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ch 28
Adult Topic

     Keia had only worked the field with me as informational backup. She was great at playing the innocent shopper and wandering into a target site and looking around then wandering out again. She had planted cameras and microphones in places that would have caused anybody else great melodrama just getting into the place. But she'd go on her way with a charming, and disarming, smile.
     She had also sat in campers, panel trucks, and motels running research, surveillance and communications. And a long time ago, she posed as a model at a fashion shoot to get close to a fugitive.
     But now she was playing my girlfriend, and we were on loan to the FBI.
     OK. We were still technically newlyweds, but we were posing as a couple of lovers. What we were after was a hotel that was making naughty movies of their guests, then doing a couple of things. They would sell the movie of the couple on an adult entertainment website if the couple were photogenic. Or if one of the parties was married to somebody else, or were a public figure, or well-heeled, or something like that, they'd blackmail them. Or they'd threaten to release the tape, which they could do since one of the forms you signed to check in was a release of liability that included on premises electronic security surveillance. Or if the couple was unreachable or didn't care, they would show the movie to other paying guests who paid for in room adult movies.
     In short. They had a thriving second business in the porn industry.
     Because the hotel's management hid behind a wall of legalese and was careful to check the ages of the adults that checked in, going so far as to make photocopies of driver's licenses, and the release was signed by the parties acknowledging video surveillance. They were all but untouchable. The place seemed to live in court and their lawyer would make a good politician he was so slimy.
     They were also the cheapest hotel near a major international airport.

     Somewhere along the line they had gotten some pictures of a muckitey muck with some moxey, and the offended party decided to fight, and fight hard. They called in favors and pulled strings and went after the hotel. The local police had done that dance and were tired of it. The state police had been through that wringer as well. The FBI had a jurisdictional problem.
     And now I was on my way to the hotel with Keia and a big suitcase full of magic tricks for the hotel's cameras. My cover, I was an aid to a US Representative who was accompanied by a 'special friend'.
     Keia had dressed the part. Agreeing with an evil grin to play the tramp for the benefit of the hotel people. "As long at it's with you Huntie."
     She smiled and made doe eyes at the manager. Keia looked completely edible in her outfit that I had declared at once too sexy and very attractive. The way it hugged her rear end was not to be believed.
     The manager gave us a 'special' room as the man called it. Saying it had an extra large whirlpool tub and extra mirrors for our benefit.
     I thanked him and smiled and nodded at his wink.
     The room was something to see. If Caligula had access to modern furnishings and had wanted to create a room geared solely for physical pleasure, this would be close to what he'd come up with. The room had everything I could think of. From the circular bed under an impressive array of mirrors, to a recliner without a footrest but with small footstools on either side and a built in pad on the floor around the bed to make kneeling more comfortable.
     I looked around the room. Talking like I was just making myself at home I made a slow circuit of the place. But what looked like a portable phone was an electronic scanner, it picked up both audio snoopers as well as built in cameras. The place was alive with surveillance equipment.
     I nodded to Keia and turned my attention to the bed. She had been investigating it. She jiggled a couple of rings built into the headboard and spaced around the sides.
     "I know these are for." She said with a hint of a blush.
     I smiled and walked into the bathroom. The scanner almost overloaded. The bathroom seemed to be covered from every conceivable angle by very well hidden cameras and microphones. It appeared there was even a camera in one of the water jets in the large whirlpool bathtub.
     Due to their excessive coverage, putting my plan into operation was going to be more difficult than I had anticipated. Over dinner well away from the hotel I discussed my alternative plan with Keia. I only had one more backup if 'B' didn't work.
     "But they watch us Huntie!" She protested. Then she calmed down, "It for Bishop, and it with you. OK." She said just like that.
     We went back to the room and put on the show of shows, even leaving the lights on to make sure they got a good view. According to the real time recorder on my scanner, they never had less than three cameras running at all times.

     Early the next morning I went down to the office to complain about running out of hot water in the shower. I wanted to make sure of the layout of their offices. In search of a cup of coffee I wandered down the hallway next to the main desk. I rattled a few doors and stood and just looked around.
     In a janitor's closet I found a respectable bundle of cables running along the ceiling. The room next door was locked. It had to be their production suite so I left a little snooper of my own in the hallway to watch the door.
     I went back to our room coffee-less and got the things I'd need for plan 'B'.

     But plan 'B' never materialized. By listening through the wall, I found there was somebody in the room. The snooper revealed they were almost constantly coming and going from the room. Now to plan 'C'.
     Keia wasn't looking forward to another evening's performance. But I showed her what I had in mind and how it would, well, should, work. While they would be watching us, they would be recording some footage from tapes confiscated from John the child pornographer.
     Then the next morning... oh well. No matter how good your lawyers are, just possessing tapes like that is against the law.
     Yes it was dirty pool. And they might be able to get out of it eventually. But the State Police and the FBI and the Postal Inspectors and God only knows who else would confiscate all their equipment and maybe even rip the cameras out of the walls in the rooms. While they might not be closed down forever, they would be out of business for a good long time.
     I made a run down to the janitor's closet with a small case of tools and a laptop with a remote control feature run by cel phone. It was a nerve wracking few minutes of very delicate work in a tight poorly lit room.
     Keia was playing loud music in our room. I listened to a dozen cables before I found the feed from our room. Then I had to tap in without disturbing the signal. On the screen of the laptop Keia was suddenly visible. She was playing her part well to divert attention from any interference I caused, dancing around the room in a towel, or at times, much much less. The cameras switched as she moved, evidently automatically. It was an impressive array to say the least. I watched her for another minute on the monitor, then moved and hid things so my work was not visible in the room.
     Everything was set. I could start the download to their recorders at will.

     It cost me another fancy dinner, and some flowers, but Keia outdid herself when we got back to the room. My 'phone' was on the bed with us, in the small monitor on it I saw us performing, the angle was great as far as their points of interest, I tapped the sequence to start the download, then got the reply from the system that all was working as designed. I smiled and nodded to Keia, we kept on with the sweat dance for as long as we could.
     Then I stopped the download.
     Later, we did a curtain call in the chair. Again I entered the code and again, some of the nastiness from John was fed into their system.
     In the wee small hours I journeyed to the janitor's closet. I tapped a couple of different lines and found another room in action. This one was three people doing all sorts of things. I fed this recording more of the kiddie porn.
     Then I got out.
     First thing in the morning I made the short phone call to a contact to let them know all was set.
     Then we went down to the desk to extend our stay for one more night. They were happy to hear it, and wished us a good day out sight seeing in the city.
     When we returned to the motel later, the place was swarming with all manner of cops.
     We had to sign statements, and identify ourselves on the tapes. Other couples and the trio from the other room were in there too. The hotel's lawyer were jabbering about unlawful search and seizure, then the TV that had showed the trios 'movie' began showing kids doing things. Keia squealed and ran outside.
     The lawyer's face bleached, his mouth hung open. "I have nothing else to say." Was all he said as the cops handcuffed him as well.

     Back home Keia was so happy our plan had worked she couldn't contain herself. She talked about those bad people and what they did to people.
     I shrugged. I wasn't thrilled about being a star exhibit in a Federal trial, but if it worked. So much the better.

     One day about a week later when I got home from work Keia was grinning like a cat on a canary and goldfish diet. She was dressed in her lingerie from the hotel assignment. This got my attention immediately.
     She pulled me onto the couch and clicked on the remote control for the entertainment center.
     The screen gleamed with a fancy logo that read, 'Bishop42 Productions Presents'.
     I had a bad feeling about that.
     Then the feature started.
     "It US Huntie, we on TV."
     Yes we were.

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