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This article is by definition an ADULT TOPIC

Retest your knowledge of the following terms, people, ideas, and so on.

Correct answers below and in the Glossary along with about 3000 more terms!
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The first quiz the Great SEX GLOSSARY QUIZ.

NOTE: These are ALL NEW QUESTIONS and include the Quotes!

Multiple Choice.

1. Besides the dysfunctional organization in Washington DC, where can the term "Congress" be found and applied to something enjoyable?
A. The NBA's referee's association. B. A "haunted house" ride at an amusement park near DC. C. The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana D. All of the Above.

2. Who in this list has NOT faced Obscenity Charges? (as far as is known at this writing)
A. Mae West B. Marilyn Chambers C. Harrison Marks D. Harry Reems

3. If you were a member of the Medmenham Monks, you were most likely a ____ as well.
A. Puritan B. Rake C. Ascetic D. Gynophobic

4. The Sin of Onan can also be thought of as:
A. Coitus Interruptus. B. Compulsive Masturbation. C. A Platonic Relationship D. Philogyny

5. One of these would not be getting "Physical" as used in the song. Which one?
A. Oral Intercourse B. Muff Diving C. "Kiss You All Over" D. Skinny dipping

6. The famous poem that described Lady Godiva's ride also gave us which of the following terms?
A. Peeping Tom. B. Pearl Necklace. C. Peyton Place. D. Pervert. E. All of the above.

7. If you study Female Sexual Dysfunction, this one probably wouldn't be on your list.
A. Grafenberg Spot B. Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder C. Parapraxis D. Endometriosis E. None of the above.

8. Lurid Material may be all but which of the following:
A. Immoral B. Obscene C. Manga D. Indecent.

9. Which of these is NOT a classic "Dirty Word"?
A. Shit. B. Cocksucker. C. Motherfucker. D. Asshole. E. All of the Above are on the list.

10. Oh, Calcutta! was...
A. The first musical with hardcore sex live on stage to play Broadway. B. Performed in skin tone body stockings so the actors appeared nude, but were actually covered. C. The first nude musical to win a Tony award. D. A remake of Mae West's play Sex which had been on Broadway fifty years earlier. E. None of the Above.

Quotes fill in blank. (may be more than one word)

1. John Adams said, "one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a ______"

2. Dolly Parton said it was lucky she was a girl, "otherwise I'd be a _________."

3. Lucille Ball said, "Once in his life, every man is entitled to ________ a gorgeous redhead."

4. Lord Byron said, "______ is never is nor can be a friend."

5. Lili Sr. Cyr said, "What's the use of being beautiful if you __________ ?"

True /False

1. The Hula and Belly Dancing descended from an ancient African dance.

2. The true St. Valentine inspired Chaucer to write a poem about him which celebrated romance.

3. When you come down to it, Bisexual, Pansexual, and Metrosexual are essentially the same thing.

4. A Sex Surrogate is a specialized type of Sex Therapist and is a licensed professional in some areas.

5. One of Sappho's most famous works talks at length about enjoying inflicting pain on others.

"You can be a porn star."

Multiple Choice
1. C. The term is synonymous with Physical Intimacy, most often, Fucking.
2. B. Ms Chambers hasn't been so charged as far as we know.
3. B. You were probably also a Libertine.
4. A. The Biblical usage of the term involves stopping Intercourse before Ejaculation occurs and withdrawing the Penis from the Vagina, then the man "spills his seed upon the ground." Which is said to be the sin.
5. D. While said swimming does involve nudity, it really isn't Sex.
6. A. The Peeping Tom was said to be a tailor with a drill who got more than an eye full.
7. C. While the Freudian Slip may be indirectly involved, it wouldn't be important.
8. C. Manga is children's cartoons.
9. D. George Carlin's 1973 list is: "Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, and Tits." It does not include the word which is being Defined as meaning 'Congressman'.
10. E. The sex was not hardcore, they were nude, it won nothing of note, and Mae West had nothing to do with it.

Fill in blank
1. Congress.
2. drag queen.
3. fall in love with
4. A mistress
5. can't profit from it.

1. False - the Hula and Belly Dancing are not related dance forms.
2. False - There are several St. Valentines, and the feast day is only mentioned in passing in Chaucer's poem, the two are otherwise unrelated.
3. True - You could put it that way, and in fact, some surveys do, they list "Straight", "Gay" and "other" as an options.
4. True - There are even a few medical insurances who will pay for such treatment as a 'quality of life' issue.
5. False - Sappho wrote about loving other women. It was 'de Sade' who got off on causing pain.

The short answer is.... "Probably not."

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