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Public Utility Warning pic page
The Special New York City Warning Pics with related photoessay.

Note: As these are photos of signs and stickers and printed sheets, there are no obligatory pretty woman pictures in this one. Sorry.

    The Desk DOES listen to its readers and has begun to actively collect images of some of these things. Just to prove you can't make them up.
      Doc L


British Airlines photo
British Airlines baggage notice at BWI...
the original Desk caption was "... and just who invented the English language?"

Sign on canal near drawbridge.
Sign on Canal near Drawbridge.
"It makes you wonder what sort of danger they blow the horn for."

stickers on the back of a semi
Stickers on the back of a semi cab.

PCB warning on transformer
A PCB warning sticker on a transformer the size of your car.
"We're all glad the PCB's passed the test aren't we?"

Hot ash warning on trash can
Even your garbage can warns you about doing stupid things.
Since it is hard to read we'll translate for you:
Do not place flammable hot ashes or coals in this container. Keep lid closed.

good advice on storage unit
Alarm warning on storage unit trailer.

Baseball field warning
Even America's Pastime warns us about possible dangers.

warnings on a door in a data center
Warnings on the door of a data center.
NOTE: phone number was edited out.

instructions on how to use a boat ramp
Instructions posted near a boat ramp in a state park.

A pizza joint's solicitation for tips
Even the pizza guy has a flier these days.
NOTE: phone number was edited out.
(Yes the Desk tipped the driver!)

keep your kid tied down instructions in seven languages
The ULTIMATE in Ethnically Correct warnings on a baby changing shelf in a public restroom.

packing material with idiot symbol
One of the Desk's day job co-workers with a bag used for packaging for computer parts. The symbol either means that watching too much TV or perhaps putting the bag over your head, will kill you.

nursing mothers only
On the door of a room in the basement of a church.
This, of course, begs the question- If nobody else is allowed except the breastfeeding mother, .... wait for it .... just WHO is she nursing?!?!

cue 'rimshot' from the drummer

signs on historic covered bridge in Lancaster, PA
Signs posted on historic covered bridge in Lancaster, PA, USA.

a crab measuring sign at a park
But I want to measure my crabs over there.....

warnings outside of a hotel in Dallas, Texas.
They are very serious about these things in Texas.

The NEW Disclaimer Photo Collection Page 2 and Page 3


[NOTE: The DISCLAIMER COLLECTION is not Original Material by the Desk. The Media Desk simply collects them and formats it for easier reading. As far as the DESK is concerned, this work is a collection of Public Domain information and is presented simply as entertainment. Please treat it as such. These disclaimer notices and warnings copied without permission from the author(s). FURTHER NOTE: Some disclaimers contained misspellings or other errors. Some of those have been corrected for readability, others left as found. Presented for entertainment and enlightenment only.

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