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the Background of theHunter

      It's always: the Something of theHunter.

      And it's theHunter. Not The Hunter.

      Now that we have that straight.

      This is a series of short stories, high action and adventure. Gunfire. Some encounters of the 'romantic' vein. And the occasional bit of international espionage just to keep things honest.

      Each chapter runs in the 3,000 to 5,000 word range.

      The whole thing is ORIGINAL FICTION.

      The organization, the characters, the game, the situations are made up. We hope.

      The hardware, and that end of it is REAL.
      The .454 replaced the 44 Magnum as the most powerful handgun made.
      You can buy, if you have a heavy enough checkbook, all the computers, guns, helicopters, and racing teams in the stories. In fact, it was difficult in the writing to keep on the cutting edge of these things so he would have the latest and greatest toys to play with.

      Now as for what he deals with in his adventures.
      That's simple.... EVERYTHING. White Slavers to International Art Thieves. Money Laundering to Child Porn. Gun Runners and Industrial Espionage. Whatever is in the news... he's into. And then some.
      You'll just have to read it and see... and NO, the Desk will not give you a hint as to which episode is about what.

All that aside....

    The Series is presented for your amusement.

Oh, yeah, how many are there? Well, 50, plus a special edition chapter 51.

The INDEX of theHunter

WARNING These stories are Adult Adventure Fiction. While there is nothing sexually explicit in them. There is realistic violence, some strong-ish language, and some situations that may upset more sensitive readers.
They are rated PG-13 by the Desk and are not intended for readers younger than mid-teen years.
Episodes with unusually strong content are so labeled.

OK OK... A short description about what each one is about has been added.
           see... the Desk does listen to its readers.

  1. The EYE of theHunter. First Mission -kiddie porn, John K

  2. The TOOTH of theHunter Satanists and murder

  3. The SOUL of theHunter Mexican drug smuggling

  4. The EDUCATION of theHunter Bad cops and training

  5. The CLAW of theHunter Mafia

  6. The MIND of theHunter International Sex Slave Trade

  7. The TERROR of theHunter A Mission goes very badly

  8. The ARM of theHunter Foundation hacker

  9. The WALK of theHunter (part one) -and-
  10. The RUN of theHunter (part two) A mission to a meeting and an auto race, double-agents

  11. The DART of theHunter Monkey Hunting in New York Harbor

  12. The STARE of theHunter John K has moved

  13. The LUCK of theHunter Corporate Espionage as a matter of Board Policy

  14. The GAME of theHunter undocumented -antique- aliens

  15. The HOME of theHunter out of the apartment, into...

  16. The YEAR of theHunter 'What I did for Y2K'

  17. The WORK of theHunter Horsing around

  18. The RIB of theHunter Keia's family 'back there'

  19. The DREAM of theHunter the Nightmare, the Journal Starts

  20. The TRAP of theHunter internet business and 'Hover'

  21. The BLOOD of theHunter Purple Blood in Las Vegas

  22. The MEMORY of theHunter A personal chemical attack.

  23. The TIME of theHunter he's very good at Waiting

  24. The GUTS of theHunter a gun smuggling raid goes bad

  25. The LOVE of theHunter. Two Parter
  26. The MARRIAGE of theHunter. His MOST DANGEROUS mission yet!

  27. The HUNT of theHunter ROAD TRIP!

  28. The LOOK of theHunter theHunter and Keia star in a movie Adult Topic

  29. The SPINE of theHunter Somebody falls off a mountain

  30. The GROUND of theHunter Hiding

  31. The HIDE of theHunter Keia writes an installment about their time underground.

  32. The FLIGHT of theHunter an 81 comes to call [Warning: May disturb more sensitive readers.]

  33. The VOYAGE of theHunter he lands on a Ship of a Country

  34. The DOG of theHunter Mad Dog and his brother

  35. The CHALLENGE of theHunter tracking the 'baster'

  36. The BOOK of theHunter the Bishop Knows

  37. The RUSH of theHunter Illegal Aliens appear and vanish

  38. The HUNGER of theHunter Revenge... just Revenge
    [Warning: May disturb more sensitive readers. STRONG LANGUAGE AND VIOLENCE]

  39. The SAFARI of theHunter -and-
  40. The CHASE of theHunter (Two Part Episode) The Trail of the 81's through Africa

  41. The DESK of theHunter it's time to change day jobs, and John K. is back

  42. The TRIBE of theHunter promoted?

  43. The FURY of theHunter he blows up everything

  44. The BOREDOM of theHunter a meeting

  45. The VALUE of theHunter an agent he trained gets killed on a mission

  46. The COOL of theHunter A episode on Terrorism written in 1999

  47. The GROWTH of theHunter More to do, more to do...

  48. The SMILE of theHunter John K. moves on GRAPHIC BRUTAL REALISTIC VIOLENCE.

  49. The NAME of TheHunter. He meets the REAL Bishop.

  50. The ____ of TheHunter. There is a new Bishop

  51. The Testing of Bishop 43 Challenges

  52. The NOVA of Bishop43 A Very Special Mission Posted for the New Year.

    It was a lot of fun helping TheHunter with his missions. Maybe sometime I will check back in with my old friend and see how it's going. Dr L.

    Series ends

  53.       now the lawyer talk you may skip this
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