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Once again, with feeling.

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      Well, at least the advertisers are starting to treat women as almost as stupid as they have fully demonstrated they believe men to be.

      There are the occasional commercial where women go spastic over snack foods, or have to go to a clothing store because something is on sale. But overall, it is still men, and most usually white men, who are the butts of the TV advertising producer's jokes.

      Let's name some names and point to a few examples in no uncertain terms.

  • The Heineken "screaming men in the closet" commercial. It was reviewed on one site as "very funny", well... OK, if it were the only one of its type that had ever been run, maybe. But.... here and now? After how many others in this vein? No.
  • Barber foods and their man in a refrigerator coma that can be cured with a pre packaged chicken dinner.
  • Kingsford Match Light Charcoal has even jumped on the bandwagon. Evidently the big wheels in the charcoal company think it is unheard of that a married white man might make a salad in his own kitchen and that they MUST light the charcoal each and every time. Oh, by the way, neither is true.
  • The 'greaser' who has to use a competitor's hamburger to slick back his hair during Arby's latest gimmick sandwich commercial. At least Arby's lost their Phallic Symbol over the head campaign.
  • The losers that are obsessed with Raisin Bran Extra. Come on, it might be funny to a point, but they are still saying that men are morons who are obsessed with food.
  • Mastercard is now telling us that adult men need their elementary school children to "make them better men" by spending extra money on 'green products' and buying one reusable shopping bag. Now, who has kids and can fit a normal grocery shopping trip's purchases into one of those little cloth bags (that are usually made in China by slave labor)?
  • Quiznos and their obviously gay man and his phallic symbol 'torpedo' sandwich who talks to an oven that says they both enjoyed it when the guy used a chamois on the oven. No explanation needed about that one.
  • The young man that is thrown out of a window for suggesting, 'correctly so' we might add, that his employer quit supplying Bud Light for their meetings. Evidently people will resort to attempted murder to defend free beer.

      OK, let's stop right there.
      How many ads have been playing over the last six months that seem to, no, they don't 'seem to' they actually DO advocate Felonies!
      Kidnapping, even in the name of a cheaper vacation deal, is a crime!
      Besides that you have various types of assaults, breaking and entering, stalking (even by a stack of money with doll eyes stuck to it), and terroristic threatening... all in the name of selling a product.
      And the minor crimes like Theft, yes shoplifting by sampling products before they are paid for, including Coke's infamous 'sip stealing' spot, is theft.

      Speaking of selling a product. What in the hell was State Farm Insurance thinking with their "hot dog / ice cream salesman" campaign?

      The tide is slowly turning. You can see that with screaming women obsessed with little bags of cookies and a few other scattered spots.
      However, most of the time it is still men. And white men at that. Who are the presumed morons who need whatever they are selling to save them from themselves.
      Unless they're Sonic customers.... the chain is still stuck in that same rut with the idiots (at least it is men, women, and even kids!) who are simply out to prove how stupid they are in a drive in restaurant. Evidently Sonic's food causes that condition.

      And others are still running black and white commercials with only the product in color. HEY! Advertising managers.... that gag has LOST it's effectiveness because damned near EVERY STINKING ONE OF YOU is doing it!


      But the Desk will NOT be running out to buy Kingsford Charcoal or eat at Sonic or patronize any of the other companies anytime soon.

      And it is wondering if it should maybe ask its insurance carrier to remove any percentage of its premium that is going to their advertising campaign from its bill.


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[NOTE: The Desk is NOT affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this rant. All names are trademarked by their owners and are registered to them, no infringement of copyright or trademark is intended. If any company so named in this piece can demonstrate they don't think men are proof of evolution, their identifying name and information will be removed. Thank you.
             Doc L]

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