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This article is by definition an ADULT TOPIC

It has been Two Years since the last one, so it is now time to....
Retest your knowledge of the following terms, people, ideas, and so on.

Correct answers below and in the Glossary along with about over 2100 more terms!
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The first quiz the Great SEX GLOSSARY QUIZ.

The NEW 2013 SEX GLOSSARY QUIZ and the hardest one yet!


Multiple Choice.

1. Priapism is:
A. A sustained erection for an abnormally long period of time. B. Basically another word for Nepotism. C. Use of a desensitizing cream to prolong intercourse. D. All of the Above.

2. Most depictions of the Crucifixion of Christ include this from The Glossary:
A. A Rae Rae. B. A Modesty Cloth. C. A False Attribution. D. A Pearl Necklace.

3. The opposite of the Oedipus Complex:
A. The Electra Complex. B. The Misogynistic Syndrome. C. Sexploitation. D. Unconsummated Marriage.

4. Which of these have nothing to do with loving different people at one time?
A. Unrestricted Sexuality B. Polygamy C. Polymer Coupling D. Polyamorous

5. Probably best described as "do something, even if it's wrong".
A. The Ravishment in Behind The Green Door. B. The Woody Allen movie Sleeper. C. A Dutch Rudder. D. Don't ask, don't tell.

6. A Massage that ends up with some sort of sex act is:
A. Illegal in most jurisdictions. B. More expensive than a Therapeutic Massage. C. A 'Happy Ending'. D. Now available to women in holistic clinics and spas. E. All of the above.

7. Parthenophobia.
A. The fear of Greek Temples. B. The fear of Virgins. C. The fear of being watched while Masturbating. D. A word made up for the Glossary as an example of made up sex words. E. None of the above.

8. The best possible working example of the term "Ass Clown" is:
A. The "Bozo"® character. B. The Killer Klowns from Outer Space. C. A Congressman. D. Wavy Gravy (AKA Hugh Romney, born 1936).

9. Someone who is Promiscuous probably isn't:
A. A Randy Trollop. B. A Floozy. C. A Feminist Ideologue. D. A and B E. B and C

10. The general depiction of heterosexual adult males as inept lustful ignoramuses is accepted under:
A. Homoeroticism. B. Ménage à Trois. C. The Marian Doctrine. D. Nyotaimori. E. None of the Above.

Quotes fill in blank. (each is more than one word)

1. The female entertainer María del Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza de Rasten said: "__________".

2. One of Larry Flint's contributions goes, "Just because I publish pornography does not mean that I am not concerned about _____________."

3. "Art can never exist without _________." - William Blake (1757 - 1827)

4. Sophia Loren said, "Sex appeal is fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent _______________."

5. Bettie Page's addition to the Glossary says: "I never kept up with________. I believed in wearing what I thought _________."

True /False

1. The Sexualization of Children was virtually unheard of until the invention of the Internet.

2. Under Sharia, a Rape Victim is considered guilty of a crime.

3. Something that is Perverted has to be Sexual in some way.

4. Mud Wrestling originated as a Gladiatorial Sport in 186 BC.

5. Just researching Emetophilia may make you ill.

One word will accurately describe the practice known as "Female Circumcision", and is so used in the Glossary. What is it?

Multiple Choice
1. A.
2. B. The Romans usually executed their prisoners nude.
3. A. Argument could be made for one of the others, but the answer is Electra.
4. C. If you are loving something plastic, it isn't a person.
5. D. The others may be wrong in some way, but they haven't been the subject of Congressional action.
6. E. Believe it or not, all are true, especially in Women's Day Spas where a vibrator is included in the package!
7. B.
8. C. While the others are clowns, and/or asses, Congress puts them all to shame.
9. C. While they might be, if it is a 'she', she probably isn't.
10. E. The answer, of course, is Political Correctness.

Fill in blank
1. "Cuchi cuchi." (her other name is- Charo)
2. the social ills that all of us are
3. naked beauty displayed
4. what people think you've got
5. the fashions .... looked good on me.

1. False - The idea has been around as long as children and sex have been around.
2. True - There are cases where the female victim of a rape has been executed for having sex outside of marriage while the man went free.
3. False - Anything, and we mean Any Thing can be corrupted and thusly, perverted, and not be sexual in the least.
4. False - There is no evidence to support that said diversion occurred in the Empire.
5. True - Look the term up in the Glossary... just don't do it too soon after lunch.

The word barbaric is a good start. We can think of others, including criminal.

See Your Brutha's Sex Glossary

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