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The NEW Public Utility Warning pic page
The Special New York City Warning Pics with related photoessay.

Note: As these are photos of signs and stickers and printed sheets, there are no obligatory pretty woman pictures in this one. Sorry.


Sea Salt Warning
The English warning on a package of French sea salt.

Steam Pipe box warning

hardhat, conveyer warning
Photos taken on a tour. Sorry about the motion blur.

Signs in the front of a bus

bus emergency exit window sign
Passenger bus warnings. Gotta love the one about parking in the grass on the inside of the bus.

Hand written warning on open electric transformer

Hand written sign in front of LIVE air cooled electric transformer.

Conveyer warning sticker on paver

Pinch warning on paver

Warning on hydraulic cylinder
Photos of a warning sticker collection on a paving machine.

Ring bell for assistance. Calmly
Believe it or not, the Desk resisted ringing the bell.

Section D Row 2
And this is section D, Row 2.... Of What? The Desk never saw another section sign with a letter on it.

please ask for assistance taking down hanging lamps
The implication is that you can FIND an employee to help you. That may be more difficult than taking down your own lamp.

hardware / wine and cheese
Sounds like a winning combination to the Desk.

[NOTE: the four photos immediately above were taken at Williamsburg Pottery in Virginia.]


Pic Page 1and Page 3

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