' may have evolved from temple dances throughout the Fertile Crescent from Egypt through India. The Arabic name means "National" or "Oriental" dance depending on which article you read. The dance itself is indeed ancient and appears on Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings. A more Politically Correct and less emotionally loaded term for the form is "Middle Eastern Dance" which removes the connection to the dance's history with the Burlesque Strip Tease, even though traditional belly dancers remained in costume, although those costumes may show a lot of skin indeed.
      Traditionally the main styles are Raqs Sharqi Egyptian (isolated movements of one body part at a time), Turkish which can be more of a full body style, and uses the most revealing costumes, and the stylized Romani or Gypsy form which is a blend of many styles including Indian forms and which may feature a non-historically accurate 'coin bra' costume. Many of those who study the dance believe it was the Gypsies who spread and blended many traditional folk dances into what it is today. The style practiced in the US is a conglomeration of every other form with folk dance and aerobic exercises blended in as well and has been given the somewhat silly name of "American Tribal Dance" in some articles.
      Today the dance is seen as everything from a form of exercise to a cultural statement. Currently several notable practitioners are working to both spread the style and promote the dance, as well as sell how-to DVDs including Ms Hale Sultan a famed dancer from Istanbul, Turkey. Photos of one of the original 'Little Egypts' as well as video of several styles of dance made by Thomas Edison before the turn of the Twentieth Century are available online. While there are many similarities between belly dancing and other forms such as the Hula and certain African tribal dances as well as Native American ritual dances there is no anthropological evidence to suggest that the forms are actually related other than they may be descended from the same basic primitive dances done by prehistoric humans.
      See: Hula, Dance, Strip Tease, Burlesque, Little Egypt, Shimmy and Shake, Hoochee-Coochee, Burlesque.

Ben Dover
      Infamous online name used by various individuals throughout the years, as well as the actual name of real people. The online use of the name was often intended to be Naughty, which see, but which only actually appeared somewhat silly after the third or fourth time it was used. See: more under "Bend Over And Grab....".
      Said name has also been used in Men's Magazines, both Gay and Straight, forums, and even credited as the author, actually a pseudonym, in Pulp Fiction books. Neither Your Good Brutha nor the Doktor has EVER used it.

Ben Wa (Wah) Balls
      Medium sized to fairly large spheres, usually made of metal, hard plastic, unbreakable glass, or other substantial material, some are even fashioned of jade or other semiprecious stone. The spheres are usually inserted into the Vagina where they move independently with the movement of the woman generating moderate to intense sexual pleasure and even Orgasms during even mundane daily activity such as housekeeping. Occasionally used as part of S&M where the Sub will be obliged to retain the balls even during the most rigorous activity. The balls may or may not be connected by a string which may or may not extend outside of the body for easier removal.
      The balls can contribute to the overall health of a woman by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles when they are combined with Kegels and other exercises. The name 'Ben Wa' is related to the legendary origin of the device in the Orient. However, similar objects were also known in ancient India and other classic cultures. See: Kegel Exercise, Sex Toy, and related

"Bend Over And Grab Your Ankles", BOHICA (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again)
      The phrase is a direct, although somewhat thinly veiled, reference to Anal Intercourse, and more specifically, the Homosexual version of said act. The implication being that the person who is doing the bending and grabbing is assuming a Passive posture and will Accept Penetration, whether this Submission is willing or unwilling, as in they are being coerced, they are making their Anus available for Penetration in a standing Position for Intercourse (Fucking). See: 'Drop the Soap', Butt Boy, Pegging, Wazoo (Up The...). Also see: Forced Feminization.
      BOHICA is historically related to terms bantered about in the military and other such organizations where nonsensical orders tended to role downhill to the lowest ranked individual who then had to carry out whatever it may be. Essentially putting them in the posture outlined above.

Bender, "Go One A Bender"
      Various uses, including a machine used to create angles in pipes for plumbing use or sheet metal for industrial applications, also a robot character on a TV cartoon of questionable quality. The term was also used in the UK as Slang (which see) to refer to a male Homosexual in a reference to the 'position' assumed for Anal Intercourse, see "Bend Over....", but rumor has it that such use is now nearly obsolete. Also see Gender Bender for another variation.
      The more traditional use of the term implies several days, usually three or more, of drinking, hence 'bending the elbow', general debauchery and other immoral behavior, which may or may not include Adultery, Fornication, and other Sex, but we will always hope it does. The term has also been used to apply to any other excessive binge of over-indulgence in anything, including illegal drugs, which may result in Death. See: Debauchery, Drunk, Bacchanalia, Girls Night Out, Bachelor Party, and related.

Best Man
      The male equivalent of Maid of Honor, and is supposed to be the Groom's Best Friend. Used to be the Groom's second if something prevented him from attending the ceremony. Now most often he serves no other purpose during the ceremony than to keep track of the ring that will be given to the Bride and to sign his name as an official witness on the marriage license. It is still tradition that at fancier Wedding Receptions that he give what is known as a 'Best Man's Toast' which is often humorous, or at least, it is supposed to be. At one time, he was also expected to host the Bachelor Party (which see), but even that has fallen by the wayside as said event is in general disrepute.

      Sexual acts between humans and animals. Can also include fantasies and ancient stories (such as various gods posing as animals to seduce/rape human women) along the same lines. The actual act is illegal in most US States and the majority of other countries (see Felony), and forbidden under most religious codes, usually under the umbrella term 'Sodomy' which see. Includes both human males and females Having Sex with both male and female (and neutered) animals. Also includes the fetish of Zoophilia, and variations thereof.

Better Half
      The Woman in a relationship with a Man. In most cases, his Wife. Is sometimes used to refer to a Girlfriend or Fiancée. Is used in almost every case as a compliment. The use of the term in a male Homosexual relationship to refer to the 'more' Effeminate man is not considered usual and in most cases, is regarded as stupid and has been so labled by other users when used in Gay forum discussions.

Bettie Page (1923 - 2008), The Notorious Bettie Page
      Cheesecake, Softcore, and Bondage and Fetish model (both also softcore) most famous during the late 1940's and into the 1950's including an appearance as the Playboy (which see) Playmate of the Month® (also see) in 1951. Page, or artistic approximations, appeared as Pinups and in Vargas-like works throughout the period. She was the first mainstream model to move to being primarily an Erotic Model, even though she didn't do explicit photos usually working in a Garter and Hose and other such Fantasy-wear. See: Pinup Art, Cheesecake and other highlighted terms.
      Page was Curvy, with jet black hair, and, at least according to the profiles passed around in the shadows of the time, had few inhibitions in front of the camera. However, it is interesting to note that this woman of 'few inhibitions' did little if any hardcore (at least none that survived the obscenity trials of the time, many negatives and films were ordered burned by the courts). And according to many sources including her own website, she never did fully nude or hardcore shoots, limiting herself to topless and more or less suggestive poses, even while posing as a S&M Dominatrix or bound Submissive, or even in a Spanking scene. And it was those scenes that brought her to the attention of the US Senate's Obscenity hearings, although it is likely that most of the Senators there wanted her to spank them. When not posing by herself she was almost always in a softcore Lesbian scene. (It is hard to believe from this far out, but it may well be true.)
      There are a few authentic photos of her which show pussy hair and hint at her labia, however, that's about it except for a rare few that were not professionally done (rumor has it she was at drunk at an after shoot party!). There are several faked nude photos of her on the web in other poses and even in Hardcore scenes, and many of them are quite realistic. But it is worth remembering that she had thick black Pussy Hair that was seldom trimmed and never Shaved and that the vast majority of her images were shot in black and white. Although there are a few surviving 8mm shorts of her Stripping that were filmed in color. See: Eight Millimeter and other highlighted terms.
      As a nude model, Page was a master (or is it mistress?) of staring full on into the camera, and thereby at her audience, and make it seem like she was posing just for them. And in many cases, appearing to be just about to invite them to come do whatever she was doing, or maybe doing something even more Naughty. Also, it was Page as much as anybody else who used garters and hose and other feminine Lingerie to great effect as heightening in her already considerable Sexuality. Page was rumored to enjoy casual nudity, especially at home, although she was not known to be a Nudist, and one can tell from her photos that she was totally comfortable and at ease while Naked.
      In the 1980's Bettie Page found herself as the unlikely subject of a resurgence in popularity amongst young college-educated professional women (yuppie chicks) who saw her as a role model. See: Yuppie.
      The Notorious Bettie Page was a 2005 semi-fictionalized documentary movie about Bettie Page's career and run-in with the Senate starring Gretchen Mol as Page and directed by Mary Harron.
      Also see: Nudist, Fetish, Cheesecake, Softcore, Obscenity.
"I never kept up with the fashions. I believed in wearing what I thought looked good on me."
- Bettie Page (1923 - 2008)

      Yet another 'cute phrase' for the external Female Sexual Organs, especially the Mound of Venus, and associated Pubic Hair area. Involved in news stories about Waxing in New Jersey beauty salons (no, I'm not kidding). See: Kitty, VeeJay, Pet Name, and other highlighted terms.

      Multiple meanings including Boy Friend, Best Friend, Butt Fuck, Bisexual Female, Bona Fide, the late first lady Betty Ford (1918 - 2011) and her Clinic for Celebrity addicts, and so on. See individual listings (except for Mrs. Ford). Also see: Girlfriend, WAG, Dating, Friend With Benefits, etc.
"The search for human freedom can never be complete without freedom for women."
- Betty Ford (1918 - 2011)

      A person who is wondering about engaging in Bisexuality (which see), or even experimenting with it. Their Sex, whether they ever actually go through with it, their current Sex Role Identification and Preference , and other factors are irrelevant. For instance, a dedicated lifelong Lesbian can be 'curious' about Fucking (engaging in Heterosexual Genital Intercourse) with a man. Said experimentation is fairly common in the general community of Swingers (which see). Also see: Gay-Curious, Sexual Experimentation.

      Personal hygiene device similar to, and often installed as part of, or as a separate fixture next to, a toilet, but which directs the flow of water up in a gentle, or sometimes not so gentle, stream, and occasionally a quite forceful blast. Used for cleaning the Genitals and Anal area, and even administering a quick Douche (which see). In places where they are common, they are used by both men and women to cleanse themselves after using the toilet, some use both toilet paper as well as the bidet spray. Some units have valves for adjusting the flow or temperature of the water, and a few even contain warm air dryers, whereas some older or public restroom units have a simple handle or foot peddle for on and off and no other option. They are very effective at preventing and removing Dingleberries, which see.
      Bidets are common in parts of Europe and Asia and are now being installed in some newer homes and public facilities in the USA and elsewhere. Most people who favor them wax poetic about the sanitary good they do for those who use them, however, it also raises the question about who cleans the cleanser in a public restroom.
      The word 'bidet' is old French for 'pony' and refers to the way which one 'mounts' the bidet to use it, often facing the opposite direction from the way one sits on the toilet. Some newer units work equally well when the user faces either way.
      As to the debate on which way one is to face when using said appliance, that is: sitting on it facing 'away' from the wall/back of the fixture (as in 'Reverse Cowgirl'), or facing toward it (normal 'Cowgirl'). After careful consideration, a full review of available literature and data, and no small amount of high test bourbon, Your Good Brutha and The Doktor have come to this conclusion: "whichsoeverdamnedway gets the job done", and also, it depends on the design of the bathroom fixture you're using and how it is installed!
      Fetishes involving them are not unheard of, however, they are most usually seen in combination with other 'toilet behavior fetishes'. See: Scat Play, WAM, and related. Also see statement at Toilet.

Big Beautiful Women, BBW
      Porn and related topics related to seriously overweight and obese women (and sometimes men) and those who are sexually attracted to them. Fetish involving, and there is no other way to put it, seriously fat people, some who would be medically diagnosed as morbidly (clinically severely) obese. For example, the women in the images on one pay site devoted to them all weighed in excess of three hundred up to almost five hundred pounds (136 to 227 kilograms). See: Body Mass Index, Chubby Chaser, Fluffy, Substantial Figure, Generous Curves, Full Figure, Plumper, and so on. See related quote from the great choreographer Bob Fosse at: Cabaret.

Bigamy, Bigamist
      Slightly outdated term for Polygamy. Most usually thought of as one man being legally Married to more than one woman at a time, when the women do not know of the existence of the second marriage. However, there have been cases where the situation has been reversed, although is it not as common. See: Polygamy.
      One who practices simultaneous marriages.
      Said practice is against the law in every US State as well as most other Western countries. It is still allowed in many Middle Eastern and Afrikan countries. See: Harem.

      Specific type of two piece Swimsuit most often worn by women (the male application of the idea is a known cause of the Fantods in those who see it in public.). The garment usually consists of three triangles of cloth, one to cover the Nipple area of each Breast (as with a Bra), and the third to cover the Pubic Mound area (Panties), all of which are secured with strings, some of which are better described as 'threads'. In the vast majority of cases, these 'swimsuits' are worn as fashion statements or accessories and are NEVER actually worn to swim in. If they were, many would come apart. See: Cheesecake, Softcore, Swimsuit, and other highlighted terms. Also see: Maniki for a stupid version.
      Said item was supposedly named after the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands in 1946 after a series of atomic bomb tests burned the name into the public consciousness. Whether any local island woman prior to World War Two ever wore a two piece swimsuit is irrelevant.
      The Waxing of the bikini area is the subject of intense political debate and legal rulings in New Jersey. (no, I'm not kidding)

Billy Graham Rule, The
      The renowned Southern Baptist evangelist made no bones about it through his many years on the road preaching to millions upon millions of people at his "crusades" all over the world, he had one rule for himself, and other high rollers in his organization, but we'll come back to that. From the late 1940s through the early 2000s he preached the message of Jesus, filling stadiums with the faithful, the curious, and those who just enjoyed a good show. This was in addition to his weekly radio and TV shows. There is one thing you have to say about Rev. Dr. William Franklin Graham, Jr. through all of that, when other TV preachers were brought down in scandals involving money or sex, or both, he stayed above it all, for Sixty Years! Which is remarkable to say the least.
      The Rule goes something like this (direct quotes vary): "to avoid even the possibility of the idea of impropriety, Never be alone with any woman other than your wife."
      It is a rule some politicians and businessmen should embrace. Also see: Chaperone, Faithful, and related.
"When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost."
- Billy Graham (1918 - 2018)

      Often used neutrally or in an insulting way to describe a woman who has very little to offer except her Sexuality or as Eye Candy if she doesn't actually Fuck. Is often synonymous with 'airhead' when discussing mental capacity (see Dipshit), as well as Easy or Slut when used with a Sexual Connotation. Also see: Cheap, Floozy, Trollop, Cheerleader and other such terms.
      Also used to describe those who play said part for the attention it generates. The best example is whichever Hollywood-ish young woman forgot her panties while out club hopping in a Miniskirt this week. See: Celebrity.

Biological Function
      Organic life processes as carried out by all living things. See Bodily Function.
      More to our point here, the term is sometimes used as a Euphemism for everything from breathing to 'going to the bathroom' to Fucking.

Biracial, Multiracial
      By definition, involving two (or more) people of different races or 'ethnicity'. Most usually where the individuals are readily identifiable as being of different races such as Hispanic, Black, Asian, and White. Can mean a child of mixed racial background. But for our purposes, the term implies the sexual act that would result in such a child, although it applies equally to Homosexuality. Said cross-breeding was prohibited under Miscegenation laws at various times in history, and is still prohibited in some locations under Sharia, which see. Also see: Interracial, Miscegenation.

      A feathered vertebrate which lays eggs of the class Aves. Examples of which include vultures and hummingbirds, for an example in this Glossary see: Goose. Also, the one finger gesture most often seen from City taxi drivers and is referenced as 'shooting the bird' or 'giving them the finger'.
      More to our point on this webpage, the term is a slightly obsolete reference in British English slang to a woman, more specifically, an Attractive young women, who is hopefully wearing a Miniskirt, and very little else if your Brutha has anything to say about it.

Birds and the Bees, (the)
      Euphemism for: Sexuality, (the) Sex Talk, Sexual Activity, Sex, Fucking, Marital Relations, and so on. Used during the Family Hour and to overcome Censorship. In reality, the named subjects themselves have absolutely nothing to do with the subject of Human Sexuality and reproduction. See highlighted terms including Euphemism.

Birth Control
      Various methods used with the object of preventing the woman who is engaging in Sexual Intercourse from becoming Pregnant. Some religious bodies prohibit their adherents from using any unnatural method such as a Condom to prevent Conception and Pregnancy. See: Love Child and related. Also see: Safe Sex, and- Abortion which we are not here treating as a viable method of birth control. Compare: Unsafe Sex.
      Methods include:

  • Barrier Methods: Condoms (male and female) and Cervical Caps, see said listings. The IUD is a type of barrier that prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in the Uterus. The IUD is not an on-demand method.
  • Alternative Sexual Activity such as Oral (Fellatio) or Anal sex, specifically Anal Intercourse, or methods where the Penis never enters the Vagina such as Intercrural Sex or Mutual Masturbation. See: related topics.
  • Chemical Methods: Include Spermicidal foam and lubes used either inside the Vagina by themselves or in conjunction with other methods such as a spermicidal ingredient in a Lube.
  • Medication: Including the Pill and injections or implants for women that prevent ovulation. Most of these Are Not on-demand methods and must be done well in advance, in some cases requiring several months to become fully effective. The sole exception is the so called "Morning After Pill" and "Emergency Contraception" (which see) which may indeed a form of Abortion as it works after Fertilization.
  • Surgical Sterilization: Including Vasectomy of men and Tubal Ligation for women. See: said terms.
  • Combination methods: Use both a barrier and a chemical method to trap and kill Sperm, or combines other methods to increase effectiveness.
  • Stopping / Withdrawal: See- Coitus Interruptus and Sin of Onan. When used as birth control it requires a great deal of Self Control, also, it is still risky as active Sperm may be released before Ejaculation.
  • Rhythm Method: engaging in Heterosexual Genital Intercourse only at times when, according to her Menstrual Cycle, it is believed that the woman is highly unlikely to become pregnant. This method Is Not Effective due to the fact that Sperm can easily survive inside the woman for up to a week after sex. See: Semen.
  • Abstinence: The only one hundred percent effective method. See: separate listing.

Birthday Suit
      One whom is only wearing "what they were born with" although sometimes that term does not apply when dealing with various aftermarket surgical enhancements and other Body Work. To be "as naked as the day you were born".... minus of course, the diaper!
      To be Naked or mostly unclothed. See: Streaking, Nude Model, Stripper.

Birthing Chair
      Specially designed piece of Medical furniture put together and set in such a position as to allow the Mother To Be to deliver her baby Vaginally while in as relaxed a position as possible and still allow gravity to assist in the process, as it has been doing since human babies were invented. Comes with adjustable stirrups and backrest and a seat that somewhat resembles a padded Toilet seat. As with everything else, no, we mean Everything Else, it can also be used as part of a Fetish weekend.

Bisexual, Bi, Bisexuality, Bi-Sexual
      Person that has sex with those of both sexes either as a couple or in a group situation. Said activity. Also, erotic material featuring said practice and/ or catering to said audience. Also known as 'AC/DC', 'swinging both ways', etc. Some regard bisexuality as the truly 'Enlightened' sexual identity see reference at Alternative Lifestyle, Also see: Yuppie Chick. Compare: to Ambisexual, Pansexual and Metrosexual. See: Unrestricted Sexuality (with link to reader letter), Polyamorous, AC/DC, Trisexual, Bi-Curious.
      It is interesting to note that it is usually more accepted among women than it is men. See: "Gay For Pay"

      Niche of Japanese and H-games featuring extremely pretty and sexy girls in the heavily idealized and stylized Anime/ Hentai style of animation, which are often pornographic. Usually without the violence of the other genres. The style has spread beyond Japan, but the name has stuck. See: Hentai, Anime and so on.

Bitch, Bitchy, Bitching, etc.
      Female dog (Canis lupus), usually of breeding age or older who has not been spayed.
      For the purpose of this Glossary: A woman who hates being a woman, loathes sex, despises pretty women who enjoy being a woman and like sex, and cannot stand men in general and men who enjoy pretty women in particular. See: Catty, Sexy Bitch. Also one whom would never willingly engage in Fellatio (which see). For example: Hillary Clinton. 'bitchy' describes said woman's usual mood and Attitude (which see). The logical extreme of a Sassy attitude, which also see.
      When used as a verb 'to bitch' or 'bitching': Nagging (which see), excessive complaining. Usually done by an adult female, which would make her 'a bitch who bitches', often to discourage any Romantic Advances by her Husband. See: Wifely Duty for example. Compare: Shrew, Unfuckable.
      Can Be a Good Looking Woman who uses Sex to control her man, see: Pussy Whipped, Cuckold.
      When used as a title, I.E. "the Bitch" it indicates a woman who is an owner, manager or other boss, who also meets the second definition above, and who silences all objection through the power of her position. It also helps if said woman is good looking. If she's ugly, most people, men and women, just write her off and ignore her as much as possible. For one step up from that, see: Bitch Goddess (Queen Bitch).
      Also used to indicate 'ownership' of a Bottom in male Homosexual relationships, especially in a prison setting where a Dominate man will have 'his bitch', or sometimes several of them. See: Punk, Forced Feminization, Sissification, and related.
      Note: It is possible for a Heterosexual man to be 'bitchy', 'to bitch', etc. The best response to said man should be open loathing and blatant disrespect by others.

Bitch Goddess (Queen Bitch)
      In antiquity, the some female deities were depicted as malevolent and even spiteful of the living, and in particular, free men, and she would often pursue them to their own bad end. Such as Ate who was the Greek goddess of delusion and mischief who tempted mortals to believe in their own abilities, and then contributes to their downfall.
      Today, we would say that a woman who is so self important in her own mind that she thinks she is both a queen as well as a goddess, and if you disagree with her.... well, Persephone might put in a good word for you in the underworld.

Bite / Biting Fetish
      Similar to the Vampire Fetish (which see), Odaxelagnia is being Sexually Arroused by the use of the mouth to inflict pain on another, or to have their partner inflict pain, either mild or severe, on them with the teeth.
      It should be noted here that a human bite can be a serious injury requiring medical attention as the risk of infection is extremely high.

"Bite Me"
      Another of the nonsensical semi-curse words. Far from the speaker actually wishing to be seriously injured (a human bite is one of the most dangerous and slowest to heal), they are actually saying that they want you to perform Oral Sex on them, but are doing so in a derogatory and disrespecting way. Much as saying "Fuck You" is anything but an offer for Sex. For the Fetish, see: Bite Fetish. Also see related exclamation at: "Suck My Dick".

Black Bar, Black Stripe, Blacked Out
      Obsolete censoring technique which obscures whatever is being concealed from view with an actual dark rectangles or lines, covering both all or parts of an image or text that was subject to redacting or other editing or Censorship. At one time a piece of black tape or paper was actually placed on the image during the negative to positive printing process. More recently it was done in the editing process with an Airbrush or electronically as either the 'black bar', or Pixilation, which see.
      There were usually two goals with using the technique, most often, only one was in play at any particular time. With Sexually Explicit images, the Sex Organs may be covered, or, if they were shown, the eyes would be concealed to protect the identity of the model. See: Men's Magazines, Centerfold, Nude Model.
      The audio equivalent is the "bleep" which see. Also see: Censorship, Content Warning, Airbrushed. For the use of the equivalent in art see: Modesty Cloth.

Black Mass (Sex in the)
      Ritual and associated worship of Satan as dictated by works developed by Anton LeVey (1930 - 1997) under his "Church of Satan".
      The usual ritual is somewhat theatric, although more mundane and even dull when compared to what is depicted by Hollywood. But it can, and does, often involve an actual Sex Act between the 'priest' and a Submissive woman who is offering herself up as a symbolic sacrifice to Satan by letting the priest Fuck her on the alter. In some rituals the 'priest' will withdraw from the woman and Ejaculate on a crucifix or a Bible to add to the shock value of the act. See: Sub, Sex Magic, Tantra, Gothic. Compare: Sacred Sex.

Blaze Starr
      One of the most famous strippers of the 'modern era' of Burlesque. Her fame was as much through her association with Governor Earl Long of Louisiana in the 1950's and buying her own club in Baltimore as much as her on stage dancing.
      Given her 1932 West Virginian birth name of Fannie Belle Fleming, there is little wonder why she worked under the professional name 'Blaze', which both referred to her flaming red hair as well as her vivacious personality which was nearly as over the top in her private life as it was on stage.
      See: Burlesque, Stripper / Striptease, Terpsichorean Ecdysiast, Dance, Adult Entertainment

Bleach Blonde
      An inaccurate label for, usually for a woman but can be applied to a man, one who artificially lightens their hair. The error is in the name of the chemical used because one would not use household 'bleach' (NaClO as sodium hypochlorite) to lighten their hair. To do so would most likely end in unfortunate results, namely, chemical burns to the scalp and possibly at least temporary baldness. But using the phrase 'hydrogen peroxide blonde' while more accurate, doesn't have the same ring to it. See: "Carpet Matches the Drapes", Bimbo, "Blondes Have More Fun", Bombshell. For perhaps the best known example, see Marilyn Monroe (all puns at no extra charge!).

"bleep" sound effect, *****, [deleted], and so on
      Sound effects, substitutions, pixelations, and other editing techniques used to conceal words, gestures, or other expressions or images that may offend somebody. In many cases, it is obvious to almost everybody exactly what was censored and what was meant by it, and removing the actual content only emphasizes the meaning and draws more attention to it and who said it. Which is usually the intent far more than trying to prevent somebody from being offended.
      The 'bleep' sound effect has even become something of a joke in and of itself where somebody will say "well bleep you" without using an Expletive. The Doktor is a master of this both in person and in print.
      Also see: Censorship, F-word, Euphemism, Black Bar, Family Hour, Voluntary Self Censoring. Compare: Double Entendre.

BLOG, Sex Blog, Adult Blog, Porn Blog, Etc.
      Variations on the 'Web Log' theme which are essentially an online journal. The genre also includes "micro-blogging" which consists of short phrases and sentences (often poorly written) used on social networking sites.
      Said 'blogs' feature diary like entries of sexual exploits (both real and imagined), as well as images or short videos of a private and personal nature, which are often of poor quality as they are often taken with celphone cameras or Webcams. Others of this stripe review various types of Adult Entertainment, other websites, even rating and ranking the Call Girls available to Politicians in Washington DC.
[For our present purpose, we are speaking of only those 'blogs' with Adult Content, but the following conclusions can be generalized to the wider genre.]
      Most presences on the Web, blogs and otherwise, are subject solely to the control and whim of their respective owners and webmasters without 'peer review' and other fact-checking. As is the case with Your Good Brutha's site (which is NOT a BLOG, damnit) as well, although Your Brutha and the Doktor make every effort to present accurate information, especially in content such as this Glossary.
      However. There is no guarantee that anything written in a 'blog' or any photos presented therein is in any way factual or accurate. There is no editorial review or outside body which certifies said content. Which is why the disclaimer that appears at the bottom of this page, and is reproduced here as an example, should be applied equally to all 'blogs' and a majority of other websites without editorial review boards, including this one.

The Sex Glossary is presented as both an educational tool and an entertainment vehicle. This work is intended to be a brief explanation of the various topics and is NOT exhaustive nor academically authoritative on any one given topic. No Medical or Legal Advice should be inferred from any content in this work or, indeed, from anything on the old, or other related sites. All material presented is believed to be accurate at the time of posting. Some definitions are by nature subjective and subject to personal interpretation, other definitions may be equally valid.

"Blondes Have More Fun"
      Title of an album by British rock star Rod Stewart released in 1978, released by Warner Records. The album included Stewarts iconic hit da ya think I'm sexy which does not need to be quoted here. It is, however, worth noting that the rocker himself was a Bleach Blonde (which see).
      Of course the title of the album, and a song on its second side, was taken from the old truism that women, and evidently English rock stars, with that color of hair did have more fun, or at least Sex, which may amount to the same thing in certain circles.
      The issue was taken to the next level by another Bleach Blonde- Marilyn Monroe, in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with another iconic Sex Symbol, Jane Russell, see quote from her at Chaperone.

Blow A Kiss
      The original "Air Kiss" (which see). The practice is to Kiss the palm of ones hands with a closed mouth Pucker and suitable noise indicating that it is an Affectionate activity, then one extends ones hand horizontally with the palm up "so the kiss doesn't fall off" then one blows the imaginary token toward the receiver with a large breath similar to extinguishing candles on a cake. Usually the entire process is done with exaggerated and almost theatrical gestures and expressions to convey the most meaning possible.
      As is said elsewhere, this entire ritual is best left to children and those leaving port on a cruise ship or departing from an airport concourse. Compare: Air Kiss. Also see: Emotions, Kiss, Affection, Love, Pucker Up, and so on. Blow Job, BJ
      Oral Sex performed on a Penis. Term has been used to refer to Cunnilingus, although most usually in jest. See: Fellatio, Fluffer, DBJ, Face Fuck.

"Blow Up Doll"
      Somewhat derogatory term used for an inflatable Sex Doll, which see. Added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

      Two primary uses.
      When used to describe something like a TV show or a sports team's season, it means the object being so described is really lousy.

Blue Balls
      Fictional condition related to Sexual Frustration and/or being Sex Starved, see both. There is no medical evidence that a lack of Sexual Activity results in any changes to the color or functionality of the Testicles. Also see: Married Man.

Blue Laws
      Outdated and, most of the time, unenforceable laws, often still on the books, which prohibit certain activities which were often labeled Societal Evils (which see), at certain times, or by certain people. In many cases violation was a 'status offense' or misdemeanor which carried little if any penalty, but was more of an annoyance fine. Historically, under Jewish law almost everything was prohibited on the Sabbath. We can thank everybody from Constantine to the Quakers and Puritans (who reportedly posted their laws on blue paper, and which see in this Glossary!) for banning certain things on Sunday or in a particular location, such as an Adult Bookstore near a school, church, or cemetery. Also see: Sharia.
      A good example is the local regulation, found in many small towns, that prohibited the sale of things like Pantyhose on Sunday mornings as somehow Immoral (which see). As is the case in parts of New Jersey. In this case, the town of Bergen:

"On Sunday, the law says, it is unlawful to sell clothing, linen, lawn mowers, lumber, pantyhose and just about anything else except food, fuel and pharmaceuticals. Work may be done only for "charity or necessity." In Paramus, which has its own local blue law, the lawyer for the Borough Council goes to his office at the risk of a summons."
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Blue Movie
      Obsolete term for an Adult Movie which usually appealed to a male audience and was usually shown in Art Houses (which see) or in other 'special venues'. Said movies usually featured long scenes of young women undressing and getting ready for bed and other non-sexual behavior. The term is directly related to Blue Laws which attempted (unsuccessfully) to regulate such content. Some of these appear to be tapes of Casting Couch (which see) sessions. Also see: Stag Film, Eight Millimeter.

Blush, Blushing
      Physical response to emotional state such as Embarrassment, anger, or Sexual Arousal, and even Climax and Orgasm, see said highlighted terms. The most obvious outward sign of such a condition occurring is redness of the face, usually around the eyes and cheeks, but may involve the entire face, neck, and further as the capillaries near the skin dilate and more blood flows near the surface causing the change of color and temperature associated with the act. Some young women have been known to become flushed (which means the same thing) from their foreheads to halfway down their chests, such a display can be very Attractive indeed.
      It is a myth that those of the darker skin tones do not blush. They do, and in the right light, or with a thermal imager, it can be seen. The phenomenon is part of the human condition and not an aspect of race.

Bodily Function(s)
      Such processes as required by the human corpse (and other animals) to maintain life, and more particularly, the end result of said processes including Defecation, Urination, Respiration, and so on. In some cases, particularly in some science fiction stories, Procreation and the act thereof, Fucking, is included in the list.

Bodily Orifice/ Opening, Body Cavity
      Any of the several naturally occurring, or surgically installed, access points into the body such as the Mouth, nose, Anus, urethra, Vagina, and others not usually thought of such as the ear canal and tear ducts. See highlighted terms.
      Said anatomical features are also subject to search by law enforcement as they also make for good hiding places for small valuable contraband such as drugs and jewelry. In most instances, specific language in a search warrant or extreme probable cause is needed before such a search can be conducted legally, even by the TSA. See: Strip Search.

Body Art
      Alterations to and decorative work done on a person's skin. See: Tattoo, Piercing, and Branding for permanent alterations. See: Body Painting for temporary alterations. Also see: Body Modification.

Body Building/ Builder
      An exercise regime, and related practitioner, with the express goal of increasing muscle mass, often to extreme proportions. Professionals will often use high protein diets and may take natural or artificial hormones such as Testosterone, which see, to enhance their performance, sometimes at extreme risk to their own health. See: Hard Body, Fitness.

Body Double
      Actress, or on occasion an actor, hired to appear Nude on camera instead of a Celebrity who is either too shy, or who feels they are above having to do such a thing as Gratuitous Nudity (which see). Rumor has it that several of the best known names in Hollywood have hired doubles to do their nude scenes, then lied about it to the press and their fans by claiming that it was them. If this is indeed true, said celeb should have to refund everybody that saw their movie what they paid for their ticket. See: Full Frontal Nudity, and related topics. Also see: Simulated Sex Act.

Body Language
      Nonverbal Communication (which see) based on facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, overall body carriage, and maybe even pheromones. Could even involve some level of telepathy if you read the right articles.
      For our present purposes. This is how you can best tell if a woman is interested in Having Sex as it is very difficult to Lie with your body (unless you are in Congress). See: Arousal, Sexual Excitement, Coy, Lie.
"I speak two languages, Body and English." - Mae West (1893-1980)

Body Mass Index, BMI
      Fictional and seriously misleading number developed by political activists who believe that everybody else is overweight. The number is calculated solely from a person's height versus their weight. The 'index' does not take into account factors such as the percentage of fat to muscle, so a body builder's number may be higher than a 'couch potato' and indicate that they are obese. The 'index' has been discredited in most medical clinics but is still cited in busybody media reports and state schools. See such topics as Big Beautiful Woman, Chubby Chaser, Fluffy, Plump, Personal Ad, Statuesque, Substantial Figure, and related.

Body Modification
      Intentional permanent alteration of the form or function of the human body through various techniques including Tattoo, Piercing and Branding, or through surgical processes such as Circumcision, Subincision or Female Genital Mutilation. Often done as part of an Initiation ritual. See said topics.

Body Painting
      Covering all or part of the body with non-toxic paint or stage makeup for a limited amount of time. Said images may include paint which resembles swimsuits or sports uniforms, fanciful designs, or even animal skin patterns such as zebra stripes. Also Softcore and Hardcore images of people with said artwork on them, most of whom usually happen to be pretty young women, sometimes appearing in public so painted. Most paints so applied can be removed with a good long shower. Such painting is also done on men, especially at the large yearly festival devoted to the art in Austria, but nobody cares. See: Nude Model, Tattoo, Exhibitionism.

Body Piercing
      Most usually: the perforation of superficial bodily tissue for the installation of jewelry or other artwork. Traditionally limited to the earlobes, but increasingly seen in the nostrils, lips, cheeks, eyebrows, the nipples, the navel, and Genitals. See Piercing for more.
      Also used, somewhat incorrectly, as a synonym for Penetration during Sexual Activity. Also see: Fucking.

Boink, Boinked, Boinking, Bonk, Bonking
      From various cartoons and comic strips, may refer to a sound effect, an indescribably complex series of events, an accident, or... Fucking. See: Slang.

      Multiple uses, all somewhat related as follows.
      A musical cadence or beat, and related dance with a distinct rhythm usually described as very Sexy. Most usually associated with Cuba and a few other Central American countries and often danced in traditional costumes with obvious Passion and quite a bit of Suggestive moves and flourishes.
      The common name for Maurice Ravel's (1875 - 1937) most famous work which was originally titled Fandango which has become the flagship for the above referenced dance style and most usually thought of when the term is used even though there is an entire genre of music behind the word.
      A movie from 1984 written and directed by John Derek (1926 - 1998) which starred a Sex Symbol, his then wife Bo Derek (born 1956), which featured Ravel's music. The movies theme of a young woman's sexual awakening and some moderately explicit sex scenes forced Derek to release the movie without a rating as the M.P.A.A. had threatened it with an X-rating unless Derek cut most of the 'good stuff'. Because it did not have a rating, most theater chains refused to show it. In spite of this movie's title (the film was lousy, not widely viewed, and barely made any money) it was a previous use in another sex scene in the very popular Blake Edwards movie "10" also with Bo Derek, that so totally connected the rhythmatic syncopation of Ravel's music with the Sex Act.
      See various references such as: Dance, M.P.A.A., X-rated, Sex Symbol, Sexy Music, Ten, and so on.

      A woman whose beauty, sexual desirability, attitude, ?talent?, and overall presence cannot be ignored or disregarded by even the most staid and self-righteous of people, men and women alike. One of the best examples is Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 1962). See: Babe, Bleach Blonde (MM was not a natural), Sex Symbol (quote), Stacked- reference, Breathy Voice- Monroe as example, Voluptuous- quote by one of her co-stars.

      Restraining a subject for the Sexual Gratification of either or both. If the subject did not volunteer with Informed Consent there could be legal repercussions from the act. See: B&D, WAM, Breath Play, Safe Word, Edging, and related.

      An emotional connection. In infant animals, it is better expressed with the term 'imprinting'.
      When discussing adult women's friendships, the bond is predominately an emotional response evoked by women's tendency to Confide in each other various secrets and feelings. In this case, the bonding can be done almost spontaneously with a total stranger in a public restroom as they talk to each other, or take a period of decades doing, pretty much the same thing. With adult men, a 'bond' of that nature may never occur even though they have known each other for many years and consider each other a friend.
      In general with humans it is usually seen as the period where a friendship or other personal connection is made. It is used incorrectly, and somewhat stupidly, during 'team building' exercises where people stand around and sing songs or dress up in paper hats and clown-ish bow ties. Also, it has NOTHING to do with adult men sitting around a campfire Lying to each other about what they did in high school, nevermind TV shows to the contrary.

Bone, Boner
      Yet another term for the Penis, and the Erection thereof.

Boobs, Boobies, Bosom
      Three of an innumerable list of terms for the female Breasts, which see. The word 'bosom' is somewhat archaic but is often still used in more formal situations.

Booth Girl
      Essentially, Spokesmodels (which see). Otherwise: Pretty young women hired to smile and pose in sometimes quite revealing costumes for a vendor or sponsor at a convention, product show, or other occasion. In most cases, they are 'showing' a device or highlighting a service that they cannot, and may never, use themselves. All serious questions about the item will be directed to the vendor's professional staff which usually are not 'pretty young women in swimsuits'. Said girls are iconic fixtures at car and technology shows in Japan and many vendors there keep several dozen such girls on their payrolls year round to use at these shows. Otherwise, said girls can be hired through Modeling and Talent Agencies. Also see: Podium Girl, Buckle Bunny.

Booty, "Bootylicious"
      Spellings vary. Most usually refers to the Buttocks of a woman who is energetically Dancing, as in "shake your booty". Also term for Getting Laid as in "get some booty". Compare: Bubble Butt, "Junk In The Trunk", Moneymaker. Also see: Caboose.
      The second term is a made up term from a rap song that has been adopted by society at large to describe one of the above that is, in some way, exceptional. The word may be idiotic, but the general idea is quite agreeable.

      A Whorehouse, which see. The term is generally regarded as obsolete except for period novels.

Boston Pancake / Steamer
      One person defecating on another person, and then smashing the feces onto the Passive Partner. Usually done as a form of Humiliation in a Dom / Sub relationship or during some form Fetish or Extreme Sex play. See: Coprophilia, Scat Play, Shit, Dirty Sanchez, and related. added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

Bottom - Top
      Most often refers to the roles practiced in male Homosexual Anal Intercourse and is not usually used in Heterosexual relationships. The 'bottom' or Receiver is the one being Penetrated by the Top or Active Partner. Other terms used include: 'pitcher - catcher', 'driver', and even 'boy - girl'. Most usually the participants will reverse roles and today's 'top' will be tomorrows 'bottom'. The terms 'Top' and 'Bottom' and related are used no matter which physical position (side by side, standing, receiver on top, etc) is used for the sex as it refers to the Anal Penetration. See: example at John Holmes.
      It is the bottom who would make the "A-OK" gesture in a Gay Bar (which see).

Boudoir, Boudoir Photography / Book / Furniture / In The..., Etc.
      The French word originally indicated the private chambers of an aristocratic lady where she could rest without being disturbed by her husband, dress, and, if certain translations are to be believed, be depressed or 'sulk'. Since then the definition has expanded to include the other listed terms, but all with the general frame of reference of the Bedroom.
      Of the list, we'll discuss two aspects in somewhat more depth here. 'Boudoir photography' has become something of a trend in recent years, especially in the realm of Wedding photography where the Bride To Be sets up a Glamour Photography session to be photographed in her Trousseau and Honeymoon Lingerie, supposedly as a gift for her Groom on their Wedding Night. But, most likely, serves only to polish the Vanity of the 'Princess', especially when the woman in question is Fluffy or a BBW. In most cases, said photographs contain very little Nudity, are hardly ever explicit in any way, and most usually would be classified as Cheesecake or at best, Softcore. An offshoot of the trend, pardon the pun, is Day After Photographs, which are usually even worse. See highlighted terms.
      The 'book' variation refers almost exclusively to novels ranging from light Erotica to full on high heat works such as Lady Chatterley's Lover (which see), all of which were aimed at a female audience. Also see: Pillow Book, Romance Novel, Formula Romance, and other topics.

      Re-closable container. Most usually one that is made of cardboard or plastic that is square or rectangular, may have a removable or hinged lid for access to the interior. Also, anything which resembles same such as a computer, TV, or a container van "box truck".
      Slang term for the Vagina, which see. Is often generalized to mean the woman herself, especially if her 'box' is regarded as 'hot' as in a "Hot Mom" which see. Compare: Moneymaker, Babymaker.

      Male friend, implies but does not implicitly state that the relationship is physical, as in, that the couple is Fucking. Relationship may be Heterosexual or Homosexual or some other variation. For a nearly obsolete term see: Going Steady, and also: Steady Girlfriend. Also see: Dating, Courting.
      The text messaging abbreviation 'BF' has other meanings in common usage, see BF.

Bra, Brassiere
      Women's intimate apparel, specifically the undergarment designed to support the Breasts and conceal the Nipples. Devised from the older and larger Corset, which see. In most cases composed of nylon, cotton, elastic bands, and perhaps some lace, fastened with hook and eye or other means. Athletic versions may include team colors or special padding. Prosthetic versions are available for medical needs. Several varieties of bras exist which enhance a woman's Cleavage, in some cases to comical levels, often through use of extra material or padding (which is a separate entry).
      Contrary to the 'Old Wives Tale' (which see), there is little therapeutic value to wearing a bra. The sagging of a woman's breasts as she ages, and resultant stretch marks, will occur naturally regardless of her choice of undergarment, and have more to do with the size of the breast, her fitness level, time, and her genetic makeup than it does anything else.
      The source of lowbrow humor on laugh track TV shows for years beyond count. Also an object of fascination and obsession for some men including Transsexuals and Cross Dressers. Entire catalogs of women's garments in men's sizes, including some very large sizes, are available, often with large price tags to match.
      See: Breast, DD, Lingerie, Padded Bra, and related terms as highlighted.

Bracelets, Trophies, Tokens, etc
      Items earned or given as a result of sexual activity. May include cheap bracelets, charms, or other jewelry often of different colors or with specific shapes or markings indicating what was done or with whom it was done. Applies mainly to girls, but is has also been seen among gay and straight boys. According to urban lore, one color of bracelet or other token would indicate that the wearer performs Oral Sex, another for Anal, and so on. Regardless of 'parenting' websites to the contrary, there is no standardization of colors, so if a red item in Boston means the teen gives Head, in Chicago it might mean the wearer was Gay, while in another area it could mean they were a Virgin (or maybe on the PTA!). However, wearing said items Does Not Mean the person has done anything at all, they could simply be making a tacky fashion statement or that the person likes Lance Armstrong.
      Occasionally one or the other party, or both, will keep a 'trophy' of their Sexual Conquest such as their underwear, a photo of the person, or other item. This is quite common among groups of young men, such as in a fraternity or other club, and even among women in similar environments. Along the US - Mexico border, some human smugglers keep trophy trees which are decorated with the undergarments of the women that have paid them with sex for the trip into the US.
      The practice is loosely based on the Native American practice of "Counting Coup" where a warrior would sneak into an enemy's camp and either leave an item, steal something of the enemies, or even touch or mark the enemy himself, thus earning a 'coup' without violence. Once the coup was earned, the warrior would display a feather or other item indicating their accomplishments. Much the same as today's soldiers wear ribbons indicating bravery or special service.

      Marketing and advertising technique where a particular product name is attached to something, such as a stadium or team. Thusly you end up with "the Skumbag Bowl presented by the National Political Committee".
      Traditionally, the actual permanent scarring of the skin with a hot iron, see Tattoo- body art reference. Most usually the iron is configured into a letter or symbol. Often used by fraternities to permanently mark their members. Also used in Dom/Sub relationships to indicate the willing Submission and subservience of the branded partner. In other circumstances a purposely designed branding iron is not used and instead the device used is a red hot wire coat-hanger, a coin, or other item, which raises the risk factor even more. Branding is inherently dangerous, risking serious deep tissue damage, infection, necrosis, and other complications as human skin is much thinner than bovine skin, which is where it originated.

Brassy, Brazen
      Somewhat obsolete term most usually used to describe a woman, particularly a young woman who has an abundance, perhaps maybe an over-abundance of self confidence and no small bit of Sass to her. Especially in matters of her own Sexuality, which would make her somewhat Flamboyant, see said terms. The derogatory term for essentially the same attitude and personality would be Shameless Hussy, which see, the terms are sometimes combined, usually in period novels and movies. The opposite would be Demure, Humble, and Submissive, which see.
      The root of the phrase is the gleam one gets off highly polished brass metal such as with a marine or shipboard application or a graven image or idol.

Breast Enlargement / Enhancement / Augmentation / Surgery
      Surgical or other artificial means used to increase the relative dimensions, including chest measurement, cup size, nipple size and location, and other attributes of a woman's, and indeed, sometimes a man's, breast area. Most notably seen with models and Adult Actresses who believe that huge tits will make them more marketable, see quote below, Breast Obsession and Tit Man for how that probably happens. May result in significant Stretch Marks, which see. The surgical aspect may also be to reduce the size of the subject matter as well, including in a male to female sex change. One who hasn't had such augmentation can be said to be a "Natural Woman".
      Also includes Sex Change Surgery for Transsexuals, see said terms. Also see: "Store Bought Tits" (pun intended), and the non-surgical option: Padded Bra.
"Big Tits Sell." - Harrison Marks (1926 - 1997)

Breast Milk, Breast Feeding
      The fluid produced by the Female Mammary gland for the nourishment of an infant. The suckling of an infant at the Breast of a Lactating woman. See: La Leche League and related topics.
      Also, niche and Fetish related material to Adults behaving as nursing Infants with a woman who is producing milk. See: Infantile Fetish, Mixed Drink.

Breast Obsession
      Fixation with the Female Secondary Sexual Characteristics to the near exclusion of all other factors regarding female Sexuality. Some men, and to be fair, women as well, ogle said organs whether surgically enhanced, part of a morbidly obese woman, or even computer generated as if they were a woman's first best feature. Also, said fixation has been the source for lowbrow humor on TV and in movies since the mediums were invented.
      See: Topless, Obsession, Partialism, Sexual Obsession, Tit Man, Fetish. Also see topics such as Lingerie, Breast Enlargement, Bra, and related.

Breast Self-Exam
      Breast Self-Examination is recommended to all women and girls who have begun Menstruating to detect lumps or masses that may be breast cancer. The usual practice involves the woman gently manipulating one, then the other breast with the opposite hand while in the shower or laying in bed and then examining the surface of the breast in the mirror. The method is remarkably effective when done on a regular basis in the detection of irregularities. Several excellent 'do it yourself' guides are available online from reputable medical establishments. See: Vulvar Self-Exam

      Secondary female sexual characteristic, milk producing organ as in "Mammary Glands" (which see), the designed function of which is to feed an infant. See: Tits, Boobs, Bust, Breast Milk, and so on.
      Objects of considerable attention, fascination, mythology, and even Obsession by a large number of men whom may not have been properly weaned given their expressions of ravenous hunger when they see a large pair of the organs, even if said objects have been surgically enhanced to near comical proportions. Said obsession is not limited to men but is also seen among women who take extreme measures to increase their own bust size, even when there is no male in their life who wishes them to do so. See: Cleavage.
      The source of Hugh Hefner's (1926 - 2017) fortune. For other uses, see related topics such as Décolletage, Tit Fucking, Lactation, Nipple, Breast Feeding, Fun Bags, Etc. See Hefner quote at Playboy (of course)

Breath(ing) Games / Play /Control
      Also known as Erotic Asphyxiation or Asphyxiaphilia. The practice is by its very nature dangerous and some individuals have died or have suffered permanent brain and/or heart - lung damage from it. Further note, it is damned difficult if not impossible to use a Safe Word (which see) when you cannot breathe, and if your hands are bound it might be impossible to use a sign as a warning of real distress as well, which in some circumstances, can occur in less than a minute of being unable to breathe. The level of trust between the participants must be unquestioned and a non-participating third party 'safety officer' is highly recommended. That being said, we'll continue...
      An aspect of Bondage, Domination, and other Extreme and intense Sex Play which is truly dangerous, which is part of the lure and attraction to it. The central idea is to heighten Sexual Pleasure through the combination of danger, oxygen deprivation, the associated adrenalin rush, and the idea that they are not even in control of their own breathing. The Subs breathing is restricted through a variety of devices beyond just being ordered to hold their breath by the Dom. They may have their mouth and nose or even their head or whole body dunked under water, their face could be covered with plastic or leather, or they may even have something like a snorkel or diving regulator in their mouth while wearing nose plugs to limit the air they get even if they are not submerged. See: Water Bondage, Aquaphilia, and other highlighted terms.
      The person, or persons, who is having their breathing restricted usually does so voluntarily, but there have been instances during extreme B&D and S&M encounters where the Submissive was so restricted without their prior consent. Which, if pressed, would be a Felony.

Breathy Voice
      Most often associated with Obscene Phone Calls, this is when the normal speaking voice is overshadowed by deeper than usual audible breaths. Most famous example is Marilyn Monroe's rendition of "Happy Birthday" to JFK in 1962, her singing was punctuated by deep breathing, which is generally regarded as Sexy and Sultry, see said terms.

Bridal Party
      A group of people consisting of the woman who is being (has just been, will soon be) married, and... well, she is all that matters. Just ask the Mother Of The Bride, she'll explain it to you. See said term. Also see: Wedding, Bride, and related.

Bride, Bride To Be, New Bride
      The Woman who: is getting Married, will be getting married, has just been married. And that's enough on that subject.
      See: Wedding (various listings), Trousseau, Bride's Maids, Honeymoon, Newlyweds, "Advice to the young bride", Virginity Test, Boudoir Photography, and so on. See reference at Princess. Compare: "Mother of the Bride".
      Also, 'wedding porn' where the women are dressed up as brides. Very little of said material is authentic unless it is the occasional candid Upskirt or other type of accidental shot. See: Hot Mom, Housewife, Fetish, and related.

Bride's Maids, Maid/ Matron of Honor
      The female members of the Bridal Party who accompany the Bride and stand with her at the ceremony.
      The maid/matron of honor is the female equivalent to the Best Man and will usually hold the bride's bouquet and attend to her other needs before and during the ceremony, and possibly at the reception. Lifelong friendships between young women have ended over who was chosen to be whose maid of honor at whose wedding. She is often also the second official witness on the marriage license. The 'maid' title means she is either unmarried or is younger than the Bride herself. An older woman, or one who is married, are usually given the title of 'matron of honor'.
      The other bride's maids serve no significant purpose at modern weddings and their numbers are usually nothing other than a status symbol, especially when there are more than four or five. (At one 2009 ceremony to which Your Good Brutha was invited, there was one Maid of Honor and seven additional bridesmaids!)
      Rumors that bride's maids are 'easy pickings' at receptions for Casual Sexual encounters are somewhat based in reality and do have some truth to them. This is especially true when there is a large number of them and some may feel slighted over some triviality. Plying an offended bridesmaid with booze and compliments may indeed be all it takes to get her out of her pastel dress. (trust your brutha on this one)

      Somewhat disrespectful and outdated slang term for a Woman. Less rude than calling her a Cunt (which see). Compare: Skirt, Doll, Dame, and so on.

Broken Heart
      The profound, indescribable sadness and indeed period of mourning felt when something irreversible has occurred, such as the Death of a Loved One. The casual usage as when somebody says they are experiencing this emotion over the cancelation of a TV show is incorrect and trivializes its true nature which, in fact means grief so deep and so overwhelming that it can kill. See: Heartbreak, Lovesick, "Date Other People".

"Bromance" / Man Crush
      Asinine media terms for a close friendship between Heterosexual men which indirectly implies Homosexual desire between them. If you Ever use either of the terms in reference to Your Good Brutha, you should also be prepared for 'multiple spontaneous non-consensual dental extractions'.

Brown Eye
      The human Anus, which see. Often used as a Euphemism for such in Porn when discussing Anal Sex. Also see Ass Flower and related.

Brown Sugar
      Most usually refers to attractive young black woman, especially those of a skin tone akin to 'brown sugar' or (more correctly) Chocolate. May or may not refer directly to committing a Sex Act with said woman. See: Dark Meat
      Most famous reference is in the 1971 song by the Rolling Stones. The lyrics to the song include unmistakable reference to Cunnilingus in the chorus... (not that there is anything wrong with that)

"Ah brown sugar how come you taste so good
(a-ha) brown sugar, just like a young girl should."

- Album: Sticky Fingers lyrics by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. From Rolling Stones Records.

Bubble Butt
      Most usually, the female Tush which has smooth round cheeks that are slightly protruding, yet firm, and lack obvious cellulite. Term is entirely subjective as, depending on the pose, most women who are not obese can achieve something of a 'bubble butt'. See: Booty, Ass Cheeks, and related.

"Buckle Bunny"
      "... and now for the nomination of 'strangest entry in the Great Sex Glossary we have: 'buckle bunny'." No, we're not kidding!
      Essentially, attractive young women who act as Podium Girls (which see), contestant escorts, promotional Spokesmodels, and general Eye Candy at rodeos. Known costumes for said girls include Daisy Duke shorts and Mini Skirts with various midriff baring shirts and blouses, and, of course cowboy boots and hats. They are so named because the prize for the winner of the various competitions at the rodeo often include a large heavily gilded belt buckle that is often all but unwearable due to its weight and size. Said individuals can often be hired for the weekend through various Talent and Modeling Agencies (which see). Also see: Booth Girls.
      This term was all but dismissed as a silly media phrase until it was seen in print some time ago, and then used in conversation by somebody who had attended one of these events.

Bug Chaser/Hunter, Bug Party
      [Your Good Brutha had refused to give credence to this rumored practice since the very beginning of this Glossary. However, it has resurfaced after being all but forgotten about in the 1990's. So....] finally added to the Glossary, and updated, by multiple Reader Suggestions over a period of years.
      A person (Male or Female) who is not infected with the HIV virus who knowingly and intentionally engages in high risk behaviors with those who are carrying the virus with the goal of becoming infected. The terms are varied for both those who do not have it as well as those who do, and for the activities they engage in, including Unprotected (Unsafe) Sex, especially Homosexual (Anal) Intercourse, as well as IV drug use, all of which are specifically designed to give them AIDS, which will eventually result in their death. The reasons for doing so are as varied as the people themselves; some wish to gain the extra attention and treatments available to the patients and so feel 'special', others feel like they are missing out on some great enlightening bestowed by the disease, others have a death wish or do not believe it will kill them, or their partner has the disease and they want to 'share' the coming agony with them, and so on. See related terms.
      The practice first came to wide attention in various magazine articles ranging back into the early '90's to some great controversy in the various communities. The hubbub died down and everybody went on their way. Now, at least in a few select circles, it is back with a new generation. According to one source familiar with the entire scene, it could be called: "'Slow suicide by Queer' instead of quick 'suicide by cop' for those without the balls to do themselves off."
      The 'party' part of the equation comes into play at a gathering where those with the disease engage in unprotected sex, or drug use, with those who do not have it and wish to get it, as a 'gift' or their 'conversion'.

      Obsolete term referring to either Fellatio or Anal Intercourse, especially of the Homosexual variety. The term also had a legal standing but has since been replaced, in most jurisdictions, with slightly more technical language. Was also used to cover sex with animals, and, according to one floating news article, Sex With Furniture. See: extensive legal discussion at Sodomy. Also see: Crime- or Act- Against Nature, Unnatural Act, Sodomy.

Bukkake, Cum Shot, Money Shot
      Most usually seen in Adult Movies, the practice involves a Submissive partner who is Ejaculated on by one or more men who may or may not be engaged in direct sex with the subject, as in, they are Masturbating themselves with the goal of cumming on the waiting Passive Partner.
     The infamous 'cum shot' of the adult movie world is also called the 'money shot' and at one time was thought to the be highlight of the movie. Fascination with the event has resulted in the niche world of 'Bukkake'. See: Cum, Ejaculation, Facial, Fletching.

Bullshit, Bullshitter
      A lie. A big lie. Anything passed by Congress (which see) with the word "Omnibus" in the title. One whom tells big lies a lot, a Congressman. See: Dick Stories, Girl Talk, Locker Room Talk, False Humility, Crap, and related.
      An example of the 'boss grade' element follows:

"Top level exploratory knowledge-based digital hardware usage research points to interactive policy inclusive of functional relative mobility facilitating transitional strategic time-phases in outside the box quality monitored paradigm shifts of deconstructed incremental flexibility with value added logistical innovation."

      Multiple meanings, some are as follows.
      The classic American definition is a slight disparagement of hobos, rail-riders, and others of the 'traveling fraternity'. However there is a difference a hobo and a 'bum'. A hobo of the 'Tourist Union 63' variety will work odd jobs during their travels, which even today, is mostly by freight train. A 'bum' is a freeloader on society that has their hand out for assistance, but will not work for it (like politicians and some pastors), and usually will not travel (which separates them from Congressmen, which see), and synonymous with 'begger', see: Beg.
      In sports, or politics. A 'bum', is essentially a hapless loser. In that arena when one says 'those bums' or 'throw the bums out' they are referring to their team, or their elected officials, who need to find another job because they're not cutting it in this one.
      To 'bum' something is to ask for the item with no intention of making repayment, such as 'to bum a cigarette'.
      More to our point here, the term 'bum' is a British expression for one's posterior, and related rearmost orifice. So when somebody says "she has a nice bum" about a woman they're not talking about her vagabond friend, her football team, nor the way she mooches free drinks at clubs. See related topics such as: Butt, Ass, Anal Sex, and so on.

Bump Uglies, Bump Ugly
      Yet another of the endless array of phrases used instead of just saying Fucking.... or rather, Heterosexual Genital Intercourse (see both terms), often by somebody trying to be cute, although it is now rarely heard, which is a good thing. Your Good Brutha has never used the term other than in this entry. Also see: Euphemism.

Bung, Bunghole
      A couple of somewhat related meanings. The first is related to the small opening in a barrel or cask of liquid such as wine or oil used to access the contents for sampling or the addition of flavoring or other material.
      The Anus.

      Usually thought of as a Vaudeville type of Adult Entertainment featuring really bad comics and lots of pretty women who seem to have forgotten at least part of their costume performing in Naughty skits and short plays, musical numbers, as well as Stripping. See: Terpsichorean Ecdysiast, Cabaret, Teasing, Showgirl, Exotic Dancer, Stripper, Belly Dancer, Little Egypt, Ribald, and related.
      Said common knowledge isn't wholly accurate. For example, Red Skelton (1913 - 1997) got his start working the shows, and his comedic talent is legendary. See: quote below. One expression that has survived from those times is the phrase 'top banana' to mean the highest ranking person in a touring group, making the next person in the pecking order the (comedic pause) 'second banana'.
"I'm nuts and I know it. But so long as I make 'em laugh, they ain't going to lock me up." - Red Skelton
      Historically burlesque had its beginnings in the 1840's and 50's in Britain, some time before Vaudeville began in the US. The actual word is a verb, 'to burlesque something' means 'to satirize or make fun of' whatever it is. In this case, the upper classes and that peculiar animal- the British way of life. The genre leaped the pond and took roots in the US in 1868 when London star Lydia Thompson and her group brought it, and her "British Blondes", to America to great acclaim. The primary attraction was comic plays and musical reviews by the girls. Strippers, according to most histories, did not become a regular feature until somewhat later, although pretty women in risqué costumes showing a lot of skin, particularly their legs, seem to have always been part of the show. And oh, yeah, most of the "British Blondes".... were neither.
      It was the Vaudeville troupes that moved into existing burlesque theaters to make their living, and not the other way around. However, it is true that burlesque had, and has, a slightly more 'Adult Entertainment' edge to it than the 'cleaner' (a relative term most certainly) Vaudeville.

      Multiple meanings including a plant, a President or two, and so on. For our part, we'll call it "Pussy Hair" (which see), and move on.

      Multiple meanings, some are as follows. A statue depicting the head, neck, and some of the shoulders and chest of a person. To go broke financially. To fail in some undertaking such as a sport, but in doing so, one has exhausted all of one's strength and talent, such as a banner that says "championship or bust". To be arrested by the authorities. To go over 21 in a game of Blackjack. And so on.
      More to our point here: a woman's chest and more specifically, her Breasts, which see (pun intended).

      Woman with Masculine personality or traits whom may or may not be Gay. Often used as a derogatory or pejorative term, sometimes combined with Dyke which has similar meaning. See: Lesbian, Lipstick Lesbian, Feminine, Bitch. Also see: Bear, Twink, and related.
      This is a different phenomenon than Autoandrophilia (which see) in which the woman is Sexually Aroused by the Fetish play of dressing and behaving as if she were a man, although, in reality, it may all work out the same in the end.

Butt, Buttocks
      The exterior of the Gluteus Maximus and the associated fatty tissue and skin covering. In short... on what thou sittest to readest this Glossary. AKA the Ass Cheeks, on a good looking woman: her Booty, or Caboose. See: Butt Cleavage, Moon, Tush. Also see: Heart.
      The rear of anything, the last to get something or one who is used as the straight man in a comedy routine as the 'butt' of the joke. See Derriere for related term.
      The shorter term can also be used to refer to the Anus and related subjects, as in "getting fucked in the butt". See: related 'Butt' entries.

Butt Boy, Butt Buddies
      Related terms used to describe a willing Submissive who allows another to 'use' them as the Receiver for Anal Intercourse. The Bitch to a Butch in a Homosexual relationship such as in a prison. Is also used as a derogatory term in the same manner as one would call somebody a 'Punk', which see. The terms almost always refer to Males. Also see: "Bend Over And...", Wazoo (Up The...), Bottom, and so on.
      The difference is that the 'boy' never expects or demands a return of the favor whereas the 'buddies' expect to take turns being the Receiver.

Butt Cleavage, Butt Crack
      The fold between the Buttocks. Used as an object of ridicule when it involves a plumber, see Cleavage for example. Compare: Camel Toe.
      See: reference at "Where the Sun Don't Shine" to other usage.

Butt Floss
      Panty or other such garment which is nothing more than a thread in the back between the Buttocks and then across the hips of the wearer. See: Thong, G-String, Panty.

Butt Fucking, Butt Fucker
      Anal Intercourse, see major reference there. There is no inference of the Sex of the Receiver in the term, or for that matter, of the Sex of the Penetrator as it may be a woman wearing a Strap On doing the Fucking! See said terms.

Butt Kisser
      Another word for Ass Kisser (which see), or 'brown noser'. Also, insult as in: "kiss my butt" when the speaker has no intention of letting you do it.

Butt Plug
      Anal dilator with no other functionality such as Vibrating or being able to be attached to a belt as a Strap On. Most usually tapered for easy Penetration enlarging to sometimes several inches around at the base with a 'T' handle or other device which serves as both a handle to control the plug and to prevent it from slipping past the sphincter which might require medical intervention to remove. Such devices are often used in Anal Training of a Sub. See: Dildo, Figging, Vibrator, Sex Toy.

Butt Ugly
      The question isn't whether or not one considers the 'lower posterior' unattractive or not, as many of said body parts of the female of the species are quite the opposite. The idea seems to stem from the idea that said structure is not usually found attractive under normal circumstances.
      The term is applied to 'less than beautiful' objects ranging from fish bait to a charity in Canada, as well as individual people. In some cases whatever is being discussed may be so ugly that it is considered cute, such as some dog breeds or various antique cars. The same cannot be said for modern art or a truly ugly woman. Compare: Eye Candy, Trophy Wife, Sex Object.

Butterfly Kiss(es)
      Multiple meanings, all somewhat related as below, including an agonizingly sweet song (and album title) released in 1997 by Bob Carlisle. The song deals with the memories of the idealistic love between a father and daughter as the girl gets married. It has since been covered by every singer who deals in that sort of thing there is and is a staple at Weddings. Any further discussion of said song is a known cause of the Fantods (which see).
      Another known cause of said malady is the 1995 British film by the same name which gift wraps a Lesbian love story with a tale of murder, betrayal, and suicide and ties it up with a ribbon of surprising violence by a Sapphic woman who is a literal Femme Fatale.
      But more in line with our efforts here is two different styles of physical contact, one of which does not involve the Mouth at all. However, both are described by the term as a very light, almost feathery touch, almost as if a butterfly has landed on you. The first is the one probably referenced in the song. Being close enough to the other person that when you blink your eyelashes tickle their skin without any other part of your body touching that area, such as a cheek or forehead.
      The second definition is the one probably referenced in the movie. This is the sensation delivered by lightly brushing your Lover's skin, particularly a woman's Clitoris, her Mound of Venus, Nipples, or other such Erogenous Zone, while using a very slight breath of air to excite the nerves just under the skin in a very unexpected, and very Sensually pleasurable, way related to the Ultimate Kiss.
      Your Good Brutha has it from a reliable source that many women find the latter more enjoyable than the former when delivered by a Paramour. added to the Glossary by suggestion of a friend

      The Anus or Asshole. The word is considered more polite than the latter and less than the former. In some cases, it has been used without Bleeping on TV.
      As the word is less offensive than "Asshole" it is seldom used in reference to a Congressman, except perhaps as the first listed definition when combined with the word "surfing", which see.

Butthole Surfer / Surfing, Bum/Ass Surfing, etc.
      Your Good Brutha had not added this one to the Glossary when it was first suggested a couple of years ago because, quite simply, there was no real definition of the term in wide use. Well, that appears to have changed. Now, there are several.
      The best definition we heard was: "Congressman engaged in ocean wave sport", so we'll list it first.
      Other possible definitions include: Somewhat gymnastic position for Anal Intercourse where the Active partner enters the Receiver in the Doggy Position, and then balances themselves spread eagle on their pelvis with both feet off the ground. Also, serial anal intercourse, most usually of the Male Homosexual variety where one or more men (or women wearing a Strap On) Anally Penetrates a line of Passive partners in turn, something that is far from a Safe Sex practice. One other discussed definition involved what amounted to a Pageant where various contestants were ranked on the overall appearance of their Bum, the inspection by the judges was evidently referred to as 'surfing' the contestants and, from reports from the event, did include some 'hands on' appraisals. As to whether that last definition should be included as a serious entry, we'll list it and let the reader decide. See highlighted references for more.
      added to the Glossary by multiple reader suggestions, yes it was

"C - word"
      A Politically Correct Euphemism for the word "Cunt" when used to refer negatively to a Woman, meant to not offend anyone in spite of its use. See highlighted terms.

      Various uses, all related to a style of nightclub entertainment involving a variety of live acts including singers and dancers interspersed with light comedy and comedic sketches or one act plays all being staged in dinner club type of atmosphere with the audience seated at tables around, or in front of, the performance area. In most cases, as the evening progressed the acts increased in their adult their adult content factor until by the end of the show the flavor had gone from a little Risqué (which see) to, in some cases, borderline Obscene with full nudity (although those who were Naked were almost always Female) and highly Suggestive but Simulated Sex Acts, and Ribald humor, especially in the forms golden era prior to WW2 in parts of Europe, compare Burlesque. Today's edition, by all accounts, lack a great deal in comparison. See somewhat related topic at Vaudeville. Also see: Adult Entertainment, Showgirl, Exotic Dancer, Drag Show and other highlighted and related topics.
      Also. The multiple Academy Award winning movie directed by Bob Fosse (1927 - 1987) based on a Berlin showplace set before the rise of the Nazi party. The movie was based somewhat loosely on the Tony Award winning Broadway play by the same name, which was based on another play which was itself somewhat loosely based on a novel. All were centered on a club in pre-Nazi Germany.
      According to rumor, there type of cold salad that includes meat and eggs set in a gelatin that is called a 'cabaret', but why such things are is best left to the imagination.
- "She not only kept her lovely figure, she's added so much to it."
Bob Fosse (1927 - 1987)

Caboose, "Take it in the Caboose", etc.
      Multiple meanings, all more or less related to the traditional definition of the last car on a railroad train where the switchmen and other crew rode to observe and service the train. Said cars were seen on nearly every freight train run from the early days of railroading throughout its golden era and into the 1980s when automated monitoring and signaling devices came into widespread use. As such, the back end of anything moving, such as the last individual in the peloton of a bicycle race or anything else that 'brings up the rear'.
      Now we shall apply that concept to our present purpose: The Buttocks of an animal or person, hopefully a good-looking Woman. The term is usually used when the Butt being described is large or otherwise predominate in some way. The phrase involving "take it in the..." refers to Anal Intercourse. See various related terms, including: Booty.

      An unapologetic Promiscuous man who seeks pleasure with women without any sort of larger relationship or commitment. Synonym with archaic use of Rake (which see) in Formula Romance Novels. See: Libertine, Don Juan, Playboy, Casanova, and related.

      Roman Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (12 AD - 41, ruled 37 to 41). The name 'Caligula' is a Diminutive (which see) literally meaning "Little Boots" referring to a soldier's shoes and is how he is most commonly known to differentiate him from his father Germanicus Julius Caesar, and others of the royal family who used variations of those names.
      Ancient sources from the period are sorely lacking, but those that survive and others from later in history regard the first couple of years of Caligula's reign as progressive and good for the empire. He began building projects for the good of the city and annexed overseas provinces. Those same sources note that after he suffered a serious illness he went slowly, but completely, mad. It is those final two years or so of his reign that have relegated him to infamy. The period is characterized by Sexual Excess and depravity on a scale seldom rivaled since, including at least occasional Incest with at least two of his three sisters, Rape of both male and female Courtiers and others, absolute disregard for the matters of state, and spending sprees that bankrupted the empire. After Caligula's assassination, the Senate made some efforts to ensure that there would be checks on the power later emperors would wield.
      Most often used as the title of the 1979 movie based on a Gore Vidal (born 1925) screenplay based on the emperor and his excesses. Produced by Bob Guccione (1930 - 2010) it starred Malcolm McDowell in the lead role (who manages to portray him in somewhat of a sympathetic light). The movie is infamous for graphic and sometimes brutal, although fairly accurate sex scenes, including Orgies... and violence. Things that are accurately depicted when judged from the historical record is the Emperor's insanity, and his untimely end at the hands of his own guards.
      The term is also used to described one who is in power who has become totally corrupt with that power, whether in business or Politics. See
Congressman, Quid Pro Quo, in flagrante delicto. Also see: Pleasure Palace, Bacchanalia, Roman Orgy, and related.
"Let them hate me, so long as they fear me."
- Caligula

Call Girl
      A Prostitute. Term is often considered less insulting that many of the others used for the Oldest Profession. However, 'call girls' are usually considered more exclusive and of a higher class, and therefore more expensive to hire than a typical Streetwalker. Most call girls have a list of select clients who have been referred by other clients and do not usually see those they are not familiar with or introduced to through their circle of 'friends'. See: Escort Service, Xaviera Hollander, D.C. Madam, and related terms.

Camel Toe
      The Vulva area of a woman covered and highlighted by a tight fitting garment such as a swimsuit or gymnastic leotard, especially photographs of same. In most cased only the Labia are able to be recognized, however, in some cases, especially with thinner material, the Clitoris and other structures may be discernable, although not directly seen. The term is from the supposed resemblance of the Vulva so covered to a camel's foot. See: Quim, Gap and related terms. Compare: Chastity Belt.

Camp Follower
      The traditional term is descriptive of a group of refugees displaced by war who 'follow the camp' of the victorious army seeking food and other goods as well as protection. Such individuals were a considerable problem during the US War Between The States when entire local populations would follow the Union Army seeking relief and, in the case of former slaves who had been freed or assumed freedom had come to them: a new life. In many cases said groups would become infiltrated by spies, saboteurs, and snipers which would then become a security problem for the army they were tailing. However, the followers also provided services and information to the advancing army which helped their cause in the War. More to our point here those services would include women and girls (and to be fair, men as well) who worked as Prostitutes for the Soldiers.
      More to our point here, the term is usually used to describe an individual, or group who shadow a famous person or group in an effort to become famous by association, such as a Publicity Whore. May also imply a sexual relationship such as with a Groupie (which see). Also see: Prostitute, Celebrity, Comfort Women, Hooker.

Candaulist, Candaulism
      One whom enjoys and possibly becomes Sexually Aroused through the act of exposing their Lover to others for their Voyeuristic pleasure. This is often seen by those who enjoy showing off a Trophy Wife in a Bikini or similar situations and various Fetish practices. The term implies it is the man who is showing off a woman, however, it can also apply to other variations, as with Cuckolding, and perhaps even Scopophilia, through posting images online of them. See highlighted terms.
      The popular term often confused with Troilism (which see). However, there is a significant difference. The 'Candaulist' does not allow the viewing party to engage in Sexual Activity with their partner, whereas the troilist does. Compare: Swingers, Open Marriage, and related.
      This name for the phenomenon originates in Classical Greece where, and the story varies among the various histories but the gist of it is this: King Candaules of Sardes/Lydia (735 - 718 BC) boasted how beautiful his wife was to his guard, Gyges. Then the two conspired to prove the point, possibly to settle a bet (the first coins in history were made here!), and the king arranged for his bodyguard to see the Queen undressing. Of course he gets caught and as with most Greek stories it ends badly with the bodyguard betraying the king and killing him and taking the throne.
      Also see: Peeping Tom, Public Nudity, Exhibitionism, Nudism, and related.

Candy and Flowers
      Traditional gift from a man to a woman he is Dating or Courting. Considered extremely Romantic by most women and traditionalists as both gifts are more or less harmless and non-threatening in a Sexual way, such as a gift of lingerie would be (unless the woman is allergic to them!) If the flowers were red roses the gift was thought to represent love, other flowers were symbolic of friendship or slightly less intense emotions. See Romantic Atmosphere, Date Night, and so on. Also see: "Roses Are Red..." for another example.

is dandy
but liquor
is quicker."
- Ogden Nash (1902 - 1971)
The original line was a poem in the above formatting.

Carnal, Carnal Knowledge, Carnality, & etc.
      Mostly obsolete term used to describe sexual interest as well as other matters under the general heading of Adult. Is used with various modifiers to indicate which specific area of Human Sexuality is being discussed, usually in a negative light. Such as 'carnal instincts', 'carnal nature', 'carnal desires', and etc ad infinitum. Also see "Forcible Rape" for use in a legal definition. For a Biblical use, see: Lie With.       The "-ity" version of the word is used almost exclusively to refer to the "Pleasures of the Body" and "Desires of the Flesh" (which see), and includes desires for food, entertainment, profit, and, oh, yeah, Sexual Activity. Also see, Ntural Man, Human Nature, and related topics.

Carnival / Mardi Gras
      Quasi religious festival before the onset of Lent, the forty days of prayer, fasting, religious service and observance before Easter. Shrove (Fat) Tuesday is the day immediately before Ash Wednesday and usually features a feast of foods and beverages prohibited to the orthodox during the Lenten season, however, a general sense of celebration and partying is generally seen through the weekend before.
      Mardi Gras is observed in some fashion in most of the major cities along the US Gulf Coast to some degree. The most famous celebration being the Krewe parades and parties in New Orleans now engaged in as a more or less "family friendly" tourist event.
      Now. Having said that, we'll talk about "Carnival".
      There is no comparison between the tourist friendly enforced modesty and restrained public partying in New Orleans and the public Orgy of samba dancing, drinking, feasting, and of wanton nudity and the occasional bout of public sex during Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, as well as in Southern and Eastern Europe, the Caribbean and in other less inhibited locations than the US. If you want to really party, go to one of them. Also see Masquerade, and related topics.

      Socializing with the intent, or the presumption of, Sexual Activity as the logical continuation of public interaction and possible Drunkenness. The general atmosphere and style of behavior embodied in the phrase "Wine, Women, and Song" when engaged in by Libertine men and Loose Women in an Adult Establishment such as a club or bar.
      The term is usually used in Morals Charges where Conduct Unbecoming An Officer is being brought up as something not to be done by one in a respectable office. Which means it is to be expected from a member of Congress.

"Carpet Matches the Drapes", also rendered as "upholstery matches..."
      Somewhat humorous descriptive phrase used of a woman to indicate that her hair color is (presumably) natural in that the color of the hair around her Vulva (the carpet) matches the hair on her head (drapes). As to whether or not her Pussy Hair has been colored, that is unusual, but is not unheard of. The phrase is usually seen 'in the wild' in information about various Adult Models supposedly indicating that her hair color is natural, however, as was said, such may not be the case. See: Bleach Blonde, Mound Of Venus, and related.
      added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

Carpet Munching
      Another word for Muff Diving (which see), usually indicating that the woman receiving the Oral Sex has not Shaved. Usually used to refer to the Lesbian flavor thereof. See: Cunnilingus, Fur Burger, "Eating at the Y".
      Has also been used by some Erotica writers to indicate a Position where the person on the Receiving end of various Sex Acts is in the Doggie position on their hands and knees with their face literally on the carpet and they get a mouthful of the deep pile weave when they "munch" on it in Ecstasy. However, such use is not typical. Your Good Brutha just avoids using the term altogether.

      The man whose name became a synonym for the "love'm and leave'm Ladies Man" and master of Seduction- Giacomo Casanova (1725 - 1798) has been the template for 'men of the world' since the publication of his autobiography. While he has always been considered a womanizer of the first magnitude, his sexual exploits pale when compared with later notables, however, to mere mortal men, his tally of over 200 women is remarkable. But to be fair, Casanova seemed to not pursue sex for its own sake, most of the time he developed relationships with his conquests. See: Courtiers, Roue, Libertine, Philanderer- Womanizer, Promiscuity, Don Juan, Seduction, Sexual Prowess.
      The use of his surname in popular media to indicate either said behavior or the one so behaving includes a movie released in 2005 which starred Heath Ledger (1979 - 2008) as the legendary lover.
"I don't conquer, I submit." - Giacomo Casanova

Casting Couch, Casting Couch Video
      Peculiar piece of furniture rumored to exist in various Hollywood and Broadway type offices where, most usually, young female actresses, earned their way into a production by Having Sex with the hiring executive(s) through a system called: Director's / Producer's Prerogative (which see). The technique was also used with male stars, sometimes forcing said actors to effectively be "Gay For Pay" (which see).
      Now a word about the movies now being sold all over the net staring various Celebrities... Occasionally said encounters were filmed, but more often, said tapes were faked, sometimes many years ago now. For example, the one said to be Barbara Streisand (born 1942), was made with a minor porn star in the nineteen seventies and, even then, billed as starring the actress. The facial resemblance, for the most part, is remarkable, but inconclusive at best when the rest of the actress's body is considered, overall the tape certainly not worth the price requested for a full version of it. See: Celebrity Fake / Sex Tape, and related.
      The concept is somewhat related to the Porn industry standard of a Hard Casting (which see), however, in most cases, those who visit the mainstream 'casting couch' will most likely not Have Sex or appear nude on screen on a regular basis. See: "You can be a porn star", Adult Actress, Sex Performer, Blue Movie, and related.
"It is every woman's dream to be some man's dream woman."
- Barbra Streisand

Castration, Castrated, Castrati
      Surgical removal of the male's Testicles, including in some cases the entire Scrotum, and in a few cases, his Penis as well. Neutering. Sterilization. The procedure renders the man so cut as a Eunuch (which see).
      Equally applies to the chemical version which leaves the structures intact but renders them non-functional either permanently or temporarily. Usually done as a legal sentence and punishment for various Sex Crimes including Pedophilia.
      Has also been used to apply to the removal of the Penis as well as the Scrotum and its contents, which is total Emasculation as with the Hijra who are also Nirwaan (see Hijra).
      The reasons for the procedure vary greatly from historical period and region under discussion. Some were castrated as a sign of religious devotion, as a punishment for various crimes, to allow them to serve safely in the palace or royal court, and, famously to prevent their voices from changing at puberty so they may continue to sing in boy's choirs, the "castrati", or even to become part of a Third Sex (which see).
      The term "new castrati" has been bandied about in various circles to describe the men found at the upper levels of Senator Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign.
      Is used as the implication of a comic bit on TV shows and movies when a man is struck in the Testicles by something or somebody resulting in his speaking in a falsetto voice. Severe injury to the area can result in gangrene which is life threatening so as surgical castration may be required to save the man's life. However, this is seen as funny by Hollywood and TV producers. See: Crotch Shot, Penis Injuries.
      Surgical alteration of Senator Obama as proposed by Rev. Jesse Jackson during the 2008 primaries.

Casual Sex
      Sexual Activity without the benefit of a long term relationship or emotional bonding. See: One Night Stand, Friends With Benefits, Proposition, Hitting On, "Your Place Or Mine?", Promiscuity, Sowing Wild Oats.

      References the younger male in a Predatory Homosexual Pedophilic relationship. Based on the Latin term catamitus, which is part of the name of Catamitus Ganymede from Greek mythology. It is derived from Ganymede's Pederistic relationship with Zeus. Term is now seen to describe the victims in the Catholic Priest scandal where Homosexual priests would use their positions to seduce and rape young boys, as Zeus did with Ganymede, and others. See highlighted terms. Also see: "Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network", "North American Man Boy Love Association", Martijn.

Catcall, Wolf Whistle
      Any of several whistles, yells, remarks or other verbal exclamations, most usually used by Girl Watching men to acknowledge a good looking or otherwise Sexy woman. Quite often said woman is dressed to attract such attention. In some cases said attention is unwelcome, or out of line, but often it is done with pleasure on both sides as many women find such good natured public reaffirmation of their attractiveness enjoyable.
      Some Feminist activists have described all such attention as degrading, objectifying and disrespectful and have even used terms like 'verbal Rape', which is of course bullshit and trivializes the crime of rape itself. Quite often said activists are usually ugly and have such a disagreeable attitude that they were never on the receiving end of said whistles. See: Sexual Harassment.

Cathouse, House of Ill Repute
      Establishment offering Prostitution services either as the main object of the business or a sideline, such as Congress. See: Whore House, Red Light, Bordello, Sex Club, Bawdy House, Bagnio and related.

Catty, Catfight
      Term most usually used by women to describe an attitude expressed by other women. Usually includes remarks made solely to hurt the feelings of other women without cause, or through Jealousy, or other such emotion. Said remarks are also used to damage the image of the target woman solely to make the commenter look better. To sum it up, a 'catty' woman is a Bitch, which see.
      A physical confrontation between women, whether real or staged. Usually involves slapping and hair pulling instead of punches and the use of marshal arts or weapons. The most famous of which occurred on the ABC network prime time soap opera Dynasty between Linda Evans (born 1942) and Joan Collins (born 1933) in several Fetish type locations, such as a pond, a muddy stream bank, and a boutique complete with mannequins, as well as several other actresses on the show. All of whom were Babes, M.I.L.F. types or even Cougars, which see.

      Various meanings, all related. Originally it appears that it applied to a military officer, a loyalist to the crown, and possibly even a knight. The aspects of gallantry, chivalry, and even a bit of swashbuckling have been retained even though the term now also implies that one is something of a dandy. There is also the later overtones that the individual, historically almost exclusively a male, who was at least a Rake and was totally unconcerned with the consequences of his actions, sexual and otherwise, for others.
      One could think of the general regard the members of the original Hellfire Club had toward those whom they used for their own pleasure. It can also be described as the general view of the citizens, voters, and taxpayers of the country by those in Congress. It may also be seen in attitudes and the behaviors of Celebrities, and especially their offspring, with regards to the common people of the world. The word was also used for a time as the name of a Men's Magazine, which see.
      Also see: Rake, Roue, Courtier, Casanova, Playboy, Libertine, and related.
      We will not make any statements here regarding the University of Virginia sports mascot who is a mounted cavalry officer. That is except to say that they do have some mighty fine Cheerleaders. Yes, indeed.

Cave, Gape
      Bodily orifice open for, or as a result of, Penetration. Most usually a fully Dilated Anus or Vagina as when a Speculum is used. Often seen in Adult Movies as with a Cream Pie. See: Anal Training, Butt Plug, Goatse, and Etc.

      A 'public person'. An individual who had worked for, bought, stolen, co-opted, or has otherwise obtained, or even earned honestly, enough notoriety to be included in any of the endless stream of entertainment programs and publications that feed on each other. The position requires no particular talent or ability and sometimes consists solely of the 'lucky Sperm club' members (the spawn of other celebrities) who get in trouble in various ways. Those usually dubbed as a 'celebrity' are people from various TV shows, nightclub entertainers, professional sports figures, singers, movie actors, politicians, (ex-)mobsters, or those who think of themselves as such, even if they haven't done anything of value for many years, see: Publicity Whore, Prima Donna, High Maintenance Woman/Man. Also see: Aphrodisiac, Playboy. The behavior of some resulted in a generation of Love Children. See: Gossip and "Kiss and Tell", Casting Couch, Director's / Producer's Prerogative, Working Name, for more. For the downside, see next few entries. Also see: Attention Whore with quote from one.

Celebrity Fake
      A photograph or video of a Celebrity or other famous person which has been altered or falsified to make it appear that the photo was taken when the person was nude or in an other compromising or unprofessional situation, such as taking drugs. Often well done images cannot be distinguished from real ones even by professionals. Can also be done with an impersonator, as was done with the supposed photos of Governor Palin which were really a Porn Star. Many of these are poorly done, but some need professional review before they are debunked as the frauds they are, which, in some cases, is done at the request of a court of law. See: Computer Generated Image, Airbrush, Gossip, Casting Couch Video, Internet Rule Thirty-Four
      For a very well done example, witness the scene in the movie Forrest Gump when the title character meets President Kennedy.

Celebrity Sex Tape
      Videotape of somebody who has been tagged with the "celebrity" label engaging in some sort of Sexual Activity. In many cases, the tape is fraudulent (see: Celebrity Fake), has been released in an effort to garner attention (see: Publicity Whore), and, very rarely and only occasionally, is an actual Hardcore video of reasonable quality where it is apparent that it is the individual it is claimed to be. See: Sex Tape, Casting Couch Video, Director's / Producer's Prerogative, and other terms.

Celebrity Stalker
      Individual who has become Obsessed with a public person to the point of becoming a danger to that celebrity. Some who have become so infatuated with their object of devotion that they have broken into their houses or have taken other dramatic action which can be tragic. For example see Obsession, Erotomania. Also see: Publicity Whore, Groupie, Stalker, Privacy.

Celibate, Celibacy
      One whom refrains from the pleasure of Sexual Activity for religious, philosophical, or other reasons. Is usually considered a voluntarily decision where there is a reasonable opportunity for sex. See: Vow of Celibacy, Marian Doctrine, Sexual Abstinence. Also see: Ascetic and related.

Censor, Censorship
      Essentially the editing of material by an authority to remove that content which the authority does not approve of. May be based on religious, political, or moral grounds, or on some arbitrary and capricious standard known only to the censor. Remember, in the 1950's TV network censors thought it was somehow immoral to show a pregnant Lucille Ball (1911 - 1989) on TV because it would imply that she, as a married woman, had been Fucking. See: Obscenity, Free Speech, First Amendment, Classifiers, and related topics. See: Lucy quote at Love.
      Also includes the editing of material in an effort to be 'family friendly'. A good example of this is the song Sometimes When We Touch where various radio outlets have removed the verse that includes the line "a brother or a sister, but then the passion flares again..." as being suggestive of Incest. See: "Our Song" for quote. Also see: Pixilation, Airbrush, and Black Bar for ways of editing images. Also see: Modesty Cloth.
      Censorship in the US has always been a sore subject, but it has made a rebound under Political Correctness which censors material before it is produced or the words spoken under the banner of intolerance by liberals and other protected classes. In the early days of TV, network "Standards and Practices" offices (which see) would pre-approve scripts or edit shows after production to enforce their own sometimes murky standards. See: Political Correctness, Socialism, Voluntary Self Censoring. Also see: Naughty for related Mae West quote.
      The Rating system used for various entertainment media is in fact a form of censorship which must be adhered to or the producer of various works risks not having their material marketed or sold by various outlets. See: Rating, M.P.A.A., E.S.R.B. R.I.A.A., Family Hour, "bleep", Black Bar, and related items.

      Featured pictorial in a magazine, usually given a '..... of the month' title with an extended article and photo spread as versus a gatefold set which is often the first photo set in the magazine. Does not have to be a naked woman, as even car magazines have 'centerfold' features. Said model is often also featured on the cover of the magazine, but not necessarily. See: Playmate of the Month, Nude Model, Bettie Page, Black Bar, and related.
      Since Playboy® (which see) made the term legendary, the word 'centerfold' itself has become generic enough that in some mass media outlets, especially entertainment TV shows and newspaper columns, it is used to mean Nude Model even if said model has never been the (whatever) of the Month and an actual featured centerfold pictorial. It is also from the centerfold that the joke of a model being "stapled in the navel" originated if she posed in the nude.

Certified Surrogate Partner Therapist
      A licensed mental health practitioner who offers specialized sessions and programs, which may include Sex Surrogacy (which see) to assist patients in overcoming difficulty with Romantic and Sexual Relationships with others, including couple's therapy to re-establish Physical Intimacy between them. Said problems may arise from medical conditions, emotional issues, prior abusive situations, or severe lack of personal confidence and experience in such matters. In some cases, the sessions may be covered by insurance, especially when the difficulties began due to a medical condition or injury, such as from an auto accident. Said therapy may be Heterosexual or Homosexual in nature, or as in the case of a couple, Bisexual on the part of the therapist. See highlighted topics. Also see a separate practice called: Somatica®

Cervical Cap and Sponge
      Barrier Birth Control method which involves placing a physical barrier between the Ejaculate and the Uterus in the Vagina. The 'cap' itself is usually a soft plastic or latex circle that is fitted over the Cervix prior to Intercourse. The 'sponge' side of the equation was a device of questionable effectiveness by itself, but the combination does have its place. It was usually recommended that they be used with a Spermicidal Cream giving a threefold protection. None of the above is effective at preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Also, the cap and sponge may play a role in 'toxic shock syndrome' if worn during Menstruation, see discussion at Tampon. Also see: Prophylactic, Feminine Hygiene Products, and related topics.

      Muscular opening to the Uterus at the internal end of the Vagina. Despite much (badly written) Erotica to the contrary, under normal circumstances, including Sexual Intercourse and Fisting, NOTHING larger than a Spermatozoa can Penetrate beyond the cervix and enter the Womb (Uterus) without the equivalent of labor pains without doing permanent and life threatening damage to the woman involved. Even the attempt to dilate the cervix without proper medical training and instrumentation will result in debilitating cramps which are likely to end the Sex Act rather abruptly.
      The cervix is usually examined during OB/GYN visits and tested for precancerous abnormalities with a PAP smear. See: Uterus, Vagina, Speculum, OB/GYN and related terms.
      Some sources use the French term "cul-de-sac" to refer to the area of the Vagina immediately surrounding the cervical opening. Said use is something of a misnomer and it will not be so used by Your Good Brutha.

Cesarean Section
      A dangerous major surgical procedure for childbirth that was overused for years because it was more convenient for the doctor, and generated a significantly higher bill, than an Vaginal Birth. The fact that it resulted in complications and emotional issues later didn't seem to matter. See related quote at Physician.

      The abbreviation stands for Clothed Female Nude Male. It is used to describe a niche in the Pornography world where fully, or partially, clothed Women entertain themselves in various ways with a nude Man, which is the polar opposite of most traditional Porn and other Adult Entertainment such as with Terpsichorean Ecdysiasts. This amusement may involve various Sex Acts, Humiliation, a Handjob, Bondage, Nyotaimori, and other Sexual and non-sexual acts and behaviors. See highlighted topics.

      Korean term for a folk medicine treatment for a wide variety of Female Problems which involves the woman sitting naked on what is essentially a potty chair over a vaporizer. What it comes down to is a Douche using the vapors from hot, or even boiling, herbal tea. See: Vaginal Steam Bath

Change, Changing Times, etc.
      The only constant in most human activities. Can be defined as progression from the way 'things' were to what they are becoming. Whether or not said progression is for the better or worse is beyond the scope of our work here.
      To apply this to Human Sexuality, which is 'our work here', we must discuss all the variations of the various behaviors covered by those two words, which means we will need a rather extensive and explicit Glossary of several thousand terms instead of the bare handful of words you see in antique reference books from the Good Old Days (which see).
"If you don't change, you're dead, so I try to keep changing."
- Wavy Gravy (AKA Hugh Romney, born 1936)

Chaperone, Chaperoning
      Most usually regarded as an escort for those who are Under Age or who need to be supervised for other reasons. The chaperone is usually one whom is an Adult or has legal guardianship of those they are escorting. The act of escorting one's charges. In some cases the escort may act as the Guardian (which see) in legal terms which may include the ability to authorize medical treatment of a minor, said permission is usually given prior to the escorted event in writing.
      In historic times the escort was present to ensure the Virtue of young women who were not supposed to engage in Premarital Sex with their suitors. The term is the French word for the hat or hood the escort wore to proclaim their status. For another application of the same idea see: "Billy Graham Rule, The"
"The chaperone's job is to make sure no one else has any fun. But nobody chaperones the chaperone. That's why I'm so right for this job."
- Jane Russell (1921 - 2011)

Charm, Charming
      For our purposes here- Personality trait which encompasses good manners, pleasant conversation, a high level of Personal Hygiene, some Savoir-Faire as well as a smattering of other habits which make a person almost irresistible to others, especially those they find Attractive in some way. See: Gentleman, Lady. Compare: Feminine Wiles / Feminine Charms.

Chaste, Chastity
      Implied Innocence, Purity, or Virginity. Behavior, such as extreme Modesty, which protects and emphasizes ones Virtue with Sexual Abstinence. See said terms.

Chastity Belt
      Traditionally, a belt worn by a female which provided a physical barrier or deterrent as well as concealment of her sexual parts to guarantee her Virginity or Faithfulness in the absence of her father, Husband, protector or other Chaperone. There were also male versions mentioned in various literary sources which appear to be an armored Jock Strap, although their actual existence is open to speculation. Truth be told, such devices were rarely used, and proved quite ineffective when they were with either sex. In the end, the belt was more a symbol than an actual prohibitive device. The belt was updated in the George Orwell novel 1984 with the sash worn by the "Junior Anti Sex League". Today the belt is involved in some Dom/ Sub relationships and a lot of Erotic Literature.

Chat Up
      Prelude to, or part of a "Pick Up Line". Usually said as part of a larger statement, such as, "the boss is chatting up that new girl". See: Small Talk, Compliment, and related.

Chauvinism, Chauvinistic
      Derogatory term for an attitude described by Feminist activists as being covertly Misogynistic or having the view that women are second class citizens, incapable of surviving as equals with men, somehow inferior otherwise. Most usually used in a phrase like "male chauvinist pig".

      Most usually a Promiscuous person who does not require extensive wining and dining before they take their date to bed. Is often used to describe a woman who dresses the part of a said woman, whether or not they really are like that. Usually regarded as synonymous with Easy, or Fast. Also see: Strumpet. Compare: Trollop. Compare: Cheap Date.
"You'd be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap!" -Dolly Parton (born 1946)

Cheap Date
      A term that combines all that is good, and to be fair, bad, about both individual terms. The implication is that one would not have to spend a great deal of money and make elaborate plans to have a 'good time' when going out with the person being so described. And that would include a better than average chance of engaging in Sexual Activity up to and including Fucking, even on the First Date (which see). See: Cheap, Dating, Bases, Going All The Way, Easy, Fast, and related. However, all of that being said, "Falling In Love" (which see) is possible, even on a "cheap date".

Cheap Thrills
      The term means exactly what it says, basic entertainment and excitement for little or no out of pocket expense. Most often heard as a catch phrase for media promotions of asinine shows such as Sexploitation flicks on late night cable channels. Can also be had by watching someone else ride a bicycle over something like "dead man's cliff" in a state park. See: Voyeurism, Sexploitation.

      For our current purpose: Sex outside of, and the breaking of trust in, a relationship, especially in a long term relationship such as a Marriage under the Marriage Vows. See: Adultery, Unfaithful, Emotional Infidelity, Monogamy, and Infidelity. Compare: Open Relationship, Serial Monogamy.

      Traditional use is for Co-eds (which see) who make up a pep squad which appears at high school or college sporting events to lead the team's supporters in the stands in rooting for their players and raising school spirit. Often considered a separate unit from the pom pon squad which is usually more dedicated to choreographed Dance routines and is most often all female. In most cases, the equivalent group attached to a professional sports franchise will be considered a 'dance squad' instead of using the word 'cheerleader' which some Feminists consider demeaning.
      The term is sometimes used for a perky, overly cheerful, fairly attractive young woman, a Babe, even more so if she is blonde, in a gently demeaning, and even disrespectful way to indicate that the woman is an airhead who relies on her looks and personality, and implying that she trades in Sexual Favors as well, to earn her daily bread or place in society. Often used in a way not quite so derogatory or insulting as Bimbo, Easy or Slut (see said terms).
      Those in the 'professional cheerleader' squads, and even younger women and girls on college and even high school squads often practice provocative moves and wear quite skimpy costumes which hearken back to the days of Burlesque and flaunting their sexuality. Which in some cases is borderline Child Porn when the girls are under age. When the women on the squad are indeed Adults, it can be quite Sexy indeed, and often a better show than the game they are appearing at. See: Teasing for more.
      In terms of our Glossary we take the previous paragraphs and move it one more step to where they are showing everything they have to show and the moves they engage in are not just Sexy but Sexual. The term is often used in the keywords for adult websites that have a great deal of pornographic content of that type of young woman. Often, said women will be presented in actual cheerleader outfits, as to whether or not the woman in the costume had ever been one... who cares?

      Also known as 'pin ups'. Images, paintings and photographs, primarily of women in suggestive poses or partially nude. Best example is World War 2 era posters of Actresses and US Army Air Force bomber nose art as well as certain postcard type artwork, especially those by Alberto Vargas (1896 - 1982). When a male is the subject the artwork is usually referred to as Beefcake. See: Bikini, T&A. Compare: Glamour Photography, Also see: Harrison Marks, Bettie Page.

      Small, red, long stemmed fruit with a pit or stone in the middle, Rosaceae Prunus.
      Like new, especially when applied to things like restored classic automobiles.
      For use in our current context see Virgin, Hymen, De-flowering, Chastity Belt, Innocent, Virtue, etc.

      Young poultry. Also, a religious tract publishing house.
      Also slang term for a Woman or Girl. Often accompanied by a modifier such as Goth, or Yuppie, to indicate a particular type of Female.

Chick Flick, Couples Movie, Date Movie
      In this context, motion picture of any Rating which plays on the emotions of the viewers for a reaction which will elicit a satisfying emotional release, most usually, from women viewers. Plots often focus on evoking strong sadness, fear, anger or other negative emotion during the main body of the work then move to close with a happy ending. Again, the focus of said emotional release is intentionally aimed at the women in the audience. The term usually used in reviews and advertisements is 'Romantic Comedy'. See: Emotion, Heart Wrenching, 'pitching woo'.
      To most Heterosexual men, such movies may seem unfathomably complex, over-plotted, teary eyed sessions of utter boredom with characters that spend more time soul searching than they ever will earning a living. As with daytime TV Soap Operas. The best way to endure such things is to wonder what the various characters would do naked, if attacked by zombies, or maybe even drunk, or perhaps- if the movie is really lame- all of the above, at once.
"I thought Rambo 3 was romantic, why would I want to go see The Princess Bride?" -Doktor Leftover.

"Chicks With Dicks" and various versions thereof
      Phrase used in Pornography and in various Adult Forms to describe individuals who, usually, are part way through male to female Sex Reassignment Surgery and have had Breast Enhancement Surgery, but still have a Penis and related structures, and various videos and photo sets dedicated to them and their adventures both with Men and Women. There are a much smaller number that are going from female to male which are employed in the industry. See highlighted terms as well as: Tranny-Surprise, Transsexual, She-Male, Hijra, Sex Change Surgery.
      In the majority of cases these individuals were not born a Hermaphrodite or other type of physical Third Sex but have chosen the conversion for reasons of their own. However, there are a very few that are born as such. See: Hermaphrodite, Androgynous and related.
      Now, all of that being said, the phrase is a Lie worthy of Congress. The 'chick' with referenced intact plumbing is not a Chick at all in that that term refers to a biological 'XX chromosome' Female. The more accurate term for the majority of those who are so referred to would be "dude with fake tits". The idea that the 'normal man' having Sex with the 'chick with a dick' is somehow not engaging in Homosexual activity is apparently part of the attraction with this niche of Porn.

Child, Children
      One who has not attained the legal age required to give Informed Consent or enter into a legal contract, or conduct other business. 'Children' is plural.
      Use is usually restricted to refer to those who are pre-Teen. See: Minor, Age of Majority, Teenager, Adolescence, Puberty, Coming Of Age, Hebephilia, Pedophile, Felony, and so on.

Child Pornography
      Any material which depicts Children, those under the local Age of Majority, in sexually graphic ways. The material is usually thought to be image based, but may in fact be textual. The material may be presented electronically, such as web based, printed magazines or books, video tape or DVD, or even live performances which may then be filmed, see Child Prostitution.
      Borderline material, such as provocative underwear ads featuring young children in suggestive poses, seem to be used to inflame public opinion and garner free advertising for the retail establishment which produced the ad, but are not generally deemed to be Pornographic. However, they may meet the test of Indecency (which see) as they involve children.
      The material is by definition NOT subject to US First Amendment protection and is prohibited in all other reasonable countries. Some third world countries, including Afrika, Oceania, Central America, and some parts of Eastern Europe are havens for those who produce and export the material to the West, sometimes, to order, at premium prices.
      The possession, use, production, and sale of it is a Felony, not a mental illness, nor a disability.
      However, all of that having been said, there is also a reasonable argument against Zero Tolerance style enforcement which makes grandparents with 'bear rug' type photos of their grandchildren into Felons. Common sense must rule here. Unfortunately for all concerned, it doesn't.
      For more information go
      The Desk site and all affiliated sites fully support the the Virtual Global Taskforce

Child Prostitution
      The use of Children, boys as well as girls, to have Sex For Money with Adult customers, or as 'favors' for high rollers, gang members, politicians, or for other reasons. Such practice is unfortunately fairly common in Afrika and other regions, see Sex Tourism and highlighted terms.
      In some places, young children can be married off to Adults, in at least one case, with the government's blessing. See: Saudi reference at Pedophilia.
      In some cases the children are slaves in service to those who 'own' them either as indentured servants working off a family debt or as actual property bought from an underground market. See: Human Trafficking, White Slavery, Sex Trade. Also see: Felony.
      For more information go here. site and all affiliated sites fully support the the Virtual Global Taskforce

Chivalry, Chivalrous
      A trait in Gentlemen which compels him to see to the wants and needs of others, especially Women and children, before taking care of himself. Whether that be simply holding a door open for a Lady or throwing himself on an explosive to save a group of school children. Such traits are despised by Feminists as relegating them to second class citizenship. However, one doesn't see said radical feminists going out of their way to tend to the needs of others instead.
      The trait comes down to us from the Romantic era of Knights and Ladies of the Court and their peculiar relationship which often included Unrequited Love (which see).

Chocolate, Cocoa, Etc
      In this context, three meanings:
      May refer to an attractive black woman in much the same context as Brown Sugar, which see.
      When used in reference to Anal Sex may include use of the trademarked brand name as in: the "Hershey®" Highway as a Euphemism for Anal Intercourse. The word 'Hershey' is a registered mark of The Hershey Company, the above said use of the word is NOT approved by them.
      The cocoa based confection many women will indulge in instead of having sex. Especially dark chocolate and/or ice cream.

Christian Nymphos, Christian Nudists
      Rather curious groups with websites by those names that have a similar mission to that of Your Good Brutha: To educate people on the topic of Sexuality. Except they are coming from the world of religion where for far too long all things Sexual have been painted as evil in and of themselves, the human body is something to be ashamed of, and Sex should only be engaged in to propagate the species. Do a web search for their sites. Also see: separate entries at Nymphomania, Nudists. See quote at Marian Doctrine.

Chubby Chaser
      Term thought to be cute by media types, especially morning radio show hosts, to describe men who enjoy relationships with Fluffy (fat) women. See: Euphemism, "Big Beautiful Woman", Fluffy, Plumper, and related.
      Added to the Glossary from the Suggestion of a Reader who is one!

Cicciolina, la
      Working name for Ilona Staller (born 1951 in Hungary), who was an female Italian porn star who was elected to their Parliament from 1987 to 1992. After which she was embroiled in a rather spectacular divorce. She is perhaps most famous for continuing to work while in the legislature and sending calendars to fellow members at Christmas... ... the calendars featured photos of herself from her 'other job'.

      To the Doktor: cheap, mass produced, probably stale, roll of questionable ingredients which smells like an industrial accident when burned.
      Also: similar object, of hopefully somewhat better quality, self inserted into the Vagina of President Clinton's Mistress, which he then chewed on (the cigar, not the Pussy) and proclaimed it to be "good". The brand of the smoke is not known at this point. See: Monica, Sex Toy, Dildo and related.
      Object in a dream which may or may not represent a Penis. See: Freud for (disputed) quote.
      The item's cousin, the cigarette, has for years represented the afterglow of Sexual Activity in movies and on TV, see "Need A Cigarette" for more.

Circle Jerk
      A useless effort. A futile, somewhat painful, possibly humiliating, all but worthless exercise where even the best possible outcome is of dubious value. See: Cluster Fuck, Fuck Up.
      Term is based on a Mutual Masturbation Daisy Chain of several individuals, usually thought of as all Gay men but there is anecdotal evidence, and some video footage, of Co-Ed and Lesbian groups as well. In practice, the group would sit in a room and watch each other Masturbate themselves, or, have a round of Mutual Masturbation where they 'help each other', to the same end, with no other contact between the players. See: Handjob, Mutual Masturbation, Daisy Chain, Reach Around, Dutch Rudder, and related. Also see: Zipless Fuck.
      Congressional Committees. See: more information here.

      In males, the removal of the foreskin of the Penis which covers the Glans (which see), or tip of the organ. Throughout history the practice has been associated with various religious beliefs, then was thought to be in the best interest of public health to reduce various Venereal Diseases. The latter is now in dispute. For the practice in women see: Female Genital Mutilation. The two are NOT equivalent. Also see: Subincision, Body Modification.

Cisgender / Ciscentric
      One of the most Politically Incorrect entries in this entire Glossary.
      The 'gender' version, often abbreviated 'cis', implies that your sexual identification matches your physical sex. That is, your body is female, and you identify yourself as female, and you participate in sexual activity as a female. Or, you were born male, you think of yourself as a male, and you do male things in the bedroom. By definition, it does not imply anything about your choice for companionship that way, however, media tends to use it to mean the person being so described is Heterosexual.
      The 'centric' version refers to information, entertainment, media, whatever that would be of interest to those who see themselves as what they were born as. Something most liberal activists can't stand. See related entry at: Heteronormative.

City Jade Men, "Du Shi Yu Nan"
      The vain, somewhat flamboyant, material possession obsessed, young urban professional men of China's major cities who are all about skin care, the latest fashions, being seen in the 'right' clubs, and who are apparently the Far East's rendition of Metrosexuals or a Dandy of old, which see.

Clap, Dose of the Clap
      Euphemisms for the entire range of, usually, non-fatal Sexually Transmitted Diseases, which see. The exceptions to that 'non-fatal' clause include hepatitis c and AIDS. Added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

      Australian government Censors who rate imported literature and other works for objectionable content under various categories. See: Censorship, Obscenity, Free Speech, and related.

      The valley, fold, furrow, or cut between two nearby objects, hills or mounds, whether natural or man made. Such as a pass between mountains, a slice out of a whole watermelon, or the bend in a metal bar as for a blacksmith weld.
      For our purposes here and now: The valley between a woman's Breasts. The term also equally applies to the groove between her butt cheeks. Also seen as the subject of endless TV jokes as the exposed butt of a plumber or other repairman whose trousers have slipped below his waist while working. Especially if the man white, older than the stars of the show, Heterosexual, and is overweight or obese.
      Women's cleavage is the item of boundless fascination for most TV producers as they will have the cameras focus on it even when the woman showing hers is not talking, and even when said woman is not all that attractive. For examples all you have to do is watch any of the network morning entertainment / "news" shows. See: Voluptuous, Stacked, Décolletage, Curves, and related.

      Sexual peak occurring before, and sometimes after Orgasm. In women, it is usually thought of as the end of the Arousal phase of Sexual Excitement from which she will build up toward Orgasm. With men, it can result in Ejaculation without Orgasm. See: Orgasm, Cum, Blush, and related.

Clitoral Network
      The array of nerves that extend from the Clitoris throughout the Vulva, well into the Vagina including the Urethra and the G-spot (and other 'lettered-spots'), the Anus, and perhaps up to the Mound of Venus. In some articles nearly two dozen individual sites have been located and identified. Some "Sex Writers" (which see) have labeled these structures the Orgasmic Crescent, which is a slightly Sexier name than the current entry which sounds like a "lesbian media group".
      The idea of Female Genital Mutilation is to remove and/or disable as much of these structures as possible, thereby rendering the girl unable to enjoy Sex.

Clitoris, Clit, Clitoral Hood
      External female Sexual Organ consisting of a high concentration of very sensitive nerves in an Erectable structure at the junction of the External female Sexual Organ consisting of a high concentration of very sensitive nerves, the Clitoral Network, in a small Erectable structure at the ventral junction of the Labia Majora. Primary focus of stimulation to Orgasm in most activity. In 'Female Genital Mutilation' or 'cutting' or 'female circumcision' the Clitoris is often surgically removed along with her labia. See: Female Genital Mutilation.
      The 'clitoral hood' is a shroud of skin that surrounds and protects the organ, is often pierced for the installation of jewelry, which can lead to massive infections, nerve damage, and sexual dysfunction if done incorrectly. See: Vaginoplasty, Body Piercing, Vulva, Vajazzling, and related.

Closet, Underground, Out
      In terms of this list, expressions related to the Gay lifestyle in relation to how openly, or not, a person is living as a Homosexual or other Sexual Preference, such as Bisexual. One is 'in the closet' or 'underground' if one is concealing their true Sexual Orientation, or as one recent Governor of New Jersey, is living a lie as a Married Straight while secretly pursuing homosexual gratification outside of his marriage. One is 'out' if one is living openly as a Gay (or whatever), may or may not involve the Flamboyance typically seen as a stereotype. One is 'outed' (as in: 'brought out of the closet') when a Celebrity or other 'public persons' Sexual Preference is plastered all over a tabloid newspaper or TV entertainment report against their will. See: Gay, Out, Closet Queen and etc.

Closet Queen
      Somewhat obsolete term for a Homosexual man who has not Come Out publicly as Gay or Bisexual. There are activists in the gay community who state that all men are secretly gay, and are therefore 'closet queens', which is, of course, crap. Those who do live the double life, such as being married while seeking secret sex with other men in clubs or in anonymous encounters in public restrooms risk being Outed as well as contracting AIDS. someone who is "down low" is living as such. See: Closet, Queen and other highlighted terms.

"Clothed Female Nude Male"
      See: CFNM, also see Fully Clothed Sex and related.

      Two primary and somewhat related meanings. The first is a portable rack made of wood or plastic dowels between adjustable legs used for the drying of wet towels or other clothing items.
      The use we are more concerned with in this Glossary is as it refers to a person who is overly Obsessed with clothes to the point of appearing no more than a mannequin for the latest offerings by high fashion designers. Often seen on televised Soap Operas and in the Celebrity culture of Hollywood and New York City. A related term is "Fashion Plate", which see, and neither should be considered complimentary. Also see: Overdressed, Obsessive Compulsive, Dandy.

Cluster Fuck
      See: Congress.

      Also, an event or incident which is characterized by disorganization, chaos, conflicting agendas, wrongheaded methods, or somebody intentionally Screwing with things. Term is also used when a project is half completed and a boss, or multiple bosses, suddenly changes every possible detail and requirement for the project, cuts your staff, and moves the deadline up by a week. (I speak from experience.) See and Compare: Circle Jerk.
      Term is NOT related to any known Sex Act although some of the more riotous Bacchanalia celebrations may give you the general idea as they involved Sex, but also much drinking, music, and unruly behavior which was all supposed to be in tribute to the god, but Bacchus himself was all but forgotten during the festivities.

Co-Ed, Co-Educational
      Related to federal Title Nine which forced equal access to non-sporting school related activities, in and out of the classroom, but which was taken by many institutions to mean that they had to maintain equal opportunity to engage in school sports such as track and basketball. The original bill was to prohibit exclusion on the basis of Sex, but as a US Federal law it had the exact opposite effect and forced inclusion, in some cases, where it was not wanted by anybody involved. See: Sex Discrimination, E.R.A., Sex-Specific, and related.
      The term refers specifically to the inclusion of girls and women in what were traditionally men's activities. Such as a 'co-ed' bowling league.
      When one speaks of 'co-eds' one is most usually talking about high school or college age girls and young women. The term is usually not applied to women beyond their mid-twenties.

      A male chicken, or peafowl. The females of both species are called hens.
      The "Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom" (which see). Or, more mundanely: One of many common slang term for the Penis (which see). Also see: Dick and various related terms.

Cock and Ball Torture, CBT
      A practice where a man allows another person to bind and otherwise abuse his Penis and Testicles. May involve the use of everything from clothespins and hot wax to needles and other tools. Long, thin items may be inserted in the urethra or the penis may be placed in a vacuum Pump tube for forced engorgement with blood. Involves some risk from restricting of blood flow and the chance for infection. Usually incorporated with other S&M or Bondage type play. It is strongly suggested that a Safe Word be agreed to before engaging in this type of behavior. See: Safe Word and related topics.

Cock Gagging
      Fellatio performed where the man takes the Active Role and controls the depth and speed of the Penis's Penetration of the Receiving partner's mouth and throat, literally Fucking their throat (see: Throat Fucking) until the Receiver physically gags on it or the Ejaculate so produced, which is often the point of the exercise as in part of their Submission or in a Humiliation Ritual. See: more at Fellatio, Emetophilia.

Cock Ring
      Circle of flexible of material, cloth, leather, rubber, etc, made to fit around the erect Penis for any of several different reasons. Said ring may have bumps or ridges on its outer surface to increase the stimulation of the person being Penetrated, it may be designed to constrict the Penis to prevent loss of erection, it may be made to serve as part of Cock and Ball Torture when worn by a Sub. See: French Tickler, Condom, Ball Strap, and related.

      Vulgar term for Fellatio. Also used to describe an unpleasant person, most usually a man, or one who is a scoundrel, such as a Politician especially a Congressman (which see). One of the original Seven Dirty Words, which see. Also see: Irrumare.

      NOT a "sex term" as the majority of those on this page as it refers to a person with an over-abundance of otherwise unwarranted self-confidence, with a sizable dose of arrogance that even touches hubris, and a good amount of conceit as well. In short, acting like a rooster in a pen full of hen chickens.
      Now that we put it that way, yeah, it belongs here.

Code of Conduct
      A written or unwritten code of prohibitions or general suggestions of behaviors and activities which are either banned outright or discouraged while acting in an official capacity, using certain facilities or holding a given office. It will usually specify activity such as drinking on duty, Sexual Misconduct, using the organization's facilities for personal purposes, and so on.
      Such codes are usually applied to individuals such as police officers and school teachers, those in an executive position in a company or some other organization, some elected officials, and those types of positions. Violation of said code may result in dismissal from the position or other disciplinary action. Worrying about violating said code can become a Phobia or lead to Performance Anxiety. See: Fraternize, Conduct Unbecoming an Officer, Public Display of Affection.
      There is no known code of this type which is enforced for the weasels in Congress.

Coin Slot
      Yet another Slang term for the Vulva. In this case, most usually, that of a young woman who has Shaved and whose Labia Major close tightly and look like part of a vending machine to those who can imagine said Young Woman's anatomy being made out of chrome. The term is primarily used on web sites and forum discussions where the users have run out of slang terms to use. See highlighted terms.

      Latin medical and legal term nearly exclusively used to refer to Heterosexual Genital Intercourse (Fucking). See: Making Love and other references.
      Also related: Coitus- an experience in motion and emotion, a short subject semi-Softcore movie starring British actress Sue Bond, produced and directed by Harrison Marks (which see).

Coitus Interruptus
      Stopping Intercourse before Ejaculation to avoid risk of Pregnancy or for other reasons. Literally means 'fucking stops'. Method is not overly effective as some Sperm may escape before Ejaculation. See: Sin Of Onan, Birth Control, Withdrawal.

      In thermodynamics, the state of a given mass being low in energy, perhaps being at or near absolute zero, and thereby unable to transfer heat (energy) to another body. Has also been used to describe anybody who is uninterested in personal interactions of the 'casual chat and small talk' nature. A state of total disinterest, emotionally and otherwise, in whatever is going on.
      For our good work here.... the term is taken to mean a person, most often a woman, who has no interest in Sex. When the subject at hand is a Married Woman and the condition is extreme, she is often said to be Frigid, which see.

Collar, Collaring
      A band of leather or other strong material worn around the neck as a means of restraint and control. As used with dogs. Also, a more substantial work of wood or metal used as a yoke for draft animals.
      From Dom/Sub and related. A collar is symbolic of the Submissive partner in the relationship. In some circles 'Collaring' is a special occasion either celebrated with a party or a somber ritual of commitment. The collar may be an actual leather belt around the neck comparable to a dog collar, it may be a jeweled necklace or chain where the significance is only known to those involved, or anything in between. See: related entries.

Come Out
      One who has taken to openly living an Alternative Lifestyle. The term refers to 'coming out of the closet'. Most usually used with someone who has publically admitted being Gay, such as a recent governor of New Jersey. See: Out, Closet, Closet Queen, and related terms.
      Many Celebrities (which see) whose careers are otherwise over 'come out' on a national TV talk show to get back in the spotlight for awhile. See: Publicity Whore.
      Even though some Gays have a "Coming Out Party" in which they celebrate by openly engaging in Homosexual acts, this is a Bastardization of the term. See "Coming Out Party" for correct usage.

Comfort Women, Comfort Stations
      Politely: The use of conscripted women to provide Carnal services to soldiers. The military facilities so staffed.
      More Directly: The systematic enslavement of adult women and girls as young as their early teens, transportation from their home town to another location even outside their own country, subsequent dehumanization, repeated rape, use and abuse as sex slaves, and in many cases, summary execution at the end of their service of women in militarily occupied countries by the Imperial Japanese Army, and other military organizations throughout history. The 'stations' were simply Brothels (which see) run by and for the military.
      While the phenomenon was not unheard of prior to WW2, the most widespread and prevalent use of the practice with the overall most brutal manifestation of the general idea is as follows. Other known or suspected occurrences include certain locations within the Roman Empire, Eurasia under the reign of the Great Khans of the Mongol Empire, and various in vassal states of the USSR. However, we shall look at the most infamous and possibly the most egregious example. Note: we are NOT talking about voluntary Prostitution by Camp Followers or similar work, see said terms.
      Japan had occupied all of Korea since it won the war with Russia in 1905, however, there is no evidence of the practice occurring there at that time. Rather it is generally accepted that it began later in China with the first Sino-Japanese war and the occupation of Shanghai in 1932 by the Japanese army, when military brothels were opened using Korean and Chinese women held for that express purpose. During the lead in to WW2, and as Japan occupied more territory and began to fully exploit the Korean peninsula for the war effort, many women were taken from that country to occupied cities throughout the region.
      During the World War Two years, women and girls by the tens of thousands were both voluntarily recruited, supposedly for actual military service, as well as conscripted and forcibly kidnapped to work in the brothels from almost every country occupied by the forces of Imperial Japan. The majority of them came from Korea and China, however, others were added as the Empire expanded including Filipino, Malay, and even Dutch women from South East Asia regardless of the status of their home nation as Japan flaunted every treaty and international agreement including the use of chemical weapons against its enemies.
      The overall conditions in the brothels were deplorable, sanitation was usually non-existent, diseases (Sexually Transmitted and others such as cholera and typhoid fever) were rampant, and many of the women did not survive long in them. To be certain, they passed on the various commutable diseases to the soldiers that visited as well as others that serviced the houses such as food suppliers. Rumors still persist of a higher quality of brothel with slightly better treated hand picked women for officers, and representatives of the Emperor, however, hard information on those is lacking at best. The role of the women in 'entertaining' the troops is totally at odds with the professional Geisha (which see) of the Japanese Home Islands which was, and is, an honored and skilled position and not usually seen as a Prostitute. The 'comfort woman's' sole purpose was as a Sex Object.
      As the Allies retook occupied areas, many of the women were shot by the Japanese as they withdrew. But some did survive and for years after the war, their story was whispered and mentioned in passing in the histories, but shame kept many of the survivors from telling their story, and identifying children born from said activity. That is until the 1990's when an organization of former, and now elderly, 'comfort women' from Korea and other countries organized and began telling their stories and providing collaborating evidence such as letters, photographs, and other items.
      Only then, after fifty years of official denial, in reports issued in 1992 and 1993, the Japanese Government finally admitted to the existence of said women and the ways in which they were "recruited" and treated. Officially, the Japanese Diet (or legislature), as well as the rest of the Government, including the current Emperor, denies any responsibility and maintains that the program was not a sanctioned activity by the Military, and has, to date, refused any further admission or restitution to the "jugun ianfu" women.
      See: Sex Slave, Prostitution. Compare: White Slavery, Human Trafficking.
      The former site and all affiliated sites fully support the
the Virtual Global Taskforce

Coming Of Age
      The point at which a Minor becomes an Adult and is able to legally give Consent or otherwise do various things. Also, related books and movies about the transition out of childhood and all the drama so related. See various related topics including: Adult, Child, Of Age, Age Of Majority, Emmanuelle, and so on.

Coming Out Party
      Occasion which marks a young person's transition from childhood to adolescence, or from adolescence to adulthood, depending on the culture. The ages as well as the rights and responsibilities associated with the event vary greatly as does the legal standing of the individuals so celebrated. In the Jewish Faith the Bar/Bat Mitzvah is for those who reach 13 years old, in Latin homes the Quinceañera celebrates a girl who is fifteen, Debutant balls usually happen for a girl's "sweet sixteen", and so on. See: Debutant, Quinceañera, Of Age, Teenager.
      Even though the phrase has been hijacked by Homosexuals for use to mark the occasion when one now lives as Openly Gay, such use is not considered correct. See: Come Out, Out.

      This is the correct spelling of the term which refers to Flattery, such as the praise and admiration of another, whether spoken in truth or not. Often as part of a 'Chat Up' or other such Small Talk. Can be demanded on a regular basis from others by High Maintenance Woman. See: Flattery and other related topics.

Commando, Going Commando
      Fairly stupid term for one whom decides to 'be risky', 'bold', 'forward', or even 'Sexy' by wearing trousers, a dress, a toga, or other clothing without underwear. Most of the time such an action is simply uncomfortable as nobody else cares what you are or are not wearing. Term is usually reserved for men, however, it has been used on TV by women as well. Such behavior has little, if anything, to do with the special forces units of the various military branches. See: Titillation, Naughty.
      The sole exception to the above rule that usually 'nobody gives a damn' is when the subject is a beautiful woman and she is wearing a Miniskirt, Daisy Dukes, or even Hotpants with nothing under them. See: said listings and Compare: Exhibitionism, Up-Skirt, Voyeurism.

Common Law, Common Law Marriage
      Established societal practice, and informal precedent that is not in the Legal Code passed by whatever branch of government has jurisdiction of the matter. In some cases the precedent may go all the way back to English Common Law established during the Middle Ages, give or take a thousand years ago! Said recognition may apply to a business relationship, right of way, usage of a service or product, or Domestic Partnership.
      The term comes into play with our good work here when one considers the idea of a "common law spouse", a person whom one has lived with, and had intimate physical relations with, for a significant period of time, without the legal paperwork establishing a marriage. Some jurisdictions recognize the status of said marriages after a given number of years, others do not. Where said recognition occurs, there may be financial and other repercussions that develop over time. It is under that idea that the term "Palimony" came into the language when that relationship ended badly and one or the other wanted a settlement similar to what one gets when a Marriage ends in Divorce. See highlighted and related terms.

Community Standards
      Term used to encompass and mean whatever a court, city counsel, social do-gooder group, or other busybodies want it to mean as there is no such thing in reality. Is usually trotted out and paraded around whenever there is a zoning request for somebody to build an Adult Entertainment or other business of that type or a performance or display was slightly Erotic. Most of the time, those invoking said term are some of the biggest self righteous Hypocrites you'll ever see. See: Family Hour, Sexual Depravity, Content Warning, Social Evil, Taboo, Deviance, and related.
      Also part of the Three Prong Test (which see) for Obscenity and Indecency, which also see.

Compulsive Masturbation
      Engaging in self-pleasure to the point where it interferes with normal daily activity or is conducted in socially unacceptable situations, such as in restaurants or on the subway. Also, can be seen when doing so causes personal injury such as damaging the skin with excessive Rug Burn to the point of allowing an infection to take place.
      Behavior seen primarily in men but is not unheard of in women. At times has been treated as a mental illness such as Sexual Addiction or true Nymphomania (see said terms). Now seen as more of a symptom of other disorders than its own. Can be treated and the person normalized with behavior therapy and / or medication depending on the underlying cause. Also see: Hypersexuality, Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (see PGAD), Self Control, Obsessive Compulsive. Compare: Porn Addiction.
      One of the known tendencies when the practice is a symptom of a mental disorder is the hording of Ejaculate. Often to the point where their room will be lined with cups and bowls full of semen so expressed.

Computer Generated Image, CGI
      Still and moving pictures and animations wholly or partially created by various computer programs. In our current context these would include falsified nude images of Celebrities, Hentai and Anime type cartoons, and various adult themed video games. Also includes special effects in movies. In some cases, the artificial image is indistinguishable from a real photograph. See: "Hot Coffee", Airbrush, Internet Rule Thirty-Four, and various topics as mentioned.

Conceit / Conceited
      The personal belief that one is better, smarter, prettier, above, etc, everybody else, especially when the person who believes as such is average, or even below average, or is just barely half a step above mediocre. The '-ed' version is usually used to describe said person by the rest of us.
"One thing's for sure: now when I look at Funny Girl, I think I was gorgeous. I was too beautiful to play Fanny Brice."
- Barbra Streisand (born 1942)

Conception, (to) Conceive, Fertilization
      The moment a Spermatozoa enters an Ovum to cause Pregnancy, also when said fertile egg implants in the Uterus. See: highlighted terms. Compare: "Original Sin", Birth Control.
      Said term is usually thrown around the Abortion debate without anyone ever defining exactly when "conception" is. It is worth noting here that depending on the source cited, between one quarter to nearly half of all fertilized eggs never implant in the Womb, or are rejected for various reasons if they do within the first week or so of the term, meaning those babies are being naturally aborted.

      Traditionally, a female Servant with whom the Master could Have Sex without the benefits, or complications, of Marriage. Often seen in many royal courts and the upper classes of society in the Mid-East. Said arrangement was often more formal than is usually associated with the term Mistress (which see) and in fact, the concubine was often considered a member of the royal household with special privileges not enjoyed by other servants, but was something less than a Consort, which was often also a Spouse and therefore less fun to have around. See: Harem, Kept Woman, and related.

      Barrier Birth Control device most usually of impermeable plastic membrane fitted to the Male Organ or inside the Vagina of a woman designed to trap and kill Sperm. Is regarded as the safest and most effective on-demand method to prevent both Sexually Transmitted Diseases and/or pregnancy. Failure rate for both is between single digits to about 15% depending on study referenced, although the majority of these failures are often attributable to improper fit or use. Can become an object of Fetishism or Obsession. Slang terms include Rubber, Raincoat, the brand name "Trojan" and so on. See: Sexually Transmitted Disease, Internal Cumshot, Birth Control, Bare Back, and related terms.
      Natural membrane condoms are made of various parts of animals, including intestines, and while they do offer nearly equal Birth Control as the man made variety when used as prescribed, they offer little or no STD protection. Even given that fact, some purists demand and use the natural item which is available at some retailers and online.
      Historically speaking: condoms, and condom-like devices were known to the ancients. Evidence exists of condoms in use in pre-Roman Europe and the ancient Middle East about 1000 BC. Tomb artifacts from the time include linen sheaths and purpose designed animal membranes with bindings to fit around the Penis. Such devices were probably of limited effectiveness for both Birth Control and Sexually Transmitted Disease prevention, not to mention the comfort factor for both partners.

Conduct Unbecoming an Officer, Official Misconduct
      Legal or other disciplinary charge in various military and paramilitary organizations, such as police departments, also sometimes used to remove ranking members of other bodies such as labor union executive boards which have a Code of Conduct, which see. Also see: "Billy Graham Rule, The"
      Besides Felonies, which see, the charges usually center on behavior such as public intoxication, minor Sexual Misconduct, a weekend of "Wine, Women, and Song" so to speak, or other less serious misdeeds. But may also include favoritism, Quid Pro Quo, Lying on or about a duty related matter, Perjury, receiving bribes, treason, and other more serious offenses which may include Felony criminal charges or civil lawsuits.
      It is seldom used to remove members of Congress, as everybody has such low expectations of that bunch of losers that ... nevermind.

Confide, Confess, Confession
      To admit to an action, behavior, idea, etc. to another.
      To 'confide' is to tell another person something in confidence with the belief that they will not repeat said statement. The urge to 'confide' in another person is something most often seen in women, and has a part in Bonding. However, such is also the root of Gossip. See: highlighted terms.
      To 'confess' means to admit to something. In a legal light it means to acknowledge that one committed a crime. Said admission is usually allowed to be read or played at trial.
      The term 'confession' is the same as the above, but has religious overtones as it is most usually associated with the telling of ones Sins (which see) to clear ones Conscience to a priest who may or may not be a Pedarist (also see).

Congress, Congressman
      In the Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana (which see) the word 'congress' is synonymous with Fucking. It can also be applied to other Sexual Activity including Fellatio and Cunnilingus as mentioned in the classic Sex Manual.
      In today's usage when referring to America, the term means about the same, however, we must write it as "Fucking the taxpayers and other honest citizens". The term with "man" (or "woman/person") as a suffix means "professional liar who couldn't get another job". See: Asshole, Bullshit, Amoral, Social Engineer. Also see: Sleaze, Morals Charges, Conduct Unbecoming..., Quid Pro Quo, Felony, Perjury, Assclown, Fuckwad, Crap, Bellend, etc.

Conjugal Right
      Obsolete term and idea and legal ruling that the Husband of a Married Woman has the presumed right of access to her body for the purposes of Sex and that she has already given her Consent through being Married, and therefore, a man cannot Rape his Wife. This is, of course, crap and has been overturned in almost every Western country. However, that is not the case in most areas under Sharia where a woman has no right to refuse, and if she does, she can be taken in front of the religious police and be executed for it. (no, we're not kidding). See highlighted terms.
      See various related topics including: Marian Doctrine, Headache, "Lay Back And Think Of England", and so on.

Conjugal Visit
      The allowance of a Significant Other, usually a legal Spouse, to visit an incarcerated person, usually a prison or mental hospital inmate, for the purpose of engaging in Sex. The privilege is usually reserved for those doing long sentences for Felonies and may be revoked if the inmate violates their Code of Conduct. Not all jurisdictions allow such visits.

      Military victory and the occupation of the defeated party's territory. Often used in reference to heated sports rivalries, especially between university and professional American football teams.
      In our present context: Having another willingly Consent to ones sexual advances, usually resulting in a Sex Act, either Heterosexual or Homosexual. Without express consent, the act is Rape. See: Consummate, Sexual Conquest.

      The ability to distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong, Sin and righteousness, etc. As opposed to Conscious / Consciousness which is the state of cognitive awareness when one is awake. See: highlighted terms.
      Comes into play when one experiences the Emotions of Guilt or Regret (see said terms), remorse over events or actions, and when terms like Sin come into play, which makes one want to go to Confession.
      Also see: Seven Deadly Sins, Saving Oneself, Confess.

Conscious / Consciousness
      Intellectual self awareness, the state of being awake and knowing it rationally. As opposed to Conscience, which is an Emotional ability to be able to experience Guilt, see those terms.
      Said state of awareness and understanding is required in Informed Consent as opposed to Implied Consent when one is unable to function. See: highlighted terms.
      In the realm of the general topic of this Glossary, any Consent must be made consciously and with acknowledgement of the actions involved and the risk and repercussions of said behaviors, nothing else will suffice. So if one of the parties is Drunk as hell, they legally cannot give Consent, for an example, see: Somnophilia.

Consensual Sex
      Both parties, being sober Adults willingly engage in Sexual Activity including Heterosexual Intercourse, Oral Sex, or some form of Homosexual sex. By law a Minor cannot give said consent. Some jurisdictions have a graduated scale of who can consent to sex with whom based on age and even activity. There is no standardization and some of the regulations are archaic and arbitrary. See: Age of Majority, Informed Consent and related
      Even now a woman can change her mind after said act, including several days after said act, rendering the encounter Rape or Sexual Assault, and the charges will be pressed, often resulting in conviction and prison time for her partner, even if she recants and withdraws the complaint after it was made. See: Felony and related.

      Willing agreement for participation in a behavior or activity, such as being Photographed or engaging in Sex. Said agreement implies that the participant is of Legal Age and of sufficient mental capacity (not stoned, for instance) to give said permission, see Consciousness. The age at which one is regarded as able to give said consent for various activities varies by jurisdiction and other factors. See: Adult/Age of Majority, Guardian, Child, Statutory Rape, Conjugal Right, Coming Of Age.
      For this Glossary: The permission is specific to being a willing participant in sex up to and including Fucking and various Fetish activity. The withdrawing of said consent is what turns normal sex into Sexual Assault or Rape. Which is exactly why most producers in this industry require said permission in writing. See: Model Release, Informed Consent.

Consort, Consorting
      In most cases a person who is not of royal blood to whom a royal is married but whom will never rule as sovereign. Such persons are seen titled as "prince (or Princess) consort". See: Princess, Mistress, Concubine, Harem, and related.
      Also to our point here, to 'consort' or 'consorting' is, essentially, to Fuck, or to otherwise engage in Debauchery with someone as seen in a phrase sometimes brought up during trials on Morals Charges (which see) "consorting with persons of low character". See: Wenching.

Consummate, Consummation
      The signing of a binding agreement, contract, between two parties in a business relationship and the exchanging of payment.
      A top level expert or one whom is absolutely proficient at a given task. As in- your Brutha is a consummate Eroticist.
      For our purposes- Fucking, as follows:
      Refers specifically to Heterosexual Genital Intercourse between a man and a woman who have been Married as the binding act of the joining. After which an Annulment may not be possible. Most usually said sex occurs on the Wedding Night, which see. Compare: Unconsummated Marriage.

Content Warning
      Term used to describe material which may not be appropriate for all individuals. Also used to warn people who may be emotionally upset by certain Provocative topics or images. The use is not limited to Sexual topics as it applies equally to violent content, such as with news footage, images of drug abuse, and other extreme behavior. One way around this is to Censor the content with Pixilation or a Black Bar over the offending bits, see said terms.
      Can also be seen on some documentary productions to notify individuals that the following material, while realistic, may upset some individuals. As with images of wild animals like lions hunting, killing, and eating antelopes.
      One of the most famous / infamous is the "Parental Advisory..." warning issued by the R.I.A.A on recordings that they deem inappropriate for children. See said terms.
      Such a warning is used on the Desk site in relation to this Glossary to let people know that if they can't take it, to move on.
      See: Lurid, Indecent, Obscene, Prurient Interests, Provocative, Rating, Sophisticated, "For Adults Only", Sexual Innuendo, and related.

Your request was denied because of its content categorization: "Adult/Mature Content;Newsgroups/Forums"
If you think this is incorrect, please send url to: .......

- Online Proxy Server Warning (slightly edited).
Contract Actor, Contract Girl, Contract Performer
      An actor who is working under an exclusive contract for a given production house. In the heyday of the contract actors, major Hollywood studios would have big name stars who only worked for that studio. One of the biggest at MGM in the 1940s was Judy Garland. Even Frank Sinatra (see Rat Pack) signed on at Paramount for a time. The contracted stars would make the movies they were told to make and work where and when they were told to work, and appear at promotions and premiers in costume and in character when they were required to do so. They could also be 'sold', 'traded' or 'loaned' to other studios. Much as with some of today's professional athletes.
      In our current context, the above is mostly true for Adult Actors who sign on to a production group such as Vivid® or one of the other major producers. Smaller groups usually hire day workers instead of sign actors to contracts.
      See: Adult Actress, Porn Star

Convent, Nunnery
      The term applies to any segregated religious community, but in common usage has come to me such a community made up exclusively of women who have taken religious vows and are Nuns (which see). And although it does apply to said groups of other faiths, the most common use is regarding sisters under the Roman Catholic Church in a closed communal living setting and the buildings and grounds where they live.
      The term has come up and been added to this Glossary as there has been some media discussion of Lesbianism and Homosexual (Lesbian) Rape inside the walls of these groups. For a possible explanation of this see: "Situational Homosexuality".

Conventionally Attractive
      Media term for a person, often a normal, regular, everyday citizen, who has what is deemed by them an 'average' level of physical attractiveness and Sex Appeal, as opposed to a Celebrity who is believed to have more and better of both. Which, of course, is horseshit. See: Beauty, and "Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder".

      Spellings vary, including 'coutee', 'coutie', and even 'kootee', as well as other variations.
      Mythical contagious disease which early elementary age children believe those of the opposite sex may transmit at the slightest touch. In recent years the playground topic of 'cooties' and related ideas, such as 'shots' and 'catchers' have disappeared to large extent. They will be missed.
      In the majority of cases, 'cooties' are cured by ones First Love or Puppy Love. See: related topics such as Playing Doctor and Sex Play.

      A Fetish and a mental illness. Essentially, sexual interest in feces and the act of Defecation in general, especially of the human variety. Including the substance itself as well as its production and elimination from the body. May or may not involve the flushing of the Rectum with Enemas and the fetish of Klismaphilia, or even bring up somthing like a Boston Pancake or Dirty Sanchez, see both. Compare: Emetophilia. The exact opposite would be coprophobia. Also see note at Toilet.

Coquet, Coquette, Coquetry
      The ancient use of the term was borrowed from the French word for rooster coq and referred to a man who Flirted (which see) with women for enjoyment without intending to pursue the matter further. As time wore on, it came to be used more for women who did the same thing, the proper spelling of which would be with the ending 'te'. Today the word (with its 'ry' in place) is usually used to describe the behavior by someone, still more often than not a woman, acting with a playfully Flirtatious attitude. For a ready example, think of most of Mae West's stage and movie characters, with the heat level turned down perhaps a notch or two. added to the Glossary the Suggestion of a Female Reader who is very good at it!
      See: Sexy, Provocative, Flapper, and other related terms.

Coregasm, Workout Orgasm
      An Orgasm in a Woman that results from exercise or other non-Sexual activity due to the stimulation of the muscles of the lower abdomen which, in turn, stimulate the nerves that feed the Clitoris and the G-Spot. The stimulation results in a real Orgasm, and from some reports, it is even more intense than most of those that result from Sexual Activity in some women.
      As to whether or not Men can experience a similar event, the reports are decidedly mixed.

Cornholing, Cornhole, Corn Hole
      Word for Anal Intercourse where Penis or other object is inserted in the Anus of either a male or a female by either a male or a female, the 'corn hole'. The term, and the Suggestively named game involving a bean bag toss, is not as popular as it once was, which is really a good thing. Compare: Pie Hole, Manhole.

Corrective Rape
      Violent, brutal, sometimes fatal sexual attack on a perceived Homosexual with the blessing, and often at the order of tribal or regional authorities in Afrika and elsewhere. Most often committed against Lesbians by males of her own village or even her own family, but occasionally the act is against a Gay male by a woman hired by the elders to 'change' the man. In such cases, neither a Condom or other Birth Control is employed so the act is as likely as not to result in Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Disease spread, or both. The supposition is, of course, that Homosexuality is a personal choice and not an innate tendency and that the punishment will 'fix' the behavior, in contrast to the 'rehabilitation' sought in other cultures through somewhat less dramatic means. See: Rape, Sex Crime and the highlighted terms. For another example see: "Gay Conversion Therapy".
      It is worth noting here and now that such crimes against Homosexuals are not expressly prohibited under Sharia, which deems it as an affront to God. Under Muslim law, Gays are often without basic human rights and may even be executed without trial or appeal by either religious or civil police. Also see: Sharia, Punitive Rape, and related.
"If you find anyone doing as Lot's people did, kill the one who does it, and the one to whom it is done." (Hadith, Abu Dawud no. 4447).
      added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

      The original figure shaping undergarment for women going back some five hundred years, and even further as some indications of similar items can be found on Egyptian tomb paintings. In the historic period corsets were made of heavy material reinforced with everything from whale bone to steel and pulled tight with strong cords laced down the back. The idea of the corset was to support the woman's breasts and shape her mid-section while also enhancing the curve of her hips. It also seriously limited her flexibility and mobility as any strenuous activity or even too much walking was usually out of the question. In most cases, ladies of fashion needed at least one or two helpers to get into the thing and have it fitted correctly (hence the 'dressing room' in homes). The Depression and then World War Two ended the reign of the corset as it was replaced by separate Bras and Girdles. Also see: Merry Widow.
      No other evidence need be presented that women have historically been slaves to fashion than the history of the corset and the extremes women went to to conform to the style of the day. Reports of broken ribs and other injuries due to the over-tightening of the corset are not exaggerated as some have been found in official records. There are even reports of deaths resulting from the rupture of internal organs due to the things.
      Today such garments are more often seen in Fetish wear and as part of a Victorian costumes during historical pageants.

      Clothing, and perhaps facial mask, which conceal ones true appearance either wholly or in part. Can either be quite simple or fantastically complex, such as with Carnival / Mardis Gras participants, which see.
      For our present purpose the outfits may involve Rubber or Leather vests and pants, masks, chains, and even Collars and other restraints. In the case of Fem Dom (which see) she may well have a Strap On type of Dildo on a belt harness with which she can play the Male Sex Role to her Sub, whether that be a man or another woman. See: Autoandrophilia, Dominatrix.
      Other costumes include doctors and Nurses for Medical Fetish play, Schoolgirl Uniforms (especially parochial school outfits), diapers and other paraphernalia for Infantile Fetish, even Vampires and other Goth outfits. Those used by Strippers and Showgirls can be quite elaborate, and at the same time, quite revealing. See: highlighted entries.

      Puma concolor or the early stage name of the performer of the song quoted at Algolagnia.
      Also, one of a growing array of terms for an older woman, usually late thirties well into her fifties and even sixties, who seeks out much younger men for Sexual Conquest. See: M.I.L.F., Lady, Hot Mom, Cradle Robber, and related.
      TV shows, movies, and Porn made with or for such women and the men, and other women as well, who love them. (pun intended)
      Most older women are exceedingly comfortable with their sexuality and will tell you what they enjoy and how to please them. Also, they are usually quite capable of showing you and guiding you the right way if their explanations aren't enough. (This is always a very good thing! -Jim)

Couple(s) Porn
      Adult version of the Chick Flick, which see. Usually the difference revolves around these movies having an actual, perhaps even reasonable plot, in which the characters become more developed, with significant dialogue between them before the Fucking begins.

Courtiers, Courtesan
      Simply, those who attended to the royal while 'in court' or on other official duty.. However, as with many of the classic terms listed in this Glossary, the reality is somewhat more complicated, as we shall see... Oh, by the way, the 'ier' is male or used to indicate the group as a whole, the 'esan' version is exclusively applied to the women who were considered Ladies (see Lady). Further note: Some courtiers are more famous than the courts they moved through, see: Casanova.
      In many cases the members of the court were expected to indulge the whims of the royals in every way with a certain amount of Discretion, which, if violated, could result in, shall we say, a disagreeable penalty. Besides the obvious Sexual Excesses, they were also participate in rampant gluttony, heavy boozing, gambling, and whatever other diversions the royal found amusing, including the torturing and killing of those of the court that had fallen out of favor, for example see Caligula. Some members of the various courts of Europe developed into the various Hellfire Clubs and other noteworthy organizations. The term 'courtesan' is also improperly and inaccurately used to mean Prostitute. Also, the men could be (a) Cavalier, but the terms are not interchangeable. See: Rake, Libertine, Jet Set, and other related.

Courting, Courtship
      Part of the Dating ritual which leads to Marriage. Most usually it is the man that seeks the attention and Affection of the woman. Often involves attending Social events such as a Dance or various family occasions. See: Engagement, Candy and Flowers, Proposal, Love At First Sight, Falling In Love, Dowry, Necking, Going Steady, "Cuffing Season", Girlfriend, "Pitching Woo", Woo(ing), and so on.

Courtly Love
      Emotional attachment and devotion to one whom you cannot Consummate the relationship with due to the social class or status of one or both parties. Originally seen in the courts of royalty and paid great tribute in the book "Don Quixote...". See: Unrequited Love for more on that subject.

      A female ranch hand who works with the cattle in the same manner as the 'cowboys' of old. A female rodeo athlete, such as one who does trick riding and roping.
      A member of the University of Wyoming women's sports teams.
      Position for Sexual Intercourse of any variety where the Receiver 'rides' their partner. Also includes variations such as Reverse ___(which see), and side-saddle. See: Woman On Top. Term is used, although it doesn't really seem to apply, with Homosexual activity as well as Heterosexual. Also see: Bidet.
      Position, and related Sex Act, is alluded to in the otherwise absolutely worthless, and mildly offensive, country song by the 'hat act' Big and Rich (who broke up in 2008):

"Cause I saddle up my horse, And I ride into the city,
I make a lot of noise, Cause the girls, They are so pretty
Riding up and down Broadway, On my old stud Leroy.
And the girls say 'Save a horse, ride a cowboy.'"
Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) Lyrics by: Kenny and Rich. Album: Horse of a Different Color. 2004. Warner Records.

Coy, Playing Coy
      Most usually a smartass Tease. Also somebody who is overly shy or Modest. Can be one who says "no" but acts like they mean "yes" and thinks said behavior is cute. Most usually, said person just ends up being annoying after a very short time.

Crack Whore
      Person, most usually a woman (but can be a man), who exchanges Sexual Favors for drugs, may or may not involve crack cocaine as the term is also used with other drugs such as heroine. See: Prostitute, Alcoholic.

Cradle Robber / Robbing
      The historic reference is usually thought of as coming from the legend of either evil spirits or Rom / Gypsies stealing the children of locals out of their cribs and taking them away.
      Today it is most commonly heard in reference to "May - September Romances", Trophy Wives, Cougars, and other Relationships where there is a major difference in ages between the partners, especially if one of them is near (or below) the Age of Majority. See highlighted terms. Also see: Lolita, Pedophilia, and related terms

Crap, Crapola
      Various meanings, all related, Including: feces, solid digestive waste, Shit (which see). Any useless or defective object. Also: campaign promises and other Lies (which also see).
      The term is used in various locations throughout this Glossary to mean all of the above (see examples at: "Good Old Days, Golden Years", and "Marian Doctrine"), plus the most obvious meaning not listed: Bullshit (also see), which would seem to be the meaning in the following quote:

"When I think back
On all the crap I learned in high school
It's a wonder
I can think at all.
And though my lack of education
Hasn't hurt me none
I can read the writing on the wall."

-Kodachrome by Paul Simon, Columbia Records, album: There Goes Rhymin' Simon, 1973 release

Creampie, Cream Pie
      A couple of meanings, quite different, but, oddly related. The first and most common involves a dessert pastry made with fruit, or other flavoring, and the dairy product so named, such as a 'vanilla cream pie' or 'lemon cream pie'. The other definition is somewhat more to the point of our overall goal here...
      Internal Ejaculation, the male's Penis 'Cums' inside the Receiving party during Intercourse, usually Vaginally or Anally, without being withdrawn. Term is usually not used with Fellatio.
      In the world of Adult Movies the Internal Cum Shot is something of an oddity, where the man actually Ejaculates inside the woman (or other recipient in the case of same-sex films) during Intercourse. In some movies, especially various fetish films, showing the result is the intent for the exercise and the camera focuses on the 'cream pie' with the Semen running out of her Vagina or Anus, where it may be licked up by another as with Felching (which see), or showing her playing with it with her tongue before she swallows it, or allows it to run out of her mouth to drip onto her breasts in what is sometimes termed an 'oral creampie' or similar term. This can also a fetish unto itself as in Bukkake. See: Internal Cumshot, Cave, and related terms.

Crimes Against Nature
      Phrase is generally considered obsolete except under Sharia. Usually refers to Homosexuality and various related activities. See: Acts Against Nature, Sodomy, Unnatural Act, and related. See historical note at Stonewall Riots.

Cross Dresser / Dressing, Transvestite, Transgendered
      Person wearing the clothing and accessories of the opposite sex and the act thereof. As versus Transsexual which involves the belief that the person is truly a member of the opposite sex in the wrong body or Hermaphrodite where the person has at least some of the physical characteristics of both sexes. 'Transgendered' is the P.C. term for both conditions. Also the Fetish involving the wearing of the clothes and accessories of the opposite sex. See: Rae Rae, Tranny Surprise, Skirt, Transsexual, Female Impersonators, Drag Show, and related.

      Generally, the area between the legs from the pubic bone to the tail bone. Includes the external Sex Organs and Anus. Depending on usage, may include the Pubic Hair area as well. See: Privates, Groin.
      Similarly shaped forked feature of a tree, mountain range or other object.

Crotch Shot
      Two uses relevant to this Glossary.
      Photographic images, moving or still, of the Vulva and related body parts of a woman's body, most usually where the Labia and even Clitoris and Anus are clearly visible. Said image may be taken from the front or back although images from the rear are usually referred to as a Moon shot. See: Privates. Such images of men are a known cause of the Fantods.
      Gag used by TV and movie producers to go for the cheap laugh as a man's expense as it is supposed to be funny when a man is hit in the Testicles by anything. The stunt is supposed to be even funnier when the man is a white Heterosexual and his reaction to the injury is in front of women and children. Why it is funny is a mystery known only to those that wrote the stunt into the script as the resultant injury can be quite serious and may result in prolonged internal bleeding and other complications. See: Castration for more information. Also see: Ball Buster.

Crude Remarks
      Unsophisticated Sexual or otherwise untoward comments. Usually unwelcome, often offensive, and sometimes physically impossible or otherwise unrealistic. Such words and phrases also often include unwarranted and irrelevant references to physiological functions and bodily waste as well as degrading statements about family, race, religion and other 'sensitive' topics. Those making such comments usually do so because they have neither the language skills nor the intelligence to raise a meaningful argument that suits the occasion. See: Innuendo, Seven Dirty Words, Cunt, Shit, and related.
"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."
Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

      Most usually, a one way, intense passion felt for a member of the opposite sex who is most likely unobtainable and unaware of the feelings of said person. Said emotions are usually transitory and there may be a different subject of the devotion in a short period of time, and in some cases, the object of said 'crush' may not even be a real person. In common mass media usage: the object of said affection is some sort of celebrity (see Heartthrob) and the person with the feelings is a teenage girl who will document every detail in her Diary (which see), for evidence, see magazines and websites aimed at said target demographic. For worst case scenario, see Celebrity Stalker. Compare: Unrequited Love.
      In the vast majority of cases this is an Unrequited Love, which see.
      The feeling may or may not involve Lust, as the individual with the crush may be below the age of Puberty. See: Puppy Love. While an Adult may feel the same emotions for most of the same reasons, it is usually considered an Infatuation, which see. Also see: Courtly Love.
      None of this is to be taken as trivializing or dismissing the emotional state of the one with the 'crush' as, to them, the feelings are real, deep, and profoundly intense to the point of rendering the person with them nearly incapacitated. See: Lovesick, Heartache.
      Also the subject line in a spam email which is often infected with spyware and other malware. If you get a 'crush' email- delete it!

      Archaic word, still in use. A man who is controlled by and subject to rule by his wife is at least a High Maintenance Woman or even a Nag (see both). Especially in her desire for sex outside of marriage with either other men or women. In the niche porn world, the husband will often be forced to watch his wife perform, sometimes several men at once in a Gang Bang, doing things she supposedly does NOT do with him, sich as Anal, while he sits in the corner with Blue Balls. In most cases, everybody involved is an Adult Actor and is being paid or otherwise compensated for their time and effort instead of a forlorn Sex Starved husband and demanding wife. Also see: Wife, M.I.L.F., Swinger, Pussy Whipped, Etc. Compare: Troilism.

Cuddle, Snuggle
      To hold another person close to oneself, with or without other romantic intent or other Physical Intimacy occurring. A prolonged Hug (which see). A prolonged hug. Usually regarded by women as extremely Romantic and comforting. Compare: Spooning. Has become part of the media obsession with "Cuffing Season".

'Cuffing Season'
      Idiotic media term first seen in the wild in the fall of 2011 in a few blogs and 'campus oriented' media, but by the fall of 2014 it had spread to mainstream publications, usually in columns and sections run by aging hipsters who were trying desperately to appear 'in' (and most likely failing miserably). The term is said to apply to the trend on campus for young people to seek more serious Dating relationships during the winter months to be their escorts to the more formal on-campus events that begin, usually, after homecoming. Evidently, said aging hipsters just noticed this and somebody thought of a cute phrase for it that would apply to Homosexuals as well as Heterosexuals. See: Going Steady, Girlfriend, Courting, and related.
      The phenomenon is not new, nor does it require an approved term by bisexual twenty-something talking heads on liberal podcasts to occur. The smirking and chatting about "Cuddling" with it just highlights how pathetic they really are. See: Cuddling.
      It is unknown if said blithering idiots have any idea of the Bondage implications of the term.

      French term for 'bottom of the sack', usually used in relation to a dead end residential street. See Cervix for a use related to our work here.

      Multiple meanings, some are interchangeable.

  • The term most usually applies to either the act of, or the Semen produced by, the Ejaculation by the male during the sex act. See: Semen, Cum Shot, Spooge.
  • Can be applied to the vaginal fluid and even the 'ejaculate' of an Aroused woman. See: Female Ejaculation, Squirting.
  • Also applied to the physical Climax, and even the Orgasm of, both men and women, regardless of the production of bodily fluids.
  • Is used in the Adult Entertainment industry as the title of various movies, magazines, books, etc. Often in conjunction with other terms such as "MILF gets CUM".
  • Can be the subject of Fetishism where the sexual fluid of choice is used as a plaything and even food additive.
      See: Climax, Ejaculation, Orgasm, Felching, Cum Swapping, Internal Cumshot, Creampie, Dick Spit, and related terms.

Cum Drunk
      The symptoms experienced by one who Swallows too much Semen in a short period of time. It is NOT an actual form of Intoxication, but a 'rush' from too much raw protein and related hormones and possibly oxygen depravation from performing the act itself. See: Swallow, Semen, Fellatio, and related.

Cum Dumpster
      Perhaps the ultimate derogatory term for a Floozy who is a Cheap Easy Slut whom is not overly choosy about who she allows to Ejaculate inside her in any of her available openings, perhaps making her a Baby Mama, or perhaps even all over her. The term is usually not applied to professional Prostitutes or Adult Actresses. See highlighted terms to get a better idea.

Cum Shot
      The moment and act of a male Ejaculating. Especially video or photographs of said act. See: Bukkake, Snowballing, Semen, and etc.

Cum Swapping
      Also called Felching (spellings vary, which see) and various other terms. Seen more in Adult Movies than in real life, as in this example: the person Receiving the male's Ejaculate in their mouth does not Swallow it, but instead kisses another person and shares it with them, often passing it back and forth several times or between several people, including the man who produced it. Also applies to the retrieving of the Semen with the mouth and tongue or fingers or other means from either the Vagina or Anus, or wherever, for swapping or other play. Can also apply to a woman kissing her male partner after he cums in her mouth and her sharing it with him. Can also be the dedicated subject or part of a larger fetish. See: Bukkake, Internal Cumshot, Snowballing, Mixed Drinks, Semen.

      Oral contact with the female Genitals for the express purpose of sexual pleasure and mutual enjoyment. Includes licking and kissing both external features such as the Clitoris as well as Penetration of the Vagina by the Tongue (see Tonguing). Also known as Muffdiving, Eating at the Y, Mustache Rides, the Ultimate Kiss, Face Sitting, etc. See: Oral Sex, Taste of Honey, Fur Burger, Vagitarian, and related.
      Many women find achieving Orgasm from Oral Sex easier and more enjoyable than other acts as they can relax more and focus on the event than they can during Intercourse.

Cunt, Cunny, Coney
      Words used to describe the external Female Sexual Organs. 'Cunt' is usually considered impolite, Crude, and even negative, however, that is diminishing in certain circles from overuse. 'Cunny' is relatively neutral in the US, although the related term 'coney' is less well known and is also an archaic term for a young rabbit. Compare: Pussy.
      'Cunt' is considered a Crude and derogatory term for an unpleasant woman when used in most situations, in some media outlets it is used a the 'C-word' which see. Also see: Ho, Pussy, Female Sexual Organs, Seven Dirty Words, Twat, Vulva.

Cunt Hair
      Human hair which grows in a woman's Pubic region or on the Mound of Venus. The removal of which is now subject of political debate and regulation in New Jersey. See: Pubic Hair, Waxing, Shaving. Also see: Short Hairs.
      Unit of measure in some situations to indicate that whatever is being talked about it really close to being exact. Scientifically speaking, a average human hair is one tenth of a millimeter thick (that's .003937 of an inch) no matter where it comes from on the body.

      The god of the emotion of love, of falling in love, etc. As well as the act thereof, Sex.
      Mass media symbol of St Valentine's day as a winged baby with bow and arrow. However, it is doubtful the patron the holiday is named after would approve of the connection. See: Valentine, Angel.
      Romanized version of the Greek god Eros. He served essentially the same function as his Greek counterpart. Western literature and tradition has 'romanticized' the Roman deity while simultaneously disparaging his Grecian elder. See: Eros.
      Song by the Spinners which highlighted the god's function in mythology.
"Cupid, Draw back your bow, And let your arrow go
Straight to my lover's heart for me, Nobody but me..."

Original lyric by Sam Cooke (1931 - 1964). Spinner's release, 1980, Atlantic Records.

      A courteous type of bow most usually executed by women where the simplest, and the type most often seen, involves placing one foot behind the other and flexing the knees while nodding the head, and ever so slightly bowing from the waist. More elaborate moves involve a deep bend of the knees with a sweeping of their skirt to the sides, as is often seen in receiving lines with the Queen of England, on through the almost gymnastic routine undertaken by certain Debutantes, which they practice for months before their Coming Out Party. The move entails a flexing of the entire body until the girl's forehead touches the floor, then, after a suitably dramatic pause, she rises once again, gracefully, to a standing position usually without their Escort lending a hand for stability even though it is done while wearing high heels.

Curves, Curvy
      Classic use: an adult woman's natural and even full figure which is 'curvy' without being obese. See: Stacked, Hourglass, Mound of Venus, Statuesque, Sex Symbol, Bombshell, Voluptuous, Bettie Page.
"I didn't discover curves; I only uncovered them." - Mae West (1893-1980)

Cybering, Cybersex
      A type of a truly Safe Sex practice that involves another person in real time as the participants absolutely cannot touch each other. Also see: Hot Chat, Phone Sex.
      Sexually Explicit (which see) text, voice, or video chat, or even a combination of those. The text only version can be totally anonymous as the individuals use 'handles' and profiles that can be changed on a whim and are usually not verified by the service they are using. Part of the problem with doing so is that you may not be talking to the person you think you are, and, you may not be typing out your innermost fantasy to a person at all but a computer program with interactive text recognition software. Can be conducted on Internet chats (AOL, Yahoo, Twitter, etc), cellular phone texting (see: Sexting), and other methods.
      One step up is voice and /or video chat which can involve total Nudity in front of a web cam and those posing may control who sees them or open the session to anyone with access to the service in an internet age version of Exhibitionism or the Sexy Talk Phone Line, which see. However, once again, you may think you are in chat with somebody who is like minded and very sexy, only to find out that you're exposing yourself to a computer with an animated CGI image which is responding to you. Many of these services are 'pay as you go'. Photo sharing and explicit texting over cell phones is something of a 'teen' phenomenon, but it is essentially the same thing. See: Child Pornography.
      Part of the debate about the practice revolves around whether or not the act is the equivalent to actual physical sex between a married partner and anybody else, especially a member of the opposite sex, and thusly becomes Cheating. Most of those who say it is point to Emotional Infidelity as proof. Said aspect would only come into play if the two (or more) people in the Hot Chat became emotionally involved instead of it just being 'Just Sex' (also see: "One Night Stand", Casual Sex). Of course there is always the chance that the online relationship could become real world at some point and the individuals so involved could engage in actual Fucking, which of course, really is Cheating, which see.

Cycle, Woman's Monthly Cycle
      Euphemism for Menstruation, which see. A woman's Period.

"D.C. Madam"
      The working name of Deborah J. Palfrey (1956 - 2008) who ran a high profile Escort Service (which see) of Call Girls in the Washington D.C. area for over a dozen years. When the ring was busted in 2006, Palfrey threatened to release the names and numbers of her clients, which resulted in the resignations of several high ranking politicians and the quick scrambling (and the supposed payments of shut up money) by others. This was also not her first arrest and conviction for running a Prostitution outfit.
      After all the maneuvering, denials, and so forth, Palfrey was convicted on various counts, including a sizable number of Felonies. Instead of going to prison, she committed suicide.

D.H., DH
      A perfect example of how a simple abbreviation or "chat shorthand" can have multiple meanings depending on where and when used and by whom. Added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion
  "DH" is known to mean:

D.P., DP
      Text messaging shorthand for Domestic Partner. For another use more to our point here, see: Double Penetration.

      Multiple uses, only one directly related to this Glossary as below.
      The Digital Subscriber Line is a type of internet service over ordinary copper telephone lines. Most usually used in a residential or small business setting as the bandwidth actually available is often inferior to other modes of access such as coaxial cable or a fiber optic connection while the monthly charge for it may be higher.
      The Domain-Specific (programming) Language is an advanced computer programming language used in dedicated environments for specific applications and internal processes. An example that your Brutha is familiar with is the various environments under Cold Fusion's language for network applications.
      The law school at Penn State in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is better known as the Dickinson School of Law.
      Also said to mean 'Dick Sucking Lips'. The term and its abbreviation has been seen in various Net based forums and occasionally used in Locker Room Talk to describe various Celebrity women, and even a few men. As far as can be surmised through investigation, the term applies to full and somewhat pouty lips, whether natural or obtained through collagen injection, and especially when they are highlighted with both lip liner and lipstick. As to whether the lips in question have ever actively performed Fellatio is evidently not part of the evaluation. Added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion
      Note: Your Good Brutha has never used the term to apply to anything except an internet access medium that is only marginally faster than dial up and at, usually, several times the price, or the computer language.

DBJ, Double Blow Job
      Type of Oral Sex where two individuals perform Fellatio simultaneously on one Penis and related parts, or, conversely, one person takes two male organs into their mouth at once. By definition, the entire concept is a Group Sex Practice, and may be Homosexual, Heterosexual, or even Bisexual in nature. Has also been used to refer to two people performing Cunnilingus on a woman. See highlighted terms.

Daisy Chain
      The phrase itself implies a Group Sex encounter of three or more people.
      Most usually a Group Sex variation on the classic 69 Oral Sex position in which multiple participants arrange themselves face and mouth to sex organs in a circle or square (or even a straight line) and simultaneously give Oral Sex to the person and receive oral sex from another in turn. Can also be a 'chain' of those engaging in intercourse, although this is usually specific to homosexual men, it can be a mixed group or lesbians wearing dildos.
      The term has also been used as a somewhat humorous stage or professional name by various women, and a few Homosexual men as well, in the Adult Entertainment Industry.

'Daisy Dukes'
      Extremely short, and very tight, cut-off blue jean Short Shorts (which see) as worn by Catherine Bach (born 1954), usually while also wearing spike healed Sexy Shoes, in the 1980's CBS TV show Dukes of Hazzard. Bach became an overnight sensation and the subject of a popular poster. The only reason anybody ever watched the show, with its repetitive scripts and reused chase sequences, was to either see the General Lee® car, or Ms Bach in her shorts. From the first season on, high cut tight fitting denim shorts were known nationwide as 'Daisy Dukes', although most of the women who wore them did not look like 'Cousin Daisy'. See: Sex Symbol, Pinup, Gap.

      Multiple uses, all somewhat related as follows. In the realm of European nobility, the term refers to a titled Lady of the equivalent rank of a knighted man who is called 'sir' as reflected in the below quote from the former Prime Minister. In traditional American pop culture such as in the orbit of the Rat Pack (which see) the word would be used to refer to slightly more Mature and Classy woman than the glassy eyed waitresses and panting Starlets they usually had around them. Before that, back to the "Roaring Twenties" even, the term was simply another descriptive word for a Doll. I mean, a Broad.... you know, a Skirt... see highlighted terms. Also see: Woman.
"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't."
- Dame (Baroness) Margaret Thatcher (1925 - 2013)

Dance (as a social gathering)
      Event staged as a Mixer or ice breaker or general social outing for young people and singles. Often at a high school or college, or even to celebrate a rural occasion such as harvest with a 'barn dance'. Such events encouraged dating and the developing of social relationships and connections with the long range goal of courting and eventual marriage. They also encouraged a lot of Premarital Sex and other behavior either directly or indirectly. See: Dancing, Date, Mixer, and other references. Compare reference at Hot "Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight" as Innuendo.

"Dance card is full."
      Term originated with Taxi Dancers and similar positions, where the individual dancer was booked up for either the entire evening or perhaps the event either by one or more patrons. See: Taxi Dancer, Go Go Girl, Exotic Dancer, Lap Dancer.

"Dance in my pants"
      Multiple meanings, all related more or less directly to the various stages of the Sexual Excitement of the Penis, as is obvious from its most famous (infamous) usage in a song from an otherwise quite forgettable album. See related "Dance" and other terms.

"Now your body really knows how to
speak, you're getting ready
Come on, take a chance
You got a whole lotta style and a load of romance
And me, me, me... I got dance in my pants...

Oooh, I know there's dance after death
And I don't ever want to be rescued
I don't ever want to be saved
I got a feeling that I'm gonna be alive forever
Dancing on the edge of a grave..."

Dance in my pants by Jim Steinman, Album: Bad for Good, Epic records, 1981

Dancing (as activity), "Dirty Dancing"
      Physical movement set to music. For our present purposes we will look at the suggestive and outright sexiness of dance movements such as the Tango and the Pas de Deux from ballet which can be very sexy indeed. See: Hula and Belly Dancing for more on those styles of traditional dance. Also see: Teasing and Stripper for discussion of the Striptease and pole dancing and the Terpsichorean Ecdysiast reference to Lili St Cyr. See: relevant quote at Tease. Also see: Oh, Calcutta! as well as Bolero and Tango.
      The word itself and associated phrases and meanings are often used as Euphemisms or synonyms for Sexual Activity (see song quoted at Hooters) when in Polite Company or even in Victorian literature, such as with Wandering hands. See reference at Hot "Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight" as Innuendo from another era. Also see: following quote as an example of the Double Entendre used during the Sixteenth Century:
  "For you and I are past our dancing days." - Lord Capulet, Romeo and Juliet, Act 1 scene 5, by William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616).
      Tango. When done right the tango is one of the sexiest dances on Earth. Best described as lovemaking while dancing, the form is about nothing else so much as it is about the physical pleasures a man and a woman can enjoy together.
      Pas de Deux. The French phrase literally means 'steps for two' which is quite descriptive of what is going on. It is careful choreography where the two dancers are moving virtually as one both with synchronized and complimentary movement. While usually a feature of ballets like Swan Lake it is also a staple in pairs ice skating and theatrical musicals. When done with the partners touching and showing emotion, it can be most erotic.
      Dirty Dancing. Both a movie and a style of dance which involves a bodily contact between the two (or more) dancers, which, unlike the two forms above, directly mimics and simulates various sex acts. This type of dancing has been banned at many school and public dances as Indecent (which it can be, especially when done correctly- yes indeed), and especially when it involves something such as Dry Humping. Often the authorities as such a dance will make the couples stay apart so as you can "see light" between them. See: Booty "shake your...", Frotting, Personal Space.
      Now, having said all that, there is nothing inherently dirty, wrong, Sinful or Naughty with dancing as an activity per se. Yes there are 'bad' kinds of dance, just as there are bad kinds of everything else. To prohibit all dance because it might appear evil makes as much sense as to prohibit all ice cream because it might make somebody fall into gluttony. Remember, in the Bible, King David danced to celebrate the Ark of the Covenant's return! See: Seven Deadly Sins.

      A Sexual Fetish involving Sexual Arousal and Excitement from the crying and tears of another. May or may not be related to Sado-Masochism or other infliction of pain on the one crying.

      Obsolete term for men who were Vain, wore spectacularly stylish clothes in which they Overdressed for everything in a most impractical way, took an unusual amount of time taking care of the hair and accessories, even to the point of binding their waist to appear unusually thin. In general, were the Metrosexuals or "City Jade Men" of their time. See highlighted terms as well as: Fashion Plate, Fancy Dress, Girdle, Clotheshorse, and related.

      Abbreviation used on Adult and Fetish websites for the Group Sex practice of "double anal penetration" in which two Penises or similar objects are inserted into the Anus of the Receiver at the same time. Term is used regardless of the Sex of the Receiver. See: Double Penetration.
      Compare: Three In One

      A challenge, usually issued by another person, to perform a stunt or action which may be dangerous, embarrassing, or just stupid. The classic is to put one's tongue on a metal flagpole during a snow storm. Other dares, especially for our purpose here, involve Sex Play. See: Truth or Dare, Sex Play, Kissing Game, Peer Pressure. And on the stupid side of sex: Dirty Sanchez.

Dark Meat, Light (White) Meat
      Refers strictly to the skin color of those engaging, or planning to engage in, Sex, most usually with someone not of their race. During Locker Room Sex Talk the phrase was usually followed up with, "They're all Pink on the inside." Terms are not at popular as they once were, which is actually good news. See: Brown Sugar, Interracial, Pink, Light Meat, and etc.

Darkfinger Technique
      Term coined by Brutha Jim Deep to describe his technique based on Yoni Massage for giving a woman internal anal massage and Anal Orgasm, on to Multiple Orgasms through variations of, and simultaneous Anal, Vaginal, G-Spot, and Clitoral stimulation. The technique is described in detail in his essay (now available by email request) as well as in various fictional stories and non-fiction articles and essays. The technique may also be used on a male, although even thinking about this will cause Mr. Deep to experience a severe case of the Fantods. See: Yoni Massage, Finger Fucking, G-spot, Hand, "One In The Pink One In The Stink", and related terms.

Date, Date Night, Dating
      An outing usually consisting of two single individuals which are 'getting to know' each other with the presumed goal of developing a more substantial relationship over time. Early dates usually do not end up concluding with Sexual Activity (Fucking), such as the famous 'dinner and a movie' first date. In fact, many organizations sponsor or host 'Peer Pressure free' dating events such as Dances, which seek to remove the prospect of sex from the equation by having said event in a public place, a church, school, or other location which would make 'pairing off' all but impossible. When the Relationship has developed sufficiently, the Couple can be said to be Going Steady, which see. Also see: Dance, Social, Candy and Flowers, One Night Stand, Pick Up Line, Performance Anxiety, Hot Coffee, Girlfriend, Necking, Courting, "Cuffing Season", and related.
      'Date nights' that involve married couples are usually dedicated to Romantic time away from children and other stress inducing factors such as jobs or bills which are intended to 'fan the flame' of Romance which will, hopefully, end with Sex. Such evenings often involve 'dinner and a movie' (often a Chick Flick / Romantic Comedy, which see) as well as a gift of "Candy and Flowers" given to the woman by her Paramour. May also involve Romantic Music, and whatever else gets the woman involved "In The Mood". Also see reference at Headache.
      'Dating' refers to an ongoing relationship involving such outings and concepts related to it, such as the Dating Scams, which see.
      The term is also used to describe the paid encounter between a John, and a Working Girl (or guy) in some circles, as when the term Trick might be deemed offensive such as with an Escort Service when the object of the exercise is far more than having a pleasant companion for an official function. See highlighted terms. For a downside to the otherwise pleasant scene, see: Somnophilia.

Date Other People
      Usually prefaced with some version of "I think we should....", which means that whoever is suggesting it believes an ongoing romantic relationship, or even a Marriage, is over, such as with a Trial Separation. See: Romance, Dating, and related. Also see: Broken Heart.

Date Rape
      Put quite simply, "A Crime" and usually, a Felony. See: Rape, Sexual Assault, and related.

Date Rape Drug
      Any chemical used to render an otherwise unsuspecting person susceptible to submitting or being forced to submit to Sexual Activity to which they would, most likely, ordinarily refuse. In most jurisdictions said use is a Felony. Usually defined as either Rape or Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault.
      Today, a variety of drugs are used including Valium®, the anesthetic GHB, and the original from the Nineteen Teens: Chloral hydrate, AKA, Chicago's infamous bartender "Mickey Finn", who used said additive mostly for robbery and not for Somnophilia, which see.

Dating Scam
      Criminal activity by an individual who bilks money out of others by pretending to be interested in them on various websites. Usually the criminal will exchange several email messages and perhaps even phone calls feigning friendship and perhaps even Romantic interest then 'reluctantly' ask for money for any of several heartbreaking reasons. If the target sends any money, the scammer writes back or calls, overjoyed and looking forward to meeting them. Then, in short order, they need more money for another reason. In truth, the criminal is only interested in how much cash they can get out of their victim. As it involves wire fraud, and possibly the theft of thousands of dollars, the act can easily become a Felony, which see.
      Your Good Brutha debunked a similar scam in 2009

Day (Morning) After Photographs
      Idiotic, staged, often "humorous", self serving images taken of a Bridal Couple, supposedly on the first day of their Honeymoon. The photos are supposed to be Risqué, and suggestive of the festivities of the Wedding Night (usually they are not), but are often hopelessly posed, with forced smiles, and all too often, tediously scripted, serving no other purpose than to document the vanity of the bride and the ego of the groom. See: Boudoir Photograph and other terms.

      To let one's thoughts wander and the Imagination while one is awake, to the point of visualizing situations of total Fantasy. Some "waking dreams" may appear so realistic as to take the person several minutes to become aware of their physical world once the vision passes. Compare: Ecstasy as related to enlightenment. Said fantasy may involve activity such as Role Playing, which see, however, it is completely Imaginary. Also see: Psychosomatic Orgasm, Wet Dream, etc.

DD, Double D's (and variations)
      In our present context the term refers specifically to the Brassiere cup size of the female Breast which is an expression of the volume of the breast itself over and above the measurement of the circumference of the woman's rib cage. The sizes of the breasts are expressed in letters with 'A' being the smallest and the largest depending on the manufacturer with some ranging into the middle of the alphabet far beyond the fourth letter. The letter sizes are used for the surgically enhanced as well as the natural feature. See: Breast, Bra, Breast Enlargement, and related.
      The term has long been used by those with an Obsession with the Female Breast as the symbol of when a woman's tits were big enough for their viewing pleasure if for no other reason. However, it would seem that if ones intent is Tit Fucking, then anything above a 'B' cup may fill the bill. See: Infantile Fetish, "More Than A Mouthful..." , Fun Bags, and so on.

Death, Dying, Dead
      The final and irreversible cessation of life. The process and result thereof. The ultimate punishment wielded by society against those who violate its laws. Includes a morbid fascination with the subject and its various aspects up to and including a Fetish sex practice using coffins and other items usually associated with the dead. See: Necrophilia.
      In relation to our present work here: The ultimate consequence to practicing unsafe, risky, or just plain stupid Sex Acts. The significant risk of fatal injury is the best argument for the use of Safe Words and having an uninvolved onlooker (a referee if you will) during all but the mildest S&M and B&D acts. It is the only argument needed to convince a reasonable individual, male or female, to NOT practice Autoerotica when alone. It is the all you need to know about not using condoms and to use Safe Sex practices when with those you do not know well. To not use narcotics while partying with strangers. To designate a Safe Word during Breath Games or other Extreme play. And so on.
      See: Erotic Asphyxiation, AIDS, Gothic, Safe Words, Safe Sex, Sharia, Vampire, and related terms.
"Death, the final, triumphant lover." - Bela Lugosi (1882 - 1956)

      The word itself almost literally means to swim, or perhaps drown, in total moral corruption. Usually thought of as an excess of fun of which 'proper folk' would not approve. Such as spending a weekend boozing, gambling, whoring, watching smut (if not making it!), and listening to loud music. Which sounds like an excellent time to Your Good Brutha, but there are those who would disapprove (right Dok?). A good example is the Bacchanalia, or Roman Orgy. Any such time and activity involving excessive and possibly gratuitous sex, alcohol and junk food consumption, and other such unseemly recreation. Also see: Bender, Walk of Shame, Roue, Hellfire Club, Wenching, Rumspringa.
      While illegal activity is not directly implied, minor crimes such as public Drunkenness, Moral Crimes, Conduct Unbecoming an Officer, and other activities not considered 'proper' may be involved. In other cases, Felonies may be committed, but then 'debauchery' is not usually used to describe the event. See said terms.

Debbie Does Dallas
      Another movie from the Golden Age Of Porn (which see). Directed by Jim Clark and starring Bambi Woods, the 1978 movie didn't set out to become an icon in the industry, which it did, and remains so to this day. Contrary to the title, the entire movie was filmed in New York City, supposedly without the permission or knowledge of the locations used. The production was sued over the use of the "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders" uniform and the advertising claiming Ms Woods was a former member of the squad, she had tried out but didn't make it, and for Obscenity by the Government, it was found not to be Obscene, but was still used as a good bad example in the Meese Report, which see.
      In spite of, or maybe because of, all the attention, the film was a hit upon it release and then one of the earliest success stories of the VHS era of Adult Entertainment selling 50,000 copies in the early nineties, and is still one of the most popular on adult TV channels. Over the years since its release there have been several sequels, at least one included Ms Woods in the title role, but none were as good as the original. Added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

      A the term describes the mannerisms and attitude of a gentleman who is outgoing and the "Life of the Party" while maintaining his dignity (no lampshade karaoke). Usually indicates a Sophisticated, classy man, who is something of a suave and cool Ladies Man with Savoir-Faire (which see). The term is usually not applied to women, but the equivalent would be a charming and elegant Lady. The exact opposite would be Kanye West, see Punk.
      See: Rat Pack, Sophisticated, Ladies Man, "Life of the Party" and related.
"...You're bound to lose control
When the Rubberband Man starts to jam ...
...How much of this stuff do he think we can stand
So much rhythm, grace and debonair from one man, Lord."
- The (Detroit) Spinners, The Rubberband Man, words and lyrics by Bell and Creed, Album: Happiness Is..., Atlantic Records, 1976

Debutante, Debutante Ball, Début, Debut
      A girl who is 'presented to society' at a Coming Out ball or party. Traditionally the event indicated that the girl was available for courting by eligible bachelors. The girls were generally sequestered just prior to their entrance as a symbol of their Virtue as a "Good Girl". Today the event is just another excuse for a fancy, and expensive, status symbol type formal event. See: Coming Out Party, Quinceañera, Of Age, and related. The use of these terms in association with a male of the same age is stupid and only done by those with more money than sense. See: Curtsey for a complex bow done by said girls at some events.
      Also used in other situations where one makes their initial appearance in something they have never done before. Such as a rookie quarterback making his first professional start or a new female Adult Actress making her Porn debut in her first hardcore film.

      French term for the portion of a woman's body between her neck and her Breasts. In particular, the area directly about her Cleavage as revealed by a low neckline on her blouse or dress. This area usually has powder or other makeup applied when she is to appear on TV to mask sweat and cut down on possible reflections or glare from the stage lighting. The term is sometimes applied to the neckline of the clothing that reveal said area. See highlighted terms. Also see: Down Blouse (pun intended), Show Some Skin, Eye Candy.

Deep Kissing
      Mutual open mouth to open mouth contact where one searches the other's mouth with their tongue and vice versa. See: French Kissing, Necking, Suck Face.

Deep Throat
      Multiple uses.
      Adult Film from 1972 starring Linda Lovelace (which see) in which her character finds sexual happiness performing the title skill. The film cost $25,000 to make, and has since grossed, by most estimates, over six hundred million dollars, possibly making it the highest grossing film in relation to initial investment of all time. Not bad for a movie that was banned in 23 states when it was released. See: Golden Age of Porn, Harry Reems, Meese Report, Obscenity, and related.
      Watergate scandal informant nick-named for the movie by the team of investigative reporters from the Washington Post. Although they have since revealed the true identity of the informant, some questions remain as to how their source came to possess some of the inside information he revealed.
      For the Oral Sex Practice, see Fellatio, Irrumatio, Facefuck, and related.
"Yet to ask what the Romans would have thought about 'Deep Throat' is akin to asking what the Romans would have thought about helicopters."
- The Meese Report (see entry), 1986

De-flowering, Defloration, 'Taking Her Cherry'
      The act of the first sexual penetration of a Virgin. In most cases it refers to the rupturing of the Hymen 'the Cherry' during first Sexual Intercourse, but may also involve the use of a Dildo or other device. Has been corrupted to apply to the Gay equivalent. See: Hymen, Virgin, Cherry, Becoming A Woman, Wedding Night.
      It is worth noting that the Hymen may be naturally broken or missing by activity other than Sex and the girl still be a Virgin.

Defecation, Defecating
      The act of expelling solid, and semi-solid, digestive waste from the body via the Rectum and the Anus. In short, Shitting. The term is used even if the resultant activity was produced via an Enema or other artificial means. See: Bodily Function, Coprophilia, Scat Play, Urination, Bidet, and related. Also see note at Toilet.

      Somewhat obsolete term most usually used to describe a woman who keeps to herself, is Humble, perhaps Shy, and retiring of her own accord and wishes. Often seen in orthodox religions and conservative circles. Usually one of the hallmarks of a Lady. The opposite would be something along the lines of Brazen or Sassy, which see.

      French word for the Buttocks. From a Latin word for 'behind'. Is primarily used for the rearmost section of a person. And by extension, the opening into the body found there.

Desensitizing Cream
      Lotion or ointment used to partially anesthetize the skin and surrounding tissues with ingredients like benzocaine, thusly lowering the overall sensations being experienced, such as during Sexual Intercourse.
      The cream is most often used for men who experience Premature Ejaculation as it decreases the sensitivity of the Penis and thusly increases the duration of Intercourse. However, if a woman experiences painful intercourse, some Lubricating gels with similar properties can be used as well. See: Lubrication and related.

Desire, Desirability
      Powerful Emotion akin to hunger. Also described as a longing for something or somebody. Is occasionally used instead of the term Lust in modern Wedding Vows (which see). Also see: Emotion.
      For our purposes, it may be defined as a deep feeling that involves both Sexual Desirability and an emotional attachment to the object of that Lust such as Love.
      Also see: Lovesick, Heartbreak, Unrequited Love.
"You may find that having is not so nearly pleasing a thing as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true."
- Spock, Star Trek, the Original Series, by Gene Roddenberry, episode Amok Time, written by Theodore Sturgeon, Paramount Productions/ NBC TV, 1967

Desires of the Flesh
      See: Pleasures Of The Flesh / Body.

Desperate Housewife
      Titillation style TV series (and later motion picture), and its clones, about several upper middle class women who are unhappy with everything except their latest Paramour. See: Soap Opera.
      Portrayal of Married Women whose husbands are not 'tending to business' at home and the women are out looking for satisfaction, and Orgasms, outside of their Marital Bed. How much of this is realistic, and how much is wishful thinking is subject to wide debate. See: Wife, Hot Mom, MILF, and related. Compare: Post Partum Depression

Deviant, Deviance, Deviation
      Something not of the norm or that which strays outside the rules of the mainstream or Community Standards (which see). One who practices as such. Said 'deviation' from whatever is considered within the realm of 'normal' may be anything from political or religious views, dietary, personal grooming habits, or even (as to our discussion here) sexual. Such as a Congressman who is a communist vegan Gnostic with extreme body odor who has a homosexual foot fetish (no disrespect to anybody outside Congress who does those things is intended).
      The societal definition of exactly what and who is 'deviant' is a varied and moving target. What is considered a reasonable weekend diversion in say San Francisco or certain places in New Jersey, would be condemned as a Mortal Sin in less liberal environs. However, most small towns do have their secrets, such as with the famous Peyton Place (which see), which could be considered as having made the odd the norm.
      See, Compare: and contrast the following related terms: Sin, Perversion, Fetish, Principals, Virtue, Seven Deadly Sins, Hypocrisy.

Devil's Handshake
      Restraint and control move in Ju-Jitsu and other martial arts where one feigns friendship by extending their hand as in a handshake, then grasps the targets hand and draws it first in toward the body, at the same time turning and using the other hand to block the target's body while extending the gripped hand and arm to full extension, resulting in an arm bar hold. One problem with the move is that if the restrainer is alone, they are as effectively immobilized as their target who has several options to exercise for both escape and retaliation. Another problem with it is that if the target is somewhat stronger physically than the restrainer who applied the hold, the one who initiated the move is in real trouble.
      Also, a somewhat obsolete Euphemism for Masturbation once popular with religious pundits to emphasize the Sin aspect of the act. See said terms. added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

Diary, Journal
      The personal, usually hand written, book of almost daily entries of events, thoughts, and feelings of a single individual. Some such books, such as the "Diary of Anne Frank" became international best sellers, even though the majority were written to be kept private or within the family and not for publication. Others, such as ones written as part of an autobiography, may be less honest and perhaps even embellished, such as by Casanova, which see.
      In the modern world, such books are usually kept by young women, often beginning in pre-teen years, and include romantic Crushes (which see), poetry, school events, often with said topics Emotional response. Most women lose interest in the pursuit, but others continue it into adulthood and even combine said musings with photos in a scrapbook. Compare: Little Black Book, Slumber Party, Girl Talk.
      In the even more modern world, such journals are often kept online in BLOGs (which see) or on social networking sites, which can become a Privacy issue or even put the writer at risk of Stalking or even identity theft, and is particulary risky for Minors. See: Privacy, Social Networking Sites, and other highlighted terms.

Dick, Cock
      Terms used to refer to the Penis. Also, the word 'Dick', besides being a first name, such as in former US President Richard Nixon (1913 - 1994), is used as a derogatory term for an unpleasant male, as in 'a dickhead politician', or as an equally negative term for a police detective. 'Cock' can also be used to describe a male birds. Such as the female pea-fowl is a pea-hen, the male is a pea-cock, get it? See: Penis, Pecker, and related topics.

Dick Spit, Dickspit
      Semen, Cum, the Ejaculate. Perhaps even the Fuckwad. See said terms.
      added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion - no, really, this term was suggested by a reader!

Dick Stories, Locker Room Talk
      Usually idle, and empty, boasting about Sexual Conquests, may occasionally be based on reality, but truth is not a requirement. See: Girl Talk, Bases, Bullshit, and related topics.

      In spite of its similarity to a word which obviously does belong in this Glossary, this term does not. When all said and done, and the improper use by adolescents is dismissed, the term means "to barter", and has nothing at all to do with the Penis, unless that is involved with what you are discussing the price of.

      Slang term for a man whose brains appear to be in his Penis. Synonymous with Prick or Asshole (which see). Also see: Weiner.
      Is also occasionally used to describe the Glans of the Penis which is the actual 'head' of a man's 'dick'. See: Glans, Bellend.

Diddle, Diddling
      "Beats the sheer blooming hell out of me how to define the damned thing"" Dok L
      After several drinks, and some amazingly unproductive searching on the net, we concluded that: the term can mean almost anything from: Heterosexual Genital Intercourse to wasting time in the DMV office; One can 'diddle' with a stuck oil filter on an old car, or one can be 'diddled' by a Dominatrix wearing a Strap-on; Congress has been 'diddling around' on the budget for the last seven years, and Your Good Brutha spent last weekend 'diddling around' with a former professional cheerleader which did involve some 'diddling' in a motel out on the Island! And it can also have several other meanings, almost at random.
      Believe it or not! added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

Digital Rape
      Sexual Assault where the Victim is Groped and Finger Fucked. See Manual Rape.

Digital Vaginal (or Rectal) Exam
      Medical exam of the Vaginal or the Anus by a gloved and lubed finger or fingers which is then used to check the various internal organs. See: OB/GYN, Premarital Pelvic Exam, Rectal Exam, and related. Also the Medical Fetish use thereof, which see.

Dilated, Dilation
      An open bodily orifice which is usually closed. Such as the Cervix during the birthing process. Often done in a medical environment such as the Vagina during an OB/GYN exam using a Speculum.
      For our use here: Said bodily opening which has been opened through Sexual Excitement, Penetration or other means. Most usually used in reference to the Vagina or Anus, as the mouth isn't usually thought of as needing opened involuntarily. See: Cave.

Dildo, Strap-On
      Most Usually- a probe made to resemble a human penis without mechanical or electrical enhancements such as vibration, heating, or ejaculation used for penetrating the vagina or anus for sexual purposes while being held in the hand (or teeth, etc). Usually made of plastic although some are carved from ivory or wood, formed from metal or even stone- such as phallic symbols found in ancient temples. In some cases, phallic shaped vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, bananas, zucchini, and others have been used as such, and then even eaten... see Cigar! Also see: Vegetable Insertion
      Some women, including many Lesbians, have devices to be used as such which attach the probe to a belt so it can be worn to mimic the male role in Sex Play with other women without a male being present. Also what others use to Penetrate their male partner orally or anally as with a Fem Dom. For more intense practices such as B&D the dildo can be fitted to a harness that fits around the sub's head and face so the dildo appears to be projecting from the mouth or nose. Also see: Vibrator, Butt Plug, Insertion, Dong, and related topics.

Dime Novel
      The term goes back many years, even to the time of the US War Between the States. However, most people think of the mass produced low quality books produced during the 1920's and 30's with action oriented and slightly Naughty plots. These gave way to Pulp Fiction and Formula Romance Novels later on, which see.
      Most people will recognize the term, and the implications thereof, from the line in Meredith Willson's play and movie The Music Man when the shyster band leader asks if the people's sons have "dime novels hidden in the corn crib" to gasps and incriminating looks from the crowd.

      Informal, affectionate, and sometimes private nickname for an individual, Often used with Sweet Nothings and in the early period of Courtship. See: Pet Name, Euphemism, and related terms. For two historic examples see: Goose.
      Or, more to the point in our current context, a name that is used to refer to a personal body part. Best examples of which would be a man calling his Penis a variation of his own name.

      Innumerable uses, only one, or maybe two, of which have ANYTHING to do with our present good work. We'll go ahead and get those out of the way now. The first, is the obvious reference to the Penis, which is the exact innuendo we'll come to in a minute with a pointlessly stupid novelty song, well, actually, TWO, but we'll work them over later. The other is a derogatory reference to the overall intelligence of a person, especially when said person is, say, a Bleach Blonde, or perhaps a Bimbo, or maybe Santa Claus, which is coming up. See related terms.
      Moving on.... Aside from the obvious onomatopoeic use of the word to describe the jingling of small bells, which is part of our pending musical discussion. First of which is that idiotic song written by Dave Bartholomew (born 1918) and made famous by Chuck Berry, which, incidentally, was Berry's only US number one hit, and is supposed to be about a bell on a string, but we all know EXACTLY what it is referring to in perhaps one of the best examples of Sexual Innuendo and Double Entendre (see both) to ever hit the record charts! Which is why many radio stations refused to play it when it hit in 1972, and some still will not air the song. The second musical reference under the term is a similarly themed musical number from a classic animated Christmas show where Santa Claus sings about how he is the "King of Ding-a-ling". Which, on the whole, we agree with.
      And after that, we're going to go see if there is any high test bourbon in the cabinet. You may do with the ding-a-ling as you see fit from here. And, no, we're not going to quote either song.

      Multiple uses including: An onomatopoeic word for the sound made by the tolling of a bell or the striking of a clock indicating the hour. The trademarked name of a small, round, chocolate snack cake produced by the Hostess company which was engaged in long-running trademark litigation with a similarly named, similarly sized, similarly flavored / marketed / filled / iced, etc product which resembled another product that had been around since the 1930's. A placeholder phrase indicating a person, or thing, of which the speaker cannot instantly recall the proper name or title of.
      There is a use that has something to do with this Glossary, and we'll get to it in a minute.... The other uses also include: A somewhat outdated term of a mildly insulting nature indicating that the person to whom it is directed makes no more sense when engaged in conversation than if one were talking to a bell. It is also the opening phrase in one of the best known songs in the musical productions of The Wizard of OZ, since the song is a known cause of migraine headaches, we'll leave that well enough alone as it is and move on...
      Believe it or not, the term is also the name of a very small town near Waco, Texas, in Bell County as it were, yes it is, you can look it up if you want to. It was also the name of a educational television show which ran from the mid-1950's through 1965 which was set in a classroom-ish environment with an intended audience of pre-school age children, whom at one point it was estimated that the show, starring Miss Frances, AKA Dr. Frances Horwich (1907 - 2001), was reaching over ninety percent of nationwide.
      OK, we're there, the term is also a common somewhat humorous phrase for the "Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom" or the Penis (which see, no, we're not kidding, see the 'thunderbolt...' entry if you don't believe it!). Also see; Dong, Dildo, and related. -happy now?

      Multiple uses, all within the same theme.
      The term seems to have been invented to describe a small amount of an animal's manure which had become entrapped in the fur around its anus and thus becomes a refuge for insects and other vermin, which could then endanger the animal's health. There was no way to remove the offending material other than to physically remove it, usually by manually trimming the surrounding hair. Which, needless to say, was a nasty and unwelcome but necessary job.
      The original meaning as it apples to humans covers a variety of similar objects with the same basic cause and end result. That being, any small object which adheres to the Anal area, either stuck to the skin or entrapped in the surrounding hair. May be fecal material, toilet paper, lint, or anything else, including dried Semen and other material. Removal may be as simple as taking a shower, but may become more involved, especially if an infection or infestation is involved.
      The term has come to mean anything, or anybody, who is essentially useless, annoying or obnoxious, unpleasant, and perhaps smelly. Such as a Congressman.
      Is also used on occasion, and somewhat incorrectly, to mean somebody who demonstrates or possesses profound ignorance and / or stupidity. Again, this is applicable to Congress.

      (The term is not exclusively used to refer to Congress. Although it should be.)
      Somewhat dated term for an idiot of unusual magnitude that stands out from the others of similar species. Akin to a fundummy who is stupid and really can't help it. A moron. Not usually considered a jerk or an Asshole, which see, who are intentionally that way. While the term is not Sex specific, it is usually used to refer to Males, the Female equivalent is airhead or Bimbo, which see. See: Dumbass, Numbnuts, Congress, and related.
      The term is NOT otherwise related to Sexuality and even though some Fluffy (which see) women consider Anal Intercourse or even the Darkfinger technique 'dipping shit' or other similar expressions, their use of the term merely shows their Ignorance of the subject.

Director's / Producer's Prerogative
      A term from the Golden Era of Hollywood that the 'boss' of a motion picture could, if he or she so desired (and at the time it was almost always a 'he') exercise certain 'rights' to bring anyone (male or female) involved with the production into their office suite for a Casting Couch type of interview, and if they refused, they were off the picture. And, apparantly, a lot of the ranking brass in the industry did just that, and a lot of the talent both in front of, and behind, the camera lived with it. There is a quote from one of the most infamous of that era following this entry, the list of starlets, and wanna be's that he 'bedded' is quite impressive to say the least. See highlighted and related terms for more.
      The same sort of deal has been rumored to have existed on Broadway, and in the theater / arts districts of other major entertainment cities, including Bollywood in India where some of the most beautiful women in the world still say it is happening, although any hint of it to the press is instantly quashed and the one complaining finds themselves blacklisted.
"I can buy any man in the world. Every man has his price, or a guy like me couldn't exist."
- Howard Hughes (Howard Robard Hughes Jr., 1926 - 1976)

      In general usage the term implies that an item, or a person, is in need of washing because they are soiled and perhaps possessed of an unpleasant odor which renders said object unsightly, unusable, or even unhealthy.
      When the term is applied to our current overall topic, the same is essentially true if you asked certain Prudish individuals who regard anything to do with Human Sexuality and all depictions and discussions of it as untoward. This attitude is, of course, rancid horseshit, which, really is 'dirty'. See: Filthy, "Dirty ____".
      According to some people, this entire Glossary is 'dirty'. Of which, we are all very proud.

"Dirty Dancing"
      See discussion at Dancing, also see Tango as example.

Dirty Laundry
      Soiled clothing that is too soiled, too smelly, or otherwise unserviceable as far as wearing for normal daily activity.
      More to our purpose here, the idea implies essentially the same thing, just in the form of Emotional baggage, prior legal misdeeds including Felonies, wanton and repeated Debauchery, Conduct Inappropriate..., and so on, which may or may not be true. However, the veracity of such details is usually unimportant to those that relay the 'news'. See highlighted terms. Also see: Gossip, Kiss and Tell, Innuendo, Walk of Shame, and related.
      The terms seems to relate to the old practice of the new Bride hanging out her freshly laundered sheets to prove that the Marriage had been Consummated. Which really, was nobody else's business. Right? See: "Advice to the Young Bride".

Dirty Mind
      Personality trait, or perhaps just a case where somebody's internal wiring is just a bit offbeat, where they can take any situation, statement, or idea and Sexualize it, sometimes in jest, sometimes seriously. Having said trait can be a lot of fun, and some, like The Doktor have made a career out of it, others, like Your Good Brutha use it to enlighten others as to what they are missing by being dull. Also see: "Mind In The Gutter", Naughty, Pervert, Filthy, and related.

Dirty Old Man
      Derogatory term used for any man over the age of fifty, or so, who shows any sexual interest in women under the age of about forty. Also used if the said interest is merely presumed or assumed and not real. See: Lecher, and related quote at Harrison Marks. Compare: Rake. See reference at: Filthy.
      Doktor Leftover.

Dirty Sanchez
      Can mean, in no particular order: A tequila drink made with coffee liquor, an idiotic British TV show (and movie) involving dangerous stunts and pranks, or a derogatory term for a Mexican man. For our good work here, it is used to refer to a type of Sexual Activity where one inserts an object, can be a finger, Dildo, or Penis, into the Anus, and then wipes any fecal matter so obtained across the upper lip of another person. Effectively giving them a 'poop mustache'. The term is used regardless if the Sex is Homosexual or Heterosexual. See: ATM, Coprophilia, Humiliation, Scat Play, Boston Pancake, and so on.
      And Now, THIS: The term is flatly racist. What it refers to can be humiliating if not Consented to beforehand. And in some circumstances, it may even be unhealthy. So, of course, it has been a fad in some quarters, off and on, for several years, both in the Gay and Straight communities on the Kinkier side of things.
and of course this was added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion.

Discrete, Discretion
      Related meanings depending on the topic. However, since we are not dealing with mathematics or compartmentalization theory, we'll move on to something we do give a damn about...
      In most cases, being 'discrete' or having 'discretion' in a relationship means keeping a secret and not Gossiping or otherwise divulging the details of the relationship. Such ability to not talk about things was required in certain cases, such as with Courtiers and in various Gentleman's Clubs. See: Kiss and Tell, Dick Stories, Girl Talk, Hellfire Club, Titillation, and related.

      Legal dissolution of Marriage, or a Domestic Partnership. In some US states, No Fault Divorce allows for the proceeding without casting blame for the failure of the union on either party such as with Irreconcilable Differences. In others, Trial Separation with Marriage Counseling is ordered by the court. In Hollywood the term 'serial marriages' can be used for people like Zsa Zsa Gabor (1917 - 2016) who has been married (and divorced) eight times. See: Adultery, Homewrecker, Cheating, and highlighted or other related terms.
"Conrad Hilton was very generous to me in the divorce settlement. He gave me 5,000 Gideon Bibles." - Zsa Zsa Gabor (1917 - 2016)

Do It, Doing It, Did It, Done It, Etc.
      Euphemism (which see) for Fucking or Sexual Intercourse, or other Sexual Activity. Often used during shows on the Family Hour or in advertising to be Naughty, see said terms. Compare: "Sleep Together". See: "Unsimulated Sex Scene" (pun? what pun?)

      Multiple meanings and usage, although all are related to the first and most accurate definition.
      Canis lupus familiaris A.K.A. the domestic 'dog', such as, a basset hound, poodle, or even a junkyard mutt.
      To relentlessly and mercilessly hunt, pursue, or harass a target. To display an overwhelming amount of determination to accomplish a given goal. To display absolute exhaustion once said goal is reached. Or conversely, to be overcome by total exhaustion, supposedly in pursuit of the desired ends.
      One's feet. Especially when said body parts have been used excessively, such as when following a woman through a shopping mall on Black Friday. "My dogs are dead tired."
      Street expression roughly equivalent to the worn out and overused, and therefore meaningless, terms "homeboy", "dude" or even "bro", and used in much the same way as in "hey dog" for "hello".
      More to our point here: An ugly woman, the exact opposite of a Babe. Especially applies if she is Fluffy, which see. However, as much as Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, levels of attractiveness are extremely subjective and a woman, or a man for that matter, whom some would say 'is a real dog' others would remark that 'they're not that bad'. That being said, some women can be classified as 'dogs' as much for their personality as their looks, for which we will hold up Rosie O'Donnell (born 1962) as a very good bad example. See: Bitch.
      Also see: "Ridden Hard and Put Up Wet", Sexually Attractive, Sexually Desirable, and, of course: Doggy Style

      Curious practice from the United Kingdom where people engage in Sex in Public knowingly and with the intent of being watched. Thusly combining Exhibitionism with Voyeurism when all parties are Consenting. See highlighted terms.

Doggy (Doggie) Style
      Position for sexual intercourse where the receiving partner is on hands and knees or other 'four footed', or similar Submissive posture (such as bending over a table) to accept insertion and is then Penetrated from behind either Vaginally or Anally. There are an almost endless list of variations of this position and names for them, especially in the "Kama Sutra". The Penetrating partner may be male's Penis, a female wearing a Strap-On, a Sex Toy, Fist, or almost anything else.

Doll, Doll Face
      Outdated expressions for an attractive woman or a Babe, which see. Most usually heard in period gangster movies and TV shows attempting to re-create the "Roaring Twenties" or to make a man appear to be an insensitive jerk. See: Angel, Dame and other related terms.
      The expressions would appear to originate with the delicate porcelain dolls from the late nineteenth century which had extremely Fine (which see) and somewhat idealized features.

Dom, Domination, Dominatrix
      Involves one person behaving as the Master, ruler or owner (the Dominate) of one or more who willingly Submits themselves to the control of the other. The Dom and Sub may be either sexual gender with women doms wearing the title Dominatrix in the role of Fem Dom. May involve punishment or humiliation of the Submissive party including Bondage, the wearing of special gear such as masks and Collars. Sometimes the dom and their sub do not engage in sexual activity such as Intercourse. In more extreme cases of D&S mock or actual torture may be involved. As in other types of such activity, it is recommended a Safe Word be agreed upon before beginning. See: Sub, S&M Ass Worship, Breath Play, Yoni Worship.
      A dominatrix is a woman playing the role of a Dom, often in the stereotypical Costume (which see) of full black leathers, including high heeled boots that may extend to above her knee, complete with whip and other tools and toys. See: "Fuck me boots", Fetish, Mistress, Autoandrophilia, and related.

Dom-Sub, Dominate-Submissive
      A Relationship with a Dominate partner and a Submissive one. Said Sex Roles may be Reversed on occasion as well (see: Role Reversal). May be of any combination of Sexes. See said terms.

Domestic Partner, "DP"
      In most cases, one's Spouse. However, in the land of Political Correctness, the term can mean anything from a Shack Up 'honey' to long term Live In to a Common Law spouse. The Sexes, and Sexual Preferences, of those involved is in no way implied by the term. See: Significant Other, and various highlighted terms.
      The usage does imply something of a long term, even Monogamous relationship, but one without the 'complications' of Marriage but is slightly more committed than a Friend With Benefits, which, upon breakup, can be just as messy and expensive as the disolution of a Marriage. See: Divorce, Common Law Marriage, Marriage Counseling.

Don Juan, Don Giovanni
      The famous fictional swashbuckling Womanizer of Spain whose exploits are told by several authors including Lord Byron (1788 - 1824) and Miguel de Cervantes (1547 - 1616) up to and including modern renderings such as a recently published Lost Diary.
      The stories usually include a sweeping seduction, swordplay between the great lover and offended husbands or fathers, a great escape, and oftentimes some plot twist which redeems the charming Cad through some heroic act.
      The Don Juan legend may have some basis in both reality and a few Shakespearean characters taken to the logical extreme. Even so, it, and he, have become the archetype for that type of character. See: Casanova, Libertine, Philanderer - Womanizer, Promiscuity, Seduction, Rake

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell", "DADT"
      Official US Military Policy enacted under President Clinton in 1993 to allow, by non-disclosure if not through official recognition, homosexuals and others of varying tastes to serve in the US Armed Forces. The unofficial name of the policy is how it was enacted, commanding officers and other officials were not allowed to ask a members orientation, nor were the service members required to answer if they were asked, and they were not supposed to openly declare their preference as well. It has worked moderately well in maintaining the "esprit de corps". See: Gay Pride, Political Correctness, "That's So Gay", G.L.B.T., "Situational Homosexuals", and related.
      The old saying "do something, even if it is wrong" most certainly applied here. There was no good solution that would have made everybody happy, however, this one went a long way to pissing everybody off, and it most certainly increased debate on the matter. No matter what the mass media and various entertainment outlets maintain, Homosexuality (and so on) is still a minority of the population, so to ban them from service is an option, but it is an unfair and unrealistic option. To make separate units of "all gay" or "all bi" or whatever is unworkable. And to have one or two "flaming homos" in an otherwise straight platoon would be bad for the unit. The policy was far from perfect, but it seemed to be working except for a few isolated cases that may well be publicity seekers with their political nose out of joint. In any case, the entire matter was rendered academic when President Obama signed the repeal in the fall of 2011.

      In most usages, the term refers to a Dildo or similar object, such as a Strap-On. See said and related terms. Also see: Ding-Dong for a lighthearted discussion of the subject.

Double Entendre, Double Meaning
      Saying one thing while meaning something quite different. See: Mae West quote at Innuendo, and discussion at "Ding-a-ling". Compare: Titillation. See: Flirting for good example of the use of said idea. Also see: Suggestive, Racy, "Need A Cigarette", Sexual Repartee, and "bleep", Rating, Voluntary Self Censoring. Also see a good use of this type of language at Song of Solomon.

Double Fucking / Double Penetration, "DP"
      Usually means a woman taking one man's Penis (or reasonable facsimile) in her Vagina and another in her Anus at the same time (double pelvic penetration). Is sometimes applied to a woman having simultaneous Oral and either Vaginal or Anal Sex with two men. Also used for the gay equivalent- oral and anal. Also used to describe two penises sharing the same opening such as two men entering the same Vagina or Anus at once. DP, in all its variations, is an adult movie staple and, by definition is a group sex practice. For another version of the same idea see: "Two In The Pink...". Also see: Triple Penetration, Group Sex, DAPE, Woman on Top, Sandwich, and other related topics.

Douche, Douche Bag
      Devices similar to Enema applicators (perforated probe, flexible connecting hose, reservoir bag or bottle) which are used to cleanse the Vagina and related structures. Any of a variety of commercially available ready to use preparations or mixable liquids to use for said purpose, which can result in exposure to various chemicals and preservatives that she may not wish to introduce into her 'most sensitive parts'. The verb form is 'to douche'. See: Feminine Hygiene Products, Vaginal Steam Bath, Anal Douche.
      A Politician (please see both Asshole, and Politician). Or in some cases, a TV sports commentator with diarrhea of the mouth.

Down Blouse
      Voyeuristic practice which specializes in images of women's Décolletage, Breasts, Cleavage, and even Nipples when they are (supposedly) unaware of such photography taking place. Many jurisdictions have now passed Privacy laws specifically for this practice as well as Upskirting, which see. Also see: Privacy, Voyeurism.

Dowry, Bride Price, and related
      Cash transaction related to the 'giving' of a woman in marriage, which, depending on the culture, may be paid to the Groom, the parents of the bride, the village one or the other lives in, or some combination thereof. In some cases, the payment is in the form of goods or service, or, again, a combination of money and possessions. In various cultures the payment is made during Courtship, or before the Wedding, or after the ceremony but before Consummation, and all sorts of variations thereof.
      NOTE: There are significant cultural differences between the 'dowry' and the 'bride price', and the 'dower', and what have you, but to go into them would require an entire semester of a collage class devoted to "world marriage customs", which we are not doing here, thank you.

Dr. Ruth, Doctor Ruth Westheimer
      Internationally recognized Sex Educator and speaker. See: more on her under Sex Education and quotes under Orgasm and Aphrodisiac.

      Multiple definitions, some are as follows: Friction or other resistance to motion. Best visualized as the effect the slows a parachutist when the canopy opens during freefall. Also, the resistance placed on the spool of fishing line by mechanical means to slow the unreeling of the line while landing a fish.
      Somewhat more to our work here: A serious downer or mood destroyer, synonymous with 'bummer', something which is tedious or tiresome. For an example of something that is 'a drag' see Political Correctness.
      More to our current point- a term that has been in common usage since the 1930's to mean Cross Dresser' or Transvestite, and occasionally Homosexual. Mae West, which see, wrote and starred in a play entitled The Drag in 1929 about homosexual men, whom she seemed to find fascinating. See: next entry. Also see: Female Impersonators, Queen, Transsexual.

Drag Queen, Drag King
      Most usually male dressed 'often quite badly' as a woman. The 'queen' may or may not be gay although flamboyantly gay men are often referred to as 'queens'. Some clubs feature floorshows entirely made up of cross dressing performers. The 'king' variety often features masculine women playing a 'Butch' or 'Dyke' lesbian as well as a male. And some may really be a woman playing a woman under all the regalia as when she is a Lipstick Lesbian. See: Female Impersonators, Transsexual, Queen, Drag. Compare: Rae Rae
"It's a good thing I was born a girl, otherwise I'd be a drag queen." -Dolly Parton

Drag Show / Revue
      Most often, a live stage production of individuals who are Cross-Dressing for both fun and profit. The performers are Males who are Female Impersonators if not actual Drag Queens (see both listings), or appear as Celebrity impersonators. However, Females who are dresses as Males are not unheard of. Skits of such were even seen during the heyday of both Burlesque and Vaudeville, and can be seen today in Cabaret clubs which are otherwise Straight.
      The phenomenon has also been seen in Hollywood movies played both dramatically as a plot device and for laughs. Usually with men dressed as women, but, again, women playing male roles has been done. Sometimes with excellent results such as Shakespeare's play As You Like It first staged in the 1600's (with a man playing a woman playing a man, we might note), and in innumerable plays, movies, and TV shows ever since.
"We're all born naked, the rest is drag." - RuPaul (born: RuPaul Andre Charles, 1960)

Drama Queen
      An individual, usually, but does not have to be a Female, who enjoys and seems to thrive on creating conflict and inconvenience with, for, and between others. For our purposes in this Glossary, said individual wraps that behavior around their Sexuality. Perhaps even leading others on in hopes of having Sex with them, then denying said activity based on some pretext, real or imagined. This can lead to the other person being Pussy Whipped or even Cuckolded. If this becomes their reason for living, and perhaps even their profession, they may become an Attention Whore, or Celebrity. See highlighted terms. Also see: Bitch, Queen Bitch, Nag, Publicity Whore, and so on.

"Drop Her Hanky" in various forms
      Back in the bad old Victorian days a proper Lady would never wish to seem so forward as to initiate a conversation with a Gentleman, even if she was extremely interested in doing so. (Or at least so the stories go.) So instead of walking up to him and doing so, she would appear to accidently drop her handkerchief in his full view, and then walk away appearing to not have noticed the loss. He, being a proper gentleman, would retrieve the lost accessory and present it to her with a slight bow and a tipped hat and say "madam, did you..." A proper introduction then having been made.... then they could go Fuck like animals.
      A variation on the theme is for the Lady to approach the Gentleman and inquire as to did he have the proper time. She would only do so in a crowd so there would be witnesses that indeed her inquiry was innocent and in no way a Flirtation.
      Whether or not any lady ever dropped any hankies is irrelevant. It became such a stereotype of that all important first meeting that it is still used today in plays and motion pictures. See: Flirt, Pick Up Line, Lady, Victorian, "put a ring on it", and related.

"Drop The F-Bomb"
      To say the word "Fuck" (which see) in a situation where it is inappropriate simply for its shock value. Is usually done by Celebrities who have no other way to feed their addiction as Attention Whores. The event is seldom as newsworthy as it is always made out to be by the TV magazine shows which feed the need of such individuals to be in the spotlight. Compare: "Fuckin' A", and similar ideas.

Drop the Soap
      Refers to Homosexual Rape in prisons and other sexually segregated situations. Akin to "Bend Over And Grab Your Ankles" which see. The implication is that by dropping your soap, you will have to bend over and get it, thereby exposing your Anus to Penetration by another man who would be so inclined to take advantage of said access, thus making the other a 'Butt Boy / Buddy' which see.

Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault
      Using a substance such as a Date Rape Drug or other intoxicant to render a person unable to resist and also, unable to give Consent to the advances of another, which makes it a serious crime. See: Somnophilia, Date Rape, Rape, Felony, and related.

Drunk, Drunken, Drunkard, Drunkenness.... various modifiers
      The state of alcoholic intoxication. Is sometimes also applied to drug abuse. Under said condition the person usually experiences lowered Inhibitions, poor judgment, and increased feelings of invulnerability. They are also more susceptible to Peer Pressure and suggestion. The '...ard' version implies someone who is more than a weekend boozer and is perhaps a 'semi-pro' at it (right dok?).
      For our Glossary we are going to discuss different behaviors and actions as performed by individuals who are so intoxicated, which includes Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Extreme Sex, and other behavior which they may not engage in normally but probably made them the "Life of the Party" in a bad way that they would not be proud of the next day. See: Conscience, Informed Consent, and related. We shall leave the other aspects and consequences, such as Vomiting (which see), alcohol poisoning, arrest of various charges, and the going price of good booze for another forum. See: Bender for more.
      There are numerous websites featuring movies and pictures of people who are supposedly intoxicated and doing all sorts of things. Not only do these sites feature the usual suspects of college students, Co-Eds, 'Teens', and others of that vein, but also Housewives and others not usually associated with excessive debauchery. See: "Party in my Mouth", Swinger Party, Sex Games, Implied Consent, Wine Enema, and related. Also see: Somnophilia, and other highlighted terms. The opposite could be taken as Temperance, which see.
      Part of the problem with this behavior is that drunks seldom practice Safe Sex, which see. Also see: Carousing, "Wine, Women, and Song", and related.
"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." - Dean Martin (1917-1995)

Dry Humping
      Simulating the Sex Act while fully clothed or otherwise not engaged directly in sex. The practice involves stimulation of the sex organs by rubbing them against another person, or an inanimate object or even an animal, for sexual gratification, but not necessarily with the intent to produce Climax or Orgasm. Oftentimes done in crowded locations such as concerts and subways, sometimes without the passive partner even being aware of what is going on. Historically was done by men, however, women are known to do the same thing, sometimes in public, and to Orgasm as well, for instance, while using exercise equipment or leaning on a post at a bus stop. One of the other many terms for the practice is Frottage. See: Dirty Dancing, Intercrural Sex.
      Also used as a derogatory comment as to when something is particularly unsatisfying, unproductive, or known to be futile from the beginning. Can also be used as an insult against another person when one would say (for example) you'd rather 'dry hump' a piece of furniture than work with them.

      Somewhat dated term for an idiot of unusual magnitude that stands out from others of similar species. Akin to a fundummy who is stupid and really can't help it. Not usually considered a jerk or an Asshole, which see, who are intentionally that way. This term is not Sex specific although it is usually used to refer to Males, the Female equivalent is airhead or Bimbo, which see. Also see: Dipshit and related.
      The derogatory term has no Sexual Connotations other than not being a compliment.

Dutch Rudder
      The usual meaning for the term is where a man holds his own Penis in his hand, and another person grasps of his arm and moves his hand up and down to Masturbate him. As to why anybody would wish to do so is beyond the ken of this Glossary.
      The naval flavor of the term implies Homosexual activity, however, that is not implicit in the definition. It could also be a case of a Reach Around (which see) where a woman is wearing a Strap On and Fucking the man (see Pegging), and her arms aren't of sufficient length to accomplish the deed. added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

      Slang term for a woman with a dominate, masculine personality. Most usually a Lesbian. Usually a synonym to Butch in common usage. Compare: Lipstick Lesbian.
      This is a different phenomenon than Autoandrophilia (which see) in which the woman is Sexually Aroused by the Fetish play of dressing and behaving as if she were a man.

      Multiple meanings including: Earned Run Average. A formula based statistic used to determine the effectiveness of a baseball pitcher. An "ERA" under 4 is very good but one over 5 will likely get a pitcher demoted or released from his contract. It is a mathematical projection of the number of earned runs a given pitcher would allow during a full nine inning game.
      The Electronic Retailing Association for those who sell stuff online.
      Electronic Realty Associates, Inc.. a subsidiary of Reology, which also owns Coldwell Banker and Century 21. (All said corporate names are registered marks of Reology and are used for informational purposes only.)
      More to our point here, the abbreviation stands for the Equal Rights Amendment, see following full quote of the text. The proposed amendment to the US Constitution would formalize that the rights stipulated in the document would apply to everybody in no uncertain terms. Nevermind the fact that they already do. Proposed in the 1970's the amendment never achieved the required ratifications by the various states, in spite of Congress changing the rules to make it easier for it to pass. It is worth noting here that if it had passed, that women would be required to register for, and be subject to, military conscription (the draft). The debate has largely evaporated as other Equal Opportunity laws have been enacted at the state and federal levels. See: Feminism, Gay Pride, Equal Opportunity, Sex Discrimination
"Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex."
- Section One of Proposed Amendment to US Constituion.

E.S.R.B., Entertainment Software Rating Board
      Industry supported non-profit advisory board which sets content standards for software and video games. The board began in 1994 as the industry's response to concern from parent groups and social watchdogs (do-gooders) who objected to some of the more extreme content in certain games, see "Hot Coffee" for example.
      Their six categories for material rated by the board range from Early Childhood, preschool age and above, through Mature and Adults Only (which see) for content recommended only for those above the ages of 17 or 18 respectively, which are the only Ratings they have which apply to this Glossary's topic. Note: said ratings are registered marks of the E.S.R.B. In this Glossary also see: Rating, M.P.A.A., R.I.A.A. Standards and Practices, Voluntary Self Censoring, Censor, and related.
      Below those six categories is an extensive list of modifiers and content descriptions covering many types of objectionable content. For more information see their website at

      Promiscuous person who engages in excessive Casual Sex, often used in a negative way to describe a woman who enjoys sex. Also see: Loose Woman, Slut, Cheap, Fast, Cum Dumpster.

Eating (Eats) -Pussy, -Out, -at the 'Y', etc
      Euphemisms for Oral Sex. However, usually the one being 'eaten out' is female, save one interesting exception: see Cunnilingus, Oral Sex, Analingus, Fur Burger, Vagitarian, and even Sex Test.

      Extremely rare detached Emotional state of heightened pleasure and awareness, even enlightenment. Experienced through Tantric Sex, supreme religious event, and/ or deep meditation. See: Psychosomatic Spontaneous Orgasm reference to St Teresa, as well as Tantra, Orgasm, Emotion, Passion, ASMR, and other references.

      Sexual practice of stimulating a Woman's Clitoris, Vulva, and G-Spot, or a Penis and related Male parts to the very brink of Orgasm or, in the male: Ejaculation and possible Orgasm, then backing off. Sometimes through multiple cycles. Supposedly to increase the intensity of the final act. Applies equally to Masturbation as well as when performed by a partner of either Sex. Sometimes coupled with the practice of Autoerotica, Bondage, S&M and other festivities.

      A man who has a feminine appearance or traits, regardless of his Sexual Orientation. A woman who exhibits the same characteristics is called Feminine.
      A Gay man who plays the Feminine role in his mannerisms, speech patterns, walk, and general style. See: Flame, Emasculate, Rae Rae.

Egg, Ovum
      A primary component of breakfast, supplied by a laying hen chicken. Best cooked over easy with just a pinch of salt and a LOT of pepper and served with slightly spicy sausages and fresh biscuits.
      For this Glossary, the female gamete (fertile cell). See: Pregnancy. Compare: Sperm.

Eight Millimeter Film, 8mm, Super-8
      Celluloid film based moving picture format made popular by inexpensive home projectors first available to the public in 1932. Used for both home movies shot with hand held cameras and low budget often poor quality special interest films such as travel pieces as well as the infamous Stag Films. The entire industry, Adult and otherwise, of film, cameras, projectors, and other equipment was made obsolete by the development of the VCR and then all but killed with the release of digital equipment and the DVD. Today, Super-8 film is used by some art film makers who value the overall quality of the video image. See: Harrison Marks, Linda Lovelace.

Ejaculation, Make a Nut, Shoot Off, Blow Load, etc.
      Discharge of Semen from the penis or a good amount of fluid from the Vagina. Folklore names the penile version 'the male orgasm' which is incorrect. The Ejaculation of Semen is a physical response which may or may not be related to an actual Orgasm and can also occur without an Erection, which see. The slang terms and Euphemisms for it are almost endless, and new ones appear all the time.
      Female Ejaculation, while documented in some medical literature as well as a significant number of adult movies, is still said not to exist by experts. See said topic for in depth discussion. Also see: Squirting.
      See: Cum, Cumshot, Wet Dream, Premature Ejaculation, for more. (pun intended)

Electra Complex
      Idea fostered by Dr. Karl Jung (1875 - 1961) somewhat in opposition to Freud's more widely known ideas on the Oedipus Complex in which young girls wish to eliminate their own mothers so as to possess their fathers.
      Like most ideas in psychology, the idea does have some merit, but is scarcely the widespread neurosis most practitioners and TV talking heads would have you believe. See: highlighted terms.

      Name of the title character in five series of seven French erotic movies first produced in 1974 and directed by 'Just Jaeckin' and starring a young and gorgeous Sylvia Kristel (1952 - 2012). Whereas the first movie was essentially a standard 'Coming Of Age' flick with more than the usual amount of sex and nudity, it really wasn't a very good movie, but, because it was one of the early wide release Softcore films shown in mainstream movie houses besides just the usual Arthouses, it was a massive hit and made a ton of money. For her part, Ms Kristel went on to be a star in regular movies and other girls, most of whom were not as pretty, continued in the role after the third film. Unfortunately the majority of the releases in the series were worse than the first (with one exception), until the series has become a caricature of itself and may finally be dying (after over a dozen or so movies, half of which are pure knockoffs, most of which stank on ice).

Emasculate, Emasculated
      A man, or even an organization, who has had, or is having, any Masculine traits or tendencies removed or suppressed. In some cases this involves physical Castration, such as the Hijra Nirwaan of Asia, or Forced Feminization, which see. Also see: Eunuch, Third Sex, and related.
      Is not the exact opposite of Masculine although it is often stated as Effeminate which emphasizes the expressed Feminine traits and not the lack of those deemed Masculine.
      The organizational side of this can be seen in the state (or 'public') schools which have removed the majority of physical competitions in physical education and have emphasized 'feelings' in the classrooms instead of logic and deductive reasoning.

      A Hug, which see, hopefully with Affection, which see, possibly with Wandering Hands, also see.

Embarrassment, Embarrassed, Embarrassing
      Emotion related to Guilt, Humiliation, or Shame. Often associated with Sin or Sex or even a Felony, and occasionally seen in the "Walk of Shame". The most obvious outward sign is when the person involved Blushes, other signs may be downcast eyes, a slight frown or other non-typical facial expressions. The condition may result from being caught doing something improper, something that was said that made the individual uncomfortable, or even just a random thought that caught them off guard. See highlighted terms.

Emergency Contraception
      The true "Morning After Pill" which is a prescription only Birth Control Method that will prevent implantation of a Fertilized egg in the Womb. Said pills are most usually given to Rape victims in hospital emergency rooms or their doctor's offices. There are considerable side effects to the medication, such as cramps and excessive bleeding, as well as rumored long term side effects such as later infertility. See highlighted terms.

Emetophilia, Emetophile
      Sexual attraction to Vomit, also Vomit Fetish (which see).
      One who is sexually attracted to the expelled material itself or the act of producing it, or even the motions and sounds associated with the process. Some of those who are so inclined achieve Sexual Arousal or satisfaction by having others, usually young Oriental women, vomit on them. In some cases, practitioners have forced said young women to drink excess amounts of liquid, including alcohol, in order to induce vomiting, such practice can be dangerous. See: Drunk.
      The practice is often associated with more extreme S&M and B&D which may use forced vomiting, such as Cock Gagging (which see) to make the Submissive party vomit as part of a Humiliation ritual.
      Pornographic images and videos with said subject matter. Most of which appear to have been produced in the Far East. Where all manner of bathroom practices are trotted out for view by all and sundry. Also see: Klismaphilia (Enema Fetish).
      This is generally regarded as one of the absolute sickest (pun intended) of the Fetishes, ranking right up there with Necrophilia, however, being fascinated by puke is not usually a Felony (whereas Necrophilia usually is).

      Most usually, entertainment or artistic work which makes a straightforward attempt to evoke strong Emotions from the observer. Performer or artist who does so with that end in mind. See: Chick Flick, Gothic, Romance and related.

Emotion, Emotions
      Complex of thoughts, instincts, reactions, memories, physiological factors and even personality traits which feed the consciousness of most Humans. Can be survival based such as the processing of the 'fight or flight' reaction.
      In this context, the emotions are usually deeply involved in the sexual expressions between two people. Practices such as Sex Play are usually an attempt to remove at least some of those feelings from the sexual activity being pursued.
      Historically women have been thought of as placing more emotional value to the Sex Act than men, however, that is more of a stereotype than a verifiable truth. What does seem to be true is that most women do bring more emotional baggage to a relationship than men, and thusly to any sexual aspect of the relationship. When it comes to Casual Sex, both sexes seem to be equally capable of engaging in it with no emotional bonding whatsoever.
      Intense levels can lead to Ecstasy, invoke strong Passion, or bring one to Heartbreak. See said terms. Also see: Love, Desire, Post Partum Depression, Lust, Heart, and related.
"Sex is emotion in motion."
Mae West (1893 - 1980)

Emotional Infidelity
      A very etheric concept which regards emotional attachment to another person outside one's immediate family as Adultery on par with actual Sexual Intercourse outside of the marriage. In some jurisdictions such estrangement is grounds for divorce.
      A debate currently rages in some circles as to whether Cybering and other non-contact flirtations between a married individual and anyone else, especially between a married man and a single woman, is indeed equal to Fucking.
      The problem with the concept is exactly where do you draw the line? Can a married person be friends with a member of the opposite sex without running the risk? What if it is Homosexual? What if the couple are friends with another couple and the opposite sex partners hit it off and become friends? Are they "emotional swingers"? Ahhh... we shall end this right there.
      See: Cybering, Cheating, Infidelity, Adultery, Marriage, and related. Added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

      Condition in women where Uterine tissue begins to grow and behave as though it were in the Uterus elsewhere in the body, most often in the Pelvic region. The condition can lead to everything from minor discomfort to life threatening conditions such as internal bleeding or gangrene. Treatments range from medication to surgery to remove the tissue. Some projections estimate that one in five women of child bearing age will have the problem during their lives. See: Female Problems, Infertility, Vaginal Abnormalities, and related.

      Flexible fiber optic camera with lights and cable links for viewing inside small areas including inside the human body. As inside the Vagina or the Anus during a colonoscopy. See: OB/GYN, Speculum, Medical Fetish.

      Huge, Massive, Over the Top Enormous, Bulging bank accounts of various Ivy League Universities provided by wealthy alumni who have mostly stolen their money from the public and government.
      To the point of this Glossary, the relative size of a man's Penis. See: Penis Size.
      Also equally applicable. The relative size of a woman's Breasts. Which see.
      The usage 'well endowed' applies to all three above examples when the item under discussion is exceptionally large. Compare; "Hung Like A Horse".

Enema, Enema Fetish
      Flushing the lower large intestine and rectum with water or other liquid discharged from a long, thin, hollow probe inserted into the Anus, the probe is usually connected to a portable reservoir by a long, flexible tube. Originally an ancient medical procedure much advocated by the infamous Dr. J. Harvey Kellogg (1852 - 1943), the brother of the corn flake company founder. The practice can be part of a cleansing ritual for further activity or the subject of the sexual act itself such as with medical fantasies and Fetishes such as Water Bondage. See: Wine Enema, Ass Smoothie, Mixed Drink, and related. Compare: Aquaphilia.
      The term often used for the associated range of behaviors is Klismaphilia, which is sometimes thought of as a form of Masturbation focused on the Anus as the source of pleasure or the Obsession with it. There is a new pet media term in circulation, "Anal Douche", which it isn't, unless you're French. See: Anal Retentive, Anal Sex, Medical Fetish.

Engagement, Engaged, etc
      Serious commitment ultimately leading to Marriage, one step above Courting as the two people so involved are now a couple and have declared so publicly, often with a picture and article in the newspaper. Engagements usually last from several months to the 'socialite' ideal of a year. Engaged couples may or may not be Having Sex with each other, but should not be so involved with anybody else. See: Saving Oneself, Monogamy, "Pop The Question", Proposal, "put a ring on it", and related.

Enzyte, and "Smiling Bob"
      Bob was the Spokesmodel for the fraudulent product Enzyte® which is (was?) advertised to provide Natural Male Enhancement. It does not, and indeed- can not, work. (See more at "Smiling Bob", including the probable fate of the actor.)
      The active ingredients in the product are a range of commonly available vitamins and herbal products including several that may interact with other medications such as Ginkgo biloba and ginseng. Nothing in the product has ever been shown to do anything to increase the size of an adult man's Penis, or any other body part. These same ingredients are fairly common in all of the currently marketed Penis Enlargement Treatments. See: Dok's article at "Get a Larger...."
      The company's founder, Steve Warshak, and others associated with the product have been found guilty on a host (93 counts!) of state and federal charges including bank fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, and money laundering, yet the product continues to be advertised and sold. Hopefully the product will be pulled from the market and "Bob" will have to find other work as he was not named in the charges as an accomplice. Warshak was sentenced to 25 years in prison. See: Felony.
      In 2009, now owned by a political operative, the company changed its name to Vianda LLC (also "Pristine Bay"), it continues to sell herbal concoctions with little or no medical or dietary value whatsoever. It is likely a future update to this entry will involve further legal proceedings.

Epicure, Epicurean
      One whom enjoys a life of ease, luxury, and pleasure, or "Wine, Women, and Song" to coin a phrase, without the labor or toil experienced by others to make a living. But not to the excess of a Hedonist who desires pleasure above all else. Most notably: the leisure classes of the aristocracy of Europe during the Middle Ages, also seen in the US today in the idle rich and Celebrity classes. Also known as being Sybaritic (which see).
"I am an Epicurean. I consider the genuine (not the imputed) doctrines of Epicurus as containing everything rational in moral philosophy which Greek and Roman leave to us."
- Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826, US President 1801 - 1809)

      Essentially, one whose Sex cannot be definitively told at first glance, but is done as something of a fashion statement, not a medical condition such as an Hermaphrodite, which see. Also, one whom intentionally exhibits characteristics of the opposite, or perhaps, both sexes, as is often seen with the younger generation of Metrosexual Celebrities. Also see: Androgynous, Ambisexual, Intersex, Third Sex, and so on. This is also in contrast to males who have been made into Eunuchs, which see.

Equal Opportunity
      Now, by federal mandate, everybody; regardless of race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, handicap, education, allergy, hair color, shoe size, or being a left handed vegetarian Eskimo..... has the same right as everybody else to be a wage slave. Or at least so we are told. See: Political Correctness, Sex Discrimination.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments, 'E.D.T.'s
      The failure, for a variety of physical, medical, and mental/emotional reasons, for a man to fail to produce or maintain an Erection of the Penis, AKA Impotence, which see. The attempt to correct said condition. See: Staying Power for the Porno world application thereof.
      Found all over cable sports programs and various prime time shows the commercials for Erectile Dysfunction Medications would give one the impression that a sizable percentage of American men cannot 'get it up' to save their lives, see Impotence. This would be an incorrect assumption. However, given the amounts of money brought in by the companies from these drugs it is obvious that they have indeed created a market for themselves based on the fear of a natural part of the aging process from baby boomers worried about being less of a man than the next guy. These medications ARE, by definition, NOT Aphrodisiacs. See: more at the Aphrodisiac entry.
      These medicines work in a couple of different ways, however the overall effect is to increase the blood flow to the penis. This can result in some medical complications including a change in overall blood pressure and other serious problems. There are also reports of decreasing effectiveness with long term use.
      There is no evidence that Over the Counter E.D. treatments work and many contain herbal ingredients that may be dangerous when combined with other medications and/or alcohol. See: Penis Enlargement.
      While not a subject of TV commercials, there are invasive surgical procedures which can and will produce the equivalent of a fully functional erection. However, there is significant risks associated with the surgery as well as a prolonged recovery period and some loss of sensation.

      Most usually: the Aroused and blood-engorged male organ, the Penis. Other erectable structures on the human body include the Nipples and the Clitoris. See: Penis, Spontaneous Erection, Hard On, Male Orgasm, Ejaculation, Fluffer, Woodman, Priapism, and related.

      Anime style Erotic video games originating in Japan. See: Bishojo, Hentai, Anime

Erogenous Zone
      Areas of the body whose sensitivity promotes contact for Sexual Satisfaction. The subject of much folklore, many popular books, and innumerable TV talk shows. It should be noted that a woman's Sexual Geography (which see) varies from person to person and even, in some cases, by time of the day or mood and other sometimes intangible factors. The more unusual female non-sex organ related zones include the backs of the knees, the nape of the neck, feet and wrists, and even her ears and scalp. The best advice is- test and explore, and remember, what doesn't elicit a response from her today, might tomorrow. This is especially seen in practices like the Butterfly Kiss, which see. Also see: Sexual Stimulation and related topics.

      Emotional feeling of Sexual Attraction and Lust. Named for the Greek god as below. One of the Four Stages of Love, which see. The emotion need not be acted upon to be considered Erotic Love. See: Unrequited Love.
      Greek god of love and Lust (sexual desire). Earlier beliefs expressed him as a god of fertility in animals as well as people. Often associated with Aphrodite but of a lesser stature than the goddess, the two are not depicted as themselves being lovers, although some legends portray her as his mother. Older legends make Eros as a brother of Chaos himself, making him older than even Zeus (Uranus).
      He was adopted into the Roman pantheon as Cupid.
      The depiction by the Romans, and today's greeting card people, of the god as a young boy with wings and a bow and arrow is consistent with the Grecian depiction of him.
      It is interesting to note that popular media and usage see Cupid as cute and something appropriate for children's greeting cards, yet Eros is frowned upon and made Taboo.

Erotic Art
      Art with a sexual theme or message. Does not have to be Pornographic or Obscene to be of said genre. May be sculpture, a performance art such as Dance, photography, literature (see Eroticism), or any other sort of presentation. The term is also used in a negative way to describe any work which shows more of the human body than some authority thinks is proper. With this, as with all art, it is truly in the eye, and mind, of the beholder. See: Picasso quote at Art.
      Also see: Art, Sex Museum, Erotica, Eroticism, and related.
"No nude, however abstract, should fail to arouse in the spectator some vestige of erotic feeling, even if it be only the faintest shadow - and if it does not do so it is bad art and false morals."
-Lord Kenneth Clark (1903 - 1983)

Erotic Asphyxiation
      One party, or parties, depriving another of free access to breathable air, or blood to the brain, during Sex to enhance the Orgasmic Experience. Such as during Breath Play, Water Bondage, mock strangulation, or other Fetish encounters. The practice is dangerous, but not as dangerous as Autoerotica where the practitioner is alone and risks being found dead sometime after the event due to suffocation. When two or more people are involved a Safe Word or Sign can be used to bring the festivities to a halt. See: Autoerotica, Asphyxiaphilia, Breath Play/Control, Extreme Sex, and related.

Erotic Love
      Affection and attraction based on Sexual Desire, or Lust. The term is usually associated with the Greek root of Eros which was both the emotion itself and the god thereof. See: Eros, Four Words For Love.

Erotic Massage
      The pseudo massage given by a Call Girl. May have little if any therapeutic value, but is reported to be highly enjoyable. Usually consists of the practitioner using her entire body to Massage the 'patient' focusing primarily on her rubbing her Breasts and Labia all over them before engaging in another Sex Act which may include Fellatio or Intercourse or other activity. See: Massage, Call Girl, and related.
      This is an entirely different practice than Sexual Massage done for therapeutic reasons by a licensed Sex Therapist although the terms are somewhat synonymous to the mass media.

Erotic Model
      Term for a male or female Model, which see, willing to be photographed or video taped while engaged in any level of Sexual Activity, either alone or with another person. See: Cheesecake, Figure Model, Nude Model, Modeling Agency, Adult Actor, Porn Star, Bettie Page, Sex Performer, Performing Model, Panty Stuffing.

Erotica, Eroticism, Erotic Literature
      Sexually suggestive or mildly explicit literature, usually written to an adult female audience. Includes some of the Formula Romance (heaving bosom) books as well as the somewhat courser stories in "men's magazines". Erotic literature can be traced as far back as writing in history. Several Roman erotic stories are known, as well as ancient Japanese and Indian works, some with erotic overtones carefully veiled in flowery language. The Biblical book of Esther is quite erotic in its images as well. See: Boudoir Book, Pillow Book, Romance Novel, Sexually Explicit, Heat Rating.
      See: popular works which are borderline Erotic at Peyton Place and Stepford Wives which have had influence far beyond their original audience.

      One who produces works of an Erotic nature, images or text based, for the pleasure of others. One who engages in personally pleasuring others, however, the term is usually not used in reference to a Prostitute or Adult Actor. An example would be- Brutha Jim Deep. See: Erotic Art.
      Clarification Added by Reader Suggestion This term is in sharp contrast to the similar sounding exorcist which is a person who frees individuals or items of demonic influence. However, if you ask certain Puritanical types, the two are equivalent in meaning.

      Multiple uses. Various definitions including becoming overwhelmed with Eroticism and said thoughts and concepts with the object of said obsession being a Celebrity or other public figure as versus being obsessed with pleasure itself. In this context see Celebrity Stalker, Obsession, Unrequited Love. Compare: Hedonism.
      Is also used incorrectly to refer to the seeming obsession in Hollywood with producing works which are at least moderately Erotic with Homosexual themes, which is actually Homoeroticism, which see.

Escort (non-paid)
      Most often, something along the lines of a Date or another Significant Other, whom attends an event of their own free will, or through some sort of social obligation to the attendee, without being compensated. For a woman, it might be her Paramour, but it could also be her brother.

Escort Service, Escorts (paid)
      In many cases a legitimate business offering companionship and 'escorts' for official functions so one would not have to attend a formal function or outing alone. In some cases said business is little but a front for Prostitution. See: Call Girl, D.C. Madam, and related.
      Employees of said service, usually female but may be male, who work as professional Dates. In the vast majority of cases, said employees are very classy, extremely attractive and refined, and have excellent taste. Many are also working Models for 'mainstream' Modeling Agencies (which see) who are, shall we say, between gigs or subsidizing their income this way. However, some services do have escorts who are more 'realistic' or specialized such as being excellent ballroom dancers. Individual escort's features and options can often be specified and ordered ahead, much like options in a rental car. Also, while the service itself may not endorse nor officially allow Sex For Money (which also see), 'other arrangements' between the employee and the client are ignored.
      Also see: entries such as Taxi Dancer, Kept Woman, Concubine, Date.

      Female sex hormone produced primarily in the ovaries in the female. Also produced in lesser amounts in other organs such as the adrenal glands and liver in both sexes. Also used in oral Birth Control tablets and in post Menopausal women to treat various conditions.

      The hereafter. The endless tracts of the vacuum of space throughout the universe. Time immemorial from the creation of the world until its end. The ultimate fate of mankind when it faces Death as either an individual or as a race. God's home address. See: quote at Imagination.
      Proclamation as to how long those with romantic interests say they'll Love each other. See: "Star Crossed Lovers"

      Believe it or not, this topic does belong in this Glossary. And we shall explain why.
      According to the early "Progressive Movement" on both sides of the Atlantic in the early Twentieth Century, the human species was becoming weaker because the frail and weak were being allowed to pollute the gene pool. In many state institutions and even hospitals the mentally ill, physically handicapped, criminals, immoral, and even some who were just socially undesirable were sterilized to prevent them from breeding and passing on their inferior traits. Meanwhile, those with superior traits were encouraged to have kids to improve the species, a la the teachings of Charles Darwin.
      This belief was prevalent in the US (President Wilson was a big fan) and the UK, but reached its zenith in Germany between the wars where the National Socialists simply began euthanizing those who were judged imperfect. Included in their 'final solution' were the racially inferior, Homosexuals, and Jehovah's Witnesses.
      Of course this history is embarrassing to those who now call themselves 'progressives' and it has been wiped from public school textbooks. However, Population Control is still a feature of many proposals for socialized medicine in the US as well as being on the table in the UK and mainland Europe. Forced Birth Control, as well as both active and passive euthanasia, are some of those issues in that discussion that aren't given wide play in the press.
      See: Birth Control, Socialism, Public Health, Perversion, and other related topics.

      A Male who has been Emasculated, or neutered, by having his Testicles and possibly his Penis surgically removed. See: Castration for more in depth discussion.
      There were often religious, social, or other overtones to the act, see discussion in fourth paragraph under Castration, for the social side of things, see: Hijra, Two Spirit People, Third Sex, Epicene. Contrast: Metrosexual.

Euphemism, Euphemisms
      Terms used to mean something else so as not to offend anyone. Often used in media during the Family Hour or in advertising to be Naughty or to convey Double Entendre (see those terms). Many of the entries in this Glossary are such terms. See: quote at "Political Correctness".
      The difference between a euphemism and a Slang term is often only in the usage. For example the word "Pussy" and its various meanings, which see. Also see: examples in this Glossary such as "Doing It", "Sleeping Together", and even "Birds and the Bees (The)". Also see: Pet Names, and related topics.

Evolution (theory of)
      See: Sexual Evolution. This is a SEX GLOSSARY, right?

Ex- Wife, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Lover, etc.
      One whom one no longer has an ongoing Emotional relationship. In the case of a former spouse, the break up may involve a Divorce or legal separation.
      Adult content involving images and stories for and about such individuals. Occasionally there will be counter-postings which are equally, or even more, embarrassing about the one who first violated the trust and uploaded something about the other one.

Exhibitionist, Exhibitionism
      Usually refers to sexual activity, prolonged Nudity, or just wearing very Revealing Clothing, where there is no reasonable expectation of Privacy (which see) as in a public area, or where a reasonable person would expect to be seen by others, such as in a public park or along a freeway. May be required by a 'sub' by a 'dom' as a test or punishment. The "-ist" is the person exposing themselves, the "-ism" is said behavior. see: Public Nudity, Voyeurism, Flasher. Compare: Troilism, Candaulism, Naturalism, Nudity, Privacy, Body Painting, "Girls Night Out".

Exotic Dancer
      Most usually: Nude dancer, Topless dancer, Stripper, Lap Dancer, and other performer who entertains in a blatantly suggestive or sexual way. The performer is most usually, but not necessarily, female. See: Lap Dancer. Pole Dance, Go Go Girl, Teasing, Terpsichorean Ecdysiast, Stripper Shoes, Strip Club, Sex Club, and related.

      For this Glossary, a woman who is Pregnant. Also applies to a couple where the female is in said condition. Also see: Baby Mama.

"Experimenting With Sex"
      Media and Public Health term that is borderline Politically Correct, meaning Sexual Experimentation, especially among Adolescents. See those terms. Was last seen in a debate about school nurses handing out Condoms to elementary age children.

      A word used as a curse, defamatory, pejorative, or other 'dirty word'. See: Seven Dirty Words and those words listed individually in this Glossary. Also see examples at God and Jesus Christ.
      NOTE: this term is often confused with the word "explicative" which means "a logical explanation." They are, as you can see, unrelated.

      That which is clearly stated leaving nothing ambiguous or to the imagination. A truth that is unconcealed and readily apparent to even the most casual observer or which cannot be ignored. A related colloquialism would be the proverbial '800 pound gorilla in the room'.
      The term which in and of itself in not Sexual in nature, however, to the undereducated and otherwise intentionally ignorant, to say something 'explicitly' is to be Vulgar or Profane due to Sexual Connotations. Such is not the case and merely shows their ignorance of the language. See: Sexually Explicit, Obscene, Indecent, Graphic Images, Free Speech, Censorship, "Parental Advisory...", and related.

Extreme Sex
      Not a specific category as much as an overall concept of types of Sexual Activity. The practice includes things such massive Penetrations with objects like large vegetables and whole salamis, the insertion multiple Fists, and even bowling pins into the Vagina and Anus. Also includes 'heavy' bondage, Breath Play, electrocution, and some practices that are essentially impossible such as the 'triple double' where a woman attempts to take two men's penises into each opening, or perhaps even fictional such as the 'Angry Dragon' (which see), also see the real practice: Airtight. Some practices under this heading are inherently unsafe and require the use of a safe word. See: Ultimate Sex Act, Three In One, S&M, Goatse, Sexual Olympics, World Record..., and related.
      Also includes such practices as Body Modification when done for Sexual purposes such as Piercing and Subincision. Which see.

Eye Candy
      Most often, and in terms of this Glossary, a Pretty Woman. Often seen as the Escort for a wealthy or powerful, usually elderly, man. See: Beauty Pageant, Showgirl, Babe, Sex Symbol, Girl Watching. Also see: Show Some Skin, Décolletage.
      Can be an equivalently good looking young man, an actual Pretty Boy, used for the same purposes. Especially when dealing in the Homoerotic terms of advertising and Hollywood or in terms of an older woman with a younger man, see Cougar, May - September Relationship, and related.

"F Word", the F-word, F**k, F-Bomb, etc.

      Multiple meanings including the front of the head which consists of the eyes, nose, and mouth and surrounding structures.
      Personal honor and dignity, common in the traditional Oriental usage when one uses the expressions "to save face" or "to lose face".
      The front of a building, the public image of a company, a prepared surface area ready to be finished with paint or stain or other covering, etc.
      It does not mean Fellatio or any other form of Oral Sex. End Of Discussion.

Face Fucking, Facefuck
      Oral Sex (which see), specifically, Fellatio (which see) in which the Male (which see) is the Active Partner (which see) and performs motions more usually ascribed to Heterosexual Genital Intercourse (which see) while the Receiver (which see) is Passive (which see) and simply holds their Mouth (which see) open and allows it, even including Deep Throating (which see) the Penis (which see), usually, through the logical conclusion of the activity, Ejaculation (which see). we believe that is a record for 'which sees' in one entry!

Face Sitting
      Position for Oral Sex, usually Cunnilingus and Analingus where the person performing the act is laying on their back and the person receiving the treatment, most often a Woman, is kneeling over their head. In many cases this is the first step to engaging in Mutual Oral Sex, usually called the Sixty-Nine. However, in the world of FemDom, Submission, B&D and so on, it may be the sole object of the exercise. See said terms.
      The term is also used, often with various other terms and expressions such as the Wolf Whistle, when a Man offers Mustache Rides to an Attractive Woman.

      Surgery performed to tighten the skin of the face to conceal the age of the patient. Usually performed on women, however, it is not unheard of in men. And especially those who are either Celebrities or excessively Vain, or both. See: Plastic Surgery, and highlighted terms.
      The medical term for the surgical procedure is rhytidectomy. There are also various non-intrusive procedures such as various creams and lotions, as well as those that are minimally intrusive such as those that use injectable drugs. A non-invasive cosmetic procedure toward the same end using various creams and salves and even electric current is a Facial, which see.
      The object of denial of various aging yet Vain Celebrities and Politicians who have obviously had work done to appear younger, more attractive, Sexier, and even more Virile than they actually are. At some point, their appearance and the claim become laughable. See said terms as well as Photoshop ®.

      Cosmetic procedure used most often on aging individuals who are trying to appear younger and Sexier which may involve a chemical peel to remove the top layer or two of skin, creams and lotions designed to hydrate the face, and even electric shock to tighten subcutaneous muscles on the head and neck. Said results are only temporary. Most often seen on female Celebrities and even Politicians, it was formerly only done on women but now Metrosexual men are having it done as well. See Vain.
      More to our work here: the term is used when the male partner in a sex act Ejaculates on the other person's face, hair and neck. Usually as a result of Fellatio to ejaculation but where the person giving the Oral Sex withdraws the Penis from their mouth, or has it withdrawn, for the express purpose of finishing the act with the Semen being expressed onto their face and or body. Can also be done from manual stimulation, Masturbation, of the penis, or even Intercourse where it is withdrawn and 'aimed' at the recipient's face, Coitus Interruptus. Sometimes done in a Dom/Sub relationship or to humiliate the receiver. Also see: Bukkake, Fellatio.

Faggot, Fag
      Both an archaic term for a stick of firewood and a cigarette. Neither usage is common now outside of works of period fiction set in Victorian times.
      Obsolete term for a male Homosexual, usually considered derogatory. See: Queer, Fairy, Flame.

      Multiple uses, some are as follows.
      The classic magical being with wings, may or may not glow in the dark, and usually appeared to be only a few inches tall. Best example relevant to this work is the part played by Julia Roberts (born 1967) in the 1991 Steven Spielberg movie Hook in which Roberts played the part of 'Tinkerbell', wearing a miniskirt and wings.
      Fairies were also involved in a classic hoax where two young English girls claimed to be able to photograph the beings with a standard camera. The Cottingley Fairy Photographs taken between 1917 and 1920 even duped Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859 - 1930) into believing them to be real. The cousins admitted in 1979 that the photos were hoaxed with paper cutouts from a children's book. Which, showed pretty female fairies in short skirts, much as Ms. Roberts appeared in the movie previously mentioned.
      When used in the board game chess, a fairy piece has extra-normal ability, hence the name, and may move across the board in significantly different ways than the traditional pieces. When mentioned in chess notation, the symbol for a 'fairy' piece may include an upside down knight or Queen (see reference there). Meaning the piece is a 'fairy' and may jump pieces in any direction for more than the usual number of spaces a regular knight may move.
      Any of several animals with an appearance resembling the classic illustrations, however, neither the shrimp, moth, nor the fly so named have legs as shapely as Ms. Roberts'.
      Derogatory term for male Homosexual, regardless of whether he is wearing wings and a miniskirt or not.

Faithful, Faithfully
      One whom maintains a steadfast commitment to a cause or relationship often using a great deal of Self Control (which see). Especially one who is 'keeping the faith' when circumstance turns against them, for example, keeping true to one's religion through a time of persecution such as being a Christian in the old Soviet Union, or (somewhat more relevant to today) still being a fan of a sports team after several consecutive losing seasons.
      Now, more to our point here, the term is used to describe a person who only engages in Sexual Activity with their Spouse, which is- Monogamy. See related terms such as: Infidelity, Serial Monogamy, Swinger, Sexually Faithful, Cheating. Also see: "Billy Graham Rule, The"
"Marriage requires a special talent, like acting. Monogamy requires genius."
- Warren Beatty (born 1937)

Faking Orgasm, "Fake it until you make it"
      Most usually a woman who, in order to protect her lover's fragile ego, fakes an orgasm during an otherwise mediocre sex session. The best example would be in any number of Adult Movies where the woman seems to have a screaming toe-curling Orgasm while the man Cums on her Tits, or that scene in the otherwise mediocre Chick Flick movie When Harry met Sally which resulted in the line "I'll have what she's having". Unfortunately, that isn't the way it works. However, this can also be thought of as simply Lying (which see) to your lover. If their self esteem is that tenuous perhaps you shouldn't be bedding them down. More productive is some gentle coaching and directions as to what you need to go over the top. For a few hints, see Erogenous Zones, Foreplay, and related subjects. Perhaps the topic immediately below will help as well.
      The "I'll have what she's having" line was delivered in the movie by Estelle Reiner (1914 - 2008), script by Nora Ephron, Columbia Pictures 1989

Falling In Love
      Phenomena often associated with strong Emotions, irrational behavior, powerful Lust, and occasionally actual physical illness (Lovesickness, which see). This is different than Bonding (which see) which is an instinctive fixation in infants and animals and not a true emotion. The expression has been Bastardized to "falling in like/lust/hate" etc, such use is usually by those trying to be clever.... it ain't.
      See related entries at Love, Four Stages Of Love, and Four Words For Love, Love At First Sight, Desire, and other highlighted terms.

"When I fall in love it will be forever
Or Ill never fall in love
In a restless world like this is
Love is ended before its begun
And too many moonlight kisses
Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun

When I give my heart it will be completely
Or Ill never give my heart
And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
Is when I fall in love with you."

When I Fall In Love written by Young and Heyman, released by various artists including Doris Day (1952), Nat King Cole (1956) and (the) Carpenters (1989)

False- Modesty, Piety, Humility, Morals, etc.
      Statements, behaviors, actions and attitudes which are, essentially, a lie. For instance, a Congressman that acts like they are honest and have the best interests of the people at heart. Or equally, a prostitute who acts and talks like she is a Virgin. (sorry for the redundant examples)
      The 'false modesty' side of it can actually be the most harmful when it involves medical care and the person, most usually a woman, not wishing to 'reveal herself' to a health care professional for something that might be life threatening. In Muslim countries, this is enforced by the religious police under Sharia (which see) and actually does end up killing women. See: Modesty
      The 'piety' version is most often seen in TV preachers on the "Christian" network who wear Italian suits with Rolex watches and hand made shoes while tearfully begging for money from their viewers to support the ministry (and their Mistress and Love Child).
      'False humility' may be the biggest lie of the bunch, and can be seen as well from the televangelists as they stand in front of the camera and cry about how they sinned. And then two weeks later they're just as arrogant as ever and back in the same motel with the same Crack Whore they'd gotten caught with. All terms (and situations) also apply to Politicians.
      As for the idea of false morals, take all of the above, and roll it into one. See quote at Erotic Art.
      Other positive character traits can be mocked by those with alternative agendas, such as a Politician. See: Amoral, Immoral, Sin, Seven Deadly Sin. Also see Uptight and Self-righteous for those who are liable to have all the above. See: Self-Conscious for a natural cause.

False Attribution
      The crediting of a fact, quote, or even entire research articles to an individual or organization which did not originally make the statement, publish the article, or had anything to do with what is being cited as from them. Often seen in emails proclaiming new threats to your health, something terrible being done by a business, or a string of "little known facts". In most cases, all are simply rubbish.
      In this Sex Glossary (which see), we have made every reasonable attempt to correctly attribute references, facts, quotes, and even opinions to the proper sources. In many cases, requiring two unrelated published sources, even when dealing with a Reader Submission (see Added to the Glossary by....). Something not often done by those who run 'blogs' and 'forums', and even the 'free online encyclopedia' see quote below and note at the bottom of this page. Which is why some may never see their suggestion included, and their emails suddenly being deleted.
      Also, as related to content in this Glossary, such quotes and other statements are often made by publicity agents or managers and done to enhance the image of the Celebrity as with the following:
"Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti."
Famously NOT said by Sophia Loren (born 1934) and repeatedly denounced by her.
(Two real quotes from Ms Loren can be found at Sex Appeal and Sexy)

Family Hour, Family Friendly
      Network Television time set aside for 'G' rated content with nothing stronger than PG allowed due to the fact that children and others who may be easily upset or corrupted may be watching or listening. This has led to a blandness of the entertainment offerings being produced for the time which has given rise to 'reality TV' and cookie-cutter sitcoms and silly radio shows. Also, other entertainment and attractions designed to be 'safe for all ages'. See: Censorship, Gratuitous Sex, Rating, Polite Company, Political Correctness, "Parental Advisory..", and related. This matter mentioned again at Vaudeville.
      Artificial atmosphere most often seen in environments where self-conscious adults attempt to make the situation as sterile and inoffensive (and dull) as possible with the intent of protecting children, most of whom are more street-wise and sophisticated than their adult protectors will ever be. Best seen in the wild in Farmington, Delaware. See: Community Standards, Hypocrites.
      Relevant to this Glossary are the phrases used for Sexuality in such contexts such as Making Love' (which see), as well as other silliness in the interest of protecting the public. See: Censorship, "bleep", Voluntary Self Censoring.

Fancy, Fancy Dress Ball, Fancy Pants, etc
      Not plain, not utilitarian, not regular or ordinary as an everyday item, and most certainly, not of the Amish world. More to our point here are the terms modified with this particular 'f'-word, most usually being items of clothing or those that wear them or a special occasion to which they are worn. The 'pants' version started life there, but then took on an additional meaning that is somewhat derogatory when directed toward a man wearing them, but meaning essentially a Dandy. See such terms as Overdressed, Fashion Plate, Clotheshorse, Metrosexual, and related.

"...But I couldn't see spendin' the rest of my life
with my head hung down in shame.
You know I mighta been born just plain white trash.
but Fancy was my name.

She said, 'Here's your last chance, Fancy, don't let me down!
Here's your last chance, Fancy, don't let me down.'"
- Fancy, song written by Bobbie Gentry, Album Fancy Released on Capitol records, 1970

      Genre of literature and other works which involves unrealistic settings or characters. May or may not have a moral to the story or illustrate a larger theme.
      For our present purpose: using the imagination to develop erotic themes that may or may not be based in reality. One of the most powerful areas of Erotic fantasies can be the absolutely realistic, as in when a husband and wife discuss what they'd like to do when they get home. Also the totally fantastic and unrealistic can be a lot of fun and very engaging, such as in the cases of many Erotic stories which are beyond the realm of possibility involving time travel or being kidnapped by sex-starved alien stormtroopers. The field includes such practices as role playing, Costuming, role reversal, and to some degree, B&D and S&M. Oftentimes Fetish and Sex Play involves such fantasies as well. Intense sessions of deep fantasy play and imagining sexual activity can result in Psychosomatic or Spontaneous Orgasm, see those entries. Also see: Imagination, Daydream, Role Playing Game, and related.

      A term describing a folk-tale type of illness characterized by extreme nervousness, heavy sweating, darting eyes, nausea (real or feigned), hollow laughter and rapid breathing. The term went out of use just after the War Between the States, Mark Twain used the illness in his works. Best recent example was Hillary Clinton's 2008 (?2016?) Presidential Campaign after Super Tuesday. Best example in this context was on Capitol Hill when the "D.C. Madam's" diary was released. See: "D.C. Madam", Uptight.
"Now that is the way to write--peppery and to the point. Mush-and-milk journalism gives me the fan-tods."
Mark Twain, Journalism in Tennessee 1871

FAP, Fap, Fapping, Fap-site, etc.
      Peculiar (?stupid?) 'web-ism' pertaining to male Masturbation, Porn dedicated to said act, those who enjoy seeing others do it via Sexy Chat, self-aggrandizing blogs dedicated to it, photos and videos both depicting it and women whom are said to inspire such behavior, and so on. The word is also occasionally used to mean 'Jill Off', which see, although that is even more stupid.
      Supposedly, the term originated with the sound made by a man who is 'Wanking' while on cam with an open mic. However, there is also an rumor that it came from an abbreviation related to fractal compression of photos for posting in blogs where the self pleasuring practice was discussed.
      What it really is is a term Your Good Brutha will never use outside of the above definition.

Fashion Plate
      Somebody with more money and time to devote to their appearance and wardrobe than they have sense, see Clotheshorse. If said person is a man, he is often a Metrosexual and/or a Punk, which see. Also see: Flamboyant.

      Relative speed to the observer or another object.
      In terms of this Glossary, synonymous with Promiscuous or Easy. Most often used to refer to a young woman who does not require significant investment of time and money in a relationship before she engages in Sex, sometimes even engaging in some Sex on the First Date (which see). Also see: Loose, Slut, Cheap, Cheap Date.

      Fertile, especially in the male where the word means "able to impregnate." See: Virility, Masculinity, Semen, Pregnancy Sexual Reproduction, and related. The opposite is Infertile (which see).
      Also, a gift of creativity. Literally describing a "fertile imagination".

Feel Up, Feeling Up, Felt Up
      Touching another person in at least a mildly sexual way, most usually through, or under, their clothes. See: Grope, Goose, Foreplay, Wandering Hands, Fondle.
      If done without the permission of the person being touched, said act may result in criminal charges of the Offensive Touching variety, if not a full fledged Sexual Assault complaint including Digital Rape, which is a Felony.

      Invented term created by combining the words Fellatio, Anal Intercourse, and Cunnilingus (see those three terms individually). It is meant to mean an Ultimate Sex Act (which see) that combines the three mentioned acts as a means to satisfy both men and women in one shot. It doesn't. -Dok
      The term became the title to a 1989 movie released by VCH Inc which stared Peter North and a cast of relative unknowns and included the line "The word dictionaries feared to define!" as the advertising hook to get you to watch it. Nobody did. -Jim
      The term is occasionally heard in conversation or in online chats by somebody trying to be cute or original. They're not. -both
      added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

Felching or Fletching
      Recycling Semen, usually orally by either retrieving it from the Bodily Orifice into which it was Ejaculated, either that or after Fellatio the Sperm are not Swallowed but shared with another person with a Kiss. Spellings vary. Kinky Sex practice. See: Cum Swapping, Snowballing, Mixed Drink.

      Also known as "Head", "Blowjob", "skull", & etc., ad nauseum, and so on.... The use of the mouth, including lips, tongue and maybe even teeth, on the Penis and Testicles for the Sexual Pleasure of either or both parties. Most usually the person giving the 'BJ' is the Active Partner, and they may or may not allow the entire length of the Penis inside their Mouth during the act. Includes continuing through and beyond Ejaculation, during which time the Semen may or may not be Swallowed, hence the term "Monica". See: Swallow, Pearl Necklace and so on.
      Includes Deep Throat in which the person takes the length of the shaft all the way into their mouth and down their throat as far as possible, in some cases, they may also take the man's Testicles in their mouth as well. Sometimes called Throat or Face Fucking, or Cock Gagging or other equally descriptive terms where the person who is taking the penis into their mouth is the passive party and the male is actively pumping his penis in and out of their mouth and throat, simulating Intercourse, hence the archaic term Oral Intercourse, which see. Also see: various listings on the subject as well as Oral Fetish. For a Group idea, see DBJ.
      All said terms apply equally to the Heterosexual act as well as the Homosexual one as the term applies to the act itself, the Sex of the Receiving partner is irrelevant in the usage of the term. It is also used when the Penis is a Dildo or other such object. See: "Party (in my) Mouth.
      Also see: Married Woman.

      Major criminal act punishable by more than one year in prison. Most jurisdictions world wide distinguish between minor offenses, such as parking tickets, and the more serious crimes, felonies, and then the most violent crimes such as murder. The more serious crimes are often labeled 'capitol offenses' for which the offender may be put to death, or spend life in prison, versus a first felony conviction which may draw a sentence of, for example, three to five years. Also see: Status Offense.
      The diversions listed in this Glossary that are usually regarded as felonies include: Bestiality, Child Pornography, Dating Scam, Enzyte, Hebephilia, Necrophilia, Somnophilia, Obscenity, Pandering, Pedophilia, Quid Pro Quo, Rape, Perjury, Statutory Rape, Sexual Assault, Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault, Date Rape, and assorted other Sex Crimes. Compare: Conduct Unbecoming an Officer. Also see: Sharia.

      Feminine partner in a Lesbian relationship. The opposite is Dyke or Butch. See: Lipstick Lesbian and related. Also see: Femme Fatale.

Fem Dom
      Literally a Dominate female in a relationship with a man or a woman, or both! Most often the relationship is some sort of B&D or S&M arrangement with the woman ruling over a man as with CFNM (which see), but may involve Infantile or Medical Fetish play as well. See: Dom, Dominatrix, Pegging, Autoandrophilia.

"Fem Fatal", Femfatal, etc
      See the correct spelling for the definition: Femme Fatale.

      One whom is born with the XX chromosome set and corresponding anatomical structures, most notably the Vagina, Uterus, Labia, and related features. One whom assumes the Submissive or Passive role in a relationship. The legal definition includes the final product in Male to female Sex Change Surgery. See: Feminine, Submissive, Receiver, Hermaphrodite, Male, Lady, Woman, and other highlighted terms.
      The plumbing fixture into which the smaller diameter 'male' part fits. Also other similar parts.

Female Ejaculation
      Sudden production of a prodigious amount of Vaginal excretions often attributed to the onset of Orgasm, especially the intense Orgasm from G-Spot stimulation. It is most usually not the spewing of what appears to be liters of liquid as shown in many Adult Movies of the Squirting variety, that is indeed often Urine or even water that has been pre-loaded into her vagina as with a Douche to be expelled on cue.
      It is worth noting here and now that not all women experience the phenomenon, not all women who are capable of doing it have it happen every time, and when it does happen, it may not be the same every time. Which makes it very difficult to document.
      As it is unpredictable and varied the topic has become the subject of nearly endless debate and sometimes rather heated arguments despite the phenomenon's having been recording in scientific literature since at least 300 BC in certain Greek texts and a possible mentioning in the Kama Sutra (which see).
      While it is fairly certain that occasionally some of the liquid so produced may be attributed to bladder leakage, not all of it is. A statement supported by the testing of said excretions for urea.
      See: Ejaculation, Cum, Squirting, G Spot, Orgasm, Vaginal Lubrication, and related terms.

Female Genital Mutilation, "Female Circumcision"
      Incorrectly referred to as Female Circumcision the barbaric practice includes the removal of the exterior Female sex Organs of girls ranging in age from birth to their first Menstrual period. The conditions are often filthy, resulting in death from massive infections or uncontrolled bleeding, or horrible scarring if the girl lives. In either case, she will never fully enjoy sex for the rest of her life, which is the admitted purpose of the procedure in most of these cultures. What is worse, it is usually the women of the family, tribe, Mosque or village which insist the girl be cut. Infibulation (which see) is related practice.
      The practice is common in many Afrikan countries, 60% of the girls born on the continent are still being cut, as well as numerous other Islamic regions although it has spread with both populations to Western countries and is now being done in the US and the UK where it is illegal. In spite of its prevalence in Afrika, most Black Activists in the USA ignore the issue including the majority of our celebrity spokesmen (Jesse and Al included) who also ignore the ongoing slavery of black Christians by black Muslims in several Afrikan countries. The term "Pharaonic Circumcision" is sometimes applied to the most severe (and most lethal) form of the practice to give it some sort of historical validity, the term is a Lie, see more at: Pharaonic Circumcision.
      The practice HAS NOTHING to do with Islam, it is not mandated by either the Prophet or the Qua'ran, and is not required by anything other than a tradition which serves no purpose other than to harm women.
      The male equivalent would not be the traditional removal of the foreskin but would more accurately be represented by the amputation of approximately half of the length of the penis. Leaving enough to be technically functional but removing most of the enjoyment of the sex act for the man. See: Emasculate. Compare: Subincision.
      The clitoris can now be surgically rebuilt for most women who have been cut with some good success. See:

Female Impersonators
      Male Transvestite who is working in a show pretending to be a woman. Sometimes the performer's sex cannot be easily told and may not be disclosed during the show, such as with traditional kabuki theater in which all actors are male. Now often done for comedic effect as a 'send up' of a female celebrity. Others create a character such as 'Dame Edna' or 'RuPaul' and perform as their own persona. The best known example may be Divine, AKA Harris Milstead (1945 - 1988), who starred in the John Waters film Hairspray as both a man and a woman. See: Cross Dresser, Queen, Drag Show, and other references.

"Female Problems", "Female Doctor"
      Terms used by those who either want to be polite or those who are ignorant of the correct terminology (or both), to include everything related to the Female Reproductive Organs including Menstruation and various complications related to it, urinary tract infections, Pregnancy, Infertility, and various diseases related to 'women's parts', and the physician, the Gynecologist, that treats those problems. See related topics including Endometriosis, Prolapsed Uterus, Vaginal Steaming, Gynecological Exam, Women's Issues, and highlighted terms.

Female Sexual Organs
      Includes the internal and external primary Reproductive organs. Technical/medical terms include the primary structures of the Vulva, the labia major and minor, the Clitoris, the Vagina, as well as others. See: OB/GYN and other terms for more.

Female Sexual Response
      The entire reason this Glossary exists.
      The normal psycho-sexual physical response of the Adult female to physical stimulation and Arousal leading to Heterosexual Genital Intercourse and all other variations of the Sex Act. See: Orgasmic Crescent, Sex Research, Frigid, Turn On.

Female Sex Role
      The one whom assumes the role of the Passive Partner or Submissive in a Sex Act regardless of their Sex. May be the Fem to a Butch or Dyke in a Lesbian relationship, a Bottom to a Top in a Gay relationship, or Sub to a Dom or other arrangement. See: Feminine, Receiver, and related terms.

      Mannerisms, style, appearance, smell, traits, and other aspects of personality and role identification most usually associated with the female of the species, such being nurturing and comforting, gentle, demure, Emotional, and often Submissive. See: Feminine Wiles as example.
      Said traits are usually established by cultural factors and traditions and in some ways upheld by family role models, however, some are also natural to the female role as dictated by biology. In some cases, the traits are well defined and definite, especially when taken together. As is seen with the overall expression of Macho which is generally regarded as the polar opposite of feminine. See: Effeminate, Sex Role, Masculine.

Feminine Hygiene Products / ... Spray
      Polite terms for items such as Tampons, Sanitary Napkins, sprays, Douches, wipes and other items used by women to perform routine cleansing and maintenance of the Female Sexual Organs.
      It should be said here and now that there can be significant health risks to the using of some of these products, such as, fatal toxic shock syndrome from tampons, infections from pads or cervical caps and sponges, exposure to various chemicals and preservatives in commercially produced douches and sprays, and so on. And for all too many years women in general have been too embarrassed and trusting to take control of their own bodies and their health. Fortunately, that is now changing.
      The 'spray' mentioned in the topic listing is nothing more than a perfume, designed for the woman to use on her Vulva to mask any orders which the manufacturer has told her is unpleasant. All she is doing is dousing herself with more chemicals, many of which can lead to serious problems down the road.

Feminine Wiles / Feminine Charms
  this entry in memory of Ms Fawcett
      Traits possessed by women which can be used in the manipulation of men, and even other women, so the woman can get her way. Said skills include the hint of a promise of Sexual Favors, Charm, crying, the appearance of helplessness or Naïveté- even when the exact opposite is true, Sweet Talking, Beauty, and Sexual Attractiveness, and so on. For our purposes here, the only practical difference between the "wiles" and the "charms" is negligible except for the end result of the manipulation being good or bad for those involved. Compare: quote and overall idea thereof at Casanova. See: Fem Fatale, Vamp, and other highlighted terms.
"God made man stronger but not necessarily more intelligent. He gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I've ever met."
Farrah Fawcett (1947 - 2009)

Feminism, Feminist
      Ideology and political agenda (and nearly cult religion) advancing the idea that women are superior to men in all ways that matter. Much of their language and tactics were based on faulty research and biased by their own beliefs and colored to their ends. See: Hite (Ms. Shere Hite). Also see: Misogyny, Chauvinism, E.R.A., Equal Opportunity
      Women, and some men, who embraced the extreme feminist point of view seemed to be not as happy as those who lived by more traditional standards as time went on.

Feminist Theory
      Block of academics, methodology, and general philosophy which considers major sociological and even biological ideas from the sex-specific point of view of the female of the species. The core idea of this approach has some validity as for the majority of history the various hard and soft sciences pursued their craft from a male point of view, even when the researcher in question, or their subject, was female. It is the differences between the sexes that can result in different test results whether doing psychological or physiological testing that can render some applications useless or even harmful when applied even handedly from one sex to the other.
      It is interesting to note, and we shall do so here, that the above is exactly the opposite from what many of the Feminist movement said during the heyday of their movement, to wit, that there was no inherent difference between men and women and that both should be treated the same. In some circles the term is synonymous with "female centric" or "female ascendant" theory, however, this use is incorrect.
      The 'theory' is divided into the various major schools of study as mentioned above and carried over into such topics as literature, politics, and even religion. The total field can be, and now is, further subdivided into 'Black Feminist Theory', 'Black Lesbian Feminist Theory', 'Southern Black Lesbian Feminist Theory', 'Single Mother Baptist Southern Black(etc)', ad nauseam.
      Also see: Women's Studies, Feminism, Political Correctness, E.R.A., and related.

Femme Fatale
      French term means exactly what is says, a "deadly woman." An irresistible woman whose Feminine Charms ultimately lead to the bad end for any man whom she ensnares and Seduces, as she is quite literally, dangerous to know, as, after an evening of Passion, or perhaps even before, you may find yourself dead. Sometimes regarded as a Vamp in the classic sense, or even Vampira from various popular media, she may also be seen as the embodiment of a Succubus. In many ways (except for possibly actually killing anybody), Mae West is the best example for our current work. Most usually her unfortunate Paramour is a Man, however, Lesbian editions have been reported. See said terms. Also see: Cougar.
      The version with two "M"s and the "E" at the end is the correct spelling, other appearances all over the web notwithstanding.
      Note: such a character is the heroine of Your Good Brutha's Leatherwings trilogy, available elsewhere on this website.

Fertility, Fertility Cult / Goddess / Symbol, etc
      Anything related to the production of offspring of man, beast, or plants. Includes worship of various pagan gods, rituals associated with them, the history thereof, and their totems. Also associated with the scientific or medial equivalent thereof including Artificial Insemination , fertilizer for plants, prenatal treatment, and even 'grow lights'.
      See: Ishtar, Artificial Insemination, Pregnancy, Phallic Symbol, Fecund, Sexual Reproduction, and so on.

      The moment a Spermatozoa enters an Ovum to cause Pregnancy, also when said fertile egg implants in the Uterus. See: Conception, Birth Control.

Fetish, Fetishism
      General meaning involves everything from magical practices and religious totems or charms (such as a Voodoo Wanga), and icons to the fascination with the latest electronic gadget. As in 'Jody has a fetish for the newest cell-phone'.
      See all named terms in their own entry elsewhere in the Glossary, such as Dacryphil....
      In our current context, namely Paraphilias (which see), the strict definition could read "anything that is not Heterosexual Genital Intercourse", possibly in the Missionary Position, in the Marital bed, with the lights out and door locked for the sole purpose of Procreation, is Kinky, maybe a fetish, and possibly a Sin. However, most reasonable people don't see things that way.
      Fetishism is more usually thought of as sex involving body parts (see: Partialism) and accouterments not designed for the sole purpose of sexual use, such as a Foot Fetish, smoking, or using plastic food wrap, or a long and involved ritual or process before, or instead of, the sex act itself, such as with a Dominatrix, a Medical exam, or an Enema session. And images and videos of said proceedings, which, if one is not involved in but just enjoys watching is the fetish of Scopophilia. Other things have become the objects of fetishes such as women in garters or Sexy Shoes where such Costumes were once secondary to sexual behavior. Can even involve a Sexual Obsession or preoccupation with things such as uniforms (see Schoolgirl Uniform) or furniture which aren't considered Sexy by the majority of people, or even something to be avoided such as Pain (see: Algolagnia) and Odaxelagnia (see: Biting). Other routine things can become the focus as well, such as: Aquaphilia and Ablutophilia. And then again, that obsession can be a crime, such as with Hebephilia, and Pedophilia and others.
      For other examples see reference at Pregnancy and other subjects including the fetishes of: Coprophilia, Klismaphilia, Necrophilia, Urolagnia, and Emetophilia. Other fetishes can involve dangerous or even unhealthy behaviors such as extreme Pain Fetish play, Algolagnia, which may involve torture, electrocution, Water Bondage and Asphyxiaphilia, and so on, see Pain Fetish. Also to be considered is the Wet And Messy one, which is exactly that, see WAM, and Aquaphilia which isn't 'messy'. And Somnophilia which, in reality, may be a Felony.
      One part of the general theme that is gaining in popularity is the idea of Role Playing where various fetishes are acted out and 'explored' without the participants being seriously committed to it for the a long term, for example, having an S&M weekend. See: Costumes (including Autoandrophilia), Role Playing Game, Vampirism (Hematolagnia), and related.
      Fetishism can also involve obsessive-compulsive behavior which becomes primary to the encounter and the sex act becomes almost incidental, and perhaps, not part of the act at all. Such individuals can become non-functional in 'normal' relationships and need professional intervention, which is considered the medical/psychiatric condition of Paraphilia (which see). While thought of as an exclusively male phenomenon, recent research had included women who require an extensive ritualistic romantic prelude and setting for sex as a manifestation of the behavior. See: Sexual Fetish, and various other related

Fetish Wear, Fetishwear
      The Costumes and accessories worn to engage in said pastime and related activities. In many cases, the outfits and accouterments of the playtime are more important to those involved than what is actually done Sex wise during the session. Such as with an Infantile Fetish or Fem Dom, which see. NOTE: Both the single word and the two word combination have been seen 'in the wild', in one case, in the same advertisement for 'leather goods'.

Fetish Model / Actor
      One who works primarily in Fetish related scenes and movies. Some models and actors (actresses) specialize in Bondage, Leather or rubberized costumes, Medical or Nurse roles and so on. Others cross over between genres or work in the field part time. A few working models are in high demand including the gorgeous redheaded model Sabrina Fox who specializes in being the Submissive in Bondage and Pain fetish roles, it evidently works quite well as she has been all over the world for shoots and appears to be well on her way to becoming the Bettie Page (which see) of our time.

Fetishist, Fetishistic
      Believe it or not, one whom is into one or more "Fetishes" for fun, and perhaps, for profit as well. The second term is those matters of interest to said person. The '-stic' version is often used with the name of a particular practice to indicate that said practice is more than just a passing fad with the person(s) involved.

      The act of honorably keeping a trust. Behaving with honesty and integrity. Something that is not seen with those Assholes in Congress in anything whatsoever.
      In our primary context here the above mentioned honorable action would be: Monogamy. The exact opposite is Infidelity and Adultery, which are Marital Infidelity (see said terms).

Fig Leaf (Leaves), the "Fig Leaf Campaign"
      The photosynthetic device of the ficus carica tree, symbolically used as a Modesty Cloth (which see). It is through the below that it became something of a running gag for over five hundred years.
      The 'popular name' of a Censorship movement made under the auspices of the Catholic Church's Sixteenth Century Council of Trent, and other similarly minded Pious groups and individuals, to 'decrease the display of nudity' in religious, and by extension, all public art work. The movement lasted for several hundred years, and resulted in the defacing and, and in some cases the total destruction of works of art such as Michelangelo's frescos in the Vatican and elsewhere. In their zeal to protect the rest of us from an image of the Genitalia of a painting or statue, male and female with everything from flowers and actual 'fig leaves' (as with Adam and Eve) or a Modesty Cloth on other figures such as the Crucified Christ, or a statue of Justice (which see for example). See: Censorship, False Modesty, and related.
      It is worth noting that much of the damage done has since been at least partially repaired during modern restorations and conservation of the classic works.
      The idea of the 'fig leaf' in context of our Glossary is perhaps best depicted by the Suggestive and Titillation-evoking title of the flop of a play written by Allan Sherman (1924 - 1973) called The Fig Leaves Are Falling which closed after four performances in spite of having an impressive cast and featured the Broadway debut of David Cassidy. Even given its abbreviated run (or maybe because of it), this show earned the pretty and impressively talented Dorothy Loudon her first Tony award, whom one reviewer said was "wasted in the role". But, despite the title, nobody really got naked on stage (see: Oh, Calcutta!, pun intended), and the storyline about marital infidelity was insufferably dull.
"In the scripts I get to do the things I enjoy most - playing comedy and singing. I love my work so much that sometimes I feel guilty being paid for it."
- Dorothy Loudon (1925 - 2003)

Figging, Gingering
      The insertion of a partially (or wholly) peeled 'finger' from a 'hand' of ginger into the Anus or Vagina during Foreplay, on a Dare, as a form of punishment, or as a deterrent for other behavior. Ginger in its whole form is an irritant which produces anything from a mild to severe burning sensation where it comes into contact with the lining of the body cavity it is placed in. A Sub with a piece of ginger inside them will be very hesitant to constrict their lower bowel or tighten their Buttocks during a disciplining procedure such as Spanking. The extra pressure on the ginger will dramatically increase the burning sensation.
      The practice is said to be ancient, possibly originating in the Orient, where the ginger rhizome was introduced to the anus of show horses to force them to keep their tales up. It has the same effect on any humans it is introduced to. Fresh ginger 'root' is available in the produce section of most grocery stores, and as it loses potency rapidly, the 'ginger butt plug' should be prepared as close to the time of use as possible. Very detailed 'how to' instructions are available online. See: Dom, Sub, Bondage, Butt Plug and related.

      Most usually, a woman's torso with all of its natural curves and mounds. Also representations thereof such as, according to legend, the original Coke® bottle. See: Hourglass, Stacked. Compare: Supermodel. See quote at: Cabaret.

Figure Model
      Outdated term for a model, usually a woman, who was willing to pose for a photographer or even a painter or sculptor wearing either nothing or revealing lingerie. She would literally be modeling her 'figure', as in some stage shows featuring partially nude women. See: Cheesecake, Nude Model, Showgirl, Exotic Dancer, Burlesque, Fitness Model.

Filth, Filthy
      When used in our current context the term is in reference to the idea that the Sexual Organs and related terms and activities were in some way unclean, or, more to the point, Dirty. Thusly said references, such as "Dirty Old Man" and "Dirty Mind" came into use, see highlighted terms. Also see: Ribald and related terms.

      A term with multiple meanings which may come into play in our Glossary, including a grade of jewelry, or china, a description of the weather, or perhaps used to indicate a sports team gave a good effort in today's game. All that being said, it is more likely used in our present work to describe the facial features and other attributes of a Pretty Woman, especially a younger one, such as Annette Haven (which see) in her prime. In a bygone day, such a statement would compare her to the carefully crafted appearance of a porcelain doll (see: Doll), where now they're most likely talking about her Ass. Also see: Beauty, Angel, and related.

Finger Fucking
      Penetrating the Vagina with the Fingers in a type of Intercourse. Through this technique one can directly stimulate the G-spot, which see, and lead the woman to multiple Orgasms while remaining otherwise relaxed and in control. Also applicable using the fingers to penetrate and stimulate the Anus. See: Darkfinger Technique, Heavy Petting, Fisting, Self Fisting. "Two In The Pink...". Compare: Yoni Massage.
      If the event is done without Consent, the term is Digital Rape or Offensive Touching, which see.

      Using the hands and fingers in what used to be called Heavy Petting (which see). Includes inserting one or more fingers inside the Vagina or Anus, or both, for sexual purposes as well as the stroking the exterior lips of the vulva or the shaft and head of the penis. If Consent is not given it would be called Digital Rape or Offensive Touching. See: Hand, Masturbation, Sex Play, Darkfinger Technique.

First Amendment
      The addition to the main body of the US Constitution which guarantees US Citizens certain rights. In this context, it prohibits government regulation of personal expression, except for those things that have been legally declared Obscene. See: Censorship, Obscenity, Free Speech, Three Prong Test, and related topics. Also see: God. (pun intended)
      The entire text of the amendment is:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

First Date
      The original outing between two individuals otherwise not romantically involved and who may not even be close friends. Traditionally a time of nervousness and unease as both try to make a good impression on the other. Said outing often involves moderately priced casual dining restaurants where the topic of conversation usually stays within certain 'safe areas' and include the weather and local sporting events. Also often involves safe environments like officially sponsored Mixers such as a school dance or concert. This is also when one decides if one is a Cheap Date.
      While it is unusual for even someone who is Promiscuous to engage in Sex on said evening, at least anything beyond First Base, it is all too common for, and said individuals, especially Girls and Women, often get labeled with terms like 'Easy', or 'Fast', and if 'Putting Out' early in a relationship becomes a habit, the terms will downgrade to 'Slut', Skank' and related, see all.
      It is also not unheard of for someone to Fall In Love on one. See: Love At First Sight.

First Love
      There are actually several occurrences of the phenomenon known as a 'first love'. The difference is usually in how far the love progresses and the ages, both their emotional and chronological age, of those involved. As follows.
      The true 'first love' is usually regarded as the love of an infant for its primary caregiver, usually its mother. There are some aspects of Freud's theories that suggest that a person never actually gets over that love.
      The phenomenon known as Puppy Love (which see) is often regarded as a 'first love' even though in most cases the elementary school age children involved have no real comprehension of the emotion they're talking about. This is when boys find out that girls don't have Cooties, which see.
      Teenage first love, the 'Puppy Love' as referenced in the Paul Anka song by the same name, would be better called 'young love', which is also the title to a song. However, most people have enough understanding of themselves and their emotions to actually be in love by their mid-teens. In the majority of cases this 'first love' is emotional only and the relationship is usually not Consummated. If it is, the outcome is usually disastrous for the relationship. See: Crush.
      For most people their first Adult love relationship occurs sometime during their late teens into their early twenties and includes all the aspects of a Romance including some level of Physical Intimacy.
      See: also: Four Stages of Love, Love, Erotic Love, Romance, and other related topics.

Fishnet, Fishnet Hose, etc.
      An open weave, named for the actual fishing appliance, used for leggings and other applications which show more skin through the pattern than they conceal. Often used for Fetish costumes, as with the French Maid outfit, as well as Stripper costumes and other applications. Black fishnet is the most common, but other colors are used depending on the costume needed.
      As day to day clothing, the style is impractical due to the fact that the weave can catch on almost any surface and unravel.

      Putting the full hand in the Vagina or Anus for sexual gratification of either or both parties involved. Variations include 'footing'. It is recommended that a great deal of Lubrication be used, especially when done Anally, for the well being of everybody, also a Safe Word should be used to bring the event to a stop should such a need arise. Fisting can be seen as the logical extension of Finger Fucking or as a separate Fetish especially when done as S&M or B&D . See: Finger Fucking, Lubrication, Self Fisting, "Two in the Pink...".

Fitness, Fitness Model
      Athletic, muscular or otherwise well toned person who is generally regarded in very good physical shape. One who poses for magazines and other media dedicated to said topic. May or may not require Nude work. Women in such shape also often work as Swimsuit and Lingerie models.
      See: Hard Body, Supermodel, Nude Model, Figure Model, Cheesecake and other such topics. Compare: Body Building.

Flame, Flamboyant, Flaming
      A posting in an online forum or a thread in said forum which is intentionally inflammatory, provocative, strongly emotional, or which uses vulgar language. Such posts are usually made by those who are of limited intellect who have reached the end of their ability to argue a point and need to resort to name calling to continue. The best current example is those who support the cause of man-made global warming, when confronted by the evidence that the warming stopped ten years ago and over the last three or four years, the world has actually cooled immediately resort to using terms like 'fascist' and saying you support big oil because they have nothing behind their argument.
      As concerns this Glossary; Someone, usually a Homosexual, and most usually a Homosexual man (Gay) who has an 'over the top' personality that calls extra attention to the fact that they are Gay with exaggerated mannerisms, speech patterns, dress and appearance, and even overt actions and comments to underscore the point that they are Gay. In such cases the term is usually coupled with a word such as "Queer" or "Fag", which see. The term was used to describe the personalities and appearances of such notable Gays as Quentin Crisp (see quote at Political Correctness ), and Sir Robert Helpmann (see quote at Oh, Calcutta). Also see: Fashion Plate, Effeminate, Punk, Poofters. Compare: the feminine version at Brassy.
      The above is sometimes done with the intent of causing a confrontation with Straights, Christians, or the authorities over the Flame's Sexual Preference, which brings the first definition into play with the second. An example of this, perhaps with the suffix 'Asshole' attached would be: Dan Savage (born- 1964, self destructed career wise- 2012).

Flaming Liberal
      One whom is so infallibly and self-righteously dedicated to their 'left-leaning' ideology that they are absolutely oblivious to all contrary shades of the surrounding reality, they deny the repercussions of their actions, and will not accept the full and direct personal responsibility for any of the above, yet they espouse their views without shame and unbidden to any and all regardless of setting or occasion, as well as abdicating any blame directed their way for same. Which is why they request that you to judge them by their intentions instead of their results. Applies to classic American 'liberals' as well as their 'progressive' fraternal twins. Most often seen in major US media news outlets. Examples include Ms Rebecca Meade from the New Yorker and CBS, and Mike Malloy on 'internet radio'. (look them up in a search engine)

      The first glimpse of Liberated Women in America and to some degree in Europe in the post WWI years. Most notably, the 'Roaring Twenties'. Flapper women usually had Saucy attitudes, danced, smoked and drank in public, and wore makeup and accessories when the majority of women went plain and behaved themselves, as well wearing skirts that were remarkably short when anything at knee level was a very high hem at the time. The idea was freedom and glamour and no small amount of Sex Appeal and daring. Today, their outfits and appearance is considered very tame (and dated), but then it was scandalous and many ministers publically condemned the women as being she-devils. For the most part, the flappers had a great time living it up, usually at the expense of men. Today's approximation would be a 'Babe', a young, cute, outgoing and agreeable, Sexually Desirable, woman. The Male version would be something of a Libertine. Also see: "Jouisseuse", Sexually Liberated, Coquette, and so on. Note: They were not "Good Girls", which also see.

Flashing, Flasher
      Usually refers to the brief exposure of ones private parts to another person, usually with their prior consent and encouragement in a public place where the person doing the flashing may be seen by others. This may also be accomplished either intentionally or somewhat unintentionally through the wearing of Revealing Clothes such as a short skirt or loose blouse. Sometimes done on a Dare or just as a bit of spontaneous fun as with a "Girl's Night Out". See: Streaking, Exhibitionism, Mooning, Wardrobe Malfunction.

      Words, gestures, expressions, etc, which may or may not be true, but build up the self-perception and ego of the individual they are said to, often in prelude to a Pick Up Line (which see). May be required of others by a High Maintenance Woman. See: Compliment, Small Talk, Chat Up.

      Trademarked name for an Artificial Pussy masturbation device produced and marketed by Interactive Life Forms (ILF). It, and remarkably similar devices under various other names, are widely available on the net and through various magazines and Adult Novelty stores with a wide range of prices on them. As to their effectiveness and whether or not it "feels just like a real Pussy" we will leave to the reader to investigate. See: Artificial Pussy, Adult Novelty, Sex Toy. Also see: Masturbation, Devil's Handshake, and related.

Flirt, Flirting, Flirtation
      To "almost" do something, but not quite complete the act. Such as a sports team "flirting" with a championship by having a winning season, but then choking in the playoffs. Also, to make a serious attempt at something, but then not succeeding for whatever reason not of your own fault.
      More to our point here- Playful exchange of suggestive remarks, gestures, and looks that encompass everything from Sexual Innuendo to outright invitations to engage in Sex, see: Proposition. Often exchanged in public between people who may or may not follow through in the more direct and serious form known as Sexual Repartee, which see. The 'flirt' is the person doing the 'flirting', the entire exchange can be called 'flirtation'. See: Coquet, Romance, Love, Naughty, Hitting On, "Drop Her Hanky", and related.
      Can be all in fun, or may result in Sexual Harassment (which see) charges, and it is at the whim of the woman involved as to which it is, and said standing may change without warning.

      Promiscuous woman. Dated but somewhat playful term for a woman who is "indiscrete with her affections to the extreme." Is usually not used in relation to men which is usually considered Libertine or a Rake.
      Synonymous with Slut or Easy, see both, but usually without the absolutely negative connotations. The term has been in common use since before World War One. The expression is sometimes used to describe a woman who is a Flirt or Tease but who doesn't actually Put Out. Also see: Bimbo, Loose, Promiscuity, Fast, Cum Dumpster, Tramp, and related. The opposite is "Good Girl" (which see).
      Is sometimes applied to Politicians who change their allegiances and loyalties at the drop of a hat, or the drop of a dollar into their campaign fund. See: Asshole, Congressman.

Fluffer, Fluffing
      Multiple meanings, including a bulky material without a lot of mass or substance, such as lint, down, or political campaign promises. Also the actions required to increase the volume of air in an accessory such as a feather pillow, quilted bedroll, stuffed animal, or other soft article. The resultant product produced when you microwave marshmallows, also a commercially available version of the same thing is available with a similar name.
      For our purposes here the term and similar words, are used to designate the function performed for male and female Adult Actors to prepare them to act out their roles on camera. Most usually the 'fluffer' will perform Oral Sex on the actor until they are sufficiently Aroused to engage in the Sex Act on camera. This can include a male actor producing an Erection in his Penis, a Female actress having erect Nipples or an engorged and naturally Lubricated Vulva and Vagina, and so on. The service is needed because of the immense distractions and pressure to perform repeated takes, in often decidedly un-sexy settings on the typical Hardcore set. The term is not specific as to whether the 'fluffer' is male or female, nor as to whether the activity performed is Heterosexual or Homosexual, nor as to who is the Receiver of the action. In some productions, said person is listed as part of the crew under something innocuous such as 'cast prep' and many female stars in the industry did get their start doing just that. See more at Adult Actor, Oral Sex, Erection, "You can be a Porn Star" and other highlighted references.

      Euphemism used primarily by seriously overweight women to describe themselves in some way other than saying that they are morbidly obese or otherwise fat. They seem to think by using a 'cute' or 'playful' term it somehow makes them more attractive. (Note: it doesn't.) See quote at Cabaret. Also see: BMI, BBW, Plumper, Chubby Chaser, and related.

Fondle, Fondling
      Playfully handling something. Infers some enjoyment from the action of the one touching the object. Such as those in the classic toilet paper commercial who were doing so to the packages in the store. More to our good work here, it implies pleasure to both the one doing it and the one it is being done to. As when one plays with a woman's butt cheeks when you Grope or Goose her. Sometimes done during Sex Play such as Truth or Dare and so on.
      The term can also be used negatively as well when describing an action taken during a Sex Crime.

Food Porn
      Term used by various individuals associated with culinary television to describe an extravagant display of vittles. Has nothing to do with the Fetish use of food items- see quote at Sensual and discussion at Object Insertion. Also see: Nyotaimori for food served in an Adult situation.
"Vegetarians, and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans, are a persistent irritant to any chef worth a damn. To me, life without veal stock, pork fat, sausage, organ meat, or even stinky cheese is a life not worth living." Anthony Bourdain (1956 - 2018)

Fool Around, Fooling Around
      Sexual Activity (which see) which stops just shy of Fucking. See: Making Out, Bases, Heavy Petting, Etc.

Foot Fetish
      The unusual and sometimes extreme or even Obsessive sexual attraction to feet. Most usually involves a man who 'worships' a woman's feet and occasionally include her entire Leg (which see). Often includes specific toenail polish, shoes and jewelry. Can result in some humorous 'true crime' type coverage in the mass media when taken too far with unsuspecting women. See: Sexy Shoes, "Fuck Me Boots", Fetish, Partialism.

Footing, Foot Fucking
      Most usually inserting said extremity into the Vagina, Anus, or sometimes even the Mouth of the Receiver. Often done as a way of further humiliating the Submissive party in the relationship. It must be said now that said action can be dangerous and it is mandatory that all the lube in the world be used to perform said act. See: Fisting.
      Also- Using the feet to Masturbate another person to sexual Climax or Orgasm. May or may not be involved with a Foot Fetish.

"For Adults Only", "For Mature Audiences Only"
      Subject matter deemed of interest to, or is specifically targeted toward a mature audience over the Age of Majority, which see. Most of the time, this is due to Sexual Content, but may also be due to violence, drugs, political extremism or other such content not appropriate for children. See: Adult Content, Ratings, Content Warning, and related.
      By definition (like the pun?), this Glossary, and indeed the entire site is labeled as such.

Forbidden Love
      A relationship where social classes or Taboos, politics, economics, religious ideals, or even simple logistics prevent romance from growing, or which results in an unfortunate outcome for the lovers. See: Unrequited Love, Star Crossed Lovers.

Forced Feminization
      Several common uses. The more pleasant ones first.
      May include the 'getting in touch with ones feminine side' as some sort of behavioral or socialization therapy in which the therapist attempts to bring certain emotions more to the forefront of an individual's personality. The term is also sometimes associated with the Emasculation of such social entities as the state school systems. However, it usually does not involve Castration, which see.
      The 'forced' Submission of a willing person, adult male or female, to assume the usual role of a Submissive female to a Dominate partner. This may include the wearing of traditionally Feminine attire (such as a French Maid costume -which see) or otherwise behaving as a servant, or acting in said Sex Role. Usually seen as part of Fem Dom, or a Master - Slave relationship in B&D or S&M, and may even involve a Forced Orgasm (which see). The individual who is submitting to the role may be either 'required' to Accept Penetration willingly, whether Oral, Anal, or Vaginal, perhaps even being made to beg for it, or to 'do' themselves with a Sex Toy, all of their own free will or with instructions or under 'threat' of reprisal from the Master, such as a Spanking. Or they may be bound and restrained and then violated. If said act was not Consented to beforehand, the matter may fall under the general category of Rape, which is indeed a Sex Crime.
      May also be the Forcible Rape of one whom has not willingly agreed to such activity before the festivities began. It may include the Oral and/or Anal Rape of an otherwise Straight man by either other men Homosexual Rape as in a prison Sissification, or by a woman wearing a Strap On (see Pegging), or the general rape of a non-consenting woman or a Lesbian (such as with Corrective Rape under Sharia- see both), either by men or women. Said instances may involve Gang Rapes, Fisting, and other behavior to which the victim has not Consented. See: Felony, Oral Rape, and related.
      Also see: highlighted terms for more.

Forced Orgasm
      Most usually, but not exclusively, refers to a woman's capacity to be forced through direct stimulation to experience an involuntary, although quite real and usually very intense, Orgasm. And often through Multiple Orgasms as well. Often used in bondage situations including the stimulation of the Clitoris and other Sex Organs with electricity, and Vibrators and other toys both internally and externally. Forced orgasm videos have found a niche in the porn world where one has to wonder if the performances are real.
      Men can also be forced to Ejaculate through stimulation of the Penis, although this most likely will not result in a true Orgasm, as in when the man produces a Sperm sample for a medical procedure.
      See: Involuntary Orgasm, Ravishment, Orgasm, Multiple Orgasm, Climax, Ejaculation, Ultimate Submission, Etc. Compare: to Psychosomatic Orgasm.

Forcible Rape
      A crime where a Sex Act is committed through an act or under threat of violence, either strong-arm or with the use of a weapon. By definition the act is almost always a Felony. In some jurisdictions the term Rapine is used to differentiate the crime from other forms of Rape (which see). Also see: Gang Rape, Oral Rape, Homosexual Rape, Digital Rape and other variations. Compare: Corrective Rape.
      Traditionally the act was a male assaulting a female, however, most jurisdictions have expanded their laws to include other variations.
"Carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will." - Cited from 1929 FBI regulations

      Part of the Seduction sequence before the sexual act itself. Includes everything from Kissing to Oral Sex, and everything else usually considered a prelude to Intercourse. Some 'romantics' consider a fine dinner and wine by candlelight as part of foreplay. There are women who prefer extended sessions of foreplay to the sex act itself. See: Making Out, Arousal, Turn On.

Formula Romance Novel
      Type of mass produced literary work which answers to a prescribed plot progression. In many cases the progressions are so predictable readers know that the main characters will make love in a given chapter without ever reading the rest of the book. See: Erotica, Boudoir Book, Romance Novel, Pulp Fiction, Dime Novel, and related.

Fornication, Fornicate
      Engaging in Sexual Activity (Fucking) when neither of the parties are Married to anybody else (or each other), in which case the Sin in question is Adultery. The noun version thereof. Most usually: Premarital sex. Term is used irrespective of the nature of the sex, whether it is Heterosexual or Homosexual. Although obsolete, the term is still used in some legal and religious circles. See: Lesbian for more on the subject and a quote. See: Sin, Conscience, Hanky Panky, Saving Oneself for Marriage, Sex Outside Of Marriage. Compare: Adultery. Also see: Ten Commandments.

Four Letter Words
      Most usually refers to the "Seven Dirty Words" George Carlin skit, although two of them had more than four letters. Often refers to cursing in a generic and 'safe for the Family Hour' way instead of calling somebody a Motherfucker. See: Seven Dirty Words, "bleep".

Foursome, Four-Way, Five- etc.
      Simultaneous Sexual Activity involving the specified number of people which makes the activity Group Sex by definition and an Orgy by implication. When the number is even (four, six, etc) it is possible for it to be a set of Swinging couples. It is also a given that in most cases some Bisexuality is to be expected, especially among the women involved. The group may also be made up of, say, a single woman and three men, and she performs a Triple Penetration (Airtight), and so on in various combinations. However, the event may be entirely Homosexual in nature as the term is not specific to Heterosexuals. See related terms, especially: Ménage à Trois / Quatre

Four Words for Love, Four Stages of Love
      The English versions of the Greek terms describing four different types of love. See: below for more on each. Also see: Love (two separate entries), Love At First Sight, Falling In Love, Courtship, etc.
      Classic illustration and related material of the ideal and rather poetic description of the progression of human love using the terms. In reality, it is neither so simple or poetic and more than one stage may be in play at any one point. And since we are making some attempt to be technically accurate, the Greek words were for different forms of the core emotion and not indicative of a progression from one to the other. But facts have nothing to do with poetry.
      Those who study relationships have divided the love relationship into as many as twelve stages, including in their analysis a commitment based on children born to the couple and other factors as well. Said academic work has not done away with the classic notion either.
      The words / stages are usually regarded as (Also see: separate entries for each):
          Storge: familial love, as among siblings.
          Phileo (sometimes rendered 'Filial'): Friendship or brotherly love.
          Eros: Erotic love although the term does not require Consummation to apply.
          Agape: Perfect love. Also see: God.

Fox, Foxy
      Small built dog-like mammals of the family Canidae and the genus Vulpini. One whom acts cunning or sneaky like said wild dogs. The female of said family of animals is a Vixen, which see.
      Back to the point here, the term, as applied to women, can be used in regards to several different aspects of her appearance, personality, behavior, overall demeanor, and so on. In most cases a woman so described will be Physically Attractive, Sexually Liberated, possessed of significant Feminine Wiles, and perhaps more aggressive than the average woman. (All of which are considered a very good thing around here! -Deep) See highlighted terms.

Fraternize, Fraternization, Fraternity
      The root of the word is Greek for "brotherhood", so one would think that it means to treat those to whom one is not kin as if they were blood relations. However, that's not usually what is meant. In most cases the word is used to indicate a very social level of interaction, up to and including Sex such as is seen being prohibited in "Codes of Conduct" (which see) which include 'no fraternization' language between those under the code, such as students or employees, and, which is just as often, ignored. The word ending with a 'y' has of late come to symbolize a bunch of boys whose behavior is often abhorrent to the rest of us, when they SHOULD BE attending college to better themselves and the rest of mankind.

Free Love
      Term used during the late 1960's through the early 1970's (and through today in certain circles) for uncommitted, non-relationship based, and sometimes anonymous Sex. Most of the time, those involved in the act were young (mid Teens through mid twenties or so), more or less rebellious, and often hopelessly idealistic. They were into the music/drugs/hysteria of the period, as well as the entire 'counter culture' phenomenon associated with the anti-Vietnam War 'thing', and Casual Sex, as well as the young women being Sexually Liberated, was a big part of that as it flew in the face of the everything their parents, and the assorted politicians of the day, stood for. However, these same young people who were fucking in the bushes at the Altamont concert were often totally clueless as to the consequences of their actions (while the love was free, Birth Control Pills were not!). A shining example is the rash of 'Woodstock babies' born in 1970 after the Summer of Love (whether or not their parents had been to the milestone music festival is irrelevant).
      See: Casual Sex, Love Child, Sexual Revolution, Hippy.

"free porn"
      The reason graphics (still and moving pictures) on the Internet exist, otherwise it would still be all text based. (No. I'm not kidding, go read the real history of the Web.)

Free Speech
      Most usually the expectation of the right to express ones own ideas and views without official censure from the government. The term applies equally to graphic and performance arts as well as written and actual spoken words. While some self expression is not permitted for various reasons, such as yelling "Hi Jack!" while on an aircraft or undressing on a public street, most reasonable discourse is allowed unless the criteria for Obscene or Indecent is met. See: Censorship, Obscenity, First Amendment, Political Correctness, Voluntary Self Censoring, and related. Also see: example at Autobiography of a Flea.

French Cut clothing
      Most usually refers to the outline of the part of a woman's wardrobe that covers her pelvic area and the way the hemline runs over her hips. The idea is to raise the seam of the garment above the hip bones to emphasize the length and shape of her leg. In some cases the garment in question is little more than a string, such as a Thong or a Bikini (see both, pun intended!). Of course there are men who wear such things, and other than Body Builders, they probably shouldn't. Also see: Panties and related.
      The logical extreme of this type of garment was Cher's costume in the video and tour for If I Could Turn Back Time in which there were effectively no 'sides' to her costume under the leather jacket, which most of the sailors on the USS Missouri appreciated but most television networks did not. (For an idiotic version of that swimsuit, see "Mankini".)

French Kissing, 'Frenching', Deep Kissing, etc.
      'Open mouth kissing'. Primarily the use of one's tongue to explore and entice the other person's mouth and tongue while kissing, often while the other person does the same to you, which may result in 'tongue wrestling'. Very erotic and romantic type of kissing especially when compared to the Hollywood 'air kiss' which means nothing to either party. Some slang terms include 'tonsil check' and 'counting fillings'. See: Suck Face (with quote), Soul Kiss. Also see: Lip Lock, Kiss, Romance, Foreplay.
      The 'little known fact' that has been floating around the Internet that the French refer to this style of kissing as an "English Kiss" is totally false. In French, the term is usually a version of baiser which is simply, 'to kiss'.

French Maid
      The term refers specifically to the costume worn by a certain group of women housekeepers which has most, if not all, of the following characteristics.
      The outfit was usually black with white lace trim, today they are usually presented as one piece, however, this is not the historic norm. The top consisted of a fitted bodice that was usually cut low enough at the neckline to show a significant amount of cleavage. A plaited skirt that flared out significantly from the hips which ended usually above the knee and was constructed so as that when the woman bent forward to do the housework, it exposed the back of her thighs, which became the hallmark of the costume and a cliché for the style. The woman usually wore plain hose and sensible shoes for working in, however, today the costume comes with Fishnet Hose and Sexy Shoes.
      The Costume is usually closely related to the "sexy nurse" outfit except in the Nurse's case, the main costume is white. See: Maid, Nurse, Medical Fetish, Costume.

French Tickler
      Most usually, a Condom or Cock Ring with fingerlike projections either at the tip, around the end, or sometimes along the shaft for the purpose of stimulating various spots inside the Vagina and the Cervix, as well as the Clitoris during Intercourse. Term also applies to Vibrators and Dildos so designed. See: related.

French Whore, "Smells Like a French Whore"
      Multiple uses, all related. Then a bit of analysis.
      Usually refers to the style of dress, amount of perfume, or how much makeup someone, especially a woman, is wearing. Most often invoked when they are trying to be Sophisticated but just look Cheap or Trashie, which see, whether or not the person is an actual Prostitute.
      A Prostitute, or politician for that matter as they are essentially the same thing, from France. Or one who appears to be cut from the same cloth as either of those. Also the overuse of perfume or cosmetics in a social situation where it is otherwise inappropriate, see below. For example see Red Light, note reference to song written about a French whore.
      Term equally applies to both French politicians and certain US Democrats who appear to be Francophiles.
      An alcoholic mixed drink made with vodka, possibly so named because of the reddish color of the finished drink.
      A fictional novel by Gene Wilder (born 1933) which was released in 2007, and was about a French whore.
      While it is not unreasonable to assume that the almost mystical belief that a Prostitute from France was something special to those who sought her services either during the various Nineteenth Century North American gold rushes when working women would use the persona of being of the aristocratic European classes, and especially from the recently deposed French court, to make it seem like they were classier than they actually were. Of course the majority of those women were neither classy nor usually French, although a lot of them may have been recent immigrants to both the US and Canada from other countries. But, of course, it didn't matter in the least.
      The next time we see the term in popular culture, it is usually in reference to women the WWI doughboys met on the Continent, not all of whom charged for providing 'comfort' to the GI's. And then even more so after WWII when the triumphant soldiers returned with tales of Paris and the delights of the city and a new awareness of the world at large.
      The term came to be associated with a certain type of appearance and especially the amount of perfume worn based on the fact that at the time, the French weren't overly fastidious about personal hygiene and used cologne to cover up the human body's various aromatic properties.
      Today the term is most usually associated with an almost Flamboyantly theatrical level of appearance as a Working Girl, which see, as well as the aforementioned overuse of perfume. Also see: Dolly Parton quote at Cheap.

Freud, Sigmund (1856 - 1939)
      Cocaine addict who was Having Sex with his Sister-In-Law in the bedroom down the hall from where his wife was sleeping. Founder of Psychoanalysis as a branch of behavioral science. Several of his ideas have been taken and run out to the logical extreme, rendering them little more than material for lousy jokes. See: Penis Envy, Anal Retentive, Oedipus Complex, Sex Research, Cigar, Sister-In-Law, and related topics.
"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." -Freud (attribution of the quote to Sigmund is now disputed).
But Dr. Freud DID say- "Sadism is all right in its place, but it should be directed to proper ends."

Freudian Slip, Parapraxis
      Saying or doing what one actually means, or might be thinking about, by accident. Sometimes said slips are intentional and passed off as a slip of the tongue. Said slips are said by psychologists to carry significant meaning, even though they may simply be an accident, a phenomenon first described in medical literature by Sigmund Freud (see above entry) in his work Psychopathology. The technical term most often used is 'parapraxis'.
      Often when a man mis-speaks something in the presence of his wife it is deemed to be grounds for divorce, if said slip is made by a woman, it is usually blamed on the man and he is told to be more understanding.

Friend, Friends
      Various definitions, including an American TV show that ran for ten years through the eighties into the early nineties, several co-stars of which would be of interest under several entries in this Glossary. But we'll move on.
      Someone whom one considers something closer than an acquaintance or co-worker or other casual relationship which involves a level of personal trust and confidence, as in our quote below. In some specific cases and under general Common Law, the status has legal standing, usually described as 'next of friend' when a person cannot speak or act on their own behalf and no immediate family members are present, in which case, the 'friend' legally accepts the responsibility for the decisions made, or, if necessary, identifies and claims the body.
      On that note would be one's Best Friend (which see), whom may be closer to you than a sibling or even spouse. Although there are cases where one's spouse may be that Best Friend, at least, we hope. On a related topic, see Best Man and Maid of Honor.
"It's the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter."
- Marlene Dietrich (1901 - 1992)

Friends With Benefits, Fuck Buddy, Etc.
      One step up from Casual Sex. In short, this is a relationship based on being partners for Sexual Activity with no other long term committment or romantic entanglement other than 'being friends'. According to most anecdotal evidence: It doesn't work, as sooner or later one or the other will either want to get serious with the other person emotionally, or they will break it off. See: Casual Sex, BF, Friends, etc.

Frigid, Frigidity
      Thermally speaking the word is usually regarded as describing outdoor temperatures that become a survival issue after all but short term exposure, most often in the minus 30 degrees Celsius (-20F) range.
      In this context, a woman who is sexually unresponsive, mentally or emotionally unable to enjoy Sexual Activity, or has such a disagreeable personality that no-one would consider it with her. Could be in general to all activity with all partners or just with one partner, such as her husband. The loss of her Sex Drive can be medical condition or the result of a medical treatment as the side effect of medication. Some treatments, including the use of vibrators and artificial lubricants as well as medication and counseling have been reported as effective in the long term. It is an urban legend that all wives become frigid shortly after the birth of their first child, not all do. No. Not all of them. See: Hot Mom for more. Also see: Cold, Unfuckable.
      There are several physical illnesses such as Endometriosis (see Vaginal Abnormalities) as well as psychological conditions which have the side effect of shutting down the Female Sexual Response and causing Orgasmic dysfunction. Medication, hormonal treatments, and talk therapy as well as physical treatments such as Yoni Massage and Kegel Exercises have proved effective in reawakening the woman's interest in physical intimacy. See: highlighted topics.

Frottage, Frotting, and variables
      There is no standardized spelling or usage of the term.
      Essentially Masturbation with ones clothes on using somebody, or something, else to satisfy their own urge. See: Dancing ("Dirty Dancing")
      Sex with a stranger when both are clothed. Usually the 'frotter' is a male, the 'frottee' can be anything or anybody, and is quite often unaware of what is going on. AKA Sexual Assault, Personal Space.
      The rubbing of two Penises together, most often seen in the male Homosexual videos. The equivalent on the Lesbian side would be Tribadism, which see.
      "Outercourse" or Intercrural Sex, see both terms.
      As practiced on Japanese subways- See: Dry Humping. Compare: Intercrural Sex, Outercourse.

Fuck, Fucking
      Noun meaning- Heterosexual Genital Intercourse, which see. Verb indicating- the act itself as in to "Have Sex", which also see. Adverb, adjective, conjunction, modifier, preposition, and even interjection meaning, the same thing.
      The word itself has ancient roots and meaning, including 'futuo' and its derivative as seen in the following quote:
"Arphocras hic cum Drauca bene futuit denario"
("Here Harpocras has had a good fuck with Drauca for a denarius")
  - Roman era graffiti from Pompeii
      Expletive which is one of the "Seven Dirty Words", which see. Usually referred to in media as "The F Word". Usually used as an exclamation by those of limited vocabulary. Also tossed around in movies and rap songs simply for the shock value. See: R.I.A.A. E.S.R.B., M.P.A.A., Standards and Practices, and so on. Also see: Expletive for clarification on that term.
      See: other variations under individual topics. For example 'Ass Fucking' under Anal Intercourse.
      Also see: Consummation, Performance Anxiety, Abstinence, Marital Relations, Lady Chatterley's Lover for quote, and Etc.

Fuck Around, Fucking Around
      Multiple meanings in several contexts, a few of which follow: To waste time. To mess with something until you break it or render the project at hand worthless. To argue pointlessly over minutia. Or- to be Congress, which see.
      More to our point here, when applied to a person, that they 'fuck around' it implies some degree of Promiscuity or other proclivity to Casual Sex such as a Libertine or a Slut who Sleeps Around. See said terms.

Fuck Face
      Two possible meanings in our current context. One is an insult, which we will ignore. The other is a type of Oral Sex with the Active role being carried out by the Male. See: Face Fucking.

"Fuck Like A Porn Star", "Fucking Like A Porn Star"
      There is an ongoing myth and popular mystique that somehow Adult Performers 'do it' better, longer, different, or whatever, than the rest of us. Which is only marginally true. Many performers, male and female, do have above average Staying Power or endurance, slightly larger endowment, and many even have some acting ability so they are able to act like they are having the best sex of their lives, even while balancing on one foot in a moving city bus while wearing a wardrobe made out of tree branches.
      There is a significant difference in the way most people Fuck on Dates, or in bed with their significant other, Gay or Straight, and the way it is done in Porn. For one, in the movies and magazines, the Sex is done for the camera. The Positions are usually something less than Intimate, and there is usually minimal secondary contact between the parties involved, see Cuddling. Also, the average Sex Scene in a porn film is usually shot over a period of several hours, if not days, and is then edited together so it looks like the couple energetically fucked for over an hour. And the Foreplay, if there is any, probably consisted of one Deep Kiss and a quick Grope which led directly to Oral Sex.
      The other primary difference is in the various Orgasms as filmed. Namely, that women can have a toe curling orgasm with no other stimulation than watching the guy Jerk Off on her Tits. That, and that every guy's fantasy is to pull out of the woman's Anus, Vagina, or Mouth to jerk off on her tits. See: Money Shot. When in the Privacy of one's own bedroom, Coitus Interruptus followed by some sort of Bukkake is seldom the way it's done. Most of the time, the Sex Act results in some sort Internal Ejaculation unless it is being done by Lesbians.
      Another point is that when most people Make Love, they are the only ones around. Other than the occasional Swinger party, most people Have Sex with only one other person in the room at the time, namely, they are alone with their Lover. Adult Movies are often filmed with a dozen people or more around consisting of the camera and lighting crews, director, makeup, sound and set guys, and so on. Which may cause Performance Anxiety for the man and make the woman, shall we say, less receptive. See: Sex Scene, Sex Manual.
      Also see: You Can Be A Porn Star, Positions, Birth Control, Staying Power, Woodman, Penis Size, Zip-less Fuck, and related terms.

"Fuck me boots"
      Most usually thought of in terms of being part of the costume of a Dominatrix, boots of this sort are not practical for such duty as shoveling snow or riding a motorcycle. They are usually characterized by an extremely high top, knee high or above, unusually high heels, maybe even having platform soles several inches thick, and be closed by an amazing length of laces, a Zipper, or even be slip on. Such boots were the subject of a 1966 song by Nancy Sinatra (born 1940). See: Sexy Shoes, Foot Fetish, Toe Licking, Stripper Shoes, Fishnet, Legs, and related.

Fuck Stick, Fuckstick
      Disrespectful term for either the male Penis, or the man himself. Occasionally used to refer to a Dildo or similar. Most usually seen in badly written smut as featured in lower caste magazines. Your Brutha has never used the term in any of his stories. Also see: Phallus, Weiner.

Fuck Up, Fuck With, Fuck It Up, etc
      'Fuck Up / With': To disrupt intentionally or otherwise, or to inject unpleasantness or even chaos into another's activity or plans, or to make the result of said project worthless such as somebody having 'Fucked Around with it until they fucked it up.' See: Screw Up, Cluster Fuck.

"Fuck You", "Fuck Off"
      The essential message of the
US Congress to the American voter and taxpayer.
      Insult flung at random at people one has no desire or intention of engaging in a Sex Act with. Usually considered one of the worst insults and terms used to exclaim total disrespect for the target. Except in certain gangsta songs where it is used as a term of endearment for one whom ones wishes to Fuck and then leave on the side of the road, possibly for dead.
      Among the various ways to say this non-verbally include the traditional North American 'one finger salute' (the middle finger) or the Land Down Under two finger variety (the sign language 'V') but in both cases the palm is facing inward and the person you are insulting sees the back of your hand. Both gestures are usually prohibited on Family Hour and other broadcasts as offensive.
      See other terms under "Fuck" especially "Go Fuck Yourself".

“Fuck You And The Horse You Rode In On”
      Somewhat dated curse which is essentially saying “fuck you and your mom” without actually saying it, as the object of the insult's mother is in fact the 'horse' mentioned in the phrase. See: Motherfucker, Fuck You, and related. added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

"Fuck You Very Much"
      Nonsensical insult usually spouted by somebody who has otherwise exhausted their repertoire of things to say. May also be said sarcastically as the acknowledgement of a backhanded or otherwise insincere compliment. The term has nothing to do with Sex other than the use of the infamous "F Word", which see.

Fuck Yourself, Go
      Expletive of maximum derogatory nature implying... well, God knows what. See: Go Fuck Yourself.

      Term usually indicating a relative state of Hotness, which see. Or someone who is Sexually Attractive, which also see. Someone who appears to be especially agreeable to the Sex Act, which see as well. The term can be applied to anybody, but use other than in reference to a good looking Woman is a known cause of the Fantods. (All Puns Intended) The exact opposite is Unfuckable, which you can see if you want to!

      Most usually associated with something unfortunate or unpleasant which has already happened as in the past tense of Fuck Up, which see. Such as in the use of the term 'SNAFU', Situation Normal: All Fucked Up.
      The past tense of Fucking, as in Heterosexual Genital Intercourse, also see: Have (Had) Sex.
      The general consensus of the state of your checking account once the Democrats have both the Congress (see Asshole) and the White House.

"Fucked to Death"
      Sometimes spouted as wishful thinking, or perhaps as something of a backhanded compliment or, most likely, exaggeration, when describing an extremely energetic Sexual Act or prolonged session with someone, hopefully an Attractive woman, who was Insatiable and perhaps something of a Nymphomaniac. Also See: Ultimate Sex Act

      Multiple uses. Including the sexual one which would describe the Active Partner in a Sex Act, which would usually be the Top or Male role.
      When used in a derogatory fashion the term is best seen as a severe pejorative best likened to saying that the person so called has no value whatsoever as a human other than their potential as food for vermin. See: Motherfucker.
      May also be synonymous with Asshole, which see.

"Fuckin' A"
      Added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion
      From what both Your Good Brutha and the Doktor could tell, the term is impossible to define as it is damned near meaningless, while at the same time, can mean anything its user wants it to, as follows.
      The words are usually used as an exclamation of disbelief or astonishment. Also as both an affirmation or denial in answer to a statement or question. Has been used as a declaration of intent or will to engage in or to complete a task. Can also be employed as an insult where the "A" is an abbreviation for Asshole. As a question or inquiry as to what is going on or to have something clarified. Or, indeed, to simply fill silence and to remind us that you are there. Often used in movies where the "F-word" rate per minute has dropped below some threshold and the director has it injected at random to boost it. Also see: "Drop The F-Bomb". Compare: "I've got yours..."

Fucking Machine
      Mechanical device either purpose built or adapted for sexual purposes. May use air pistons, electric motors with gears and cams, or other means to generate a thrusting motion which is used by the machine to Penetrate the Receiver. May incorporate other actions such as Vibration or rotation to increase the pleasure of the Receiver. Has developed into its own niche and even fetish. Said devices are most often with women, although some can also be used with men. When such devices are used with anybody, it is strongly recommended that a great deal of Lubricant be used on the person receiving the penetration or other stimulation and a 'kill switch' and/or Safe Word be developed beforehand. See: Vibrator, Sex Toy, Lubricant and etc.
      Term is also used to refer to an individual, sometimes with awe, sometimes derogatorily, who can 'fuck like a machine'. Usually used in reference to stamina, thrusting ability, perhaps even noises such as 'huffing like a freight train'. Can apply to either male or female participants.

Fucking the Crack
      Simulated Intercourse without actual Penetration, may be Homosexual or Heterosexual in nature, and may involve nearly any body parts, or even be a Group Sex practice with multiple partners. Those so inclined may also simulate the act of simulating the Sex with Dildos, Fingers, Tongues, and a virtually unlimited array of Toys and items such as bananas. Can be thought of as a form of Mutual Masturbation or even Dry Humping except the partners are usually Nude. See: Intercrural Sex, Outercourse.
      The technique is often used to preserve Virginity and to give some Sexual Gratification without the risk of Pregnancy and to reduce the threat of Sexually Transmitted Disease. See: highlighted terms. Added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

      The almost nonsensical term seems to indicate a ball of spent Cum, possibly the result of Withdrawal during Intercourse or perhaps Masturbation. In either case, the subject of the pejorative term is equally worthless. See reader suggested term: Dick Spit.
      Other possible definitions include: Congressman (which see), TV reporter, NBA contract negotiator.

      Doktor Leftover. Also, a 'stick in the mud', but we are being redundant with that one.

      Originally a comedic term which began life as a contraction of 'fucking ugly' meant to indicate someone who was so unattractive in every way possible that they were Unfuckable.

Full Figure
      Description of a woman's torso when she has a Figure which is naturally curvy and Voluptuous without her being obese. Often used in the fashion world to describe women with such a figure, but is then extended to those who are significantly overweight on through the morbidly obese. See: Hour Glass
      In historic times, and even occasionally today, women whose figures were a little more plump than full would wear a Girdle or a Corset to 'pull in' the extra around their middle, to approximate a more agreeable form as dictated by the fashion of the time.
      In the world of Adult and Personal Ads, the term means 'fat'. Period. Yes, it does, discussion over. Also see: Body, Mass Index, Substantial Figure, Big Beautiful Woman, and related.

Full Frontal Nudity
      Video or photograph which shows a person, hopefully a good looking woman, nude, from the front, from head to toe, or an approximation thereof. At one time said view was the test as to whether or not a motion picture would receive an 'R' rating. See: Nude Scene.

Fully Clothed Sex
      Somewhat misnamed Sex Act where the participants are not Nude but remain at least partially clothed and only remove or loosen that which is necessary to complete the act. The term does not imply in the type of Physical Intimacy is engaged in, as in whether it is Oral, or Heterosexual Genital Intercourse (Fucking) or as to the Sex of the participants. This implies an actual Sex Act and not something such as Dry Humping, Frotting, or Outercourse.
      Niche Porn related to said activity and those interested in same. Usually depicted as a Quickie of the "Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am" variety. See highlighted terms. Also see; CFNM (Clothed Female Nude Male).

Fun Bags
      Fairly stupid term most often used by Breast Obsessed men who write captions for Adult websites referring to and focusing (pun intended) on what are usually surgically enhanced breasts which have been inflated out of proportion to the woman's body size. Note: this is another idiotic term Your Good Brutha will never use. See: Breast Enlargement, Infantile Fetish, Tits, Tit Fucking, DD, Knockers, and other terms for said Secondary Sexual Organs.

Fur Burger, Furburger
      Cunnilingus (which see) Also see: "Eating Pussy", Oral Sex, Muffdiving.
      See the related idea of "Carpet Munching". One of the more imaginative of the "cute expressions" for a sex act, but still, Your Good Brutha has elected to not use it. Added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

G.F.E., GFE, Girlfriend Experience, Boyfriend Experience
      Term is used to describe a special service through various types of Escort Services (which see). The idea being that the escort will appear to actually be in a Romantic relationship with the client, such as a Trophy Wife (which also see), at an event such as a dinner or other function which the client did not wish to attend alone. The service may or may not include sex as part of the arrangement, although many such escorts make a point to state that they are Bi in their ads. The male version "Boyfriend Experience" is not in common use outside of a small niche on the Gay side of things. Also see: Lesbian Escorts.

      Idiotic term coined to play off the general Mom I'd Like to Fuck - MILF (which see) hoopla by now specifying that a woman is a 'Grandmother I'd Like to Fuck' although one may occassionally see it meaning "Gay....". Both the 'G' and 'GM' versions have been used for this entry.
      Most recently seen in reference to Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, see Stepford Wives for more on the reference.

      Gay Lesbian Advocates (and) Defenders. Homosexually oriented legal rights, lobbying, and activist organization. Recently changed its name to the "GLBTQ Legal Advocates and Defenders". That group is separate from the similarly named group with two "A"s which is the "Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation" whose mission is to monitor the mainstream media for slights against their members. See related topics throughout the Glossary.

G.L.B., G.L.B.T., GLB, GLBT, GLBTQA, GLBTQAI, ... +, and etc.
      The order of the letters sometimes vary. Abbreviation seen in various media outlets, on political bumper stickers, and in Personal Ads (which see pun intended) and should be taken to mean Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered / Transsexual, Queer, Asexual, Intersex, plus, or whatever combination of those letters is employed. See: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", Political Correctness, Lifestyle, Mattachine Society, Heteronormative, and related.

G-Spot, Grafenberg Spot
      Term for a structure inside the vagina roughly comparable in some respects to the male prostate. While its actual function is not known it can be the source of very powerful Orgasms with the proper stimulation, sometimes resulting in Female Ejaculation (whish see). It can be located by inserting a finger into the vagina then curling the finger toward the woman's navel, the G Spot is a small area that feels slightly rougher than the rest of the vaginal wall where the urethra passes the closest to the vagina.
      The spot was named for Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg (1881 - 1957) who had done extensive research on both the female sexual organs and their role in sexuality. He also described Female Ejaculation which has been dismissed by other experts.
      Some research has indicated that there may be other 'spots' inside the vagina that serve other functions during arousal or the sex act itself. These include the 'A' and 'U' spots which are located above and below the G-spot. However, other experts claim these spots, if they exist at all, are simply continuations of the G-spot or the clitoris itself. See: Clitoris, Orgasm.
      Other researchers have denied that it exists at all, evidently, they've never tried Yoni Massage on a woman.

      Most usually a tiny undergarment worn as a Panty, costume, or swimsuit but serving no practical purpose and barely concealing the Vulva. See: Thong, Butt Floss, Panty, Lap Dancer.

      The sex cells: Eggs (ova) and Sperm. See: Sexual Reproduction, Sperm, and related.

Gang Bang, Pull a- Chain, Train, Etc. gang banger
      One Receiving individual having sex, usually Intercourse, with multiple partners in series. Most usually one woman Fucking at least four or five men in succession. Some 'World Record Gangbangs' (which see) report a single woman Having Sex with several hundred men in one day, many of these reports are exaggerated.
      Is often seen at various functions such as fraternity parties or the initiation into various clubs or gangs. Compare: Gang Rape.
      Applies equally to the Recipient engaging in multiple sex acts, including Oral Sex, with different individuals whether said sex is Straight or Gay, Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, or any other combination and variation. See: Group Sex, Orgy, Polygamy, Ravished, Man Train, Sloppy Seconds, etc.
      The term with the "-er" suffix is usually not applied to the Sex Act but instead is used to reference violent acts perpetrated by thugs associated with groups of criminals, such as street shootings.

Gang Rape
      The criminally violent side of a Gang Bang, which see. The victim of the act is usually female but may be male as in the case of Forced Feminization. As with most Rapes, this is not just a Sex Crime but a crime of profound violence against an individual. See: Felony.
      It is often associated with actual gang activity such as with the Hell's Angels or various criminal gangs, fraternity parties, and regional terrorist activity such as in various tribal conflicts in Afrika and Asia.

      When not being used to name a retailer or a geographic feature in a mountain range: Term used to describe the crotch area of a woman who is wearing tight fitting slacks, shorts, swimsuit, or other garment. The word specifically refers to the area between the insides of her thighs, which should NOT be touching and the area of the garment, if she is indeed wearing one, which would be covering her Vulva. See: Camel Toe, Daisy Dukes.

Gape, Gaping
      Multiple Meanings.
      Staring at an object of Lust, in most cases, a good-looking woman, I.E., a Lecher looking at a Babe.
      On TV, the expression on an idiot man's face whose brain just locked up in the presence of a Babe.
      An open Vagina or Anus which has been dilated either for or from Sex Play. See: Cave, Anal Training.

Garter (Belt) and Hose (or Stockings)
      Women's undergarments consisting of a waist belt and the various straps and fasteners on it to hold stockings in place. Has been replaced by Pantyhose, which see.
      The object of endless fascination, Fantasy, Obsession, and Fetish for innumerable men and women and the subject of innumerable Soft and Hard Core pictorials and movies. Perhaps the most famous model of said Lingerie was Bettie Page, which see. added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

      An open cut or wound as from a knife. Also, a similar rending of material such as the accidental cutting of a car seat or other upholstery. The scarring of land from clear cutting or strip mining. Similar physical evidence such as that left by the Union Army during Sherman's "March to the Sea" across Georgia during the US War Between the States.
      Outdated, offensive, and ignorant term used to describe the Vulva and Labia. Which see. Also see: explanation of slang terms at Pussy.

      Originally meant happy, carefree, almost obnoxiously cheerful. Most commonly used to describe the economic and socially booming decade of the 1890's, as in "the Gay Nineties."
      The Bastardization of the term as in current use usually refers to Homosexual men. However, the term equally applies to Lesbians. Those who are Bisexual usually identify themselves as bi, although single bi men (Metrosexual Democrats) are often thought of as gay by the world at large. Other related terms used by various outfits and individuals include 'Divas', 'Queens', 'Swishy' and so on almost ad infinitum. Also, a man can be a Democrat and NOT be gay or a Metrosexual. See: Straight, Bi, Pansexual, Mattachine Society, etc.

Gay Bar
      A tavern or other Alcohol serving establishment which caters primarily to Homosexuals and others of the GLBTQA (which see) spectrum which allows those of like mind to meet and interact in a friendly atmosphere. Many places specialize in a particular clientele such as Lesbian and Bisexual women or those that are Transgendered and so on, or cater to the various groups on different nights. The term is non-specific as to the Sex and / or the Sexual Preferences of those that frequent the place other than they are not Straight. The term is also used to describe such establishments that also allow Sex Acts between patrons on the premises. It is in such a locale where many Gay-Curious individuals experiment with Alternative Lifestyles. See highlighted terms as well as: Drunk, Sex Club, Bawdy House, and related terms. See historical reference at: Stonewall Riots. See related ideas at: Singles Bar, Hot Sheet Motel, Casual Sex.
      added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

Gay Conversion Therapy, Corrective Treatment, "straightening", etc.
      (Definition, then discussion.) The terms are in reference to the clinical practice of attempting to change the Sexual Orientation of the 'patient' from Homosexual to Heterosexual by various means including 'talk therapy', medication, aversion therapy, and, no, we're not kidding, exorcism. Usually done to a Child by well meaning parents or another guardian and occasionally by "the state" to a citizen, see Corrective Rape for example.
      The matter of whether or not Homosexuality is a choice or not is at the core of the matter and cannot be avoided. If some individuals are 'born gay' then any attempt at changing that fact will be about as successful as the effort from a bygone era of schooling to change a left-handed person so they would write with the 'correct hand'. And it probably causes just as much psychological damage to the person. However, and this has to be said, if it is a choice, then perhaps, just 'perhaps' now, the person can 'unchoose', it is up to them, or at least it should be.
      Now, having opened that can of worms and stepped in it with one foot, we shall now insert the other. In an Adult, the matter is up to that person and none of anybody else's business. As to what effort Parents should make to 'change' a Child who they feel is expressing the wrong traits that way, that matter is up to the parents, and the medical professionals or others they seek out. However, in all cases, having the government step in and inflict some of these methods on its citizens is a crime against humanity. For another 'change' see "Change". Also see: Heteronormative.

"Gay For Pay"
      Phenomenon best described as one who is literally "acting gay" by performing full or somewhat limited Homosexual acts only for money as a job. When they are in their private life, they are Straight by choice. Such activity may be while working as a Prostitute, Adult Actor, or other Sex Performer. Less common is where the actor is Gay in private but engages in Heterosexual sex while on the payroll. See: Casting Couch, BFE, "Situational Homosexuals", as well as various highlighted terms.
      Such behavior may be considered a form of Bisexuality, but most individuals so behaving would not identify themselves as such. Counter to that is the nearly required bisexuality by women in the Adult Entertainment Industry.
      One of the most famous (infamous) male examples has to be John Holmes (which see). A more recent example would be Ron Jeremy (which also see).

"Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network" (GLSEN)
      Activist group whose purpose seems to be to promote an agenda of Homosexual acceptance, inclusion, and even preference in American schools, as well as a general goal of recruiting others into such a lifestyle. While the group claims to be equally representative of Lesbians and Straights by its own admission most of its material and activity is centered on Homosexual Men. They have also been known to promote Predatory Homosexual Pedophilia (which see), which they now deny. Also see, Gay Pride, Closet, "That's So Gay". Added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

Gay Pride, Gay Liberation, Gay Rights
      Political movement based on the presumption that one has the right to chose ones own Sexual Preference and to make said choice public knowledge regardless of whether the general public wants to know or not. The original groups formed in the 1950s then spread from there, see: Mattachine Society. Later, the national movements were loosely based on and associated with the Feminist, anti-war, and racial equality movements of the 1960's. Some radical and even violent activity was associated with the early days of the drive (see: Stonewall Riots), but it has since become mainstream to the point of being openly debated in US Presidential campaigns. See: Political Correctness, Equal Rights Amendment, Homocentric, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", Stonewall Riots, Internalized Homophobic, Queer, GLBT, and related.

      An otherwise Heterosexual individual who is wondering about Homosexual activity. May be either Male or Female, and may or may not be Sexually Active. Such curiosity is a normal part of Adolescence and may occur later in life as well, whether or not such interest is ever acted upon is another matter all together. The term could be used with a dedicated Bisexual who is thinking about going 'all gay', but that wouldn't make a lot of sense, would it? Compare: "Situational Homosexuals".
      A closely related idea is Bi-Curiosity where a Gay or Straight individual, or even couple, wonder about engaging in Three Way Sex or even an Orgy, as with Swingers. See: Sexual Experimentation, Gay Bar, and other highlighted topics.

Gaydar, Babedar, MILFdar, etc.
      A play on the term RADAR (radio detection and ranging) to imply that somebody can "spot a homosexual a mile away". Usage is usually limited to bigots and other ignorant people when talking about each other.
      Other versions include said ability applying to whatever the subject of the moment is, including pretty women, beer, poker games, and so on.

      Japanese female entertainer who traditionally appears in whiteface wearing an elaborate formal costume. The spelling and usage varies by region. The traditional makeup and costume is now usually seen only during special occasions or by customer request. They did NOT routinely Have Sex with those they entertained.
      To consider the traditional geisha a Prostitute is to disrespect the centuries old profession and demonstrates the users ignorance. However, to be fair, there are Japanese prostitutes who work as Geishas to gain access to wealthy patrons and then arrange after-hours contact with said patrons. The practice of the Geisha as Prostitute was most pronounced during the Korean and Vietnam wars.
      See: Nyotaimori. Also see: Escort, Adult Entertainment, Call Girl. Compare: Comfort Woman.

      Grammatical term dealing with the sex role identification of words and phrases. Most pronounced in Spanish and French and other languages. English is relatively gender neutral. Has been hijacked by social engineers because if they said 'sex' meaning 'male and female' somebody might blush. For the sexual identification of humans see 'Sex' and related terms.

Gender Bender, "Gender Variant"
      An individual, or group of individuals who are intentionally ambiguous about their Sex Role Identification or their Sex itself as to whether they are Male or Female. Usually done for shock value. The 'variant' version is used in some GLBT publications. Note, such individuals are not Cross Dressers such as a Female Impersonator, or Transvestites, they are appearing to be Androgynous or Asexual. Compare: Unisex.
      Many Celebrities have traded on the idea of being a "gender bender", both male and female, some with more success than others. One of the most famous was Boy George (born 1961 as George Alan O'Dowd), of the band Culture Club, who, while being openly Homosexual, maintained an appearance that he was neither a man nor a woman.

"Give me time, to realize my crime
Let me love and steal, I have danced inside your eyes
How can I be real,
Do you really want to hurt me,
Do you really want to make me cry,
Precious kisses words that burn me,
Lovers never ask you why..."
- Culture Club, Do you really want to hurt me, words and music by Culture Club, Album: Kissing to be Clever, Virgin and Epic Records, released 1982.
Gender Dysphoria
      Politically Correct term for "confused Sexual Identity". In most cases, the term involves a Pre-pubescent who has decided, based on some inner feelings and no small part the way their parents treat them, who now considers themselves the opposite sex from that which they were physically born. In some cases this involves a child who was born a natural Hermaphrodite whose sex was then decided and surgically 'corrected' shortly after birth. See related topics.

Gender Equity
      Politically Correct lie perpetuated by the mass media which implies that there is no substantial difference between the Sexes (not Genders, which see).
      The entire idea is, of course, bullshit, and is the bastard child of Feminism and Liberalism which downplayed the Sex Roles and the natural tendencies and inclinations of men and women by Emasculating men.
      One of mainstream medias favorite topics that cause Doktor Leftover to experience the Fantods.

Generous Curves
      Euphemism (which see) often used in Personal Ads. It means fat and has nothing to do with the traditional Curves of the Hourglass Figure of a woman (see said terms). This and words like it are used a lot in Porn dedicated to the subject of seriously overweight women. See: Big Beautiful Woman (BBW), Fluffy, Chubby Chaser, Full Figure, and such terms.

Genitals, Genitalia
      Specifically, the external Sex Organs of both Males and Females.
      Term is for the most part obsolete but is still in use in major media and various other sources where the users do not wish to risk using a more accurate but also more explicit and therefore more offensive term. See: every other more explicit and offensive term in this Glossary.

Gentleman, Gentlemen
      An Adult Male who is courteous and respectful to those around him, especially Women to whom he will show Chivalry, he may also be Debonair, and practice Savoir-Faire to Charm them. He is also one whom is intelligent and kind while at the same time having strong willpower and self control. Which means such an individual is NEVER seen on prime time television, and may, in fact, be an endangered species. Compare: Lady.

Gentleman's Club
      There is no hard and fast generally agreed upon definition beyond this: Such an establishment is some sort of Sex Club. It may only offer Topless Waitresses or Dancers, have live Sex Acts on stage for an audience, be a location that offers sex with resident Prostitutes, or some combination thereof. Most such clubs are located in Red Light Districts, which see. Also, the term is used whether or not said clubs allow women as patrons either alone or with a male escort as a couple. Compare: Hellfire Club, and related examples.

Get Off, "Get Your Thing Off", Get Her Off, Getting Off, etc, ad nauseam
      All variations on the theme, and synonyms for the Orgasm, which see. Your Good Brutha generally refuses to use these terms unless he's talking about exiting a subway car.

Getting Laid
      Slang term for Sexual Activity, most usually Intercourse, but can apply to such activity of nearly any description. See: Making Love, Fucking.

      The term originally meant a Male Prostitute that services female clients exclusively and usually with a great deal of discretion. Today, the term is essentially meaningless in any serious regard. (Note: the 'gigalo' spelling as seen on some web pages is incorrect.) See Paramour, BFE.

      Besides the spice (see Gingering), a term that is gaining popularity in general use meaning Redhead, including those whose hair color is best described as auburn. In the vast majority of cases the term is used for one whose "Carpet Matches the Drapes" (which see) and is the person's by nature and not store bought, as with a Bleach Blonde (which also see). For quotes from perhaps the most famous Redhead ever, Miss Lucille Ball (1911 - 1989), see: Guilt, and Love.

Gingering, Ginger Insertion
      Using the 'hand' of the ginger plant as a Sex Toy. See: Figging for more.

      Restrictive undergarment worn by women to give them the appearance of an Hour Glass Figure when the reality is slightly less than ideal. Different lengths were available depending on the target area needing shaped ranging from full, encompassing the stomach and sides down to below the hips, to essentially being supportive Panties. It is a direct descendent of the Corset, which see.
      Girdles are also occasionally worn by men, especially in theater and other occasions where an otherwise fat man is trying to fit into a costume meant for one not quite so rotund. For example, see: Dandy.

Girl, Girls
      Technically, human female under the Age of Majority. Thusly she cannot legally Consent to essentially anything mentioned in this Glossary, therefore, that is the end of this entry. See: Teenager, Child, Adult, Lolita, Chick, and etc. See other related entries as follow.
      Is used to refer to human females regardless of age, as when even elderly women refer to each other as their 'girlfriends'.

Girl Talk, Locker Room Talk, Dick Stories, Etc
      For our present purposes we are referring to more or less explicit sex talk (not "The" Sex Talk, which see) between persons of the same sex, or perhaps a mixed group which contains both empty boasting and actual discussions of sexual exploits, knowledge, opinions and ideas in a pleasant, or perhaps unpleasant depending on the circumstances, mixture. Often seen in high school locker rooms and teenage girl slumber parties, bars, sewing circles, and so on. If one is seeking factual information, these types of encounters are not the place to find it, however, these types of discussions continue to be the source for information sexual and otherwise for a large percentage of people. See: Bases, Sex Talk (the), Slumber Party, Penis Size Indicator Myths, Diary, Kiss and Tell, and Etc.

Girl Watching
      Time honored pastime and even hobby practiced by generations of construction workers, truck drivers, and other Heterosexual men who would Wolf Whistle and otherwise acknowledge the attractiveness and even Sexiness of passing women, many of whom would dress, walk, and behave in ways that elicited such acknowledgment. See: related topics including Sexual Harassment, Ogle, Feminism, Eye Candy, Babe.

Girlfriend, GF
      Multiple definitions, some of which may cover multiple meanings, while some meanings are subjective and carry Emotional baggage, many usages are non-standard.
      Objectively: a friend who is Female, regardless of chronological age. The text message abbreviation for same. Also, a female in a Romantic Relationship with another who may be male or female. Is also used to refer casually in conversation by girls and women to each other without conveying either Romance or friendship or much of anything else. Is also used to indicate a Female in a Romantic Relationship such as one who is Going Steady. See: Girl, Woman, Dating, Steady Girlfriend, W.A.G., GFE, and related.

Girlie Magazine
      Publication containing non-Explicit (no pussy shown) images of pretty young women, most often considered Glamour, or borderline Softcore, in content. Most famous example is Playboy which see. Also see: Harrison Marks, Nude Model.

Girlie Man
      Usually thought of as a derogatory term for an Adult Male who is Effeminate, a Metrosexual, or possibly even a Flamboyant Homosexual, or quite possibly all of the above instead of having some sense of overt Masculinity (NOT Machismo). See: highlighted terms.
      Most famous usage was when Arnold Schwarzenegger (born 1947) spoke his thoughts of the Democratic candidates for President in 1988: "They all look like a bunch of girlie men, right?"

"Girls Gone Wild"
      Pathetic film series by a Breast Obsessed man, one Joe Francis, who has since been charged with multiple Felonies including Child Pornography for filming Jail Bait, and locked up on several occasions, he is currently on house arrest awaiting trial on tax evasion. Also, related late night cable Titillation commercials promoting said films. Also, related to the little known but equally lame films called "Guys Gone Wild".

"Girls Night Out", "Ladies Night Out"
      The original idea was for a group of women to get together and go out to enjoy themselves and have a good time without the complication of Sexual Pressure from a male on a Date. If this turns into a weekend long event, it may well be said to be a Bender. Said special occassion has now evolved into an excuse for a period of excessive shopping, Debauchery, Lewd Behavior, Drunkenness, Flashing and Exhibitionism, Sexual Misconduct (including Public Sex Acts), and so on, on par with the best, or worst, Bachelor Parties known. See highlighted and related terms.
      In the case of Married Women, said 'night out' is allowed, looked forward to, carefully planned, and even encouraged. The same is not true for her husband as she knows what goes on when she goes out and she will not tolerate the same activity from him. Therefore, "guy's night out" would be prohibited and possibly grounds for Divorce.

Glamour, Glamour Photograph
      Usual definition: Art-style photographs of pretty women which fall somewhere between the normal Cheesecake type pose and Softcore Pornography or Boudoir Photography. Most often involves tasteful Nudity, usually topless and often total nudity but posed so that even Full Frontal Nudity does not show more than a glimpse of Pubic Hair from a distance as the term also implies a certain Sophistication to the setting. See: highlighted terms, Also see: Harrison Marks, Nude Model.

      Latin word for 'acorn'.
      The tip or head of the Penis. Medically, the term also includes the erectable tissue of both the penis and the Clitoris. Also see: Subincision, Circumcision. For slang terms see: Dickhead, Bellend, and related.

Glory Hole
      An opening drilled in a privacy screen between public restroom stalls or similar arrangement that allows for anonymous Fellatio or other Sexual Activity with a man. The hole is of such a size and height to allow the man to extend his Erect Penis through to be attended to by the person on the other side of the barrier. Often seen in establishments catering to gays but can appear in other locations, even in private homes for Swinger's parties and other diversions, where some such openings are large enough, and padded, to allow the Receiver to present their Crotch for Penetration and experience Intercourse anonymously. And unless Condoms are used, none of this should be regarded as Safe Sex. Compare: Peephole.

      A list of terms with their definitions usually arranged alphabetically. May include technical aspects, illustrations, quotes, or other relevant information to the terms listed. Such listings are often specific to one subject area or field of study, unlike a general interest encyclopedia or dictionary.
      See: Sex Glossary for the term as it relates to this glossary.

Gluteus Maximus
      Latin term for the largest muscle in the Buttocks, running between the spinal area of the pelvis (sacrum) and the femur, which has been generalized to the entire Butt.

"Go Fuck Yourself"
      Far from being a suggestion that one perform Masturbation the phrase is considered an extreme Expletive and insult to whoever it is aimed at. The Slang phrase may be partially based in the inherent frustration and essential uselessness of the act of masturbation. See various related terms including those under "Fuck" especially "Fuck You".
      It is interesting to note that there is a niche of Porn where men with extremely long (and flexible!) Penises perform exactly this act by engaging in Anal Intercourse with themselves. Said act is far more of a stunt than an actual pleasurable Sex Act. Also see: Autofellatio for related act.

Go Go Girl, Go Go Boots
      Terms for a pre-disco era phenomenon where dance clubs, music oriented TV shows, and other venues of that sort. The producers would put attractive young women in short skirts or shorts, knee-high or higher boots, and sometimes little else, on elevated platforms, or even in cages, where they would dance enthusiastically to whatever was playing. The girls would use an almost stereotypical set of moves and steps that can still be seen in various TV commercials and reruns of period shows. The girls were usually just one step this side of being identifiable as a Hippie Chick, which see.
      Said boots were part of the general outfit worn by the dancing girls.
      The entire outfit, whether or not the woman wearing it is dancing. Even moreso when the clothes have bold 'wild' sixties prints on them or are otherwise so dated.
      See: Dance, Miniskirt, Sexy Shoes, "Fuck me boots", Hippie Chick.

      Term appears to have started as either a name or a nickname, of possible European extraction. Was specifically applied to one man who achieved 'fame' on the internet through being able to self-dilate his Anus to extreme dimensions using his hands, probes, and other objects, while photographing the insertions and the results. Sometimes it would appear that he had stretched his sphincter beyond the diameter of the normal male pelvic bone opening.
      Term is now loosely (pun intended) thrown around for those who mimic said stunts, both male and female.
      It is worth stating here that the extreme practice exhibited by its originator has inherent risks and should not be undertaken lightly.
      See: Cave, Gape, Dilation, Anal Sex, Insertion, Extreme Sex, Exhibitionism

      The Uncaused First Cause. The Creator. The Greatest Single 'thing' ever imagined by mankind. Usually rendered in all caps: GOD.
      That which First Loved. Often depicted with suitable modifiers, as in: God the Father.
      Other Supreme Deity by whatever name you so chose to use under your First Amendment rights.
      This entry is in this Glossary because a reader noticed that it was missing. However, it is worth noting that GOD did create Woman as a companion for man. Which if not for that act, this Glossary would be much shorter indeed. See: Agape, Jesus Christ, and related topics. Also see reference at: Heavenly Body.
      When used as an Expletive, saying the word breaks one of the Ten Commandments (which see).
      Indeed, since the subject has been broached:

    The LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him." Now the LORD God had formed out of the ground all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name. So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds of the air and all the beasts of the field. But for Adam no suitable helper was found. So the LORD God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man's ribs and closed up the place with flesh. Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.
    The man said, "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called 'woman, for she was taken out of man."
    For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.
    The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame."

Genesis 2 : 18 - 25 (NIV)

      Multiple uses including: Female deity, or an anthropomorphism of natural elements which appears as a woman, for example "Mother Nature". It is very common in Wiccan and similar religions who do not follow the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition for the greater supernatural being to be identified as "the mother goddess" or equivalent and for all other aspects, including the male, to be subservient to her. The best known example of a 'goddess' might be Kali from the Hindu tradition or, Isis/Ishtar (which see) from other ancient traditions. Back on our Earth, it is also used by the Sub as the term for a Dominatrix or Fem Dom when the woman is in character as such. In some Feminist publications, every woman is referred to as 'a goddess'. See reference in song quoted at "Good Girl" to the goddess-huntress Diana.
      Historically speaking, the image and personality of a 'goddess' is usually seen as the best, and worst, of the Female. Bringing both the power of creation (as the giver of life) as well as its end, as seen with Kali. This is especially common when dealing with Sex Magic or Sacred Sex (see said terms). Also see Tantra, Yoni Worship.
      In some circles, and in some badly written smut, the term is used to refer to the Female Sex Organs in much the same way as a woman would use the word Kitty (which see), or the world in general would speak of her Pussy.

Going All The Way, Home Run, Etc
      In terms of this Glossary: Sexual Intercourse. In "Days Gone By" both teenage boys and girls would compare notes on Sexual Activity using Euphemisms instead of correct terminology for the sex acts they engaged in. The boys would usually do so in Locker Rooms whereas the girls would have a Slumber Party for 'Girl Talk'. As to which was more explicit, that is an ongoing debate. This intentional ambiguity resulted in some confusion as to who had done exactly what until somebody 'went all the way' which implied sexual intercourse itself. See: Bases, Girl Talk, Foreplay, Score, Etc.

Going Down
      Directional announcement by an elevator operator, now all but obsolete.
      Generic Euphemism for Oral Sex. Can refer to the action being performed on either a male or female, as a Homosexual or Heterosexual event. See: Oral Sex and related.

Going Steady
      A Dating step on the hierarchy of Courting. Better known as a being Girlfriend / Boyfriend. Term was highly significant in the Nineteen Fifties through the Seventies, it has fallen out of use today, but can still be heard on TV and seen in some Romance books and Women's Magazines, and can also be stated as they are each other's ?Steady?, which see.

Golddigger, Gold Digger, The Golddiggers®
      Dated term for woman who seeks out wealthy older men with the goal of becoming his Trophy Wife, which see. During the post WW2 years some girl's finishing schools were accused of training their students to be exactly that. Which, truth be told, many of them were. See: Trophy Wife, Star Struck, May - September Relationship, High Maintenance Woman.
      Also, the name of an all girl entertainment group from 1965 through the early 1970's which was originally part of Dean Martin's (1917-1995) TV show and stage act, as well as their own weekly syndicated variety show. The girls had to be vivacious, have Sex Appeal, be single, and as well as being able to dance and sing. While they played the role usually attributed to Las Vegas Showgirls, they had to be more wholesome and almost Virtuous, than that for TV, at least at that time. There were no lack of applicants and several dozen women were part of the group through its time. Besides being on TV and on stage with Martin and others, the women also toured with Bob Hope for the USO. See: Rat Pack, Showgirls, Burlesque, and related. See: Martin song quote at Amore. Also see: Dean Martin quote at Drunk.

Golden Age of Porn
      Usually regarded as the mid-1960's through the 1980's. Or, from around the time of the first issue of Playboy magazine in 1953 through the near saturation of the market by cheap, and cheaply produced and poor quality, VHS movies. The time included the production of such landmark films as Deep Throat, Autobiography of a Flea, and Debbie Does Dallas (see said titles), as well as two, yes, 2, committees seated by the President of the United States, or his Attorney General, to study the effects of Porn on the nation, see Meese Report.
      This time also saw several landmark Obscenity trials including the 1964 US Supreme Court Case over the Louis Malle movie The Lovers, see "I know it when I see it". Other cases involved George Carlin's "Seven Dirty Words" (which see), and various others. Also see: Harry Reems for another case from the time.
      Even though today one can get all the Pornography one could ever wish for, almost instantly, for free, and essentially at will, the overall quality is usually lacking, and the bullshit one has to put up with including computer viruses, malware soaked ads, and genuine crap being passed off as 'art' is almost enough to make one wish for those old Raincoat theaters and seedy bookstores to see beautiful actresses such as Annette Haven (which see) and her friends. See: Seka, Raincoat, "Good Old Days".

Golden Shower, Pissing, etc.
      One person, or group of people, urinating on another for fun or part of Fetish play or in a Dom/Sub relationship. Most usually the recipient of the shower is a man being pissed on by a woman in a 'Fem Dom' relationship. Also involves the medical condition of Urolagnia which involves finding enjoyment in watching a person urinate as well as participating one way or another. Also the drinking urine, especially as it is being produced. The practice is generally considered somewhat risky outside of monogamous relationships.

Good Girl
      For our purposes here we shall only discuss the phrase at it applies to the general topic of this Glossary and ignore such uses as when praising a dog or encouraging a young female child performing on a balance beam. That being stated up front, the most common use of the term is to indicate a female human, preferably one who has attained the Age of Consent (which see), who doesn't engage in Fornication or other Casual Sex. The following from a classic musical pretty much sums it up. Also see: Vigrin, Virtue, Chaste, and so on. The pposites being: Floozy, Slut, Easy, and all sorts of other related terms. (the following quote is slightly longer than average, but it makes the point wonderfully)

"No wide-eyed, eager, Wholesome innocent Sunday school teacher for me.
That kinda girl spins webs no spider ever--
Listen, boy-- A girl who trades on all that purity
Merely wants to trade my independence for her security.
The only affirmative she will file, Refers to marching down the aisle.
No golden, glorious, gleaming pristine goddess--
No sir!
For no Diana do I play faun. I can tell you that right now.
I snarl, I hiss: How can ignorance be compared to bliss?
I spark, I fizz for the lady who knows what time it is.
I cheer, I rave for the virtue I'm too late to save
The sadder-but-wiser girl for me."

- song The Sadder But Wiser Girl (for me), from the play The Music Man, Words and Music by Meredith Willson, Broadway production, 1957

"Good Old Days", "Golden Years / Age of....", and related
      A mythical historic period ranging from a decade or so to perhaps a century. Is used to describe to the younger generation how everything was better during that time. Usually said summary ignores a substantial amount of the speaker's own history or the era under discussion and only presents a glowing account of life in a Utopian realm of peace and splendor. Which is, of course, total crap. As for the 'golden' term applying to ones retirement... that's probably also crap, but it is the topic for another article.
      As our current discussion is about Sex, we'll go with that. You'll hear those recalling those days say how everybody knew which bathroom to use, you knew if the woman you were talking to really was a woman, guys didn't date each other, and so on. Well, to a point, yes, but in the larger sense, that version of history is also crap. It also means you are dealing with an individual who is either under-educated or willfully ignorant of history. Perhaps a few examples. Should we go back to, say, Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC) or the great French political writer Michel de Montaigne (1533 - 1592)? Perhaps not. While there is no direct evidence that Lord Byron (1788 - 1824) was solely Homosexual, there is ample circumstantial evidence that he was Bi. It is an accepted fact that Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886) was in a long term Lesbian relationship, and there is very little doubt that people like Walt Whitman (1819 - 1892) and Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 - 1962) had differing ideas about how to spend a weekend. So, when 'they' talk about the way things were 'back then' ask them exactly how far back in time they are going.
      See specific reference to the Golden Age of Porn at said term.
"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."
- Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 - 1962)

Goose, Goosed
      A bird of the family Anatidae, especially those of the line of Anserinae Anserini which includes wild and domestic 'geese'.
      One of two members of the Harlem Globetrotters, including Reece Tatum (1921 - 1967) who was signed to the legendary team after playing in the Negro Baseball League. The other was Hubert Ausbie (born 1938) who was a member of the "Classic" lineup that included Curly Neal and Meadowlark Lemon. Both players used the avian nickname and are known to their fans as "Goose" and "Geese" respectively. See Diminutive.
      But more to our point here.... A sudden, sometimes unexpected grabbing or poking of the Buttocks through, or under, the clothes by another, or even a Penetration of the Anus or Vagina by a finger when not looked for. Sometimes done to shock or exasperate the other person, sometimes done as a prelude to more involved Foreplay. Occasionally as part of a Sex Game or Sex Play. See: Feel Up, Sex Play, Dare, Grope, Fondle.

      Slightly obscure term for Dom/Sub and Master/Slave relationships with, most often, men as the Masters and Owners and women as the slaves. Also refers to Natural and 'Old World' relationships and a general philosophy of the organization of a community and a way of living. Although some adherents claim the practice is not solely about sex and S&M / B&D and focus on the practical and political issues of the ideas, it would appear from the outside that the sexual aspect is the most important part of their philosophy to most of its practitioners. See: Dom/Sub and related topics.
      The term itself is from the Gor science fiction novels written by John Norman from the sixties through the early 2000s.

      The greatest contributor to Divorce throughout history more than any other single form of speech or conduct.
      Often seen as a Woman's habit (see Confide) or even Vice, the information shared by those that gossip is often exaggerated, and may be absolutely untrue, and those who repeat it may know it to be a lie when they say it, but because of the Titillation factor, they spread it anyway. Other information, while accurate, may be unimportant or even trivial in nature, as is the content of most Celebrity TV shows and magazines. See: Outing, Dirty Laundry, and "Kiss and Tell" as examples.
      During World War Two, phrases like "Loose lips sink ships" discouraged women from talking about where and how their husbands and sons were serving in the military in all nations including Nazi Germany.
      When done in the realm of politics, gossip is used as a form of 'grass-roots' disinformation 'whispering campaign' which can be devastating to a candidate. Most recently used by Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama when her campaign staff sent out emails about how Mr. Obama was a Muslim and other untruths. Said emails are still circulating.
      Now, having said that about women, we'll say this about Men: They gossip as well, and sometimes more.
      Gossip is discouraged in every major world religion. "Without wood a fire goes out; without gossip a quarrel dies down." Proverbs 26 : 20 NIV

"Got'em by the Balls"
      Truncated form of the expression: "If you got'em by the balls, their hearts and minds shall follow." Which was attributed to President Richard M. Nixon (1913 - 1994) by Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (1937 - 2005) and others.
      The implication being that if you have a firm grip on an opponent's Testicles you can make him say or do anything you want with very little argument or resistance, including surrender to ultimate defeat, as referenced in the below song. The expression was more common several years ago in certain business, political, and sports circles than it is today. Which, on the whole, is probably for the better. It also worth mentioning that the expression was used even if the adversary was a woman as the applicable expression involving a 'firm grip on her Clitoris' would equally apply, it just wouldn't be as quick, or effective to say. The expression is closely related the one that uses 'Short Hairs' instead of Testicles. See highlighted terms. Also see: Cock and Ball Torture, Ball Buster, and related.
      It should be noted in the interest of historical accuracy that while it is widely believed that Mr. Nixon used the expression often and with all seriousness, and it was in character for the man and his times, independent confirmation of the attribution is lacking, however, it is known that there was a cartoon on Mr. Colson's office wall in the executive complex with that saying as the caption.

"...He hears the silence howling
And catches angels as they fall
And the all time winner
Has got him by the balls

Oh, he picks up Gideon's Bible
Open at page one

I thank God, he stole the handle
And the train, it won't stop going
No way to slow down
No way to slow down..."
- Locomotive Breath, group Jethro Tull, written by Ian Anderson, album Aqualung, Chrysalis/Reprise records, 1971.

Goth, Gothic
      Multiple uses, some of which follow.
      The general name of several European tribes that raised hell with the Roman Empire and contributed significantly to its fall. Also, their culture, language, and alphabet.
      The name of a type of architecture and other artwork popular in Europe from about 1100 to 1500. Many of the great cathedrals were built in this style most noted for its pointed arch, high ceilings, and intricate decoration and carving. It is worth noting here that some of the figures carved on said buildings were, while very stylized, were unabashedly Erotic!
      Literary genre with deeply involved and intricate plots, usually with high Emotional content and often an evil nemesis or other aspect of horror or terror. Often classified as Romances (which see) they also include some aspects of adventure or other quest. Just inside this definition one will find a selection of epic poets who are best known for the length of their poems. Most of these works, the novels and the poems, are often difficult for modern readers to appreciate. This form of literature comes just inside our realm is the branch of the genre which included Eroticism, some of which was heavily veiled in flowery language, but it was there none the less. See: Romance Novel for more.
      More to our present purpose, a style usually expressed among young people which encompasses some aspects of Punk, a fascination with Death, perhaps some aspects of Vampirism, and even Satanism (see Black Mass). Also said mode of dress, including dark colors and makeup, a dour expression and lack of expressed emotions, and the avoidance of all pleasure and the enjoyment of life, even when they are not clinically depressed, they are doing this by choice. Some adherents will go as far as to have Sex while forcing themselves to not enjoy it in any way, or to at least not to express any pleasure outwardly. Some individuals in this lifestyle, especially teens, are at risk for suicide. See: highlighted terms. Also see related terms such as: Chick.

Graphic Images
      Besides being technically redundant, an 'image' is by definition a 'graphic', the term is so non-specific about what is being depicted as to be essentially meaningless. Is the image being so labeled objectionable because it depicts Full Frontal Nudity, illegal drug use, racial slurs, victims of an auto accident, or the latest atrocity committed under in the name of a 'non-western' religion? See: Content Warning, Not Safe For Work, Indecent, Explicit, Censorship, and related.

Gratuitous - Sex / Nudity (no violence here, sorry)
      Most usually a mainstream movie or TV show where sex and/or nudity (and yes, even violence) not related to the plot has been inserted for no other reason than to appeal to those that enjoy seeing such things. Such a move can sometimes save an otherwise worthless movie or show. For example, how many prime time comedies show pretty women in lingerie or swimsuits (or wrapped in a towel) on a regular basis when said attire is almost unjustifiable given the plot. Of late, said nudity is now as likely to involve a man as a woman for Homoerotic reasons. See: F word, Bleep, Ratings, Family Hour, Body Double, Community Standards, Nude Scene, "Showing Some Skin", and related.

      In our context here, Anal Intercourse. The term is most usually, but not exclusively, used applies to Homosexual activity. Based on legends of man-boy contact in ancient Sparta which do have some basis in truth, and is used by groups such as the Martijn Association (which see) to justify their perversion. The term is used less to apply to Heterosexual Anal Intercourse but it does apply to the practice as the Sex of the Receiver is irrelevant such as a generic reference to the 'Greek' position. See: Anal Intercourse, Sodomy, and related.

      The pubic area. Also, similarly shaped feature of a tree or hill. See: Crotch, Privates, and related.
      The term is usually used in relation to the muscles and tendons in the pelvic floor area, such as "he pulled a groin muscle."

Grope, Feel Up
      To touch another person sexually, especially through, or under, their clothes, if done without their Consent, may be Sexual Assault, which see. See: Frotting, Make Out, Goose, Fondle, Wandering Hands.

Group Sex
      Sexual activity involving more than two people simultaneously. Includes threesomes (also called 'troilism') and larger groups. May be a group of men and women or a group of individuals of the same sex. Multi-couple swinger parties often involve at least some group sex and will likely include some Bisexual activity, at least among the women, as part of the event. A traditional Gang Bang would not qualify if it involved only sequential Sex Acts between the Receiver and the others one at a time. See: Double Penetration, Triple Penetration, Three In One, and other topics. For a related act see: Ravishment.
      The world of Dom/Sub sometimes involve multiple submissives in a 'poly' arrangement. The various subs are often 'required' to engage in some sexual behavior amongst themselves, including bisexual sex, to 'entertain' the dom. The subs may be of either or both sexes, just as the dom may be male or female, or even a dom couple who rule a whole nest of subs. See: Polygamy, Dom, Sub, Orgy, etc.

      Traditionally, a young woman (or man) who follows a touring music group, often between cities and even countries, with the sole purpose in mind to Have Sex with members of the band. The 'groupie' may also seek free tickets to the concerts, clothing, and other memorabilia. Some of them became legendary with some of the touring groups, others wrote memoirs, and others faded into obscurity with unwanted children or various diseases. See: Publicity Whore, Camp Follower, Celebrity Stalker, Quid Pro Quo, Prostitute, One Night Stand.

Guardian, Legal Guardian
      An Adult who is legally responsible for supervising or otherwise overseeing a Minor. Said Adult may be a parent, court appointed manager, or other person who accepts the position. They see to the needs of the Minor including medical care, housing, school attendance, as well as legal and financial obligations. In most jurisdictions, the guardian can be held accountable for some actions of the Minor. See: Adult, Consent, Chaperone, and related.

      Emotional state closely related to profound sorrow and Shame best described as Remorse over the breaking, or the presumed breaking, of a Moral Law or having committed a Sin, which see. The idea that one could have influenced events to affect a different outcome which would have been better in some way for those concerned and the grief over not having done so. Often these emotions can influence physical health even unto Death. Whether or not any action or inaction by anybody could have changed the outcome is irrelevant, the perception that something might have been done, or not done, and thereby made a difference is enough to provoke the feelings. See: Emotion, Remorse, Sin, Conscience, Moral Law, and related.
      Curiously, many things that some Western Religions preach against, prohibit, and make people feel guilty and have regrets about, are NOT Sins as defined by scripture, and we are not just talking about the Seven Deadly Sins, which see, but things such as Dancing, Masturbation, and men having long hair (which is described by the Apostle Paul as a 'shame', not a sin). However, guilt is a very powerful emotion and when someone is faced with guilt and seeking forgiveness, they can be very generous with donations to those that hand it out. See: Sin, Conscience.
"I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done."
- Lucille Ball (1911 - 1989)

Gynecological Exam, Pelvic Exam
      Specific to women as the procedure entails the examination of both the internal and external Female Sexual Organs. Usually performed when the woman begins Menstruation or becomes Sexually Active, a Premarital Exam, during Pregnancy, and routinely as part of a health screening involving the PAP smear and other exams. See: OB/GYN, Gynecologist, Internal Exam, Vulva, Vagina, Infertile, and related topics.
      Said exam is frequently the subject of Medical Fetishism by both men and women as both the patient and the doctor. See: Fetish and related topics.
      Your Good Brutha, while an amateur, is indeed qualified to perform said exams on certain members of the female population for a small service fee. Send email for details.

Gynecology, Gynecologist
      Medical Profession specializing in the Female Sexual and reproductive Organs. See: OB/GYN, Medical Fetish.

Gynospa, Gyno-spa, etc
      Spelling and usage vary. The term is usually applied to a high end (read: expensive) health and beauty salon which specializes in pampering and 'treating' women with such therapies as Chai-yok and mud baths, which also discriminates against half of the population by not admitting men as customers.

H-games, Ecchi
      Erotic, fantastic, occasionally fetish oriented and sometimes violent animated video games in the Hentai (which see) or Anime style. The games are also called 'ecchi' which is the English-phonetic pronunciation of the Japanese letter 'H'. Also see: Anime

Hajab, Hajib
      Arabic word for a court official. Also used to describe the veil worn by many Islamic Women to conceal their beauty from men who evidently cannot control their Lust at the sight of a woman's face or hair. The spelling with the 'I' after the 'J' is considered the correct English rendition.
      It is worth noting that while many women say they wear the veil by choice, to not do so in many countries under Sharia risks penalties ranging from fines, flogging, or imprisonment to Death under suspicion of being a Prostitute, sometimes without trial or other evidence being presented.

      AKA, getting Jacked Off (which see) by another person. Most usually during Fellatio which may result in the choice to Spit or Swallow (See that too) or to end up with a Facial or Pearl Necklace (those too). Term is not usually used to describe self-Masturbation.
      See: Mutual Masturbation, Petting (Heavy Petting).

Hands, Magic Hands, Slow Hand
      Multiple uses, some of which follow.
      The primary physically interactive body part, chiefly devoted to the sense of touch, used for manipulation and control of the majority of the material world.
      A foul called in Soccer (football) where a player has touched the ball with any part of the their arm below the elbow. As well as the moving part of an analog clock or other similar dial based device.
      Also: A round of play in any of several multiplayer card games, or the group of cards as dealt to the players for the round. See: Strip Poker for example.
      For our use here... we'll let two groups of sisters speak on the matter first (we were going to use one, but liked both, oh well, you'll get over it):

"But try to understand, try to understand, oh ... oh ...
Try to understand
Try try try to understand
He's a magic man!" oh yeah
Oh, he's got the magic hands"

- Heart (the Wilson Sisters), Magic Man, Written by Ann and Nancy Wilson, Album: Dreamboat Annie, Mushroom Records, released 1976

"I want a man with a slow hand
I want a lover with an easy touch
I want somebody who will spend some time
Not come and go in a heated rush
I want somebody who will understand
When it comes to love, I want a slow hand"

- The Pointer Sisters, Slow Hand, Written by Bettis and Clark, Album: Black & White, Planet Records, released 1981
      If you have any other questions on the terms, see Darkfinger, Yoni Massage, G-spot, Fingering, Fisting, and related.

Hang-Ups and Phobias
      Mild but upsetting personal difficulty with anything or anybody with no rational basis. When the feeling passes the level of a mild annoyance it may become an irrational fear which is a phobia. Worrying about playing golf in a thunderstorm is NOT a hang-up or a phobia as there is a very real and present danger of being struck by lightning. Not being able to play golf on a clear day because of the same fear is a phobia.
      May involve Taboos, personality issues, personal or family history, legal issues, private qualms with whatever it is, neurosis or psychosis, and other issues, real or imagined, that either prohibit one from doing something or make it very difficult to accomplish what for others may be a routine matter. Said difficulty may reach the level of an obsession which makes normal life all but impossible and requires professional help to overcome.
      For this Glossary we shall discuss people's 'hang-ups' and 'phobias' about Sex.
      These often include phobias about performing Oral Sex as something that is Naughty or dirty, apprehension about the Anus, leaving the light on, and an endless list of other things too numerous to name. Sex Myths and "Old Wives' Tales" (see both) often contribute to these problems and a partial list at Sex Phobias.
      Also see: Taboo, Naughty, Code Of Conduct, Blue Law, Prude, and related.

Hanky Panky
      Improper, illicit, or even criminal activity. For our current endeavor here, Fucking or other Sexual Activity outside the Marital Bed. Is often used in a playful way and instead of stronger more direct phrases. See: Fornication. Compare: Making Love as it applies to the Family Hour.
      The term itself is an Anglicization of a Gypsy expression meaning an underhanded deal or con. One does have to wonder if it passed into common usage in combination with Ladies who "Dropped their Hanky" (which see) to pick up Gentlemen resulting in... well... Fucking.

Happily Married
      According to various "Women's Magazines" (which see) and TV talk shows, the term is only applied to Metrosexual men who are both Cuckold and bound in legal Wedlock to a woman who has her every need and whim met while she keeps him from straying, except for an occassional Homosexual fling, through the careful application of subtle control and behavior modification as outlined in the magazines. However, said woman is allowed to have a Paramour, male and/or female, as well as a wide selection of Sex Toys, to meet her blooming sexual needs.
      Formerly, the term applied to both men and women who didn't know they were supposed to be miserable while living with each other for life.

Happy Ending
      In classic Greek theater and epic poems, any story which ended happily was a comedy (hence the two theatrical masks 'Comedy' and 'Tragedy'). In modern literature, and Chic Flick movies (which see), such a finale is almost required because you do not want your target audience sad when they leave after paying nine dollars for a ticket because they may not come back. The same is usually true in children's stories for basically the same reason.
      More to our good work here, the term is applied to a style of full body Massage that ends with a Sex Act between the masseuse and the customer. In the majority of cases it is a female masseuse providing the male client with a Handjob, and occasionally Fellatio. However, with the spread of women only spas and health clubs that offer massage services it is becoming more and more available and acceptable for women where their masseuse propels them through Orgasm using their hands or a Vibrator during or after the overall massage, or providing a dedicated hot tub with appropriately located pulsing jets of hot water. See: Yoni Massage, Vibrator, Darkfinger, and other related topics.
      In most jurisdictions, said interaction between staff and a male client would be considered Prostitution, which see.

"Happy Hooker"
      Self-descriptive term and name of a hotel (no I'm not kidding), and the iconic book and subsequent related sequels, released on the tail end of the Sexual Revolution by Xaviera Hollander, which see.
      The term has also been thrown around to include those who practice said trade, or appear to, or even just act or dress like it, whether or not they engage in actual Prostitution is irrelevant. Compare: 'Hooker with a Heart of Gold'.

      Anything forbidden under Sharia Law (which see). A few good examples are pork, alcohol, and this Glossary. As well as anything any local mullah or imam, the religious police, or just about anybody else doesn't like, such as keeping pet birds, whistling, or flying kites, which are not addressed at all in the Qur'an. The penalties for committing any act so banned range from death to... well, under the Mutawwa'în in Saudi Arabia, death is about it. Compare: Harem.

Hard Body
      Semi-slang term for someone who is extremely physically fit, such as an athlete. Does not refer to Supermodels who are Anorexic or otherwise abnormally thin. The expression refers to the tone of the muscles and sculpted appearance of the physique being discussed, not starvation. See: Fitness and related topics.
      The term is usually used as a compliment and something to be admired. However, extreme fitness, such as with professional Body Builders, is not usually considered Sexy. In fact, it may be the exact opposite and actually considered disgusting and repulsive.

Hard Casting
      Term is usually used exclusively for 'proof of willingness' type casting interviews and screen tests for Hardcore photographic shoots. The test often requires the prospective actor or actress to perform every act to later be included in the full production and to do so with another actor(s), in front of the camera and at least a partial crew. Any reluctance or less than enthusiastic performance may result in the candidate being rejected, however, a certain amount of coaching and encouragement is usually given to new prospects. There is an equivalent type of casting tryout for stuntmen, professional fighters, and others where actual performance is the primary requirement. See: Modeling (Talent) Agency, Adult Actress, You Can Be A Porn Star, and related.
      This is a totally different concept than the Casting Couch (which see) phenomenon which is still seen in Hollywood and Broadway where the actor earns their way onto a cast for a production by Having Sex with an official with the production such as the producer.

Hard On
      One of an almost endless list of terms for the male Penis with an Erection. See: Erection, Spontaneous Erection.

Hard to Get
      Most usually a Tease whom does not follow through with the Sexual Activity they have been suggesting. See: Coy, "put a ring on it", Engaged, and so on.

      Various meanings, only one of which is relevant to our current work here. Others include a type of single-minded dedication to a given cause or activity which is almost Obsessive, which could be involved. But we'll stick to the following.
      Images (moving or still) of human Sexuality involving either representations or actual Sexual Activity. Depictions of actual Intercourse and other person to person contact which reveals obviously Aroused sexual organs or more intense fetish activity are usually deemed hardcore. As are depictions of open vulva and erect penises whether or not sex is occurring. The term has no legal meaning in most jurisdictions and is often incorrectly used by various parties (usually religious fundamentalists and other social engineers) in reference to things like swimsuit pictorials and lingerie advertising, which are NOT hardcore. Can include paintings, cartoons, and other representations. See: Adult Movie, Softcore, Obscene, "I know it when I see it" (a reference to a Supreme Court ruling), and related.

      Traditionally the group of women kept by a male monarch or other ruler of a Middle Eastern or Oriental country. Said women would be wives and Concubines, and even female servants who may be 'promoted' to Concubine or Consort status if they please their master. In many cases, for any other male to even look at the women was forbidden or "Haraam", hence the related term 'harem'. See: Bigamy, Polygamy. Compare: Haraam.
      Other uses of the term, such as to describe a group of Prostitutes who work for a Pimp, are improper and simply show the user's ignorance.

      Somewhat obsolete term for a female Prostitute (which see). Often used in historical works and is seen in the Bible, as follows.
"I will not punish your daughters when they commit whoredom, nor your spouses when they commit adultery: for themselves are separated with whores, and they sacrifice with harlots: therefore the people that doth not understand shall fall."
- Hosea 4: 14 (KJV)

Harrison Marks (1926 - 1997)
      Full name, George Harrison Marks. Well known photographer of cats (yes... Felis catus). Released a major work on the subject Cats' Company of portrait style and art photographs of cats in 1960. Although the book is out of print, it is still available through various online sites.
      Also known as one of the early celebrity photographers who attempted to capture the personality of the individual he was photographing. Some of his portraits of the biggest stars of the time are classics. See: Celebrity.
      Perhaps somewhat better known as a Glamour and Nude photographer throughout the 1950's through the end of his life. Marks, along with his favorite model, Pamela Green, reinvented Glamour Photography as a cross between Cheesecake and Softcore pornography with a strong dose of Art thrown in to keep the censors at bay. The collections of postcard sized images they produced and sold were remarkable for several reasons, including the quality of the images as well as the beauty of the models (some of which he used throughout his career, such as Green, June Palmer, and Margaret Nolan), and transformed the world of Pinups. Marks never looked back. Throughout his career Marks started, ran, and then either sold or folded several photography magazines including Kamera, Solo, and Kane. The last of which was dedicated to Spanking. While Marks dabbled in other mediums and formats ranging from animal photography to hardcore, he always returned to his first best calling of Glamour. See: Pinup, Glamour Photography, Softcore, Spanking and other topics.
      Over the years Marks produced and released over 200 super 8 and videotape movies through various production companies including Maximus Films, covering various genres. Marks' films covered the range from the early Striptease and Nude skits that were often humorous or had a clever twist at the end, almost always featured female models who were Stacked, through his later near Obsession with Spanking before the end of his life. One of his films in 1961 resulted in Obscenity charges being pressed over the content of The Window Dresser, the charges were later dismissed. See: 8mm (reference to Super 8), Striptease, Obscenity, Stacked, Voluptuous, and related.
      Perhaps most famously were two of the several feature length 'general release' (not porn) motion pictures Marks produced and directed. Naked as Nature Intended released in 1961 was simply an excuse to show a large number of Voluptuous models, which Marks always used (when he wasn't photographing cats that is), sans clothes. Then the 1965 opus The Naked World of Harrison Marks is as much about his life and work as he wanted people to think it was as it was autobiographical. Marks was, if nothing else, a master of self promotion. Some have whitewashed his reputation and cast Marks as a 'reluctant pornographer'. That is absolute bullshit, Marks not only enjoyed it immensely, he chose to continue in the genre even when there were other options, such as mainstream 'fully clothed' movies, even though in his later years Marks didn't want to talk about the several dozen hardcore movies he made under various other names (including 'Uncle Charlie').
      At one point Marks was asked by a reporter if he Had Sex with his models. Marks' reply is a classic (if slightly paraphrased): "If I answer 'no', you won't believe me. If I answer 'yes', you'll think I'm a dirty old man. So I never answer that question."

Harry Reems
      One of the original crop of Porn Stars, Reems starred in dozens of the infamous Stag Films and 8mm shorts for years before the Adult Industry boomed in the early 1970s. It was Gerard Damiano's 1972 movie Deep Throat with Linda Lovelace (which see) which brought Reems to the attention of the FBI. He was arrested and convicted on Obscenity (also see) charges, which were later overturned. However, it did mark Reems with the notoriety of being the first American to be prosecuted for making an Adult Movie (for which he was paid $100 for a day of work). Reems went on to star in several other classic films such as 1973's The Devil in Miss Jones as well as several niche and Fetish films.
      Born in 1947 as Herbert Streicher in the Bronx, Reems is one of the male stars who Fucked the then underage Traci Lords on film.
      Today, Reems is retired from the Adult Industry and is, believe it or not, a real estate agent in Utah.

Have Sex, Having Sex, Had Sex
      Heterosexual Genital Intercourse, and variations thereof, future-, present-, and past- tenses.

He-She, Heshe
      In most cases, a Transsexual, Transvestite, Cross Dresser, or even a Rae Rae, see said terms.
      In some cases, a person who is Hermaphroditic or Androgynous, see said terms.
      Can also be a person who is midway through Sex Change Surgery, see said term.
      A Third Sex such as a Hijra, see said term, although such usage to refer to them is considered vulgar and even in some cases sacrilegious. Also see related terms such as: Intersex, Ambisexual, Epicene, and so on.

Head Job, Head
      Multiple meanings including the position of a senior boss or other official, mental insanity, a drug user, or other unstable person. For this Glossary's context see Fellatio.
      The single term is also used to refer to the restroom on a ship, as in: "where's the head?".

Headache, "I have a headache"
      Umbrella term for pain in and around the head including the upper sinuses, neck and jaw (such as with TMJ), or that is perceived as being within the brain itself such as with chronic migrainous neuralgia or cephalgia (cluster headaches). Any number of conditions can cause or contribute to said pain, including underlying medical conditions that may be serious, such as cancer, infections, or arthrosclerosis. Stress can also play a significant role in said pain, and treatment for it may be as simple as a vacation day or a trip to the chiropractor.
      Excuse used by Wives and other women since the dawn of time to discourage their husbands and other men from attempting to engage in Heterosexual Genital Intercourse (Fucking) or other Sex Acts with them under their Conjugal Right. It should also be said here and now that in the overwhelming majority of the cases where said excuse was used, that it was a lie. The phrase has now morphed into a cheap laugh by even cheaper comics and was recently used on the promotion for a Women's Issues and Titillation talk show to get a laugh after they discussed having a Date Night with their Husband. For some reason they don't see the connection between the "oldest excuse" and the "Oldest Profession". See highlighted terms as well as: Marian Doctrine, Marital Relations, Wifely Duty, Conjugal Right.
      Contrary to the 'Old Wives Tale' (which see) and various talk shows, Sex is known to cure headaches and regular Orgasms have been known to prevent or minimize recurring migraines.

Heart, Heart-shaped, including <3
      Multiple meanings including: The muscular blood pumping organ usually located in the chest of a vertebrate animal. Also, the center of a given object, such as a city or a forest. May include objects of said outline such as swimming pools, greeting cards, and loaves of bread. The 'shape' factor also includes the general configuration of a young woman's Butt. (which see, pun intended).
      More to our ongoing effort here is the idea that the 'heart' is the center of emotions and to "heart" something as with the <3 sign is to Love it. For example see: Valentine. Also see: Romance.

Heart Wrenching, "Tugging at the Heartstrings"
      Playing excessively to the emotions of sympathy, compassion, and sadness. Often to end happily in a flagrant attempt to induce an emotional outburst. Often now seen in Romantic Comedy or Chick Flick movies for no other reason than to sell the movie to women as such. Also seen at the end of the 1957 Disney classic, Old Yeller where every man who has ever seen it gets a little damp-eyed.
      Said evocative language is often deployed in attempts to raise money for charities by parading needy kids, mentally ill homeless people, those with physical disabilities or other sympathetic individuals to play on the Guilt of the audience and goad them into giving. Even where such a "dog and pony" show is irrelevant to the cause being promoted.
      See: Chick Flick, Emo, Guilt, Romantic Comedy, and other related terms.

Heartache, Heartbreak
      In Latin: "Aegra amans" (literally, '"lover's sickness)
      The Emotional torment one feels when in, or out, of love at either the start or end of a relationship, or even at the point of any significant change within the relationship. A powerful, and indeed, overwhelming combination of a long list of emotions including: euphoria, helplessness, overwhelming lust, a sense of disappointment or betrayal, a profound feeling of loss, grief, uncertainty, confusion, anger, excitement that something is beginning, and relief that it is over even while one feels continued love for the person.
      The 'lover's sickness' can be exhibited as both psychological symptoms as well as various very realistic physical symptoms. These can lead to deep depression and even Death. See: Broken Heart, Guilt.
      Both terms have spawned much in the way of poetry, music, drama, and even a few good smut stories.
      See: Rebound, Divorce, Sexual Frustration, and other highlighted terms.

"It's a fool's game,
Nothing but a fool's game,
Standing in the cold rain,
Feeling like a clown.

It's a heartache
Nothing but a heartache.
Love him till your arms break
Then he lets you down."

It's A Heartache Music and lyrics by Scott & Wolfe, recorded by various artists including Bonnie Tyler, originally released 1977.

      Unobtainable object of desire and Lust, most often a young handsome male TV star or other Celebrity. Most usually used in reference to a female audience's infatuation with a male version of a Babe, as in a male Sex Symbol. See: Crush, Celebrity.

Heat, Heat Rating
      Terms used in Erotica to rate how Explicit or otherwise "hot" a given work is depending on the intended audience. In most cases, the more icons used to score the intensity of the Sex Scenes the 'hotter' it is considered, such as five lit matches would be 'scorching' (meaning Sexual Activity is depicted often, very graphically, and in great detail), while one match would be a 'snoozer' (meaning it would be safe for the Family Hour). See highlighted terms.
      Your Good Brutha usually writes things rated with multiple canisters of napalm instead of a 'lit match'.

Heavenly Body
      The traditional use includes the visible planets and stars seen in the night sky as well as the actual persons of various gods and goddesses such as the Olympians of classical Greece whom many of those planets were named for. It has also been used to refer to the transfiguration of the physical body of a person who ascends to the abode of GOD (which see), if not the actual manifestation of the Deity itself as a being in space and time, those who have done so, and come back to tell us about it, include Jesus, Paul the Apostle, Moses, and Enoch.
      The word has also been tossed around to describe the physical appearance of various Sex Symbols and Bombshells, with Hourglass or Voluptuous Figures and other such attributes. See said terms. There is a quote from one at Sex Symbol!

Heavy Breathing
      Most often a Euphemism for Sexual Activity as that is often the only deep breathing most people ever do. Usually regarded as Sexy when in other context. See Breathy Voice for good example.
      Often experienced by those who either place or receive Obscene Phone Calls, which see.

Heavy Petting
      Obsolete term for Mutual Masturbation, Fingering, Finger Fucking, and so on. When the term was in use it was usually regarded as either second or third base, see Bases. Also the subject and title of various Chick Flick / Titillation type of movies over the years, none of which are actually worth watching except as a form of penance. See: various subjects as mentioned. Also see: Petting, Tunnel of Love, Necking, Making Out.

      A Felony. The practice of engaging in Sex Acts with Children, male or female, who are in early Adolescence or Puberty (which see for discussion), usually the early teen years, see: Teenager. There are those that separate this particular Deviance from the more widely recognized Pedophilia, when actually, it is the same thing. See: Pedarist, Pedophile, and related.

Hedonism, Hedonistic, and Hedonism Resorts®
      Pursuing pleasure to the exclusion of all else. In this case, may be thought of as being a Libertine. Often regarded as a sin in various religious communities. As opposed to an Epicure who enjoys a luxurious and pleasurable lifestyle, but not to excess or obsession. The opposite would be an Ascetic. Something of an equal term would be being a Sybaritic, which see. Also see the latest self obsessed pleasure version at: ASMR.
      The Hedonism Resorts in Jamaica are a known adult playground for those with the cash to spend on such pursuits as a week's stay may cost several thousand dollars. They are famously clothing optional with staff that are eager to please (and be tipped) while the guests are usually equally open to suggestion and the question isn't whether they Swing, but how far. Owned by Superclubs Inc. the resorts have a minimum age of 18 for admission. The resorts have served as the location and backdrop for a large number of Adult Entertainment productions. See: Naturalism, Nudism, Swinging. After Hours Club. "When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before."
- Mae West (1893-1980)

      Position for Sexual Intercourse with the Receiver on top doing the Splits, the implication is that they can rotate while being penetrated like the blade of the flying machine. Such a feat is more likely with the assistance of a trapeze or Pleasure Swing. See: highlighted terms.

Hellfire Club, the
      Any of several British clubs of Rakes, originally called 'Rake hells' founded by various nobles and aristocrats during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth century. The most famous incarnations with the most influential members, including at least one Lady of society, met at the Medmenham Abbey near West Wycombe near London. The clubs were predominately devoted to various kinds of debauchery, including booze, some drug use as was available at the time, mock religious, Masonic, and quasi-satanic rituals, and... oh yes, sex. Lots of sex, of every conceivable variety, to excess. But the first group, led by Duke Philip Wharton (1698 - 1730), was also heavily into politics and found themselves on the wrong side of the Jacobite rebellion. They disbanded under a cloud after a short but auspicious existence.
      The group which was organized not long after the original's demise perhaps had more important members including, American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790). It was founded by Baron Francis Dashwood (1708 - 1781) who was a known associate of Franklin's. Dashwood, like Old Ben, had an interesting and even colorful history, including, at one point being drunk and disorderly in the Sistine Chapel with a riding crop. They too met at the old abbey where the phrase "Fay ce que voudras" Do what thou wilt was carved over the door.
      Other groups have claimed the legacy of the Club, while most have been a mere pretender and hollow echo of the originals, at least they have kept the spirit of the intent of their memory alive.
      Legend has it that the 'monks' of the club would snatch ladies, and men as well, off the streets and smuggle them into their realm where they would ravish them until daybreak, then the hapless victim would be dumped, dead or alive, nude in an alley where they would be found later. Rumors also suggest dark rituals, evil magic, and even human sacrifice took place in the shadowy confines of the tunnels under the abbey. The truth of the matter, while just as hard to determine, may be somewhat less interesting. However, one thing that cannot be exaggerated is the legacy of the Hellfire Clubs as seen even today in private sex and after hours clubs world wide. See: Rake, Libertine, Sexual Excess, Roue, Sexual Depravity, Pleasure Palace, Sex Club, Gentleman's Club, After Hours Club, and related entries.
"The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself."
- Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790)

      The Fetish of being Sexually Aroused by blood and blood-play. May or may not be related to Vampirism, which see. This is another case where the serious risks to health from indulging in such sport cannot be overstated.

Hentai, Manga, Bishojo, Shunga
      Adult themed animated TV shows or movies, usually hand drawn but Computer Generated Imagery (see CGI) is being used more often. Originally created in Japan, however the art has spread and the terms now apply to said medium regardless of country of origin. Often features strong (if cartoonish) violence (see Shunga), sexual themes, fetish material, and so on, especially in the 'shunga' genre. The situations and actions are often totally unbelievable fantasy type representations however, even so, they are usually not acceptable for children. Also video games based on such artwork and themes. Said cartoons have also inspired related video and adventure games. See: H-Games. Also see: Anime, Bishojo, Manga

"Her First....", "His First...."
      Phrases usually followed by a descriptive by terms such as Anal, Double Penetration, Lesbian / Gay, Sex Teacher, and etc, and end with variations of the word Sex. Such as 'her first anal sex'.
      All are used as a hook by various adult websites, mostly pay sites at that, to draw in users looking for fresh faces (and bodies) and more Realistic responses from the Adult Actors being shown. However, if one takes the time and makes the effort to check into exactly who is on the screen, you'll find out that most of those being touted as having their, for example, 'first anal sex' have been in the Adult Industry for years and were very likely the 'anal slut of the month' on another site sometime last year.
      Compare: information at Wife. Also see: Housewife, MILF, Hot Mom, Adult Actor, Porn Star, and related.

Hermaphrodite, Hermaphrodism, Hermaphroditic
      One whom is born with physical traits or Sexual Characteristics of both the male and the female Sexual Organs and the related condition, sometimes described as being Intersexed (which see). In many cases the decision used to be made by the Mother of the child which sex she wanted the baby to be and surgery was performed to 'correct' the condition. This often led to much discomfort later in the child's life. Today in the west the child is often allowed to grow as born if there are no further complications such as urinary tract disruption. See: Androgyny, Transsexual, She-Male, Sex Change Surgery, "Chicks With Dicks", Hijra, Third Sex, Ambisexual, Epicene, Gender Dysphoria.
      The term is based on the name of the minor Greek god Hermaphroditus who was the son of Aphrodite and Hermes but was turned Androgynous by another god.

Hershey® Highway
      See: Anal Intercourse, Also see: Chocolate- second entry. Is not related to the Pennsylvania based chocolate company's main access route. Said usage is frowned on by the company.

      One of the most Politically Incorrect entries in this entire Glossary.
      Depicting anything related to the Heterosexual life as right and/or 'normal. When the Liberals are certain that living that way is totally wrongheaded and is something forced on individuals by society.
      The term is used as a pejorative in mainstream media to indicate that there is something abnormal about Heterosexual Genital Intercourse and that anybody who believes it to be good and natural needs counseling and medication to open their mind to other lifestyles. Also see: Cisgender / Ciscentric
"Anybody that you put on TV five hours a week is at some point is going to say something stupid."
-Rosie O'Donnell (born 1962)

      Those who prefer sexual activity between the male and female of the species over any other sexual relationships. Also items and subjects of interest to those involved. See: following entry, as well as previous entry.

Heterosexual Genital Intercourse
      Sex between a Male and a Female and those who prefer that activity over any other sexual relationships. Also items and subjects of interest to those involved.
      The actual sex act itself. Usually refers exclusively to the Penis Penetrating the Vagina, not to auxiliary activities such as Oral or Anal sex.

      Medically speaking, a superficial bruise to the skin. More in line with our work here, a bruise that is applied to the skin of a Lover, using the Mouth through prolonged suction on the skin, usually on the neck or shoulder but can be done almost anywhere on the body, and usually done during Lovemaking, especially Heterosexual Genital Intercourse. It needs to be said here and now that this is NOT the Fetish of Odaxelagnia as usually the skin is not broken and all blood remains inside the body of its owner. Also see: Love Bite.

Hide the Sausage
      An example of a term used by Erotica writers and Pornography producers when they are trying to 'be cute'. (Note: Your Good Brutha has NEVER used the term!) Such terms generally are not accepted into general use. However, this one may be one of the exceptions that prove the rule as it has been seen 'in the wild' as a Euphemism for the Sex Act.
      The term is usually used to mean Heterosexual Genital Intercourse (Fucking), however, it was recently seen in relation to the Gay act. See: Intercourse and another example at Pumping Poop.

High Beams, Headlights
      Electric lamps used for night driving which are somewhat brighter, usually by almost double the candlepower, and aimed at a point or points further ahead of the vehicle giving greater illumination and thus safety. Most states require the switch from 'brights' to low beams when another car is approaching so as to not temporarily render other drivers 'night blind'.
      As used in this context (not automotive) a woman's excited and erect nipples visible through her clothing. Said condition usually does not indicate sexual excitement, but a change in temperature, embarrassment, or in some cases, even anger as a rise in blood pressure may cause it as well. See: Nipples, Breasts, Tits and etc.
      Most famous example may be Marilyn Monroe's nipples as visible in several of her movies and appearances as being almost always erect. However, this was a bit of subterfuge on Ms Monroe's part as she sewed pearls into the front of the cups of her brassieres and other costumes knowing full well the amount of attention such a detail would command. It worked. See: Sex Symbol, Bombshell.
      Causing said excitement in the Nipple is the reason those who douse the contestants in Wet T-shirt Contests with ice water. It is very effective and those who have an Obsession with Breasts appreciate it, and pay well for the privilege of seeing it.

High Maintenance Woman / Man
      An individual, usually a Woman, who requires a great deal of attention, money, gifts, Flattery and Compliments (true or not), from their Significant Other. The term has been applied to the same sort of man, who is often but not necessarily Gay. This is often seen in the ranks of Celebrities. See highlighted terms. Also see and compare: Trophy Wife, Golddigger, Pussy Whipped, Attention Whore, Drama Queen, Bitch, Metrosexual, Cuckold, etc.

High Society
      Traditionally: the aristocracy or other monied elite, Courtiers, Socialites, and those who would associate with such people. Most famously, those who frequented the Paris Salons before the Revolution and the Terror put them out of business. See: Jet Set, Casanova, Playboy, Roue, Trophy Wife, and related terms. Compare: Peyton Place.
      Also, a Men's Magazine which had very little to do with the previous statement.

Hijra, Kojja, Chakka, and etc.
      Terms for those who belong to what is effectively a Third Sex in some jurisdictions in Southern and Southeastern Asia and elsewhere. The majority of those individuals so identified are biologically male, however, they take on a self identity and societal roles that are more often identified as female. A minority of those have been Castrated (a Eunuch, which see) or totally Emasculated so as to better perform this role as the Nirwaan, a subset of the 'Hijra'. An even smaller number are biologically Hermaphrodites or Androgynous and in some groups are highly revered in their religious sects. Depending on the culture, the Hijra may be monks or priests, or even prostitutes. Some perform cultural or religious rituals such as speaking to the spirits of ancestors, as with the Native American "Two Spirit People" (which see), others are household servants.
      The legal and societal status of these individuals depends on the locale, and there have been various attempts to legally recognize them as a Third Sex (which see) which have met with more or less success in different countries. Also see: Intersex and other highlighted terms.

Hippie (Hippy), Hippie Chick
      The group that inherited the mantle of the previous group of young people, the 'Beatniks' who strived for social Change in the fifties and early sixties. Except the Hippies added more Sex and louder music to the mix. The girls, ranging in age from mid Teens through late twenties would add their bodies to the Sexual Revolution which incorporated and in some ways superseded what the Hippies were doing.
      In general the Hippies were about 'peace and love', with meaningless slogans like 'flower power' and 'peace out' being thrown around almost ad nauseum. The Hippies lost much of the power intrinsic in their numbers due to conflicting ideals and a loss of focus (pun intended) between those who were heavy into drugs, and the political activists among them who were indeed out to change the world. And they would change the world, only they'd do it twenty years later as they grew up and took their ideals into the halls of power in DC and elsewhere as political liberals.
      See: relevant quote at Turn On.
      Also see: Free Love, Summer of Love, Go Go Girl, and even: Change.

"Hit That"
      Somewhat stupid slang expression which means, essentially, to engage in a Sex Act with somebody. Normal usage is in the vein of "I'd 'hit that'" which is to say "I'd like to Fuck her." The term has been seen 'in the wild' applying both to proposed Heterosexual acts as well as Homosexual ones. Your Good Brutha will not use the phrase to mean Sex in any way shape or form. Compare: Hitting On. added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

Hite Report, Shere Hite
      Ms. Shere Hite (born 1942) is one of the primary founders of the feminist view of human sexuality. Her research consisted primarily of questionnaires of anonymous respondents instead of direct observation of individuals, as Masters and Johnson had done. Much of her work, including her book The Hite Report has been discredited by others in the field. See: Sex Research, Sex Education, and related topics.

Hitting On
      Flirtation or Proposition (see both). Especially seen in bars and Singles events like Mixers. Usually a slightly less sophisticated, more direct, and not quite as elegant as one would expect from, say, Cassanova, which see. But not usually a style where the remarks and comments are overtly sexual and even slightly Crude.

HIV / H.I.V.
      Human Immunodeficiency Virus.
      The virus that causes AIDS.
      See: AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Bug Chaser, Unprotected Sex, and related.

Ho, Hoe, Hole
      A woman, and especially her Vagina.
      For this Glossary: Massively degrading term used by rappers and those who think like them to describe women as an object or possession. Term refers specifically to the Pussy and the woman's value as based on said body part, akin to calling her a 'Cunt'. Has been adopted by the community as a generic reference for women, although the meaning is still there. Compare: the underlying meaning of Virtue although 'ho' has nothing to do with the woman's Virginity or lack thereof. Also Compare: Fuckstick.
      Use of the term outside of the world of hip-hop and rap is usually considered sexist, demeaning, disrespectful, and otherwise insulting. See: Slang. It is worth noting here that this listing is the ONLY time Your Good Brutha has EVER used the term. Also see Skank and related.

Holding Hands, Hand Holding
      Literally: one person grasping the hand, including the fingers, thumb, and perhaps even wrist, of another.
      Physical gesture with multiple layers of meaning ranging from authoritarian control to Love, Affection, and Physical Intimacy. Along the way you find friendship, religious significance, guidance, comfort, safety, and every other possible Emotion humans can associate with a gesture. It is fair to say that more can be read into this than even a Kiss (which see). Therefore, overall, this one falls beyond the scope of this Glossary... so we'll end with a song from Hootie and the Blowfish, (you will notice that there is nobody named (or nicknamed) 'hootie' on the list of members).
      For more see such topics as Courtship, Dating, Public Display of Affection, Four Stages Of Love, Emotions, and related.

"Yesterday, I saw you standing there
Your head was down, your eyes were red
No comb had touched your hair
I said get up, and let me see you smile
We'll take a walk together
Walk the road awhile, 'cause

'Cause I've got a hand for you
I've got a hand for you
'Cause I wanna run with you
Won't you let me run with you? yeah

Hold my hand
Want you to hold my hand
Hold my hand...."

- Hootie and the Blowfish, Hold My Hand. Written by: Mark Bryan, Dean Felber, Darius Rucker, Jim Sonefield. Album: Cracked Rear View, Atlantic Records, 1994

Home Run
      Related to the "Bases" which see, the equivalent to having Sexual Intercourse. See: Fucking, "Going All The Way".

Homewrecker, Home-wrecker
      Traditionally, a Mistress or Paramour, which see. Also see: Marriage, Divorce, Adultery.
      However, the concept has now spread to other persons and objects to whom one person in a committed long term Relationship devotes more time and effort than they do to their Significant Other. This could be a hobby, a job, or just about anything else. It is worth noting in both the traditional use and the modern incarnation that the 'other spouse' has probably contributed to the degradation of the relationship to where whatever has 'come between them' could come between them. Also see: Cheating, Open Marriage, and related.

      A world view that focuses on Homosexuality, the great deeds of great people who were Gay, or who are now depicted as Gay, or who may have wanted to be gay, or who the activists wish were gay, or who might have been gay if they had lived in San Francisco in the 1980s, and so on, ad nauseam. Also, works so dedicated, their audience, those with such a political agenda, who cater to them, and so on, ad nauseam. And if you are not one, you are Homophobic. Right? bullshit
      The current attitude of most mainstream media in the USA. See: "That's So Gay", Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network.

      Erotic works geared to a predominately Homosexual audience, most usually for a male homosexual audience although the term applies equally to Lesbian material. See: "Gay For Pay" and related topics.
      A situation which is geared to use homosexuality to excite those in the audience. Also applicable to a situation where the homosexual aspect is meant to humiliate those involved, especially if they are men, as with many Hollywood movies having Misandristic or Feminist themes.

Homophobia, Homophobic
      Irrational and unreasonable fear of Homosexuals, most usually, Gay men. Acting on said fear. One of the more prevalent of the Sex Phobias. Has been expanded to include Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transsexuals, and so on. Compare: Internalized Homophobia.

      The Sex Act between persons of the same Sex- female and female, or male and male, and those who prefer said Sexual Activity. Also adult material dedicated to said audience featuring settings and events of interest to them. See: Straight, Metrosexual, Punk, "Gay For Pay", Bender (as slang), Closet, "Natural Use of the Woman", and related. For the Bible's stand on the act, see the quote at "Lie With".
      The definition does include those who prefer Sexual Activity with those of their own Sex, but do not act on such preference. See: Homosexual Tendencies, Corrective Rape.

Homosexual Intercourse
      In most cases: Male Homosexual Anal Intercourse. Also applicable to lesbians with strap on, but said use for the term is all but unheard of. See: Top, Bottom, Anal Intercourse, "Gay For Pay", "Natural Use of the Woman".

Homosexual Rape
      Most often forced Anal Intercourse by one man on another, also called Sodomy. Has also been used to describe the Lesbian versions of the act. See: Forced Feminization, Felony, "Situational Homosexuals", Sexual Predator, Pedarist, Lesbian Rape, and so on.

Honey, Honeybear, Honeybunch, etc
      Natural sweetener produced by bees from flower nectar. Sometimes stored in a dedicated 'pot', see: Honeypot.
      For our present work here, one of an almost endless list of terms for the Vaginal fluids released when a woman is Sexually Aroused. Especially when said excitement is due to Cunnilingus. See: Honeypot, Arousal, Lubrication, and related terms.
      The compound terms are used as Pet Names (which see) and Diminutives to indicate Affection. The general idea is to indicate Sweetness. Said terms are often used toward both children as well as those of Romantic linkage and do not indicate the level of the relationship. See: Sugar, Sweets, Diminutive, Sweet Nothing, and other such terms. Also see song lyrics at "Roses are red..." and at Brown Sugar.
      The term 'honey' can also be heard being used toward customers by waitresses where it simply indicates that she is paying attention to you in a friendly but professional way. In which case... give her a good tip.

      Overhyped holiday away for newly married couple after a Marriage ceremony. Most usually both parties are too exhausted from the events of the day to do more than sweat nervously with Performance Anxiety (which see) and over-anticipation of either how great or how horrible the Wedding Night will be to Consummate the marriage by Having Sex. Lavish expensive Wedding ceremonies, receptions, and honeymoons have probably led to a large number of annulments and Divorces afterward. The best way to take a honeymoon is to wait until six months or a year after the Wedding day. See: Trousseau for more on why.
      Believe it or not, the question as to whether or not the Bride's mother should accompany her on her honeymoon WAS considered reasonable not all that long ago in several Western traditions. See: Mother in Law, "Advice to the young bride", "Lie Back And Think Of England". Also see: "Day After Photographs".

Honeypot, her Honeycup, etc
      Various uses. Including an actual container for the product of bees, and a trap set in computer networks that looks like an information loaded soft target to alert the network administrator of an intrusion by hackers.
      For the term used in reference to a Lover see: Pet Name, Diminutive, Sweet Nothing, Honey.
      The term is also used occasionally to refer to a woman's vagina and especially its ability to produce sweet secretions when she is Sexually Aroused and Lubricating. See: Honey and related terms there listed. Your Good Brutha has never used it as such.

Hoochey-Coochey (spellings vary), Hoochey-Coochey Girls
      Phrase used to describe the Middle Eastern Dance also called Belly Dancing, and the dancers themselves, in Burlesque theaters. Most famous example was Little Egypt at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. The veiled sexuality of the phrase and its inherent Double Entendre probably sold as many tickets to the performances as anything else. See: related terms.
      Today the phrase is reminiscent of the catch words used by Charo (born... well... sometime between 1940 and 1955), "Cuchi cuchi", and meaning much the same thing. (NOTE: Charo's birth name is: María del Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza de Rasten. we'll stick to 'Charo')

Hooker, Hooker's Girls
      Slang phrase for a Prostitute, usually used in terms of a Streetwalker. Implies a female who has male clients, but the term is not Sex or Sex-Act specific. See: Prostitute, Call Girl, Harlot, John, Trick, Tipplezone, and related terms.
      This page is not a debunking site, but this term requires it. The term 'hooker' as a synonym for Prostitute was in use long before General Joseph Hooker (1814 - 1879) used Camp Followers, the infamous Hooker's Girls, as a recreational outlet for his officers and men, and if some of the scuttlebutt is to be believed, for himself in between bouts of gambling and drinking. Also see Carousing. However, there is no doubt that said association during the War Between the States that the term ended up as popular as it is. debunking due to repeated user emails suggesting the origin of the term

"Hooker with a Heart of Gold"
      Romanticized idea popular in fiction and to some degree in real life, see Xaviera Hollander as an example, where a 'Lady of the Evening' behaves nobly or acts charitably in a way which would otherwise not be expected of her. Term has also been applied to Politicians when they don't act like Assholes and do something decent. See: highlighted terms as well as Prostitute and related.

      Multiple Uses:

  • A chain of "soon to be relatively famous" restaurants featuring chicken wings, hamburgers, and a very good steamed seafood sampler platter, founded in 1983 and based in Georgia and Florida. The chain's waitresses are required to wear an 'All American Girl' uniform of shorts and a halter top. The name as it applies to over 400 "tacky, yet unrefined" restaurants is a registered mark of Hooters of America, Incorporated and Hooters, Incorporated.
  • A 1980's era rock band from Philadelphia whose greatest hits were "All you zombies" and "And we danced" with its chorus that seems to be in the general theme of this Glossary:
    "And we danced, like a wave on the ocean, romanced, We were liars in love and we danced, Swept away for a moment by chance. Yeah, we danced and danced and danced"
    - Lyrics by Hyman and Bazilian, Album: Nervous Night, Columbia Records, 1985
          The band has recently reunited and is touring again to support their new Album: Time Stand Still. See more at: Dance.
  • A term used to describe forum 'dayowls' on various online forums where users check in on the board by 'hooting' in a designated thread.
  • Yet another slang term for the female Breasts, which see, pun intended.

Horizontal Bop
      Somewhat humorous (when used in small doses) Family Hour friendly Euphemism for Heterosexual Genital Intercourse (Fucking), or other Sexual Activity, regardless of the Position. Also the title to a song by Bob Seger which uses another euphemism for Sex in the lyrics- Dancing, see both the quote below and entry for that term.
      Compare: Physical (song reference). Also see: Euphemism and other highlighted terms.
"Tell 'em we'll be dancin'
Dancin' till we drop
It's time to get down and do the horizontal bop"
- Words and music by Bob Segar, Album: Against the Wind, Capitol Records, released 1980

      Usually taken to mean one whom is Sexually Aroused, or wishes they were. Compare the British term: Randy, also see Turned On, Nymphomania. This is a different phenomenon from Sexual Addiction, which also see.
      Appears to be descended from the obsolete slang term for an Erection as a man's "horn" which was in use around the time of the American War Between the States, circa 1860.

Hot, Hotness, Hot Streak, "Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight", etc.
      Various meanings, some have relevance to our work here. Entry revised after Reader Suggestion.
      A subjective measurement of the specific heat of a given mass, is indicative of the molecular motion of the body. May also include the thermal energy that body is able to transfer to another object or the atmosphere. And that's enough about thermodynamics.
      When discussing weather or related phenomenon the term is used to describe an air temperature somewhat higher than usual, or a room warmer the normal human body of 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 F) or a somewhat lower temperature with a high relative humidity factor. In the food world, the term can mean the serving temperature of the food, the operating range of an oven or other appliance set over 190C (375 F), or the addition of Spices such as capsicum containing peppers like the habanero. See: Spicy.
      When discussing things such as sports, the word is usually taken to mean that the team is on a winning streak, or is at least performing like they are not winos and have some clue as to the objective of the contest, conversely a Cold Streak means they lose a lot. See: Cold, Frigid.
      In general the phrase 'hot time...' could mean almost anything the user wants it to mean. Everything from a just a general good time to a crime wave, Dancing, unpleasant weather, wanton Naughtiness, public intoxication, public Indecency, all the way up to Sexual Activity in an Orgy. Originally however, the phrase is the title to a ragtime song from 1896 by Metz and Hayden that refers to girls in red dresses who are ready to Dance (which see) after a church meeting, see below this entry for quote. Another version refers to the 1871 Chicago fire with lyrics that vary depending on the blood alcohol level of the singers. [Note on reference: some archived versions use various colloquialisms and local references that are essentially nonsense.]
      When discussing a Woman the term and related phrases usually indicate a combination of Sexiness and Easiness (see; Sexy and Easy) which means that she may be agreeable to the Sexual Advances of another, or she may make her own, often through the use of Innuendo and Body Language which indicates that she is "In the Mood" (which see). The term may be applied to a Heterosexual male, but your Good Brutha doubts it.

"There'll be girls for everybody in this good good old town,
There's Miss Gonzola Davis and Miss Gondoola Brown,
There's Miss Henrietta Caesar, and she's all dressed in red;
I just hug and kiss her, and to me then she said;

'Please, oh please, oh do not let me fall,
You are mine and I love you best of all!
You be my man, I'll have no man at all,
There'll be a hot time in old town tonight!'

My baby, when you hear them bells go dingaling,
All join around and sweetly you must sing.
When the birds dance too, and the poets will all join in,
There'll be a hot time in old town tonight!"

- There'll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight, lyrics by Theodore M Metz, music by Joseph Hayden, published 1896 by Woodward and Co. New York.

Hot Chat, Hot Phone Lines, Phone Sex, Party Lines, '900' or '976' Numbers
      Once a fad and staple of the advertising section at the back of magazines and late night commercials featuring gorgeous female, and male, models who were in suggestively delicious poses and enticing lingerie in exotic locations just waiting to talk to you. The reality was often much less glamorous as people, and sometimes elderly people (or those who were less attractive than the models in the ads) who were able to sound young and sexy and 'give good phone', would sit in call centers to keep callers on the line as long as possible, often at rates over two dollars or more a minute, said numbers often began with a '900' area code or had '976' for a local exchange.
      Some lines were 'party lines' which supposedly featured the same gorgeous models who were sitting home alone with nothing better than to do than to talk to you about their fantasies. Again, the goal was to keep the caller on the line to generate the most profit. Some more clever providers use voice recognition software and a computer generated voice response to 'talk' to callers without having to pay an old woman who gives great phone to sit and talk.
      As an essentially unregulated service, such outfits can charge exactly what they please, and bill it to you through your regular telephone bill where you have little recourse but to pay whatever outrageous charges so generated as you DID place the call and are therefore legally obligated to pay the bill.       Also online text and voice based 'chats' where people engage in explicit sexual discussions. See: Cybering, Sexting.

Hot Coffee
      Common caffeinated brown beverage usually consumed in the morning.
      Somewhat silly slang term for Sex, especially Fucking, most usually in a One Night Stand or other Casual Sex.
      Also, scene from a 2004 video game which ignited controversy and legislation and added fuel to the Ratings system for video games, see E.S.R.B.
      In the 'hidden' sub game, the hero of the saga (the player) could Date various women, if the player completed certain objectives involving gifts and making a good impression, the girlfriends then rewarded him with game benefits such as additional life or weapons, and the opportunity to engage in Sex with them. The C.G.I. (see Computer Generated Image) graphic was in no way explicit, and the nudity was almost comical, however, it was the scene's very existence in the game that caused the firestorm. Later patches either removed or disabled the in game module. See: highlighted terms, especially the E.S.R.B., Ratings, and related.

Hot Mom
      Usually a young woman who is still Sexy in spite of having had children . See: M.I.L.F., Wife, Amateur, Reality, Lady, Cougar. Compare: Stepford Wives.
      Niche porn with said women as the primary subject. For why the model may not have ever given birth and is yet so labled, see further information at Wife and Reality.

Hot Sheet Motel, No Tell Hotel, etc.
      An actual inn, or a boarding house, or some other rental property, which is used by those who require a convenient and somewhat discrete meeting place which does not require a reservation or a long term commitment. Perhaps even offering lease terms of a period of a few hours to a walk in customer. Said businesses often have an informal working relationship with Prostitutes and / or Streetwalkers and Pimps for a steady source of business. The business may be located in a Red Light District where such transactions are commonplace. Or they may be near Singles Bars, Gay Bars, or other Adult Businesses. This idea is different from a Brothel, although the end result is substantially similar.
      The origin of the term 'hot sheet' is probably best left to the imagination of the reader, thank you.

Hot Wax Treatment
      (painful) Hair removal process using melted wax. Now the subject of intense political debate in New Jersey. See: Waxing, Shaving, Pubic Hair.

      Poorly defined term for any of the following when worn by pretty young women: tight mid-thigh to mid-calf slacks made of a clingy material, shorts that are slightly longer than Short Shorts of the Daisy Duke variety but still considered shorts, skin tight slacks of any style which highlight her figure and show Camel Toe. Argument could be made that it is the woman that makes the pants 'hot' and not the other way around, as anything on an ugly woman simply is not 'hot'. See: highlighted terms.

      The only acceptable working definition of the term involves young beautiful women who are, or are potentially, Sexually Active. Most often seen in TV commercials for men's products to imply that if you buy and use the overpriced crap being sold, such women will flock to you like ants at a picnic. Such women do exist, but unless you are a Celebrity or have a seven figure income, they have no interest in you, regardless of which after shave you use.

      The Curves (which see) of a woman's shape or figure which resemble the old glass sand-filled egg timers. See: Stacked, Voluptuous, Full Figure, Corset, Heavenly Body. Compare: Generous Curves. Example: Marilyn Monroe.

House of Ill Repute
      Outdated term meaning any residence, or other location, where 'unseemly' things take place including Prostitution, gambling, and drug use (AKA opium den). In our present context see Whore House, Red Light, Bawdy House, Sex Club, Bagnio, and so on.

      Traditionally a 'stay at home mom' Also niche porn featuring them, or at least Adult Actresses who play them. And network TV Titillation shows so dedicated. See: more information at Wife about why the women billed as a 'housewife' may not actually be married. Also see: M.I.L.F. Wife Swapping, Hot Mom, Amateur, Reality, Lady, Stepford Wives, Starved for Romance, and related.

      Holding another person close to oneself as a sign of Physical Affection or even Love. The reasons and motivations for said expression are innumerable. The styles of said clasp range from the one which is intended to comfort a small child to that which is intensely Romantic and may be seen as Foreplay or even as part of the Sex Act itself. See: Cuddle, Snuggle, Afterglow, Personal Space, Physical Intimacy, Love, Romance, and related.

"Hugs and Kisses", "XXXOOO"
      Expression of affection most often seen in relation to Valentine's Day (which see). Childish expression of Love usually signed at the bottom of a letter to an elderly relative (such as the child's grandmother) in which the arms of the letter "X" represent the crossed arms used in a Hug, and the letter "O" the mark left by a Kiss. A statement of Romantic interest usually directed to one's significant other and is seen by many women as Romantic. See highlighted terms.
      The expression "hug, hug, kiss kiss" as uttered by Hollywood types in speeches at awards shows is absolutely meaningless.

      Ancient Hawaiian dance which has been corrupted by the tourist industry into a meaningless show put on by beautiful young women in grass skirts (not that there is anything wrong with pretty women in grass skirts mind you).
      Traditional Hawaiian Hula was done by both men and women to relate a story, offer a prayer, tell a history and so on, yet the dance itself is only part of the total communication being related, the chant or song and the music itself is also part of the story. So when somebody watching a traditional hula says something like 'the motions tell a story', they are only about half right. There is no reason to believe that any hula performed off island for entertainment purposes is more than superficially traditional and has any meaning whatsoever.
      While the majority of the Pacific island cultures have their own local version of the hula with their own traditions and styles and different names for the dance, The Hula itself is unique to Hawaii. As with other traditional and historic arts, the Hula is being preserved through efforts to capture both the motions and the meaning behind them by recording both the dances and the chants that go with them.
      Although there are some similarities to such dance forms as Native American ritual dances and the Belly Dance, there is no evidence to suggest that any of them influenced the others in historic times. See: Dancing, Belly Dance, and related.

Human Sexuality, Human Sexual Response
      General term for everything in this Glossary. Huge area of behavior and an important part of life which is totally ignored by those who are uncomfortable with the idea that their own parents had to get naked and Fuck at least once, even under the Marian Doctrine (which see). Also see Libido.
      Subject of book by Masters and Johnson, the Sex Researchers in 1966. See: Sex Research, Sexual Being, Sexology.

Human Trafficking
      The modern, Politically Correct term for the international slave trade where people, adult men and women as well as children of every racial and ethnic division are bought and sold over international boundaries and across continents for everything from forced labor in diamond mines and farm fields to being housekeepers and maids for the wealthy and Sex Slaves or prostitutes. See: White Slavery, Sex Trade, Child Prostitution, Sex Trafficking.
      Not only are people being traded as a commodity on both coasts of Afrika and elsewhere on the continent, but from the Orient, Central and South America (Venezuela is a known hub) as well. Not only are they being used as Prostitutes or working in heinous conditions in sweat shops, they are also the housekeepers and nannies in the mansions of Hollywood and New York City. It is a huge international problem that is only now being focused on by various groups.
      The Desk site and all affiliated sites fully support the
the Virtual Global Taskforce

Humble, Humility
      One of the Virtues. The idea that one puts aside ones own wants and needs to the will of others as well as not overrating ones own looks, talents, or abilities. For our work in this Glossary, those ideas would carry into the realm of Sex and possibly lead to Performance Anxiety, which see. Also see Shy, Demure, Modesty, and related.

      Emotional sense of feeling shame, disgrace, or the loss of status. Similar to the classic sense of the Chinese idea of 'loss of face'. Also, the state of opening of oneself up to public derision and the spite of those who have no grounds from which to speak, such as someone being chastised for dishonesty by a member of Congress.
      Is sometimes associated with somewhat mild to medium B&D and S&M practices (see both terms) where the Submissive partner is humiliated by their Dom / Master. Often through such practices such as walking on a leash to a Collar, or being made to stay one step behind and to the side of the Master, or exposing themselves in public. Others involve such things as the Sub having to ask permission to do basic things or having to eat out of a bowl on the floor. See and compare: Initiation, Dare, Dirty Sanchez, Exhibitionsim, Begging, Revealing Clothing, and related.
      Other more extreme practices may include the Sub allowing themselves to be Urinated on, being bound and whipped until they beg for it to stop, being Cock Gagged until they Vomit, Gang Banged, used as a Ritual Offering, forced to lick honey off their master's foot or ass (see WAM), or other Extreme Sex practices. The act of which is sometimes accompanied by prolonged and intricate rituals and scripted speeches. Again the Sub must consent to beforehand or the entire matter becomes a Sex Crime. Also see: CFNM.

      Can also be used as a descriptive term for work or other movement with purpose and direction, such as a roadie pulling lighting cable (which your good brutha has done). Has been known to be used by publishers working on books to describe the furious toil they put in to get thing done, such as "I'm humping as hard and fast as I can". Also used in railroading as a method of moving cars through a yard without the use of multiple locomotives, but with the assistance of gravity through multiple switches.

Hung, "Hung Like A Horse"
      Slang usage which refers almost exclusively to a man's Penis and its relative dimensions. The equine reference implies that the man under discussion has a larger than average Endowment. See highlighted terms.

      Most usually, well built and generally handsome man. Usually with the sculpted musculature of a body builder. Often overly Vain they may spend a great deal of time and money on their appearance and will often use many of the same skin and hair treatments as women.
      Said man in an Eye Candy role on a Soap Opera or other entertainment show directed at a primarily female audience.
      Said men, especially when an actor or model, are also often Metrosexual or Gay.

"Hurts So Good"
      Counterintuitive phrase with various uses, all more or less related as follows.
      For lyrics to the song by John Cougar Mellencamp, see Algolagnia. For the even kinkier side of the idea, see S&M and Pain Fetish.
      The phrase is often used by body builders and others in extreme physical contests, such as the triathlon to refer to the 'burn' associated with heavy muscular exertion. The down side is, of course, injury and other damage from said over-use. Both parts of which are essentially the same reasons for doing it as the previous point depending on the individuals involved.
      But more to our good work here, the term is often used with diversions such as Spanking, B&D, FemDom, and so on. See said terms.

      The oppressor of Married Women, which see. "Most women are one man away from welfare" according to Gloria Steinem (born 1934). She also said "Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry." See: Married Man, Significant Other, Domestic Partner, and related.
      Also see: Sexually Frustrated, Blue Balls.
      In other news: he is an Adult Man who is Wed to an Adult Woman and whom, in a traditional Marriage is the provider for the Family.

      Usually refers to a Female who is thought to be a Slut, Easy, Strumpet, Promiscuous, etc. Most often prefaced with the term "Shameless", which see.

Hymen, Maidenhead, etc.
      The membrane-like covering of the Virgin Vagina at the Labia. In most cases normal non-sexual activity will weaken or obliterate the hymen during the girl's early years, as will the use of a Tampon. It can sometimes be so tough as to prevent all penetration of the opening or even obstruct normal menstrual flow and require medical attention to remove. In the majority of cases, if the hymen is even partially present during the first sexual encounter it will give way with only minor pain and discomfort. The expression "taking her cherry" refers to this act. See: De-flowering
      The hymen is the gold standard to indicate female virginity in many countries including much of Afrika and many Muslim nations. However, it is not a reliable indicator of innocence. In extreme cases during the young woman's premarital exam, often by village or tribal leaders with no medical training who are guided only by traditions and superstition the girl who has a damaged or missing hymen may be shunned or even killed. See: Female Genital Mutilation

      Condition similar to Nymphomania, which see. Is often diagnosed in combination with other psychological conditions. May be seen in P.G.A.D., which also see. The condition can be caused by a variety of conditions including drug abuse or reaction to prescription medication and a variety of other factors. See: Sexual Addiction.
      The condition is reported as a combination of factors including a constant state of arousal without normal cause, extreme sensitivity of the pubic areas, of the Breasts and Nipples, and other parts of the body normally associated with sexual activity, as well as Spontaneous Orgasm, Ejaculation, and associated terms.

Hypocrisy, Hypocrite, Hypocrites
      The finding of fault with others when ignoring equal or greater faults within oneself. The most famous example is the remark by Christ who told the religious leaders of the time to address the issue of the board in their own eye before they look for the speck in their neighbor's eye. The point being that it is always easier to find fault in others than in yourself. As when an obese pastor rails about the congregation's lack of Self Control (which see).
      Let's look at a recent example. In 2006 Nevada's Democratic Senator Harry Reid condemned several Republicans for taking campaign money from convicted fraudster and corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff, when he himself had received over $30,000 from the gentleman. This is hypocrisy at its best, regardless of whether or not any of those Assholes returned the money. See: Congress.
"Hypocrisy: prejudice with a halo"
Ambrose Bierce (1842 - 1914)

"I know it when I see it."
      One of the landmark rulings during the era of rampant obscenity trials was rendered in the 1964 US Supreme Court case of "Jacobellis v. Ohio". Justice Stewart wrote the below in support of the ruling that the film in question was not obscene. The movie was the French film Les Amants (the Lovers), directed by Louis Malle with Jeanne Moreau in the starring role of a doubly Adulterous wife who was even cheating on her Paramour with a much younger man. While the film was about a Provocative subject and Ms Moreau was unabashedly Sexy in the lead role, it was hardly Obscene under the blanket definition of "hard-core pornography", as the court correctly ruled. It was some ten years later that a definition of Obscene and the criteria set to determine if something was was agreed to with the Miller Test. See: extensive information and other cases at Obscene. Also see: Provocative, First Amendment, Adultery, Lady Chatterley's Lover, Three Prong Test, and related.

"I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that."
Potter Stewart (1915 - 1985)

"I love you."
      A phrase not used nearly enough when we talk to each other.
      In reference to this Glossary: the best example of a meaningful phrase spoken when one is engaging in Sex with their Significant Other. See: Love, Passion.
      This phrase is usually not considered a Sweet Nothing, which see.

"I'm a Lady"
      Statement made by a person (hopefully at least Female) who probably is not a Lady (which see) given the working definitions of the term, being neither a titled aristocrat, nor a dignified woman of class and sophistication. The statement is usually made with a sneer and the speaker's nose either up in the air, or up their own ass.

"I've Got Yours Swinging Right Here" and variations
      The reference is to the speaker's Penis. The statement made by a 'man' who is: overly impressed with his own Endowment, sufficiently ignorant to have run out of other things to say, and is implying that he would be capable of performing adequately with his Dick in some way to overwhelm whoever he is saying this to, which is most likely nonsense. Comparable to blurting out "Fuckin' A" or other meaningless phrase when all other arguments fail.
      Believe it or not: added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

Ignorant, Ignoramus, Ignorance
      ignoramus et ignorabimus Latin phrase: "we do not know and will not know".
      The intentionally uniformed or misinformed. Those who are too lazy, too closed minded, too proud, and / or too stupid to take action required to increase their own understanding of the world they live in. Instead they embrace superstition and "Old Wives' Tales", which see.
      Congress, which see.
      This term is the extreme form of Naiveté (which see) which can be cured through education. Compare: Innocence, Purity.

Illegitimate Child
      By definition: any baby born outside a legal marriage. Such as Franceschetto Cybo (1450 – 1519), one of the dozen or so illegitimate children of Pope Innocent VIII (1432-1492), who married into the powerful Italian family the Medici, and ended up Governor of Rome. Another Pope who contributed his fair share of such offspring while in office was Alexander VI, see reference at Orgy. Also see: Bastard, Love Child.

      The ability to think of events, people, and things which are not currently real, as well as to mentally conceive of things that cannot be, nor have ever been, real, and to do so in varying levels of detail. Some aspects of such a mental image and related sensations (smell, sound, taste, etc.) can be more realistic to the originator than parts of the 'real world'. Training exercises to expand ones imagination through a series of "what if" scenarios can be found in everything from actor's workshops to elementary school curriculums and cover everything from the practical "what if there was a fire in the hallway, how would you get out?" to the fantastic "what if this room were a time machine?" Such thinking is often used by children at play and by adults for problem solving and even disaster preparedness. It is worth noting that the root of the word is the Latin form of "image", implying that you are indeed seeing something with the "mind's eye".
      More in line with our discussion here is the ability to apply such an ability to the realm of Erotica. To have "naughty thoughts" about an individual one knows does require some ability to consider the "what if" situations we just discussed "what if we were stuck in an elevator together" even though said event may in fact be plausible. But the creative power to go beyond the possible to the level of an intricate Fantasy of an Erotic nature requires a level of mental energy that appears to be somewhat rare. Then to also have the ability to write it in a form that anybody else would want to read, may be considered an actual inspired gift.
      See: related topics at Role Playing, Daydream, Wet Dream, Fantasy, and so on.
"To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit."
Stephen Hawking (1942 - 2018)

      Anything that runs contrary to the accepted Values of society at large, or a given segment of it, such as a religious group. Absolutely anything can be judged to be Perverted, such as whistling in public (no I'm not kidding), and punished by those who make such as determination by anything up to and including Death. Under the religious police of Saudi Arabia, see Sharia, the rules are strict and the list of Morals Charges is long. In other places, things are more relaxed. See: Morals Charges, "Conduct Unbecoming..." and other highlighted topics.
      The definition of what is 'immoral' also includes subjects that are Taboo, Suggestive, and Indecent or Obscene, all the way up to blasphemous and treasonous. See: Conscience, Sin, Guilt and related.
      A person who acts as such. Compare: Amoral and other related topics.

Implied Consent
      Permission to act based on the idea that it was not previously denied. Such as with emergency medical treatment when the paramedics find the patient already unconscious or otherwise incapacitated, in that case, they have the patient's 'implied consent' to treat them until the patient or a next of kin requests them to stop. Said permission cannot be taken to apply to Sex, as when the 'consenting party' is Drunk, as that is actually Rape. See: Informed Consent, Consciousness, Rape.

Impotent, Impotence
      In the broadest sense: a lack of power and/or strength. Unable to produce desired results or to affect a change in a given matter. More to our point here: unable to produce an Erection, or to sustain one for a significant period of time, or to resonably perform sexually with it.
      The subject of endless TV commercials pushing Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) pills and other treatments. This condition does not mean the man is Sterile, although the possibility exists that the conditions are related. Said treatments should only be prescribed by a medical doctor and used as directed, the E.D. may be a symptom of a more serious condition such as a heart problem or diabetes.
      It needs to be said here and now, as well as elsewhere, that any man may have the problem at least once in a while, and the cause may not be immediately apparent. Such as on the job stress, an upset stomach, Performance Anxiety, fatigue, back pain, an interruption of the romantic mood, or even that old stand by, a headache. This is Normal. True permanent impotence for no underlying cause is rare. Neither of which is usually stated on the E.D. pill commercials.

In and Out Action
      Euphemism for Heterosexual Genital Intercourse (Fucking). See: Old In and Out, as well as Fucking, and other.
      NOTE: "In and Out" has been used as the name of various convenience stores since that type of market was invented, with the Double Entendre meaning full well known to everybody. See: Innuendo for a relevant Mae West quote.

in flagrante delicto
      Latin phrase meaning, almost literally, "while the wrong is burning". Usually rendered as "caught red-handed" or "in the act of committing" whatever it is.
      In our current context, it would mean caught in the very act of Adultery or Fornication. Most recently seen in the obituary of Senator Ted Kennedy (1932 - 2009), who in 1987 was caught as such with a female lobbyist while considerably intoxicated.
"Any time there's a scandal, we always try and get involved." - Larry Flynt (born 1942)

In The Mood
      Term is used almost exclusively to refer to a Woman's becoming Horny. Has also been known to be used as the title for a Glenn Miller (1904 - 1944) big band recording which was the Sexy Music of its time.

In Love
      Emotional state which carries a significant risk of developing into "Aegra amans" (see Heartache), Also see: Lovesick. The phrase implies more than just general 'love' for the individual, it also carries with it a hefty emotional load and includes Lust as well as Affection, Passion, and so on. Is usually seen as the first stages of infatuation. See highlighted terms. Also see: "Four Words for Love", "I Love You".
      There is a difference between loving someone and being "in love" with them. Somebody may love their dog, however, they are not, hopefully, "in love" with it.

      Sexual relations with near family member, usually blood relative whom one would not be legally permitted to marry. Prohibited by law in most jurisdictions and under many religious codes. Also, Fetish material related to the subject.
      Most legal and religious codes specify which members of ones immediate family are covered by the prohibition. These usually include parents (and grand- etc.), aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, children, half-siblings, first cousins, and even sometimes second cousins. Others include non-blood kin such as step-relatives, cousins once-removed, and foster or adopted relatives. Most laws prohibiting marriage of relatives second cousin or beyond have been repealed although some religious doctrines may still apply. For odd example and discussion, see: Kissing Cousins. Also see: Sister-in-Law, Mother, and related. See: Caligula for a infamous example.

Indecent, Indecency
      Material that may be in some form objectionable, but that does not meet the legal criteria for Obscene, so it is still protected under the First Amendment. Indecent Material is usually regulated or restricted in some way although it is not totally prohibited. See: Obscene, First Amendment, Free Speech, Immoral, Sexually Explicit, Lurid, Content Warning, Indecent Exposure, "Parental Advisory...". Compare: Explicit.

Indecent Exposure
      Somewhat dated legal term which refers to any type of adult nudity in public which exhibits the primary Sex Organs and Secondary Sex Organs. Said laws have been used to prosecute everybody from nursing mothers to artists and photographers and their models to half-drunken Streakers. In most cases the charges are dropped when the case goes to trial. However, threat of arrest and the associated hassle is usually enough to get whoever is involved to put their clothes back on. See: Wet T-shirt Contest, Nudism, Nude Beach, Exhibitionism, Sex In Public.

Infantile Fetish
      Fetish practice which utilizes items like baby bottles, diapers, bonnets, and other accessories in Sex Play. Most usually those who enjoy dressing up as a baby and being pampered (literally) are older men. May involve women in costume as Nurses or Nuns as the caretakers. The play may focus on a Lactating woman Breastfeeding the adult in the diaper as well. See: La Leche League, Nurse, Costume, and related.

Infertility, Infertile
      Inability to produce offspring in the usual biological way as a result of Heterosexual Genital Intercourse. While the subject is usually thought of as a 'Female Problem' (which see), there are numerous issues which can diminish the number and vitality of the Sperm to the point where he is unable to produce children. Effective treatments exist for both partners. See topics such as: Prolapsed Uterus, Endometriosis, Retrograde Ejaculation, Impotence, Gynecological Exam, and related. The opposite is Fecund (which see).

      The practice of sewing the Labia together at birth or at the onset of Menstruation to prevent the young girl from engaging in Intercourse before Marriage. A small opening is left so she may pass Urine and Menstrual blood but not to allow other Penetration. Sometimes other alterations are made to the exterior Genitalia including the removal of the Clitoris. Considered part of the general atrocity of Female Genital Mutilation, which see.
      These practices have nothing to do with Islam even though many of the practitioners claim they are working under the authority of the Prophet.

      Usually regarded as Adultery or Unfaithfulness in a Marriage, and for our present purpose, said definitions will do. Most usually as committed within a Marriage when one of the partners Fucks somebody else, can also be used to describe the breaking of trust within an Engagement before the Wedding. Is also used with modifiers such as Emotional Infidelity, or 'willful' to describe a premeditated and ongoing outside relationship instead of a "One Night Stand", which see. Also see: Fidelity, Faithful, Monogamy, Prenuptual Agreement.

Informed Consent
      A statement that one makes, often in writing, that one knows damned good and well what you are getting into and are about to do, and what will be done to you. The statement will often include proof of age as well as wages or fees paid or received, tax and legal residence information, as well as a witness statement and signature. Said documents are usually found to be legally binding even when they do not give every specific detail about what is going to happen. See: Consent, Consciousness, Model Release. Compare: Implied Consent.
      For the purpose of this Glossary, prior acknowledgement and agreement with full prior knowledge of what one is agreeing to for a sexual act, performance, or other situation. In this context said consent usually takes the form of a written, signed, and witnessed legal document which may also serve as a Model Release covering photographs and videos made of said acts. Occasionally the producer or other party will attach the script or shooting schedule, and even a photo of the model reading the script, to the form as proof that the signee had been aware of what was going on.

      Reluctance to participate in a given behavior, a certain type of conversation, or even political discussion. See: related idea of some things being Taboo or Naughty. Some self-imposed restrictions on behaviors are normal and healthy and can be based in self-preservation and Moral Law. Which see. Intoxication can remove some of these restrictions, see Drunk.
      Some inhibitions can become Phobias and other mental problems which may require professional treatment. The opposite is, of course: Uninhibited.

      Traditionally: a 'rite of passage' or ceremony to mark a given event or other milestone in one's life. Some of those that are mentioned in this Glossary that included permanent marking of the body of the 'guest of honor' at the ritual are: Circumcision, Tattooing, Subincision, Female Genital Mutilation, Branding, and other Body Modifications. See said topics.
      Not all such rites involve obvious physical alteration of the individuals body, especially if we are talking about organizations such as Sororities, clubs, and other social organizations, both formal and informal (and we are!). In many cases, especially in the college environment and other organizations dealing with Adolescents and Young Adults, said events may involve the initiate Submitting to Humiliation and Sex Acts including Gang Bangs, Exhibitionism, Dares, and even Forced Orgasm. See said terms.

Innocence, Innocent
      In the world of legal terms, the words mean that the accused person it totally without guilt or responsibility. In the US, one does not plead "innocent" at arraignment, the correct plea is "not guilty" as the presumption still holds that one is 'innocent' until proven guilty except in cases of child abuse or sexual harassment. When found 'not guilty' one is acquitted of the charges. See: Felony, Morals Charge, Obscenity, Sex Crime.
      When considered from a religious aspect it is related directly to the concept of Sin (which see), and would only apply to a Child under the Age of Accountability. The doctrine of "Original Sin" is not scriptural and indeed runs counter to various Biblical references.
      More to our current purpose, the expression indicates a Virgin or at least a certain level of Naiveté if not absolute purity in various Adult topics such as Sex, booze, Porn, criminality (as above), and so on.
      See: related topics such as: Modesty, Naive, Virtue, Virgin, Deflowering, Cherry, Sophistication, Chaste. Contrast to: Puritan, Ignorant.

Innuendo, Double Entendre
      In this context, the use of one type of word or phrase to mean something totally different and most likely sexual or otherwise provocative, such as cloaking a racial slur in flowery language. An example of the previous is the phrase "a roll in the hay", of the latter, "cotton picker". See: Suggestive, Racy, Kiss and Tell, Dirty Laundry and related. Also see: Sexual Innuendo, Sexual Overtones.
      It was this kind of use that kept the television networks standards and practices Censors busy during TV's golden era with individuals like Dean Martin and shows like "Laugh In" pushing the limit on a weekly basis. The idea was best stated by Mae West (1893-1980) with her quotes: "If I asked for a cup of coffee, someone would search for the double meaning." And "It isn't what I do, but how I do it. It isn't what I say, but how I say it, and how I look when I do it and say it."

      In our current context: Most often a woman whose Sex Drive and overall sexual appetite is far and above what is considered 'normal' for a woman of her particular age and position. It is worth noting here and now, there is no 'normal' sexual appetite regardless of life situation as long as no laws are broken. Insatiability may involve where the woman is either unsatisfied with the stimulation or duration of normal sexual activity or desires sex more and longer than her lover can supply. May or may not rise to the level of Nymphomania in which case she may not be able to control her desire for sex. See: Nymphomania, Compare: Sexual Gratification.
      Major 1980 Adult Movie by the Mitchell Brothers starring Marilyn Chambers and John Holmes. See: those topics.

      Penetration of an opening by an object.
      For our purposes here, Penetration of an opening with Sexual intent by anything more or less Phallic in shape. Especially if said object is not part of another person, or was not designed for said purpose, such as using a zucchini or a tennis racket handle, or a Dildo which was designed for said use.
      See: Object Insertion, Penetration, Dildo, Strap On, Extreme Sex, and other references.

      A town in south eastern Pennsylvania near Lancaster. Regardless of several Politically Correct online maps which have changed the name so as not to offend anybody.
      Commerce and other business interactions and transactions such as conducting a market where goods and livestock are bought and sold, which gave the above town its name.
      For us here and now.... Usually refers to the Penis entering a bodily orifice such as the Vagina or Anus, in some cases it is also used as 'Oral Intercourse' which is obsolete. The basic term refers equally to Heterosexual as well as Homosexual activity. The term does have legal meaning as the Heterosexual Vaginal act is considered the Consummation of a Marriage. See: Fucking and highlighted terms.

Intercrural Sex
      Most usually simulated Sexual Intercourse without Penetration. Literally "Fucking the Crack" which see. Also see: Dry Humping, Frotting, Mutual Masturbation, Outercourse, Tribadism.
      Is often performed to avoid Pregnancy and to reduce the risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. May also be done using fingers or Dildos or other objects. See highlighted terms.
      Rumor has it that this is the type of Sex Act usually done by 'mainstream' actors for Movies and TV when actual Penetration is not shown on camera. See: Body Double, Simulated Sex Acts.

Internal Cumshot / Ejaculation
      Unusual instance in Adult Movies when the man actually Ejaculates inside the woman, or other Receiver, during the Sex Act, as versus real world relationships where internal ejaculation is the norm and the point of the exercise, especially if the woman is expecting to become Pregnant from it. Is most often used to describe the event with the Penis inside the Vagina, but can also be used for Anal or Oral. Also applies to Homosexual activity. Unprotected sex which involves this event is one of the riskiest behaviors for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Has become subject of Fetishism and part of several fetishes such as Cum Swapping. See: Bukkake and related terms.

Internal Exam
      Most usually used to refer to an Ob/Gyn examination of the Internal Female Sex Organs. Particularly the Vagina and Cervix, may also include the Uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Said exam may be performed Digitally, with the use of a Speculum, or with other instruments which might include lights and cameras. May also involve such procedures as a PAP smear, dilation of the cervix, ultrasound, and so on. The term also applies to a Rectal Exam, which see.
      See: Physician, OB/GYN, and related. Also see: Medical Fetish, for other ideas on the subject.

Internalized Homophobic / Homophobia Denial (etc)
      According to some Homocentric media outlets, everybody in the world who is not openly in some sort of Alternative Lifestyle and is at least Bisexual is 'homo/tranny/les/etc-phobic' (see: Homophobic), and most likely want to embrace the lifestyle themselves but are afraid to (see: Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network). Just as some in the 'racial industry' claim that all whites are closet racists if not secret members of the KKK. This is, of course, bullshit, as some who are Straight in their own lives simply do not care how anybody else spends the night. right Dok?

Internet Rule Thirty-Four, "Rule 34"
      First off: There Is No Such Thing! The international governing body that oversees the net has never sanctioned any such law or official advisory on this topic.
      Supposedly: the rule states that: "IF a given person/topic/thing exists, there is pornography of it available on the internet."
      For example. Very nearly any television show you can name will have (fake) porn images on one of the clearinghouse boards. As will various actors and actresses, and even cartoon characters. The rule also applies to landmark buildings, historical events, and even many religious figures. See: Celebrity Fake, Computer Generated Image, Reality Porn.

Interpersonal Relationship
      Literally, interactions over time between one or more people, including Nonverbal Communication. May or may not include Sexual Activity, but it is a lot more interesting, and often more fun, when it does. See: Well, damned near everything else in this Glossary.

      Any interaction between persons of different races or ethnicities. An obsolete term often used in legal documents would be Miscegenation. Said activities have been prohibited at various times by bodies ranging from different churches, Social Engineers who enforced Community Standards (see said terms), and even the National Socialists of Germany prior to WWII. In most locales laws are no longer enforced or have been revoked by various court rulings, however, under Sharia (which see) such activity may still be prohibited and punished by death.
      Also: Sex Acts between people of different racial or ethnic groups, as well as Porn made depicting such relationships and various fetishes dedicated to it. Applies equally to Homosexual sex as well as Straight and other variations. Note: "INTERRACIAL" is the correct spelling. See: Biracial, Dark Meat, Brown Sugar.

      The term is thought of as representing a Third Sex, somewhere between Male and Female, but not truly being either. In some cases the individual so identified is truly Androgynous or Hermaphroditic as they have Sexual Characteristics of both, or neither, Sex. Some such individuals are born that way, others are surgically altered to become such, as with the Hijra, which see. There are those today that are simply Bisexual, or Pansexual or something, and think of themselves as the Third Sex, most likely, they are not but instead are Epicene (which see). In certain Native American cultures there were individuals that were said to possess the spirit of both male and female but were actually neither and were called the Two Spirit People, which also see. Compare: Gender Variant.

Intimate, Intimacy
      Multiple uses including a close proximity to the stage in a theater such as for Burlesque entertainment, as in "an intimate venue". Similar usage for restaurants which offer a Romantic atmosphere "an intimate setting", usually at an impressive cost for their menu offerings.
      In an Emotional context it usually means sharing ones most private thoughts and 'feelings', which may or may not change with the next high tide or moon phase. It is the act of such sharing between women which defines Feminine friendships and related Bonding.
      Also means Physical Intimacy including but not limited to Heterosexual Genital Intercourse (Fucking). Applies equally to all other types of Sexual Activity including Oral Sex. Which means President Clinton did "have Sex with that woman." (See Monica).
      'Intimacy' is usually thought of as sharing the act itself between two or more people. See: Emotions, Love, and related references to Sex.

Involuntary Orgasm
      Often an induced purely physical response to stimulation as during a Bondage (or similar) episode. Usually done to women who have willingly Submitted to various treatments of their Orgasmic Crescent toward such ends. In men, forced Ejaculation may not result in Orgasm. See: Forced Orgasm, Psychosomatic Orgasm, Orgasmic Crescent, Ravishment, Orgasm- female and male.

Irreconcilable Differences
      Term used in the various forms of 'family court' to describe problems between Domestic Partners where there is no possibility of peaceful co-existence in the same household due to a multitude of issues and neither party is willing to compromise. Said reasons may range from the trivial (to the outside world) to the dramatic. Often the label of 'irreconcilable' is hung on the couple by a professional Marriage Counselor. The next step is usually Divorce.

Irrumare, Irrumatio, Irrumation
      Latin word meaning to "suck a penis" better translated as "to perform Fellatio".
      'Irrumatio' would more precisely be translated as "throat fucking". The past tense thereof.
      The terms apply whether or not the 'Penis' so involved is real or a Dildo or other similarly shaped object. See: related terms such as Oral Sex, Fellatio, Throat Fucking, Deep Throat, and so on. Added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

Ishtar / Isis
      Multiple uses, including as the title of one of the biggest box office disappointments in the history of motion pictures. The 1987 movie starred Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty with director Elaine May. However, the picture ran way over its production budget and took much longer to film than it should have. Thereby resulting in high expectations accompanied by bad press from the industry. Given that the movie was mediocre at best, it didn't live up to the hype and the name has now become synonymous with cinematic failure.
      For our present discussion, Ishtar was a Middle Eastern Goddess and one of those most associated with Babylon. She had a somewhat contradictory role as both the Goddess of fertility and war, for whom the inner gate of the ancient city of Babylon was named. She is equal to the Sumerian Inanna, Isis in Egypt, and Ashtoreth in the Bible. She is also seen as the pagan patron of female Sexuality and especially feminine Promiscuity as she took many lovers including the ill fated Tammuz, the harvest god. In many ways she is seen as the predecessor of Aphrodite, whose lover, Adonis, was also killed by another god in a fit of Jealousy. See: Aphrodite, Goddess, Jealousy, Promiscuity, Fertility, and related.

Issue, "Had Issue"
      Multiple meanings including: a topic of contention or point of discussion, items distributed through an official action to those in rank such as troops or employees, and so on. The only definition that matters here, except of course if part of that 'official action' were to distribute Condoms or Personal Lubricants, is as follows.
      Children. Offspring. Descendents. Etcetera. Especially of a Married Couple.

Jack Off
      One of an endless list of terms for self-Masturbation. As versus Mutual Masturbation. Terms are specific to the male endeavor, however, some low quality Smut writers will use it to describe the female act as well (Your Good Brutha has NEVER used it that way!), as versus the term Jill Off which is exclusively female. See: Masturbation, Hand Job, Devil's Handshake, FAP, and related.

Jail Bait
      Most usually, a Teenage girl, sometimes labled a "Lolita"(which see), who cannot legally Consent to Sexual Activity with an Adult making said activity Statutory Rape. Term is sometimes is also applied to a boy, but not as often. See said terms. Also See: "Girls Gone Wild", Felony, Age of Consent.

Jealousy, Jealous Rage
      Negative reaction and associated emotions when one is faced with an usurpation of possession or the threat thereof. The loss of control over an item or other person and the related thoughts and feelings encompassing insecurity, doubt, and anger which may result in violence. The concept of a violation of trust, or betrayal is often associated with it. Most easily seen when one child has something, and another does not. Is NOT one of the Seven Deadly Sins (which see) although it is related to Envy, which is.
      The overwhelming anger and irrational action prompted by the flood of said emotions which may result in a Crime of Passion. Often depicted in dramatic fashion in movies where a jilted Lover confronts those who have broken up the relationship. The Fictional great lover Don Juan (which see) fought many duals with Jealous husbands.
      Comes into play in this Glossary in an Emotional or Sexual situation where one person is committed to the relationship and the other is not, and then they begin seeing someone else. Can involve the suspicion that someone is unfaithful even more so than the truth of the matter. The term has nothing to do with the Sexual Preferences of those involved. See: Adultery, Cheating, Unfaithful, and related. Compare: Open Marriage. See: Ishtar for historical reference. For an unusual manifestation of the emotion see: Retroactive Jealousy.
"No lover, if he be of good faith, and sincere, will deny he would prefer to see his mistress dead than unfaithful." - Marquis de Sade (1740 - 1814, see Sadism)

Jerk Off, Jerked Off, Jerking.... etc.
      Masturbation, or to be Masturbated as in receiving a Hand Job, see said terms. Most usually used in a negative or derogatory way to describe something that is an unsatisfactory and ultimately futile waste of time, such as watching Congress on C-Span while hoping to learn something about Constitutional Government. See: Jack Off, Jill Off, and related.

Jesus Christ (and variations)
      English translation of the name of the man regarded by Christians as the Jewish Messiah, the Redeemer, Savior, and the Coming Lord. amen
      The name that when used as an Expletive is deemed as a serious swear word of the caliber of the Seven Dirty Words, and, if the first sentence of this definition is true, breaks the third of the classic list of the Ten Commandments (which see) as He is considered the Second of the three person Holy Trinity. Also see: God, Expletive, Virgin (Mary).
      He is also regarded as a Prophet in Al Islam and the Bahá'í faiths as well as several other religions.
      And now where this Name comes into play in our good work here: It is in said Name that Christians are supposed to do all things the best that possibly can. Which includes making love to one's spouse whom, if you are a Christian, you believe that God has given you.

Jet Set, Jet Setter
      One whom is well traveled, Sophisticated, well educated, has money, and enjoys Lifestyle that is more Sybaritic than those of lessor means, which presumably including flying off at a moment's notice to exotic destinations. Also carries the implication of Casual Sex and certain other Libertine behaviors that the more conservative population may not approve of. See: High Society, Courtier, Rat Pack, Celebrity, Lifestyle, Mile High Club, Playboy, Socialite, and related.

Jiggly Bits
      Somewhat playful term which is used to describe various body parts that tend to move around when not restrained, such as the Breasts of a Voluptuous woman, or a male's Penis and Testicles. As with most of these types of words and phrases, if overused, the term will quickly become tiresome. Also see related term- Naughty Bits.

Jill Off
      The act of Masturbation when committed by a Woman, whether or not the act involves a specially designed, and patented "Jill-Jet" © as part of the water pumping system in a hot tub which was built specifically to pleasure a woman in the designated seat of the bath. Of course it is (at least supposed to be) a Sex specific somewhat humorous rewording of the Euphemism "Jack Off". It's use is somewhat rare, but it is still seen 'in the wild', hence its inclusion here.

      A Lover who has been dumped in a most callous and perhaps even mean way for, in most cases, another.

Jock Strap, Athletic Supporter also Jock
      Device for holding the Testicles and Penis close to the body, supposedly to prevent injury, specifically hernia or rupture of the pelvic floor muscles during exercise or strenuous exertion. The overall effectiveness of said devices is suspect at best. Besides Athletes the device is usually seen on the well presented bodies of Male Strippers, which see.
      However, all that being said, the item has given us various terms and references for everything from professional athletes to describing the smell of the Halls of Congress after a legislative session.
      The singular term is used to describe the athlete who, supposedly, wears one. See: Stud.

John Holmes
      Legendary American Adult Actor whose real name was indeed John C. Holmes (1944 - 1988). He appeared in about 400 Adult Films, including the landmark Insatiable with Marilyn Chambers (which see), and at least one Gay film in which he was the Bottom for Anal Intercourse. He had innumerable Working Names (see as well) including Johnny Wadd, and Big John Stud.
      His penis measured between 11 to 14 inches depending on when and how the measurement was done, and whose hype you believe. Holmes himself boasted sixteen inches. Film evidence suggests a more reasonable twelve inch average length when fully erect. However, the organ's girth is more difficult to judge, but it was of impressive heft when in service.
      Urban legends and outright myths that involve the actor are generally more entertaining than the facts of his life and career. One was that he did nude ballet as a child, or that he had his first sex at age six, and both are untrue. Holmes also had no advanced college degrees, he never killed anybody with his penis, and he was never on TV before his adult film career. Also, the depth of his involvement with organized crime is open to speculation, but it is doubtful that he was ever more than a 'foot soldier' if he was anything at all.
      Holmes's death from complications from AIDS severely shook the industry and led several well known stars to quit the business or limit their participation. Whether Holmes was infected through Sexual Activity or through his well known drug use, including heroin, is unknown.
      See: Penis Size, AIDS, Adult Actor, "Gay For Pay", Annette Haven, and other highlighted terms.

Johns, Marks
      In this context, the customer of a Prostitute, especially the Streetwalker or Call Girl variety. Can be of either sex as in a woman who pays for a male Escort or a Gay man hiring a Male Prostitute. Vice cops often play 'Johns' to arrest Prostitutes which raises the issue of entrapment. See: Prostitute, Trick, Tipplezone, and related topics.

      French term meaning, essentially, a female Libertine or an otherwise Sexually Liberated woman. The term also has some negative connotations regarding said woman's Morals, usually implying that she is Easy or Loose, or something of a Floozy, but perhaps not a Slut. See: Sexual Revolution, Cougar, Vixen, and various highlighted terms. See reference for one specific case at: Merry Widow.

"Junk In The Trunk"
      Expression used to describe a woman's Buttocks and related body parts which are unusually large in proportion to the rest of her body giving the impression that if she were a car, her 'trunk' would be over-full so the lid would not close and her cargo was budging out the sides. Can be thought of as a slightly larger Bubble Butt, which see. Also used to describe one whose Posterior is big, regardless of the rest of her body, however, this appears to be a misuse of the term. Is seldom used to describe men. See: Tush, Booty and related.

Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana
      Hindu religious book often misrepresented as the ultimate Sex Manual (which see). The work does include a great deal of information on various sexual Positions, some with quite fanciful names (such as the 'black bee' and the 'lovemaking of the crow'). However, it is much more than that as it instructs in social and business interactions and includes advice that for a woman to be a good wife she should practice 64 'arts' that include playing music, arranging flowers, playing board games, and evaluating gemstones and metals. It also instructs a man how to advance his career by sleeping with the boss's wife.

Kegel Exercises
      Exercises to strengthen and maintain muscles in the pelvis and pelvic floor area, especially the Vagina, and the muscles used to control the bladder and rectum. Often prescribed during pregnancy and if the patient experiences incontinence (for both men and women). The exercise is usually described as trying to draw an elevator up from the floor to between your legs using your pelvic muscles, and others. Items such as Ben Wa Balls can make the exercise more pleasurable. Sometimes, in addition to the exercises, Vibrators (which see) are used for internal therapeutic massage, such as to improve circulation and relax spasms, after injury to these muscles. See: Penis Captivus for another issue involving these muscles.

Kept Woman / Man
      The modern version of the classic Harem, except in this case, only one, or sometimes indeed two, people are 'kept' exclusively for the purpose of the sexual gratification of their 'keeper'.
      In terms of this Glossary, an adult who is maintained in separate accommodations and whose living expenses, either wholly or partially, are paid by another person to whom they are not related to either by blood or marriage. If the two are married, and one of them is married to another person, the term is Bigamy, which see. The relationship is most usually long term, sexually based, and may or may not produce children. Occasionally the Wife will not only be aware of the existence of the other woman, she may approve of the arrangement and as long as the man maintains her lifestyle she may tolerate it for some time. See: related items as below.
      While it is more common for a woman to be 'kept' by a man, the opposite, and other variations are known to happen, and sometimes when they are exposed, it results in a spectacular trial. Especially when the 'kept' person is of the same sex as the 'keeper'. Consider both Sex For Money and Sex For Pleasure in this light.
      See: Mistress, Concubine, Open Marriage, Escort, Paramour, Bigamy, Polygamy, Harem, Affair, Sugar Daddy, Love Child, Outing, and so on.

Kinky, Kinky Sex
      There is no standard definition for what is 'kinky'. Argument has been made by various religious groups and extreme social conservatives that anything besides Missionary Position Heterosexual Genital Intercourse in the Marital Bed (under the sheets with the lights out and door locked) for the express purpose of causing a Pregnancy, is kinky. However, what may be so really kinky to you that you would never ever try it, somebody else might take as a normal weekend and an excellent way to spend time with friends. See: Weird, Fetish, and related.
      For our present purpose we shall define Kinky Sex as follows: Whatever you think it is.

Kinsey, Alfred
      First major US researcher into Human Sexuality. His reports in the late 1940s through the fifties opened the door for others to continue his research and dispel the ignorance of the subject Kinsey (1894 - 1956) found so distasteful. See: Sex Education, Sex Research, Masters and Johnson, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Shere Hite, and related.

KISS, Kiss, Kissing
      When spelled in all capital letters the word could mean: a San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A. FM radio station; It can be used as a crib note to remind a speechmaker to "Keep It Short, Stupid"; Also a heavy metal rock band which featured its four members in full costume and whiteface makeup with various highlights. One of their songs Do you love me from the 1976 Destroyer Album: asks...

"You like the credit cards and private planes, Money can really take you far, You like the hotels and fancy clothes, And the sound of electric guitars, but ....
Do you love me?......"
Lyric by Paul Stanley, et al. Casablanca Records
      Other uses relevant to our present purpose, when spelled normally that is, usually include contact between the lips and / or mouth of one person with another person's body. Most often the lips, cheek, or even hand when the contact has Romantic meaning. The kiss is often the first step in Foreplay before the Sex Act, however, it can also be a simple greeting, the most famous of which involved Judas and Christ, and the most nonsensical being the Hollywood "Air Kiss" which see. Also see: French Kissing, Ultimate Kiss, Lip Lock, Pucker, Butterfly Kisses, and so on. See famous quote at Suck Face.
      Other kisses include the non-romantic (we hope) kiss of a parent or other adult to a child. In some ceremonies the celebrant will kiss the Bible, a flag, a symbolic ring, the ground, and so on, as part of an Initiation (also see). The symbolism of the act will vary by the situation and cannot be easily categorized in this format.
      More than almost any other contact between people short of Intercourse (which see), a kiss says "I love you", which also see.
      See: other entries under various topics. Compare: Holding Hands for another emotionally loaded gesture. Also see: Chico Marx quote at Lie.

Kiss and Tell
      Most usually, the term is descriptive for a Celebrity book of the Dirty Laundry (see highlighted terms) variety. Oftentimes these books offer a lot of Titillation, Innuendo, and Gossip, but very little substantiated information. Occasionally the term is also used for discussions like Girl Talk, Dick Stories, and related.
      Ignoring the fact that most such talk is empty boasting and tall tales, doing so at all is the height of indiscretion and indisputably in bad taste, and something Your Good Brutha does not routinely engage in either online or in person. Thank you.

Kiss Ass / Ass Kiss
      Multiple uses. Often derogatory term associated with workplace 'brown nosing', false praise, and the fawning of subordinates to a ranking manager.
      For this Glossary: See: Analingus, Ass Worship.

"Kiss You All Over"

"When I get home, babe, gonna light your fire
All day I've been thinkin' about you, babe
You're my one desire

Gonna wrap my arms around you
Hold you close to me
Oh, babe I wanna taste your lips
I wanna fill your fantasy, yeah

I wanna kiss you all over
And over again
I wanna kiss you all over
Until the night closes in....."

- Exile Kiss you all over, lyrics by Chapman and Chinn, Album: Mixed Emotions, EMI Records, Released 1978

      Also see: Ultimate Kiss, Around the World in Bed, Tongue Bath.

Kissing Cousins
      Several definitions, and most of them appear to be relevant to our good work here, and all are more or less interesting, so we'll go with them as well. But before we do that, we have to dismiss the 'official' definition (some version of: a relative one feels close enough to to greet with a kiss) as cited in several online sources, as absolute horseshit. There, we're done with that. Moving on to the REAL meaning of the thing.
      First Comes a rather forgettable movie, unless you're a die hard fan, from 1964, and no less than TWO songs from it by that title. And Elvis Presley figures prominently in both the music and the low budget motion picture. In the movie, Elvis plays two parts, and as one of them, courts both Yvonne Craig and Pamela Austin, who turn out to be his cousins, or so we're told in the song (see quote below), with a supporting role of ample cleavage and curves from a stunning Beverly Powers, and we're supposed to belief that ALL backwoods outpost are populated by gorgeous women like that! Oh, well. The last time we saw this thing it was on some UHF station in the middle of the night, sponsored by that used car place with the owner that wore a gorilla suit to promote his 'monster deals'.
      While we're discussing music, there are also at least two bands by the same name, and, for what it's worth, we don't think they are cousins of each other or Elvis. One is an all girl group from Southern California, the other is a duo from Montreal, Québec. Both have music videos online that are worth checking out.
      So now we can get to the gist of the meaning of the expression. And, we'll define it like this: A 'kissing cousin' would be a cousin whom you could legally Marry, so it isn't Incest, which means no closer than second cousin, with whom is willing to not only kiss, but to 'Fool Around With' (which see). As is the way of the world, today, far more so than when The King made his regrettable movie, it includes such activity with any cousin, male or female. Engaging in such activity with a blood relative closer than that is usually considered a crime.
      The expression has been extended to being used to describe any relationship which is perceived in some way to be as Naughty, or Dirty, or whatever, as Shtupping one's own cousin. Such as the relationship between some in the major news media and various politicians.

"Well I've got a gal, she's as cute as she can be
She's a distant cousin but she's not too distant with me
We'll kiss all night, I'll squeeze her tight
But we're kissin' cousins that's what makes it all right
All right, all right, all right

"Oh I've got a girl and she taught me how to live
She can give a lot and she's got a lot to give
We'll kiss all night, I'll squeeze her tight
But we're kissin' cousins an' that's what makes it all right
All right, all right, all right"

- As recorded by Elvis for Kissin' Cousins, a movie with two songs of the same name, by Wise and Star, recording released by RCA/Victor, 1963

Kissing Game, Post Office, Spin the Bottle, and Etc.
      Games in which people, usually teenagers or young adults, engage in mild, and sometimes not so mild, Sex Play. There are usually rules to the play such as 'no tongue' or 'no hands' and so on, which are often broken. Part of the attraction of the game was that you HAD TO kiss or otherwise interact with people you normally would not, which may include some Bisexuality, or even Homosexuality, especially in an all girl game at a Slumber Party (which see) as boys usually did not play such things without girls present. The games are usually an icebreaker for parties and many times thinly veiled Foreplay with sets of rules that vary at the whim of the group. See: Sex Play, Truth or Dare, Seven Minutes In Heaven, Around the World in Bed, and etc.

      Yet another 'cute phrase' for the external Female Sexual Organs, especially the Mound of Venus, and associated Pubic Hair area. Fairly common term among teenagers and younger women especially during Slumber Party sessions of Girl Talk or as mentioned in their Diary. See: Betty, VeeJay, and other highlighted terms.
      Is also a known Diminutive for the given name Catherine/Katherine, perhaps best remembered as the working name of classic era movie and stage star Kitty Carlisle (1910 - 2007).

      Anal Sex focused on Enemas, the related equipment, and the Anus as the source of Sexual Gratification. See: Enema, Medical Fetish, Wine Enema, Ass Smoothie, and so on. Also see related fetish of: Coprophilia.

Knob, Knob Job
      For our present purpose: Somewhat dated British slang for the Penis. The 'job' indicates Fellatio. See related terms.

Knocked Up
      Slightly disrespectful term, most recently used in totally worthless movie with the term as the title, see Pregnant.

      Obsolete term for the Female Breasts, most usually natural ones of a prodigious size. Since the advent of common Breast Enlargement Surgery the term has, thankfully, fallen by the wayside. Also see: Fun Bags, and related ideas.

"Know In A Biblical Way", To Know in a....., Knew..., etc
      Euphemism for Heterosexual Genital Intercourse. Usually as referenced to the King James as completed in 1611, as follows:

Genesis 4 : 1 "And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD." KJV

Genesis 4 : 1 "Now Adam had sexual relations with his wife, Eve, and she became pregnant. When she gave birth to Cain, she said, "With the LORD's help, I have produced a man!" New Living Translation

      The term is also seen in the Revised (or) American Standard (published 1901), and other 'traditional' translations. Other translations use the equally sterile "lay with" or other safe term (note: the KJV also uses the term 'lay with' on occasion, at least once instead of the word 'rape' in 2 Samuel 13). The New International Version (entire Bible released in 1978) uses "made love with", instead of the more technical statement as above from the NLT (released 1996).
      added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

      See: GLBTQAI

La Leche League
      An organization founded in the nineteen fifties by several American women, all were mothers that believed that Breast Milk is the first best choice of nutrition for the babies of otherwise healthy mothers. Which, in most circumstances, is exactly true. The group fights local Blue Laws which prohibit Nursing in public even when the Breast and the baby are covered with a blanket and other intrusions into the mother / child relationship. Their efforts have succeeded in many cases and discrete Breastfeeding is now allowed in most locations as healthy and natural. Their work continues in Public Health Clinics where bottles and formula are often touted as the best option for their clients (often in programs sponsored by the formula manufacturers) and paid for by taxpayers. The name is derived from the Spanish word for milk.
      However, it must also be said that the La Leche League has also conducted dialogs on the proper manner and schedule to continue to breastfeed a school age child. Which is, of course, ridiculous.
      As far as is known the La Leche League in no way supports the Breastfeeding of Adults as a Sexual Fetish practice.

      External Female Sexual Organ comprised of the major (outer) and minor (inner) lips. See: Lower Lips, Vulva, Clitoris. Also see: Female Genital Mutilation, Vajazzling. Slang terms include Pussy, Beaver, Coin Slot, and about ninety-three more (just in English!).

      The production of milk in the female breast or other milk gland, such as an udder. The primary purpose of the process is the feeding of infants. However, given the obsession of some men, and women too for that matter, with all things Breast and Nipple, it has become the subject of Fetishism with its own following in the Adult Industry. See: Breast, Nipple, Pregnancy, La Leche League.

Ladies Man
      Usually the more positive of the range of terms for a man who is quite charming and flattering and popular with women. May imply Promiscuity which may not necessarily be true. See: Womanizer, Casanova, Loverboy, Rat Pack, Debonair, and related.

Ladies Night, Lady's Night
      Marketing ploy to get women into businesses such as bars and nightclubs where they will be the beneficiary of lower priced drinks or entrees and receive other benefits, often with little or no cover charge. Occasionally the promotion is used to attract more men to a location as they will be hoping there will be a large number of otherwise unattached women there that night. Said practice is Sexist, but is allowed under Political Correctness because it is favorable to Women. Any sort of special pricing or party for men is instantly derided as hateful and canceled before it's even on the schedule. For "Ladies Night Out" see "Girls Night Out".

Lady, (a) Lady, a Proper Lady, etc
      An Adult woman, most often a mature Married Woman. Usually refers to a woman who carries herself with dignity, class, self respect, and confidence. One whom at least appears to be a pillar of Virtue and Modesty. Also see Demure. Compare: Brazen, Sassy.
      A adult female member of the aristocratic classes of Europe, especially the United Kingdom. Such as 'the Lord and Lady Smith'. A Courtesan, also a Dame (see said terms).
      See: Woman, M.I.L.F., Cougar, Hot Mom, Lady Chatterley's Lover, Lady Godiva, and so on. For more see: "Drop Her Hanky", Petyon Place, "I'm a Lady".
"I like my clothes to be tight enough to show I'm a woman, but loose enough to show I'm a lady."
Mae West (1893 - 1980)

Lady Chatterley's Lover
      Probably the most underlined and otherwise highlighted mass publication book in history, D.H. Lawrence's final major novel is also his most famous, and most notorious.
      The plot revolves around an upper class woman who takes a lower class, and younger, Paramour. The sex in the book is frequent and quite explicit, especially for 1928, which caused it to not be released in Lawrence's own home country until 1960 and then it was the subject of one of the most celebrated Obscenity trials in British history based on the numerous uses of the word Fuck and the extensive sex scenes.
      In fact, there were more serious objections to the portrayal of the lady's attitude and thoughts about her own sexuality and her sex life with her lovers than there was about Lawrence's seemingly obsession with working "the F word" in as often as possible. That, and many objected to the author's own somewhat ambiguous Sexuality as rumors still persist that he was a Closet Homosexual in spite of being married and traveling with his wife.
      See: Obscenity, Sexuality, Fuck, Paramour, Adultery, Provocative, "Jouisseuse", Erotica, Boudoir Book, and so on. Compare: "I know it when I see it." reference to Les Amants.

  "Yes, I do believe in something. I believe in being warmhearted. I believe especially in being warm-hearted in love, in fucking with a warm heart. I believe if men could fuck with warm hearts, and the women take it warm-heartedly, everything would come all right. It's all this cold-hearted fucking that is death and idiocy."
  "But you don't fuck me cold-heartedly," she protested.

Mellors conversation with Connie Reid (Chatterley), Chapter 14, Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence, published 1928 (now available online in its entirety)

Lady Godiva
      The Lady, or by some accounts Countess, Godiva of Mercia, near Coventry, England (dates vary widely, approximately 990 - 1070) was the wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia who protested her husband's oppressive taxes by riding naked, or in an undershirt, or without her jewelry, through the town (or the entire county, the legends vary as widely as the dates and her actual title) after ordering the population to stay inside and close their shutters. Compare: Streaking. Also see: Nudity and related.
      According to the various legends, she either rode alone, or with two armored knights, and either completely nude, or wearing a religious robe as a penitent. When you get to the bottom of it, other than the fact that there Was an historic Lady by that name, demonstrated by land records, there is no other historic evidence of her ride at all. It may all be part of the mythos of the British Isles.
      But part of the legend, albeit that it was added sometime later, is the tailor that couldn't resist temptation and actually cut a hole in his shutter to see her. See: Peeping Tom for more and a quote from the Tennyson poem. Also see: Voyeur.

Lady of the Evening
      Polite term for a Prostitute or a Call Girl, which see. No relationship to "a Lady" or a Courtesan, which see. The implication is that the 'lady' is a type of "One Night Stand", which also see. The 'evening' part of the equation implies that she 'works at night', which is when many Streetwalkers ply their trade. Which see as well.... puns intended.

Ladyboy, Lady-boy, Lady Boy
      All three spellings have been seen 'in the wild', in one case, two were used interchangably in the same article. All mean the same thing depending on usage as follow. (see all highlighted terms for more)
      In many cases: an Effeminate Homosexual Male. See: Rae Rae. Compare: Twink.
      In some cases: An individual with Sexual Characteristics of both Male and Female, either by nature (born that way) or through Sex Change Surgery. Most usually in our current context, they are Transsexuals, which see. Also see: Two Spirit People, Third Sex, Transgendered, Intersex, and so on.
      Also, Pornography dedicated to them or of interest to those that like that sort of entertainment. Also see: Transsexual, Hermaphrodite, Androgyny, Tranny Surprise, and related.

Ladyparts, Lady Parts
      Primary, and occasionally the Secondary Sexual Characteristics of the Adult Female. Those being the Vulva and Labia, and the Breasts, especially when depicted in Softcore Porn or ads for V-Steaming. See said terms. All puns delivered at no additional charge.

      Generally, the tops of the thighs closest to the torso when seated. Such as where a child would sit to tell a shopping mall 'Santa' what they want for Christmas. For another use, see: Lap Dance.
"I've been in more laps than a napkin." - Mae West (1893-1980)

Lap Dancer, Lap Dance
      Exotic performer who simulates the Sex Act by 'dancing' in, or over, the 'Lap' (which see) of seated audience members, sometimes with little or no contact, and most certainly, no direct sexual contact, and often not even completely Naked (see: G-string). Most usually females performing for males, however, there are many troupes of male dancers who do basically the same thing for female audiences, often in locations where Blue Laws will not allow women dancers. See: Dry Humping, Frotting, as well as Exotic Dancer, Teasing, Terpsichorean Ecdysiast, Sex Worker.
      (Rumor has it that certain European locations, especially those preferred by those involved in the UN Climate Summit Talks, allow the dancers to be totally Nude and to allow, and even encourage, full Sexual Contact up to and including, Fucking, between the dancers and their clients... for a price. See: Prostitution.)

"Lay (Lie) Back And Think Of England"
      Advice oft repeated as a way of dealing with an unpleasant experience, whether one is in the Kingdom or not. The equivalent is to tell somebody to 'go to their happy place' during an event such as dental work. The idea has even been offered, to much fiery criticism as a way to survive an Initiation that may involve Sexual Assault or Rape.
      The attribution of this phrase to the Lady Hillingdon (as mentioned in the 'free online encyclopedia') is most likely an urban legend as her husband had retired from banking due to ill health in about 1907, five years before the supposed 1912 journal entry (which has never been available to the public), which is said to have read:
"When I hear his steps outside my door I lie down on my bed, open my legs and think of England."
      It is also supposed to have been repeated as a matter of Wifely Duty to Brides including various princesses (to produce heirs to the throne). This too cannot be stated with any certainty.
      However, it does speak to the general attitude most Victorian women are thought to have had about Sex including the Marian Doctrine (which also see). Fortunately, this is changing and women are now allowed, and even expected to, enjoy Sex, in spite of the advice of some sourpuss OB-GYN's who write blogs.
      See related topics including: Making Love, Conjugal Right, Unconsummated Marriage, Marital Relations, "Advice to the Young Bride" as well as the assorted highlighted topics.

"LDR", Long Distance Relationship
      Another abbreviation / acronym that means various things, but we'll skip going through them and focus on the only one that means anything to this Glossary as below. See: the extensive list at "DH" for more.
      The ultimate in 'long distance relationships' at one time was the Jet Set "bicoastal" marriages where one spouse would be some sort of big wheel in New York and the other would have a power job or be a Celebrity in Los Angeles, and they would fly to one or the other coast, or meet in Chicago and Fuck once in awhile. See: Unconsummated Marriage for another example.
      That has since been replaced by the Internet version where people may not even be in the same hemisphere, such as with Online Dating or its precursor- the Mail Order Bride, and indeed, may not be what the other person thinks they are at all, as in, they may be having an ongoing Hot Chat with somebody whom they think is a Hard Body only to find out they are a "half-crippled half-drunk overweight old ex-sportswriter" (right dok? jd). See: Fantasy and other highlighted terms.
      Added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion (all except the sportswriter bit)

Lecher, Lechery
      All but obsolete word for an older man who behaves, looks, and acts with obvious lust at usually much younger women, or women in general. All but synonymous with Pervert. See: Dirty Old Man, Libertine, Philanderer- reference to President Clinton.

Legs, Leg, Leggy, "Leg Man", Etc.
      In general within our functional boundary (as we are not talking about what holds up a table), the lower human extremities from the hip to the ankle, including the thigh, knee and calf. Also, the section of an article of clothing intended to cover said body part, such a pair of slacks or the uppers of boots (see: "Fuck Me Boots").
      A woman who is described as 'leggy' is one whom is usually taller than average and whom uses her height to emphasize the length and shape of her legs. The 'man' variable is one whom is unusually attracted to said area of a Woman. See: Partialism for more. Also coming into play here is the idea of Sexy Shoes that highlight said woman's legs, as well bring into play the idea of our 'man' having a Foot Fetish. Also see those terms. For something else so related, see: "Spread Your Legs".
      All of the above (except the very last sentence) were used to good effect in a video so titled by ZZ Top from their 1983 Eliminator album. It is worth the effort to do a search and watch all three of the 'fantasy comes true' short subject films (with Gimme all your lovin' and Sharp Dressed Man being the other two) for the "Eliminator Girls" (and the car) if no other reason. See: Pearl Necklace and Tush for quotes from the band, a short quote from the song mentioned above just won't do it, go watch the video!

Lesbian, Lesbianism
      From the name of Lesbos Island in Greece, see Sappho, Tribadism.
      Exclusively refers to female Homosexual activity. Also material of interest to them. In mass media women may be Bisexual without being thought of as Lesbians whereas Bi men are usually defined as being Homosexual or Gay. Women with very Feminine traits, who are exceptionally pretty, or who enjoy being Submissive may be considered a Lipstick Lesbian, which see. More Masculine women may adopt a 'male' or Dom role as a Butch or Dyke which are often used as a negative term.
      Lesbianism is, contrary to some who claim to know, mentioned in the Bible, especially in Genesis 34:1 "Now Dinah, the daughter Leah had borne to Jacob, went out to visit the women of the land." where in some translations her action is regarded as Fornication with other women, which would require her to have had Sex with them.

Lesbian Escorts
      Service offered to Women who are seeking a companion for an event or other occassion which she does not wish to attend alone or with a Male. Also, service for women who are either Homosexual or perhaps Bi-Curious (see said terms) or who otherwise wish to have Sex with another woman without the Romantic entanglements of a Relationship. Also see: GFE, Gay For Pay, and related ideas.

Lesbian Rape
      Forced Homosexual activity against an otherwise Straight or perhaps even Celibate woman by another who may be a Sexual Predator in a situation such as a Convent or Sorority.

Lewd Behavior, Public Lewdness
      Legal terms that are somewhat dated but most usually includes Indecent activity, Nudity, Sexual Misconduct and other Immoral and/or perhaps even illegal activity. May also include acts like public Urination, extreme Public Displays of Affection besides just Public Sex Acts, and so on. See: ASBO (Anti-Social Behavior Order), Public Nuisance, and other highlighted and related terms.

Lez, Lezzie, etc.
      Slang terms for a Lesbian woman or works of interest to them.

Liberal, Liberalism
      Multiple uses. But we'll start here: The definition of a "political liberal" is a moving target and subjective at best. What one person would think is a liberal stand, somebody else would call socialist, progressive or some other exclusionary label. So for this Glossary, we shall ignore politics and Politicians (which see) and move on.
      More to our point here, the term also covers a more open attitude and general view about Sexuality and related behaviors and is generally more accepting of Alternative Sexuality than those regarded as more conservative or religious, however, that is not always the case, especially with those who are activists behind various causes. See: Social Engineer, Piety, Congress, Man Bashing, and related.
"A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man; a debt he proposes to pay off with your money." - G Gordon Liddy (Born 1930)

      Nearly obsolete term from French for a promiscuous man with little or no conscious or moral restrictions. Seldom used with women. The word usually did not have the negative connotations with men as the term Slut would with women. See: Rake, Hellfire Club, Hedonist, Sexual Prowess, "Jouisseuse", Sexually Liberated, Sybaritic, "Wine, Women, and Song", Sowing Wild Oats, and other references. Compare: Ascetic, Temperance.
      Term also has other uses, however they all fall in line more or less with the idea that said man is a 'free soul', whether that be intellectually, politically, or sexually.

      Instinctual desire and even need to engage in Mating, partially as a function of the hormone Testosterone in both men and women, and partially as what it means to be human, also called the Sex Drive (which see). There is nothing wrong with a healthy interest in sex in both men and women. Problems arise in both when that interest becomes an Obsession to the point of interfering with normal daily activities.
      There are normal differences between the desire for sex between men and women, and even between otherwise healthy individuals of the same age of both sexes. Also, such interest does seem to run in normal cycles with peaks and valleys. As well as depending on other outside factors such as stress, illness, overall mood, and even such intangibles as religious ideology (such as the Marian Doctrine, which see). The idea that it can be increased through the use of Aphrodisiacs is mostly a myth.
      Contrary to myth, being married or having children does not destroy forever the sex drive of women. However, certain hormonal changes during the early days of motherhood do inhibit said drive to ensure that all of her attention is paid to the newborn. Later as her levels return to normal, the desire for sex should return, if it does not, she may need medical intervention as this can be a symptom of Post Partum Depression (which see).

Lie, Liar, Lying
    "I wasn't kissing her, I was whispering in her mouth." - Chico Marx
      An untruth. One who speaks said untruth, such as a Congressman (which see). The act thereof. The untruth may also be written, or a deceptive image, for example, see the latest fast food ad touting a 'delicious' mass produced sandwich. Which brings us to the related term- Crap. For the "horizontal" use of the word, see: Lie With.
      More to our point here: One would think that Lovers would not tell each other something that wasn't true. However, such is not the case, and in fact, one's Significant Other may be the person one tells the most lies to. Often with good reason, such as when a woman asks her husband if she 'looks fat'. A "Little White Lie" is still a lie. Another lie is when a woman "fakes it" in bed. See major reference at: Faking Orgasm. See other examples at Bonding, Little White Lie, Pick Up Line. Other types of lie can be seen at Airbrush, and Padded Bra.
      Lying under oath is a separate topic usually referred to as Perjury (which see), which is a Felony unless one is a Congressman.
      It is far more difficult to lie with one's Body Language or other Nonverbal Communication (see both) than it is to do so with words. Which is why Politicians often give speeches standing behind a podium instead of out in the open.
      Editorial note: to tell an untruth is to tell a 'lie'. The caustic material used in manufacturing industrial cleansers is 'lye'.
"Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?"
- Chico Marx (1887 - 1961)

Lie With, Lay With, Lie Carnally/Down With, (and variations)
      Euphemism used in the King James, as well as other 'traditional translations', for "Have Sex With." A notable passage is below:
"Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.
Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion."
- Leviticus 18 : 22, 23 (KJV)

"Life of the Party"
      A person or persons who, sometimes by their very presence, turn an otherwise dull or boring occasion into something interesting or entertaining. The term is neutral in and of itself, however, its usage can either be positive or negative depending on the tone and circumstance of use. A negative use would be to refer to said person as such because they are an Attention Whore (which see). The traditional opposite would be 'wallflower'. The term is referenced here under topics such as Playboy, Ascetic, Debonair, and Drunk.

Life Partner
      Politically Correct (therefore essentially meaningless) phrase meaning the Adults who are in a long-term Monogamous Relationship with each other. When it is used in the media it is almost always indicative of a Homosexual relationship without being specific as to the Sex of those involved. See: Lifestyle, Marriage, and highlighted terms.

Lifestyle, Lifestyle Choice
      To a sociologist the term means the overall way one chooses to live, including employment, where one lives, pets, hobbies, and even whether or not one smokes cigarettes. Academic classifications can become so granular as to include the person's preference of breakfast beverage (coffee, tea, sodapop, scotch, etc), or so general as to be meaningless to the larger world. To advertisers the idea is to identify the demographics of their target audience based on various factors of those choices so they can sell them the things they would be interested in, such as breakfast beverages, cigarettes, and other items. For this sort of use, see: Jet Set.
      More to our present discussion, and what most activists think of when they use the word, it is solely and particularly their choice of Sexual Partners, especially those who are Homosexual. To many of the Alternative Lifestyle and/or the G.L.B.T. crowd, there's are the only 'lifestyles' that count. Be assured, Monogamous Straights, as well as those who are Swingers (or Polygamists) have other ideas. See highlighted terms.

Light Meat, White Meat
      In this context, instead of the cooking of poultry, a white or other light skinned person in a sexual encounter, especially in a Sex Act with one who is darker. See: Dark Meat for in depth discussion. Also see: Interracial and Biracial.

Linda Lovelace
      One of the most infamous (?famous?) female Adult Actresses of all time due to her role in the Sex Comedy style Adult Film Deep Throat from 1972, directed by Gerard Damiano. The movie was such a hit that for several years afterwards, T-shirts were available with the slogan "I gagged Linda" on them. See: Deep Throat, Sex Comedy, Harry Reems.
      Lovelace (1949 - 2002) was born Linda Susan Boreman in the Bronx. Before her exposure (pun intended) in Deep Throat Lovelace had made various silent 8mm films with titles like Piss Orgy as well as other Fetish and Hardcore shorts. Most of these were un-credited poor quality efforts made in backroom type studios. However, it is known for certain that she did appear in a Bestiality film with a German Shepherd, although she later claimed that she was forced into the act. There are now eight of the shorts that are attributed to her with others in dispute.
      After a mid-seventies Softcore effort, and some personal appearances trading on her "Throat" notoriety, Ms Lovelace is not known to have made any other Adult Films.
      She died due to complications from a traffic accident not long after her autobiography was released.

      Term used for the Penis in Hindu and Buddhist works such as the Kama Sutra and by the mad monk Drukpa Kunley (1455 - 1529), who named his the "Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom". See said terms.

Linger, Lingering, Lingered
      Favorite movie rating term describing sexual innuendo where, usually a man, allows his hand or sometimes his lips, to remain in contact with part of a woman's body that implies further Sexual Activity, hopefully with mutual Consent, but not always. During the days when the Hays Code was aggressively enforced by the MPAA (which see) to make sure no unmarried couple even had a conversation in a bedroom and that no toilet was ever seen on screen (no, we're not kidding), a hand 'lingering' on a hip during a kiss, which, incidentally could NOT last any longer than three seconds (again, we're not kidding), was enough to have the film sent back to the editing room to have his hand removed.
      The term is also used in situations like Mixers and other social setting by Chaperons, often with Minors, to prevent Sexual Activity during, and after, the event. See highlighted terms.

Lingerie, Lingerie Model
      Women's underwear or nightclothes where the idea is to be Sexy and Feminine, with softness and even Sensuality the focus instead of practicality. Most of these garments are designed to make the woman feel and look Sensuous and perhaps Sexy. Includes Nighties, Panties, Brassieres, and even garters and hose. Early Corsets were designed in part to enhance the attractiveness of the woman's figure. See: related entries. Also see: Bikini, Swimsuit, Trousseau, Garter and Hose.
      One whom Models said type of clothing for photographers or on the runway at a fashion show. See: Supermodel, T&A, Softcore, and related.

Lip Lock
      Two known mainstream uses. One involves a somewhat brutal "professional wrestling hold" in which one grabs the lips and face of one's opponent tightly in one of several grips both from the back and side to control and possibly pin them. Doing so risks permanent injury to the victim, as well as getting the one doing the grabbing bitten.
      More to our present effort, it involves a somewhat more intimate 'hold' which is a long, tight, intense Kiss (which see), may be with an open mouth and even deep kissing as well. This may be the type of activity Chico Marx was referring to in his quote cited at Lie (which see). Also see: French Kiss, Passion, Romance.

Lipstick Lesbian
      Term used in popular media for Lesbian and Bi-Sexual women who overtly display almost stereotypically Feminine traits. Especially those who are quite pretty and Sexually Attractive to both men and women. The term has more to do with the overall femininity of the women than their choice of cosmetics, although the women depicted as such usually wear far too much makeup for most people's taste. Usually the models involved are Statuesque, wear Sexy Shoes as well as very frilly Lingerie, have their hair, nails, and makeup done to an almost theatrical level, and may spend more time posing than they do engaging in Sexual Activity. Some almost appear to be a Drag Queen even though they are actually female. Compare: term to Butch, Dyke and others. Also see: Masculine, Macho, Bear, Twink, and related.
      The term is used extensively in online porn aimed at both Straights and Lesbians.

Little Black Book
      Almost mythical item of enormous importance to both a young man as well as the plots of several movies and TV shows dating from the 1950's when discussing the Sexuality of teens and young Adults. Truth be told, very few young men had such an item, and if they did, it soon fell by the wayside. The hand written information supposedly entered in the book, often in some mysterious code, included the names of 'agreeable' young women, and often a scoring system based on the various charms or skills of said woman, including which Base he got to with her. A quote from a famous TV character well known for his book follows this entry.
      Women are known to have had similar information written in their Diaries or journals, sometimes with similar Ratings for various aspects considered important to the individual woman, often including socio-economic factors as well as physical or romantic attributes.
      See: Locker Room Talk, Diary, Ratings, and other highlighted terms.
"Cool is knowing the difference between right and wrong and doing what is right with guts."
- The Fonz (from Happy Days, as created and produced by Garry Marshall, ABC Television, 1974-1984)

Little Egypt
      Stage named used by any number of dancers throughout the golden years of Burlesque and Vaudeville. The most famous appearances involved a World's Fair in Chicago, and a stint on Broadway, but those were two different women using the name. And, as far as can be told this far out, there were many other dancers using the same stage name who have since been forgotten.
      The Burlesque Dancer 'Fatima' who was Farida Spyropoulos, working as "Little Egypt", stopped the show with her Belly Dancing (using the descriptive terms 'Shimmy and Shake' and even 'Hoochee-Coochee', see both) at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair (the Columbian Exhibition), authorities even petitioned to have the theater she appeared in closed, but her impact had already been felt. It was a different "Little Egypt", this one being Ashea Wabe, who appeared in New York and became the subject of a series of famous photographs of her dancing. Since then the name has become synonymous with both Belly Dancing and Strip Tease, see more at both entries.

"Little Guy"
      Demeaning term used in mass media to denote a man of slight build, low rank, or is unimportant in some other way (such as Herb on "WKRP"). However using the term "little woman" is Misogynistic.
      Demeaning term used in commercials by mothers of young boys to make them into almost a pet, deny their masculinity, and raise them to be Gay. However, using the term "little girl" hurts the young lady's self esteem and shan't be done.
      Demeaning term used by women in asinine movies such as "Deck the Halls" to humiliate a man when referring to his Penis. However any such use in relation to a Vagina is Sexist and possible cause for a Sexual Harassment lawsuit. See: "Who's your daddy?" for more and link.

Little White Lie
      A minor untruth which is usually known to be as such to all parties involved, yet which is repeated and accepted by them as... ... well, the cost to honor of maintaining the peace.
      The best example is recounted at "Lie", which see.

Live Action Role Playing Game
      A diversion where people assume a character in a make-believe setting and act as such. May involve Fantasy or Fetish roles and appropriate props and costumes. See more at: Role Playing Game. The 'adult' side of the idea may even include having Sex with others in the game.

Live In, Living Together
      Most usually a long term Monogamous or Open Relationship where the two parties are Physically Intimate (Fucking) as if they were Married. Term says nothing about the sexes of the involved parties. Also see: Shack Up.

Live Sex Cam / Chat / etc
      Internet based streaming service where performers engage in various Sex Acts usually for 'tips' or 'tokens' purchased from the host and then bestowed on them. Many such actors encourage their viewers to purchase tickeets for private shows where the actor then 'goes all the way' for the camera. The hosting service pays for the site and bandwidth used by taking a percentage of the purchase price, in some cases up to half of the cost of their 'token'. Each individual 'chatroom' can have up to several thousand viewers, or as few as a handful. See related topics for more.
      In many cases the actors and models so involved are billed as being 'real people', in many cases, they are something else, such as professional Sex Workers. And in a few cases, said live acts have been shown to be taped.

Live Sex Show, Live Sex Acts
      The ultimate evolution of the combination of the interests of the Exhibitionist and the Voyeur.
      In a few select locations in the US and Canada, as well as in other locations such as in the Netherlands, several cities in Asia, Brazil, and elsewhere, Adult Actors are employed to engage in various Sex Acts on stage, before a live audience, or perhaps live video feed cameras (see: Live Sex Cam), and to do so through its logical conclusion. These shows involve everything from solo shows involving one Sex Performer who will Masturbate using either their hand or various Sex Toys, a couple who will perform with each other, and even groups of three or more. The combinations involve both Sexes, however, more Women are usually featured than men with Lesbian encounters almost outnumbering the Heterosexual ones at some venues, although the number of Gay shows involving only men are increasing as are the number of such clubs.
      Besides the obvious legal and health issues related to such an endeavor, Performance Anxiety is one of the major problems reported by those who do the acts for fun and profit. It also requires a great deal of Staying Power from all involved because in many cases, the shows are free to view, with a cover charge and drink minimum, so the longer they last, the longer it lasts, and the more booze that will be sold. Also, the entire thing is "Sex for the camera" (which see) so it isn't as much fun as it would be otherwise.

Locker Room Talk
      For this Glossary we will not discuss a coach outlining a defensive play on a chalkboard. See: Girl Talk, Bases, Dick Stories, Penis Size Indicator Myths, Bullshit, and related topics.

      The traditional definition is a sexually precocious teenage girl or very young woman. Also the word is the title to a 1955 novel by Vladimir Nabokov (see reference in song below). The book was subsequently made into a motion picture in the sixties by Stanley Kubrick, then remade in the 1990's. Although the main character in the novel and the movies was named 'Dolores', it was her role as 'Lolita' which made the term notorious for said behavior. See: Girl, Teenager, and similar.
      Several spectacular legal cases a few years ago brought the term to the forefront of the public imagination and TV talk show Titillation on the subject became something of the mainstay of the genre.
      A range of female Porn Stars traded on the notoriety of the term for several years using their age and youthful appearance as a draw. Most notable was Anna (Anuschka) Marek (born 1974) who appeared in her first Hardcore movies and photo shoots when she was barely 18 and put "Color Climax" of Denmark on the map. Most notorious was Traci Lords (born 1968) who was under age when she starred in several Adult Films, see Harry Reems, Ron Jeremy. Other young women used variations of the word 'Lolita' in clear reference to their appearing to be younger than they were, or were supposed to be, see "Tiny Tove" for another example.
      As the source for the term itself implies an Adult Having Sex with a Child, the girl in the book was twelve years old, no further information on the term will be entered in this Glossary. See: Pedophilia.

"...Loose talk in the classroom
To hurt they try and try
Strong words in the staffroom
The accusations fly
Its no use, he sees her
He starts to shake and cough
Just like the old man in
That book by Nabakov

Don't stand, don't stand so
Don't stand so close to me."
- The Police, Don't Stand So Close To Me, lyrics by Sting, Album: Zenyatta Mondatta, A&M records, released 1980

Lonely, Lonely Hearts Club
      Traditionally, one whom is 'lonely' desires human companionship, which is not available for whatever reason. However, a person can be 'alone' without experiencing the Emotional sensation of being 'lonely'. In fact, some people prefer to be alone instead of being in Social settings. It is also worth noting that some people can feel this way, even when in a crowd, such a 'feeling' is a known symptom of depression.
      More in line with our current context, one whom is 'lonely' is looking for something more Intimate than a conversational companion, namely, Sex. The proverbial 'lonely hearts club', as referenced as the title of the Beatles landmark album is a social circle of people who are supposedly looking for nothing else than conversation, and perhaps a few hands of gin rummy. Although, most of the time, those in said 'club' were looking for diversions a bit more, shall we say, "Physical" (which see). See: Attention, Mail Order Bride, LDR, Starved for Romance, Social Networking, Online Dating, and related.

"But I got an emptiness deep inside
And I've tried but it won't let me go
And I'm not a man who likes to swear
But I've never cared for the sound of being alone"

chorus"I am, I said
To no one there
And no one heard at all
Not even the chair
I am, I cried
I am, said I
And I am lost, and I can't even say why"
- I am... I said, Song by Neil Diamond, Single released 1971, Label: Uni / Prophet Music Inc.

Long Distance Relationship (or Romance)
      See the online chat abbreviation LDR as well as related topics such as Unconnsummated Marriage and Online Dating.

      In general terms, a "looker" is an attractive woman. Using said term to describe a Heterosexual Male is a known cause of the Fantods.

Loose, Loose Woman
      Term for Promiscuity usually applied to a woman who is "Indiscrete with her affections to the extreme" (from Dok's
a Tale of Two Dorms). Such terms are usually considered derogatory as with the term Slut. See: Cheap, "Jouisseuse", and related. The male version would be Libertine or Rake. Also see: "Playing Fast and Loose...", "Wine, Women, and Song"

Love: Pure, Agape
      Almost impossible to define otherwise, but, here goes: A deep, profound, unwavering, unconditional, sense of devotion, servitude, respect, and caring for another, while expecting NOTHING in return. The only emotion said to exist in Eternity (which see). When speaking of humans, it is the emotional attachment for a child by a normal healthy parent. When speaking of GOD, it's the same. See: Agape, "Four Stages....", Soul Mate, Love: Romantic, etc.
"If you are silent, be silent out of love. If you speak, speak out of love."
- Saint Augustine (354 - 430)

Love: Romantic
      Emotion of attachment and devotion, usually considered one of the most powerful of the basic emotions. Actions taken on said emotion. See: Four Words for Love, Passion, Falling In Love, Desire, and related. Also see: "I love you", "Hugs and Kisses", Heart "<3".
      Emotion and related ideas which may or may not be involved between persons engaging in the Sex Act. In the world of erotic novels for women or movies for couples, the emotional connection between the parties on the screen may be emphasized almost beyond the realm of believability.
      The romantic aspects of the sex act are often either overlooked (most mainstream Porn) or focused on to the level of absurdity (as in Formula Romance Novels and Soap Operas). Seldom is a realistic balance between the two found in most mass media. See: Lady Chatterley's Lover for related quote.
"Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead."
- Lucille Ball (1911 - 1989)

Love At First Sight
      Phenomena documented to occur in men and women where they catch a glimpse of someone and instantly fall totally in love with them and then endlessly Court them until the relationship is Consummated or they die of a Broken Heart. It does happen. However, it also happens that people see somebody, experience the same surge of Emotion, and never act on it for whatever reason, and their lives are just fine. See: Love, Emotion, Courting, First Date, Lust, Falling In Love, Lust, Soul Mate, and other related terms.

Love Birds, Lovebirds
      Any bird of the various species under the genus Agapornis. Most common are the domestic pets with green bodies and strikingly bright red feathers on their heads.
      Term used to describe people, usually Newlyweds or other romantically linked couple, of any Sexual Preference, who behave like the birds so named. Namely, being openly affectionate with each other with Hugs and Kisses (which see) and often nearly inseparable. This is also often seen during Courtship and Dating whether or not the couple so involved is Fucking. See: P.D.A., Valentine, Flirting, Romance, Soul Mate.

Love Bite
      A practice whereby one, in the throes of passion during the Sex Act causes an injury to the other party with their Mouth and teeth. Sometimes requiring stitches or other medical intervention. See: Odaxelagnia. This is different from a Hickey as those usually don't require bandages.

Love Child
      Illegitimate child born to a Heterosexual couple who are Lovers, but have no intention of marrying, or a child born to a single woman who may or may not know who the father is, or who has even used a Sperm Bank. Term became popular to describe the spawn of Celebrities in the late Sixties and early Seventies. It is now seen as a somewhat degrading term as it is associated with acts of total irresponsibility. Most recently seen in stories involving prominent Democrats Jesse Jackson and John Edwards. See: Illegitimate Child, Birth Control, Playboy, Casanova, and related.

Love Interest
      Usually regarded as someone with whom one has both an Emotional attachment to as well as an Intimate physical relationship (Sex). Term implies more of a mutual long term commitment than is represented when one says Casual Sex. Used a lot in entertainment media when discussing the various affairs of Celebrities. See: Affair, Passion, Retroactive Jealousy, and related terms.

Love Life
      Thinly veiled reference to Sex Life, seen in things like toothpaste ads in the form of a question, "How's your...." implying that if you used their product yours would be better. See: Sex Life, Sex Appeal.

Love Making
      Specifically used to describe Heterosexual Genital Intercourse, AKA- Fucking. Synonymous with Making Love. Often used to describe Physical Intimacy between those who are Romantically involved with each other as versus "Sex For The Camera". See highlighted terms.

Love Swing®
      Registered trademark for adult swing designed specifically for exciting Sexual Encounters as well as the comfort of the one in the swing. Allows easy and unrestricted access to the Erogenous Zones for Oral Sex and other activity. It and its clones are available online. See: Pleasure Swing.

Loved One, Loved Ones
      Generic term used to describe ones immediate family, next of kin, blood relatives, spouse, children, close friends, and so on. Often used in news articles, obituaries, and press releases as a blanket all inclusive statement without being more specific.

Lover, Lovers
      Person with whom one "Makes Love", which see. The plural refers to both involved parties. For the lover of a woman see Paramour.

Loverboy, Lover Boy
      Canadian rock band out of Calgary formed in the 1980s. Their hits include Lovin' Every Minute Of It and the anthem Working for the Weekend. The band has reformed after a hiatus and continues to tour to good reviews.
      The term is also the name of a totally worthless 1989 movie about a college dropout that becomes a Gigolo (which see), as well as a couple of other later movies which were also more or less equally worthless.
      Euro-slang term for a Pimp who ensnares young women in a web of Lies and possibly even drug addiction which results in their being forced into Prostitution and even Sexual Slavery (see highlighted terms).
      The most common usage is as a Pet Name or Diminutive for a Paramour. Can also be used as a mild insult to a man who becomes 'mushy' around his Better Half or any other women, as in a Ladies Man. See said terms.

  "Yes, Mickey?"
"I want to know,
how do you call your lover boy?"
  "I say, come here, lover boy."

"And if he doesn't answer?"
  "Come here! Lover boy!"
"And if he still doesn't answer?"
  "Well, I simply say,
  "Baby, oh baby, my sweet baby, you're the one."

both "Baby, oh baby, my sweet baby, you're the one...."

- Love is Strange Written by Baker, Vanderpool, and Smith. Single released by Mickey & Sylvia, 1956. Groove records.
(...and since covered by damned near everybody else)

Lovesick, Love Sick
      Usually invoked for the intense, almost overwhelming emotional tide felt at either the very beginning of a romance, or at its end. Can result in irrational behavior, physical illness, lack of concentration, senseless babbling, and every imaginable combination thereof.
      See: Heartache for Latin phrase. Also see: Crush, and related terms throughout this Glossary.

Lower Lips
      Informal term for the external Female Sexual Organ the Labia Major and Minor, the larger and smaller Vaginal lips. AKA- Pussy Lips (which see). The outer lips are often pierced for the insertion of jewelry. The shape, texture, size, spread, and other factors of the lips are different from woman to woman, thus negating the statement "If you've seen one you've seen them all". The external lips are removed during the barbaric practice of 'cutting' which is more accurately called Female Genital Mutilation in many Afrikan and Muslim countries. See: Female Genital Mutilation. Also see: Vulva, Pussy, Labia, V-Steam, and etc.

Lube, Lubrication, Sex Lube, Personal Lubricant, etc.
      Commercially or privately produced substances used to ease Penetration, reduce discomfort from friction, provide desensitization or spermicidal properties, and so on. May be made from natural substances such as glycerin or man-made ingredients.
      The use of artificial substances to ease Penetration during sex may not be romantic, but it is often necessary to avoid a 'Pain In The Ass' (which see) and possible injury to either or both parties. For normal Heterosexual Vaginal Intercourse, the healthy Vagina produces sufficient natural lube for said Penetration. During a prolonged encounter even a otherwise healthy woman's Vagina may run out of natural lubricant resulting in extreme discomfort for her and her partner. For Anal Intercourse with either a natural or simulated male organ, lube is absolutely required, and saliva, while slick and sexy, is not enough and will not last long once the friction begins.
      In Most Cases substances like hand lotion, liquid soap, baby oil, and even petroleum jelly are NOT adequate lubrication for Anal penetration and also should not be used for Vaginal lubrication. Only water soluble lubricants, such as the famous glycerin based 'KY®' and 'Astroglide®' (which is unbelievably slippery) should be used. Some 'personal lubricants' contain Desensitizing substances like benzocaine, such as "Anal Easy" (under various trade names) which are available online. See: Desensitizing Cream. For the Female production of it, see: Vaginal Tenting.

Lurid, Lurid Material
      Nearly obsolete terms for content, either printed or electronic, textual or image which is usually deemed offensive or shocking to the general populace, often of a newsworthy nature or that have some documentary or educational value. Includes both images of violence, explicit drug use, and other non-sexual content. Such a description is entirely subjective. See: Ratings, Content Warning, Adults Only, Ribald.
      In our context, the use of the terms would be to describe Sexual content which is somewhere between Softcore and Hardcore / Sexually Explicit and that which is deemed Indecent, however, the term has little, if any, legal standing. The terms are usually not applied to content which has met the test and been declared Obscene.
      You will usually see the terms used in journalistic settings where the reporter is trying to appear somewhat shocked and offended by the material they are talking about. Usually the exact opposite is true.

      Most usually, looking at or otherwise thinking of another person (or a sports car or whatever) with an overbearing Desire to possess the person (object) in some way, particularly and in this context, sexually. The feeling is best described, if one is needed, as an intense hunger for the object so desired. Often used as an anti-Pornography argument. See: Erotic Love, Lecher, Seven Deadly Sins, Sexual Desire, Conquest, Carnal, Natural Man, and related. Compare the "good side" at Song of Solomon.
      Lust is usually defined as the Ten Commandment sin of 'covetous desire' for your neighbor's wife and other property. Deuteronomy 5 : 21

"You shall not covet your neighbor's wife. You shall not set your desire on your neighbor's house or land, his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor."

M, F, M/F (or B/G), F/F, M/M/F, M/M, Bi-F/M, GM, etc
      Abbreviations for 'Male', 'Female', 'Boy', 'Girl', plus Bisexual, Gay, and so on. Most commonly used in descriptions of Adult Movies as to the sexes of the actors involved. For example M/F would indicate one on one sex with a Man and a Woman.
      Also used in Adult Ads, which see, to signify which Sex the ad poster is and what they are looking for. Also see: GLB (etc).

M.I.L.F. MILF (aka- Mom I'd Like to Fuck), MILAF
      Term made popular by an otherwise worthless movie several years ago. Now a sub-industry of adult entertainment in its own right. The genre enjoys surprising popularity with mature women who make up a good percentage of its audience, those same women who are usually the subjects of the material, but who are instead now exploring their curiosity about Sapphic love, which see. The term refers to a mature woman, who is often a mother, who is still sexy enough to be the object of lust for younger men, see Cougar. This has resulted in a large number of sites featuring somewhat older women than the mainstream and has resulted in continued employment for adult actresses who would have been reaching the end of their careers otherwise. See: Cougar, Lady, GILF, Dame.
      The current fascination with 'older' women can be directly traced back to the prime time soap opera craze of the 1980's, and especially the cat fights on Dynasty in the 1980's between Joan Collins (born 1933), Linda Evans (Born 1942). Both women were gorgeous, excellent actresses, and each had their own fans who cheered them on as the characters fought in a succession of fantasy type settings including a boutique, a fish pond, and each others homes. The popularity of the actresses led to further exposure, pun intended, as both became popular posters and more. Collins was 49 when she appeared in Playboy magazine (see Playboy), Evans was somewhat younger, but both were well older than the magazines usual models. Also see: "Sex After ___" and "Sexy After ___".
      Brutha Jim Deep, formerly of, has proposed a subgroup- MILAF which stands for 'Mother I'd Like to Ass Fuck'. This includes older women whose face may not be as attractive as it once was but whose bodies are still sexy, as well as others.

M.P.A.A., MPAA, Motion Picture Association of America
      Industry supported Ratings(which see) board which controls the admission parameters for theatrically released movies. The software and video game rating board E.S.R.B., and the music people R.I.A.A. (see both) modeled their categories after the M.P.A.A.'s to some degree. See: Rating, X-Rated, NC-17 for more as the board relates to this Glossary. In 1968 this code replaced the far more restrictive MPPA/Hays Code enacted in the 1930's, which was sporadically and mostly ineffectively enforced outside of the major studios. See: Standards and Practices, Voluntary Self Censoring, Censorship, Bolero.
      Also see: their website at The name of the organization is a mark registered by and to the organization.

Machine Fucking
      Sexual Intercourse, Anal or Vaginal, with a mechanical device, most often using a Dildo or similar object to Penetrate the Receiver. See: Fucking Machine and other highlighted terms.

Macho, Machismo
      Masculinity taken very nearly to its logical extreme, especially in a showy, even over-the-top, flamboyant way. In many cases, violently so. However, one can be masculine without being macho, it is called "being a gentleman". See: Masculine, Virile, Stud.

      In this context: a female pimp. Historically a woman who ran a 'house of ill repute'. In many cases the lady in charge was also one of the Working Girls. See: D.C. Madam, Pimp, Prostitute and related.

Mae West
  "When I'm good, I'm very good. When I'm bad, I'm even better" - Mae West
      One of the original Sex Symbols and the woman who quite possibly made Sexiness a marketable commodity. Mary Jane West was born in Queens in 1893, but by age five she was appearing in Vaudeville shows to good reviews. Later she would write, produce, star in, and take the heat for a large number of theatrical and later, motion picture, productions trading on that very item.
      West's notoriety was brought on by her own use of her own sexuality (West was, to use a term from our Glossary- Stacked), and that of others. Including her stage play entitled simply Sex which ran in New York for over a year before being closed by red-faced officials who themselves had been in the audience. The subsequent trial and conviction on Morals Charges made Ms. West national sensation. After her conviction, she did a week in jail in 1927. Some sources say that the title character in her play Diamond Lil was simply West playing the character she wanted to be. Namely edgy, sexy, easygoing, and ... the center of attention. West revived the character, under various names, for productions and movies throughout her career. It was West's motion pictures, more than any other single factor, that began the age of the censoring system for motion pictures which led to the Ratings we have now.
      West made her final movie in 1978 starring in the Crown International release Sextette with an ensemble cast of what appears to be about half of Hollywood. West, even in her mid-eighties, played the part of a Newlywed (actually an updated version of Diamond Lil) with a high camp Sultry sexiness nobody else in the world would have been able to pull off. She died of complications from multiple strokes in 1980.
      Her name is also used to refer to an inflatable life preserver from the WW2 era that, when activated, gives the wearer a certain aspect reminiscent of Ms West when seen in profile.
      See: Sexy, Femme Fatale, Vamp, Naughty (see quote), Innuendo (two more quotes), Curves (another), Risqué (one more), Body Language (ditto), and others throughout the Glossary, see complete list at bottom of the
Sex Glossary Quote Collection page.

      Traditionally: Female domestic staff, such as a housekeeper in a home, a hotel, or on a cruise ship.
      In popular culture such an individual is the never ending source for much innuendo, intrigue. and mystique, almost equaling the male position of butler, but with the added dimension of Sex! See: French Maid.

Maid Of Honor
      Is supposed to be the equivalent female position in the Wedding Party to the Best Man. Is often the source of bruised feelings, jealousy, and sometimes near hysteria when one of the Bride's Friends is chosen over another who is then relegated to being a Bridesmaid. See highlighted terms and all things associated with Wedding.

      Historically: An Unmarried woman who is also a Virgin. Directly related to the term Maidenhead, which see.
      Today: An Unmarried young woman. Also see: Single, Old Maid, Spinster.

      In a Female Virgin, the Hymen, which see. Also see: Premarital Pelvic Exam.

Mail Order Bride
      Popular in the US and other Western countries since the end of World War Two, so called Marriage Brokers arrange communication and meetings between, most often, lonely working class men and desperate third world women, for a small fee paid by either or both parties. In most cases said brokers and their arrangements are legitimate. Sometimes the operation is nothing more than a front for Prostitution of Human Trafficking where the women sent to the West end up as indentured servants or worse. The new and 'improved' version is Internet Dating or Adult Ads when placed seeking 'relationships' and not just sex. See: related topics. Also see: Arranged Marriage, Mail Order Bride, Long Distance Relationships, White Slavery, Human Trafficking, Child Prostitution.

Make a Baby
      Somewhat silly, though accurate, term for Heterosexual Genital Intercourse with Internal Ejaculation without the use of Birth Control for the express purpose of causing a Pregnancy. Often used on TV shows between characters instead of saying "Let's Fuck", or the somewhat tired expression "Making Love". Also see: Love Child, Pregnancy, Sexual Reproduction, and related.

Make Out, Making Out
      Terms used for the usually playful and very enjoyable preliminary stages of Physical Intimacy, often between mutually lustful parties with every intention of continuing the event to its logical conclusion.
      Foreplay involving simple Kisses, French Kissing, Feeling Up, and more which may lead to mutual undressing and on to Intercourse. However, on a Date, the event may end at any point during the process before Consummation, often without warning. Usually because one or the other partner doesn't want to Go All The Way, or perhaps: 'dad just came home'. See: Necking, Foreplay, Date, and related. Also see: Bases, Wandering Hands, Tunnel of Love.
      The term may be used to describe anything from Kissing and hugging all the way through Fucking and even Ménage à Trois or other Sex Act. Also see: Hanky Panky.

Making Love, Making Whoopie, Getting Laid, Sleeping Together, etc.
      Romantic terms mostly used on TV talk shows for the Sex Act itself (Fucking), see Family Hour. Usually refers to Heterosexual Genital Intercourse although other variations are included, and increasingly the mass media is pushing Gay sex as equal to, and even superior to, the Heterosexual variety. Making Love usually implies an emotional connection between the two not carried by other terms such as Fucking or having sex, although it is not required for the former to be used. The term 'sleeping together' seems to be confined to prime time sitcoms and daytime soap operas, casual street use is all but unheard of. The title term from the song 'Making Whoopie' became popular on TV game shows and other forums as a censor safe term for sex, it has since been replaced, for which we are all grateful.
      'Making love' and its synonyms usually have positive connotations whereas terms such as Putting Out, 'getting laid' and others tend to have neutral or even negative meanings associated with them, especially when used in reference to the female in the act. See: Marital Relations, Hanky Panky.

Male, Man
      One whom is born with the XY chromosome set and corresponding 'plumbing', most namely, a Penis and Testes. 'Man' refers to the Adult of said Sex. One whom assumes the Active or Dominate role in a relationship. The legal definition includes the final product in a Female to male Sex Change Surgery. See: Masculine, Macho, Female, Sex, Hermaphrodite, Dominate, Active Partner, Top, Secondary Sexual Characteristics, and related topics.
      ... speaking of plumbing- a pipe fitting that mimics the Male Sex Role (which see) when joined to a female fitting and similar usage in electronics and other applications. See: Mate.

Male Bonding
      Stupid situation gag used on TV sit-coms. suggested for the Glossary by a Reader ... Further defining to come when I can work up a definition that doesn't give me the Fantods. Most of the time I'd file this one under the same heading as those "team building" exercises at work, namely as a "stupid and worthless waste of time" at best and a "pain in the ass that has to be endured" at worst and schedule a dentist appointment for that day to get out of it.

Male Organ
      Most usually the Penis. Includes the Testicles is the phrase is plural. For a spectacular example, see "Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom".

Male Prostitute
      A man who works as a Prostitute. May be Straight- Having Sex with women who then pay the man for the service (see: Gigolo), Gay- has sex with men as either the Top or the Bottom, or Bi- doing both sexes- sometimes at the same time. See: Prostitute and related.

Male Sex Role
      The one whom assumes the role of Active Partner, the Dominate, or is the Penetrating partner in a Sex Act regardless of their Sex. Said roles may be reversed as with Sex Play or other diversions. See: Female Sex Role, Male, Passive Partner, and related.

Male Stripper
      A man who acts the traditional role of a Terpsichorean Ecdysiast (which see), which may or may not involve total Nudity but instead involve him being left wearing a Jock Strap (which see) and a smile. Is often the entertainment at a Bachelorette Party, which also see.

Mammary Glands
      The milk producing tissues and related ducts in the Breasts of a female, and by extension the larger structure, the Breast itself, as well. The term relates directly to the designed function of the organ and not to its use as a 'Fun Bag' by those obsessed with them. See related topics.
      For the record: The Male of most species, including humans, have identical features in their breasts, they are, however, just undeveloped. They can become involved in similar disease instances, such as breast cancer, even without ever having been active.

Man Bashing
      Under the umbrella heading of Political Correctness (which see) the only individuals that can be targeted as the butts of jokes, held out for general ridicule and humiliation, and made fun of in other ways are Males, who are most usually Adults, Heterosexual, and in most cases, white, who also happen to work to support their own families. Because to pick on anybody else, you are being insensitive, racist, Sexist, Homophobic, and so on. See highlighted terms.
      The sport is usually conducted by Feminists or other Liberals who seem not to believe that by belittling men, they are simply showing their own ignorance and Hypocrisy. See highlighted terms.

Man Crush / "Bromance"
      Asinine media terms for a close friendship between Heterosexual men which indirectly implies Homosexual desire between them. If you Ever use either of the terms in reference to Your Good Brutha, you should also be prepared for 'multiple spontaneous non-consensual dental extractions'.

Man On Top
      Position for sexual intercourse with the Receiving partner on the bottom. Most usually seen as the Missionary Position, which see, but there are several other variations possible without either partner needing a chiropractor afterward. Most usually considered a Heterosexual position, but said use is not exclusive. See: Positions.

Man Pussy
      Most usually a Homosexual reference to another man's Anus and the associated act of Homosexual (Anal) Intercourse so represented.

Man Train
      Homosexual sex act involving Anal Intercourse among several participants. Either in an Anal Daisy Chain with the first man being Penetrated by the second, who is in turn penetrated by the third, and so on in a line of simultaneous sex. Or as a traditional Gang Bang where the others Fuck the first man in turn. See: Pulling a Train for the traditional use and other related terms.

      Comic books in the Hentai / Anime animation styles. Many are still drawn to an audience of young children. However, more adult themes are becoming increasing popular, especially in Japan. See: Anime, Hentai and related.

      Human access point to an underground utility or other such entryway, such as a removable plate over a crawlspace into an industrial machine for cleaning and repair of the inner workings.
      The Anus of a Man, almost exclusively used in Homosexual Porn to refer to Anal Intercourse. See highlighted and related terms. Compare: Cornhole.
      NOTE: If the term "mangina" (various spellings) were to be included in this Glossary it would be listed here. Since it does not, it isn't.

      A 'sling' swimsuit only worn in public by males who are flaming Attention Whores.
      If you must know, the garment is essentially an oversized Jock Strap in which the straps run over the wearer's shoulders instead of around their hips. Said item is now the subject of bans in various locations due to the antics and overly stupid behavior of many who wore the thing.

Manual Rape, Digital Rape
      Descriptive terms used in some media accounts and legal documents to explain the Sexual Assault committed against the victim. Instead of just Groping or Feeling Up the victim in this case, they are indicating the Penetration of the victim's body by the assailant's fingers, or even hand either Vaginally or Anally. See said terms as well as: Offensive Touching, Oral Rape and related.

      Artificial media term used on TV talk shows and in print media usually aimed at a Female audience usually used to indicate a man's chest, stomach, and pubic area, but not specifically his Penis and Testicles. Most often heard in discussions about said man having his chest and stomach waxed and whether or not he trims or Shaves his Pubic Hair. Overall, the term is silly and best left on the Titillation type shows and Women's Magazines that use it.

Mardi Gras
      Tourist party in New Orleans for most of the week before Ash Wednesday. Associated beads, floats, parades, and advertising.
      Now. Go see: Carnival.

Marian Doctrine
      Catholic Church teaching encompassing the ideal that denial of all Pleasures Of The Body (which see), Chastity, and near total Celibacy inside Marriage are part of our Holy Walk with Mary the Mother of Sorrows. The doctrine in its entirety has no basis in Scripture and was not adopted by the church in any real form until around 400 AD. And then accepted as dogma in 1854 with- "O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee..." Medal of the Immaculate Conception prayer (see highlighted terms)
      The doctrine has been carried over into almost every Christian denomination with the ongoing belief that Sex is somehow 'dirty' and Shameful, and even moreso when it is Sex For Pleasure, and that good Wives, as an adult "Good Girl", shouldn't enjoy it even with their Husbands in a locked and darkened bedroom and even then they shouldn't do anything other than the Missionary Position once a month with the sole intent of achieving Pregnancy (as is re-enforced in the totally fabricated legend of St. Ismaria who is supposedly the Virgin Mary's grandmother). In fact, there are fundamentalist preachers who maintain that the Orgasm in Women is a tool of Devil which uses the Pleasures of the Body to lure them into an unholy life of Sensuality. You may look their papers, sermons, and other statements at your leisure, there are plenty of them out there. Including some on seminary websites! The doctrine was quite popular with the WCTU, some of whom saw Sex, even in marriage, as just as evil as 'demon rum', see more at: Temperance.
      The entire doctrine, Catholic and otherwise, is of course, crap. The pictures the church has to paint to actually deny passages in the Scripture, selectively interpret words and phrases differently in those passages than they do elsewhere, and so on, are actually hilarious when looked at objectively. For example, in the first chapter of Galatians, Paul writes: "Then after three years, I went up to Jerusalem to get acquainted with Peter and stayed with him fifteen days. I saw none of the other apostles-only James, the Lord's brother." (Galatians 1 : 18, 19) The Catholics say that Paul really meant to say "the Lord's cousin", or step-brother or something. Between that and the other Biblical passages such as the entire book of Esther and the statement from Abraham's wife about pleasure with her husband, you'd think they are reading a totally different Bible. And indeed, many of them are, or perhaps, not reading the one they have.
      See various highlighted topics as well as: Marital Relations, Headache, Marital Bed, Chastity, Sexual Frustration, Asceticism, Wifely Duty, Sexual Abstinence, Unconsummated Marriage, Begging, Temperance, Wedding Night, Wedlock, and related.
      This should not be confused with the similar sounding "Marian Reforms" which reorganized the small 'at need' army of the Roman Republic into what would eventually become one of the finest fighting forces ever fielded, the professional soldiers of the Legions of the Roman Empire.

"the liturgy of the Church celebrates Mary as Aeiparthenos, the 'Ever-virgin'."
Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition,

"Mary is Ever Virgin and Joseph is the most Chaste Spouse. If Mary and Joseph are to be the perfect model of Holy Matrimony.... but did not consummate their marriage...what does that teach us as Christians? And we are supposed to teach that to our children?"

Marilyn Chambers
      The original superstar Adult Actress. It was Chambers that brought Adult Films out of garages and back rooms and more into the mainstream with the Mitchell Brothers production Behind the Green Door in 1972, for which she was paid an astonishing twenty five thousand dollars, an unheard of sum at the time. Chambers' early movies and magazine spreads show her natural Figure and un-enhanced Breasts (reportedly a 'B' cup). Later in her career, Chambers did have her breasts surgically enlarged. Part of her popularity was due to her willingness to not only perform Extreme (for the time) Sex Acts such as Interracial, Double and Triple Penetrations, and others, she did so with genuine enthusiasm and excitement. Her biggest film may have been another for the Mitchell Brothers, 1980's INSATIABLE also starring John Holmes (which see). Also see: Mitchell Brothers, and highlighted topics.
      The other substantial part of her popularity was owed to her 'all American girl' good looks and air of innocence and purity. Something which landed an 18 year old Marilyn Ann Briggs on the cover of the Ivory Snow® laundry detergent box. Once it was known that the young woman on the box holding the smiling infant was indeed the new queen of sex films, Proctor and Gamble dropped the image like a hot rock. (Also note: Contrary to widely circulated 'little known fact' emails, the baby on the box was NOT Brooke Shields.) Said boxes are now collector's items fetching substantial prices at auction.
      Chambers, born in 1952 in Rhode Island, continued to both do personal appearances, and the occasional Adult Film, until her death in April of 2009.
"My body is my business and I work on it everyday." Marilyn Chambers (1952 - 2009)

Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jeane Mortenson (1926 - 1962)
      One of the originals. From the nineteen fifties on, her name is synonymous with... take your pick: Bombshell, Sex Symbol, Bleach Blonde, and so on, and is still so even now nearly sixty years after her death under questionable circumstances (conspiracy theory anyone?), her persona is still remarkably Sexy. And why not? With a natural Hourglass Figure, and an aura of sweet Innocence that when combined with a somewhat playful nature made her the center of attention whether just out to dinner or in front of the camera in thirty some movies from the late forties until her death. Her performance of a song for President Kennedy's birthday is absolutely unforgettable, see "Breathy Voice". It is also not an exaggeration to say that photos of her launched all things "Playboy", which see.
      See notes involving her in this Glossary at: Bleach Blonde, "Blondes Have More Fun", Bombshell, Breathy Voice, High Beams, Playboy, Playmate of the Month, Sex Symbol (with quote), Sultry, Supermodel, Working Name, and other related topics.
      The following is the correct quote from her. The version seen on some Celebrity Tattoos is often wrong:
"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
- Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 1962)

Marital Bed
      The bedstead of a wedded couple. The only place, and the only people, according to many religious and legal traditions, where and with whom Heterosexual Genital Intercourse, or any other sex for that matter, is to occur, and then only for the production of children, see Marital Relations for more. Anything else may be regarded as Fornication, Adultery, or other Sin of Sensuality. See: various topics on the subject. Also see: Marian Doctrine, Conjugal Right.

Marital Infidelity
      Engaging in Sex outside the bounds of one's Marriage. See: Cheating, Fidelity, Infidelity, Adultery, Swinging and related. See Broadway example at Fig Leaves.

Marital Relations
      Outdated, Obsolete, and Irrelevant phrase, although it is still used in some quarters, especially in religious documents referring to sex inside of marriage, in relationship classes, as well as some legal definitions. The term refers specifically to Heterosexual Genital Intercourse (Fucking). In some older documents the idea of Having Sex for fun inside of marriage was actually discouraged by various churches. While the widespread "Advice for the Young Bride" article is a hoax that has been debunked, it does present an accurate picture of the way sex was viewed by most married women through the years up to... about the middle of last week. See:
Dok's article. Also see: Wifely Duty, Conjugal Right, Making Love, Marriage, Marian Doctrine, Headache, Unconsummated Marriage, "Natural Use of the Woman", "Lay Back And Think Of England", Etc.
"Personally, I know nothing about sex because I've always been married." - Zsa Zsa Gabor (born 1917)

      For this Glossary: a target, or otherwise intended victim. In the gambling world the term used is Rube. Compare: John. See: Stroke (second meaning) for example.

Marriage, Matrimony
      Wedlock, which in most places is still regarded as the legal, social, and religious institution and sworn contractual commitment between one man and one woman. In many religious and some legal realms marriage is the only allowable circumstance in which Heterosexual Genital Intercourse may occur. In some jurisdictions, the marriage is not recognized until those so joined have Consummated the physical relationship- i.e. Fucked. See: Engagement, Monogamous, Polygamy, Marian Doctrine, Wedlock, and related. Compare: Unconsummated Marriage
"Marriage is probably the chief cause of divorce." - Major Frank Burns, M*A*S*H by Hornberger and Gelbart, 20th Century Fox TV Production.

Marriage Broker
      One who, for a fee, connects those looking for a connection with someone for a serious relationship with those looking to be so connected. In the 'good old days' such a person was called a 'matchmaker' who would facilitate an Arranged Marriage (which see). Today it is done online. See: Matchmaker, Mail Order Bride, Online Dating, Adult Ad / Adult Friend Finder, and related.

Marriage Ceremony, Marriage Vows
      The actual ritual and solemn pledges involved in the joining of two people in matrimony. Usually presided over by religious figure or other official. See: Wedding, Vows.

Marriage (Wedding) Contract
      Synonymous with Marriage License (which see). Legally binding document certifying that a Couple are, or are to be, Married. With all the benefits, obligations, and penalties associated with said state.

Marriage Counseling / Counselor
      The act of seeing a professional Relationship consultant to save or perhaps just to improve a given Domestic Partnership, whether legally bound or not. Said professional.
      Often said counseling is a last ditch attempt by a Married Couple to fix a severely broken relationship. In the past, many jurisdictions required couples filing for Divorce to seek out and attend such counseling. Said requirement now varies by locale and reasons. See: Trial Separation, No Fault Divorce, Irreconcilable Differences, Infidelity.
      Oftentimes said counseling boils down to the statement by one of Your Good Brutha's acquaintances: "You talk a problem to death, then the counselor tells the man to compromise and do it the woman's way."

Marriage License / Contract
      Binding legal document between two persons in a legal marital relationship, usually signed by them and witnessed by those who attend the related Ceremony. Not only are said documents recognized between states or provinces, they are also recognized and honored internationally. Which is one of the reasons the 'gay marriage' debate became so heated. If other countries summarily decide to not honor marriages from your country because you allow homosexual marriage, what does it do to the rest of your citizens if they take a holiday there?

Marriage various topics
      See: related terms under the general category of Wedding, as in Wedding Vows, Wedding Ring, Wedding Cake, unconsummated Marriage, Monogamy, Prenuptial Agreement, Faithful, Divorce, and etc.

Married Couple
      Traditionally: an Adult Man and an Adult Woman joined in the legal and religious institution of Matrimony.
      Today: apparently, damned near anybody who wants to say they are.

Married Man
      No interesting or relevant information available. See: related terms as they apply to women. Also see: Blue Balls.
"All men make mistakes, but married men find out about them sooner." - Red Skelton (1913 - 1997)

Married Woman
      An Adult woman who is currently wedded to an adult man. Most married women wear Wedding Rings, most porn stars playing married women, don't, see Wedding Ring and related entries. Also see: Wife, M.I.L.F., PMS, Frigid, and the entries related to Wedding.
      AKA- "She who must be obeyed."
      Also, in most cases, a woman who no longer feels obliged to voluntarily perform Fellatio on her Husband, and as such, does not. See: Marian Doctrine for one of the reasons.

Martijn, Vereniging MARTIJN (Danish: Association Martijn)
      Founded in 1982 in the Netherlands, the organization's stated objective is the repealing of the laws prohibiting sex between Adults and Children, and other social and political agendas related to said activity. Their name is supposedly based on the Dutch form of the name of St. Martin of Tours (316 -397), who is reportedly to have cut his own cloak in half to clothe a naked beggar while he was a Roman Soldier. It is uncertain if the former Bishop would appreciate being their namesake even though one of their board members is a retired Catholic Priest whose own Bishop defended his membership as acceptable. (no, we're not kidding -deep)
      The group formerly published Softcore pornographic magazines featuring children, the first was in the name of the group, later they ran OK. Both featured articles and fictional short stories of a quasi-sexual nature about "youth". Most of the photos were of nude or partially clothed adolescent children in non-sexual situations. Obviously the group knew exactly where the line was, and how much they could push it without breaking the Child Pornography laws of the time. Other publications focused on "Greek" love and related topics of interest to Predatory Homosexual Pedophiles (which see). In their own words:

"... 'OK magazine' is an informational magazine about adult-child relationships and pedophilia. It was published for years by MARTIJN. OK contains serial stories, short stories, poetry, essays, articles on topical issues, reviews, letters, cartoons and useful addresses. Furthermore it always contains a delightful assortment of legal pictures and illustrations."
      There are similar groups in many other countries, for an example see: North American Man Boy Love Association. Also see: Pederast, Pedophilia, Child Pornography, Catamite, Sexual Predator, Felony, and related. For more information go here. site and all affiliated sites fully support the the Virtual Global Taskforce

Masculine, Masculinity
      General 'Sex Role', specific traits most often associated with the male role in both overall society as well in Sexual matters. Includes personality traits such as decisiveness, courage, Virility, strength of willpower, confidence, honesty, and the ability to either suppress or downplay Emotions. The biological component refers to the fact that the average man is physically larger and stronger than the average woman, but this doesn't hold true past the broad generality, for example, see Amazon.
      The male traits taken to an almost humorous extreme is the expression of Machismo, which see. Compare: Girlie Men, Metrosexual.

Masochism, Masochist
      The enjoyment, sexual and otherwise, by the person being abused even tortured, and one who enjoys and finds Sexual Gratification in experiencing pain and discomfort themselves. Usually used in conjunction with the practice of Sadism, by the person doing the abusing. However, the term also applies to one whom enjoys being humiliated and ruled over by a 'dom' as their 'sub' when mild punishment such as spanking is used. The one who inflicts the pain on them would be the Sadist, which see. The term is derived from the name of another kinky European, the German writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (1836 - 1895) See: S&M.
      A true Masochist does not require another person to cause them pain, many of those who engage in the behavior will inflict pain and even extreme injury on themselves including the dangerous practice of Autoerotica. See: Pain Fetish and related topics.

Masquerade, Masks
      For our present purpose here we will ignore Halloween, any reference to Kiss (which see), and talk about Carnival and Mardi Gras only in light of the Fantasy aspect of appearing to be that which you are not, concealing one's true identity with some sort of facial prosthetic or full body Costume, possibly while engaging in Anonymous Sex or other Debauchery, and behaving as if one were a member of the Hellfire Club or other Swinger's Club where such Naughty behavior was encouraged. Which we have just done. See highlighted topics.
      Some such facial concealing devices are often also used in B&D, S&M, Role Playing, and other Sex Play. For possible working example see discussion at: Vampire.

Massage, Massage Parlor / Therapy
      Body contact therapy including manipulation of muscles, the use of pressure points, and dedicated equipment, often used as an alternative medicine, in a physical therapy program, or under direction of a chiropractor. See: Vibrator (Therapeutic).
      In many cases a legitimate business run by a trained and certified massage therapist who uses recognized physical manipulation techniques for relaxation and therapy under a business license for professional services. Massage has recognized medical benefits and is covered by some health insurance policies. In some cases said business is little but a front for Prostitution as in 'outcall massage', and is often so used in mass media. However, as the practice is a viable alternative medical treatment, such use is in decline. See: Call Girl, Sexual Massage, Erotic Massage, and related.

Master and Slave
      Aside from a 'bondservant'... Usually a Dominate and Submissive relationship. May or may not involve sex. See: Gorean, Dom and etc.

      Manual stimulation of the Genitals by a person who is alone. Usually to orgasm. Applies equally to male and female self pleasuring, and is also applied when the person uses a Sex Toy such as a Vibrator. Is occasionally a Voyeuristic practice where two or more people will masturbate themselves while watching the others doing the same without any Physical contact between the two (see "Self Fisting" for something sometimes done in said circumstances). When there is contact it becomes Mutual Masturbation. Far from being abnormal or an Unnatural Act (which see), the practice of self-pleasuring is now usually considered healthy and normal in moderation. For when the behavior becomes a problem see Compulsive Masturbation. The old adage that doing so will cause one to go blind or grow hair on the palm of their hand is an "Old Wives' Tales" and a Sex Myth, see both entries. Also see Trisexual.
      Slang terms and Euphemisms for said activity are innumerable and endlessly changing, and some are downright silly. Some are listed in this Glossary, for examples see: Jack Off, Jill Off, Devil's Handshake, Autoerotica, Compulsive Masturbation, Fleshlight ®, Pocket Pool, and related.

      An Online Dating site, see entry there.
      One whom, for fun or profit, or both, plays Cupid (which see) for single people. The traditional role of one who arranges marriages in a feudal society, also for a fee. See: Marriage Broker for more.
      The old widow woman who functioned as such in Fiddler on the Roof who was the subject of the song by Tevye's daughters.

"Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a match, Find me a find, Catch me a catch,
Night after night in the dark I'm alone, So find me match, Of my own."

Lyric by Sheldon Harnick, released 1964

      Various meanings, all somewhat related to the basic act of Sexual Reproduction with Male and Female, such as in plumbing, the joining of two pipe sections with ends identified as such. Also the fitting of other parts designed to couple together as to become one. See highlighted terms.
      In the animal kingdom, a breeding pair of animals who may or may not stay together for life. Such as the dominate male and female in a pack or herd.
      One with whom one is joined in Matrimony, has taken as a common law spouse, or otherwise considers to be their long term partner in a Monogamous relationship. See: Wife, Husband, Married...., etc.
      The verb form, 'to mate', refers to the act of coupling said Male and Female units together either in Heterosexual Genital Intercourse, or when assembling individual parts into a larger whole.

      Sexual Reproduction, which see. Specifically: Human Heterosexual Genital Intercourse without Birth Control for the specific purpose of causing Pregnancy. The object of the Sex Drive. The traditional purpose for Marriage. Etc.
      Other uses, the coupling of plumbing pipe or other parts in a manner similar to the one just described. See: Male, Female, Mate, and related.

Mature, For Mature Audiences Only
      Three related uses of note to us here. The first is where the content of material so labeled has been deemed by one or another of the various Ratings boards as inappropriate for those below the Age of Majority or similar age due to violence, drug abuse, Sexual Content, or other objectionable material. See: Ratings. E.S.R.B., M.P.A.A., Adults Only, and related.
      The second use would bring us to the topic of Women who are slightly older than the usual M.I.L.F., or Hot Mom (see both) but one whom is not yet considered a "granny", and in a bygone era would have been called a Lady or a Dame (also see) without having her call her lawyer. The last would be where the word implies individuals who would no longer be considered 'young adults' but may be offended by being referred to as 'senior citizens' and don't think of themselves as 'middle-aged'. The term is also used to refer to wine which is ready for drinking, which doesn't come into play in this Glossary other than- I need some right about now.

Mattachine Society
      One of the first Gay Rights organizations in the US. The group was formed in California in 1950 and soon spread nation-wide. It worked for the revocation of anti-homosexuality laws and to stop the overt oppression of homosexuals across most aspects of society. As the political agenda grew more radicalized over time and local chapters pursued their own interests, the national body became less effective and by the 1960s ceased to be an effective leader of the movement. The New York chapter was one of the organizing groups of the New York march following the Stonewall Riot (which see) of 1969. Also see related topics such as: Act Against Nature, Sodomy, and so on.
      We may note here that at the time of their founding, most of their leaders said they were not in favor of Homosexual Marriage and their legal adoption of children and other rights accorded Heterosexual couples, or even special protection under the law, which, of course, turned out to be a lie.

May - September (November, etc) Relationship/ Romance
      The relationship between two partners where there is a significant difference in their ages. Traditionally a much younger woman and an elderly man. However, there have been several noteworthy cases in the entertainment media lately of older women and younger men. See: Cougar, Lecher, Cradle Robber, Dirty Old Man, Gold Digger.

"Me Fuck You Long Time"
      One of the stereotypical lines supposedly used by Oriental Prostitutes to pick up English speaking foreigners since the days of the opium wars in the 1840's. According to the historical fiction from the period, the other line used was "Suckee Fuckee Five Dollars" (or other monetary equivalent).
      See: Prostitute, Streetwalker, Sex For Money, Working Girl and so on.
      The internet rumor that the phrase was uttered by Congress to the American People prior to beginning their last session is unfounded.

Medical Fetish
      The use of equipment, appliances, uniforms, and situations most usually associated with the medical profession in a sexual way. May or may not involve actual Intercourse or other direct sexual contact. Is far usually far more involved than the childhood game of Playing Doctor, which see. Also see: Physician, Endoscope, Speculum, Enema, Gynecological Exam.
      Often involves Fem Dom and Submission as in a Costumed Nurse performing an exam of a patient which may include such procedures as Enemas, sponge baths, Shaving, or other procedures most usually used in medical situations. Also, the related niche of Adult Entertainment which caters to those that enjoy it. See: Nurse, Fetish, Costumes, and other related topics.

Medmenham Monks
      The name (seen in various forms) for the members of the Hellfire Club as organized by Baron Dashwood at the Medmenham Abbey in London area in the Eighteenth Century. See: Hellfire Club, Rake, Libertine, and related.

Meese Report, AKA: Attorney General's Commission on Pornography
      Appointed by President Reagan's Attorney General Edwin Meese, the eleven member panel of experts spent two years putting together a nearly two thousand page document which came to the same conclusion Mr. Meese had been promoting all along, that Porn was bad for you and should be censored or banned all together. This was in direct contradiction to an earlier Presidential Commission empanelled under President Johnson and continued under Nixon that concluded that any effects from viewing such material wanes with time and that the men in the studies actually got bored with it after awhile. And flew directly in the face of a statewide referendum on a new obscenity law that failed by a margin of three to one in Maine.
      Not long after the release of its final report the Commission was almost totally discredited for being the political rubber stamp that it obviously was as the majority of the committee's members had been anti-smut activists before being appointed by Meese. The National Review concluded its article on the report by stating "the commission has to some extent found the conclusion it was looking for."
      It is interesting to note however that the 'report' included extensive and explicit descriptions from various works including the famous Debbie Does Dallas and Deep Throat (see both), among others. Also see Obscenity, Pornography, Politicians, Censorship, Golden Age of Porn, and related. The entire report, as well as rebuttals, analysis, and commentary is available at

Men's Magazines
      Print and online periodicals which cater to an audience of primarily Straight men. Most contain Cheesecake or Softcore images of women, articles, Advice Columns (which see), travel and tech articles, other stories and essays, and many many advertisements, which appeal to their core audience. Others run somewhat more Hardcore content. Playboy as created by Hugh Hefner (1926 - 2017) is perhaps the best known softcore example. During their "golden age" the identity of the model's was often protected with Black Stripes over the model's eyes, see: Centerfold. Also see: reference at Playboy. Compare: "Women's Magazines". See Hefner Quote at Playboy.

Ménage à Trois / Quatre / etc.
      Roughly translated from the French as "a household of three" (or "four"). Most usually refers to a Group Sex Act of three people of any combination. See: Threesome, Foursome.

Menstruation, Menstrual Cycle
      The monthly cycle during which a woman's body prepares for Pregnancy, releases an egg (ovum), then if fertilization fails to occur, rids itself of the unused tissue as a sometimes significant flow of blood from the Vagina. The cycle is also marked by dramatically higher (and lower) hormonal levels in the woman's body which can result in abnormal mood swings, severe cramps, and other symptoms. These can sometimes be treated with The Pill and other medications. See: The Pill, PMS, Feminine Hygiene Products, Birth Control and related topics.

Merry Widow
      The term has an amazing range of uses, all with the same sort of underlying meaning. Most often: a style of Corset, and brand name, of lingerie, undergarments, and sleepware. Also: Vaudeville age Burlesque shows which featured said garments, see those highlighted listings.
      An actual woman whose has lost her husband and is now enjoying life to its fullest instead of mourning, usually while spending his life savings. Movies, plays and other plots involving said woman. It always helps when said woman is young and gorgeous and, formerly, sexually neglected. Any of several different alcoholic drinks supposedly favored by said women, most recipes are for extremely sweet cocktails.
      An operetta, and later ballet, from the 1900's by Franz Lehár (1870 - 1948) with a plot along the same lines involving much socializing by a "Jouisseuse" (which see) and underlying intrigue. The operetta seems to be totally unrelated to the Vaudeville acts. See: Seductress and related terms.

      According to people like Dr. Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont and chair of the Democrat National Committee, a Metrosexual is a man who is Vain, emotionally sensitive, flamboyant, and probably Gay, or at least Bisexual (or 'curious/exploring'). They also spend a great deal of time and money on their appearance (for example- having their eyebrows threaded, and in China, using cosmetics - see "City Jade Men"), working out to say 'cut', as well as following the latest trends and fads in fashion, see "Fashion Plate", and carry a 'man purse / murse'. Also see: Masculine, Homosexual, Straight, Alternative Lifestyle, Dandy, Unrestricted Sexuality, Polyamorous, Punk, Yuppie, Clotheshorse, "City Jade Men", Epicene, Spornosexual, and related. Compare: to Pansexual, Trisexual.

Midlife Crisis, Mid-Life Crisis
      Semi-mythical condition in both Men and Women usually experienced between the mid-forties and early sixties who are dealing with a combination of their own approaching mortality, a realization that they have not accomplished much of note or worth in their life, the transition from taking care of growing children to taking care of elderly parents, possibly a mountain of debt, and being phased out of whatever career they have worked for a number of years. Said 'perfect storm' of realities can overwhelm some individuals prompting them to do things totally out of character. Such as in men, they may pursue a much younger woman, they may buy a fancy sportscar, or go on an extravagant and very expensive vacation. While in women they may pursue a much younger man, buy a fancy car, or go on a very extravagant and expensive vacation. You see, there really is a difference between men and women!
      To be fair, not everyone has said crisis, those that do do not all respond in the same, sometimes silly way, and even when somebody is facing the overall futility of their life, they may not be as unprepared as those on various TV shows about such a thing. Some have foreseen the state, and prepared through whatever means suits them, including continuing education, religious endeavors, or even charity work. The Doktor is at the tail end of those years, and hasn't had such a fit, Your Good Brutha, however, had his crisis begin at about age 25 because he didn't expect to live much beyond forty! See such related topics as: Adult, Cougar, Sex Tourism and so on.

Middle Eastern Dance
      Modern and Politically Correct name for Belly Dancing, which see. Said name is at least partially inaccurate, which is, of course, the point of Political Correctness.

Mile High Club
      Those whom have had Sex, particularly Sexual Intercourse, while on an aircraft in flight. Such behavior will now get you arrested and charged with a Federal Crime in the US and some overseas countries as a potential act of terrorism. Also, the act itself while in the air. See: Playboy.

Miller Test (for Obscenity)
      The "Three Prong Test" based on Community Standards for whether something is Obscene and therefore is not awarded First Amendment protection as Free Speech. See said terms for more.

"Mind in the Gutter"
      Phrase used to describe anyone who seems to spend a lot of time thinking or talking about Sex. The concept stems from the idea that Sexuality is somehow Dirty (see Dirty Mind) or is otherwise impure. Phrase is not specific as to whether it should be applied to Men or Women. Also see: Pervert, "One Track Mind".

Miniskirt, Micro-Miniskirt
      By definition, the difference between a regular Skirt and a 'mini' is only a matter of a few inches, and the application of said definition may be totally arbitrary depending on the observer. Most traditional skirts have a hemline either at the woman's knees or just below where her fingers reach when her arms are relaxed at her sides, which is about halfway down her thighs. True mini's often have hems well above that finger line, perhaps even to her wrist, however, the woman's Private area and underwear are usually not visible, even while she is sitting. The best example of what might be considered a good example is a typical tennis skirt. The micro- version is even shorter, often with a hem near or even above where the thigh ends and her hip begins, often to where the woman's underwear, or lack thereof, is clearly visible during routine activity. See: Short Shorts, Panties, Upskirt, Skirt.

Minor, Child
      For our present purpose, one who has not reached the legal age of Consent to engage in Sexual Activity. Depending on local law, said ages range from mid-teens to 21. This website,, regards the general Age of Majority (which see) to be 18. See: Pedophilia, Adult, Informed Consent, Of Age, Status Offense, Guardian.

Miscegenation, Anti-Miscegenation Laws
      Legal term, literally meaning "mixing kinds", had been considered obsolete but is making a resurgence in some circles. In some jurisdictions laws are still on the books which prohibit the 'intermixing' of different bloodlines including Blacks, Jews, and others Marrying or having Sexual Relations with any other race or religion. See: Interracial and related topics.

Misogyny, Misogynistic
      Irrational and pathological hatred of women by a person of either sex. Also the putting of said hate into practice. The word is often misused in the mass media to describe even a casual affront to a woman or feminine traits. The opposite is Philogyny, being irrationally devoted to women. Misandry is the equivalent hatred of men. Note: MISOGYNY is the correct spelling.

Missionary Position
      Posture for Intercourse with Receiving partner on their back with legs spread in a totally Receptive and Submissive posture. The position is also call "American" in some circles, although the use is not generally accepted. See: Man On Top.
      The position is usually regarded as favorable if the couple are trying to conceive a child as gravity will assist the Sperm in reaching the Egg. See: Pregnancy.

      A woman with whom a Married Man has sex outside of his traditional (non-Open) Marriage. Is usually a long term, ongoing relationship which often becomes quite serious, as versus a One Night Stand. Most often the Wife is unaware of the mistress, although she may indeed have her own Lover or Paramour (see highlighted terms) although there are cases where the wife knows, and approves! (see: Open Marriage). For the downside see: Homewrecker, Divorce. Also see: Concubine, Adultery, Cheating, Headache. Compare: Open Marriage, Swinging.
      Title used for a Dominatrix, which see.
"A mistress never is nor can be a friend. While you agree, you are lovers; and when it is over, anything but friends." - Lord Byron (1788 - 1824)

Mitchell Brothers, the
      Artie (1945 - 1991) and Jim (1943 - 2003) Mitchell, the founders of the infamous O'Farrell Theatre in San Francisco were one of the early pioneers in bringing Adult Entertainment both to the masses and into the mainstream of the general entertainment world. They made Behind the Green Door with Marilyn Chambers (which see) as a general release Adult Movie with good production quality and decent acting instead of the grainy poorly filmed Stag Films which were then the norm.
      Jim shot and killed his brother Artie in 1991 after an ongoing and sometimes extremely heated quarrel over matters both business related and personal. It was well known at the time that Artie was an alcoholic and cocaine addict whose problems were hurting their mutually owned porn business. Jim was convicted and served time in prison for the murder. Later he established a charity in his brother's name to help dry out other drug addicts.

Mixed Drink
      A beverage made with a 'soft-drink' or other non-alcoholic primary ingredient and booze. (It should be noted here that Dok considers putting ice in a coffee cup full of cheap bourbon a 'mixed drink'.)
      The combining of Semen, Vaginal Excretions, Breast Milk, or other bodily fluids with a beverage which is intended to be consumed. See: Snowballing, Cum Swapping, Felching.
      Also, using a Dilated bodily opening as a container for the making of a drink, such as pouring soda and booze into the Vagina and then drinking it with a straw, or the making of an Ass Milkshake or Smoothie by combining the ingredients inside the upturned Rectum of a Submissive person that has been opened with a Speculum. See said highlighted and related terms such as: Wine Enema.

      Multiple meanings. Including a sound or video editing control board used in recording studios, and a lighting control panel for stage productions.
      Social occasion when people, most usually young singles can interact with supervision and minimal Peer Pressure. See: Afterglow, Dance, Social, First Date.
      A non-alcoholic beverage used to cut alcohol, such as cola when added to rum. For the Doktor, ice is the only mixer Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky needs. See: Mixed Drink.

Model, Modeling
      One whom poses or does other work as a subject for Artists or photographers. May involve work as a body parts model, such as having very photogenic hands, feet, or even hair. Work in designer clothes such as Lingerie or Swimsuits or outerwear. Or even nude. Most work for a Modeling Agency. See: various references such as Fitness Model, Nude Model, Cheesecake, Erotic Model and so on. Compare: Adult Actress, Sex Performer.

Model Release
      Legal document, signed by models, actors and other performers, as well as the photographer, producer or their representative and often another witness, which states that the model is willing to pose or perform, for a specified consideration or other compensation to be paid later. Usually the model will waive any future claim to the photographs or video made under the terms of the release. Can be specific to the time of a single afternoon shoot or for a specified duration as in the shooting of a movie or other long duration event. The document will often specify that the model is giving their Informed Consent as to the nature of the work being done and what will be expected of them and a signed copy will be kept by all parties including the Model's Agency. See: Figure Model, Erotic Model, Adult Actor and other related terms.

Modeling (Talent) Agency / Service
      In General: An employment broker that places those wishing to be the subject of various imaging processes, such as for a painter or photographer, or to act in commercials or even as a Podium Girl (which see) either for a 'one off' or on long term commitment. Some such brokers have those that specialize in 'parts', such as a hand or foot model, others that can act, or do voice over, and so on.
      In many cases the road from various Beauty Pageants (which see) leads directly into the door of various Modeling Agencies, some of which have advisors on the boards of the pageants to 'advise' contestants on various topics. The dream job for most of the people signed up with the service is to become the Spokesmodel for a nation- (or world-) wide advertising campaign for a major brand, rendering them a Celebrity. Also see: Buckle Bunny.
      Now, to our point here and now. Many mainstream agencies have 'divisions' that handle Adult Actors and Models. Others simply have a checkbox on the model's profile as to whether or not they do Nude or Erotic Modeling. However, many services will have a Hard Casting to ensure that someone who says they will do it, will, otherwise, the model may go on a call and not do anything except piss off the client. See: Sex Performer, Performing Model, and related.

Modest, Modesty
      Generally, a manner of dress, deportment, behavior and Self Control in which one tends to downplay ones own attributes and accomplishments as less than they may actually be. One whom is modest does not call attention to themselves in normal daily life. A synonym would be Humility, Demure, Prude. Compare: False Modesty. See: Shame.
      In context of the Sex Glossary: Modesty is concealing ones sexual attributes with clothing and demeanor which are not Sexy. For women, this may mean not wearing makeup, wearing clothing that hides their Figure, and acting as if they do not have a Sex Life. Often associated with religious fundamentalist groups such as the Amish, various Baptist denominations, and Islam. See: Nun, Virtue, Shy, Uptight. Compare: Flamboyant, Brassy.

Modesty Cloth
      Garment added to Nude human figures in artwork such as paintings and sculpture, or in a live performance, such as a play, where it is generally understood that such an article was not present in the historical action being depicted, but is placed over the Private Parts of the figure to protect the sensitivities of those viewing the artwork, or perhaps, the model. The most famous example is the Crucifixion of Christ where He is presented as wearing a loincloth, or even has a long sash draped over Him, whereas it is fairly common knowledge that the Romans executed their prisoners totally nude to add to their Humiliation. It is a very rare work indeed that depicts the scene in historically accurate terms.
      Today this is seen non-religious works as the infamous Black Bar (which see) and other obscuring techniques on television and in print where something in the image may offend the viewer. There was an organized movement to do just that beginning in about 1550 which is discussed at "Fig Leaf Campaign", as well as its modern cousin where a US Attorney General had a statue of Justice covered with a bathrobe in 2002. Also see: Censorship, Family Friendly, and related.

"Moment of Sweet Release"
      In most usages, an Orgasm or other Sexual Climax resulting in Ecstasy. See those terms. Also see: Orgasm Face for an example of niche Porn involving it. Also see: "Need A Cigarette".
      The term is directly related to, and indicative of, the Orgasm's ability to relieve mental and bodily stress, promote deep relaxation and sleep, and even aid in the recovery from some illnesses.

Money Maker, Moneymaker
      Slang for the female Vulva especially the Vagina, AKA her Pussy, also by implication, a woman's Buttocks, or her entire pelvic region. Also, by extension, the woman herself. Usually not regarded in a negative light such as inferring that she is a Prostitute. For a time the expression was common in hip hop music as describing something to be shaken while Dancing, see Booty. Compare: Babymaker.

Money Shot
      Stupid term used in the Adult Industry for male Ejaculation and sometimes the female Climax or Orgasm.
      The capturing an image of the moment and act of Ejaculation. In Adult Movies the event is usually accompanied by loud moans and even screams and over-the-top Ecstasy by the participants. See: Bukkake, Cum, Internal Cum Shot and related.

      Political term for Blow Job. Usually where the Ejaculate is not Swallowed. Does not require the person performing the act to be wearing a blue dress, nor even female if in New Jersey's governor's office. Also known as the "work of the American people" as defined by some Politicians. See: Fellatio.
      Also, the woman who inserted a Cigar into her own Vagina to flavor it and then gave it to the President who said that it tasted good. See: Dildo, Sex Toy, and so on.
"I did Not have sex with that woman." - US President William Jefferson Clinton (born 1946, in office 1993 - 2001)

Monogamy, Monogamous Relationship
      Most usually, marriage between one man and one woman who are Sexually Faithful (which see for related quote) to each other for the duration of the marriage. The term in that light does have legal meaning and is often used in divorce to indicate that the sanctity of the marriage has been violated. Also applies to an unmarried couple, Gay or Straight, who are Faithful to each other for an extended period of time (see example: "Put a ring on it"). See: Life Partner, Marriage, Mate, Fidelity, Engaged, and such terms. Compare: Promiscuity, Sexual Partner, Swinger, Serial Monogamy, and related. The opposite is Polygamy. Also see: Pussy Whipped, Cuckold.

      Invented media term for an Open Marriage, which see. Also see: Negotiated Monogamy.

      Slang term usually used in this context to refer to AIDS as in "he caught the monster". See: Safe Sex, Sexually Transmitted Disease and related topics.

Moon, Mooning
      Earth's natural satellite, or any of any of several other small bodies in orbit of other planets. At last count, Jupiter has 63, Saturn is in second with 61 confirmed moons.
      The human Buttocks.
      The intentional exposing of the Buttocks to a person whom one intends to offend. Also used when said act is unintentional as in a Wardrobe Malfunction or when the Butt Crack is exposed by accident. Also see: Flashing, Wardrobe Malfunction.
      The term is also used in admiration of said piece of anatomy when it belongs to a beautiful young woman in a Thong bikini.

Moral Code, Morals Clause
      A standard of conduct or behavior under which given individuals or organizations are to operate. An official Code Of Conduct which is agreed to by all parties involved in a given event or perhaps as a requirement of employment, violation of which may result in Morals Charges, see highlighted terms. Also see: Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and related.

Moral Law, Moral Authority, Morals, Morality
      A metaphysical concept from which it is argued that there is an ultimate right and wrong in the universe and that some things, such as the killing of innocents, such as with Abortion, is simply wrong. Is closely related to the idea of Sin although the idea of a universal right and wrong is not necessarily an argument for the existence of a Supreme Being. Belief in such an idea and acting accordingly. Also the execution of said belief as a way of life. See: God, Unnatural Act, Sin, Amoral, Immoral, Erotic Art.
      Said concept is totally foreign to most Politicians, and all of Congress. See Perjury.

"Never regard something as doing you good if it makes you betray a trust or lose your sense of shame or makes you show hatred, suspicion, ill-will or hypocrisy or a desire for things best done behind closed doors."
Emperor Marcus Aurelius (121 - 180, reigned 161 - 180)

Morals Charges, Moral Crimes
      Blanket terms for various criminal charges filed against those who are accused of breaking everything from local Blue Laws to federal Obscenity charges. Such charges are usually very difficult to obtain convictions on, however, the expense and time involved in defending oneself against them is usually enough to get those so charged to plead guilty to a lesser charge and pay their fine as a cost of doing business.
      See: Harry Reems, Mae West, Blue Laws, Obscenity, Free Speech, Debauchery, Consort, Moral Law, Moral Code, Social Evil, and related.

"More Than Mouthful Is A Waste"
      Phrase usually used by men who are obsessed with female Breasts but who are trying to appear that they are not, to said body parts when they deem that they couldn't get it all in their mouth to suckle. It could be that this is directly related to the practice of Tit Fucking, which see. Also see: Breasts, Infantile Fetish, Nurse, Lactation, and related.

"Morning After Pill"
      Slightly misleading slang term used to describe various oral medications, available both as prescription and "over the counter" which interrupt the usual process of Fertilization and implantation in the Uterine wall of the egg after a woman has unprotected Heterosexual Genital Intercourse (Fucks) during Ovulation. None should be used routinely or casually as there are concerns about long term side effects and a physician should be consulted before they are considered a viable option.
      The debate rages on about whether or not said pills are actually a form or Abortion since what is being prevented from happening is a fertilized egg, which many consider to be a human life. However it is worth noting that naturally, according to some estimates, on the order of half of all fertilizations do not result in a pregnancy. FOr a 'good' use of the plls see: Emergency Contraception.
      Also see: Birth Control, Walk Of Shame.

Mortal Sin
      Literally, a unforgivable sin, one of the Seven Deadly Sins (which see) among others. Also see: Venial Sin, Moral Law, Sin.

Mother, Mom
      A female who has birthed Children or one whom has assumed the role of nurturer and raised the children of another. The term used to also imply that she was a Wife, this is no longer the case and such meaning is obsolete. See: Parent, Baby-Mama.
      The Earth Mother of mythology, as in Mother Nature. Also the female aspects of the Godhead as a nurturing, comforting being, see God. For a role with a woman as the incarnation of evil see: "Mother of the Bride".
      For this Glossary, a Sexually Active woman who is within her reproductively fertile years who has had children. See: MILF, Hot Mom, Wife, Incest, and related. Also see: Motherfucker.

Mother in Law
      Two possible definitions, both of which are mutually exclusive.
      First: The mother of a Married Woman which will make her the 'mother in law' to the husband of her daughter (and conversely the mother of the husband to the wife). As an older married woman, and successful mother, she can be a person of great counsel and wisdom to both the younger wife and her family who will both respect the privacy of the marriage and know when said council is wanted or needed. Also as grandparent, she can be a great resource in the rearing of the children.
      Second: Your wife's mother- for which see Bitch, first three definitions. For historical reference, see Mother Of The Bride- quote.

"Mother of the Bride", and sometimes ... the Groom, the
    "The sweating, over-made-up, screeching proof that Satan is a woman."
- a bartender for a wedding caterer who wished to remain anonymous.
      The term tends to invoke painful images and sometimes disturbing memories for anybody who has ever worked in catering or had anything else to do with Weddings. The quote actually applies to a real Bride's mom (or in a surprising number of cases- the Groom's). Usually the woman involved is convinced that anything less than a totally perfect, absolutely wonderful, completely immaculate day, will ruin the rest of her offspring's life. She will Bitch at anybody and everything until it is done her way, and often, changes her mind about most of it beyond the last minute. And she will endlessly meddle with every detail available and Fuck Up most of them!
      Your Good Brutha knows this for a fact as he has assisted at several events in various capacities and has seen one of them have to be restrained when she began to assault the photographer because she felt, and no, I am not kidding, that he was using the wrong type of lens on his camera. In the end the photos were perfect, without his having changed lenses. See another example at: Wedding Ceremony.

Mother To Be
      A Pregnant Woman, which see. Term is usually restricted to one where the pregnancy has advanced so as to be obvious.

      Almost obsolete profanity. It was probably the worst English language insult available twenty-five years ago or so. By its overuse, and all too casual use in street conversations, rap songs, and even movies (and bleeped in TV shows) it has lost most of its weight and a lot of its meaning. Part of that is also due to the lessening and cheapening of the status of the role of Mother in modern society from that of a near demigod and saint to that of a biological function on par with what Feminism did to fathers. And when you couple all of that with the M.I.L.F. phenomenon, you end up with a term that has gone from being a terrible affront to something that may seem like a good idea. See: related terms including Hot Mom, and Housewife.
      Historically the allusion was to how low it would be for some guy to actually go Have Sex with somebody's mother no matter how lonely or 'desperate' she was, you didn't take advantage of the situation. Motherhood was sacred and anything that would tarnish that image was to be despised by society at large. Again, that idea has long since passed. And in some quarters today, most mothers are seen as simply having bad memories as they forgot to take their Pill before they went out Screwing around and so popped out a kid or five.
      It is still on the list of Seven Dirty Words which cannot be said on TV.
      Also, by definition, any politician that has run for re-election is a 'motherfucker'. Can be thought of as being synonymous with Asshole, which see.

Mound Of Venus
      See: Venus for background.
      In palm reading (palmistry) it is the triangle of thick flesh at the base of the thumb. Contrary to legend, the contour and other aspects of the formation have nothing to do with sexual proclivity.
      Of more interest to our current discussion is the 'Mons Pubis' or Pubic mound part of the human anatomy. It is located below the navel and slightly above the Genital area. Best described as the area from which the Pubic Hair normally grows and as what is covered by a standard woman's bikini front. See: "Carpet Matches The Drapes".
      As for the equivalent area on a man.... who cares? the Latin term refers equally to both. -Dok L

      The oral cavity which is from where one speaks and spits, breathes and talks, how one hold nails while putting up pictures, into which one takes nourishment and liquids, what you use to smoke cigars, and how one non-verbally indicates moods and emotions (smiles, frowns, laughter, etc).
      For This Glossary:
      The most popular bodily Sex Organ in the history of the species, bar none, and the one most often used as such. To wit, everybody Kisses. As well as Oral Sex of every variety including Oral Fetishes. Not to mention Talking Dirty during sex. All of which include Heterosexuals, Homosexuals, Bisexuals, and every other style of 'doing it' including those that don't 'do it' but only talk about it on the phone. See: "Party (in my) Mouth", Pie Hole, Tonguing, and even Butterfly Kisses. Also see: highlighted terms, as well as D.S.L. as it applies to our current topic. Also, the primary indicator of Personal Hygiene practices, and as such, an instant Turn Off!
      The source of everything from Hickeys to Love Bites to the dangerous fetish of Odaxelagnia and Vampire related play. See all.

      The basic definition is to have as large of a quantity of a material, such as food, inside ones mouth as it can contain without dislocating ones jaw or other damage. Also applies to a verbal statement where it appears one had as many words in ones mouth as can be spoken in one breath or one has said something unusually meaningful or even profound.
      For this Glossary the definition would have to include both Oral Sex, especially Fellatio, as well as Breasts, particularly with Infantile Fetish and Breast obsession. See: Nurse and related.
      See: "More Than A Mouthful Is A Waste."

      'Blogger' abbreviation for "men who have sex with men" meaning: Homosexual and Bisexual Males. The term is also popular in some UK and other online media.

Mud (Gelatin, Pudding, Whipped Cream, etc) Wrestling
      "Sporting event" often sponsored by entertainment venues or by organizations promoting a charity where participants 'wrestle' in any messy and more or less slippery substance. Has become almost iconic due to its appearance in several popular movies where Bikini clad female models wrestled with the apparent object of the exercise to be to pull each other's tops off. Today matches in everything from ice cream to mashed potatoes and cooking oil while wearing anything from formal wear to Birthday Suits can be found nearly any weekend of the year around the world. The 'rules', such as they are, tend to be loosely enforced and audience participation is often encouraged. The 'winner' will sometimes get a prize of some sort and usually several free drinks.
      The original match supposedly occurred as a stunt by any of several bar owners in the 1950's, depending on which story you believe. The 'mud' is usually water mixed with sodium bentonite clay or a similarly non-toxic and more or less harmless substance, when it isn't food.
      The Sexual Connotations of the event are obvious, especially when the participants, male and female, and especially Co-Ed tag teams, dedicate themselves to undressing each other. Another aspect more often seen on Pornographic websites is overtly sexual where the object of the wrestling is for one to Dominate the other and force them to Submit to Sex. See: Ultimate Submission, Forced Orgasm, Forced Feminization, and related.

Muff, Muff Diving
      Generally refers to the exterior female sex organs. Synonymous with Bearded Clam. See: Vulva and related.
      Sexual Activity, specifically Oral Sex, with them. See: Cunnilingus, Carpet Munching, Tonguing, Fur Burger.

Multiple Orgasms, Multiple Orgasmic
      Most often used in reference to a woman's natural ability to experience several Orgasms in fairly rapid succession. Often without fully 'coming down' from one before the next begins. Some research indicates that a woman can be directly stimulated to orgasm after orgasm until she quits feeling the climaxes as pleasure and actually loses consciousness from exhaustion. See: Forced Orgasm, Involuntary Orgasm, Psychosomatic Orgasm.
      The phenomenon is not unheard of in men, although it is somewhat unusual.

Museum of Sex
      Any of several real world and online collections of art, scientific information, advertising, performance records, biographies, and pornography. They are often billed as a Museum of Erotica or Erotic Arts (which see) to avoid puritanical crusades against them.
      See: Sex Museum for more and link to a good one.

Mustache Rides
      Slang expression for Cunnilingus and Analingus being performed on a Woman by a person who has said Facial feature, most usually an adult male. See: Face Sitting and related terms.
      Term is also now used to indicate Male Homosexual Analingus in the same position.

Mutual Masturbation, Handjob
      The practice of both partners using their hands to excite each other sexually. Most often as a form of foreplay, usually simultaneously or alternating one then the other. See: Circle Jerk for the Group Sex version. Also see: "Fucking the Crack", Intercrural Sex, Stroke (the).

      Motion picture Rating which prohibits those under the age of 17 from legally purchasing a ticket or watching said movie. See: X-Rated, M.P.A.A., Adults Only, Content Warning.

Nag, Nagging
      When used as a descriptive noun for a domesticated equine: A mature un-pedigreed female horse, especially one that is strong willed and overly contrary, or very elderly, or both.
      More Usually: Excessive feminine verbosity of the following types: complaining, lecturing, berating, and evaluations and comparative studies of another's personality traits and habits, as well as prolonged speeches about the past, which are often endlessly repeated. Especially when engaged in by a Married Woman toward her Husband. And most especially when said vocalization expresses unreasonable demands which can never be satisfied in any real way (compare: Shrew), or serves no valid purpose except to Cuckold (which see) the other party, usually a man. Also the topic for comedic bits emphasizing said practice.
      Said practice, as well as Bitching (which see), is often employed by Married Women (which see) to discourage Romantic (Sexual) Advances from their husband. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it is extremely effective. Compare: Marian Doctrine. Also see: Mistress.
      See: Bitch (Bitching). Compare: Bitch (Bitching). Also see: Bitch (Bitching). For more see: Bitch (Bitching). Did we mention there's more at: Bitch (Bitching). For further information see: Bitch (Bitching).

Naïve, Naiveté
      Spellings and accent marks vary.
      French term meaning unsophisticated or inexperienced. Implies Innocence and lack of guilt. See: Sophisticated, Innocence.
      As is usually used, being referred to as 'naïve' should not be considered a compliment as it also means one who is intentionally uninformed or under-educated and is thusly Ignorant (which see) on whatever the topic is.

Naked, Starkers, 'au natural'
      Various terms with various connotations for the state of being undressed. Some regard being unclothed as inherently Sexual and perhaps a Sin. However, it is indeed the natural state of humans as 'the naked ape' and there is nothing Naughty about it in and of itself. It is the intent of the individuals involved, or viewing those that are, that sexualize the condition. See: Nudism, Birthday Suit, and other highlighted terms. Also see other quotes under God, and Erotic Art. For the artistic representation, see: Nude.
"Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed." William Blake (1757 - 1827)

Naked Ape, the
      The general description of humans when seen as animals and just another one of the 'Great Apes'. But one that is 'follicle-ly challenged'.
      Title of the 1967 book by Desmond Morris (born 1928) which described human society in terms of evolution and natural selection due to environmental factors. This was the beginning of the categorization of men as 'hunter gathers' and women as the 'nurtures' which had permeated mass media to the point where Masculine traits are seen as negative and men as the source of all the world's problems and only useful as the butt of jokes. See: Feminism and related.

"Natural Male Enhancement"
      Meaningless advertising catchphrase. A lie.
      Any number of pills and potions and creams claiming to be able to increase the size or functionality of an adult man's Penis. To put it simply and directly: Every single fucking one of them is a fraud and a scam and will not only simply cost you money, they might make you sick to boot!
      See: Penis Size as well as more information and link at Enzyte. Also see: Penis Enlargement, Penis Size Indicator Myths.

Natural Man / Woman / Person
      Scriptural term for the problems that arise from the combination of Emotions, Carnal Desires, Lust in all its forms, and related problems associated with the less logical side of humans.
      The terms have also been used to indicate an individual who has not undergone medical or surgical enhancement of some sort. See "Breast Enlargement" for example.
"The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned."
- 1 Corinthians 2: 14 (ESV)

"Natural Use of the Woman"
      Heterosexual Genital Intercourse. Also Known As: Fucking.
      Term used in the New Testament in a section which condemns the Homosexuality and, as some read it, Bestiality, see said terms. Although the phrase itself is from the King James, the quote below is taken from the New International Version and explains it somewhat better than the 1611 text. Also see: Act Against Nature and related.

"Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion."
Romans 1: 26 and 27 (NIV)

Naturalism, Naturism
      Practice of living naked 'as God (or nature) intended' or as Adam and Eve did, see quote at God. Often in camps or colonies, sometimes just for a weekend, others do it as their normal lives for extended periods of time. And, in case you didn't know, not all nudity involves Sex! See: Nudism, Naked, Hedonism Resorts, and related.

Nature versus Nurture (the sexual debate)
      A Quick, Objective, and we hope Even Handed look at the issue of whether a human is sorn with Heterosexual / Homosexual / whatever preferences for Sexual Activity as an Adult, or is something in their environment / schooling / socialization / whatever that 'changes' them sometime during their life one way or the other. See: Sexual Tendencies, and related topics.
      OK, how was that? It was quick, and reasonably objective. Right? Again, and for the record, the human personality and all its various factors is far too complex to be understood by other humans, and it is certainly far more involved than can be dealt with in the scope of this Glossary.

Naughty, Naughtiness, Etc
      In General: Mischievous behavior or misconduct, willful disobedience. In this context- with adults: Improper language or behavior for Polite Company, usually of a sexual nature or sexually suggestive. Historically such figures as Mae West (1893-1980) and even Dean Martin (1917-1995) based a good percentage of their entertainment careers on 'being naughty'. After all, it was Miss West who said "I believe in censorship. I made a fortune out of it." She also said "A hard man is good to find" and innumerable other 'naughty' quotes. See: Mae West, Risqué, Polite Company, Drunk, Sexual Repartee, Taboo, and other topics.
      The 1935 film Naughty Marietta, based on the operetta, seems to have played a major role in instilling in the public that 'Adult Naughtiness' has a sexual edge to it. One of the things that the film of Naughty Marietta gave us was the song with the following lyrics describing Sex:

"Ah! sweet mystery of life, at last I've found thee; Ah! I know at last the secret of it all..... For 'tis love, and love alone, the world is seeking..."
- Naughty Marietta Words by Rida Johnson Young. Opera and Movie music written by Victor Herbert. Film: MGM, 1935
      The song was redone in Thoroughly Modern Millie in 1967 with a rather impassioned Pas de Deux to make the point even better. See: Dance.

Naughty Bits
      Various meanings, all related to either the parts of the body usually described as 'dirty', meaning the Sex Organs, their use or abuse; items that are used with or for them; discussions of said parts in conversation, text, or script; images or photographs (still or moving) of said parts, activities, or discussions; .... And so on. Almost ad nauseum. To the point where this term "naughty bits" can mean damned near anything the user wants it to mean. Compare related entry- Jiggly Bits. added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

"Naughty Santa"
      Per Dok L: "Another reason to hate what 'Christmas' has become in our time."
      The giving of "Adult" material as a holiday gift. No further comment is needed. -or- A person dressed as "santa" behaving in a 'Naughty' way, often in a Porn video. added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

      Sustained Kissing. Especially: Deep Kissing, including Wandering Hands. See: Making Out.
      Said activity is usually not done at a Social but is, in and of itself, a desirable goal of a Date, and is most often seen as Foreplay. See highlighted terms.

Necrophilia, Necrophile
      Sexual activity with a corpse. One who practices the associated Fetish. See: Sexual Depravity, Perversion.
      The practice of actually engaging in sex with a dead body illegal in most US States and other countries, is often regarded as a Felony when charges are brought against the practitioner. Some online fetish sites cater to those that enjoy seeing those who are pretending to be dead. In the late 1980's into the 1990's certain Snuff Films circulated which claimed to show actual deaths during sex or other activities, most of these were determined to be hoaxes. Also see: Vampire, Emetophilia.
      Also, the use of the various accessories often associated with Death, such as coffins, shrouds, mourning veils, and so on, as Sex Toy. For example: engaging in the Sex Act in a coffin. See: Death.

"Need A Cigarette"
      Somewhat comical reference to the iconic bedroom scene in golden era movies that Suggested that the couple had just had Sex. At the time, no Physical Intimacy could be shown so the director would film the couple relaxing in a slightly rumpled bed, or other suitable setting, smoking. See: Sex Scene, Family Hour, Ratings, Censorship, Double Entendre, Suggestive, and related.
      Also, reference to an event that was so 'good for them' that it was Orgasmic, thusly, they 'need' to smoke.

"Negotiated Monogamy", "Monogamish"
      Mass media terms used to describe a more or less open "Open Marriage" (which see), in which either or both parties agree to various conditions whereby they may engage in Adultery. In many cases, the parties have a Prenuptial Agreement that defines what sorts of behaviors are allowed and which are not. The latter term is typically used when a formal arrangement has not been pre-arranged. The concept is usually considered slightly less Promiscuous than being a Swinger in an Open Marriage. See highlighted terms. Compare: Monogamy. added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

Newlywed, Newlyweds
      A couple who have been Married for, most usually, less than a year. Often referred to by the title 'the newlyweds' when discussed by family and friends. It is presumed that the couple will behave with an almost nauseating amount of Public Displays of Affection, and other romantic behavior.
      See: Honeymoon for the presumed 'first activity' of those who are newly wedded.

"Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Dollar..."
      Childhood rhyme often recited by elementary school age girls who are teasing boys of the same age. The complete phrase, repeated in a sing-song voice is: "Nickel, dime, quarter, dollar, which one do you prefer?" while gesturing to each hip in turn to the nickel and dime, then to their Buttocks when they say quarter, then to the approximate area of their Mound of Venus when they say 'dollar'. The correct answer, of course, is that you'd take the whole deal for a buck forty, but that seldom occurs to boys of that age who still think girls have Cooties, which see.
      By the time the boys show more interest, the price has increased significantly. See: Playing Doctor and related.

      Originally designed by nature as 'baby feeders' the female nipples are a major Erogenous Zone and the source of a great deal of pleasure for the woman when she is aroused. Some researchers believe there is a direct connection between the nipples and certain nerves in the vaginal area in which the stimulation of one results in reactions in the other. Nipple jewelry, hardware, and ornamentation is as old as civilization and may be seen in both ancient artwork and pro football 'big game' halftime show highlights. Also part of the Breast obsession of many grown men. See: Breast, Lactation, Wardrobe Malfunction.

      A Castrated or totally Emasculated Hijra. See said terms for more.

No Fault Divorce
      Legal dissolution of the marriage contract between two people without the official casting of blame on either partner, often after a period of Marriage Counseling (which see). Prior to such laws being passed, extreme measures were often taken to prove some sort of problem with one or both. Adultery, severe emotional and physical abuse, as well as some more ambiguous terms such as 'Irreconcilable Differences' (which also see) were often sited as grounds for the separation. Many US States have passed 'no fault' legislation, however, several states still require the fixing of fault. See: Divorce and related terms.

"No sex please, we're British"
      A couple of related uses, both attempt to be humorous, and Added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion.
      Originally, the phrase was the title of a comedic farce stage play first produced in 1971. Initially the play was hated by the critics, but it was loved by the public (who got the joke) and it ran for ten years in London. However the humor of the play, as with so many things uniquely 'Brit', did not translate well to the US and the Broadway version closed in only a couple of weeks. A movie made from the script became something of a cult hit in some circles and can still be seen on cable.
      The phrase has since entered the popular vernacular as something of a dig against the British and their 'stiff upper lip' attitude where fun is prohibited and appearance means more than substance. It and the below lyrics from the Pink Floyd Album: Dark Side Of The Moon also go a long way to explaining the extended depressive psychosis the entire nation has been in since at least the mid-seventies when both were popular.

"Every year is getting shorter never seem to find the time.
Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way
The time is gone, the song is over,
Thought I'd something more to say."

Pink Floyd, Time, Written by Gilmour, Mason, Waters and Wright, Album: Dark Side Of The Moon, EMI / Capitol, Released 1973
"No Tell Motel"
      In most cases, a hostelry that lets rooms by the hour, or that allows patrons to remain anonymous by requiring little or no identification or does a cash transaction for use of the facility. See: Hot Sheet Motel, Brothel, etc.

Nonverbal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication
      The non-hyphenated spelling is considered correct.
      Related to the topic of Body Language, but is all inclusive of other unspoken cues, such as items in the room which may indicate the personality of their owner, the background music being played, the person's clothing, and so on. As an entire college lecture series can be taken on the topic, we'll let it go at that. Also see: Lie, Interpersonal Relationship.


"North American Man Boy Love Association", NAMBLA
      Group whose entire and sole purpose for existence is to lobby for the repeal of Age of Consent laws governing Pedophilia, especially of the Homosexual variety. The group's very existence is subject for debate as very few credible members have been identified, however, the fact that it is rumored to exist and have an active membership is enough reason for concern.
      See: Catamite, Felony, Sexual Predator, Pedarist, Predatory Homosexual Pedophilia, Martijn.
      One working theory is that the 'association' itself does not exist except as an investigative arm of various police agencies such as the FBI to locate and track for possible arrest those who call the group wishing to become a member. "if only that were true" Doc L.

Not Safe For Work, NSFW
      Online term for Internet content which may be in some way offensive to some body. Is most often used in terms of sexual content although said content does not have to be Hardcore to be considered unsafe. Can also apply to religion, violence, music, radical ethnic content, politics, and so on. Has more to do with Political Correctness and the threat of lawsuits than sexuality. See: Censorship, Graphic Images, Content Warning.

Nude (in classic art)
      Artistic representation of the unclothed human body. See related terms such as: Erotic Art, Nude Model, Pornography, Figure Model, Cheesecake, Softcore, and so on.

Nude Beach
      Swimming area set aside for Naturalism and Nudist recreation, may be on a body of water such as a lake or the ocean, but may be used to describe a swimming pool as well. Usually remote or otherwise isolated. Sometimes cordoned off with fences or naturally inaccessible to keep Voyeurs out. Said area may allow total Nudity or simply be Topless (which see). May also be a private club, see Hedonism. See: Exhibitionism, Indecent, Nudism, Skinny Dipping, and related.

Nude Model
      Term for a model, usually a woman (see CFNM for an exception), who is willing to pose for artwork or photographs in their Birthday Suit or otherwise unclothed. However, under this term, there will usually be no sexual activity or their identity would be concealed. See: Bettie Page, Cheesecake, Centerfold, Figure Model, Erotic Model, Adult Actor, Playmate of the Month, Body Double, Fitness Model, Nyotaimori, Modeling Agency. See quote at Erotic Art.

"What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?"
Michelangelo (1475 - 1564)

Nude Scene
      Portion of a mainstream movie in which an actor, most often female but is increasingly done by males as well, appears on screen at least partially nude. Most often only baring a Breast or their Buttocks to the camera, and thereby, the audience. A well done nude scene can increase ticket sales significantly even if there is no other reason to see the movie, even if such a scene is totally Gratuitous (which see). Unfortunately, many Hollywood Celebrities think they are above doing such a thing and will hire a Body Double for said scenes, then deny it. See: Full Frontal Nudity, as well as Oh, Calcutta!. Also see: Simulated Sex Acts, Sex Scene. Compare: Candaulism.

Nudity, Nudism, Nudists
      The state of being partially or totally unclothed, see Naked, Full Frontal Nudity. The practice of going for extended periods of time and conducting normal daily activities, indoors and out, while naked and those who do so. Is also seen in Content Warnings (which see) to let you know to watch for the Nude Scenes in the movie or video game. Also called Naturalism (or Naturism) and similar terms. Also see: Skinny-Dipping, Hedonism Resorts, Candaulism.

      Somewhat dated term for an idiot of unusual magnitude that stands out from others of similar species. Akin to a fundummy who is stupid and really can't help it. Not usually considered a jerk or an Asshole, which see, who are intentionally that way. This term is usually Sex specific and is used to refer to Males, the Female equivalent is airhead or Bimbo, which see. Also see: Dumbass, Dipshit and related. The term, by definition, is synonymous with Congressman, for which also see: Asshole or Assclown.
      The derogatory term has no Sexual Connotations other than not being a compliment in spite of the reference to the Testicles.

Nun, Nunnery
      Specifically, a woman who has devoted herself to a religious life of Modesty and piety and has taken Vows to that end. Most usually they reside in a "nunnery" otherwise known as their Convent (which see) or other residential situation. There are nuns who belong to traditions other than the Roman Catholic Church, however those are the majority and the best known.
      Of late, the topic of "Situational Homosexuality" and various levels of Lesbianism has surfaced in terms of some of these communities.
      In the context of this Glossary: the object of fascination and Fetishism for a large number of men and women who fantasize and role play seducing, being seduced by, and so on almost endlessly, with nuns. In many cases these fantasies are fueled by memories of a 'schoolmarm' nun they had as a child. There is an entire niche genre of porn dealing with nuns, including Dominate nuns who practice some quite severe Bondage on unwilling, and presumably misbehaving, schoolboys. See: Fantasy, Costume, Fetish, and related.

Nurse, Nursing
      Multiple meanings in this context.
      Medical profession and related Fantasy and Fetish play associated with medical uniforms and devices used in a sexual way or in conjunction with the Sex Act. See: Physician, Playing Doctor, Medical Fetish, Infantile Fetish. See: Costume, Also see: French Maid.
      An infant feeding at a woman's Breast. See: La Leche League.
      Breastfeeding as performed by Adults engaging in Infantile Fetish play.
      Other sexual activity using Breast Milk or a Lactating woman's Breasts. See: related topics.

Nut Sack
      Scrotum. See: Testicles.

      The one word answer by American General Anthony McAuliffe (1898 - 1975) to the German demand that he surrender the 101st Airborne division occupying Bastogne, Belgian just before Christmas in 1944 during World War Two's Battle of the Bulge. For further understanding see first definition of the term "Balls" in this Glossary. Also, the seed of various types of fruit bearing plants, may also be slang for various forms of mental illness. For other uses, see Testicles or Screw.

Nymphomania, Nymphomaniac
      Most usually a human (or other) female with Insatiable sexual appetite or who is overly Promiscuous, to the point of being a Sex Addict. Insatiable males are often referred to in other terms including just being 'Horny all the time'.
      True Nymphomania is a recognized psychological condition, and is somewhat rare regardless of the popular media's insistence otherwise. The condition may be related to the medical conditions of P.G.A.D. and Hypersexuality, which see. Historical nymphomaniacs include Roman Empress Messalina (who reportedly out-screwed one of Rome's best whores in one night, and may have literally "Fucked to Death" one lover), Empress Catherine the Great of Russia (who is known to have had several hundred lovers over the course of her reign) see quote at Temptation , and possibly Bonnie Parker of 'Bonnie and Clyde' infamy (who seems to have been 'turned on' by the danger of her profession- armed robbery). See: Insatiable.
      Less well documented is Lesbian nymphomania where a woman has an overwhelming desire to Have Sex with other women, and sometimes will actively pursue and Seduce an otherwise straight woman.
      The terms have also been used as movie titles, most recently in a 2014 Danish work from Lars von Trier starring Charlotte Gainsbourg (and supposedly several Body Doubles for the Sex Scenes!). In spite of its notoriety due to several scenes that are almost Hardcore, the FIVE HOUR (as originally released) film does have a point about female sexuality and is worth watching if you can find the European edition.

Nyotaimori, "Body Sushi"
      Japanese restaurant gimmick where sushi and sashimi and other dishes are displayed and served on the very clean but Nude or (in some cases where the city fathers are Puritanical Assholes) Bikini clad, body of a young woman. The model must lay very still, will usually not speak or interact with the diners in any way. The food tastes no different, and you are not allowed to touch the girl, and usually her Privates are covered (by a shell or flowers or other inedible items that are not to be moved during the meal) so her Vulva is concealed from view, so the often outrageous price is scarcely worth it. Today, and especially in the West, the model serving as a food tray may be Male as well even though the same Japanese term literally meaning "female body presentation" is often used, compare: CFNM. Also see: Nude Model, Food Porn, and related.
      The tradition is often said to have come from the world of the Geisha (which see), the veracity of that claim is unproven, and when investigated, the very idea of 'body sushi' is disapproved of in Japan itself and the practice is usually confined to establishments that cater to Westerners or in Sex Clubs. In some places it is outlawed by the health department.

OB/GYN, Obstetrics and Gynecology
      Medical practice devoted to the female reproductive system. Often by a dedicated medical specialist, an MD or DO, with training in the area as a post graduate. The genre is often the subject of Fetishism with a particular focus on the tools of the trade which allow access to the patient such as the stirrups on the table and the various items used to view the organs. See: Physician, Speculum, Endoscope, Female Sex Organs, Internal Exam, Vaginoplasty.

Object Insertion
      The use of items not usually considered a Sex Toy as a Penis or Dildo for Penetration of a Bodily Orifice for purpose of Sexual Gratification of any of the involved parties. These faux Penises may include vegetables or fruits, other foods (sausages), sporting goods, tools, bottles and so on. In most cases, the reasonable use of such things, with a proper amount of Lubrication, is fairly safe. However, as with all such practices, if one gets carried away, there can be significant risk to the Receiver. See: also Extreme Sex, Dildo, Insertion, and other related terms.

Obscenity, Obscene
      Legal term referring to representations of human sexuality or other highly objectionable material such as graphic violence or other Politically Incorrect content. The term can refer to text as well as still images as well as movies. Involves a legal test of several points as defined under the Federal Code which excludes medical and scientific works. Anything deemed obscene is not protected speech and may be censored or otherwise banned. See: Indecent, First Amendment, Bettie Page, Harrison Marks, Felony, Sexually Explicit, Erotic Art. Also see: case examples at Harry Reems, "I know it when I see it", "Seven Dirty Words", and Lady Chatterley's Lover, Debbie Does Dallas. Also see: Content Warning, "Parental Advisory...", Lurid, Explicit, Community Standards, Family Hour, Meese Report.
      As of a ruling in 1987, the legal test as defined by the US Supreme Court is the following "three prong (Miller) test":

(1) an average person, applying contemporary community standards, must find that the material, as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest (i.e., material having a tendency to excite lustful thoughts); (2) the material must depict or describe, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct specifically defined by applicable law; and (3) the material, taken as a whole, must lack serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.

Obsession, Obsessed, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
      Personality trait and possible mental illness where one becomes fixated beyond normal infatuation with an idea, a person, or an activity, to the exclusion of all else, including in extreme cases, the basics of life. For example in the case of Celebrity Stalkers the individual may have the delusion that the celebrity is in love with them, or has disrespected them in some way, or other distorted view of reality and may become dangerous to the celebrity or others. Such thoughts and feelings can develop around absolutely anything or anybody. The mental illness is usually diagnosed when the individual begins engaging in these behaviors with those who do not Consent to them. For example, see: Frotting. One who is obsessed with sex in general could be said to have Erotomania, which see. Also see: Fetish, Paraphilia and related terms.
      Several Celebrity obsessed individuals have unfortunately made news over the years. In one case, a man became so obsessed with an actress that in an effort to impress her he attempted to assassinate US President Ronald Reagan. See: Celebrity Stalker, Stalker.
      Can also materialize as Retroactive Jealousy (which see) with a new, or even supposed Love Interest, or even friend, and as the aforementioned version, become just as dangerous to all involved. See said topic for discussion.
      The obsession, Sexual or otherwise, can also be with an inanimate object or a body part, which then moves the run of the mill obsession into the area of Fetishism, which see. Also see: Partialism, Sexual Obsession, Sexual Addiction. Also see: Compulsive Masturbation, Hypersexuality, Porn Addiction, Sexual Fetish, and related.

      Another Oral Fetish which involves either Biting (which see), or being bitten, or both. It should be stated again that the human bite is one of the most serious of injuries and can take a long time to heal. Also see: Vampire. This is usually more severe than a 'Love Bite' or a 'Hickey', which see.

Oedipus Complex
      Mental disorder promoted by Sigmund Freud and preached by those who follow his theories occurs when a male child cannot get beyond the infant stage of overwhelming love for his mother and therefore comes to resent his father, and the associated guilt and conflict that result from those feelings. See: more at Phallus, and Freud, Sigmund.
      The name of the disorder was taken from the mythological story best known from the play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles (lived about 450 BC). In the legend the young prince unknowingly falls in love with his own estranged mother. To the usual tragic end as is the way with Greek tales.
      As with several of his other theories, while the basic idea of the neurosis has some merit, everything since built on it makes one wonder if it can be blamed for global warming. There are also those who see in the theory some of the good doctor's own story and as such it may be his own attempt to explain his own thoughts and fears after the death of his own father. Also see: Penis Envy, Anal Retentive.
      The opposite, and equally asinine idea has been called the Electra Complex, which see.

Of Age
      Term describing a person who has reached the legal age to do something. Such as to buy alcohol or cigarettes, or, especially for this Glossary, have sex. See: Adult, Minor, Age of Majority, Consent, Coming Of Age.

Offensive Touching
      One of a number of legal terms used for the touching of another person in a sexual way without their express prior permission and Consent. Often brought in Sexual Assault cases involving Minors or Children. Also used in Rape cases where there is no evidence of Penetration. If there is Penetration with a finger, Digital (or Manual) Rape is the charge. See: Feel up, Grope, and related.

Official Misconduct
      Inappropriate behavior while acting in an official capacity such as a police officer drinking on the job. Said behavior may result in dismissal or other charges. See: Conduct Unbecoming an Officer, Code of Conduct.

Ogle, Ogling
      To look at with open hunger or desire, such as teenagers looking at a pizza. In our context it would be to stare at with Lust or Sexual Desire (see said terms). Also see: Girl Watching, Lecher. Compare: Voyeur.

Oh, Calcutta!
      An avant garde theatrical play from the 1960's, which has nothing to do with the city in India, that is composed of a series of sexual sketches and interpretive dances, done mostly by a cast that is more or less totally Nude. The various components of the play were written by John Lennon, Johann Peter Schickele (also known as PDQ Bach), Pulitzer Prize winner (but not for this play!) Sam Shepard, and others. On Broadway the show ran for thirteen years and came in just shy of six thousand performances. The show was reviewed at one point by Sir Helpmann, the noted Australian choreographer producer and twenty year principal dancer with the Royal Ballet as below.
      In some productions, like on Broadway, the on stage or on screen Sex Acts were faked (see Simulated Sex Acts), in others, they were more or less real with actual Penetrations if not actual Orgasms. See: Nude Scene, Sex Scene, Fig Leaf.
      However, all of that being said, the version most widely available on DVD is a waste of perfectly good plastic to make the disc. There are clips and short videos out there of other productions capture more of the flavor, energy and daring of the original production. The filmed version of the play is nothing short of pathetically stupid, and when offered on cable, it becomes a sanitized stupidity that is indeed a waste of electricity to watch.
"The trouble with nude dancing is that not everything stops when the music stops." - Sir Robert Helpmann (1909 - 1986)

Old In and Out, the / In and Out Action, etc.
      Another of an almost endless list of Euphemisms for Heterosexual Genital Intercourse (Fucking). In this case, the term is a somewhat graphically vivid reference for the piston-type stroking action of the Penis in the Vagina. The term is also used for various other Sex Acts, but such use is not typical. Once again, Your Good Brutha has never used this term in any of his stories.

Old Maid
      Children's card game consisting of matching pairs of cards until all have been played leaving one player holding a single card- the unmatched elderly Spinster (which see).
      Synonymous with that Spinster we just mentioned. However, in this case, the Virginity of the Single woman is being directly stated, or implied, with the term being based on the word Maiden which is another word for Virgin. See highlighted terms.

Old Wives' Tales
      In most cases: fables, legends, superstitions, and half truths that can usually be easily debunked or otherwise disproven, however, they continue to be passed on from one generation to another. Said tales include everything from the reason one shouldn't intentionally cross one's eyes, which is one of the more harmless ones (and will usually work to keep a child from doing just that, at least in front of adults), to some which can be harmful, such as the still repeated advice for the treatment of a burn by putting butter on it. Others, such as the "feed a cold" saying may have some validity. The best thing to do is to nod and smile at whoever is giving the advice, then go check things out from reliable sources on your own.
      These sayings are NOT to be confused with what is generally labeled as "Common Sense", such as that you should not play golf during a thunderstorm, or even "Folk Wisdom" because they are, more often than not, false. While they may sometimes overlap with those, in most cases there is no discernable logic, reasoning, or evidence behind an "old wives' tale". Which is why St. Paul told his student Timothy: "Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives' tales; rather, train yourself to be godly." 1 Timothy 4 : 7 (NIV)
      Many of these sayings focus on Human Sexuality and include everything about advice as to what the sex of the baby will be by the way it is being carried in its mother's Womb, to how to ensure the sex of that baby at conception through which position the parents engage in Intercourse. Unfortunately, neither is true. Also see: Penis Size Indicator Myths, Sex Myths, Ignorant, Masturbation (for example).

Oldest Profession
      Commonly thought of as Prostitution. However, this is not anthropologically verifiable. If one does the research, you will find that professional hunters and farmers (trading what they produced for things they needed) probably pre-dated actual professional Sex Workers by several millennia. Also, there is reason to believe that prostitution as a consistent means to earn a living was not viable until humans moved into substantial cities with a working system of cash based commerce (which also introduced politicians). Otherwise, the Working Girl would be accepting livestock as payment for services rendered, so it might have happened occasionally, but once the pantry was full, then what?
      The idea that Prostitution is the oldest profession is largely based on Biblical references (Genesis 34 for starters) and that old standby when facts are lacking, folklore, and the idea that once a man is married with children, he'll have to look elsewhere for sex. There is some truth to the fact that ancient religions had temple prostitutes who served the clients for donations to the temple, but then you have the chicken and the egg question, which came first, the pagan temple or the hookers that worked there?
      Also see "Pornocracy" for another take on the idea.

"On Your Knees"
      Often a command given to a willing partner in expectation of the person so kneeling to perform Oral Sex on either the person so doing the ordering or one of their choosing, usually either Fellatio or Cunnilingus, but possibly also Analingus or any other Sex Act they can come up with. See related command at "Spread'em". Also see: Dom-Sub, Fem-Dom, and so on.
      If Consent is not freely given, said act becomes a Sex Crime. Also see: Forced Feminization, Oral Rape.

One Night Stand, Hookup, Etc
      Casual Sex with no strings attached and no expectation of an ongoing relationship with the other party. Inherently dangerous with the ongoing threat of AIDS and other problems associated with high risk behavior. See: Friends With Benefits, Paramour, Cybering, Groupie, Sowing Wild Oats, Lady of the Evening. Compare: Mistress, Concubine, Emotional Infidelity, "Your Place Or Mine?".

"One Track Mind"
      Phrase used to describe anyone who seems to spend a lot of time thinking or talking about Sex, as if there is something wrong with that. The phrase is usually applied to men, and more specifically, young men, however, it does not imply Obsession. Also see: Pervert, "Mind In The Gutter", Dirty Mind.

Online Dating
      An adaptation of the traditional rolls of Matchmaker and Marriage Broker for the computer age. The practice combines the Personal Ad with a self assessment and something akin to a resume which allows various software programs to 'match' the applicant with others who share similar interests and have similar expectations. There are a large number of sites performing the service, some weed out those who are looking only for Casual Sex, others have that as their primary mission, see Adult Ad. According to one well known site, approximately twenty percent of those who use their service will not be matched for various reasons. Some sites claim to have a success rate for successful matches to where if you are not selected, they will extend your membership for free. The fees charged by the sites vary widely. See: related topics.
      Historically the Internet age phenomenon was preceded by 'pen pals' and even Mail Order Brides. The idea is that through a Social Networking Site one can find someone to have a Long Distance Relationship with (like the pen pals of old), or even end up Dating and perhaps even Married. As was mentioned some of the websites are geared to Adult interests while others are Social groups of the Lonely Hearts Club variety and cater to 'seniors'. See those terms.

Open Marriage, Open Relationship
      Akin to Swinging, however the extra-marital sex happens without both spouses being present and active at the same time, as in a 'Wife Swapping Party', however, both partners have permission to engage in the activity, such as under a Prenuptial Agreement, and do not need to check in before each individual occassion. In some unusual cases, only homosexual activity is allowed outside of the marriage or otherwise Monogamous long term relationship. See: Swinging, Polygamy, Wife Swapping, Troilism, Sex Outside Of Marriage, Negotiated Monogamy, etc.

Opening of Misty Beethoven, the
      An early Golden Age of Porn (which see) Adult motion picture that had several things going for it besides a very cute Constance Money (who had a couple of other Working Names as well). The movie was directed by Redley Metzger (billed as Henry Paris) and starred the soon to be legendary Adult Actors (which also see) Jamie Gillis and Gloria Leonard, 1976 release by 'Joy Bear Productions' and others.
      The film was a more or less loose unauthorized remake of the classic George Bernard Shaw play Pygmalion, with an adult theme and a comic edge. The film enjoyed wide release and reasonably good reviews, and for its time, it did include a substantial amount of fairly hardcore sex, wrapped around a plot that was almost, but not quite, totally preposterous, even for Paris and Rome in the Seventies and contained more comedy that you would expect, such as the 'cigar scene'. As it was the Seventies, most of the sex on the screen was female on male Fellatio (with surprisingly limp Erections), but there was a good amount of Cunnilingus (male and female on female) and enough Fucking to make it worth watching even if they did overdose on soft lighting. However, for a Hardcore Porn Film, full Nudity was something of an endangered species as almost everybody spent most of the film fully dressed, and for quite a bit of the time, they were in formal wear as well! The film became instantly notorious for its use of a Strap-On used on a man in a Three Way session. See: Pegging, and various related topics. added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

Opposite Sex / Same Sex
      If one has an XX chromosome set, making one Female, then XY, male, is the 'opposite', and another person with XX, female, would be the 'same'. This concept, in and of itself, seems to now be Politically Incorrect.

Oral Contraception
      Birth Control (which see) taken by Mouth (which see) as a Pill (which see) containing Sex Hormones (which see) by Women (which see) to prevent Pregnancy (which see) which Sexually Liberated (which see) those women. Also see: Sexual Revolution.
"I want to tell you a terrific story about oral contraception. I asked this girl to sleep with me and she said 'No.'" - Woody Allen (born 1935)

Oral Fetishes
      The umbrella term of which boils down to someone being inordinately Turned On by the Sexual aspects of the Mouth and the prospects of some form of Sex with it. Includes everything from French Kissing as the sole reason to go out on a date all the way to Odaxelagnia (Biting and being bitten), and even Breastfeeding as well as traditional Oral Sex such as Cunnilingus and Fellatio. See highlighted terms.
      As it is a given that some oral sex is the normal and very pleasurable part of a healthy Sexual Relationship, it may be difficult to diagnose someone with a general oral obsession until it begins to interfere with the other aspects of their relationships. Also see: Vampirism.

Oral Intercourse
      Obsolete term still seen in some legal and other official documents, (Doing this research the Doktor found the term in a manual used for Sex Education from a Public Health Clinic which had a copyright date of 1998!). The term is used to describe the motion and objective of the Penis being taken into the Mouth of the Receiver and the action through its logical conclusion of Ejaculation into the mouth and throat during Oral Sex. The term is sometimes used in addition to the term Oral Rape, which see.
      A better technical term would be Fellatio. Also see: Deep Throat, Monica, Head, "Spit or Swallow".

Oral Rape
      Legal descriptive term used in some jurisdictions to indicate that the Sexual Assault in question involved Oral Sex. The term has been used regardless of the Sex of the victim or the perpetrator, including cases of Homosexual Rape, or the type of Oral Sex involved. In some cases the term Sodomy or Oral Sodomy is used to indicate Fellatio, whereas Cunnilingus is usually not specified. See highlighted terms. Also see: Oral Intercourse, Felony, Forced Feminization, "On Your Knees", Felatio, Cunnilingus, and related.

Oral Sex
      Using the Mouth, Tongue, lips and teeth, to stimulate another person's Sexual Organs, usually to Orgasm. Also expressed in terms such as "The Ultimate Kiss" which is used as magazine articles or book titles from time to time. See: Analingus, Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Swallow, D.S.L., DBJ, Tonguing, Vagitarian, Face Sitting, etc. Compare: Vampire. Also see: Fluffer, Odaxelagnia, Oral Fetishes.

      The single most complicated term on the entire list to define and explain. Here and now, we will stick to the overall topic at hand- Sexuality. It is therefore worth noting that the experiance described by the term is not exclusively a Sexual event.
      Overall, the sexual orgasm is usually recognized as a psycho-sexual response to sexual stimulation resulting in an actual physical and emotional release in both men and women. However, the physical side of orgasm may occur without the mental/ emotional aspect and vice versa. The orgasm is usually regarded as a separate event from the somewhat less intense Climax. Compare the related state of Ecstasy, which also may or may not be related to Sexual Activity.
      "An orgasm is just a reflex like a sneeze." Dr Ruth Westheimer. See: Sex Education
      Female. Usually results from a combination of stimulation of the Clitoris and various other areas including internal and external, such as the G-spot and the Vulva. There are variations in orgasmic intensity, duration, and even causality from woman to woman and even within the same woman from one sexual encounter to the next ranging from the very light to one that results in full body convulsive spasms and heavy Blushing of the head and chest. Some women report different orgasms from Vaginal to Clitoral stimulation. Others state they have had orgasms from exercising or even while giving birth although such occurrences are usually not recognized as sexual responses, for example see: Coregasm. Most women are capable of a series of orgasms. See: Forced Orgasm, Vaginal Orgasm, Female Ejaculation.
      Male. Usually results from direct stimulation of the Penis and Scrotum. Will usually involve Ejaculation, but the one is not always indicative of the other. Many men report a different intensity of the orgasm resulting from Oral Sex to the one from Intercourse and other stimulation.
      See: Psychosomatic Orgasm, Climax, Multiple Orgasms, and related terms.
      The term is also used to describe extreme pleasure and excitement experienced over something which is NOT overtly sexual in nature, such as winning a slot machine jackpot. Compare: second definition of Orgy.

Orgasm Face, O-face
      Quite literally, the expression one has during a Sexual Climax, which see (pun VERY intended). Also see: Orgasm, Moment Of Sweet Release, Ecstasy, Arousal, and other highlighted terms.
      The central idea is that during said peak, one is at their most vulnerable, usually totally absorbed in . It is usually regarded as a very Intimate and inherently Erotic moment. In certain Women's Magazines and suchlike TV talk shows, the subject is used for its Titillation value and as a way to embarrass guests who would rather not discuss such private matters. It has also become a niche in the Porn world with videos of people from the neck up, usually pretty young women, who are being stimulated to Orgasm.
      added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

Orgasmic, Orgasmic Dysfunction
      Functional term used in describing that which does, or even that which does not, cause or contribute to an Orgasm. Also, the individual or group experience with said condition. Also used in medical literature where 'orgasmic dysfunction' means a woman who cannot, or will not allow herself to, Make It. see Climax, Arousal, Frigid.

Orgasmic Crescent
      A somewhat descriptive term used by those who write Advice Columns, especially in Women's Magazines, that includes the various structures in and around the Vagina, including the Clitoris, that when properly stimulated, for the correct length of time, by various mysterious and even mystical means, can lead to an Orgasm. Said means to that end can change with or without notice, even during the proceedings. Is also a crucial part of Involuntary Orgasm such as during a Bondage episode. See related terms including: Female Sexual Response, Arousal, Orgasm, Sexual Arousal, G-Spot, Clitoral Network, Multiple Orgams, Involuntary Orgasm, and Yoni Massage.

Orgasmic Experience
      By, for, of, during, before, after, related to, the cause of, an interruption of, an enhancement to, or is in some other way related to the actual Orgasm. May or may not be Sexual in nature, and in fact, may not even be physical, such as with Psychosomatic Orgasm or Spontaneous Orgasm (which see). Also see, well, whatever gets you off!

      In the context of this glossary, a 'sex party' involving several individuals gathered together for the purpose of multiple sexual encounters for a significant period of time. Unless an orgy is specifically organized as a Homosexual event as all women or all men (especially in the case of Pope Benedict IX), some Bisexuality during a heterosexual orgy is usually expected, at least of the women. Many swinger party orgies encourage all participants to at least 'try it'. See: Carnival, Group Sex, Swinging, Gang Bang, Polygamy, Sexual Excess, etc. Compare: "Wine, Women, and Song" which is usually considered one step down.
      The term is also used in context with non-sexual events such as a gang fight being referred to as 'an orgy of violence' and
Congress being called an 'orgy of corruption'.
      In classical terms a "Roman Orgy" involved as much feasting, drinking, music and entertainment in one or another Pleasure Palace (which see), as it did sex. These events often lasted for several days or longer, in some cases the participants would take a few days off to dry out and clean up, then go at it again. One well known instance is the Bacchanalia, celebrated on 15 and 16 March in honor of the god Bacchus (AKA Dionysus), which were essentially a two day drunken spree of constant boozing, wanton Sexual Depravity, and random violence that got so out of control the Roman Senate officially banned the celebration in 186 BC although it continued for many year afterward on a much smaller scale. Another infamous example was the Banquet of Chestnuts held in the Papal Apartments by Pope Alexander VI in 1501 which included some fifty Prostitutes, a selection of Sex Toys, and some a selection of other oddities all geared to His Holiness's amusement during the affair. Modern Roman Orgies are pale imitations of their namesakes essentially being a toga party with pizza and beer interrupted by the occasional live sex show.

Original Sin
      Non-scriptural doctrine in various denominations which stems directly from Psalm 51, written immediately after David's sin with Bathsheba (see Adultery) see quote below. It is from this idea that the Catholic Church had to adopt another non-scriptural doctrine stating that Mary the Mother of Christ had to be the subject of another Immaculate Conception. In doing so, they ignore several other references including Christ's statement that "suffer the little children to come unto me for such is the Kingdom of Heaven" among others about the people being led by a child. See: Sin, Adultery, Fornication, Conscience, Age Of Accountability, Marian Doctrine.

"Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Wash me throughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me. Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest. Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me."
- Psalm 51 : 1 - 5 (KJV)

Other Side Of The Street, ... Fence, etc
      Euphemisms for Homosexuality, which see.

"Our Song", Romantic Songs
      One or a few songs usually associated with important events and occasions in the history of a Romantic relationship. Said songs are usually Emotionally charged and often ballads or other 'easy listening' types of music. It seems that 'death metal' just doesn't do it for most women. (see Punk)
      Music type often considered slow dance or power ballad, or in the case of country- almost emotionally sappy. These songs are written and performed to be Emotionally laden and to a point, even Emo (see said terms). Also see: Valentine, Date, Romance, Candy and Flowers, Courtship, Torch Song, "Heart Wrenching", and etc. Added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion
      The below (slightly longer than usual) quote is from one of the classics of this vein and includes a verse that is sometimes edited from FM radio play (see Censorship).

"...At times I understand you
And I know how hard you've tried
I've watched while love commands you
And I've watched love pass you by
At times I think we're drifters
Still searching for a friend
A brother or a sister
But then the passion flares again

And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much
And I have to close my eyes and hide
I wanna hold you til I die
Til we both break down and cry
I wanna hold you till the fear in me subsides"

- Dan Hill, Sometimes When We Touch, by Hill and Mann, Album: Longer Fuse K-Tel records, released 1977

Out, Outed
      One who has Come Out publically as to their choice of an Alternative Lifestyle. To be 'outed' is to have one's Sexual Preference publicized against ones will. See: Closet, Gossip.

"Out The Wahzoo"
      Usually used as a disagreeable level of something, or something being done through coercion. See: Wazoo.

      Somewhat stupid 'cute' word to describe non-penetrative Sexual Activity or Intercrural Sex or even Dry Humping. The term is usually seen in Sex Education material distributed through Public Health outlets and the State Schools as well as on some Safe Sex websites instead of actually Having Sex. Nobody else uses it. Compare: Intercourse. See: Tribadism, Frotting, as well as other highlighted and related terms.

      Wearing attire which is too fancy, there is too much of it, or in some other way inappropriate for the occasion to the formal side. Such as wearing a tuxedo to a party at a bowling ally or swimming pool, wearing the swimsuit or bowling outfit to a formal "black tie and tails" dinner would be the exact opposite- Underdressed, which see. Said condition is often seen with Fashion Plates and Clotheshorses. For our present purpose, it is also seen quite often in Adult Movies where the participants are wearing elaborate costumes and the women continue to wear Garters and Stockings or other Lingerie when they'd be better off Undressed. See: highlighted terms.

Ovum, Egg, Ovulation
      The female gamete (fertile cell). The time during the woman's Cycle during which she is Fertile. See: Conception, Pregnancy, Morning After Pill. Compare: Sperm.

      Most usually: salt water dwelling mollusk, the primary source for pearls. Despite endless anecdotal stories to the contrary, there is no medical basis for the use of the animal as an Aphrodisiac, which see.

P.D.A., PDA, Public Display of Affection
      When the abbreviation means 'personal digital assistant' it may be thought of as an electronic leash and time robber when one is NOT at work.
      Abbreviation is also used in some school settings as well as in other circumstances to indicate 'public displays of affection' most usually aimed at Adolescents, which see, when they are courting and expressing their developing Sex Drive and other personality traits. See: Love Birds and related.

P.G.A.D. (Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder)
      Also referred to as Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome, P.S.A.S.
      In general, this condition may be thought of as the physical and medical side of more the psychological conditions of Hypersexuality, Nymphomania, which see for further discussion. Whatever the cause, as outlined below, the disorder results in the person being nearly unable to function normally due to a near constant state of low or mid level Arousal resulting in embarrassment, unwanted discharges, even Erections and Spontaneous Orgasm. See: highlighted terms.
      Known contributing factors to the disorder include: reaction to, or side-effects from, medications such as anti-depressants and other psychiatric drugs; pelvic or genital nerve issues resulting in hypersensitivity to normal pressure and friction such as from clothing and walking; and mental illnesses such as an obsessive-compulsive fixation with the sexual organs, see Compulsive Masturbation.
      Most persons with PGAD respond well to treatment once the diagnoses is made. Treatments include medications, behavioral and environmental changes including loose fitting clothes and exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscles, and in some cases- medical/surgical intervention to deaden affected nerves.

      Multiple uses, all somewhat related. A parcel or an item that has been placed in another container for shipment. A group of items to be thought of as one, such as options on a basic car model. A total unit made up of smaller segments only available as a whole.
      Cute media term for the bulge in the front of a man's trousers supposedly indicative of his Virility or Masculinity or something. Note: It is not an indicator of anything other than ill fitting clothing. Most famously seen during the 2004 US Presidential race when an abnormally large 'bump' was Airbrushed into a photo of former Vice President Albert Gore Jr. for a magazine cover. The doctored photo was described as depicting his 'package'. added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

Padded Bra
      The item is exactly what it says it is, a Brassier (which see) that has had superfluous material placed in the cups to enlarge the apparent Bust size of the wearer, which is essentially a Lie. Such items are worn by women who wish to at least seem to have larger Breasts and by men who are some flavor of Cross Dresser or Transvestite, without going through the pain and expense (and risk to health) of having permanent surgical Breast Enlargement. Also see: Breast Obsession. added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

Pain Fetish
      The common phrase for the condition called Algolagnia, which see for related musical interlude.
      Primarily the application of classic Sadism and Masochism but in an overtly Sexual way where the Sexual Gratification and Satisfaction of one or both of the participants. See: said terms.
      Can be thought of as a sub-genre of S&M, but there are also cases where the pain so inflicted is the goal and what gives the satisfaction and the Sex Act may never occur before, during, or even after the torture episode. See: Cock and Ball Torture, Fetish Model, "Hurts So Good", Safe Word, Spanking, and related.
      Some of the more extreme acts under this heading involve the electrocution of the Sex Organs, Piercing or Branding, Water Bondage where the Submissives breathing is at the whim of the Dom, and other practices designed to inflict torment on the subject. As always, before the party starts, everybody involved should agree upon a Safe Word and a referee should be appointed to observe and stop everything if it goes too far.

Pain In The Ass
      The term CAN be related to Sex and Sexuality, which means... (you had to know this was coming!)'re doing some version of Anal without enough Lube or trying to go too far, too fast. See related terms.
      But usually, the phrase is more indicative of a serious, unignorable, long term annoyance that can also be expensive, or even a health hazard if it continues long term. Suggested for the Glossary by Reader Comment
"...being an adult is a tiresome pain in the ass a lot of the time."
- Brian M. Clark, writing at

Panderer, Pandering
      Somewhat dated term for one whom solicits others to patronize another person who is the actual Prostitute. In some regards this person may be thought of as a pimp, although the roles are usually somewhat different as the Pimp is in it for profit.
      Legally regarded as a Felony, which see, in most jurisdictions.
      The term also implies to Politicians, especially
Congressman, who will say anything to anybody to get a vote or a dollar. Compare: Prostitution, Pornocracy.

      Made up term used by some media outlets to describe someone who is essentially a Bisexual who is without preference for their first choice of sexual partner or the action preformed as they "love everybody". See similar term: Ambisexual. The BBC and other media regard this as sophisticated and enlightened, whether said choice also applies to members of said media organization is unknown. Can be compared to Metrosexual, but without the flamboyance and vanity often associated with someone who identifies themselves as such. See: Unrestricted Sexuality, Trisexual, Sexual Tendencies. Compare: "Situational Homosexuals".
      Use of the word has been declared 'silly' by a man who would be best described as a 'Pansexual'. See: reader letter linked under Alternative Lifestyle.

Panty, Panties, Panty Raid
      Women's undergarment worn to both conceal the Vulva and other lower Sex Organs as well as for hygienic purposes such as with a Sanitary Napkin. May also be 'control top' or 'supportive' so as to function as a Girdle and shape the body of the wearer. Also object of endless fascination for TV show writers and Cross Dressers. See: G-string, Thong, Bra, Girdle, and related.
      Item also kept as a trophy of Sexual Conquest or during a prank such as a panty raid where said items are stolen from a women's dormitory. See: Bracelets for extended reference.

Panty Stuffing / Insertion
      added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion
      Stunt performed by Erotic Models who wear then remove, and then push their underwear into their own Vaginas, Rectums, Mouth, or even all of the above in turn while on camera, and then Suggestively remove them while Faking Orgasm. Much the same as is done with Ben Wa Balls, which see. Also includes Lesbian sets where the women do it to each other and certain live stage performances by Stripers and others. The items so used include Garters, Pantyhose, Lingerie, even political t-shirts during election years.
      Stable content of some adult websites that feature shoots of solo women posing without Toys or other props. There are also instances where said models will sell those panties online to fans indicating that she not just wore them, she 'stuffed' them.
      There is no evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, that so doing is something the average Adult Woman has ever even thought about doing. See related terms and ideas.

Panty Waist, Pantywaist, "Panty Waste"
      Originally a piece of clothing for very young children, boys and girls alike, from the Nineteen Teens through the Depression that was two pieces, a blouse and short pants, that buttoned together (at the waist!) in to a type of onesie. Once the child was potty-trained, they usually moved into age and sex appropriate clothes.
      The term then became an insult meaning that the man to whom it was directed was too young or immature for the task at hand. It was also a reference to the man's emotional sensitivity, suggesting that he might cry like a young child who would wear such a garment.
      The term "panty waste" is a misinterpretation of the original and the definition associated with it was an attempt to explain the error by assigning meaning to it. However, the idea that someone is the equivalent of leakage from the Vagina that has been riding around in a pair of Panties for most of the day has some appeal as an insult. Something on the order of "the best part of you ran down your mama's leg."

      Women's undergarment combining leggings of nylon or other fabric with panties to be worn under skirts and dresses without the Garter's straps and other unsightly and unwieldy hardware. Has been called the overall most uncomfortable garment ever designed. See: Panties, Bra, Cross Dresser, Garter and Hose, and etc.
      For interesting side note, see Blue Laws.

      Term derived from the French meaning literally: 'with love'. Is most usually used to describe a woman's Lover if she is not Married to them. The term 'illicit' is often used to describe said Lover. The term is not usually used in relation to a woman's husband, compare Homewrecker, but may be used for a Lesbian affair. See: Lover, Affair, Gigolo, Cheating, Friend with Benefits.

Paraphilia, Paraphilias
      Medical term for the condition that results when an otherwise harmless Fetish has developed to the point where it interferes in other aspects of life, including the patient being unable to engage sexually without the fetish being in play, which is a Sexual Fetish, or perhaps unable to interact in a normal social environment such as working or going out to dinner without engaging the fetish in some way, such as with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. The condition of Fetishism isn't usually considered to fall within the realm of the medical profession unless it, as discussed, interferes with 'real life'. See said highlighted terms for more. For many more such terms, see the discussion at Fetish and list at Sexual Fetish.
"Aliquando et insanire iucundum est" (Sometimes it is enjoyable to be insane)
- Seneca the Younger (4 BC - 65 AD)

Parent, Parents, Parenting, Parenthood
      Individual(s) who Procreated and various word tenses of said act. The '-ing' form implies an active role in the development of the Children involved. The '-hood' version is said state of being as a result of Mating involved. See relevant quote at Baby-Mama. Also see Mother, and other highlighted terms.

"Parental Advisory Explicit Content"
      The famous (infamous) warning label from the R.I.A.A. (which see) placed on recorded music or talk albums (such as comedy routines) which may be inappropriate for children or others who are easily offended to sit and listen to by the hour. The restriction can also be used to regulate the hours during which the content may be broadcast over the air or played over a PA in a store, see Family Hour. However, the label has no bearing on whether or not the material is either Indecent or Obscene. See highlighted terms, as well as: Censorship, Standards and Practices, Rating, M.P.A.A., E.S.R.B. Voluntary Self Censoring, and related.
      The labeling was in direct answer to charges by members of the Democratic party in the US the some content was inappropriate for minors and efforts to regulate lyrics by law, namely accusations brought by Mrs. Al Gore, wife of then US Senator Albert Gore Jr. The label has been changed and updated a few times, but has stayed essentially the same since 2001. Some retailers refused to stock any albums with the sticker. In response some producers release a 'clean' version which is either edited to remove the offensive material or is milder versions of the objectionable songs. In a few cases, the label has actually increased sales, such as with comedy albums. Of note was an album titled after the language on the sticker by George Carlin, see "Seven Dirty Words" for another example and a quote from the comedian. See following this entry for another comic's take on the matter.
      The reason this topic is in this Glossary is that the sticker was also applied, and sometimes a Black Bar, or even magic markers, used to Censor and otherwise obscure album cover art that somebody somewhere decided was Pornography. In most cases, images on the covers of Romance Novels and Women's Magazines were more offensive, and in some cases, Indecent, but those were 'ok' based solely on the target audience.
"You work your butt off and somebody says you can't have your record played because it offends them. Tyrants are made of such stuff."
- Richard Pryor (1940 - 2005)

Partialism, Partism
      Sexual Attraction, or Arousal by or through a specific area of the human body not usually considered Sexy. Such as being attracted to feet, which is the most common, or ears, or even arm pits. Often evolves into a Fetish, which see. Also see: Foot Fetish, Leg Man, Ass Man, Tit Man, Obsession, Sexual Obsession. See reference at: Quim.

Party (in my) Mouth, Potty Mouth (and variations)
      Separate, yet somewhat related terms, at least in their definitions as far as this Glossary is concerned as below.
      The 'party in' is used in wider conversation to describe spicy food, or even something that has various flavors that are usually conflicting but in said preparation to be complimentary, such as sweet and sour, or chocolate and chili peppers.
      For our present purpose however, the 'party in' is used to refer to the Group Sex variety of Fellatio where multiple men have Oral Sex performed on them through ejaculation by a single receiver. The term is not specific as to whether it applies to Homosexual or Heterosexual Oral Sex. See: Gang Bang and related.
      The 'potty' variation traditionally refers to one whom uses foul language excessively, especially when done so by a child or when an adult's regular conversation includes profanity as part of their normal vocabulary. Which is also most usually a sign of ignorance.
      In light of our current discussion, the term is also used to describe a Fetish type practice where others use a Receiver who is Submissive and/or Passive Partner as a toilet, including defecating on them. See: Golden Showers, Scat Play, Passive Partner.
      Neither of the above diversions are considered a Safe Sex practice.

Passion, Passionate
      Multiple uses, all involve extreme levels of Emotion, which see. 'Passionate' is the active application of one's 'passion'. Such as when performing to one's best in a sport or while engaged in another physical activity that arrouses emotions, such as when doing the Tango or dancing to Bolero, see both terms.
      The best religious example is what is called the "Passion of Christ" during the final week of His life between the Triumphal Entry and the Crucifixion. Also, plays and movies based on said time in Jesus' life. See: God (pun intended)
      Intense Romantic interest with Physical Intimacy between Consenting Adults. Usually found early in a Relationship such as during the Engagement and Honeymoon. One's emotion toward a Love Interest or Lover. Feelings experienced while Making Love or Fucking. See highlighted terms.
      Also see: Ecstasy, Emotion, Love, and related. Also see: Psychosomatic Spontaneous Orgasm reference to St Teresa.

Passive Partner
      The Submissive in a Sex Act, or in a B&D or S&M session.
      Also the one who allows or Accepts Penetration by the Active Partner, the Receiver or Bottom in the act.
      One who plays the Female / Feminine role in the Sexual Encounter regardless of their Sex. Is also the one who willingly allows themselves to be Spanked or Pissed on or otherwise humiliated, as with a Boston Pancake. See: all highlighted terms. Compare: Dom and related.

      Most usually, small decorated pieces of cloth or plastic that adhere to the Breast to cover the Nipple during a performance. Often decorated with tassels or Rhinestones. Almost exclusively worn by women who do not wish to be totally Topless (which see). See: Tease, Exhibitionist, Thong.

Pearl Necklace
  "And that's not jewelry she's talkin' about..." -see ZZ Top reference below.
      Jewelry made from stringing together the solidified orbs of calcium carbonate found within the shells of several species of mollusks. Most notably the saltwater 'pearl oyster' and the freshwater river mussel. Most commercially available pearls are cultured and harvested from underwater farms instead of being taken from the wild by the half-Naked young female divers of lore and fantasy. Cultured pearls are still real pearls and can be very expensive. Faux pearls (paste) are, quite literally, a dime a dozen.
      More to our point here: the term has nothing to do with jewelry, although it may still involve half-naked young women and may still be 'worn around the neck'. As when during Fellatio the Receiver withdraws the Penis from their mouth before the man's Climax while they, or in some cases he, continues to stroke the Penis to induce Ejaculation. The Receiver then allows, or even aims the penis so, the Ejaculate lands on their neck and chest. Term is not Hetero or Homo specific although in Porn is most usually applies to a female receiver. See: Facial, Bukkake, Hand Job, Swallow.
      The best idea of the popular usage in this context is the ZZ Top song by the same name. For more from the band, see Tush and Leg.

"She was gettin' bombed, And I was gettin' blown away,
And she took it in her hand, And this is what she had to say:
'A pearl necklace.' She wanna pearl necklace."

- Lyrics by: Gibbons, Hill, Beard. Album: El Loco, Warner Records, 1981

Pecker, Peckerhead
      Yet another slang term for the Dick, or rather, a Dickhead.
      The Penis and the Glans thereof.

Pedarist, Pederasty
      Someone, especially a man, who has sex with adolescent, and even younger, boys and is unapologetic and unrepentant over said behavior, and who willingly and knowingly continues over a significant period of time. The active practice thereof. Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009) and French painter Paul Gauguin (1848 - 1903) are two famous examples, see quotes below. Also see reference at Lolita.
      One who is convicted of said practice would be a Pedophile, which see. Also see: Hebephilia, Catamite, Predatory Homosexual Pedophile, Sex Crime, Troll, Cradle Robber, "North American Man Boy Love Association", Martijn, and related.
"Why can't you share your bed? The most loving thing to do is to share your bed with someone. It's very charming. It's very sweet. It's what the whole world should do."
- Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009)

"There is always a heavy demand for fresh mediocrity. In every generation the least cultivated taste has the largest appetite."
- Paul Gauguin (1848 - 1903)

      An Adult, male or female, who pursues Sexual Activity with one whom is under the Age of Majority. See: next entry and related subjects. Also see reference and song lyric at Lolita.
      One who is convicted as such is also a Felon. See: Felony.

      The legal and medical definitions define the condition as an unnatural sexual attraction to those deemed too young to offer legal consent for sexual activity. As the Age of Majority is inconsistent the term is usually used to refer to children under the mid-teen years. The recent problems in the Catholic Church consisted mostly of Predatory Homosexual Pedophilia. See: Sexual Predator, Pedarist, Felony, Hebephilia, Lolita, Cradle Robber, Statutory Rape, "North American Man Boy Love Association", Martijn. Also see: Unconsummated Marriage.
      However, the Saudis seem to have other ideas.

Saudi marriage officiant Dr. Ahmad al-Mu'bi told Lebanese television viewers last week that it's permissible for girls as young as 1 (year old) to marry - as long as sex is postponed.
Al-Mu'bi's remarkable comments also included an explanation that "there is no minimal age for entering marriage."

From, 25 June, 2008

Peep Show
      Several classic meanings, none of which involve a totally worthless TV show, nor an exhibit of art made with marshmallow candy creatures, both of which are trading on the historical Titillation factor of the term. Some of the those other uses follow. (see the various highlighted terms)
      A venue where the performer(s) would be in the center of a room with multiple windows controlled by coin slot mechanisms. If you wanted to see the show, you put in your money and the window, sometimes no more than a Peephole, or narrow slot, opened for a few minutes, after which, it closed. To see more, you put in more money. In some cases the performer was in the same room with the audience, but concealed behind a curtain or in total darkness, after the correct amount of money was paid, they were revealed and carried out whatever the special of the night was, until the curtain was closed, often, just before the 'act' got good, which meant the audience had to pay more to see the rest. Some of these 'theaters' still exist. See: Sex Show, Sex Performer, Adult Entertainment, and related.
      The same idea carried through to self contained movie viewers where an 8mm loop would play, sometimes for just a few seconds at a time after the money had been inserted. See: Adult Movies.
      Also, the Voyeuristic pastime of peeking through keyholes or through window shades to see what there was to see. See: Peeping Tom.
      The term is occasionally used by those who practice Exhibitionism, ranging from Nudism to Public Sex Acts, with the idea that they may be seen by others, who may or may not wish to view them while they put on their 'show'.

      Small opening, with or without optics such as lenses and magnification which is used to view the other side of an obstruction, such as a locked door or privacy fence. May also have a concealed and mounted video camera instead of an eyepiece. Usually used for security purposes. For most famous example, see "Peeping Tom".
      In the world of Voyeurism, which see, the openings are put to a somewhat more nefarious use as the person being observed with the expectation of Privacy may or may not be aware that they are in fact being watched. Often used in association with a "Glory Hole", which see. Also see: Peep Show.

Peeping Tom
      The name given to the luckless tailor who drilled a hole in his shutters so that he could see Lady Godiva's famous ride. Now used to describe any Voyeur, which see, who violates another's Privacy by covertly observing them when they have reasonable expectation of said Privacy. Is usually assumed, but is not specific that the 'peep-er' is male and the 'peep-ee' is female, however there have been several rather spectacular cases of the opposite, and Homosexual versions involving both sexes. See: Privacy, Voyeur, Stalker, and related.
      Well, as it so happens, the tailor probably never existed, although Godiva herself did (the jury is still out a thousand years later as to whether or not she did what she is famous for), see more at her entry, and the story of him and his being struck blind due to his deed was added many hundreds of years after her famous trot. Most of his 'fame' may be laid at the feet of the poet who wrote of the Lady's ride some time (800 years!) later.

"Then she rode back, clothed on with chastity;
And one low churl, compact of thankless earth,
The fatal byword of all years to come,
Boring a little auger-hole in fear,
Peep'd -- but his eyes, before they had their will,
Were shrivel'd into darkness in his head,
And dropt before him. So the Powers, who wait
On noble deeds, cancell'd a sense misused"

- Godiva written 1842, Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809 - 1892)

Peer Pressure
      An excuse to drink, Fuck, do drugs, drive too fast, shoplift, play video games, smoke, gamble, skip school, and oppress the masses. See: Sexual Pressure, Drunk, Creating a Public Nuisance, A.S.B.O., Sexual Experimentation, and related.
      Social influence attributed to the friends of young people to make bad choices. Said pressure may be real or imagined but in either case, can sometimes be impossible to ignore. Often occurs in school or at social events such as a Dance. Results of giving in to said pressure can be disastrous.
      It should be mentioned here, because it isn't often mentioned elsewhere, that said pressure could also be to make GOOD decisions, to not drink and fuck, to finish their education and get a job and so on. It does happen, maybe not often, but it does.

Pegging, Pegged
      Slang term used for when a woman wearing a Strap On Dildo uses it to Assfuck a man whether he is willingly Submissive or not, such as with Forced Feminization. See: strap-on. See: related terms such as Autoandrophilia, Fem Dem, Active Partner, Reach Around, and said highlighted terms. Added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

Pelvic Exam
      Most usually, the medical procedure during which a woman's Sexual Organs, internal and external, are examined by an OB/GYN. See: Gynecological Exam, Medical Fetish.

      For our current purpose, the Insertion of anything (Finger, Dildo, Penis, Etc.) into any bodily orifice for the Sexual Gratification of either party, or both parties when the opening in question is the Mouth, Vagina or Anus. In most cases, it is the individual engaged in the Sex Act who is being Penetrated who is considered the Passive Partner in the act, regardless of Sex. In the legal definition, penetration of anything by the erect penis was usually enough to have a particular work deemed Indecent, if not Obscene. This is no longer the case. See: Receiver, Insertion, Submission, and various individual listings as highlighted. Also see: related topics such as Ultimate Submission, Forced Feminization, Intercrural Sex.

      Of, by, or for, the Penis. Which see.

Penis, Lingam
      The primary male Sex Organ. Comprised of the shaft, and head or Glans. The word 'Lingam' is the term used in the Kama Sutra for the male organ. See: Phallus, Glans, and quote at Tattoo (yes, I'm serious), Subincision, Circumcision. Also see Prince Albert for an example of a Piercing. And see: "Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom" if you are so inclined.
      Slang terms for the penis are nearly endless, and this Glossary makes no attempt to list them all. However, several common ones are listed, therefore see: Weiner, Cock, Dick, Fuck Stick and variables thereof. See Ding-Dong for a bit of humor on the topic.

Penis (Penile) Abnormalities/ Injuries
      Just as there is no 'average or normal' under Penis Size, there is no 'normal' proportions against which to just what is 'abnormal' up to a given point. Most male organs are 'normal' within a given range of 'straightness', size of the head in relation to the rest of the organ, size of the testicles, and so on. Some curve to the shaft when erect is normal (up, down, left, right, or even a combination), to a point, and may come and go depending on factors such as the man's state of arousal, overall health, blood pressure, and a host of other factors. Some severe bends, however, may be uncomfortable for either or both partners, and more severe cases may require medical intervention to correct. However. If the unit is otherwise functional, usually using some extra lube and adjusting positions is enough to compensate for any 'bends'. The only other option is surgery which has enough risks and potential complications that most guys won't do it. See: Sexually Transmitted Disease and related entries.
      Abnormal Angulation or "bent penis" has multiple causes including injury and illness including the following:

  • Hypospadias (a severely curved penis): is a congenital (birth) defect with a urinary opening which may be someplace along the shaft or on the scrotum. Surgery is usually done while the child is very young with a good success rate.
  • Priapism: situation where the Penis maintains an erection for an abnormally long period of time without the usual causes, such as Sexual Stimulation. May be caused by medication, nerve problems, or other issues. May become serious due to blood pooling and possibly clotting in the organ.
  • Peyronie's disease: fibrous scaring results in a benign lump or mass in the penis, often causes pain and/or bending of the shaft. May make an erection impossible.
  • 'Fracture' of the Penis: Most usually results from traumatic injury to the organ when erect, or less often when flaccid. Just as with a 'broken' nose it is not a true fracture as when a bone breaks, however, the injury is severe and painful. The damage is to the erectable tissue which causes bruising or internal bleeding which can be severe enough to require surgery to control. May also result in urethral injury that may require additional surgical repair. This is one reason why a Crotch Shot is not funny. Also see, Penis Captivus, where said problem may occur.
  • Also see: Subincision, Circumcision, Piercing, Body Modification, and related.

Penis Captivus
      Medical phenomenon during Sexual Intercourse where the Vagina and pelvic floor muscles suffer a prolonged contraction or spasm, preventing the Penis from being withdrawn normally. This happens naturally for a brief period of time during Orgasm, and passes fairly quickly. However, if the spasm does not resolve quickly, it can become painful for the male, which will probably result in the loss of Erection, thusly resolving the situation that way. In rare cases, the condition has persisted for some time, during which one or both partners panic, making things worse, and possibly resulting in Penis Injury (which see). In some cases, medical assistance has been summoned resulting in hilarious stories for all concerned for years to come. See also: Kegel Exercises, Sex Myths, and related topics.

Penis Enlargement
      'Natural': In short (pun intended) there is NO KNOWN SUBSTANCE (Neither from animal, vegetable or mineral) that will cause a permanent enlargement of a mature man's organ. Some will produce temporary enlargement in some men, some don't work at all, others are actually dangerous if taken with common prescriptions like blood pressure medicine. Some practices like 'Pumping' work for a short time. In the Kama Sutra (which see) one method of penis enlargement involved the use of wasp stings, this method has never been observed on late night 'male enhancement' infomercials starring Ron Jeremy. Which essentially means that anything the suggests it will make you into a Porn Star is simply a Lie for a fraudulent product like the Smiling Bob ads for Enzyte (see said terms). Also see: the Aphrodisiac entry for more information on the infomercial side of things.
      Medication: Ditto. Some prescription or over the counter medications may increase the relative size of the penis for some time through swelling or water retention, but it will not be permanent, also, it is just as likely that the medication may also interfere with otherwise normal operation of the unit in question. NOTE: No nationally advertised mail order 'enlargement' treatment has EVER been proven to work. And in fact "Smiling Bob's" (which see) pills have been the subject of ongoing litigation and regulatory action since their introduction. See: Enzyte (more info and link), Natural Male Enhancement.
      External Mechanical: See: listing under: Pumping.
      Surgical: There are several invasive procedures that can and will enlarge an abnormally small or repair an injured penis including implants and grafts. However, there are significant risks to the procedure and the chances of rejection or infection usually outweigh any benefit. Also, there is a chance that the post operative organ will not function as desired.
      See: highlighted terms as well as Aphrodisiac, Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) Treatments, "You Can Be A Porn Star", Penis Size.

Penis Envy
      Mental disorder supposed by Sigmund Freud as occurring in women because they are sexually incomplete due to the lack of a Phallus. The idea has been blamed for everything including Feminism to Lesbianism and even Honeymoon Performance Anxiety. See: more at Phallus.
      While the underlying idea has some merit, everything built on it renders it almost absurd as with Freud's other idea, the Oedipus Complex, which see. See: Freud, Sigmund, and Anal Retentive.

Penis Size
      Contrary to TV infomercials and magazine ads which feature any of several exceptionally endowed porn stars, the 'average' penis is NOT ten inches long and five inches around. Most medical research indicates that the 'normal' and 'average' erect penis, regardless of the race of the man, is between five and seven inches (13 to 18 cm) in length with a girth of from two to just over three inches or so (5 to 7.5) cm. Lengths of three to eight inches (7.5 to 20 cm) are considered 'normal' as long as the organ is functional and even an otherwise healthy man's dimensions will vary, sometimes considerably, depending on any number of variables including time of day. See "Penis Size Indicator Myths", "Hung Like A Horse".
      Note, Circumcision can reduce the overall length of the flaccid organ to some degree, however, as the Glans is not removed, the decrease in size of the erect member is negligible.
      See: listings at Ron Jeremy (10 inches or 25 cm), and John Holmes (aprox. 12 inches or 30.5 cm).

Penis Size Indicator Myths
      Popularly circulated tales that maintain, in spite of medical and scientific evidence to the contrary, that one may correctly judge the dimensions of a man's Penis (length and/or girth) by various publically visible traits. Such as the size of his shoes or his nose, height versus weight, how far up his palm his middle finger will reach, his race or other ethnicity, whether or not he has a 'uni-brow', and so on.
      Said myths continue to be spread even though most or all can be debunked with little effort. The simple fact is that one or the other may be accurate for one individual which can be written off as a statistical coincidence. However, no such indicator can be extrapolated to the population in general. Added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion
      See: Penis Size, Old Wive's Tales, Penis Enlargement, Sex Myths, Girl Talk.

Performance Anxiety
      Commonly seen when any Philadelphia professional sports team reaches the playoffs where the team as a whole experiences the Fantods and chokes so they end up playing like winos. The 2008 Phillies being the sole exception that proves the general rule: (even a blind pig finds an acorn now and then).
      In this context: The sworn enemy of Erections, Vaginal moisture, and Orgasms. Usually caused by unreasonable expectations and fear of disappointing ones Lover. See: Wedding, Honeymoon, Date. The major reason most people will never be a "Porn Star". See: You Can Be A Porn Star, Woodman, and related.

Performing Model
      Most usually, one who does some activity which involves some acting ability for either a photographer or a display or demonstration such as at a trade show.
      More to our point here, such modeling may also involve Eroticism, Sexual Activity, or other work besides just Nude Modeling. See: Sex Performer, Sex Worker, Modeling Agency, Adult Actress, Hard Casting, and related.

      The area between the Anus and the Female Vulva or a Male's Scrotum. Is intensely sensitive when engaged as an Eroginous Zone and is suitably touched or even licked. See: Sitz Bath, Bidet, as well as highlighted topics.
      At one time Medical Doctors thought they knew better than Nature and routinely cut the perinum between the Vaginal opening and the Anus of Women during Birth in a procedure called "Episiotomy". Not only was it usually unnecessary, IF in the unlikely event the tissue tore naturally during birth, it healed more quickly than the surgical cut, and usually with fewer complications. Fortunately, many malpractice lawsuits and clinical studies later, now said cut is the exception rather than the rule. We should also mention that the procedure added several charges to the bill, and as there were stitches, and medication, involved, it also generated additional bills on the followup visits (?malpractice anyone?). See related quote at Physician.

      Euphemism for Menstruation, which see. Specifically the monthly bleeding associated with the female cycle. See: Feminine Hygiene Products, PMS, Becoming A Woman.

      Telling a falsehood, lying, when one has sworn to offer truthful testimony, such as during a trial or other official function or investigation. Said act is usually considered a Felony. Such a matter is usually covered in Codes of Conduct and Morals Clauses (see said terms). In most cases, one can be so charged even if one is not knowingly lying when such testimony was made. This is usually NOT a "Little White Lie", which see.
      It is interesting to note here that Lying to a Congressional committee is Perjury and punishable under the law, however, those on the panel have not taken the same oath and can spout nonsense for the cameras all day long without penalty.

Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome
      Outdated term for Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, see P.G.A.D. Also see, Compulsive Masturbation.

Personal Ad
      Whether on the net or in a magazine or other print media, or even a card at a Speed Dating event, the personal ad is an interesting, and to some degree, degrading, exercise in modern Courting. The advertisements may be for Dating, companionship, or even for a Sexual Encounter depending on the venue involved. Most ads are somewhat accurate, however, the reader of the ad cannot take what is said overly seriously as descriptive terms can be somewhat creatively applied (as in: 'full figured' is more likely to mean obese than Stacked). Such ads do produce results when done right and with reasonable expectations. See: Adult Ad for 'humorous quote'

Personal Hygiene
      The cleansing of oneself, and ones Private Parts, essentially the Sex Organs, as well as the armpits, feet, hair, and Mouth, so as to not be either overly odoriferous or potentially unhealthy. Also involves the regular washing of clothes and other items, such as bedding.
      The central point here is this: those that have poor practices in this area tend to not be Sexy, which see, one has to wonder about their overall attractiveness and Desirability as a Sexual Partner and becomes a major Turn Off (see said terms). Also see: Bathhouse for related discussion.

Personal Lubricant, Surgical Lubricant
      Most usually a commercially produced glycerin based cream or lotion which eases Penetration of bodily orifices for the insertion of medical instruments or suppository medication or treatment. As such they usually do not contain desensitizing or other 'pleasure' agents, as is the case with the original KY Jelly®. The term 'surgical lubricant' is obsolete although it is still found on some packaging. Those made for Sexual activity often, but not always, have other ingredients to enhance pleasure such as those with warming, cooling, or even desensitizing properties. See: Lubrication.

Personal Space, Private Space, Interpersonal Space
      The immediate area surrounding an individual which one considers "theirs". The distance one person maintains between themselves and others in a public situation, such as standing in a queue at the bank. Said space varies by situation and who is moving into it. Violation of such a space may be seen as an affront to the individual or just a case of being rude or lack of social manners.
      Some cultures maintain almost an "arm's length" of distance between each other, others get much closer, crossing the barrier either way may be regarded as a social crime and an insult.
      See: Social, Flirting, Dancing ("Dirty Dancing"), Frotting, Privacy, Face and related.

Pervert, Perversion
      A corruption of purity, goodness, or wholesomeness, or a Deviation (which see) from intended purpose. Such as, spoiled food has been perverted as to being eatable. The practice of so corrupting for ones own reasons.
      In This Glossary: Abnormal or unusual sexual appetite. However, what was once considered outlandish and almost unimaginable behaviors are now the basis of TV game shows and condoned by major political parties as something to be done while in the highest offices in the land, such as Lechery, Homosexuality, and Adultery. See: Lecher and related.
      However, it is worth noting here and now that ANYTHING, not just sexual behavior, can be perverted so it will meet the general definition of the terms, including the use of religion for political or monetary ends. And at times, anything so deemed, such as Homosexuality, could be punished by forced sterilization, or even death, such as today in Saudi Arabia or during WW2 under the Nazis. See: Eugenics, Morals Charges, Moral Law, and related.

Pet Name, Pet Phrase
      Describes terms used as a Diminutive for a person, place, thing, idea, or even process. Usually different from a Euphemism as the 'pet' term is usually used with affection as a Term Of Endearment or Sweet Nothing (which see). An example is calling a child 'peanut' or 'pumpkin'. See an examples at Loverboy, and Goose.

      Usually considered "Second Base" (see Bases), however, exactly what was involved was, and is, open to debate. Most often practiced by Teenagers who were both so nervous and self conscious as to render enjoyment of the activity impossible. However, the term 'petting' is usually only used by those in the Sex Education field as to describe Mutual Masturbation or Fingering in 'cute' and non-explicit terms.
      While 'petting' seems to only imply lightly touching and stroking the other person's Sex Organs, the Heavy Petting version of the term may go all the way to describing Finger Fucking or a Handjob, which see.

Peyton Place
      Multiple uses, all based on the fictional novels by Grace Metalious (1924 - 1964).
      The 1956 novel and sequel about a fictional small town in New Hampshire in which the Prudish residents behave as if they have nearly perfect lives, when in truth the town is up to its eves in scandal. Several of the issues dealt with in the books are: Illegitimacy, Abortion, Sexual Abuse, Cheating, and Unfaithfulness (see terms as listed).
      Several motion pictures (and derivatives) by the same title as well as the plot for various TV movies and Soap Operas from the middle 1950's on. See: Soap Opera.
      The implication in the use of the term in reference to a particular group of people, organization, or even an entire country (such as France) is that the group is falsely Pious, and that they have their own problems, and even more salacious secrets, that, if known, would knock them down a few notches. See: Pious, Deviance, High Society, Courtiers.
      Popular references are numerous and used in various settings including some situations which are not totally comparable to the gist of the novels. Others, however, are, including the lyrics to the following hit song written by 'the Storyteller' and recorded by ... almost everybody:

"Well, there's Bobby Taylor sittin' there and seven times he's asked me for a date...
And Mr. Baker, can you tell us why your secretary had to leave this town?...
Then you have the nerve to tell me you think that as a mother I'm not fit
Well, this is just a little Peyton Place and you're all Harper Valley hypocrites...

"No I wouldn't put you on because it really did, it happened just this way
The day my Mama socked it to the Harper Valley P.T.A. ... "

- Harper Valley PTA Written by Tom T Hall

Phallus, Phallos, Phallic Symbol
      The Penis (which see (pun intended)), or similarly shaped object, such as the "Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom" of Lama Drukpa Kunley (1455–1529) the 'mad saint' of Buddhism. The symbol is often used in media presentations, sometimes to great effect. In advertising the object is often a beer bottle which a woman lovingly caresses, a lipstick case, an ink pen, Cigar (which see), or even a gearshift. In movies and TV such images can be even more powerful. One such scene occurred in Star Wars V, the Empire Strikes Back (film by George Lucas, 1980) when Yoda uses the force to remove Luke's spacecraft from where it had sank into the swamp. After the fighter is on land Luke looks up at the huge unmistakably Penis shaped nose of the vehicle in awe. The meaning is clear, Yoda, with the Force, has the biggest dick of all.
"Size matters not, ... Look at me. Judge me by size, do you?" - Yoda

      According to Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939) women are victims of Penis Envy and any object in their dreams so shaped is a symbol of said mental problem. Likewise, related symbols in men's dreams are a symbol of their domination, or wish thereof, over women. Of course, this is crap. See: Freud, Sigmund, Fertility Symbol.

Pharaonic Circumcision
      Inaccurate and intentionally misleading term for the most extreme for of Female Genital Mutilation practiced in Afrika by ignorant savages (some of which have college degrees) who are trying to link it to classical Egypt, or to Islam, or anything except their own superstitious and woman hating ways. In this case, all of the young girls external and some of her internal Sex Organs are cut away, including her Clitoris, both the Labia's inner and outer lips, and often most of the rest of the Vulva including the lower end of the Vagina even up to the opening for the Urethra. Then the open wound is either stitched up or packed with rags and the girl's legs bound together for over a month until she 'heals'. As this procedure is usually performed by a village woman, in despicable conditions, with implements that are filthy, including rusty knives corroded with the blood of innumerable previous victims, the resulting infection often kills the girl. This IS NOT Circumcision, it has nothing to do with Islam, and is nothing short of a heinous crime against the girl.
      It is Your Good Brutha's opinion that anybody who does this, or has this done to their daughter, should be shot in the head. Twice.

      Chemicals emitted by most animals which are sensed by other animals through either the nose or the skin or in other ways. Pheromones may trigger the release of hormones, and themselves be released by other hormones. In humans pheromones are associated with sexual attractiveness and excitement, and perhaps even related to the perception of Sex Appeal. Some perfumes are made with natural or artificial pheromones, supposedly to make the wearer more attractive, their effectiveness is disputed, their cost is not, as the ingredient is usually expensive. See: Sex Appeal.

Philanderer, Womanizer
      Most usually, an unfaithful married man who is unusually Promiscuous and who has very little selectivity as to the women he involves himself with. The most famous philanderer in recent memory is former US President Bill Clinton. This term is usually used with older men as younger, and unmarried men, are thought of as a Libertine. Note, the correct spelling of the verb form of the act is 'to PHILANDER' while one who does so is a 'PHILANDERER'. See: Promiscuous, Libertine

Phileo, Philia
      The words are Greek in origin and is one of the Four Words For Love, which see. Both have identical meaning (the only difference being the noun's Gender), although in church literature the Masculine form of the transliterated word phileo is usually used.
      Usually identified as 'brotherly love', although the term does not imply a blood relationship between those so identified. Is often used in churches where the members identify each other as 'brother' and 'sister'.
      Given the current state of affairs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it is no longer referred to 'the City of Brotherly Love' unless you are talking about the Homosexual variety of Erotic Love. See Paraphilia for the use of the suffix in another context.
      NOTE: This is one occasion where the listing in the 'free online encyclopedia' is seriously biased and in some places can be considered inaccurate. You can get much more complete information elsewhere, including the New Advent site's Encyclopedia

      Being in absolute adoration of women. Philandry is the equivalent fondness for men. See: Misogyny.

      An irrational fear. For the subject as it relates to this Glossary see discussion under "Hang-Ups and Phobias" and Sex Phobias.

Phone Sex, Party Lines
      Talking about sex on the phone with another who is willing to engage in the conversation, otherwise, it is harassment. Also the simulation of sex while on the telephone where, most usually, the woman will Fake An Orgasm. See: Hot Chat Phone Line
      The term 'party line' traditionally meant a shared telephone voice line where more than one household had the same number appear in their homes, as versus today's standard of 'private line' service. (The term private line still appears on many phone bills as an extra charge.) When an outside individual called the number, all of the phones would ring and anybody in any of the residences could answer or listen in to the conversation. Such lines were the norm through the WW2 years and continued as the lowest cost residential service until the nineteen sixties.
      Today, the term 'party line' is used incorrectly to mean Hot Chat Phone Sex Lines, which see.

Oh, the woman on our party line's the nosiest thing, She picks up her receiver when she knows it's my ring,
Why don't you mind your own business, (Mind your own business)
Well, if you mind your business, then you won't be mindin' mine.

- Mind Your Own Business, by Hank Williams Sr., single released 1949, MGM Records.

      "Photoshop" is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems for their photograph and graphics processing software. For more, see Airbrush.
      The common use of the term for describing an altered image, or the process thereof, is not encouraged by Adobe.

      Multiple meanings, most deal with some aspect of the body and its Biological Functions. Such as an examination performed by a medical professional (see: Physician), or those using such as a feature of Sex Play. For related topics see Medical Fetish, Playing Doctor.
      The best example in our current topic is the song quoted under Suggestive by Olivia Newton-John, where "let's get physical" is synonymous with "let's Fuck".

Physical Affection
      Putting Emotions into action instead of just uttering Sweet Nothings. The term can cover everything from Holding Hands or a Hug all the way through Physical Intimacy such as Heterosexual Genital Intercourse (fucking), as well as other acts depending on the participants. See highlighted terms. Also see: Public Display Of Affection.

Physical Intimacy
      Generally: Having sex or other body to body contact. See: Physical. Compare: Hug, Cuddle, etc.
      Specifically: Fucking.
      Denial of: Abstinence, or Asceticism.
      Also see: Intimacy, Passion, Love Interest, Romantic Interlude.

Physically Attractive
      Subjective term used to define what one individual finds Sexy in another. There is no standardization for it, and what Hollywood sees that way is often repugnant to some of the rest of us.

Physician, Medical Doctor
      One who has been trained and certified in the healing arts. Usually described as an MD, DO, or other professional designation. Some said individuals possess the accreditation but do not practice, such as those who work for insurance companies or other organizations. The term 'physician' is exclusive to the medical field. 'Medical doctor' is used to differentiate them from other 'doctors' such as those who have degrees in, say, metaphysics. (whateverinthehellthatis -deep)
      Also see: Nurse, Medical Fetish, Physical, OB/GYN, Perineum
"I swear this oath by Apollo physician, and by all the gods and goddesses: In whatsoever place that I enter I will enter to help the sick and heal the injured, and I will do no harm."
- The Doctor, Star Trek- Voyager, episode "Tuvix", written by Kenneth Biller, Paramount/Viacom Television, 1996

Pick Up Line
      Opening comment in social setting to 'break the ice' with another person. Usually thought of as a prelude to Sex, but may just be a friendly comment to start a conversation of Small Talk, the line may or may not be even a remote cousin of the truth, such as Flattery. See: One Night Stand, Socializing, Lie, "Your Place Or Mine?", "Drop Her Hanky", Trolling.

Pick Up Spare / Leftovers
      Terms used to describe singles who are left alone when the leader of their group hooks up with the leader of another group. They will often get together and have a better time without all the pretense and showing off of the two former primaries. See: Wingman.

Pie Hole
      The Mouth, which see. Compare: Cornhole, which is the other end of the digestive system.

Piece of Ass
      Slang term most usually used to refer to Sexual Intercourse. Also used to describe the object of said Lust, in which case it is often used with a modifier, to wit- "Fine Piece of Ass". See: Making Love, Looker.

Piercing, Piercings
      In this context, the insertion of 'body jewelry' in places on the body not traditionally associated with it such as ears. Most usually: Nipples, the Clitoral Hood and Labia (see: Vajazzling), Tongue, and various places on the Penis and Scrotum. See: referenced body parts, Also see: Tattoo for 'Body Art' reference.
      While most of these locations are of skin or soft tissue there is little risk of tissue recession as there is in cartridge piercings, however, the risk of serious infection in 'private' areas can hardly be overstated. Also, post procedure irritation from clothing or normal movement can result in a healing process many weeks longer than a regular piercing. Also, complications can become as serious as those tongue piercings that go wrong and even become life threatening.
      Various piercings, such as the Monroe piercing of the upper lip, nostril rings, the navel, or jewelry in other locations as listed above can interfere with normal life, become irritated through contact with clothing, or become entangled in other items and thus become painful or even dislodged. Also, rejection of said piercing is more likely in certain non-traditional locations such as the navel than with the ear lobes, and with cartridge piercings.
      In some Dom/ Sub and Master/ Slave relationships the jewelry used is significant of the relationship and the individuals status in it. Some subs even have their organ restrained by the rings or bars used to prevent them in engaging in sex without their master's permission. A modern twist to the classic Chastity Belt.
      Also used as synonym for Penetration of a bodily opening by the Penis or other sexual object instead of just jewelry.

      Holiness. An excellent trait when honestly come by. See "Pious" and "False Piety" for the downside. And for a destructive version see "Fig Leaf Campaign". Also see: Prude, Censorship.

Pill, the
      Prescription medication used by women for Birth Control. Usually includes a hormonal cocktail which prevents ovulation or implantation of the ovum in the Uterus. Is very effective when taken correctly. Most pregnancies in women who use the pill are a result of forgotten pills or interaction with other medication such as antibiotics. Besides their obvious function, many prescription Birth Control pills can also be used to regulate the Period of women with severe cramps, PMS, heavy flow or other problems. See: Birth Control, Menstruation.
      Female Oral Contraception was first proven as viable in the early 1950's, but was not commercially available in the US until much later in the decade and not widely used until the 1960's. It was the Pill as much as anything that contributed to the Sexual Revolution, which see. See: quote at Oral Contraception. Also see: Summer of Love.
      As yet the male pill has proven to be ineffective or, in at least one case, deadly.

Pillow Book
      A Romance Novel (which see) which a polite Lady of society would keep near her bed (see: Boudoir Book) to inject some passion into her otherwise dreary life. No, we're not kidding. In many cases, said books of Erotica had a high Heat Rating which may even result in her resorting to Masturbation or the taking of a Paramour in search of relief. See said terms.

Pillow Talk
      Most usually: conversation held after sex.
      To many single men, said conversation is one of the most difficult ones of their lives as the woman they have just Fucked may well be looking for commitment and validation of the relationship. Also note, while the man may not remember anything he said during or after the act, the woman will usually be able to precisely quote said words for many years afterward. See: Sweet Nothings, "I love you."
      Term is also used to Romantic works of fiction and poetry either about such times or to be read at such times. See: Romance Novel.

      Anyone who controls and makes available Prostitutes to service paying customers, who while offering 'protection' to the girls he also receives payment from them, sometimes the vast majority of the money they have earned while plying their trade. The 'pimp' is usually male, but can be female. See: Madam, Pandering, Loverboy, and related terms.
      Has NOTHING to do with the customizing of a motor vehicle or anything else, and such use should be considered offensive. In of June 2008, a computer magazine used the term to describe upgrading a data center, and when you think of the crime the term specifies, doing so should be something to be avoided.

Pimp Out, To Be Pimped Out
      One whom sends another person to service or entertain others, especially sexually or in a way that is degrading to the person being sent out, which will ultimately benefit the 'pimp' in some way. For example, the way Hillary Clinton sent her daughter to woo a Wisconsin super-delegate at breakfast during the 2008 campaign.
      To be Prostituted, willingly or unwillingly. See: Sex Slave and related.
      Has NOTHING to do with the customizing of a motor vehicle or anything else, and such use should be considered offensive. As of June 2008, a computer magazine used the term to describe upgrading a data center.

      Working name for female American singer Alecia Moore, whom, to Your Brutha's knowledge, has never shown any in the presence of cameras. Unlike Ms. Spears.
      In our current context, refers specifically to the general color of the Labia and other external, and especially of the internal Female Sexual Organs regardless of the skin color of the woman as indeed, they are all pink on the inside! See: Dark Meat, Labia, Vagina.

Pinup Art
      Artwork, usually images of pretty women, designed to be displayed, literally pinned to a wall. See: Cheesecake, Harrison Marks, Glamour.

Pious, Piety
      Usually defined as a personal sense of holiness, virtue, and personal values which give a person the sense, or allows them to put on airs or behave that they are better, or holier, or whatever, than everybody else, and especially you. Said personality trait, especially as seen in Liberal Politicians (see both terms).
      Some 'piety' is expected from one in a spiritual lifestyle, such as a priest or Ascetic holy man. So it is very disturbing to some when they learn that a good number of priests are Homosexual Pedophiles.
      Some of those who profess their piety the loudest are no better than the priests just discussed and when they behave as such can provoke a case of the Fantods in those around them. Either that, or they are asking for a good old fashioned Ass Whipping. For an example of who acts like this- see Asshole. Most of those who expound their piety are doing so falsely, essentially lying about how holy they are, and often continue on and talk about how they know better than everybody else how to run the lives of the rest of us. Said affliction also occurs in Liberals (which see) as well as the religious. See: False Piety.

Piss, Pissing, Piss Fetish
      Liquid bodily waste, Urine. The expulsion of same from the body.
      One of the "Seven Dirty Words", which see.
      Urination as Sex Play, both for the one doing the pissing and the one being pissed on, and other variations. The Fetish, Urolagnia, may even involve the drinking of urine. See: Golden Shower, Passive Partner.

"pitching woo"
      Obsolete -thankfully- term which literally means "talk romance" as the first part is akin to "the sales pitch" and "woo" is simply another word for Courting, which see. The only time it is used now is in a couple of 'moldy oldie' songs which we could probably all live quite well without if we never heard them again. That, and it did turn up in a similar poem from 'back in the day'. The Doktor is fairly sure that overuse of the term will cause the Fantodds in an otherwise healthy Heterosexual Man.

      Style of Censorship of electronic media where part of the image is rendered as small squares or otherwise 'fuzzed over'. Most usually to obscure offensive content that might upset somebody. Such as in a video when a criminal suspect mouths an curse word or shows their middle finger to a TV camera. Also used to conceal the Sex Organs of an Adult Model to render Adult Content innocuous so a Content Warning is not needed or to pass government scrutiny, such as with Japanese porn. The audio equivalent is the "bleep". See highlighted terms. Also see: Censorship, Black Bar, Airbrushed.

"Plastic Fantastic Lover", also "Plastic Banana"
      A Vibrator, which see. Also see: Sex Toy, Pocket Rocket. Also a radio talk show catch phrase Euphemism for "dickless liberal".
      A Jefferson Airplane song about a vibrator.

"Your rattlin' cough never shuts off
Is nothin' but a used machine
Your aluminum finish, slightly diminished
Is the best I ever have seen

Cosmetic baby plugged into me
And never ever find another
And I realize no one's wise
To my plastic fantastic lover"

- Lyric by Marty Balin, Album: Surrealistic Pillow, RCA Victor Records, released 1967

Plastic Surgery, Plastic Tits, etc
      Most usually- surgical enhancements to augment or otherwise alter a natural bodily feature, such as the nose, Breasts, chin, calves or almost any other part of the human body. As a general rule, with very precious few exceptions, the result of the surgery neither looks natural nor functions as advertised, and usually doesn't age well and requires more work as time passes. See: Breast Enlargement, Facelift, "Store Bought Tits", note reference at Skinny Dipping.
      Is also used to repair damage from accidents or illness or to correct a birth defect. As is to be expected, one of the most intensive version of this is Sex Change Surgery, which see, due to the number of body parts that have to be 'done'.

Plato's Retreat
      Infamous, and defunct, New York "Swinger's Club", see more info at that entry.

Platonic Relationship
      Ideal of a non-sexual friendship between adults. Most usually used to friendships between men and women, who, according to those who subscribe to Naked Ape(which see) reasoning, are incapable of ignoring biology and must at some point Consummate their relationship. See: Sexual Tension.
      The idea is based on a popular misconception of the type of friendships expounded by both Socrates (?469? - 399 BC) and Plato (aprox 428 - 347 BC). In general, Socrates was against the general Greek acceptance of Homoeroticism between men and boys, the idea of a non-sexual relationship between adults and children of either sex was foreign to the Athenians and may have been part of the reason the elders decided to prosecute Socrates for corrupting the youth of the city. Socrates and the other great Greek thinkers were men of their times, and as such, probably at least partially Bisexual and not an Ascetic despite several centuries of whitewashing by philosophy professors. But it does seem reasonable that both limited their physical interactions with their pupils to some degree, with the possible exception of Plato's infatuation with one of his pupils. There is no reason from either history or Plato's writings to suppose that either restricted their outside social relationships with either men or women. Especially given their devotion and appreciation of Beauty. See: related terms.
      It is also worth noting that Plato himself did come to regard Homosexuality as an Unnatural Act where in his Laws the Athenian makes exactly that statement in regard to practices on Crete as inspired by the story of Ganymede and Zeus.

Plausible Deniability
      Building in an excuse just in case you made need one later. Usually involved when somebody is doing something for which they may face Morals Charges, or be arrested. The idea is to have an explanation or alibi for what was going on which is believable and may raise doubt about the validity of the charges. Such as the pastor was meeting the Call Girl to try to save her soul, not get a Blow Job, which, if he had observed the Billy Graham Rule, would never have been an issue. See: Situational Ethics, Politician, Hypocrite.

Playboy, Playboy
      Multiple Uses.
      Traditional use: A Libertine man who courts and Seduces women seemingly at will with his Sexual Prowess. Best exemplified by the high times of the Rat Pack, see article. Any man who maintains himself as such seeking fun, drink, and no strings attached sex with any available beautiful woman. Also see Sybartic Lifestyle.
      Registered mark of entertainment empire created by Hugh Hefner (1926 - 2017). It was his magazine publishing certain pictures of Marilyn Monroe that catapulted her to become THE Sex Symbol for her time. Later Bettie Page moved from there on to Fetish modeling and became a legend. See: more under said women's names. Also see: Centerfold, Playmate of the Month.
      Playboy® magazine has remained Softcore irregardless of pressure to change to a harder fare, most other mainstream Men's Magazines have long since become harder by varying degrees. This was a decision Hef himself made for his flagship publication. And, as it turns out, is leading to the long, slow, painful, demise of his empire.
      Said "Jet Set" lifestyle where one is always the "Life of the Party" and enjoys endless "Wine, Women, and Song" (see those terms), usually requiring nearly unlimited funds, without regard to consequences. However, a step down from a classic Rake. See: Jet Set, Libertine, Casanova, Mile High Club, Love Child, and related.
"Life is too short to be living somebody else's dream."
- Hugh Hefner (1926 - 2017)

Playing Doctor
      Usually the most serious of the Role Playing or Sex Play games during which the 'doctor' could see, touch, and feel any and every part of the 'patient' player. Often used by younger people than would play a 'Truth or Dare' type game to basically the same ends. In today's world, grade school children "playing doctor" would be labeled Sex Criminals when in truth, the 'game' is a totally natural and normal expression of Sexual Experimentation and curiosity when used by children of approximately the same age, usually pre-pubescent, or later at a Slumber Party. See: Sex Play and related. Also see: "Nickel, Dime, Quarter..."
      ADULT VERSION: Comes under the general heading of Medical Fetish in which either or both of the participants experience sexual pleasure during the exam. See: Fetish, Nurse, Role Playing, Sex Game, Fantasy and related.

"Playing Fast and Loose With..."
      On the surface, the term has nothing to do with the basic topic of this Glossary in spite of the word 'loose' being used. However, that being said, it has everything to do with it. As follows....
      The general attitude being described can be thought of as somewhat Libertine or even Playboy-ish toward whatever is being discussed by the person so labeled who is operating in this fashion for their own benefit, or perhaps just for the hell of it, with total disregard for the consequences of their actions. Which was inferred by the Reader that suggested the phrase for inclusion based on the use of the word 'Loose' as it would apply to a Promiscuous woman. See highlighted terms.
      Also, what Congress does with the truth and taxpayer money.
      added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion
KING PHILIP: "Play fast and loose with faith? so jest with heaven,
Make such unconstant children of ourselves,
As now again to snatch our palm from palm,
Unswear faith sworn, and on the marriage-bed
Of smiling peace to march a bloody host,
And make a riot on the gentle brow
Of true sincerity? O, holy sir,
My reverend father, let it not be so!"

- The Life and Death of King John, Act III, Scene 1, William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

"Playing the Skin Flute"
      See: Skin Flute. no, really, you need to see that entry!

Playmate of the Month / Year ®. also Pet ®, Hearthrob, Hunk, Babe, etc. of Month / Year
      Terms used by various magazines, and now websites, to distinguish the Centerfold or other featured model from the others in the magazine, such as the 'gatefold' which is usually the first pictorial in the magazine. In many instances, the monthly headliner is in the running to be the yearly winner, often with a special edition or section of the magazine featuring them. In most cases, the centerfold model is also the Cover (which see) but not necessarily. In some cases, as with Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page, appearances in Playboy magazine (which see) was merely one step on a larger career, in others, it may be the highlight of their career. See: references under their names.
      The term 'centerfold' has become generic enough that in some mass media outlets, especially entertainment TV shows and newspaper columns, it is used to mean Nude Model (which see) even if said model has never been the (whatever) of the Month and an actual featured centerfold pictorial.
      Note, the Playmate and Pet (as well as some of the others) terms are registered trademarks of their respective magazines and are used here in purely educational and informative way. No harm is intended to those publications.

Pleasure Palace
      The usual mental image is of a large extravagantly decorated villa or castle which is dedicated to, if not custom built for, the Pleasures of the Flesh and wonton Debauchery (see both). Something else from history that may come to mind is the somewhat less fancy caves and cellars often associated with one of the original Hellfire Clubs (which also see).
      In modern terms, many consider the vast entertainment and casino resort complexes of Las Vegas and Biloxi actual 'pleasure palaces' as they serve no other function than to amuse those with the discretionary funds to partake in such diversions. However, given the general lack of up front and open Sexuality, they fall somewhat short of the classic ideal. Argument could be made that a modern cruise ship could be said to be one, if it were the vehicle for something on the order of a Swinger's cruise. Much in the same way as Emperor Caligula built a huge pleasure barge in Lake Nemi, see below.
      Some in the media use the term as a pejorative and derogatorily when describing a man's den or study when it is devoted to hobbies or other activities that their wife disapproves of. Compare: "Man Cave".
      Contrary to rumor and longstanding legend, the Emperor Tiberius did not turn his extensive villas in Sperlonga and on Capri into such things. Although he is known to have indulged in true Orgies (booze, food, sex, music, entertainers, and even a priestess of Bacchus/Dionysus as well) into his senior years, and he did use both estates for such parties, and since they were scrumptiously decorated and well provisioned... well, OK, they qualify. For the logical extreme on the subject of Roman Emperors, see Caligula. Also see: Bacchanalia, Roman Orgy.

Pleasure Swing®
      Registered name of several similar suspended seats with a variety of features, some include restraints and inversion straps, specifically designed to suspend somebody in mid air for the express purpose of sex. By all reports Oral Sex and even Intercourse, as well as some Fetish practices, are more fun when one or both parties is relieved of their gravitational ties to the planet without having to worry about keeping their balance. See: Love Swing, Sex Swing, Positions.

Pleasures Of The Flesh / Body, Desires of the....
      Phrase used by Ascetics, religious leaders, and others interested in denying themselves, and others, said pleasures so they will focus on higher things. Not only does the phrase include Sex, but even enjoying ones food and drink, Art, music, and anything else deemed enjoyable, or ever something that isn't pain and suffering. Even today, there are those that deem that anything done 'for pleasure' is evil (including the Sex Act inside of Marriage, see: Marian Doctrine), never mind numerous Biblical passages to the contrary. If you wish to pursue that argument until your head explodes, email the Doktor. See: Ascetic, Vow of Celibacy. Compare: Hedonist, Epicure, Libertine.

Plump, Plumper
      Most often used in terms of relative size, such as when comparing fresh produce, a tomato so described would be more rotund than another.
      In terms of our overall context here the term is essentially synonymous with 'fat' as in a 'BBW' however, in its current usage online in the niche Porn world, it meaning has been more or less standardized to indicate a woman who is fairly young and is only moderately obese. Older fat women are usually called other things, including Fluffy. Fat men are just called 'fat men'. See: Big Beautiful Woman, Chubby Chaser. Also see: Body Mass Index. added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

PMS, Pre Menstrual Syndrome
      Emotional and bodily changes associated with the time immediately before and during a woman's monthly cycle. In some cases these symptoms can be debilitating. Several medications including The Pill can be used to treat or prevent the majority of the symptoms. See: The Pill, Feminine Hygiene Products, Birth Control and related topics.
      In the vast majority of women PMS does not contribute to overt violence, unprovoked anger or rage, lethargy, or the consumption of excessive amounts of chocolate. This is a creation of the popular media.

Pocket Pool
      In some circles the term is synonymous with "pocket billiards". However, obviously that's not the meaning here.
      Yet another Euphemism for Masturbation, particularly, the Male version. However, this term seems to imply that the man is pleasuring himself while wearing pants by stroking himself with his own hand in the front pocket of his trousers. Whether practical, or even possible, is irrelevant to the use of the term.
      added to the Glossary by Reader Suggestion

Pocket Rocket
      Small Vibrator or Dildo (see those terms) which can be easily taken along when traveling such as in a pocket or purse without being overly noticeable. Some of said units are no larger than a lipstick and run off a single AA battery. Also see: "Plastic Fantastic Lover", Sex Toy.

Podium Girls
      Attractive young women, usually dressed alike in outfits as dictated by the sponsor or organizer, which act as facilitators to get the various winners or other notables on and off the stage at a sporting event. They smile, applaud on cue, and in most cases, kiss the winner on the cheek leaving bright red lipstick marks as evidence. The most famous example of this is during the awards presentations after the stages of various professional cycling events. In another incarnation, they can be seen as Buckle Bunnies (which see) at rodeos. In many cases, said 'girls' also act as Spokesmodels for media events and advertising for the event. See various terms.
      It is a known fact that in many cases the young women hired must be of a given 'dress size' to fit in the costumes provided by the design house contracted by the race, other qualifications come second. Many Modeling Agencies (which see) will include their dimensions for exactly such reasons on the sheets of their available models.

Pole Dance / Dancing
      An Exotic Dance that may be very suggestive and often quite athletic and acrobatic in which the dancer, most usually a woman, uses a floor to ceiling brass pole, and/ or, horizontal rail(s), as a support and prop for her dance. May involve the dancer being totally off the floor for some time during her routine. The performer may be fully clothed all the way through totally nude. See: Exotic Dancer and related.
      Has now also become an exercise craze involving the same props and many of the same moves, however, in the exercise class the participants remain clothed, for the most part. Which, in many cases, is a good thing.

Polite Company, Polite Society
      In historical context the first term was used to describe individuals who may be easily shocked or embarrassed by certain words or phrases, jokes, or behaviors. Usually it referred to ladies, but could also include members of the clergy or members of the aristocracy.
      Said phrase is the an earlier expression of what is today called Political Correctness. Although most people who would be upset by certain remarks now do not faint or blush or say "shame on you", they will instead call their lawyer and sue you for offending them. See: Risqué, Naughty, and so on.
      The second term was the larger group of the first. They were the aristocrats and high society folk who deemed themselves above crude humor and general Debauchery. However, truth be told, it was exactly those people who frequented events such as those held by the Hellfire Club, which see. Also see: Socialite.

Political Correctness
      Movement instigated by certain liberal activists which has made some topics 'off limits' or Taboo because discussing them is 'insensitive' to the wants or needs of certain 'protected classes'. The most famous instance involved a radio talk show host's unfortunate use of certain terms to describe some female athletes, who then went crying to various mass media outlets. The response should have been a good laugh at the host's expense because he is an idiot.
      Political Correctness is nothing more than an attempt by social engineers to limit Free Speech and personal expression to control ideas that they themselves find unacceptable. By prohibiting the language they are effectively stopping debate and allowing their agenda to pass unchallenged. The better way to improve the aspects of society that need improving is through education, not legislation. See: First Amendment, Free Speech, Taboo, Risqué, Family Hour, Equal Opportunity, Flaming Liberal, Voluntary Self Censoring. See: example at "That's So Gay"
      "Euphemisms are unpleasant truths wearing diplomatic cologne." Quentin Crisp (1908 - 1999).

      Used to be the common term for one whom made the political arena their prime activity and employment. Before that it meant a "Statesman" who did what was best for country and its people regardless of its popularity.
      Term is now most usually synonymous with "Professional Thief and Liar" and in the case of Congress- Asshole, which see. Also see: Douche Bag, Social Engineer, Quid Pro Quo, Liberal, Felony, Prostitution, Hellfire Club, Sleaze, Flaming Liberal.
      Many politicians also suffer from at least a touch of megalomania with delusions of grandeur and believe they are more important and irreplaceable than they actually are. See: False Humility.
      Wretched festering undead spawn of Satan himself.

      Term is based on two Latin words basically meaning "multi loving". Term is used mainly on TV shows to describe active Bisexual and Metrosexual men who haven't decided if they are Gay or not. Is synonymous with Ambisexual in most usage. See discussion and reader letter linked at Unrestricted Sexuality. Also see: Trisexual, Pansexual, and related terms.

Polygamy, Polygamist, Polyhusbandry
      Legal meaning is most usually regarded as 'plural marriage'. Most often one husband of many wives: a 'polygamist'. Where the practice is legal, such as in the Middle East, the term Harem may still be used for the group of wives. It is illegal in most of the West.
      However the reverse is also applicable- 'polyhusbandry' (one woman with several husbands), although the term is seldom used. See: Bigamy.
      In context of this glossary- Multiple sexual partners. Occasionally partner swapping in a 'swinger' situation. Also 'partner sharing' and group sex. See: various variations under different listings including Group Sex, Lifestyle, Orgy, Open Marriage, Swinger, etc. The polar opposite is: Monogamy, which see.

      Somewhat dated although rather humorous term for Effeminate Male Homosexuals. Recently seen 'in the wild' in an online article. Compare: Twink


"Pop The Question"
      Almost exclusively used to indicate that one has Proposed to be Married to someone else. Traditionally it is the man who asks the woman to marry him. See: Engagement.

Porn Addiction
      Anyone who cannot resist, through use of their own will power and/or self control, the use, abuse, and other consumption of Pornography, often to the neglect of their own employment and self upkeep. See related condition at Sex Addiction, Sexual Obsession, Obsessive-Compulsive, and related.
      In most cases, those who work in and around the industry are not considered covered by the term.
      The 'addict' is usually considered separate from one who just enjoys the media for its own value, or one whom practices the Fetish of Scopophilia, where porn becomes part of a larger Sexual Encounter.
      The term is also used by Feminists, Social Engineers, religious types, and other do-gooders for anybody who enjoys any Adult Entertainment at all. Which is, of course, bullshit.
"With porn, I can turn the sound off when I don't want to hear a bunch of stupid talking, with my girlfriend, I can't."
- Actual word-for-word quote from one of Your Good Brutha's co-workers who wishes to remain anonymous.

Porn Star
      A person, male or female, who acts in an Adult Movie or in other Adult Entertainment as a matter of regular employment, or fairly routinely as a hobby or sideline. See: Adult Actor, Erotic Model, You Can Be A Porn Star.

      Refers almost exclusively to Adult Movies. Which see. Can be used to refer to Hardcore still images as well, but said use is uncommon.

Pornocracy, saeculum obscurum
      "Saeculum Obscurum" is a German 'extreme' metal band whose new album Into the Depths of Oblivion has recieved some favorable reviews. They took their name precisely because of the following classic meaning.
      Historically the Latin phrase for 'dark age' refers to the century or so in Rome, from around 850 (possibly beginning with the "Cadaver Synod") to 1050 AD, where everybody who was anybody was so corrupt the civil government, as well as the Vatican, that both essentially ceased to function in any meaningful way and was only saved after foreign intervention cleaned house, including running one of the worst Popes in history, Benedict IX (he had been installed three times!), out of the country.
      The English word is from the Greek term for "a government of prostitutes", or "harlots rule", or something of that nature. In our current case, it is a fair description of the majority of elected officials in the US Government where those in office, as well as those seeking said offices sell their influence, vote, morals, and everything else possible for fun and profit, and campaign donations. What it boils down to is that not only are they Whores, they are criminals. See: Congress.
      The term Does Not Mean any of the following: 'government sponsored erotica', 'the E-board of the Sex Workers Union', 'smut-site-webmasters who are running for State Assembly as a Democrat', 'a TV reality show based on an sex film producer', 'President Clinton's memoir', 'angry German death metal campaign songs', or even 'Cicciolina for Prime Minister'. See: Cicciolina, and related topics.

Pornography, Porn
      Legal term referring to graphical representations of human sexuality. Most usually refers to images. Medical training manuals are usually exempt from the definition. See: Meese Report for more. Also see: Porn Addiction.
      Truth be told, which is the whole idea of this Glossary, porn is the reason we can see any images, still or moving, on the net in the first place. It was porn which drove the standardization of image formats and viewers in the early days of things like usenet and telenet.

      The Kama Sutra (which see) lists several positions which can be quite intricate with somewhat amusing names and explanations. However, most people, Heterosexual as well as Homosexual, will have a perfectly satisfying sex life using three or four basic positions and a couple of others for 'special occasions'.
      Most more involved positions for Intercourse, as well as Oral Sex, are based on one or the other of the basic positions of 'Man on Top', 'Woman on Top', 'Side by Side', and 'Doggy'. Variations and advanced positions involve one or the other, or both, standing or sitting, hanging from a trapeze, or using a golf cart. Of course, for Group Sex, the sky (and your endurance and flexibility) are the limit. See: Love Swing and various other topics including "Bend Over And....".

Post Office
      Most common usage is in reference to the Independent Federal Agency of the US Government which is living proof that we really don't want the Federal Government anywhere near Health Care Management.
      For the usage as related to this Glossary, the term involves a Kissing Game (which see) in which partners chosen either at random or by a game leader pair off and spend time alone in a separate room from the group and engage in mild Sex Play. The rules depend upon the group involved and are generally made to be broken. For the more serious version which is a Sex Game see Seven Minutes In Heaven. Also see: related terms as highlighted.

Post Partum Depression
      Mood swings, despondency, lack of interest in anything, unwarranted pessimism and general sadness commonly experienced by new mothers. The cause ranges from the massive hormonal and Emotional changes that occur at the conclusion of Pregnancy to associated pain and discomfort, lack of sleep, and even jealousy of the attention paid to the baby by others. In most cases, the woman gets over the depression on her own, but sometimes medical intervention is required. See related topics.

      In Humans: The Buttocks.
      By extension, the Anus and related structures.

      Semen and other secretions often released from the Aroused Penis prior to Ejaculation which may contain live Sperm. Also applies to Vaginal lubrication prior to Orgasm. See: Coitus Interruptus.

Predatory Homosexual Pedophile
      See: Felony, Sexual Predator, Pedarist, Troll.
      An older Homosexual, especially a man, who actively seeks out Teenage boys, and some even younger, for Sexual Activity. By definition, Informed Consent is not possible between a Minor and an Adult, making this a Sex Crime.
      The approved hobby and practice of Sexual Experimentation endorsed by the "Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)", and some of the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, and the infamous "North American Man Boy Love Association" and the Martijn Association (see both).

Pregnancy, Pregnant
      The express purpose by design, and normal logical conclusion, of- Heterosexual Genital Intercourse, I.E.- Fucking, when done with Internal Ejaculation, usually in the Missionary Position, see said terms.
      The presence of a fertilized Ovum (Egg) in the Uterus of a female. Related emotional and physical changes due to such a presence. Euphemisms include 'knocked up', 'with child', 'expecting', 'mommy to be' and etc. See: Sperm, Ovum, Mating, and related.
      Some men, and to be honest, some women as well, consider pregnant women extremely Sexy. While the hormonal changes do make a woman glow, and the extra weight early in the term will emphasize her figure, other factors will tend to temper that as well. Such as moodiness that is more extreme than usual, upset stomachs and sudden bowel or bladder urges, and so on.
      Niche and Fetish Pornography and Erotica specializing in or featuring women who are obviously pregnant and not just obese. Usually such women are between their sixth and ninth months of their term with enormous bellies and swollen breasts. (See: Stretch Marks). Their condition makes certain Sex Acts risky or impossible, yet some models will submit to Bondage and other Extreme Sex Acts while pregnant, a practice that is not usually medically advised. See: Lactation, Love Child, Babymaker, Birth Control, Post Partum Depression. Also see: Fertility Symbol.

Premarital Pelvic Exam
      Somewhat archaic phrase used to describe the Gynecological Exam performed either by a young woman's family doctor or her OB/GYN to ensure that she is 'prepared' for her wedding night. The rational is that if she is a Virgin, she may have a Hymen that would either prevent Intercourse on her Honeymoon or make said activity overly painful and even bloody. If the hymen is present and unusually thick, the doctor can deal with it in a well controlled and sanitary way that is also relatively pain free. See: Internal Exam.
      This procedure is often incorrectly referred by the (ignorant) friends of the Groom as her premarital "Sex Test", which see.

Premarital Sex
      Literally: Sexual Activity, especially Fucking, before Marriage. See: Fornication, Dating, Casual Sex, and related.

Premature Ejaculation
      The common phenomenon where a man cums before he is ready to during Sexual Activity including Fellatio and Intercourse as well as Foreplay and other acts of Physical Intimacy. It happens to almost every man at least once in awhile. However, if it is a recurring problem, some mitigation may be possible through various techniques including visualization and focus on delaying the inevitable, exercises to strengthen the pelvic and other Groin muscles, the use of Desensitizing Creams and lotions, or even the wearing of a Condom which may serve the same purpose.

Prenuptial Agreement
      Binding legal contract between partners who have agreed to be Married. The terms usually specify what the division of property and responsibility for children will be when the couple Divorces. In some cases, arrangements are made for various sorts of Infidelity. Such arrangements are not considered romantic, but in high dollar Celebrity relationships, they are almost de rigueur.