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Tenth Anniversary:

Great Sex Glossary QUIZ 2017!

the below material is by definition an ADULT TOPIC
you have been warned!

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      As the tradition has been for a new quiz in odd numbered years (excepting 2015 during the Great Billing Dispute), we're going for it now!
      Whether or not this is the actual tenth anniversary of either the former BruthaDeep site, the Great Sex Glossary, the related quiz, or anything else is irrelevant. In today's political climate, we'll claim it is, we'll say it is, and we'll be offended if anybody even doubts it, which makes it so. And that is good enough for us around here.
      What is unusual about this one is the section on the Glossary Page itself. You'll see. And, because of the nature of the Glossary, and how it is put together, and the fact that it now exceeds the capacity of any word processor we have access to to do any serious data analysis without choking and throwing up various unpleasant error messages, we've done the best we can with what we've got. Put it this way, the Glossary is now the largest non-fiction / reference page of pure HTML text we found for FREE for use on the web. No, we're not kidding. It is pushing a quarter of a million words, it would be over 700 pages when printed as displayed (which is 1.5 megs of code!), covering well over 3000 terms.... and so on. (if you don't believe us, go hit "print" while you're on that page and watch your computer have a fit!)
      And now, without further ado.... you may begin the quiz.

FETISH Multiple Choice:
There are MANY Fetishes (that is: Paraphilias) listed in the Glossary. Match the 'fancy' name with the more mundane subject, as we just did.
(note, there is one more 'subject of interest' than fetish name! just to make it interesting)

1. Odaxelagnia
2. Klismaphilia
3. Asphyxiaphilia
4. Autoandrophilia
5. Somnophilia
6. Emetophilia

A. breathing
B. blood
C. vomit
D. enemas
E. biting
F. specific type of "cross dressing"
G. unconscious

Just as there are lots of Fetishes in the Glossary, there are several Felonies, not to mention that in some jurisdictions (such as under some forms of Sharia), the Glossary Itself would be illegal. However, here and now, we're fine, but if you do some of these, you may just find yourself in the Hotel Graybar for an extended stay. However, some of what is listed here is something else, including a couple more Fetishes, and other 'things'. Your job is to sort the serious crimes (F) from the other pastimes (O) or medical conditions (M).

1. Coitus Interruptus: FOM
2. Quid Pro Quo: FOM
3. Necrophilia: FOM
4. Libertine: FOM
5. Cicciolina: FOM
6. Philogyny: FOM
7. Pedarist: FOM
8. Pharaonic Circumcision: FOM
9. Obscenity: FOM
10. Epicure: FOM

Sort the ABBREVIATIONS into two categories, Actual Sex Act and ... whatever else, or maybe both!

1. AVS: Sex - Something else
2. BMI: Sex - Something else
3. DBJ: Sex - Something else
4. ESRB: Sex - Something else
5. KISS: Sex - Something else
6. MPAA: Sex - Something else
7. OBGYN: Sex - Something else
8. PGAD: Sex - Something else
9. SUYT: Sex - Something else
10. WAM: Sex - Something else
11. ATM: Sex - Something else

Bonus GLBTQAI: Sex - Something else

As with the other subjects, there are a LOT of quotes in the Glossary, two of the below are NOT in the Glossary (yet). Which?
"Tune in, Turn On, Drop Out."
"It is much easier to show compassions to animals. They are never wicked."
"Everything I do is either illegal, immoral, or fattening."
"We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon, And we got to get ourselves back to the garden."
"If my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions."
"You taught me your language, and my profit on it is... I know how to curse! The red plague rid you, for teaching me your language."
"Reality is a dangerous concept"

Trivial Nonsense Section:

(all are based on information from the Glossary AS FAR AS WE COULD FIND while working on this! as the thing is massive, and being regularly updated, the answer may change. You'll be all right.)

1. What is the Longest by word count (including defined term(s), and any included quotes or links) entry in the Glossary?
a. Amazon. b. Privacy/ the Right to Privacy (etc). c. Motherfucker. d. Marian Doctrine. e. Something Else not listed here as a choice.

2. What is the shortest entry, excluding those that say: "See: some other entry"
a. Brown Eye. b. F Word. c. Eroge. d. Lez / Lezzie. e. Something Else not listed here.

3. Several entries include bullet point lists, which has the most?
a. Seven Dirty Words. b. Penis (Penile) Abnormalities. c. Turn On. d. Sex Trade. e. Unnatural Act. f. Something else not mentioned here.

4. One entry is famous for being defined solely by a quote.
Is it: a. Adult Novelty. b. "Kiss You All Over". c. Dirty Laundry. d. Double Entendre, Double Meaning. e. Self-Righteous. f. No such entry exists in the Glossary.

5. While several entries have some parts of this answer, and some more than others, there is one entry that is in total both an intentional lie, and something of a joke, while being surprisingly accurate all things considered.
You will find it under: a. Deep Throat. b. Manscape. c.Married Man d. Double Entendre, Double Meaning. e. Sleeping Together, Sleep With, Slept With, etc. f. Most of the Glossary would fit that description.

6. Some words are used throughout the Glossary in defining other terms, the infamous "F-word" comes in to mind in many of its forms. However, there are others that are also used, which of these would come in on a "podium position" if one were so offered for such a thing?
a. Penis. b. Vagina. c. Consent. d. Congress. e. Heterosexual Genital Intercourse. f. Vulva

Trivial Nonsense:

1. B. Longest (known) entries are: Privacy__ 1100 words. "You can be a porn star" 800. Comfort Women 750. Bettie Page 600. Marian Doctrine 560. Quid Pro Quo 480. Hot 550. Mae West and Rape tie at 420. Amazon 390. Motherfucker 380.
There are a few others that might score in this list, but none will probably beat the top couple.

2. B and E! Shortest (known) include: F Word, and Womb tied at 8 words each. The three come in at 13 words are: Eroge, Boner, Ball Sack. There is Lez... and Digital Rape at 15. Pie Hole and Bordello 17. Brown Eye 20. see comment above

3. Sex Trade 10. Sex Phobias 9. DH 8. Turn On and Vaginal Abnormalities both have 6. Penis (Penile) Abnormalities 5. Hooters and Unnatural Act 4. and... Seven Dirty Words 7 (of course, but they are in the quote, not a bulleted list)!

4. "Kiss You All Over" is defined by an extended quote from the Exile song by that name, and a couple of cross references. And that's it.

5. Married Man. The old truism is still relevant in all too many cases. (as for answer f. we'll let you decide!)

6. That "F-word" occurs over 325 times in various forms. However the answer to the question is: Penis- 208. Vagina- 174. Consent- 99. Congress- 82. Pussy- 65. Heterosexual Genital Intercourse- 59 times. Vulva- 55.
Are there others in a similar vein? Probably. If you're worried about it, sort through the thing and let us know.

1. Odaxelagnia - e. biting
2. Klismaphilia - d. enemas
3. Asphyxiaphilia - a. breath play
4. Autoandrophilia - f. female 'dressing' as a male
5. Somnophilia - g. unconscious
6. Emetophilia - c. vomit
and Hematolagnia, Vampirism is b. 'all about the blood'

Felony 2. Quid Pro Quo (when it involves a public official)
3. Necrophilia*
7. Pedarist
8. Pharaonic Circumcision (also called Female Genital Mutilation) to quote the entry: "This IS NOT Circumcision, it has nothing to do with Islam, and is nothing short of a heinous crime against the girl."
9. Obscenity
Fetish 3. Necrophilia*
6. Philogyny
Medical 1. Coitus Interruptus
Other 5. Cicciolina, being a Porn Star while serving in the Italian parliament is NOT a crime, we'll let the reader decide about the fetish aspect of it!
4. Libertine, and
10. Epicure, while both can be carried to extremes, in their 'normal' practice, neither is a crime nor a fetish.
*NOTE: it is BOTH! in most jurisdictions: sexual abuse of a corpse, or any abuse of it for that matter, is a serious crime, even if it is part of your particular fetish.

1. AVS - usually sex (porn) related
2. BMI - quasi-medical-ish scam, not sex
3. DBJ - sex
4. ESRB - video game rating for violence, and, yeah, sex
5. KISS - yes and no, depending on the kiss, right?
6. MPAA - movie rating, can be sex-related
7. OBGYN - medical practice devoted to 'female parts', you decide.
8. PGAD - medical condition, could be
9. SUYT - it's stupid, but it is sex- sorta
10. WAM - Wet And Messy SEX!
11. ATM - is both a 'bank machine' and a somewhat kinky sex act.
Bonus GLBTQAI: it means, whatever. And is sex related.

The two correct answers are identified below:
"Tune in, Turn On, Drop Out." - Dr. Timothy Leary (1920 - 1996)

"It is much easier to show compassions to animals. They are never wicked."
- His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Lord of Lords and King of Kings of Ethiopia, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and Elect of God (1892 - 1975)

"Everything I do is either illegal, immoral, or fattening."
-WC Fields (1880 - 1946)
Quoted in another page on the Desk, but NOT in the Glossary.

"We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon,
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden."
- Woodstock, written by Joni Mitchell, MCA single release, 1969

"If my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions."
- Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino, writer/director, Miramax Films, released 1994

"You taught me your language, and my profit on it is... I know how to curse! The red plague rid you, for teaching me your language."
- Caliban, in The Tempest by William Shakespeare, written circa 1610
Quoted in The Tale of Two Dorms by the Desk, but NOT in the Glossary.

"Reality is a dangerous concept"
- Dr. Havant, Blake's 7, episode The Way Back, written by Terry Nation, BBC Production, 1978

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