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The Hide of theHunter

Ch 31

     Hi. This is Keia. I got bored up here on the mountain waiting on Huntie to shoot something to cook, so I dictate note for Huntie to put in his journal, Huntie don't mind.
     Here I get to cook for Huntie all the time, and we talk and he work on journal of adventures.
     He say writing and reading these has help him figure some things out.
     He also understand why Mandate is with Bishop and Bishop work for the Chief Judge.

     "All other agencies are prevented by an executive order from killing bad guys unless in the line of duty to defend themselves or others. But that only applies to those that are part of the National Security Agency. According to the list of agencies, we don't even exit. I am considered a 'consultant' to the Department of Justice and you are listed under a 'retainer for services'. So even at that we are not actual employees."
     Huntie said something like 'plausing deniable', but what it meant was if something real bad happen, like happen to that one agent that was supposed to have met Huntie, nobody with the Judge will know anything. And since we don't know the Bishop, if Centre can't get help, there will be no help.
     Just like now. Even Centre can't help Huntie.
     So it up to me and Huntie.

     Somehow Hover let something go and very bad guys get it. They bring in very bad guys from outside and Huntie think Hover lost control of whatever he was doing. For some reason Huntie don't think Hover is all bad.
     I don't know about all that, I think Hover bad.
     What Hover let bad guys have I don't know either. Huntie think it something with science. He talk about things like particles beams, then he talk about some atomic things, or with computer parts. I don't think Huntie know. But he will have to find out.

     Huntie come back from shooting.
     He bring me gift, some of the biggest pinecones I ever see, and things to make wreath for cabin. It Christmas time and Huntie miss town.
     We had big elk for meat. But we had to make trip to town before the snow get any worse. It already over my head and Huntie's truck is buried. But he had snow mobile car he had borrowed from log camp when they close for winter. It work good, and he find book on how to fix it in logger garage.
     We bundle up as Huntie call it and leave before sun come up.
     It a long way, and it take almost all day to get to trapper store in village. It almost dark when we get there.
     Huntie buy sled and load it with everything in the store. I buy a couple of things for me and Christmas. Then we go to place to rent room. Huntie pay in Canada dollar and man don't ask questions.
     Once again we leave as sun come up, and get to cabin as it get dark. We have little party after we unload. Huntie had stuff tied to snow car, to hood, to him. But I surprise him with something I had bought, a game. We play for hours the next day as it snowed and snowed.
     We give each other Christmas gifts and have big dinner listening to shortwave. Long nights and cold days go by.

     But Huntie get itchy to know what happening. He go to log camp to see if telephone work. He take his phone lap computer as soon as new year come.
     He come back all happy.
     He had gotten a message from the Bishop.
     And with it, whole discs full of information.
     Huntie chew on disc, as he say it, for days. Then he get real quiet and sit on porch and think.
     I keep cabin up, and make deer steaks, and he get look in his eyes.
     "Next time the weather's better." He say. "I've got to go to the village and find a better phone line."
     He did, and when he come back he seemed unsure of what to do next.
     "We got to go back Huntie." I say to him.
     He nodded. But the snow not cooperate.
     Finally he decide to use satellite phone and call for supplies. What he order; Falcon.

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